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REVIEWS OF Knakal's Bakery IN Virginia

Endie Suckiel

Rude and racist. My card was “declined” today after waiting 3 minutes for it to process...Which is odd because I have overdraft protection AND I checked the app while standing at the counter. Because well fraud happens. I asked her if I could swipe it, instead of using the chip. She repeated “no, because it was declined”. No problem lady, I used my other bank card and left. I will never be back there again. Not worth the terrible customer service. I pulled up to the shell gas station 10 minutes later and the first card worked. And it worked later at Walgreens. Instead of just being patient and trying again the woman just wanted to be loud and obnoxious. It was obviously a computer issue.

Brenda Marshall

Friendly customer service with a smile and personal touch. Fresh and delicious pastries, pies, cakes, cookies and bread.

Henry Jenkins

Christina Dodson

Stephan Grütering

klassische amerikanische Kleinstadt Bäckerei ... ... mit unbeschreiblich leckerem Gebäck. Alles natuerlich to go... und wenn man rechtzeitig vor dem Abfahrt des Zuges kommt, kann man noch einkaufen und muss anschliessend nicht in den Speisewagen. Natuerlich sind die Torten lecker, amerikansich suess, aber sehr sehr lecker. Die Donuts, die Scones zum dahinschmelzen-----


Joan Hackley

The best bakery in town.The lady's were very nice and helpful.Ill go back.

Michael LaCasse

Fresh Eggs Daily with Lisa Steele

Cute bakery in historic downtown Culpeper features amazing homemade eclairs, donuts, cake, cookies and more. Try a maple glazed donut. Trust me. It's well worth the calories.

Sasi Barrett

Bakery goods are nothing special along with very poor service. (Rude staff, no greeting, miscounted change, political remarks) Culpeper could benefit from new bakery with quality products. Also Knakal's opens late for a bakery. Overall, just skip it!

Ev Andrianos

First time there! Wonderful!

David Lee

Mary Ellen Clark

A local favorite for decades now, you just are not a local if you have not been to Knakal's! Fresh baked items daily and made to order deserts are there specialty. My favorite are the doughnuts. Sorry, the chain stores can not compare! If you need a cake for that special occasion, you can not do better. They also bake breads, cookies, pies and other cakes that are far superior to those found in supermarket bakeries. Stop in an give them a try - guaranteed to make you a local!

Brad Ennis

Elizabeth Settle

I’ve been coming here ever since I was in preschool, maybe even longer. My favorites are donut holes, FOR SURE, glazed donuts, blueberry donuts, chocolate frosted donuts, spice bars, and carrot cake. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything here. It’s all to die for. No one compares to Knakal’s, AT ALL. They are one of a kind and will forever be my favorite bakery.

Gigi Pullin

Best Bakery on the planet Earth! They are absolutely the best at their craft! The service is always great! I have know the ladies that work there for years. They offer great customer service! Always a pleasure!

Gwen Cushman

Best cake ever. Wonderful homemade pastries.

Joseph W. Jasper Jr.

Leslie Canzonieri

Steve Field

Best donuts around

Eric Nash

Jonathan Marcum

Best bakery around the county, doughnuts are always great.

Delta Romeo

Very reasonably priced and great eclairs

Nathan Klawa

Arnold Smith

Great place

Roy Greenwalt

Best doughnuts hands down

James K

Rachelle Poth Kujawa

Erin Lee

waverley lee

polly bryant

Best local bakery love love love the apple frittars and doughnuts

Cody Banks

The best bakery Culpeper!


Delicious doughnuts

Lindsay Lam

Stephen Klawa

These are the best donuts I have ever bought. It's worth driving an hour for breakfast to get them. They sell out really fast, so if you want a good selection it is best to get there before 7:30 a.m. The best ones are boston cream, apple fritter, and blueberry cake. If you don't see the kind you want on display, ask for it and they might just be able to get it out of the back for you.

Mickey Carter

The employees in this shop are some of the rudest people I have ever met. Very unfriendly! Poor customer service skills! As for the baked goods most are really good! Cheap prices! So I guess you have to take the good with the bad!

Philip Bard

Jeremy Cupples

Very rude people working there the old woman in there acted like I inconvenienced her because I wanted to order dounuts. Never again...wish I could get ahold of the owner and tell them they won’t keep business like that. I don’t believe any of the reviews saying they are nice and pleasant I call bs.

Eugenia Washington

Family atmosphere. Fresh baked Good every day. Friendly and best tasting bake Good ever. Every time I come to town I have to stop here.

Renonia Harrington

Herbert King

Chris Aycock

Perfect glazed donuts!

Timothy Phillips

Darrell Wampler

Bruce Simmons

Excellent Family Run Business.Great Pastries and Pies and Cakes.

BigTom pubg

Michael Bice

went here when I was a kid over 45 years ago. The pasterys are still great

Jeff Bigelow

Amber Lang

Marianne Buckland Gutierrez

Donna Lane

First time at this bakery. The donut was just ok, the service was horrible. I will not go back.

Rudy Chapa

Rude.. just plain RUDE. The ladies behind the counter NEVER smile, and have the rudest way of saying " whata ya have ???". When you hand them your money and they give you your change, you say "thank you" and get a "UN-huh.. NEXT" I try as hard as I can to avoid going there, but sometimes you just gotta suck it Sadly, their RUDNESS is rubbing off on the newer young people working there. Stonehenge

Sharon Lambert


Sarah Covino

Lady Razzmatazz

Always great.


Best donuts in the area!

Kathy Brown

Best eclairs and blueberry donuts!

Jessica Houser

Love the amazing baked goodies, especially the REAL chocolate eclair a topped with decadent chocolate fudge and filled with homemade custard and their fudge nut bars! Their biz marks and apple fritters are usually the first to sell out as they are definitely a fan favorite so make sure to get there early or reserve a dozen or two. The associates are really just amazing with my daughter, son and I as we frequent this bakery, but I have herd of a lack of zeal with others.

Devon DeeDee Alexander

Always good

Amy Coates

donavan washington

Love it the best around

John Vincent

Ants all over the display case when we walked by...not appealing

Sylvana Turner

Michael Mahr

Truly an unfriendly and unhelpful business. They have no menu. The staff are not interested in helping you to understand what they offer and do their best to make you feel unwelcome. They have lost my business and I’m not alone.

Gary Easton

Denise Pearson

Very yummy

Noah382 x

I don't normally write reviews but I was compelled to do this one. This is the first time we visited this bakery. I saw reviews about how rude the ladies behind the counter were and thought nothing of it. My family and I, wife, 2 kids under 5 years old, and grandma walked into the bakery. We were never greeted by the two ladies, almost ignored. One lady kept mumbling to her self "only 10 minutes left till closing"... "we are closing in ten minutes". I said hello after a brief pause of looking around. I heard nothing back as the two ladies continued to pull things off the shelves as we looked. I said Hello again as I raised my voice and asked "are we good?" expecting to hear them apologize for not acknowledging us. One of the ladies stopped what she was doing to help us as if we were inconveniencing her. It was 10 minutes to 4:00pm and their door was still unlocked. We got a half dozen cupcakes and a cookie. We were pretty much ignored and the cupcakes were nothing to write home about. Needless to say, this will be the one and only time we visit this place. We went to a candy shop (My Secret Stash) a few places down and were greeted and helped as I would expect a small business would treat their customers. If this bakery doesn't change their customer service, I have a feeling it's not going to last too much longer. The only reason I gave this 2 stars and not 1 star was the cupcakes were cheap. They were only 75 cents instead of $3 dollars you see in other bakeries closer to DC.

Laura Thoreson

Leslie Et Alia

Janice Davis

Great place as always. Find everything I need there. If not just ordered and it done. The people are so friendly

Bailey Good

Great traditional bakery in downtown Culpeper! They sell out of donuts and donut holes decently early in the day because they're so good! Their credit card machine isn't always up and running so cash might be best but this is a staple of Culpeper, VA!

Brenda Clements

Helped us figure out the perfect cake and cupcakes for our son and daughter-in-law's wedding!!!! Love this place!!! update---- they did an amazing job.....everyone raved over the beautiful and delicious cupcakes....thanks for making their day so special

Rose Noxon

Old fashion sugar rush!

Siri Zwemke

Ordered a wedding cake for my daughter's wedding. Visited a total of five times to make sure that the timing, the cake type, the delivery schedule, etc. was set. Every time I was met with unsmiling faces and a crabby attitude, but this is the only game in town and had come recommended. I should have known better. While the cake tasted fine (plain, but fine), the delivery was four hours late, arriving five minutes before the wedding started. When we called to find out where the cake was, we were told 'nothing we can do, sorry'. When the cake finally arrived, it looked like it had been frosted by a five year old. Yes, they were inexpensive, and yes, I do know you get what you pay for - be warned the stress of the late delivery and the poor appearance of the cake was not worth the money saved. Spend a bit more and go to a bakery that is not stuck in the 1950's (they take the orders on little sticky notes), has pleasant people to deal with (is it really that hard to smile to someone?), that believes in customer service (they refunded only a third of the price), and that can make a pretty cake.

Judy Wathen

shawn clifton

Freshly baked!

Samantha White Shearin

The lady's always polite and smiling... The cheese cake is very very good... Everything just taste so good

Jeanne Curry

Knakal's has the best applesauce donuts and the best caramel cake on Earth! They also made my daughter's wedding cake and it was delicious!

Patrick Hansen

Knakal's Bakery is the best bakery for miles. The staff really make you feel like your part of their family. Walking down the street a block from the store you can still smell the delicious bread and donuts they make fresh everyday. I love my sweets, but I'm also very aware of quality food. These baked goods are of the highest caliber which is why people drive hours to get a baker's dozen. I highly recommend everyone visit this historical landmark and slice of heaven if they haven't already

Anna Marie Torre Wright

Not sure what the fuss is about this place. The donuts taste like grease and sugar syrup. Forget about trying to order a wedding cake through them - they don't do tastings. When I did order cakes through them, it was obvious that the cakes had been frozen and the icing smelled like cigarette smoke. Eww!

Marndrell Moore

Great place for all of your sweet tooth needs. Birthday cakes doughnuts and more. Love these guys

CE Edge

Old school favorite! Always fantastic. Baked goods the way Grandma intended them to taste. Our favorite bakery in Virginia.

Rebecca Dodson

Awesome cakes and donuts.

Daniel Dennett

If I could I would have a treat from here everyday. Donuts are amazing, and I personally love their carrot cake. The prices are also much better than any of the local grocery stores and they taste soooo much better. I haven't found anything there I wouldn't highly recommend and I have tried just about everything.

Sean Williams

Butter cream...... Need I say more

Edwin Vásquez

Harry smith


Teresa Super

My daughter wanted a lady bug cake for her daughter's first birthday. I found pictures of cakes online, printed them off and took them to the bakery. The cake they made was perfect! Everything I could've hoped for and delicious too!! Thank you!!

Shirley Young

Love our hometown bakery and the people that work there, always a wonderful experience

Cynthia Broockman

Shahroze Shaikh

The donuts are amazing but like others have mentioned the ladies are just rude. I walked in and was as kind as I could be and was still met with a stale attitude. Out of the 3 customers there who paid with a credit card, I was the only one who they asked to show identification. I bought 4 donuts....really?...

Virginia Ashcraft

I love Knakl's Bakery. They have the best donuts. I would have given them 5 stars but I was a little disappointed this last time. I'm not supposed to eat grain but I treated myself to one of their boats. If your not familiar it is 2 glazed donuts topped with milk chocolate frosting. Yummy!! But I think to cut costs Maybe(?) they are putting less chocolate than before. This was the case the last time I got them as well. Just my opinion, I would rather pay a little more to get the donuts I love and remember than cut back on the quality!!!! I actually had to work it to be able to get chocolate on every bite instead of just being able to enjoy the decadence! I had to take bigger bites to manage this instead of savoring! This might sound ridiculous to those of you that can eat this stuff all the time but to someone like me, the experience has to be worth it, because I know going in that my stomach will pay for my indiscretion! Just saying! So please go back to making them covered in milk chocolate goodness and maybe charge an extra quarter or something!!!!

Ashleigh Gilmour

Jay Wischkaemper

Fantastic bakery. Good food and great prices

Carol Fincham

E. O. Pederson

Don't let the faded signs mislead you, this is a fine little bakery selling a number of different baked goods at good prices. The interior is heaven for those with a sweet tooth, except maybe when the need to choose which one to take home arises. Major complaint, the bakery does not sell bread.

Jennie Hinkamp

Patricia Tate

M. R. Newton

Very rude staff. They will get mad if you don’t know the names of donuts.

Catherine M

Delicious & yummy

Bonnie Fletcher

Very nasty

Clark Glass

lindsey gartner

I have been visiting this bakery since I was a little girl so at least 20 years and have always enjoyed the sweet treats that they have produced. My birthday cakes were always a pleasant surprise, so of course I would go there for my own child's birthday cake. After speaking with one of the employee's and being quoted a price for a decorated birthday cake and even asking questions because of course this birthday cake needed to have specific items on it that they did not have the license to do was still given the same price. I ended up spending three days having to draw the three pictures needed for his birthday cake and then drew up a diagram of said cake so that there would be no mistake in exactly how I wanted this to be since I had put so much time and energy into it so that it would be exactly what was requested of my son, I go in place my order go over everything with the lady thinking everything is good to go and am given a price that is almost double what was quoted me previously!!!! Spoke with the owner who after much debate decided to give me the previous "quoted" price went to pick up the cake got home with it opened the lid and wanted to cry....I wouldn't pay $5.00 for this thing! It's nothing like what I wanted nor what I had asked of them! So disappointed! What has happened with this bakery that it has gone downhill so quickly and that customer service and the quality of what they produce is not up to par with what they produced for so long???!!! If you want a regular cake with flowers and trim I would say go for it but anything else I would seriously say keep looking for another bakery because obviously they have become to lazy and unconcerned with what is leaving their business to worry about repeat customers and word of mouth.

Melissa Mendez

Doughnuts and cakes are good but one lady in front is rude and never friendly.

Joseph Bretzin

Better donuts and selection then anywhere else I know of.

Bryan Saulton

The Disturbed Reaper

Customer service sucks

Branden Norman

Eric M Griffin

Discovered Knakal's while exploring Culpeper. For years I just drove through this town on my way to other places. The sugar cookies are worth the 1 and half hour drive I make. Prices are more than reasonable. Knakalsville, I mean Culpeper is,now a stopping point every time I'm in that area.

Kelsea Adams

This is the best bakery around! The carrot cupcakes and the blueberry cake donuts are to die for! Just thinking of them is making my mouth water. Prices aren't too bad either. Definitely worth checking out

Terry Roof

FANTASTIC! Best word I can use to describe their cakes and donuts. Takes me back to my childhood. It's hard to drive by without stopping in. Love this place!!!

Justin Dole

A must stop if you have a sweet tooth. Great cakes, pastries, and donuts!

Elizabeth Morton

Fresh donuts

Robin Baumgardner

Ann Lawler

Paul Dysart

Love it, reminds me of the time period when i grew up! Only to find out this place has been around for over 30 years before I walked:) This place has great prices and really quality donuts. They are good I recomend this olace to anyone trying to gain weight fast, and for those trying to keep you figure you have been warned you cant just eat one! We love taking the kids on Sat. Mornings, but you have to get there early for a good selection.

Corey Ritchie

M.R. Long


Scarlett Medina

One of the best bakeries in Virginia! Cant beat the doughnts!

Derek Marcey

Shalia Washington


Endless Creations Flowers & Gifts

Knakal's is an institution in the Culpeper area. Who does not love their donuts!

marta ramirez

Love their donuts

Diane Warhurst

My husband and I have gone in twice. The first time they were rude and the pastry wasn't that great for a bakery. We tried again...everyone has a bad day. Rude again, made me feel like I was an imposition. Guess they don't like my patronage and I won't be back.

James White


Several months ago my husband and I traveled 2 hours to this bakery. Our daughter is getting married this Spring in Culpeper. She was wanting doughnuts as one of the desserts at her wedding. Since I work for a small business and support small businesses we looked to see if there was a local bakery in the area. We arrived early on a Saturday morning. The bakery smelled great when you walked in, but the sour faces on the 3 women that worked there made the place stink. We were taken back by the rudeness of these women as they spoke to their customers. When it was our turn, we were treated with the same attitude that the previous customer was served. HOWEVER, when we said that we had traveled and that we were interested in buying about 120 doughnuts their attitude changed. I guess the thought of someone spending a little more money caught their attention. We explained that we would like to get 4 or 5 dozen doughnuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and 4 or 5 dozen doughnuts with white frosting and sprinkles. No problem we were told. We purchased some doughnuts to bring home and were on our way. Fast forward 2 months. We went back to the bakery today with our daughter, her fiancé and our wedding coordinator. Again, the attitude of these women when we walked in was terrible. They were so rude to the people in front us. One woman behind the counter was actually huffing and puffing in disgust. It appeared to us that it was because one of the customers was not ordering fast enough. When we explained that we had come in to place a large order, they seemed more inconvenienced than appreciative. As we began to go over what we needed we were told that they did not do white frosting. Really? But, they would dip the top of the doughnut in "glaze" several times to make it look like white frosting. We were also told that they did not have sprinkles and that if we wanted them, we would have to buy our own and bring them to the bakery. Seriously? Basically, they didn't want our business. We realized that these women were in know way, shape, or form, wanting to provide polite, respectful customer service. We said that we were going to step out and discuss. As we were in front of the shop, one of the women came out holding a doughnut that had apparently been "dipped" several times in "glaze" and miraculously had sprinkles on it. She wanted us to know that this was what it would look like. Since tomorrow is Easter, maybe the Easter bunny had dropped off some sprinkles. I mean, we were told that they had none and we would have to bring our own. Basically, this place sucks. If you read thru these reviews most people comment on how the food is fairly good. But, the women are awful. We went down the street and got a lovely meal at another restaurant. Discussed our options and decided to not support this local business and take our money elsewhere. On our way out, I did the courteous thing and stopped back in to let them know that we would not be ordering from them. A different woman was there and I must say she was slightly more polite. However, my daughter did capture a laughable photo of one of the original 3 women giving us a dirty look. My opinion, they are a bunch of nasty old bidies that care nothing about their customers. They are rude and disrespectful. Hard to believe this place has been in business this long. They must not read their reviews. With so many comments on Google and Facebook concerning the rudeness of the women there you would think they would make some changes. Or, maybe they do read them and just don't care. Maybe they need to go church and find God. They certainly appear to have no joy in their life. Our entire family and my daughters finance's family and all of the wedding party will be staying in this lovely town. One hundred plus people coming to this wedding. We will let everyone know to not support this business. Visit all the other stores and restaurants, but stay away form Knakal's Bakery. Well unless they just want to stop in to see the grumpy old ladies that run the place. It may provide them a good laugh.

Wendy Gourdine


One word DELICIOUS !

Karen Lillard

ron perkins

Mark Stockton

Patti Randall

I just went to Knakel's to get some doughnuts and they were CLOSED! 2 pm and they were closed, even though the sign says open 7am - 5pm. I wonder if there was an emergency as the reason for closing, but then again I didn't see any signs stating that.

Damodhar Mallya

Best donuts in town! Some days you got to get there early or they will run out of donuts or you have to try something new. I would suggest trying to get there before noon because every time I got after noon I miss out on what I want or the choices are very limited. If you want a classic donut, go for the plain glazed donut. It will melt in your mouth.

Andrew Wynham

Seriously!!! The best donut in the world. A Culpeper landmark in my view, same name and same location since my first visit there over 50 years ago.

Catie Wilkerson

Mary Klawa

Best donuts!!

Jasmine Hart

This bakery was recommended by a co-worker, so I was very excited to try the donuts. When I walked in with my 3 year old, the women working were so rude and nasty. My daughter spoke when she walked in, but no one spoke to us. It was our first time at the bakery and there are no menus or any labels, so I asked a few questions about the fillings and flavors of the donuts. The woman acted as though I was irritating her. When I went to pay, I used my phone and the woman was rude in telling me that they didn't accept phone payments even as the payment was going through. She then made it a point to give me advice against using my phone as a payment method. The donuts were ok, but I will never patronize this business again. Had I been by myself, I would have left the donuts on the counter. Customer Service is horrible.

Malcolm Price

Best chocolate eclairs on the planet

L Cooper

Culpeper favorite

Harry Moore

Very delicious baked sweets very nice employees get the best early

Garrett Appelt

klack klack klack klack klack klack klonk

Mike Denton

Katie D.

Donuts are superb and great and economical. Baked on premises unlike chain bakeries. Though you have got to arrive early in order to get an apple fritter as they seem to sell out of them quickly.

Devin Scott

what is price

Ramilyn Thompson

Best Blueberry Donuts!

Bobby Barrett

Donuts are outstanding. Service at the counter was nearly always rude.

clint mehling

Great place for pastries and treats of all varieties. A long time staple of Culpeper

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