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REVIEWS OF Vermont Apple Pies Breakfast Bakery Restaurant IN Vermont

Macy Guertin

Their food is absolutely amazing! We drive 3.5 hours just to eat here. This is a for sure stop every time we go to Vermont. The restaurant is charming and quaint, but does have limited seating, so be prepared to sit and wait for a few (sometimes upward of an hour and a half)...believe me, it is well worth the wait! Pancakes are fantastic, and her eggs are always cooked perfectly. Highly recommend just about everything on the menu! Cheryl and Charlie are wonderful people who will truly take the time to talk with you in their kitchen. The food is so good, you just have to thank her personally. I'm so glad we found this gem, I hope she stays cooking forever.

Steve Bidwell

Great food. Excellent selection of fresh pancakes with fruits and toppings. Omelette was delicious. Everything seemed really fresh. Plan on being there for a while as the service is very slow.

charlie F

Outstanding delicious breakfast, very welcoming atmosphere. Cheryl and Charlie are awesome owners, you can feel the passion in what they do. During our stay in Vermont we had breakfast there every day and we enjoyed every single meal, great presentation and portion very fresh food and the most important is you are dealing with people who really care about there business and customers. If you are in the area you should definitely give them a try.

Danielle Goodine

Food was great, pies were amazing but a high price

John Cicciariello

Bill MN

mary cooney

The food is AMAZING! everything is made fresh.All the food sounded so good. they had eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, egg sandwiches, omelets, skillets , cereal, fruit, sides The restaurant itself is very cute and clean. Its a small dining room but its only opened in the mornings. Me and my boyfriend stayed at the pointe at castle hill right around the corner from here so it was a very nice last day breakfast. kept us very full and satisfied.

Andris Vizulis

Jay Petro

Good menus High prices

George Palmer

A friendly environment

Eric Drinkard

Kind of a little hole in the wall place (the best places are), sort of feeling like you are eating in someone's home. Really good breakfast.

Monique Marshall

I would make the trip from Ontario again just to eat here again!!

Suzanne Gluck

If you get to Vermont you need to look up this breakfast nook absolutely fantastic not to miss

Being Veronique

If I could give them more than five stars, I would. Amazing place, amazing food, amazing atmosphere. Definitely visit.

James Claassen

Nancy Zesch

Apple crisp waffles are amazing!

Walter Lubas

Tracy Piet

Would highly reccomend if you are in the Vermont area.

Daniel Perry

Definition of mom and pop style restaurant. Love and care went into every dish we received. Easily the top 3 best breakfasts I have ever had. Anyone whose complaining about the staff or wait should keep to their chain restaurants.

Tina Peterson

Great food,very cozy. Expect to wait ,everything is made fresh. Worth the wait.

William Nesbitt

Right near my vacation home! I love this place! Family owned an operated out of their home! Gorgeous, welcoming, clean, decorated beautifully! I recommend their pie an food! Relax an have a meal an experienced it for yourself!!

Amy Coutu

I wouldn’t bother going back. Grumpy owner and I was ignored just because I was there with my quiet infant by myself as if I was taking up too much space or something when it wasn’t even busy there: as the guy couldn’t be bothered with me, so I left before they took my order. And they don’t have eggs Benedict .

Chris Brown

This place seems very shady. Avoid!

Gabrielle Walsh


My second time visiting here and again poor experience. Hash Browns were made the night before, cold and hard. Owner is a grumpy unfriendly man who always looks pissed off and should find another job if he doesn't like what he does. The food is not impressive at all, the atmosphere is excellent that's about it. Be warned he adds a 30% tip in if you have a large group and adds it on top of the apple pies you take to go. There is nothing special about this place except its atmosphere and charm, the service and food are below standard. UPDATE: Thank you for your response and I'm glad to see that you read your reviews and take the time to reply. Thank you for correcting me on the server not being an owner. I also agree with you that the fresh fruit and whip cream is a nice touch and the bacon was excellent. However, you are not addressing the fact that your server did charge me 30% tip and also added this tip on top of the apple pie I took to go. You are charging a lot of money for your meals and $28 for a pie plus 30% tip is really excessive. Costco sells excellent Apple Pies for $9.99. I also forgot to state that when I tried to pay by credit card I was told the machine was broken and I could drive down the road to an ATM. I get that you pay fees for CC use but I don't believe the machine was broken and you should tell patrons at the time of check in they need to pay in cash, or call the credit cards in via phone for people who don't have cash or ATM access. In regards to your potatoes your right, I don't know if they were made the night before, but i was the first one in the restaurant at 8am and they were very cold and were surely not just made. My omelette was also burned and blackened. Again, for the prices you are charging I would have expected a much better experience than I received. I also see other reviews on Yelp saying the same thing that they were told CC machine was broken and they were tricked into paying a 48% tip, MULTIPLE REVIEWS sharing the same experience. You obviously have a server who is scamming your customers and targeting people who are leaving and not coming back. He hid the tip in my bill and inflated the tax as well and tried to trick me into paying even more. So instead of defending your business you should be looking into this server and how he treats your customers.

Scott M.

Viviana Genao


Jeanmarie Pina

Do Not Miss! If you're ever in the Ludlow area be sure to make your way to this adorable cafe. Run by a husband and wife team, the attention to detail is incredible. Fresh ingredients. Beautiful presentation. Large portions. In addition to attentive service, James recommended a few sights in the area and Cheryl gave us a peek into her kitchen! Lovely people. We'll be back the next time we're in Vermont!

Heath Blackburn

Must visit! This is why you go to vermont!

Robert MacKinnon

food and pies were amazing but high prices

Angela Russo

Robert Dunn

VAP is always a favorite destination for our family. The hardest part is figuring out what to eat (it all sounds so delicious)! It is always fantastic. Home cooking, care, and fresh ingredients at it s finest.


Delicious food, prompt service, large portions and the owners are delightful! Great experience overall

Suman Gurumurthy

Laura Desir

This place has delicious breakfast that will stuff you up! Their were very nice and they sang happy birthday to hubby. The cook is the bomb! We will definitely be back.

Tony Hernandez

Excellent breakfast. Take notice it is a very small setting (20 people max compacity maybe?) So wait times can get somewhat excessive but if you are in no rush they have a cozy waiting room with board games and such. The chef truly takes pride in her creations. In a large group of 11 people every single dish came out hot, fresh and full of flavor. The owner and her husband seem like real genuine and down to earth type folks and we will be looking forward to returning

Steven V


Mathew Meninger

Anthony LoFrisco Jr

Nice looking place but didn't seem to be authentic. Pies were very cold and felt frozen. Why would you ever need to freeze or even refrigerate a fresh pie unless of course, it wasn't fresh. Also, they were closed for a wedding. Pretty disappointing. Regarding the owners response, I'm sorry if you were offended, but this was my personal experience. While my visit was disappointing, I have added a star since I didn't actually taste the pie.

A. P.

Jan Daurio

We heard good things about this place and after reading the reviews we decided to stop while on a recent trip there. Definitely not a mistake. This place has amazing food. Everything is cooked fresh and sourced locally. Because of that you'll wait a bit longer to get a table and for your food but it is definitely worth the wait. While we were eating everyone was raving about the food, and after seeing the presentation we weren't disappointed. Pancakes and waffles are delicious. Sides are plentiful and very tasty. Highly recommend this place of you're in town.

Pierre Germain

One of the best places in vermont to have breakfast. Pleasant business owner and great personality and real

Kylie Tauber

No Body

This place is a gem. The owners are hilarious, real homey/cozy feel, and the food is to die for. If you're in VT on a trip it's the perfect place to get your locally sourced, maple syrup, and apple pie fix. Wow.

Karley Smith

Delicious homemade food with a smile!

Dmitry Plotnikov

The food is great and tastes and looks very fresh! The pie tasted like the apples were picked the same morning. BUT the wait was ridiculous - 1.5 hours from the moment we stepped through the door to food arrival including less than 5 min looking through the menu. How easy would it be to hire an extra person who would help clean the tables/pour coffee/bring the food out/check on people waiting downstairs at least on the weekends? Hiring that one person even can pay for itself since it will increase your customer turnaround (when we were there there was almost always one empty but not yet cleaned table just because it is hard for one person to wait so many tables)


This place is so cute. The food is good. I had the Belgian waffle with strawberries. They are very polite. I recommend it.

Lawrence Tung

Jason James

Matthew Woolf

Mitchell Maged

Waltraud Minickiello

I give it a three, because the food was good! However when it was time to pay the bill, the owner charged a additional $ 3.00 for using a credit card. Even if the credit company's charges him 5% (they do not on this particular card) he made a tidy profit in addition to the price he charges for the food! The Bill was $ 36.00 with the taxes, $ 3.00 for the surcharge and $ 6.00 for the tip!.........Never will I eat there again!

Omid Mohammadzadeh

Tasty breakfast meals made from high quality ingredients. A little slow in service since the owner waits the tables and there is no extra help. A bit pricey too but it is worth trying it if you are in the neighborhood.

Cars R us

This place is outstanding ‼️ What a lovely family . The food was excellent, the service was very friendly and superb, the owner was super nice, we met the wife and the daughter beautiful young lady was cooking that morning covering for her mom, very nice people and cozy place highly recommend this place if you are in the Ludlow area. THANKS FOR A GREAT BREAKFAST AND GOOD EXPERIENCE.

Keith Carroll

This is the best breakfast I've ever had. I would day trip Vermont just to eat here.

Robert Bunger

This place is great. Servings are massive, so be hungry, share, or be ready to take home left overs. The kids all had the chicken and waffles. They said it was the best they every had. We will be back when in the area.

Kyle Durgin

Amazing home style food and incredibly inviting family atmosphere

Andrea Baldoni

Shawnee Mason

Food was amazing! We happened to go on a busy day and had to wait for a very long time, but it was worth the wait! Cant wait to come back to the area and try this place out again!

Laura Suda

I had been craving pie all day, it was 7pm on Saturday night and we decided check out where they were located so we could go for Sunday breakfast (since they were obviously closed). The owner saw us pull up and opened the door asking if we wanted pie. My mouth fell open and I gladly went in and bought a piece of peach pie to go (topped with freshly made whipped cream). Let me tell you, this was the best piece of pie I've ever had and the owner's couldn't have been nicer or more gracious. What a charming place, we cannot wait to return for breakfast in the morning!


Great food and cozy atmosphere! The only downside was that the pies were quite expensive.

Alan Marrero

Absolutely incredible food, service, and environment. Truly a hidden gem in Vermont.

DJ Gabriel Massih

The service is amazing, the minute you walk in you feel you are right at home !! Good vibe, great food. Charlie and Cheryl were very welcoming. Their daughter was the cook that day and she did a faboulus work. What home cook led food taste like. Next time in Vermont we know where to go :) thank you !!

Kallee Cozzolino

It is the best place I’ve ever been for breakfast

James Barnes

Food is one of a kind...AWESOME!

Puffin' Pixie

Sarma Krautovic

Die besten Waffeln und Pancakes, die ich jemals gegessen habe. Beeindruckend. Das Ambiente ist auch sehenswert.

Lilly Cutting

Food was good, I got chocolate chip waffles and bacon which were very filling. However, the server seemed a bit off. I mean this in the nicest way possible, it’s just that he seemed curt and at times, rude. All of the times he interacted with us (which weren’t many considering how long we waited to eat) he was preoccupied with another table or seating someone else, we were told we’d get water as soon as we sat but only got it after our meals were finished and he was bringing the check over. We also attempted to use the hot sauce they had until we realized the bottle had some very not so fresh mold growing on it. We would have said something to the server but he didn’t stay very long with us. While the restaurant has a nice atmosphere, saying it’s “cozy” is putting it lightly. I spent most of my meal with the back of my chair about a centimeter away from another persons chair. Aside from service, my time was alright though I thought it was a bit pricey (As well as being told they had a fee for using a card instead of cash right when we were paying). There’s definitely room for improvement service wise, but the food was good. I suggest putting a sign up explaining the card situation when paying up front, hiring more staff (even one more person would do), as well as perhaps hiring a new server altogether as I don’t think the older man working the day we were there was cut out for it or even wants to do it. At any rate the food was good and pies looked very good (though we didn’t get a chance to try one).

Michael Maniscalco

Excellent breakfast, large portions.

Karen C-G

My husband and I went the other day, we're visiting from NYC, on a baby moon before we have our baby. We saw this place had great reviews so we figured we should try it. It took about 45 minutes to be seated, they had checkers to keep you entertained but we were hungry that it only kept us distracted for 30 mins. Service was pretty slow and a little forgetful on beverages but I think they are understaffed. The food was ok, the home fries would be amazing if they didn't put a lot of pepper and seasoning on it. My husband thought the food was pretty good. I'm pregnant so my palette might be a little weird. He did agree with me that the home fries had too much pepper on it.

Charleigh Rivera

Cozy breakfast spot, for sure. People seem to be saying "splurge" and "expensive" but where I come from, this is more a case of getting what you pay for. Our meals were around $14 each, and the portions were so ample, no one could finish them - fiancé, and two mid-teenaged boys took home doggie bags! Great flavors, creative dishes, beautiful presentation, fantastic service, friendly owners and patrons... Lots of regulars (we're totally joining *that* club /nods), lovely quiet location, great vibe, homey atmosphere, romantic too... So if you're looking to treat your someone special to a local speciality; take them *here*. Made. My. Month. And my son made a new friend over checkers! Thank you for such a beautiful experience. We'll definitely be returning

Rick H

Apparently this was the top reason we came to Vermont- to have breakfast here & I wasn't disappointed at all!! Doesn't look like anything special from the outside - but don't judge a book by its cover right. Once you enter, there's a wall filled with drawings, place to sit and play a oversized game of checkers, and a very well kept and homey bathroom. There was no wait time for us, since it was early in the morning. The owner greeted us, and sat us down. He was warm & welcoming. The decor is awesome. Retro & 50s vibe. Space is small but not clustered. The food... This is where it shines!!! This place has ruined breakfast for me. I can't enjoy breakfast anywhere else but here. Everything is made to order. Their homemade iced apple cider, AMAZING & to top it off.. homemade whipped cream (YUM!) The hot cider,yum! The maple syrup is awesome! Had some in my coffee... Life changing! Homemade Waffle, Home Fries, Pancakes, Perfectly Cooked Bacon, and chicken tenders. Everything was delicious & the portions were huge! We came every morning (2) to have breakfast here. I'd eat here daily if I could. Forgot to mention! The owner, wish I remembered his name, gave us a complimentary home-made cinnamon bun that was out of this world good. He also comped me the coffee because I chugged it so fast, it's delicious, and he's like well that one didn't exist & got me my cider. Oh! He even gave us extra homemade fries. Sheesh, I miss this place.

Leah Crisostamo

This place is adorable! The food was delicious. Yummy specialty drinks too like apple cider with cinnamon and whipped cream.

Connor Byrnes

Amazing breakfast food best I have had in awhile. Will be returning next trip up here

Ricksusan Spaulding

Corey Orazem

Harry and his wife make the best breakfast and present the coziest breakfast experience I’ve had in Vermont. Really top tier and if you’re in the area you’ll enjoy it without regret. The French toast is delicious! And the Lazy Hen was phenomenal.

Ashwin Swaminathan

From the place, ambience to the hospitality it's an experience. And of course the amazing food placed in front of you so elegantly presented. It's something not to be missed, had to wait roughly about 40mins to be seated but I have nothing to complain and it was absolutely worth the wait.

Shelby Reed

Alina M.

Spent a long weekend in Vermont and stumbled upon this place while driving around. It was so quaint and adorable and is actually this family's house converted into a small restaurant. The smell of the pies is welcoming from outside and we had to venture in to see what options they offered. We tried a slice of their apple pie and knew right away we needed to order one to take home. The owner and his wife were so friendly and were willing to make us a custom order to pick up the next day on our way home. Since we were going to come pick up the pie anyway, we decided to have breakfast there that next morning. The food was amazing and all fresh-made. We even got to go into the kitchen and see the magic in action. Definitely felt that southern hospitality (even though it's not even in the south - just can't think of a better way to describe it!).

Mathieu Moynat

Jade Palmieri

Food is homemade and delicious! Perfect size portions! The coffee was hot and fresh too. The service could have been a bit friendlier (which is why not the full 5 stars) but it was delightful speaking with the wife afterwards. You can really tell how passionate they are about what they do. Definitely coming back here again! Highly recommend!!

Rocco Carlucci

Johanna Petrycki

Food is delicious and always fresh. I'd recommend anyone to come here who would like to experience a combination of a warm, excited atmosphere and country style cooking with a twist. Don't miss out on this gem of a place!

Jennifer Pirraglia

Mitch Charles

Took time to get a table but the food was great!

Tom Shupe

Food was great, waiter was awesome!! Will return for sure

Julius Prizgintas

This is the first time I disagree with TripAdvisor award of excellence.. This place is definitely not worth it. I couldn't find a single good thing about it. Let's see.. After long wait we finally got our breakfast.. Home fries were cold and old... After we told our "server" about it, he brought us other ones. The thing is, they had way too much pepper. The "server" is another story.... I assume he is the owner... Very unpleasant and cocky person. And the last thing.. They don't have a kids menu. I didn't feel like ordering my 3 year old full adults breakfast so I shared mine. After I got the bill, I noticed that he charged me $ 3 for "shared plate"... It's not about the money... It's about the lack of customer service... I wouldn't go back there even they offered free breakfast...

Sadot Rios Jr

Amazing breakfast! Great friendly service. Must visit if in the area. Check out the chicken waffles.

Ashley Bryant

The food was amazing and the atmosphere is even better

Ryan Capra

Kathie Burnett

Johana Lopez

Awesome food , best scenery, very cozy. Waiter and kitchen lady were very nice and attentive. Loved the place

Natalie Halperin

One of the reasons we love to spend our summers in Vermont -- Our favorite breakfast/brunch destination, consistently top-quality ingredients & top-notch delicious gourmet preparation. A very nice, friendly, and spotlessly clean ambience, with comfortable limited seating -- but no question well-worth sometimes having to wait a bit. (Pick up a home-made pie -- if you still have the room.) Very highly recommended!

Tammy Matteau

Amazing one of a kind food in a one of a kind atmosphere!

Nelson Caetano

I love eating my way through Vermont. This needs to be one of your breakfast stops! Run by a husband and wife couple who are just pouring passion into their food. The portions here are huge, but you can never have too much of a good thing. I had the breakfast sandwich, and my wife the pumpkin pancakes, they were a delight!

Anna Ta

It is a very homey place to eat. Portions are generous and they are very hospitable. Their food was great and very pleasing to the eye. Just a note though, they don't do substitutions so you'll have to buy a side of things if you want something else. Btw, the turn going into their parking lot has a dip it in so drive slowly into the driveway.

Ryan Cosgrove

Amazing atmosphere and even more amazing food! Please do yourself the favor and go here if you are around!

Joey Jordano

Be prepared to wait, but the food is phenomenal. Family owned and they live on the premises. Essentially, you dine in their home which is partitioned off as a restaurant. Sign in, line up, and wait to be seated

Daryl Barnes

This place hands down is fantastic, I've won a bet bringing a 25 year Vermonter here saying it is the best place and he agreed that it is... You must stop here and have Cheryl and Charlie give you the very best while you travel. DB

mark johnson


Absolutely the best. ...most delicious ...highest quality. .....soul satisfying. ....yummiest. .....bang for the buck.....overflowing plate...breakfast ever.....I'm 70 years old (a 40 year vegetarian also) and I've had a few breakfasts in my lifetime and the breakfast I had here was the best I've ever had. .....and the owners were friendly and attentive to our needs.....again, just THE BEST!!!!!

Donald Schriver

Food was good and expensive!! Partly served cold and eggs over cooked.

Kevin Lambert

Alex Heredia

A sweet, cozy place with fantastic breakfasts. A highlight of our Vermont trip.

Kate P

We visited this spot over the weekend that we found via Google Reviews, a really nice couple own this restaurant and its quiet with a comfy, family feel to it. They use quality ingredients and you can tell she takes pride in her cooking. There are not many tables so you may find yourself waiting, however it is worth the wait. I can't wait to come back!

Steve Young

I love this place. Small, comfy home-town kinda thing. People visiting VT should especially make it a point to work this into their schedule. I admit I take it for granted that this is local and don't go as often as I should. Recently my dr. informed me that I can no longer have wheat, so I would probably not be able to resist all the amazing foods available here. If it killed me, I'd die happy... it's THAT good.

Joao Carlos Silva

We were lucky, this time the place was almost empty what allowed for an even more personalized experience. The girls were delighted with both the food and the attention.

katie hatch

Dawn N

If you want excellent food in the morning and want to splerge... This is the place to go. Greek owned. Amazing food and such a cute dining room.

Glenda Baer

Food was great however the worse service I have EVER had!! Other customers felt the same way and were very vocal with the male horrible waiter. They should hire friendlier help. He was also very inefficient. Took 40 mins to get a glass of water and 58 minutes to just take our food order.

Matt Galo

deana trindadeharris

Delicious breakfast.Nice and cozy dining.

John Rathbun

The epitome of home cooking. Seriously. The food was absolutely delicious. Apple Crisp waffles were to die for. Like others have said, the home fries can be a bit peppery. Didn't bother me though. If you are in the area and want an awesome breakfast, I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat. It is a bit on the pricey side for breakfast, but it's worth it!

Lori Smith

Well worth the wait!

Anthony Jacozzi

Stefan Dernbach

Merri Macchia

We had a very wonderful home cooked breakfast. The best blueberry buttermilk pancakes we ever had. It was real home cook king, great food,great service well worth the few minute wait. NO Fast food here.

Michael Sylvester

Nicole Renelick

Great food a little pricey

Amanda Petrie

The taste is on point! Absolutely delicious! I would also agree with others that the prices are high, but the taste and portions make it worth it.

Scott Callahan

Ozoda Aripova

Homemade, fresh and delicious. Price was little expensive but quality of food deserves it.

Kelly W

Stopped in last weekend and had a late breakfast after reading mixed reviews. We were seated rather quickly but waited some time to order. The place is cute and the food was good quality but the vibe from our server seemed odd. It was almost like we were inconveniencing him. He must have been tired or something. Aside from the service and warm iced coffee, the food was good and it's clear that the owner cares about the place. I'd consider taking reviews constructively instead of getting defensive...restaurants require copious amounts of energy and long days- we understand and respect this. Maybe hire a public relations person to respond to reviews.

Brian Holleran

Every breakfast has been fantastic!!! The owners are friendly and make you feel right at home. We will be back , and you will not be disappointed

Trisha Parker

Have had breakfast here three times and booked hotels for overnights close by, just to have the breakfast with friends and family visiting us. We live in Essex, but this place is worth the 2 hour drive and the expense. It is top notch, high quality and deliciously fresh. The food ranks way at the top of the list of my favorite of all time and I have traveled extensively in the US and Europe. Their waffles are better than in Belgium. I have always enjoyed the charming service and think the owners are exceptional. The pride of ownership really shows. Will be back again and again.

Renee Govi

Gerald Leavitt

Out of this world. I may have to plan another trip from Utah just to eat here again.

Scott Knoxsville

To meet Charlie aka Robert De Niro and Cheryl was a joy. Their food and service are exceptional. You can tell that Cheryl's love and passion in all her dishes. This is a must restaurant to stop at for breakfast. Don't forget your apple pie! We will be back!

Jesse Speer

Good food but expensive for breakfast

George S.

What a great place, down to earth owners, Charle James and Cheryl, thank you so much. The food is great, the real home-style breakfast. Recommended by Charles, the sunrise plate, was a great choice. I will highly, and without hesitations recommend this place.

Amanda Killeen

THIS is what Vermont tastes like. Incredibly homey country atmosphere, unbelievable food. Be prepared to relax & enjoy..... you're on Vermont time

Vin Carrano

Creative breakfasts with a home cooked feeling. Maple Bacon French Toast (pic) was a carb/sugar explosion, but such a guilty pleasure. Your waiter isn't the owner, but he is the owners husband and will let you poke your head into the kitchen to give Cheryl your feedback. It's really great to see how much he appreciates her! If you're in the area, it's worth the wait, don't miss it.

Isabel Matos

Best place for breakfast!!! Love it.

Alicia Lynn

One word: YUMMY!!


Only open until noon daily so couldn't get food to try when I arrived at 1pm.. maybe next time.. Returned 3 weeks later... Lots to choice from on the menu. So we each ordered different items so we could sample more... Well worth the visit. The only issue is there is no wheelchair access. Once inside the door to goto sitting area you'll have several stairs to climb. Loved the wall signs we laughed reading several of them.. In the end the food was GREAT! Will be back..

Dave C

Had a very tasty filling breakfast. There are some interesting menu options.

Paul Ryan

My wife and I enjoyed breakfast here in late July. The atmosphere was country and comfortable. The food presentation was excellent and food was delicious. This is NOT diner food! They serve large portions and make and effort to make the plate look attractive. They do this while remaining a very down to earth and relaxing place to eat. The prices for breakfast food was good. - Highly recommended

John Cottingham

Our second time here and like the first it was amazing. Perfect breakfast selections. Amazing combination of food. Great coffee. Can't wait to return. Customer Service was friendly and prompt. Thank you for making our visit wonderful.

Šimon Vojta

Well, the place is definitely unusual, but slightly overrated. The effort to create the "homey" atmosphere is obvious, but this won't come from decorations. It should radiate from the people.. The food was great, but not exceptional. Bit pricey too.. Also, they charge 5% when paid by credit card..

Todd M

Wendy York

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