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REVIEWS OF Buzz Bakeshop IN Virginia

Joseph Cabaday

I love red velvet cupcakes, however I don't eat them often. I did this morning. The girl taking my order was not rude, but seemed as if I was an inconvenience. I order my cupcake to go. I asked if I could leave it at the counter for a moment so I could use the restroom. I really didn't want to take it in with me. That's just not right. She said it would have to sit on the counter. Again, she helped out, just seemed like it was an inconvenience. Overall, the cupcake was good, but when I peeled the wrapper away, it took half the cake with it. I'll just chalk it up to maybe a bad batch. I would try again.

Michael Ebanks

The food was abysmal. The coffee is not good and the espresso is worse. The service is spotty at best. Upon taking a bite of a 'bran muffin' I discovered it was possible to make a wad of grease look like a high fiber muffin. On yet another negative note, they place signs everywhere indicating where you can't sit if you want to use laptop.


This place has wonderful pastries and baked goods as well as great coffee. The biscuits and scones are not to be missed either.

Stephen Szymanski

customer service lacking. multiple times in there and not served properly

Trevor Runge

Ample seating, a plethora of choices for your sweet tooth, and friendly staff.

Heather Davis

Excellent service and great food and coffee!

Phoebe Gavin

My husband and I stopped in for a quick bite while we were in the area. The quiche and lemon tart we got were DELICIOUS and the service was great. It has a nice neighborhoody feel. Definitely coming back to try more of the stuff on the based goods.

Rathindra Harold

I promised to bring my employee something special for her birthday, and at last minute every single bakery was closed in the Area in Alexandria, including Lavender which is right around the corner. Mannnnnnnnnnn Mrs.Terri came all the way through with her cake selection and being so friendly and helping me out at last minute. I’m so elated and I can’t wait to see my employees expression.

Olivia Brinich

Buzz Bakeshop has a nice seating area, decent coffee (I had a hot latte), and tasty treats. However, my overall experience was tarnished by a very slow internet connection and a room temperature which felt as though no air conditioner was on in the middle of July. Sitting with nothing but a tank top and jeans on, I was close to a sweat the whole time. Would come back for the mini cheesecake, but probably get it To-Go.

Charika Toggia

Favorite local dessert shop!

Julius Rollins

Incredibly delicious pastries and sweets. Great coffee too.

Mike Kulinski

Fantastic bakery and great breakfast food

Vlad Uda

Great coffee, they need to work more on gluten/dairy free pastry selection!


Buzz is one of the best places for a latte in Alexandria. Buzz uses beans from Ceremony (coffee roaster in Annapolis), so its nice to support local businesses. Another great place for a latte is just down the road at the Swing Coffee Roaster in Del Ray - both are great but definitely go to Buzz if you also want baked goods.

Aron Kansal

One of the least environmentally friendly cafes. Get with it guys. Offer non plastic spoons, non-plastic drinking straws, and a recycling bin. Most hip cafes have 2 cups of spoons: dirty and clean. You should do more to eliminate plastic waste.

Keow Essig

Every time I come here, I'm always impressed by the variety of desserts that they have and additionally, how good it all tastes. Really wish I lived here more locally to hang out and drink coffee or other drinks they have on the menu. I love the fact that they are very kid friendly and have multiple travel games for elementary-aged children.

B Lewis

So sad they changed this place. Last time I visited it was awesome. They had a large variety of baked goodies (the heart of darkness was amazing) but now they only have a couple of mediocre cupcakes and prepackaged items to choose from :( very disappointed that I made the trip out here for this. Try a different bakery.


Rating this solely on the cupcakes....where have the awesome cupcakes gone? I don’t live in the area but always made a point to come to Buzz for the best cupcakes ever when I visited Alexandria. The gourmet cupcakes are gone!! Now they have unimaginative cupcakes that aren’t even good. The scantly applied frosting is too sweet and lacks the creaminess it used to have. The cake part is majorly oily and the flavor isn’t good enough to compensate. A huge disappointment.

Robbyn Umland

The cupcakes are delicious and it's right near the dog park. That's a win/win for us!

Katie Schmitz Scott

Have a great kids area, yummy baked goods, and love the community events.


Buzz Bakery is a great place to stop and get a bakery treat and coffee/tea. During the warmer months dogs are welcome on the patio. Plenty of parking on the street and the parking areas on the side of the building. I had the peanut butter cupcake, and it was yummy. Tons of sugar along with the tea kept me buzzing the rest of the day. -Travelationship

Stephanie Morge

Got the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and sugar cookie. Frosting and cookie was good, but cake was dry. Not a lot of flavor

Suzanne V. Buchanan

I love this space. It's great to socialize or work. The staff are great, they have a fantastic not too sweet chai recipe that's distinct and delicious. Great quiche... I wish they had matcha, it would sell in this higher end location. They would also benefit from offering a few more low or no sugar options.

Sara Tayari

Still one of my favorite bakeries! Use to be much better, though, when they used more butter and less sugar in their cupcakes. Everything use to be more "gourmet" tasting and now everything is way too sugary. Coffee has never been good. But that is something that only real coffee drinkers would notice. Most people like their overly sugary coffee drinks with sickening sweet deserts, so what do I know... I only wrote this because Ive loved Buzz for about 15+ years and wish to see it improve, back to the way it was...but with good/non-bitter coffee!

Mary McCall

Pastries are great here.

Kay Wilson

Gluten free options

Lee Dunn

Great sweets and scones.

Edward Tj Gerety III MBA

Pricing is a little high but the coffee and pastries were decent.

Cindy Wasser

Best coffee. If you like pumpkin spice latte, try it at Buzz! They make their own syrup in-house. Drink has more complex autumn flavors than Starbucks and is less sweet. Super good!!


They used to be great, but now it's no where near as good. The cupcakes are about 1/2 the size as they used to be, and for the price it's just not worth it, I really hate giving this place a 2, but they've fallen far.

wendy lobo

Red Velvet

John Welch

Good desserts. Recommend their cupcakes. Unique and custom cakes


After multiple visits: lots of potential, but so far meh. Sometimes the food and service are excellent, and the place is always clean. Other times an overworked zombie punts you a tiny slice of quiche with an uncooked crust - mushy, wet, depressing. And overpriced for the size and quality. The place is cute but Buzz occasionally comes up short on the last mile.

Kim Lawrence

There is a nice mix of sweets and sandwiches. I had turkey and cheese on ciabatta bread. It was toasted and delicious. Prices seemed reasonable.

Nicole Coghlan

Delicious desserts. Several non dairy milk options for your coffee. Vegan chocolate chip cookies are awesome! Love the indoor and outdoor seating.

Luis Guardia

Nice shop and convenient. Breakfast sandwiches are not memorable. They do not serve decaf.

Natalie Weathers

Cute atmosphere, cupcakes were dry but the icing was good and really good coffee! Nice service with smiles.

Fernanda Sobral

Red Velvet cup cake really good but a little bit warm instead of cool...

Tony Andre

Certainly dollars is what it is all about and hopefully you take them in. I have been gone for a year and can't tell you how many times I thought about your early morning muffin, almond croissant or when all sold out a delicious bran muffin. What a disappointing visit to find that your offerings had changed. The bran muffin was dry and tasteless and other than cupcakes or a regular croissant and only one choice of scone, cheddar cheese, you had none of my old favorites. Oh well,I gave the new items a try to include the scone. I sincerely hope that your change to boutique prima Dona inspired offerings continue to bring you the waiting lines and "buzz" previously experienced. I won't know as your offerings of cupcakes, dry muffin and one or two other baked items are not enough to bring me back in, what a disappointment......... Tony

Paris Miller

Cute bakery with friendly service!

Laura Manganello

This shop is so cute. I happened to stop by midday, and it was quiet and charming. The staff was great as well. But right before I left, a gaggle of kids came in with their parents and ran around the shop yelling. There are a bunch of toys inside, so I assume this is a regular occurance.

Max B

The best cupcakes around. Red velvet is delicious!

George Coupe

Great selection and everything is so delicious. Fast service

Mia Dillard

No one spoke to me when I walked in. When it was my turn to order the lady walked away and went into the back, still without speaking. After waiting a minute I just left the shop. I will not spend my dollars where I am not wanted.

Mirna Aucestovar

I love all the yumminess in this place specially the pumpkin pie, it's the best pie I have ever had although they dont have it all year round. Will definitely return!

Latasha Brown

Customer service is great, brownies taste old not the best selection for a bakery.

Kellen Busby

Great place to work for the day. Tons of people were on their laptops. Because of this I think, the wifi had a hard time supporting a video call but was fast enough for normal web browsing.

Melissa Day

Tasty baked goods and free wifi

William Wible

Awesome pastries and cakes

Shawn Alestock

We had the 9:30 Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake and a Cake Pop for $10. They were tasty. Very decorative though. It's a coffee/party shop situated off Jefferson Favus Highway right outside of Old Town where customers respect the noise level. If you make too much noise, people look at you funny. Not enough to keep me from going back as there's a great restaurant right across the street. Can't wait to visit again.

Meghan vernier

Skip Starbucks and come here! Great coffee and an amazing selection of cupcakes and desserts. They sometimes have a selection for Fido as well!

Christina Holland

So many treats that it is simply hard to pick just one! Lucky for us we didn't have to! All 6 of our family members had a sweet treat and everyone was moist and delicious! This is a dangerous shop if your trying to stay away from sweets!


Had the best cupcakes and frosting.

Bubbly_ Bebee_Head

Delicious house made savory food and desserts. I highly recommend this bakery to anyone with a sweet tooth! And even for some good 'ol caffeine! Their Ceremony coffee is awesome!

G Aquino

Coffee was good, service friendly and fast.

Jason Hein

Very kid friendly with a small play area with toys. They also hold an Easter egg hunt in the park next door. Fantastic place.

Rebecca Steffens

I want to like this place more, but their treats just never taste as good as they look, and their coffee is just okay.

Marketing Leader

Nice, clean, friendly staff, indoor & patio seating plus good food. Cute play area 4 children. Small but delish selection of pastries. I'd LOVE 2 see cinnamon rolls... with nuts!

David Wallace

Vegan cookie options, excellent.


Love this bakery! After going for many years they have finally offer chocolate white icing cup cakes!

Lauren Chambers

Have been getting cupcakes from here for over a year, I got 4 of my usual these did not taste like the same cupcakes I had been getting. They were over baked batter very dry, I was very disappointed in the cupcakes. Guess it’s back to my other two places for my sweet treats. I am very disappointed I wish y’all would go back to the old recipe, y’all HAD the best cupcakes in town!

Aníbal Watkins

Online menu boasts wayyyy more than what is available in store. Save yourself a trip and call to see if they have in stock what is currently on the online menu!!

John Funk

Good coffee, better baked goods, great people

Heidi Long

Cupcakes to die for !

Caleb Crass

Great Service and Great food/coffee. Love the atmosphere of the shop as it has a laid back and welcoming vibe. It is a wonderful place to spend afternoons.

Samantha Byrd-Fulbright

Aloha cake was a hit! Beautiful cake, tasted great.

Erin Evans

My go to place for yummy cupcakes and coffee.

Frederick Mitchell

Nice store front. I asked about the parsnip cupcake the manager knew nothing about it, the cashier had to tell her that it was something they offered. I got a carrot cake cupcake instead. I was very dissapointed, not only was it not carrot cake ( even though it was decorated as such it was as dry as grocery store cupcake. We also bought a Apple pie it was good but at $30 I was questioning myself when I purchased it.

Sharon Oliveros

I used to come here a lot because of the vibe which invite people to chill and sip hot coffee. The new lay out now looks uninviting. Cupcake size seems smaller compared to before. However, the red velvet is actually really good.

Frank Mikolajczak

The experience is better since Buzz changed from Bakery to Bakeshop and did a remodel. The pumpkin spice muffin was very good and it's always a fun atmosphere with the nice autumn weather to sit outside.


Their jasmine green tea tastes like you're drinking flowers.. It's the best.

John Sheehan


Samantha Lee

One of my cousin's introduced me to Buzz Bakeshop. We got a half dozen of cupcakes: Chocolate, S'mores, Red Velvet, Espresso, Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla to share. I got to try the Cookies and Cream, Espresso, and Red Velvet. I liked how the cupcakes were moist and Cookies and Cream had a frosting filling to them.

Jeffrey Feliciano

Great place to get coffee and pastry with a great kids area! Great service.

John Dingle

I was craving a slice of cheesecake. Ratings seemed good enough so i decide to try out and see what the Buzz was about. The setup is nice but all the desserts are cup cak-ish..they stopped selling cheesecake by the slice $2.65 and sell a cupcake version they call a mini cheesecake for $5.50!!(palm size)...its a cupcake! The service and setup are very nice but its far from a bakery.

Gary Stewart

Buzz bakery now Buzz Bakeshop always clean, friendly people good service pastries are fantastic!

Eric Medina

I had a breakfast quiche and coffee, enjoyed both. Eat here and support local business.

Paulette Paglia

Fun bright atmosphere. Easy parking. Excellent chai. Very tasty breakfast sandwiches. Cupcakes and cakes look fantastic but I've not yet tried. Nice staff. Fast service. Update: As of summer 2016 it seems almost everyone seated inside is "working" remotely. They order very little yet stay for-ev-errrr. This leaves very little seating available to patrons who're actually spending money and require a table for a regular period of time (20-30 minutes). In my humble opinion this is ridiculous. Dear Remote Workers, You don't look hip when you takeover cafe tables and seating hours upon hours for just $12. On the contrary you look pretentious and rude using a for profit cafe/restaurant like it's your home office. Which reminds me, please go home. Outside tables are nice when weather is agreeable and now even when it's not-so-much because of the mob of spooky silent tabletroids having taken over the cafe. New interior layout which may have been intended to discourage patrons staying too long is unwelcoming due to both design and the glaring fact that the remote workers have refused to go. They look like cult members facing the door (heads down of course) peering into their sacred phones and hallowed tablets. It's seriously frightening.

louis novak

Like the pecan pie.

Joshua Kaminski

Great service! Patient with all my questions! Ordered the lemon bar, coconut macaroon, vegetable quiche, and turkey bacon sandwich. Everything was great. Lemon bar being really great and macaroon a little sweet. Turkey bacon was perfect and quiche mushrooms didn't fare as well when heated up, but overall was really great as well. Space has charging ports along wall and spaces for children making it a great family spot!


I had the blueberry scone and the lemon glaze was so tart. I still miss the old buzz

bilal khbeiz

It is cosy like home, you spend quality of time in friendly environment doing whatever you need to do without any disturbing issues

Alexey Mikityuk

Very friendly service. Wishing for better selection of baking goods.

Thomas King

The bakery side is great, but their coffee is usually burned and their cappuccinos are too hot. I would grab a cupcake here, but don’t bother with coffee.

Jill Baucom

I agree with other reviewer's not happy with recent changes! I used to love coming here and getting cupcakes, coffee and wine. But it's just not the same environment, the cupcakes are smaller and the last few I've had were all dry. Bummer!

Paula Fisher

This place has gone downhill. I bought various cupcakes for a work event only to find they were hard, oily tasting, and over-sugared. I even went in early in the day to be sure I didn't get the day's leftovers. I am fairly certain these cupcakes were at least 4 or 5 days old - gross. Definitely didn't get what I paid for. Hope someone straightens this location out.

John Watson

Very slow service in the morning, but the food and pastries are very good. The new layout removed the couches and seems to discourage laptop users. The new cookies look beautiful and they have some very interesting new items. I have not tried any of the cupcakes - but I really like the brunch cup for breakfast. I believe the coffee is still from Ceremony but am not 100% sure.

Valeriia Nechyporenko

Great coffee! Friendly service. Lots of parking. Nice place to relax and read/ work!

Viktor Kmytko

Good bakery selection for tea and coffee

Ryan D

we ordered a strawberry and lemon cake for 35 people. it was plenty for our party and everyone wanted to know where we got it from. a real hit. would get it again.

Cailin Patterson

New in the area and I thought it was pretty good, the cupcakes were so #blessed, I wasn't a huge fan of the coffee but that's more on me than them lmaooo

Terry Cox

I'd give them five stars, but their cupcakes are noticeably smaller than before. We tried sandwich cookies, which my son and I enjoyed. My husband absolutely loved the mini cheesecake. I got one bite, which is truly telling. He's usually much more willing to share. The macaroon was light and airy. Very different from others I've had. Go on your payday and order away! P.S. Kudos to the friendly employee who greeted us coming and going.

Tra Stephens

I frequent this bakery often for the cupcakes, which I like very much. I was looking for a shop to bake a birthday cake for my daughter and decided to give them a try. Let me tell you I was not disappointed the cake was soooo good, ordered lemon with buttercream icing and filling. Will definitely order more birthday cakes!

Shannon Mitchell

I used to love this place, but have been disappointed with their customer service the last couple of times I have been. They were very rude when trying to order a cake for my daughter, gruffly telling me I had to give them 24 hours. Instead of arguing that I didn't need it until the next day which would have been over 24 hours, I just left. I guess they are so busy they don't need my business. Went to Alexandria Pastry and not only were they helpful and friendly, but their cakes are excellent!

Tracey Fredrick

Limited selection of coffee, but still really good. Get a raspberry chocolate chip muffin, you won't be disappointed.

Priscilla Cruz

First of all, I would like to thank Ali once again for accomodating me and my cake needs last minute. I called the Buzz Bakeshop the day before my daughters birthday because the person who I originally had hired cancelled on me. I called Friday, the day before my daughters birthday with my dilemma and she said she could help me. We quickly came up with a plan and the Buzz Bakeshop made it happen. The cake was absolutely beautiful and tasty! I will definitely come back here again. Especially, for their delicious cupcakes.

Hande Küçük

Cozy place, kid friendly for weekend mornings. A nearby Russian gourmet store is there as well.

Lisa Wynn

The cookies & cream cupcake is the best! The icing, the cake, and the (cookies &) creamy center. Yum!!!

Sharon Rhyne

A quaint spot with delicious food. They have a small play corner for kids, seating outside, and free parking down the street.

Kate H

Awesome! I love the coffee, quiche, breakfast cups, cupcakes, and cakes! Everything is so fresh and looks so beautiful.


I love this little spot. Very quiet and cozy. Coffee is great and so are the cupcakes!

Bosh Gobran

Best presentation, best colors. If you like colors of the chairs and colors of the food you will love it. Very clean. Good service. VERY BAD FOOD Taste. Just lots of sugar with no taste. We have tried many things since we like the place. This place if it opens in Europe will not stay more than a week!

Audrey Diaz

Cupcakes are amazing!

Hayley Discher

Love the blueberry muffins great for me and my daughter!!

John Thomas

I find their cupcakes a little bit expensive. I used to buy cupcakes in different bakeries and I usually get 6 cupcakes for $15, I only had 4 cupcakes here.

Rodney Madison

Heard about this place and thought that I would give it a try...I was sorely disappointed. I bought 6 cupcakes and the two that I tried were horrible. The red velvet tasted as if it had been sitting too long and the frosting was actually a different color on the outside than the inside, which meant it had been sitting for too long. The vanilla was very thick and dry and the frosting had a very sour after taste. Sadly I will disregard the remaining 4 and wish that I had spent that $18 elsewhere.

Marika Taylor

I really enjoy coming here to get work done. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, good treats and friendly staff. The bakery is a little small but it is never over crowded. It is a great place to go as an alternative to the typical starbucks, and bus boys and poets.

Daniel B.

Great bakery/ coffee shop

Oh Yaseen

Went in and immediately realized this place is pretty to look at, but that's about all it has going for it. The customer service was just plain BAD!!! Not one of them could figure out who ordered what, they have a bug problem, nothing looks clean upon inspection (even the food looks like it's covered in dust) and the managers just look like angry women who hate men. Not sure what the deal is with this place. It felt like a twilight zone episode. I felt so uncomfortable.

Victoria Middleton

Lemon cupcake and Flour Power are delicious. They even have doggie treats!

Jasmin Cleveland

My friend and I went here this evening and the staff was uninterested. Also, the cupcakes are hard and dry with no favor. It is probably the worst cupcake I have had in DC.

Katherine L

I've been here several times and the experience is inconsistent. Key draws & drawbacks: Excellent tea, really comfy couches, tasty desserts, open really late; Very hard to get seating and parking (You have to do the vulture hovering thing usually reserved for bars on Saturday nights.); Crappy laptop policy on the weekends. I'd prefer they cover up the power outlets and limit the wireless than leave signs "no laptops" signs all over the tables and act rude towards people with laptops.

Amanda Frimpong

I got a carrot cupcake it was okay ($2.75). Not too much icing but the icing was pretty good( cream cheese I believe). I also got a slice of cake (6.50!!!!!!!). It wasnt vanilla with berries it was good at all and seriously over priced. Will I go there again? Yes but not for the cake, maybe cupcake.

Samuel Luo

I actually had an interview there and the ambiance was great. It was festive - there was a quiet guitarist in the corner (and Buzz invites musicians to play once a week on a day I can't remember) - but not so lively that I could not focus on the interview. The bakery's setup is excellent, which is definitely shown in the pictures of this page. It absolutely loved the couches that they had on one wall. The food and coffee was also very good. They actually have excellent pies and cookies of all sorts and varieties. However, I must say that their items are definitely overpriced. I paid nearly $10 for a cookie and coffee; the portions were very small for that price. But then again, most bakeries and coffee shops today have similar pricing. Overall, I was very pleased with Buzz. My evaluation might be slightly skewed because I enjoyed my interview and thought it went well. However that aside, I still think it is an excellent place to hangout with friends, or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee with a pastry on the side.

Helyett Alvarez

Tasty pastries, great customer service...will definitely return!

Joshua Kallerud

The cupcakes are very rich and decadent, and they offer some unique and different flavors and combinations. The staff are always helpful and friendly, bright and airy space, and always clean.

Matt Dibenedetto Fan

If you like lukewarm hot chocolate then this place is for you. You'd be better off microwaving chocolate milk

Anthony Trueheart

Though they specialize in cupcakes, they've got plenty of other delicious, diabetes inspired treats for you to sink your teeth into. One of my favorites is the chocolate-chip cupcake, topped with an actual chocolate-chip cookie, stuffed with creme filling (Also known as Inception cake). Really though, they've got some delicious treats along with a great environment. Highly suggested!

Eileen Harper

Buzz Bakeshop, particularly manager Catherine should be recognized for her demonstration of such professionalism and customer service that has rarely been seen by myself or my family. Ordered a cake for my daughter's 21st birthday and due to an unforeseen error, Catherine went beyond what could have ever been expected and did not settle until all was right.


Amazing cupcakes. I had the carrot cake and cookies and cream. The cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake compliments the cupcake without being overwhelming. The same with cookies and cream; the cookies and cream frosting did not overpower the chocolate. Reasonable prices for gourmet cupcakes. Paid $7 for the two. Would definitely return!

Jennifer S.

First time visit. Staff so nice and accommodating. Terry especially. Cakes on the pricey side but looked nice. Opted for cupcakes for my event. About $3 each, however very decadent and worth it. They were a hit. Compared to Georgetown Cupcakes for example which has such a stellar rep and popularity, honestly little better!

Dagmar Hinds

Excellent service. Went in on a Sunday afternoon. She was polite. We got a lemon, carrot 9:30(chocolate with chocolate glaze) and vanilla. We ate the vanilla it was soft moist and the frosting was a loght buttercream not overwhelming. My daughter who normally hates all cake actually ate this one which tells me a lot. :) If you like good cupcakes with pleasant service try them out.

Angela Jones

Great place to meet friends to talk.

Taryn Brice-Rowland

One of my favorite places for a casual breakfast. The staff is always friendly. You can't go wrong with the Ham, Cheddar, & Scallion Scone.

Radhika Engineer

Variety of cupcakes... Especially love the Espresso one!!

Yuping Zhang

Good coffee and Gourmet cupcakes.

Adam Battaglini

Always great! Never disappoints! Staff is always wonderful!

Christopher Bruce

We ordered two "pudding" cupcakes (red velvet and chocolate) and a brownie. The brownie was good, but the cupcakes tasted like they had been in the display case for too long. IMO, neither had much taste at all. In fact, the chocolate cupcake was my least favorite cupcake in recent memory. We walked a long distance to get there, and it wasn't worth it.

Travis Criddle

Great food great coffee

Rowena Ebanks

The iced mochas are take it or leave it, as are the cupcakes (sometimes they're moist and delicious, and sometimes they're dry, the sometimes the icing isn't so great), but the earl grey tea and cherry scones are deelish. Service is hit or miss, sometime they're happy and helpful and other times they all seem angry with one another, but my pooch loves the dog biscuits. The ambience is good if you want to study, and the parking is easy and convenient and in a decent neighborhood for a dog walk. So between the take it or leave it, we'll take it...for now.

Lisa Mathias Johnson

This is the kind of place where I make dedicated trips to go to Alexandria (or it's Ballston location), because the baked goods are worth it - there are cupcake flavors here that you can't find elsewhere, plus all kinds of unique brownie flavors like German Chocolate (my personal fave) and Red Velvet (it has a red velvet cheesecake in the middle!). Certain desserts are made to bring you back to childhood, like their pop tarts and their Fruity Pebble bars (like Rice Krispie treats but with Fruity Pebbles). Others are just good reasons to indulge (like any of their cheesecakes). Anything here is a good reason to visit.

noah dixon

It was noice

michelle savage

Amazing quiche.

Allison B

Perfect spot to grab a few birthday cupcakes. Boyfriend loved the chocolate ones, very decadent

Anna Zeppelina

Great coffee, good-looking pastry and courteous service. However, food is overpriced for the size and quality. No listed prices - am I supposed to ask the employee the price of every cupcake and beverage I order or consider to order?! The cupcakes are about half the size as they should be, and, heavy and oily as they are, for the price it is just not worth it.

Jerome Brown

Great little neighborhood coffee shop. One of few that open early enough for me. The business crowd here is good too. Food is yum; coffee is ok.

Michael Abraha

They've got a delicious toasted egg, cheese and bacon croissant sandwich.

Ali Alvi

Food was so so, might as well have gone to Dunkin Donuts. No listed prices, definitely over priced for what was served.

Corry Robb

One of the best coffee / pastry shops in Alexandria. The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. The coffee and wide assortment of pastries are delicious. The seating is unorthodox but very comfortable and endearing. And to top it all off, they have free and fast wifi!

Crys Wainwright

Picked up an after dinner treat here with my husband. I had two of the mini banana pies and hubby had the 930 cupcake. He loved his and I loved mine. We both ended up going back to get a second one of each to go. They do have a play area in the front of the store for small kids to play with toys. There is also a small parking lot (square) for customers (30 minutes parking) for the stores on the block.

Stephanie Duffy

Super cute and delicious pastries!


Food is good. However, customer service is severely lacking.

Rachel Critchell

Great ambiance. Good coffee and quiche.

Juanita Brazziel

Love this little bakery located in a growing hot spot of Alexandria. Although the space is small and parking can be tricky (that's the only reason for the 4 stars). So here's my review: Bakery: nice layout, easy to locate, cupcakes are the rave Location: love the area, parking is weird. You'd need to park up the street or in another stores lot in order to reach Buzz. Great place to get some work done and it has free wifi and free water to wash down those tasty treats.

Allen Bonanno-Watson

My favorite baked good here so far, by far, is the amazing apricot/walnut pastry. (The others are great but this was superb) They also do cool latte art sometimes. I usually just get espresso (which is wonderful)... Very busy. Always people meeting up and doing work on laptops and such, so the table space fills up quick.

Tony Poise

Your company has a very poor customer service. My wife and I went there Sunday Feb. 3rd to hang out and also as a mean to get a couple of hours from the kids. Upon entering, we found a seating place and my wife sat while I went to check out the pastries. I walked from end to end of the counter and none of the three employees behind the counter addressed me. I left and went back to my wife and asked her to come with me to see if there’s anything she likes. We both walked again behind the counter from end to end without any acknowledgement. But before we left, another customer whom was a Caucasian stood behind us thinking we were in line. As soon as we walked away, we heard the Caucasian lady being addressed. “Hi, May I help you?” My wife was extremely perplexed. I talked her out of saying anything and we walked out to Rustico. The café across the street where we were immediately welcomed and addressed. You employees need to address all customers. Not just a select few; in our case based on race.

Al B

Nice and quiet bakery with a good selection of pasteries

Renuka C

Good coffee, delicious pastries and cakes, tasty and varied gluten free options, open late, and friendly staff. They have a play area for little ones to keep them occupied and even board games for older kids (and adults). This is a good spot for conversation or even studying/working on your laptop. I preferred the quirky decor before they remodeled but it’s a nice place to hang out.

Estela Rios

Love it! They have a little nook with toys, so the children could play while we enjoyed our coffee.

Reginald Nieves

Our niece had a birthday today and we decided to get bunch of cupcakes because I heard so much about "BUZZ". It was around 5:20pm and they close at 11 pm on a Saturday. There were many customers in the shop eating cupcakes, so it was a good sign. We were deciding whether to get a cake or cupcakes. I was leaning towards a cake and the sales person explained that the cake would have to sit for approximately 3-4 hours at room temperature before serving. Since that was not going to work we move towards the cupcakes, I was selecting which flavors when I notice 2-3 fruit flies in their glass display case. I pointed it out to the clerk helping us and another responded someone forgot to turn the fan on. They proceeded to open the case and when they moved the pan, a colony of fruit flies swarmed in the case & they were all over the cupcakes. It was such a turn off, I could not purchase any, not to mention the cupcake price. I was disappointed. Not sure if I will return. Maybe it was an off day. I felt bad being loud about the flies while they had customers just eating theirs. I told our niece about the incident and she made light of why the shops name was BUZZ. Hope this fruit fly problem gets resolved! :)

Toni Couture

Beyond good customer service, solid choice for cupcakes and the “Queen” was velvety and delicate. Also kid friendly but clean and trendy. Coffee has a good kick too! Bonus: lots of GF and DF options. Will return soon with the whole family!

Charles Adams

Some of the best cupcakes in Washington D.C.!

Rania Qaddoumi -RQ Interiors

Good coffee.. not so much for three dessert

Julie Harris

Nice selection and delicious!

Brian Kelley

Particularly great cupcakes for those who like a slightly heavier consistency. I particularly like the cookie cupcake and maple bacon cupcake, when available. Buzz's 9:30 Club cupcake (available at the music venue in DC), is their most well known.

Jacob Mendez

Calming environment and great coffee.

Jeffrey Watson

OMG this place is awesome. They have a little nook for kids to play in. Grab a coffee and cookie or cake (yes, cake. and good ones too), whatever. Super relaxed environment, great customer service. I always see people with laptops in there, so its a good place to just kick back if you neeed to.

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