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Where is Vermont Cookie Love?

REVIEWS OF Vermont Cookie Love IN Vermont

Kate Sellers

We LOVE this place! One of the best chocolate chip cookies of my life time! You would never know it was gluten free. Thanks for making cookies we can eat!!

Carolyn Pereira

Yummy cookies and best maple creemee ever! You can get it twisted with coffee! They also carry SAP! I was so excited, I've been looking all over VT for it!


The cookies are great. Don't go if you're trying to diet, the smell of baking cookies will make you buy all of them. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Jennifer Weiler

LOVE COOKIE LOVE! Always delicious and their cookie dough to take home is an family favorite! Easy parking and access into the shop or ice cream window. Family friendly and my girls love it! I usually stop on my way to visit my parents and grab a bag for them and a bag for the road and we couldn't be happier. It's a family favorite for sure. Staff is always helpful and kind too!

sean hourigan


paintgirlCT 37

Cookies were good. Nothing super special. Was nice for a fast treat.

Ashlie Brannan

Amazing cookies !!!! Worth the stop.

Michael Gile

Ridiculously great cookies.

Jason Zizza

Cookie Love is awesome great cookies and creemees in the summer. Try the mothers love cookie... They're EPIC

Caroline Patrie

Nothing but amazing-ness awaits you here. Coffee-Maple twist Cremee, made with Yankee Kingdom base is the best around. Eat that with a Forbidden Love triple chocolate cookie and you will never forget it. Addictive, so be ready to go back or to drive waaaaay out of your way home just to to say "Oh, Gee, I must have taken a wrong turn. Guess I'll have to stop at Cookie Love!"

Christine Salatino

Athena L

Best cookies in Vermont

Joshua Terenzini

I don't know if a better cookie exists out there! I drive by cookie love constantly for work, and, I always stop. The pumpkin chocolate chip is outstanding. I wish they were open 7 days a week. If you drive by, you need to stop.

Kady Romig

Delicious cookies. Friendly staff. Well worth the stop.

Shauna Bailey

Love cookies! Love Cookie Love! This was my first time buying the frozen to take home, 3.5 hours away. The cute guy said it would survive the drive and I can keep it in the fridge for a couple weeks. Excited, I am!

Tony P

Great cookies! And they have creemies/sorbets in the summer.

Monica Bailey

Good creamies, a little pricey. The window seemed very chaotic, hard to understand the flow from ordering to picking up. But it was very busy so that could have been the issue.

Gerol Petruzella

A real treat for cookie lovers! (And there's ice cream too. :-)

Sarah Capron

Loved the I stopped in and tried the most delicious cookie ever. The plus? The staff was so friendly and welcoming! :-)

Stacy Hortaridis

Best ice cream

Theresa McDonough

I can’t get enough of their cookies

Jon Sullivan

Get the maple / chocolate mix creemee or get two other flavors "stacked"

An Iz

Jeff Cheung

No love here at Cookie Love. My wife took my 3 yr old son to get ice cream. The young man said there were no samples. What kind of ice cream store doesn't let kids sample ice cream?! This place gets two stars because the cookies and ice cream are great. They don't get any stars for their service. My wife got a baker's dozen of cookies and four ice creams. She asked for all cookies without nuts. The guy said none of them had nuts. Me wife had to explain which cookies had nuts a few times. Then, the guy asked her at least four times if all the ice creams were in cones. Yes, we all wanted cones. We got one in a cup. We would have said something except now my three yr old was complaining about his flavor because he was denied a sample. Wish the service was better because the ice cream and cookies are great. We'll only stop here when we have the patience to deal with burnouts.

J Ben

Cookies are excellent, but Cremees were way overpriced!

Dan Roswell

Great cookies and ice cream with fantastic service!

Goia Di Maggio

There cookies are expensive.


Deli ious with generous portions.

Lori Wright

Wheat free cookies a big hit

Shawn Barth

I was told I couldn't leave Vermont without trying a maple creamee and I'm glad I got to try one from here before leaving. I'd recommend for anyone visiting the area looking for something a little different.

Mark Orelup

Great cookies; great ice cream; fantastic ice cream sandwiches!

David Long

Delicious maple creamy, what a nice Vermont treat.

Pravina Raghavan

Awesome cookies and ice cream.

Dave Salatino

Cookie love.. Need you say more?

Ronald Porter

The best ice cream the outkast cruisers has had

Shayla Culver

Great service with both experiences at Cookie Love! The first time I got an ice cream sandwich with 2 Puppy Love cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip) with double chocolate ice cream, delicious! And the second time I got triple chocolate cookies with double chocolate ice cream, also delicious!

Amity Widener

Come to Vermont about twice a year and purposely come route 7 so we can stop here! Yummy cookies!

Bridget Wedge

So many options!

Phillip West

Maple Coffee Twist Creemee. Great place to grab a cone.

Melissa Minard

You must go here! Best cookies ever!!

Andy Martin

Split the ice cream sandwich with somebody, it's huge!

Jeremy Stocker

Awesome with kids

Rick Kinsman

What is there not to love about ice cream and cookies! Their local ingredients make for unforgettable cookies! A must stop on any road trip or dinner date.

Cathleen Keogh


Adam Safford

Nice little stop for ice cream & cookies!

Joanna Morgan

Ridiculously good creemee’s!

Elise Shanbacker

The lovewich is epic. The best creemees too.

Lori Fetters

The BEST cookies and organic ice cream!!!!

Stephan Kanga

cookies from here are to die for....

Patrick Berkeley

Great creemees, good toppings.

Timothy Schad

Best ice cream and cookies in Vermont! Worth the drive for this haven of delicious confections. Variety of both hard and soft-serve ice creams are available, with variations, such as sundaes and shakes. Cookies are always fresh and delicious, with interesting standouts such as peanut butter chocolate chip and oatmeal with dried cranberries. Wheat-free cookies are available, too! In addition to being GMO-free, their cookies utilize many local ingredients. You can ship cookie gift boxes to friends, and purchase frozen dough, to recreate the magic at home. Recommend highly!

Randy Pulsifer

Best cookies ever

Heather Aitken

Good ice cream!

Matt Lewis

Customizable ice cream cookie sandwich. I don't need to say anything else.

Jesse Gaboriau

I don't know where to begin. The cookies are amazing. I could eat ten of them. If you're over the ben and jerry's hype try cookie love, be sure to get a cookie, or two, or five (hey I'm not judging you) with your scoop(s) and treat yourself. The location is great, only twenty five minutes from Burlington, right on rt. 7. Stop here on your way South, I promise you won't regret it. Try getting two cookies and making yourself an ice cream sandwich.

Michael Ratta

Great quality, super tasty!! Friendly staff. A must stop whenever we're passing by.

Woober Wizard

Zachary Manchester

Nothing too fancy, but good staff and amazing cookies. Worth the cost

Todd Clason

Rob & Shawndra Meader

So yummy, and they use real milk and cream in their soft serve/creamees!

Ingrid Gregory

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Lisa Stanley

This place is great. Cookies are so so good.

Stephanie Bruinooge

Best Maple Cremees!

Brandi Rupp

So gooey good! Brought home dough to enjoy later!

Roberto Brink

Wonderfully delicious cookies, marvelous locally-made root beer, and some of the best creemees ever....I'll be back over and over again!

Wayne Strong

Great ice cream and cookies!

David Grover

Best creemies in the county

Ken Magno

A must atop on every visit.

Sunsik Chang

Love the cookie here :O puppy love, the peanut butter one is my favorite :) BTW the indoor place where you can seat inside closes at 5

Ellie Clevenstine

Creamiest creemees EVER. No joke.

Joshua Smith

Delicious cremees, great flavors, and incredibly reasonable prices

Sylvain Leblanc

Cookies and ice cream!

David B

The cookies are so good

Luke Spiller

They have coffee which is good.

Ted Blood

Best creemees in this stretch of Vermont. Hot fudge sundaes are super!

JC Ewing

Best cookies and best creemies around.

Antigone Eriksen

Fun place, great cookies and creemees from Kingdom Creamery

Alex Ainsworth

Lovely little cookie spot to grab homemade cookies

Liz Maffett

Yummy cookies with cute names!

Lenny Montuori

Great Ice Cream!

Josh Brown

Best cookies and creemees EVER!

Andrew Rollins

Best soft serve and cookies around!

Marjorie Babcock

Very yummy would go there another time

Thomas Havas

Episcopal Middlesex

Great Creemie for dessert on our way back to Lake Dunmore. Coffee & Maple Twist. YUM!!

Sarah Kilburn

Excellent! Try the coffee creamee with a cookie dough scoop in the middle!...#Heaven

Karina McGrath

Great maple creemes

Kate Heffernan

Awesome cookies. Friendly staff. I went a little later in the afternoon and there wasn't as many selections but I can't wait to go during the day when I bet there's way more to choose from. Delicious

scott hendela

Best creamees in the state hands down. Maple coffee twist will change your life.

Lisa Kapoor

Amazing cookies!

Susan Cooley

Three words... Maple, coffee, twist! Fantastic every time!

jesse shaw

Yes, just stop here. It looked interesting on the road, it's worth the trip back down. Yes. Stock up on some cookies, you'll want more later. Grab some soft serve ice cream (creemees) and lemonade. Enjoy basking in the glory that your family gives you for the spur of the moment change to the itinerary. Ps. You don't have to tell anyone about this review.

Andrew Swift

Best cookies in Vermont! No questions asked -- you can check with Martha Stewart!! On highway 7 in North Ferrisburgh, in the shadow in Mt. Philo (literally!). Order and eat everything!! Highest Recommendation possible!!!

Jessica Wieman

Best creemees around!

Jennifer Atlas

The peanut butter (puppy love) and triple chocolate (forbidden love) cookies were good but we would only go back for the classic chocolate chip (first love) cookies.


THE best cookies in VT or NY.

Michael Richards-Bradt

gerry farrington

Love this place! Great ice cream !


The best cookies in Vermont, also great floats.

Fred Putnam, Jr.

Best creemies for 100 miles!

Ana Torres

Best creemes ever!!!

Nathan Santorello


The cookies are perfect and the ice cream as well it was some of the best desert there was in Vermont

John Carney

Awesome cookies

Charles Jones

My favorite place for summertime creamies. Need to try those creatively named cookies next time I'm there.

Vigny F.

Amazing place with delicious cookies and very friendly service. Cookies were a little pricey but they are worth it! Also sells cookie dough and merch and creemees!

Nicholas Bucci

Outstanding cookies and ice cream! Nice lil location too

David Bogdan

Seven Daysies called it, the Creemees are the best! Maple is my favorite,.


What's not to love?

Chester Sulborski

Best Ice Cream Sandwich in the Burlington Metro Area.

Michael Neary

Always service with a smile at affordable prices....and the ABSOLUTE! Best maple ice cream in Vermont! So, please be sure to come visit Vermont Cookie Love when you pass through....

susan moore

Great cookies...pricey. ice cream stand with good selection

Chip Palombini

Best creemee in the Burlington area! Their survey is also delicious if you’re looking to try something non creemee.

Lacee Stone

Best cookies! If you go in the summer you have to get an ice cream sandwich!

Leora Dowling

I'm not a cookie person, but I read that the best creemees around were to be found at Cookie Love. The reports were correct--amazing creemees. Rich, thick, and very flavorful: the coffee was coffee-er than I've ever tasted, and the maple was sweet and true--as if they added some extra syrup, just for good measure. Enjoy!

Brian Zebarth

Got a Baker's dozen mix of several different cookies and they were all great. They were very friendly and helpful as well.

Solon Coburn

Yes. Stop and get an ice cream. Pull in right now. You deserve it. The quality product here is totally worth the visit.

Cameron Hay

This place has some truly amazing cookie dough. Puppy love is one of my favorites. Their Creemes are also really good and great sizes!

John Bertelsen

Cookies and coffee. What's not to like. Good maple creemee, too. Took a couple of tries for the guy to get our order right.

Grace Landaw

Amazing creemees (soft serve). Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, Maple, coffee, and more. I'm in love with the cookie parfait, which is cookie dough surrounded by soft serve and a hot fudge sundae. Delicious homemade whip cream. Option to get cookie crumbs dip on your cone, an ice cream sandwich on fresh cookies, or frozen dough to bake at home. Cookie love is a true Vermont gem.

Kierstin Kemmerer

Really good! A little overpriced.

Jasper Stedman

Really good cookies! Phenomenal Trees and Rocks!

Timothy Hutto

Wow... one of the best cookies I've had the pleasure to experience. Bravo Vermont Cookie Love, keep up the good work.

Tyler H

Absolutely amazing cookies. So delicious it's unbelievable. They are a remarkable company too. There was an issue with my order and they went above and beyond to make it right. I would have been satisfied with a replacement order but they refunded the entire cost of the order. I guess that means I can order more if I choose... I definitely will! I felt bad having to relay the bad news about my order. I know things happen and it's hard to control everything but they were very gracious. I highly recommend trying their products. You won't regret it!

Alyssa Eisner - Mix

Awesome ice cream!

Corey Gilmore

Great cookies, great creemees (soft serve ice cream). Can get very busy in the afternoons on the weekends but it is worth it. The cookies are always super fresh and there is a good variety.

David Longsmith

10% butterfat in the creemees!!

Nicole Fortune

Purchased 6 cookies. 1/2 of them were raw in the center. horrible!

Jamie Weleber

Delicious cookies and tasty ice cream. Nothing much else to say, if you love either of those things you should definitely stop by!

Joseph finnegan

Cookies r over priced at 1.76,for 1 3" cookie or a 1.60 for 3 or more 3" cookies. They claim their cookies r gluten free but they r not. Same with their soft serve ice cream But everything here in VT is extremely expensive

Joseph Schwartz

Cookie and creamy

mary tegel

Best Ice Cream!

Shaina Galley

garrett fitzsimmons

Good ice cream, quick

Meagan Hughes

Delicious cookies! The pricing isn’t to bad, I paid $6 for 4 cookies. The service is great as well. The chocolate chip cookies were delicious! Along with the sugar cookies. The drive is a little bit far, but other than that, I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick, tasty treat! 10/10 would come here again! :

Pigpen Racing

Amazing, home made cookies, ice cream and soft serve, at a reasonable price for the quality.

Nathon Horton

Great cookies and ice cream. Pricey but worth it.

Bethany Perkins

I am not local but I visit friends in the area a couple of times a year & I have been a customer of cookie love for several years. It's rare for me to go to Ferrisburgh without stopping by. Everything has been delicious, including the ice cream. My favorite cookies are enduring love, true love & summer love; the consistency is just perfect! I have purchased the bake at home dough too. This place is fantastic all around; you can't go wrong!

Yvonne Raphael

Best soft ice cream around! And yummy cookies too. If you are vegan or vegetarian or gluten free, you too can have joy. They make their own fresh fruit smoothies and lemonade. The ingredients are all fresh, rich and as local as possible. My favorite is GF maple-coffee twist in a dish. If you are concerned about the environment, all their dishes and spoons are compostable or washable. If you can eat anything, they make ice cream sandwiches from their delicious cookies, or they can add cookie crumble to a Sunday or a milk shake. You’ll love it! And by the way, they will take credit cards but it’s a $7 minimum, so bring a friend!

Sabrina Brown

Came here today with my class after a field trip to Lake Champlain! BEST VANILLA CREEMEES EVER 10/10

Amanda Froeschle

Best creemees in Vermont!!!

Nick Raso

Their products are amazing, and the walk up is convenient. You can buy cookie dough here as well as merchandise. Allergy friendly.

Méabh Fitzpatrick

Their cookies are even better than mine, and that takes some doing!

Melissa Sills

Douglas Denu

Dare I say the best creemees around. Also, amazing cookies. What's not to like here.

s p

Best cookies around.

Jalna Laraway

This delightful little shop bakes the most yummy cookies and the best creemees ever!

Patrick Slater

Excellent experience, fantastic ice cream, cookies and creemees. great at moving the line along during busy times

Jim Fitzpatrick

Just the best!

Donald Perley

The place to go for Maple creemees

will b

It's real good

Mary Pulsifer

A wonderful place to stop if passing through. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

Tina Sullivan

Arrived 5 minutes before closing and was able to snag an assorted mix of cookies. They are so soft and taste amazing!!!

Marcy Cain

Loved it! Puppy Love=peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie AND Fresh squeezed lemonade

Eric Lessard

Thee best cookies in Vermont! So awesome, and good icecream too.

Kris Hutchin

Fantastic cookies & ice cream!

Heather C

Oh my God. Get the extreme love!

Amie Bates

I love to support our local businesses and Cookie Love is a treat for my family. Every goodie we've tried, we love..absolutely delicious. I'd love to give it 5 stars, but we've noticed the service is inconsistent. Soft serve cones sizes vary day to day depending on who is working and prices are little steep, in my opinion, for that to occur regularly.

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