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REVIEWS OF Pan American Bakery IN Virginia

robert jones

I suddenly was reminded why I love Bolivian cuisine eating here bought me back to the good old days of my childhood when my family was all together for those home cooked meals .this place definitely has got Great Food looking forward to going back.

Leticia Bercian

Its a small place but the food OMG. I love there saltañas. There the best. Definitely need to try. I prefer the beef one. They have chicken also if you like that. One of my go to places when I am hungry and want something quick and yummy.


Todo delicioso. Gracias

Mark Huddle

Great baked goods

ruben aguillon

very nice

Danitza Briseno

Still good as I remember.

Bol Iviana

Some of the food is good but do not expect any kind of customer service at this place. When their food is not properly prepared, for example I ordered tamales de olla which had the consistancy of oatmeal, I was told that is how its suppose to be (which is not true). When I told our server she apologized but told me she could neither provide a refund nor provide a replacement because she would be charged for it. Not only is the quality of food questionable but they don't even have air conditioning!!! And no, this is not a one time incident from speaking to other customers. I think it comes down to management and the ownership of this business. I love to contribute to small business specially minorities but be weary of this place because they are only worried about selling you food and do not care about quality or taste. So consumer BE WARE!!!!

Veronica Rivero

All what you want in bolivian cuisine. Salteñas are the best.

Herbert Osorio

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Patricia R

Delicious baked goods. Must try a saltena.

Shirley Caussin

DECEPSIONADA DEL PASTEL QUE ME VENDIERON estaba viejo y muy seco ..llame para decirles y solo colgaban el telefono cuando puse el reclamo se portaron groseros UN LUGAR NO RECOMENDABLE .

Oscar Arredondo

Discusting, but not this bakery the one next door; Saltenas Pike Which offers products such as: lunches, meals and pastries that are not originally cooked by native Bolivians, instead they are bad imitations of Saltenas, soups, and other Bolivian dishes. Not recommended to eat here at all.

Wilfredo Tobar

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

C Chez

Excellent beef salteñas

Chupa Cabrah

The salteñas are their specialty. They raised the prices something DUMB on their salteñas and the they're not the same as they used to be. Not Worth it(srs)

William Martinez

Aqui preparan unas ricas salteñas y a precio comodo. pero se estan demorando con mi orden de lapping.

Mary Holder

Breads always good!

Boris Aguirre

Bestplace to get a late Chairo (bolivian soup) They run out at other places

shane armstrong

Best tres leches cake, bought for girlfriend's birthday and it was perfect.

eibysu G

Tienen gran variedad en pan dulce, tortas y el pan todo el tiempo recién salido del horno

Karel Barber

The food is pretty good. I just wish the place could accommodate more tables and sitting areas. Other then that, the food is sooooo good.

Asa Orrin-Brown

One of our favorites!

tomas lopez


Emily Lootens

We are addicted. Best bakery in town :)

Michael Goldschmidt

This is my go-to place for Bolivian saltenas.

Rob Bowen

Really love the salteñas

Daniel A. Cardozo

No me gusto,me vendieron unas saltenas quemadas y extremadamente picantes,sin avisar que eran picantes...por lo demas regular

Dad Talk Podcast

Saltenas!!!! The best place in the world!!!! When Im home I have to get my fix!

ingrid lopez

(Translated by Google) Very rich bread (Original) Muy rico el pan

Sidh Artha

Amazing food!!!

Lili Zamb

The food was very good and it was not to expensive either , the only problem, it was to crowded, not enough tables. I think they need to get a new place so they can be a real restaurant this place is a bakery. ..!!!.

Oliver Rojas

Good food bolivian

Antonio Castanon

Cozy establishment providing authentic Bolivian cuisine and baked goods. I recommend the sopa de mani; although a bit pricy, it gives you a taste of La Paz when mixed with llajua (hot sauce in bottle) and the bread. The restroom was well stocked and clean.

Michael Hunter

A bakery on one side and a bar on the other, come for your favorite Bolivian dishes.

Carla Sein Helguero

It's the best Bolivian food

Eugene Kaudy

Very good food and wonderful people

Erika Silva


Jean Paul Diaz

Great food always fresh and salteñas are excellent, so far is the best place for salteñas.

Nicole Johnson

I love this place and every time I'm on this side I have to stop and get saltenas! I also love their pastry selection, especially the tres leches!

Peggy Williams

Great convenient Bolivian bread and food.


Small nice place, make sure you know what to order in mind because is too small and needs to move in and out so the rest can get fast service too ;-)

Vknservices Llc

Gret food and viejas

cesar timana

good food, nice looking but no parking so if driving do your bussiness in a hurry

Jason Kim

very good food

Andrew Kidwell

Pollo Saltenas is to die for

Guillermo Rios

food quality is down and prices are up

Steven Rojas

Worst service ever!!! I came to buy 12 empanadas but the guys told me that there were only 7 and in the back I heard that they didn't want to prepare more.. que tipo de tienda es está y el dueño ojalá esté al tanto.... pésimo servicio no recomiendo a nadie.

Alex Arnez

Muy buena comida les recomiendo probar fricase

Billy H

Best saltena in Northern Virginia

Arturo Rivera-Jerez

(Translated by Google) Reasonable prices (Original) Precios razonables


Muy incómodo el espacio muy reducido

Luis Rosero

Got an empanada and a pastry. Both must have been at least a day old. What kind of bakery serves old pastries at 9am in the morning. Plus, they didn’t have any fresh bread. They said it was not ready yet. At 9am, bread was not ready. Don’t waste your money!

Karen Archer

Saltenas are the best!

pedro rovelo

Good bolivian food

Danifer Pimentel

I used to come more often but everything the service will get worst and the food is not the same anymore. I feel like I can cook a better silpancho. Not worth the price.

Anthony Patrick Mc Clurg

(Translated by Google) Great place, very friendly and both food and pastries very rich. Highly recommended (Original) Gran lugar, muy amables y tanto la comida como la repostería muy rica. Muy recomendada

Luis Quezada2007

Great food .lomo.momtado the best

Mariana Pavon Sanchez

Me encanta! I'm there almost every day for my breakfast

T walk

Saltanas are so good!

Christopher Maxwell

4 to 5 different flavors of NAPOLEONS as well as awesome cheese based pastries that are not too sweet (nice!) Only negative is owner of strip mall has these utterly unnecessary concrete tubes that bash in your car body and expensive blinker lenses (see image). Going to be difficult to find for my antique Mercedes wagon (rare).

Nestor Vera-Franco

Very busy sometimes

Brittany Hernandez


Mai Nguyen

One word: saltenas. Small store front, but it's always busy with customers, no matter what time. Service is attentive.


(Translated by Google) Only (Original) Unico

mariela ibanez

The food is horible. Would not recommend it to anyone. There pique a lo macho has no flavor, they don't know how to cook it with flavor. Their asado de tira has no flavor either. I prefer eating at the Pan American 2 in Alexandria.

skillz onfleek

Good food

Lidia Torres

Me gusta este lugar porque tienen vsriedad en masitas y pasteles.

Angela Van

Wonderful comfort food (try the sopa!) & lovely people work here. The place is tiny, but clean.

honda accord

Took almost one hour to get my order ready.When i went to home. My order was wrong.I call to complain but who answer barely can speak english. The very next day i stop by and I explain and they try me really bad.Dont waste your money and time in this place.

Norlan Trana

Good food

Kendy Dionicio

Muy rico los pasteles los mejores q he b provado

Ruben angel delago

Nice place bad coffe, need to change for another brand

Julia Adams

This hole in the wall has the best eclairs! Who knew?

Isaac Villarreal

Great place. Cashier is always friendly and attentive. Great food, especially their pique a lo macho

Olesya Dudar

My favorite favorite place. They bake amazing!!! Fresh and delicious!!

Amy Long

Cashier was very nice and the salteñas were great! Introduced them to my family for the first time

Kathy Bovino

Wow! Go here for the saltenas alone! They come in chicken and beef flavors. If you have never had or heard of saltenas, they are Bolivian hand pies, their sweet dough baked to a golden brown, their insides filled with your choice of two meats, potatoes, peas, raisins and a tasty gravy. The savory, salty, sweet and spicy blend together into a mouthwatering bite of happiness. This is my new comfort food!

Martha Quezada

Una mala experiencia hoy, el sabor y la calidad de los platos están decayendo especialmente el el silpancho con una carne como cartón y el falso conejo lo propio sin sabor en absoluto. Una Boliviana jamás cocinaria así.

Yulia Lama

I might have spent most of my money here. Love the food and all the pastries. I might have a problem, but shhhh! Don't tell anyone, just go there and you might develop one too :).

german alvarez

Ethnic place...Superb food, great prices. A must go place

Charles Morrill

Best chicken saltañas in the DC area.

Geysell Urrutia

(Translated by Google) Fresh and delicious food ... very kind attention. (Original) Comida fresca y deluciosa... atencion muy amable.

William Perez

Awesome Bolivian Bakery. They have the best American coffee, believe it or not. And they carry a lot of traditional Hispanic baked goods like saltenas.

Arely Roche

Best Bolivian Food!!

Angel Pareja

If you like Bolivian food you can visit this one, short but lot of people buying all the time, can't be because is bad,

Madison Martínez

La atención es muy mala y yo hoy compre un pastel de tres leches esta agrio y el pan reseco no les da vergüenza vender eso

Joseph Ament

Pan American Bakery has good desserts and other baked goods. Always fresh so they sometimes run out of the thing you want. Good prices, not expensive.

Ruben Baez

It is delicious,and has very nice staff. The only thing that I don't like is when they run out of the things I want! Otherwise I would have given them a 5th

Ellis B.

This place is trash. Why? Because that's what's literally served inside your food. Bring it up to the counter and show them and they just shrug their shoulders. There was plastic pieces in the rice dish my girlfriend ordered and what looked to be a straw wrapper inside my cold and watery sopa de mani. And forget about getting a decent saltena here almost the equivalent of a South American hotpocket. I about lost it in there. I'm sure Billy goats would be happy here.

rossana villalobos

Best Saltena ever!! Friendly staff clean environment. I highly recommend them.

Mario Ariel Flores Bejarano

(Translated by Google) Nice Food (Original) Rica comida

Maria Tuohy

Good food

John Hiltz

Very good latino bakery

Jorge Cossio

(Translated by Google) Best meal (Original) Comida de la mejor

Juana Zelaya

(Translated by Google) The salteñas are rich (Original) Las salteñas son ricas

Louis Diaz

This place has the best Salteñas.

Dorian Salazar

(Translated by Google) It is a good place. (Original) Es buen sitio.

Julio Jr Guzman

(Translated by Google) Thank you for your mischievous service and for singing my love with my father. They are in bakery I understand it but they also have a table so that people can eat inside, that makes them a Restaurant. 5-7 minutes waiting for us to take the order and nothing watching yet. That huevonas, loose did not open only me and my dad and then fight for a good tip niciquieran do their job well. It's not my first time, but it's my last. And what a pity that the lady of today's brunette has been working there for more than 6 years. Boy to Alexandria and Fairfax and I never had that problem. My lunch with my Dad was ruined thanks to the waiters that dont know how to their job. Like 5-7 minutes waiting to get and order them later tells me that this is a restaurant they were taking, so they dumb they got tables to eat in. Got up place my order later, and got back up to canceled what I order due to the service and how rude the lady was. (Original) Gracias por su malicimo servicio y por ahurinar mi almuerso con mi padre. Son in bakery lo entiendo pero tambien tienen mesa para que la gente pueda come adentro, eso los hace un Restaurant. 5-7 minutos esperando que nos tomen la orden y nada mirando todavia. Que huevonas, flojas no abia nadie solo yo y mi papa y despues pelean por un buen tip niciquieran hacen su trabajo bien. No es mi primera ves, pero es mi ultima. Y que lastima que la señora la de hoy morena tiene trabajando mas de 6 años ahi. Boy al de Alexandria y Fairfax y nunca e tenido ese problema. My lunch with my Dad was ruined thanks to the waiters that dont know how to their job. Like 5-7 minutes waiting to get and order them later tells me that this not a restaurant were they take order, soo dumb they got tables to eat in. Got up place my order later, and got back up to cancelled what I order due to the service and how rude the lady was.

Nelo Rojas

(Translated by Google) A disaster (Original) Un desastre

Denise Yassine

The yucca bread is out of this world and gluten free.

Milagro Rivas Campos

Pues lo q puedo desir q si son muy ricas las empanadas la pimera vez todo fue muy bien pero avese cuando voy a compar otras veses atras me an dado frias las empanadas me refriero q son de un dia antes no recién calientes

Gilberth Silva

I love yuca con queso pie, too bad they don't make it more often, all the food tastes good but pricy an small plate of soup is ten dollars one enpanada (piece of bread) almost $4.00 in general everything is overpriced

Julio Hernandez

Tastey food!

Mariana Andrade-Bejarano

I'm Bolivian, their pastries are amazing. Their relleno de papa is a miss, but they compete with Luz Mary's for first place in salteñas.

Oscar MNV

La mejor empanada!!!

Rafael Lopez

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

leonel garcia

the service at this place is very bad, the cashier has a lot of attitude

Egyptian Mau

Very economical. Great food

Ashley Kolodzie

Best Salteñas in the area!

Kitsap View

the soup was great!

Wilfredo Guzman

Muy bueno se sirve comida muy rica panesillos y tortas y mucha variedades.

Dery Barrios

Best of Bolivian food in "sopa de mani", "picante de lengua ", colombian sausage sandwich and the bakery is fenomenal! Rollo de quesos mmmmmm..... Love the cuñapes/cheese bread! Salteñas might be a tiny bit off inside. This place is better in some areas like the peach juice/mocochinchi and many foods compared to the neighbor. Great attention and service. A must try restaurant/bakery.

Rafael Martinez

Bolivia food

Nataly M

Food is good check your bill they overcharge

Paul Meyers

Excellent bakery


Great food, great people, great prices...and most of all the food is FRESH.

Antonio Alvarez

You have to see for yourself

jose salazar

Excellent food

Anna Auckland

Great bakery and restaurant. Specially Bolivian food

stephanie Carrion

Love the Bolivian bread!!! When I have time to drive down there that’s my first place I come to. Big bread with cheese. Especially when is just out of the oven. Great breakfast to start my day

Performance Now

Very nice people, courteous, and food out of this world. A++++

Adey Workalemahu

If only I could give them zero stars. Went up to the counter and asked them if they served breakfast sandwiches with bagels. Said please and thank you all the way through my order, but they were very condescending and patronizing. Got my order only to realize it was wrong. Went back to the counter, and when I asked if they switched my order, the cashier walked away from me mid sentence. Then someone else came up to me and told me they don’t serve what I asked for. I didn’t taste the food, but the service is atrocious and the cashiers and waiters are incompetent. Either they’re unprofessional enough that they don’t know what’s on their menu or they lie through their teeth to make a quick buck.


Good food reasonable price

s Inofuentes

Good staple Bolivian food; not just a bakery, but serves full meals. No frills, but very tasty and good serving sizes and variety, especially on weekends. You can call ahead to order.

La Paz

Best Bolivian spot. Come early or forget about few popular items.

Alicia La Goldita

Is a small place not enough tables to eat in but the food and pastries are great

Robert Ashby

Awesome place, great food

Javier Larrea

Oh the food the food the delicious food... When I get to visit the DC area I have to always plan my trip around this place... The food and baking goods... Unlimited options... Salteñas! Just try them and repeat haha

farid uddin

Reasonable price and good taste

Raúl Miranda Alor

Muy buenas las saltereñas

Ian C

The salteñas are amazing!

Boris Alvarez

Great place for empanadas

Mo Lee

Mmm try bakery bread and specialized Bolivian food. Authentic and rustic food style but it's comfort and simple food.


Good service

Robyn From

It's good, just double check your to go orders

Ernesto Beltran

I loke it

Claudia Bloom

Sabroso deaayunos


The saltenas here might change your life. Or at least your feelings about saltenas. I've had others that were just ok, but these things are cravelicious.

sandy mariottiz

(Translated by Google) A very clean place (Original) Un lugar muy limpio

Jackie Robles

Highly recommend the saltenas.

Yvan Ramones

Rosmery Gamboa

(Translated by Google) The takeaway, the salad they put together with the hot comes home very badly, should be separate as they did before or as I think is correct. Finally, on weekends they charge more and serve the same. (Original) La comida para llevar, la ensalada que ponen junto con lo caliente llega a casa muy mal, debiera estar por separado como lo hacían antes o como pienso que es correcto. Al fin que los fines de semana cobran más y sirven igual.

carlos mejia

Muy caro venden el producto

John Smith

Excellent food, responsibly priced, very polite ppl

lister el pecaminoso

(Translated by Google) Good food (Original) Comida rica

Thais Caramori

everything is fresh and delicious!!!

Braulio Lavadenz

Many different Bolivian deserts

Jesús Gálvez

(Translated by Google) It's good place (Original) Es bueno lugar

Gustavo Rodriguez


Michele Yvonne Saranovich

Best Saltenas North of Columbia, as in the Country. Very nice staff, wide, diverse set of customers right at George Mason and Columbia Pike.

Koji Kabuto

Love the food. I would give 5 stars but tables and seats are limited.

adolph Hitler Jr.

All I'm rating here are their salteñas. They are great and super cheap - I think $2.75 each. Love them.

Jimena Miranda

Hoy fui a comprar sopa .. caldo de pollo y lamentable mente estaba muy salado .. me gusta mucho el lugar pero bueno .

Henrry bas

La comida está pasable, lo que ofende es la atencion despectiva y poco amable de algunas señoritas que trabajan ahí.


The salteñas were good. Found everything to be extremely overpriced, do not order the silpancho it was everything but that it was gross.

Kelvin Méndez

Ummmmm Yummy


I had to wait 40 minutes to get my food

Eduardito Bustamante

Yummy food

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