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REVIEWS OF Amphora Bakery IN Virginia

ilya barankevich

It’s really nice that this place has some seating to enjoy their deserts. Tried German chocolate cake, cookie with raspberry and a piece of baklava. There is pricing on anything except the drinks. All of the deserts and pastries are way too sweet. Taste is ok, just ok. Cakes look really nice!

Daniel Wurz

My go-to spot for my daughter's birthday treats. Well worth it. I usually get a selection of their cake pops and my daughters and their friends usually love them. Solid place with nice people.

Devon Girton

We recenlty used Amphora Bakery for our wedding cake and could not have been more pleased. The entire experience was wonderful. I didn't have a clue what I wanted when I walked in for a tasting to order the cake. They worked with us to help figure out what stye cake I like and then did a great job explaining to me all the different option that I had. The cake not only looked great, but it tasted wonderful. I will be using Amphora for all my future cake needs.

Caitlin Newton

I really love their outstanding service

Frank Hirtz

Victor Valdes

Great creations, nice atmosphere.

Daniela Sanchez

I went there today to look for a cake for my daughter's birthday. The bakery was suggested by a past client of theirs. I literally sat there for 35 minutes without being acknowledged. There were several people walking around and past us but did not say so much as hello. Don't recommend it simply based on service, since I didn't stick around to try the cakes!

Tyler Percle

Lynn Gable

A beautiful and quaint bakery with a large variety. You can also climb the stairs to a loft above the bakery to watch the bakers work.


dang barcelo

Worst customer service! This is my second time supposed to be ordering cakes from them . They are just giving me a run around each time I follow up with them when I don't hear from them when they say they will call. I ordered a cake and paid for it but then after 2 hrs realized that instead of ordering 1 big cake ,have two instead of the smaller sizes. They kept telling me someone will call me or she will call me but nobody did so I call them again and they said the same thing. Someone will call me in the morning the following day.I waited again the whole day but nobody did. I called them back, and they promised me the same thing. I waited and waited but they never did. So frustrated with how these people conduct their business. Never again!

Josh Martin

Jackie Podlenski

If you see my earlier post in May below, despite their response to it, IT IS STILL NOT RESOLVED!! Response is a lie, I haven't heard from their ''corporate'' office. Bunch of BS. Patient? Really? Party was May 5th, my complaint was filed in May 9th, IT'S NOW JUNE 16th!!! Horrible, just horrible customer relations!!!! Stop posting lies and actually do something or I will keep posting bad reviews. I PAID YOU $117.00 for a cake I didn't order. All the evidence is there, what more do you need. Confirmation says Vanilla, picture of cake is clearly Chocolate!!!!

Harold K

I would have given a higher rating had the service met any semblance of professionalism. The cakes and cafe items are of wonderful quality, but coming in to grab one small item and/or coffee is difficult. Not worth it if you're coming in for a sweet bite. The place prioritizes catering and orders and the store can't seem to decide what it wants to be.

Barbara Davis

**WARNING TO PEOPLE WITH FOOD BASED ALLERGIES, ESPECIALLY DAIRY ALLERGIES** They will tell you that they can do " Dairy free " cakes, but when I looked at the ingredients for the margarine they use, it had whey ( A MILK byproduct ) in it! I told the manager that they should stop using this , and his response " We have been using this for 6 yrs and have never had an issue" . I hope Corporate reads this and rethinks this before they send a kid with a life threatening allergy to the hospital. Its false advertising and dangerous. If you have kids with food allergies, order from Whole Foods.

Matthew Bafford

Mounira Ben

I was extremely disappointed in the cake I picked up. It was stale, dry and slightly overcooked. I had high hopes and it was a bust :( cake looked beautiful but tasted like cardboard

Jacqueline Podlenski

Sorry but this place is getting a One Star only because I have to click it on in order to post this review. This review comes with a warning!!!!! They will not refund your money even when it is clearly THEIR FAULT. It's not complicated people!!! I ordered a Vanilla Cake with Raspberry buttercream frosting for a baby Shower. My son and his pregnant wife HATE chocolate. Guess what was under the icing when they cut the cake!!! Yup, you guessed it, CHOCOLATE. Neither one of them had a piece of their own shower cake. I paid $117.00 for a cake I didn't ask for. I have the confirmation that clearly states VANILLA CAKE and I provided the picture of the cut cake for proof. I went to the store to file a complaint and was told that it would be submitted to "corporate"..... blah blah blah and that they almost never provide a refund. I haven't heard back from them yet and it's been over a week. Again, how complicated is it to make a cake???? Expect to get RIPPED OFF. Buyer Beware!!

Mike Riley

Great baked goodies!!

Brynn Harrison

Tilly Lo

Amphora Bakery is my favorite bakery in the area. Their cakes and pies are amazing. They are beautifully and decorated with perfection. The only time I see slight imperfections is when the strawberries are not in season. As a result, the strawberries are not bright red and perfectly shaped. They sell cookies, cupcakes, individual smaller slices of cakes, whole cakes, pastries, custom cakes, etc... Their cannollis are delicious, too. Customer service is excellent. I wanted a cake that they regularly have available, and I called the day before and they reserved it for me to pick up the next day. Because this bakery location was closed that day, I was able to conveniently pick it up at the Amphora Deluxe Diner down the street, which opens 24/7. Their cake prices range from around $30 or more. The individual pieces of cake are about $4 -5 each. If you are price sensitive, don't be afraid to ask, because there are no prices displayed by the cakes.

Tina Bacchus

Best cheesecake ever

Noelia Cruz

Love their

Angel Ivanov

Matthew Royal

Carolyn C

I'm only giving three stars because they have so much potential but they just aren't living up to it yet in my opinion. Sometimes the desserts are delicious, other times they're dry, and the regular grocery store cake would be better. It's hit or miss really, which is why only three stars. When it's good, it's delicious though. The chocolate eclair was probably the worst in my opinion, and the white slab cake was the best.

Fatima Alsadah

Maloupu Watts

Cute place! I saw a party upstairs making gingerbread houses, so it seems like this place allows large parties. The store had such beautiful cakes on display, and the whole place smelt so good it made my mouth water. The ham and cheese croissant used real cheddar cheese and was super buttery and flaky. I also tried the shortbread sugar cookie and the large apricot jam cookie. While both tasted good, and the apricot jam cookie had a nice interior, it seemed like both were baked a little too long (dry or slightly burnt on the outside).

Jason King

Julie S.

OMG, we just found this place!!!! Wow! It looks like nothing from the outside, but inside is sooo charming! The desserts are *delicious* - we got a three level mousse thing (vanilla, mocha, chocolate), and a fruit tart. Sooo creamy and delicious! Also iced coffee, and a Caffè latte - strong and deep flavour without being bitter. Also a large triangle of baklava and three iced cookies - all for $28!!! The baklava and cookies are for dessert tonight so I can't review yet. Super nice guy behind the cash register. !!Cakes like those baking competition cake shows!! GO HERE!!!

Karen Gallimore

Aamani Rupakula

gideon morrow

Saroj Poudyal

Subba reddy Alla

Jeremy Ruark

I’ve used the bakery multiple times for cupcakes, birthday cakes, and sugar free cakes. Everytime everything is done on time and delicious.

C Ferguson

Horrible customer service at Herndon location! I placed an order for cake pops and then received a confirmation for cupcakes. They corrected the error, but then provided the cake pops to me in an open/uncovered box and failed to offer any other accommodations until I placed multiple calls requesting that something be done. To top it off, I ordered marble cake pops but learned AFTER THE FACT that they will not look marble --they'll look and taste completely chocolate! I only learned this once I purchased them and opened one to eat it-- at no time did they advise me of this in advance. They refused to do anything to rectify the poor experience and I will not be a returning customer. If you are interested in Amphora Bakery, I'd recommend the Vienna location, Donna apologized for my experience, listened to my concerns and made every effort to coordinate a resolve with the Hendon location; however, nothing was done--I never even received an apology.

Steve G

Sonya Stephens

Aarthi Sudhir

We decided to get a cake for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. We ordered a 6-inch strawberry shortcake (my grandfather’s favorite) on the phone. When we got there they had us sign a paper saying that we inspected it; we did not know that we were signing that waiver. We were never shown the cake as the box was already taped. When we realized the very expensive cake was not correct, we called them and asked for a refund. They told us that it was our fault that we didn’t check the cake (even though the box was taped). I guess it’s also our fault for assuming Amphora did business in good faith. We’ve been customers for years and due to their unforgiving customer service we will never spend another dime at Amphora.

Pamela Evans

DR. Pallavi Rai

Ordered a cake for my daughter's 1st b'day,finalized a design,bt on the day they delivered the cake,the designed were just Plastic models on a very normal cake for which we just paid four times the price of a much better cake from Giant or Costco...just a waste of money.

Zaklina Chakra

I cannot testify to the cake ordering process, which seems to have some issues according to the reviews BUT this is a great place to go have coffee and some pastry or European style dessert. Great ambiance despite the non-descriptive storefront (that all stores in this store-complex share) - once you open the door you are in for a nice surprise. And for those of you that have tried baklava in Turkey - you have to try the one sold here; simply the most authentic one in these Northern VA parts. Enjoy!

Ender DaGamer

The cannoli, baklava, and cheese cake were really good. The German cake had regular icing, which really took the otherwise very good taste down.

Sarah Linden

We bought a cheesecake for my daughters first birthday and when we went to cut it we found that it was very undercooked. It was so undercooked that it was leaking some sort of fluid, it still jiggled and was basically melting. When we contacted Amphora all they offered was our money back for the cake. Come on guys, you practically ruined my daughters FIRST birthday! I would have expected a refund and a replacement cake for our troubles. Although we have been avid customers of Amphora (they even made our wedding cake) we will think twice before going here again.

Sukanya Roy

I'm attaching a picture of our wedding cake, which was absolutely perfect! A lot of people came up to me and said that most wedding cakes they've had have not been very tasty, but our cake was not only beautiful but absolutely delicious! The design and texture and taste were simply phenomenal. Their customer service is fabulous and responses to my emails and phone calls were quick! Thank you Amphora Bakery for making our cake and our wedding vey special!

Ted Phillips

Wonderful bakery and meeting place. Commercial bakery in the back - and the huge glass wall allows you to see the operation. Great spot for birthday parties!

Andrea C

sandeep Shiva

Apart from the great cakes, I appreciate the service of amphora bakery(Herndon). We were late by 15minutes to pick up the cake on a Sunday. I called up the amphora diner(herndon) and explained them the situation. They were kind enough to get the cake to the diner. Kudos to Amphora management.

Penka Schick

Kerrin Delaney

Best Holiday Cakes! I just recently ordered a holiday themed cake for a Christmas Party that I attended this past weekend. The cake came uniquely decorated like a wrapped present with a big red bow on the top. Everyone at the party loved the cake and they all commented on how delicious it tasted! Thank you so much Amphora Bakery!

Bassema Yousef

Incredibly disappointed with the design of my wedding cake. The cake could not have been farther from what I provided. After driving an hour to visit the bakery twice, reviewing the images, describing the cake and going through the coloring and the texture, it came out the complete opposite. Thankfully, I ordered sheet cakes from another bakery. I was really disappointed and upset I paid so much for something that turned out so incredibly wrong.

Ashlee Escobar

BRIDES STAY AWAY!!! THEY RUINED MY WEDDING DONT LET THEM DO IT TO YOU.!!! If it would let me post without a star I would. I ordered my wedding cake from here and had nothing but problems from the 1st meeting I had with them. You name it and it happened to me. All the hell they put me through leading up to my wedding was one thing. I figured that was the end of it and I would be able to enjoy my wedding and my cake would show up and be perfect.... HA yeah right. They brought me the wrong wedding cake!!!!! I ordered one 4 tier cake and 3 small round cakes. They brought the wrong round cakes and my tiered cake was the correct flavors but the wrong color and wrong design. The 3 small cakes I ordered were supposed to be tres leche and they brought me apple spice cake instead. That's nowhere near similar. I ordered the brightest white of white. I was told that it would look like snow. However I got an ugly offwhite-orange color cake. When I went in 2 days before my wedding to take in the accessories for my cake I asked to speak to the woman I had been emailing with for months so we'd all be on the same page since we had been having so many problems. I did that so I could make sure the color and design that I paid for would be on the cake. Honestly it wasn't even a complicated cake, all I wanted was heart scrolls on it, nothing extra, no complicated flowers or anything! The woman showed me the contract and I checked the pictures and colors and everything looked fine so silly me for assuming they'd be professional enough to get it correct 2 days later on my wedding day!!!! Also it turns out that the woman that I talked to that day was pretending to be the woman I had been emailing with. I didn't find out until almost a month later that it was a different person!!! They should have been honest and just said she wasn't there instead of lying to me. The day after my wedding my mom emailed corporate and they said that since the 3 small cakes were wrong she could have $200 back. We tried explaining that more than just the 3 small cakes were wrong that the color and design were too and they didn't care. We paid over $1600 for my cake, half of it was wrong and all your going to give us back is $200 just to make us go away? About a month after my wedding, when I got back from my honeymoon, I went to amphoras to speak to the manager Brandon. I hate writing bad reviews so I just wanted to talk to him and settle everything without me having to complain about it and leave a bad review. He apologized and claimed he wasn't told the whole story. I thought he was being sincere, he promised me multiple times that he would contact headquarters and call or email me back within a week. It's been a month and I've called amphoras multiple times and heard nothing back so I have decided to take things into my own hands considering they don't care about their customers.

Nancy Sorto

Alex Freeman

DO NOT ORDER IMAGED CAKE HERE. The cake I ordered for a 40th birthday party was in correct. I had to throw it out. Gave them images and text and graphic design to follow. They messed up the images, put odd spaces and lines between everything, instead of a white background I got a HORRIBLE GREEN background, a lot of the text was blurred and illegible. On top of that, they made the cake portrait instead of landscape. They did everything wrong. I just looked at some reviews and see that someone else had similar reviews. I did get an email back from the designer apologizing for the mistakes as they admit them, but that didn't help me day of party with a cake I couldn't use. Over 150 dollars for a cake that I couldn't have went to Giant or Safeway to get done A LOT BETTER AND A LOT CHEAPER. I suggest you listen to these reviews and DO NOT ORDER HERE.

Afton Smith

The cakes here are so good, I wouldn't get my cakes anywhere else. Fan favorite for sure! Their communication could be a tad better though. I've ordered from them twice and both times they would sometimes not respond, or the order would be slightly wrong. They fixed it every time, just something they could work on.

Lili Johnson

Since I was a kid we have used Amphora for birthday cakes and any other special occasion event. Elicia at the Herndon location was super helpful at our tasting and at helping us decide on a design for our wedding cake. The cake ended up being beautiful and delicious! I am so glad we went with Amphora for our special day.

Melaney Scott-Cosden

This place is friggin great

Muneeba Khan

The best bakery so far, super moist and

Kate P

Delicious! It's been this way for years too! Great place to stop by for a delicious bite!

Aysha Akhter

Sanket Pandit

Srinu Tamada

I don't want to give negative review if I don't like it. But, I must give suggestion if someone trying to buy a cake for small kids. I bought cake for my baby's first birthday and the cake was awesome. But, my bad luck after baby tasting that cake, her face become red and swelling. Something my baby is allergic to it. She ate cake earlier and nothing happened. So, my simple suggestion, check with them what they mix in the cake each and everything before buying and take blame yourself if something happens. They won't suggest what might allergic to kids.

Mario Sanchez

Emily Moorefield

Ibtesam Rajpar

Amphora was recommended to me by friends, however my recent experience with the bakery left me feeling dissatisfied. The photograph quality on the edible paper was bad, it had background shades of green, and the taste of the cake in general ( chocolate with white frosting and chocolate creme layers) was very ordinary. To top it all, it had a slight taste of berries, which came out of nowhere. I went the extra mile to get the best, but if this is the best I can get I might as well save gas and go to the nearest grocery store.

Jana Eggers

Julia Moore

Assortments of treats- ordered an Amaretto cupcake. They have a coffee machine as well.

Scott Kim

Diane Sachs

For my daughter's wedding this past weekend I purchased ten different 7" cakes and one 10" bridal cake from Amphora Bakery in Herndon. We had a cake buffet in place of one large cake to feed 115 people. Each cake was delicious, moist and beautifully decorated. The cake for the bridal party had a special grape and hops theme that was skillfully and artistically executed by the pastry chef. The cakes were delivered to the reception venue on time and in excellent condition and exactly as I had ordered them. Our guests were very pleased to have several types of cake to sample for desert and constantly commented on how well they were prepared and presented and how wonderful they tasted. I originally had reservations about ordering from Amphora due to a negative review but I had the opportunity to see and taste a cake from Amphora during a friend's wedding and was very impressed with its quality and flavor. My neighbor said she had no trouble at all and was well pleased with the quality and price of her cake. When I brought the negative review up in the consultation, my consultant discussed it with me and forthrightly showed me how the complaint was not valid. I appreciated her candor. There was no pressure to buy a more expensive single wedding cake, my consultant was happy to help us select what ever we wanted and gave very good advice on what flavors of fillings to mix with what type of cake and icing. I also want to say how friendly they were when I was an hour late for my final cake review. I had the wrong time down on my schedule (my fault completely) and they still worked me in in a friendly manner. I highly recommend Amphora bakery for wedding cakes, you will be very pleased and will receive an excellent product for your money.

Jon Tompkins

Wow! This is what a bakery is supposed to be. Birthday cake I ordered for my beautiful wife was more than I expected - AWESOME!

Grace Chandler

Amazing macarons and adorable cookies!

Hussain Almohri

Wonderful cakes and nice atmosphere


First time to this bakery, I took home an apple pie, which was good, about 3/4 into the pie, pulled out a apple slices and noticed something silver..We think it's nail polish but not sure and pieces of something flexible that I tried to break apart but each piece just kept going back to its shape...No idea what that is..

Brae Salmond

Robert loglisci

Amar Kalburgi

somesh gotike

Nice collection and of cakes .. just got one

Trish Angeron

Horrible. Told me it’s white cake instead we got some stale nasty lemon cake. Also told it would have buttercream frosting. Not the case at all. Horrible. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. Over priced STALE cake.

Surya s

Prices are too high

Allison Hansgate

Anton Smirnov

Cherie Taylor

One of my favorite places in Northern Virginia. Love looking at all of the cake and cookie designs. You can order a cup of coffee and a small dessert and sit up on the mezzanine and watch them bake and decorate wedding cakes. And everything tastes amazing!

Chris Lövesz

Mary DC

Cute cakes, cupcakes and cookies. American style pastries. Limited option four breakfast unfortunately. Coffee menu available on site with espresso machine. We ordered a drip cake and it was ready on schedule.


This place smells great. Sweets are delicious. Espresso was great too. The atmosphere is nice. I was in a trip to D.C. and tried this bakery. I'd be a regular customer if you open a branch in Pittsburgh

Kousik Ravula

Not only do they look good.. They also taste good!

Nick Harmon

I'm always on the hunt for good cake and pie bakers and this place fits the bill. Plus, they are open until 9 pm, which is when I start craving dessert.

Google User

Had a cake tasting at the Herndon location for my wedding cake and had the worst experience ever. Would not recommend this bakery. Went there cause a friend recommended it. Made an appointment and we were there early but the coordinator was running behind cause the couple before us had pushed everything back. The cake itself was terribly dry and nothing special. The fillings were less than ordinary. Once the coordinator finally sat down with us, she was very condescending and scorning us for not looking at the website first to see what our options are and that we should have given her a heads up on what flavors we wanted to try. There is no mention of that on the website itself. She was very impatient and rude. Demanding that I as a bride had to make a decision on what I wanted. I thought the whole point was to come in with an idea and be offered assistance in the final decision making process. She was far from helpful or professional. Worst customer service experience ever. There are so many bakeries out there. Avoid this one at all cost. Not worth your money or time. Unless you like to be treated like a child who did something wrong. Can't imagine anybody would want to experience this when planning a wedding. As if there are not enough stressful situations to deal with. But I am definitely not paying hard earned money to be treated this way. Very uncalled for.

Keri Staubs

I love this Bakery. The decorative cupcakes, cookies, and cakes are simply amazing.

Jeff White

Thanks Brandon for your expertise. The cake pops were a big hit.


Purchased sister's wedding cake here, it was a good price for the cake, and the servers were an absolute delight and very helpful. Will deffinatly reccomend to friends.

Fabian Valle

Amphora Bakery did the greatest tasting cake I have EVER tasted for my wedding! The decoration was incredible! Everyone was very pleased with both the taste and the look of the cake! Also, their catering was excellent! I am very pleased with the experience, and though I do not plan on getting any more wedding cakes (hopefully I'll only get married once), I will most certainly do catering and birthday cakes with them! They've done an excellent job!

Khaoula Arrak

I am so disappointed in the whole experience. My twins wanted cheesecake for their birthday. so we decided to get it from Amphora, after trying the one on display. Even though it was pricey, we order a 10" cheesecake. We picked up the cake the next day. We didn't notice that the cake didn't have a crust like the one we tried. When we started to serve it. We couldn't get a decent slice of it. The cheese kept sticking to the serving spoon. We pretty ended up serving blobs of cheese. Most of it went in the trash. I left some so I can show it to them. I called them and all they can tell me is corporate requires that you return the whole cake for a refund. This isn't just about the money, but the whole birthday cake experience was ruined. Very careless.

Sundar Nadarajan

Cakes are awesome here, we have been going there for the last 6-7 years!

Shulisa Collins

Karen Browning

I always have a difficult time choosing a cake or pastry when I go to Amphora, so usually I over-buy. Alas, everything is so expensive, so I don't go often. I understand the prices; the ingredients are top-notch and the labor involved in making such fancy treats is obvious. This is for very special occasions only. (one star off for price)

art hotchkiss

Excellent pastries, cakes and desserts.

Edina Roman

Such a nice atmosphere. Lovely place

Robert Evans

Absolutely fantastic working bakery. Super cakes on display, great coffee and homemade croissants.

Ricardo França de Araujo

Vivan Amin

Deserts are super sweet and you can taste the butter when you bite into their scones and breakfast goods.

Jillian Elizabeth

Benjamin Gordon

This is our favorite bakery in the local area. They have an amazing selection of scrumptious goodies. One of the best we've had is the chocolate pie. Absolutely divine.

elizabeth burke

I arranged online to have a dozen cupcakes sent to my elderly mother for her birthday. I chose the beautiful floral cupcakes with the tiny flowers and then some others that they decorated with daisies. The cupcakes were simply beautiful in the pictures and my mom said that they not only the prettiest she had ever seen but also simply delicious. The woman I worked with on the phone was wonderful--she was friendly and very helpful and worked with me so well. They emailed me a delivery time and it was done. So happy with this bakery!

Vanessa Ennouini

This restaurant has some of the worst service I’ve ever experienced. I barely got a hello from the waiter. He clearly didn’t want to serve our table. He walked past us at least four times whilst I had dirty plates in front of me. He’s lucky he got a tip. I wasn’t cheap or mean enough to not leave one. Will definitely think twice before coming here again

Nitya Kukkapalli

Clare Dean

Amphora Bakery made an AMAZING cake for my wedding. It was so beautiful I think my wedding photographer took more pictures of it than of me haha. The taste was also better than the other bakeries I had tried. Moreover, they were prompt, and had the cake set up without me having to attend to it at all. Excellent job!

Jerry Garcia

I purchased Christmas cookies, they were beautiful and delicious. I'm going back for more.

Bruce Johnson

Nice pastry selection, gas fireplace, WiFi. There's not a lot of seating, and its

Anna Kelley

I wanted to make my son's first birthday party special and Amphora Bakery totally "took the cake" in terms of making it special! I knew the theme of my son's birthday party but I couldn't get a clear vision of what I wanted for his cake. I just knew I wanted it to be fabulous. I spoke with them about the theme itself, color schemes, the fact that I wanted a two tier cake, and I wanted it to be fun. They totally wow-ed me with what they came up with. Not only was the cake delicious, it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! All my guests kept talking about was how amazing the cake was and that I must have paid an arm and a leg for it. Truthfully, I spent about what should be expected for the hard work they put into it and the fact that they were able to "get it" from my limited knowledge of cakes and cake decorating and made something amazing.

Adam N.

True artistry, both in aesthetics, and taste. Ordered a six pies, and 75 cookies for a work event. All awesome. One pie, their pie of the month, a cranberry cream something or other was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted. Highly recommend.

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