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REVIEWS OF Best Buns Bread Company IN Virginia

Jim Froehlich

Croissants, French bread, and scones: absolutely the best in town. Have gone here regularly for many years, always excellent!

Michael McKinney

The bakery had a great selection and the food was tasty. A bit pricey for daily consumption though. Good for special occasions as I had come that day for a coworker leaving our office. I picked up a great assortment of baked goods and everyone enjoyed them.


All ye who enter here shall be forfeit their diet or reasonable calorie intake. Try a sticky bun.

Jed Prentice

The sandwiches are excellent. I think I've had them all and they are all good.

Drew Hall

Excellent food, friendly staff, and good prices. What's not to like?

Tim Tkacz

This is an easy 5 star because they have the best breakfast sandwiches in the area. Their fresh breads are also amazing and I really like Mike's sandwich. Their burgers at lunch are also the best in Shirlington.

Jean Horner

Good bread, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, coffee is ok.

Paul Smith

Their name says it all!

Javier Parra

I found a gem in Arlington it's by far my go to for my baked dessert

Bizinfocus !!

Yes, yes, yes!!! Get your best buns here but get there early or you will freeze your buns off as you wait in line. Great food and great service.

Shane Redman

Best Buns is an awesome bakery spot in Shirlington Village. The staff is friendly and efficient. They offer a good variety of coffees, teas, and breakfast sandwiches in the mornings and great offerings for lunch with deli sandwiches and burgers. Kids will LOVE their sweet treats.

Eric Hallberg

This place deserves 5 stars. Great energy and service. My favorites are the Ham & Havarti and bacon egg n' cheese on everything bagel. Ordered here many times and haven't had a bad experience yet! Edit: well my good luck has run out. (Lowering from 5 to 4 stars) Ordered a double bacon cheeseburger and received no bacon. Went all the way back to get it fixed and all I got was a small piece slapped on in a pretty lazy way. See photo.

Tom Perrone

If you have a craft idea, they have the supplies.

Jessie E

The BEST ooey gooey cunnacin rolls on the east coast! I only stumbled upon this place because my daughter's school had a field trip there. I'm so glad I did AND had a cinnamon roll because I have been searching for 8 years for a cinnamon roll as delicious as this on the east coast. I now drive out of my way 30 minutes just to get one. Their staff has been very friendly and helpful each visit. There is ample seating inside to sit down and relax. I haven't tried the other bakery items but everything looks delicious. I can't wait to try one of the savory breakfast sandwiches too.

Andrew Sharp

I have been here twice for coffee. And the staff is always great

Shirley S

Great bakery. Highly recommend the brioche, challah, big city sourdough, and sweet pretzels!


As always friendly prompt know your name service with top if the line quality products..amazing where else in the area!

Mason Fillmore

Awesome Breakfast Croissant. Its an every Saturday kinda thing


Good for your java(starbucks sold here) & sandwich/sweet carbs

Cristal S

Solid pastries and bread. It's difficult to pass by this establishment without purchasing a baked good. One whiff of the fresh, baked bread and you're done for.

Enid Pope

I had to write this review to boast about the exceptional service at Best Buns, more specifically the manager Emily Abrams. She is a gem! This has always been my favorite bakery since I lived in VA and I continue to visit when I am in the area. Last year, during the store’s most hectic holiday season, Emily was able to make a special order for my family. She exceeded all expectations and I am very appreciative although it took forever for me to write this review. As for the food, I can’t think of anything that I do not like. On Sundays, I would get out of bed early for the apple monkey bread. The burgers are a nice addition. Also, the cookies, brookies, mini cakes and cupcakes are excellent.

Janka Tozer Glenn

My hubby brought some products yesterday, i have never ate better muffin in USA, the little bread rolls chain are so fantastic and i had also some pecan snail, unbelievable. I can’t wait to go there by myself now!!! Very well done

Kevin Schmidt

Breakfast sandwiches are on point! We were only in town 4 mornings and we stopped by 3 times. Will be coming back next time

Mona Meesha

I didn't care for the cupcakes texture or flavor. I got the vanilla valentines cupcake with white icing and heart shaped sprinkles. It had a strange heavy cornbread dense type of texture. The white icing was good, but that was about it. If you like fluffy or light spongy texture then their cupcakes are not for you. They are more heavy in density.


This is a true bakery. I go every other month just to get their carrot cake cupcake, and it's honestly divine! Their bread rolls are great too! The employees are super friendly. Great location, great people, awesome bakery.

David Whelan

This place is so good that I almost wish I hadn't tried it because I don't live near it and now I know what I'm missing. For real, some of the best bread I've ever had.

Jack Posey

The staff is so friendly and helpful, and their selection and quality knock it out of the park. Highly recommend the lemon blueberry muffin and Jen's Sunrise croissant

Noé Hatchuel

Great bread and sandwiches. Wonderful staff as well.

Shawnie Wealth

Awesome Place! Good vibes

Robert S

Nothing special about it, I have definitely had better bakery items. Good stop for a breakfast sandwich.

Maria Elena Martinez

The best egg and cheese sandwich!!

Kevin Stalica

Always great service, and great food. Friendly staff who somehow always remember your name. You have to try the mini carrot bundt cake!

Alan Feldman

Apple monkey bread to die for

Kyle Manning

Get here early or no bread for you...cinnamon rolls are amazing as is all oc their breads.

Ivan Morales

Awesome breakfast sandwiches, with a great selection of bread and pastries. This place provides the bread for all of the Great American Restaurants. Also, the customer service is always on point.

Michael Hunter

I meet friends for breakfast here once per week, and the staff know my name and my order when I walk in the door. I appreciate that they are thoughtful and attentive. They have a small and tasty selection of breakfast sandwiches from the kitchen, all on the bread made in-house. I also stop here occasionally for a breakfast pastry and coffee, or a hot beverage in the afternoon. The bread is good, but I actually bake my own bread at home, so I do not regularly buy theirs. Best Buns provides bread for the Carlyle next door and the other Great American Restaurants.

adam warfield

I would love to hear why this place won't make a bagel breakfast sandwich. I used to go to best buns every once in a while to order a breakfast sandwich. I'd always order an egg and cheese bagel and would always be told no, we don't do that here. You sell bagels and you sell breakfast sandwiches. Your anti-bagel stance confuses me as a customer. I haven't been to best buns in a couple years as a result, despite living less than a mile away. I'll drive the extra couple miles to go to Einstein despite the fact that their bagels aren't as good, but at least they make what I want.

Sam Whately

Staff is always so helpful, smiling, and efficient—especially when the line is out the door. On Saturdays and Sundays this place is packed with locals trying to get fresh baked goods, coffee, or cake orders. Their Apple monkey bread is my favorite but the challah bread is delicious. Spuntino sandwich is a great grab-and-go lunch, and when they have it, the mini carrot cake bundt is great for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Jason Dombrowski

Best Buns is one of those local gems. It's part of the Great American Restaurants chain. On weekend mornings it gets packed quickly - so be sure to get there early if you want any of their top selling breads. I highly recommend the Monkey bread. There's also off menu items such as bacon, eggs, and cheese on a bagel.

Tameem Z

New place, priced very well. Amazing comfort food.

Dylan Boom

Staff is incredibly friendly and amenable. Best fruit danish I've ever had. Delicious pastries, wonderful home made artisan breads, warm family style environment.

Terry St. Cummings

The best.

Dan Edwards

They had forgotten to give us the cupcakes we paid for and they brought them all the way to our house which was at least 20 minutes away.

Robert Walker

Always friendly service and the best bakery in the area!

John Moore

The pastries here are ok but nothing special. There breads looked good.

Tonae Spencer

They have best mini bundt cakes and the oatmeal n raisins cookies are my favorites

Glenn Graziano

Great pastries and delicious sandwiches

Daniel Lazenby

I like the bread and pastries. Outside seating is nice.

Ellie Putnam

Yummy! All around delicious.

Torres Yanira

Best cupcakes, bread, and sandwiches ever!!! When you try the Best Buns cupcakes, you'll feel like these cupcakes were made in heaven. Theirs are moist, big, and flavorful! An advice, skip the long lines at Georgetown cupcakes and go to Best Buns! Georgetown's are terribly overrated! You can thank me later ;)

Robert Judson

Awesome pastries and coffee better than a regular Starbucks. Be prepared for a fifteen minute wait but good things come to those who wait!!

Meghan Vigil

Yummy goods friendly people

Maurice Calhoun

Great food

Lisa Cornelius

Delicious breakfast & bread/pastries that are out of this world!! Love love love Best Buns

Michelle Moran

The best sandwiches. Delicious old fashioned Bakery reminds me of yesteryear. Soft cookies and buttered icing cupcakes

Dorothee Arnold

Glorious Sandwiches my favorite being Sputino with roasted red pepper, aioli, watercress. The croissant and pain au chocolat are superior.

Valerie Chandler

Best bakery in this area!

CJ Phelps

There's almost always a line (weekends typically out the door), but its worth the wait the for the privilege of enjoying their fantastic fresh baked pastries and egg sandwiches with choice of Starbuck's coffee for breakfast, and creative tasty sandwiches and salads for lunch. Only a couple of bar seats indoors, so plan to eat outside or take it with you.

Cathy Brown

I love the bread and pasta and sandwiches and coffee

Moe B.

They have the pengest nosh. Cinnamon roll yeah =

Mima C

They have the best egg sandwiches and monkey bread. Love this place.

Chelsea Rae

This place is perfect. The food is amazing but it's the staff. The staff is sweet and kind, no matter how busy or hectic it is the cashiers are always smiling and sweet. I don't come as often anymore due to crazy work schedule but when I do make it in, they still remember my name and ask how my son is doing. Good job morning staff 03/16/16!!

WC Purdy

Always excellent bread and pastries. Very friendly staff.

Anna Makela

Excellent food. Parking is painful. It is small, but worth it!

Richard Singer

Great bread and goodies, nice staff

Kenneth Tamara

Best breakfast spot in Shirlington for me. Parking isnt the best, but welcome to Shirlington. Other than that little hiccup, it's pretty awesome!

J Foodgeek

Great bread and desserts. We Like the rosemary bread, almond/walnut croissant, and chocolate croissants.

Eric Medina

Great sweets and savory bread options. It's our go-to bread joint

Orlando G.

I ordered a birthday cake and 10 of the most popular cupcakes. The cake was delicious and just as I requested it to be (chocolate cake with ganache filling and with vanilla icing). The cupcakes, however, stole the show. The vanilla cake with white icing and the lemon flavored one with white icing we're amazing. The double chocolate was as it looks -- rich and very sweet. I will buy from here again.

Dennis Sutch

Many good breads. Fewer sweet treats than expected.

Cyndi Rodriguez

The bread is amazing and fresh! The salads are a good price, but everytime I get the roast chicken salad it only has one small piece of goat cheese, I feel like they are being stingy. The dressing is great and so are their sandwiches.

August Erickson

Best pastries and baked goods in the area! They also have a fantastic selection of breakfast sandwiches and burgers! They also serve Starbucks coffee and espresso. My girlfriend and I love going to Best Buns on Saturday / Sunday mornings.

Steve Perry

This is the best place for morning coffee or a quick afternoon salad or sandwich. They are always made fresh everyday. You can get fresh made to order breakfast sandwiches. Cookies, fresh homemade bread! A whole bunch of pastries! The people that work here are always nice as well! If I have the time i make it a morning stop, parking is not too difficult and Saturday is the only super busy day! So come early if your coming Saturday! You can also eat Nextdoor or outside!

Nolan Clark

Friendly and very helpful in the busy spot. Ordered apple monkey bread and turkey sausage egg and cheese sandwich. Monkey bread came right away- phenomenal! (quick pop in microwave or toaster oven for hot even better) Egg sandwich worth the wait - delicious! The bread really brings the whole thing together with a unique twist. ***** frozen coffee cubes in the iced coffee - BONUS POINTS! Keep it up, I’ll be back!

Jasmin Perez

This place has really good bread and pastries.

liscool 1

I go here every weekend morning to eat a cheese and fruit Danish. The atmosphere is great, free water if your thirsty, and great pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

Lor B

Always a line in the AM, but worth waiting for delicious buttery cheesy gooey delectable breakfast sandwiches. Oh their breads and stuff are also tasty, but daaaang, their breakfast sandwiches are so good.

John J

Great service, excellent baked goods, and wonderful breakfast sandwiches...all in an attractive small downtown neighborhood. It's a bit of a ways away from where I live but I think it will still become a regular breakfast spot for me.

Justin Smith

The almond croissant will change your life

Blake Richardson

Had a grilled chicken sandwich on their AMAZING fresh bread. Penne pasta salad as a side was light refreshing and had good mixed vegetables

Rebecca Larson

Great store and friendly staff. Fantastic bread selection and treats. Has breakfast items and lunch sandwiches. Cupcakes and other baked goods are available until they run it so reccomend calling in order if have your heart set on a cinnamon bun or cupcake if you're going in afternoon our they might be gone

Tori W

Great brad company that serves everything from fresh made breads to cupcakes. The monkey bread & other specialty breads look quite amazing.

Rex Rhyne

The breakfast sandwiches are great. The Cheese danishes are great. The monkey bread is alright, but I'd recommend getting the one with apples over the regular.

John Hiltz

AWESOME baked goods

A Stuart

I bought over 15 different pastries and cut them up as samplers because I recall having really good monkey bread from there a few years ago. I was really disappointed with my order. I found most of the pastries to be dry and not very good to include the monkey bread. The cookies and brioche loaf were probably the best out of bunch.

Reem Garada

One of the best places to eat in Arlington!

Jason Reynolds

The parking can be horrible and it can be pretty crowded and chaotic inside, but the food is excellent. I love the grilled chicken sandwich and the chocolate cream cheese cupcakes.

Dan Epley

Great food and coffee. The breads are amazing!

James Pruitt

Great place to get breakfast sandwiches.

Mel Wills

Phenomenal Experience : ) The service was great and the food was outstanding ... !!!

Jimmy Hayworth

Awesome breakfast sandwich and coffee!

Amanda Martin

Best cupcakes ever! Delish salads, great breakfast and lunch sandwiches and yummy burgers.

Ben Khurachi

Very delicious french bread !

Jerry Korcak

Great quality and service

Jesse Nevarez

Great cupcakes. Great service!!

Sarah Galloway

Always top-notch goodies and service.

Ethan Cooper

Fresh breads and sandwiches. Always a good day when we go to Best Buns.

Hunter Bezdan

Amazing food. Sandwiches are awsome

j dc

Best buns, scones, muffins, cakes, cookies, bread, sandwiches and coffee! Need I say more? Best time is early in the morning when you can get breakfast treats right out of the oven! My Golden retriever even pulls me down there for dog biscuits in the morning! She loves them!

Lisa Kavjian

So many good things on the menu here, hard to pick just a few when you go in! The chocolate croissants are phenomenal. The fact that they put chocolate ganache in there is just unbelievable if you are a chocolate lover like myself. The breads here are just lovely as well. Great place to grab a coffee with a friend or read out on the little patio.

Kel Millionie

Terrific lunchtime spot.

John Snelling Jr.

Awesome place and always great friendly customer service High quality food!

Rebecca Uphold

delicious bread and sandwiches. If you pick up a sandwich around lunch time they're fresh! other hours of the day they can seem a little soggy.

Roberto Bee

Have to try the plain croissants out of the oven - heaven. Also the rosemary epi, order ahead for these. Trust me on this one.

Mike Walck

Lota of calories to be had here. Great tasting treats.

K Fisher

Best bakery around and the staff is always SO patient helpful and friendly that i always tip them a dollar at least for the good service and food.

Abbott Bray

The absolute best bacon egg and cheese Croissants. Ever.

Catherine Fischer

Expensive but to die for cupcakes (frosting). Good bread, sandwiches are delicious.

Danielle Miller

If you crave a “traditional” fried egg sandwich with bacon and a slice of that cheese like substance commonly referred to as American on white bread, then Best Buns is for you. Be prepared to wait. By 9:00 am on a weekend morning the line is already out the door. Additional delights are available such as scones, danishes, sticky buns, and some of the best cup cakes in Arlington. If you need fresh bread, it’s available as well. Each February King Cakes are available.

Bill Hantzmon

Traveling for work today and found the BBBCo nearby and it was amazing! Would recommend it to anyone without gluten issues and the fresh fruit of you do! Super fast and friendly professional service. They proudly serve Starbucks coffee but don’t hold that against them!

Bernard B.

The best breakfast sandwiches!

Paul Board

Great unexpected great food and service.

Zac Huber

Jen's Rising Sun breakfast sandwich is unreal!

Timberly Charles

Always a pleasure eating here


BEST sticky bun I've ever had!!! Every time I'm in DC I make a special trip to pick a few of them up. They have a flakey croissant like bottom with a perfectly cooked, doughy top.

Sunil Bhalla

The plain croissant is anything but. Even without jam etc it tastes incredible. I have had croissants in France that pale in comparison. The bread is crusty on the outside and soft inside. This place is awesome

Linda Jackson

This restaurant is a part of The Great American Restaurants, always great service and great food. Best bread in the area.

Michael Burt

Great sandwich. Best we've had in USA so far.

James Lytle

Great sandwiches, really good breads and pastries, and really nice people!

Trish Hicks

Best place in Shirlington, the staff is always friendly and willing to assist you. You can always get fresh baked breads, cupcakes, cookies and pastries. If you want something more they also serve icetea, sandwiches, salads and breakfast items. You can even place orders for items in advance if your having a party. My office loves the cupcakes and the monkeybread. If you haven't tried them out next time your in the neighborhood stop by.

telvis moran

Omg this place it's amazing, everything it's fresh and gourmet and the restaurant inside its clean... Everybody it's super friendly and professional, I definitely I'll recommend this awesome place to anyone... but THEY MUST COME TO THE DISTRICT OR MARYLAND... Please expand to different locations, you are awesome.

Israel Portillo

The carrot buns and carrot cup cakes are the best!

Robyn From

Nice people great service good food

Zhanara Perugini

Everything baked here is just perfect!

Charri Terry

We get ginger cookies here all of the time. The staff is always friendly, the ginger cookies are as big as my kid's head. Other good tries: chocolate croissant, bacon cheddar scone, English toffee cookies, and the cupcakes. We tried the gluten sensitive cookies and they tasted like plastic, I think the plastic wrap they are in caused it though.

Ant Gee

My favorite Bakery in Arlington. Would recommend pre-ordering or showing up early morning as they sell out of items quickly.

Aaron Sturniolo

Sticky buns are the best.

Vi Bu

Cinnamon Roll was amazing! A bit hectic BUT overall speedy service & yummy options!

Sam Hultzman

We like to go there in the morning for their breakfast sandwiches and coffee. They are always spot on.

Priscilla McCants

Quick bite. Great tasting sandwiches, cake, and cinnamon rolls. The free samples at the register are an added bonus. Go early. They tend to run out of the good stuff which leaves you with limited options.

Matthew Scherbel

Get the ginger cookies. Amazing!!! And my dogs love their dog biscuits.

Rhonda Medina

Yummy bread and food. Great breakfast options and boxed lunches for business meetings or stay and enjoy your lunch. Shares seating with the Carlyle restaurant so seating is limited after 11 am.

Melissa M

Really great service every time I come here. Yep, they are busy and they work at keep the line flowing and customers happy. Their sandwiches are fresh and delicious. Breakfast options are also tasty an made hot. Coffee could be better as it is just the Starbucks brand offerings. But, their focus is bread offerings and they do that very well!!

Kishore Johari

I bought two garlic bread baguette from the Shoprite store in Plainview on Saturday May 25th. The packing said good until 05/29. The bread inside the package seemed almost a week old. Hard and dry. Someone should investigate their labeling process. Totally disappointed.

Theresa Green

The BEST bakery EVER!!!

Tom Duffy

Great burgers

Bill Thornton

Great little bakery with two features to note: 1) Weekdays they serve the best burgers in Shirlington. 2) Breakfast sandwiches there are great -- cooked fresh, on great bread.

Dallas Pearson

Great breakfast sandwiches, long wait time though

Adrian Ferrufino

Friendly staff and they do a great job at managing the orders when its very busy. The food and pastries are always delicious. I never leave here disappointed. Breakfast sandwiches are to die for. The brookie is always amazing and the toffee cookie is probably my favorite.

Gretchen Frazee

Best Buns is a staple in Shirlington. Don't know what we would do without it.

Dawn Patrick

Excellent in every way! It’s my go to for picnics, breakfast and cupcakes!

Leia K.

Delicious baked goods, friendly staff, and warm environment. Unfortunately their coffee is often burnt, and generally terrible. Buy your breads and breakfast here! Get your beverage elsewhere.

Mike Barcellona

It was satisfactory. Bacon and cheese scone was good.

SRA Green

Love the cinnamon rolls at this place.

Gary Robertson

Very nice sandwiches and cookies. Great place to pick up a quality bite if you're in a hurry.

Zachary McDonald

Amazing fresh bread at decent prices. Really great cupcakes. If they brewed good local coffee (not starbucks) and had more seating I would make this my go to for doing homework and relaxing, but I suppose that is not their purpose.

Otto Escobar

Great pastries there.

Crazy Beyblade Boys

Hands down the best cupcakes in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Don’t forget to taste the carrot cake cupcake. It’s life changing!

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