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REVIEWS OF Red Hen Baking IN Vermont

Ann J. Adams

Great breakfast sandwich! The Rosemary Lemon loaf I took home way amazing. The only downside is that they are quite slow, even with a large staff on hand. This is a place to relax, grab a coffee, breakfast or lunch and hang out. No quick-bites here.

Caro L

Soup, salad, and golden milk were average (latte could have been hotter). Panini was on the small side and quite burnt. Not worth the more than $20 bucks for a quick lunch for two people.

Andrew Cervini

What a great find! Just moved to Central Vermont from Oklahoma and voila! Red Hen Bakery - on the way to the dog park in Waterbury. Excellent coffee, bakery, and especially their breakfast sandwiches. And they promise not to tell my mentor at Weight Watchers. Hard-working staff and WiFi to boot.

Delaney Dilibero

Our first time at Red Hen was amazing! My party of three had the breakfast sandwich with bacon. It was delicious. Their assortment of bakery items was fantastic and looked delectable! I'm not from the area, but cant wait to come back

Nan Gwin

What a first class place!

Kevin Sword

Great food for a reasonable price. It's not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for. If anything get a loaf of bread. They have a great selection of Vermont goods for the gift shopper or tourist. There's also Nutty Steph's next door for more Vermont goodness.

Nancy Murphy

Great place to meet friends and have a light meal or coffee.

Greg Carland

I'm sure that not everybody in Vermont is friendly, just as not everybody who drives in Boston is a bad driver, but you can't prove it by me, and you can't prove it by the Red Hen Bakery. On a 4 day visit to Vermont, we had their bread at the Waitsfield Farmer's Market, two restaurants, and the B&B we stayed at (Beaver Pond Inn). It didn't take a lot of deciding to go home the way that would take us past their store. The bread was delicious. The chilled cucumber soup was delicious, the white bean and bacon soup was delicious, the bread that we bought was delicious…. We also bought organic cotton t-shirts for $20. They are dyed with red clay. I don't know how they sell them for $20. Around these parts (Boston suburbs) you pay at least that for a mass produced every day t-shirt. We were coffeed out when we were there, so I can't vouch for that, but this is a wonderful company with great products.

Peter Engisch

Awesome staff and food. Make sure you stop there if you're passing through!

Aleksandr Kragh

Food is spectacular. Staff is smug and elitist. Three years of visiting once a month or so - only one employee ever smiled. Something is making them sad. Politics?

Marie Thomas

Great coffee. Good breads. Very limited gluten free selections.

Nina DeLuca

Long lines but it was at brunch time on a weekend. Best buy - grilled cheese sandwich.

Cliff Ageloff

A cool spot for great local vibe soups salads sandwiches coffee pastries what's not to love? Be careful cuz you could fall in love there.

Brett Tofel

Always perfect. Easy to get to. Coffee is strong and excellent. Baked goods are fresh perfection. Breakfast sandwiches are a simple treat.

Alan Lawee

Great bread & baked goods

Gordon Sims

Best stop in Waterbury. I go every time I drive past this area, and get coffee, baguettes, bacon, and maple syrup. They have really good syrup prices at $56 a gallon.

Andrew Spencer

Best bakery in central Vermont! I've had worse bread than this at bakeries in Italy.

Scott Hepler

Great made-to-order sandwiches and a nice selection of pre-made items. Friendly staff. Fun to see the bakery. Easy off-on from I-89.

joan diane Bixby

Great cheese and bacon scones

Philip Copeland

A great place for lunch or and afternoon coffee and snack.

Joshua Auerbach

The real deal, super clean bakery, great coffee and food!

Anthony Paul

Red Hen. Great service! I like this restaurant in this area, gives me more initiative and reason to look around as the food is really worth the stop.

Jeehae Park

Very Vermont! Wooden spacious cafe that has amazing pastries and sandwiches. They bake on spot and you can see the bakers working through the glass

peter harris Agent {GoobyBlueEye}

Great food sandwiches and soups. All fresh and local.

Sherri McPhetres

Great food, drink, and atmosphere! Highly recommend!

William Wolf

Oh oh oh they are a treasure, do go for the baking that you dream of.

Rahul Kushwaha

Great local food. Excellent artisan bread.

Christina Donald

Great place for coffee or lunch. Also kid friendly

Steve Pelton

They're the best bakers around using truely locally sourced grain and ingredients

Annmarie Robert

If you're in the area you need to come here. The baked goods are to die for. My favorite is the almond croissant. They make amazing breads, croissants, and other goodies too.

Tiffany Martin

Fabulous breakfast! I grabbed dessert to go because I saw the dessert menu on the table and couldn't resist one to try later- maple cheesecake! It was delicious! Great portions, good prices, great atmosphere, and the staff is very friendly and helpful! I will definitely be back! Something for everyone, from the picky eater (I had one in my group) or vegetarian or someone who just wants something traditional to eat. I highly recommend this place!

José Aguayo

Best choice for high quality, regionally sourced ingredients, great service and amazing results. Be sustainable, bike there and get some amazing bread / light meal selections.

celine riendeau

So loved this place! Fresh baked breads and pastries. Coffee fresh brewed and hot. Small gift shop area. A must see place if you're in the area.

denise copeland

A longtime favorite for coffee and pastries, breakfast and lunch. Everything fresh and fabulous, and always service with a smile!

Larry The Legend

Watched the bread makers in action, very tasty loaves hot out of the ovens.

Richard K

The food was good but looked like I had ordered a child's portion. One of the older women quickly pointed out that the drink situated on the counter next to my plates of food was not mine. Wi-fi sucked. Table spacing and table surface size felt like I was eating in a crowded bus station where there was nowhere to put anything. Go to Dunkin Donuts for more table space and better wi-fi and just as good breakfast sandwiches.

Robert Bachmann

Good wholesome food, comfortable environment

Deborah Miller

Visiting from CT. My diet consists mainly of Indian veg. The mulligatawny soup here is phenomenal! The real deal!

Norma Spaulding

Yummy. Best croissants in Vermont

george hoehn

Delicious. Great choices!

Barre Flynn

They are an amazing bakery. Breads are amazing as are the pastries. We had a tuna sandwich that was so delicious. Go there, you won't be disappointed.

Roxana MacMarrtin

Best bread ever!

Ollivander Mednick

Lovely cafe, happy atmosphere, and you can watch the bakery in action while sipping your chai!

Heidi Andress

Very good food. Nice atmosphere. Little pricey

Janet Chadwick

Love the bread

Lou Glein

Worth visiting. Great bread, pastries and sandwiches.

Ali K

Update 09/16/17 You may be in Yelps pocket, but Google is on to you. Google seems to realize that your bakery has issues and the public deserves the truth. Yelp is going to keep being paid off by you and there going to end up like the amazon situation. In the the end Aliza everyone is going to keep own about your bakery. The truth that IS Is Red Hen organic? After talking to mangement they admit, No organic fruit goes into there pastries, No organic dairy goes into there product including no organic Butter! I happen to know the most impotant organic ingredient is Dairy first. Second would be Organic fruit, not sprayed with pesticides. But there flour is Organic, yay! Organic Bakery? Would you pay the "Organic" prices?

Angela Jackson

The soups are in direct competition with their sandwiches! Great cheese wine and beer selection too.

Kathleen Coburn

Had the Rachel. It had know flavor.

Dillon Deloge

Great place for coffee and breakfast. Best bread in Vermont.

Jennifer Jacobs

Delicious, freshly made pastries and artisan breads are found in this warm and inviting cafe and bakery. If you are passing through Middlesex on I89 take a few minutes to stop in!

Bruce Scott

Tasty, fun. You can watch the bakers while you wait for the order. Just off the interstate

Hallie Mcevoy

Excellent bread, good sandwiches, fun swag

Doctor Joker

They have some of the best bread I have ever had. I have been eating their bread for over 10 years and I still love it. They have awesome sandwiches and drinks as well. There scones are some of the best around. They also sell a verity of local brews.

Aunt Laurel Finucane

Needs paved and more parking spaces not muddy parking lot!! I have a feeling they have changed what is inside their sandwiches but keeps the name!!

amanda farrell

Love all the breads and breakfast pastries. They are so tasty and delicious.

Peg Legrand

Not enough meat on the roast beef sandwich!! One piece on the half sandwich doesn't cute it!

Mira Anniballi

I got a lemon rosemary loaf which was amazing. Their breakfast sandwich desperately needed salt and the coffee is not brewed well. Tastes muddy & burnt.

Buckley Lawrence

The bakery was fine but overpriced and the chocolate place was rude and intimidating. The wall of vagina chocolates was a good family conversation for my children.

Derrick Smiley

Amazing breakfast and extremely well priced.

Jason Powell

Best bread I know of. Can add up, buying pastries, and the beer seems to cost $2-3 more than other places, but visit for the bread if nothing else in


Food wasn't bad. Service was horrible. We got this really socially awkward brunette. Tried to order a sandwich and sub the Swiss for cheddar. She she can't do that cause they pre make all their sandwiches and she would have to throw away the cheese abd charge extra. Um ok. Then right after she says if your not ready to order, I'm going to go help these people over here. We were mid order and ready. I think she cant be helped. Awkward through and through. Shouldn't be on a register. Ruined the experience for the family completely.

Barbara Atherton

Yummy menu, breads are amazing, community friendly & awesome place to meet friends and catch up.

Barbara Shatara

Delicious bread and pasteries. Everything I have had here was wonderful. Small grocery area with higher end products. Perfect stop before a picnic.

Ellen Cheney

Perfect stop on your way to the Mad River Valley, or out to Burlington, Montpelier, Stowe. Delicious baked goodies and lunch; good espresso/coffee. Plenty of tables. Watch them create their bread and pastries behind a big window between the shop and the kitchen. In the same building there's a chocolate shop and a local artisan's venue. Next door there's Mud, where you can throw some clay or buy beautifully crafted pottery. Across the road is a funky thrift store where treasures have been found. Also near the 89 on/off ramp, but in a rural setting.

Jim DiRenzo

This place has become a regular stop on the drive up to the Mad River Valley. The bakery section is incredible and they also offer a cool selection of sandwiches/meals and delicious coffee. Lots of fun merchandise too. The people who work there are the best part.

Mike Markstrom

I'm hooked on the ciabatta bread!

Hazel Winters

Wonderful - good food, casual, Great staff.

Ben Falk

Top quality ingredients though butter doesn't seem to be organic according to labels there. Bread is top notch if very fresh. It's not Green Rabbit but for a non wood fired bread it's really good - again - if hours old and organic as well. Service is usually great but lately slow and not as friendly, great ambience, super convenient, commitment to local ingredients and community by the owners is 180%. Tho scone prices warrant some heckling lol! Vermont is super expensive but even for vt almost 3 dollars for a cookie and nearing 5 for a croissant would make the French riot.

Jesse Harper

Excellent Ms. Piggy sandwich. I would really appreciate being able to call in an order. Having to wait 10-15 for a pannini makes grab and go impossible. The call in would make the experience better.

Lucinda Megill Legendre

The dishwasher is the best!

Misty Williams

The best bread I've ever had!

Vlad Gor

Great place to be. Lots of organic food. Exellent organic bread and more. Nice staff as well.


Always delicious breakfast options. Fresh, home made and somewhat healthy food! A little "pricey" but, that's typical Vermont. Well worth the stop, more then once

Emlen Evans

An excellent little cafe with Vermont Artisan coffee and excellent Breads and pastries. Also good sandwiches. There's a chocolate store right next door as well as a craft cooperative

Kevin Garfield

Excellent bread

Mieneke Maher

A must stop when passing on I-89. Combine a bathroom break with a Vermont Viennoiserie. Great coffee and lunch options too.

Chris Racanelli

Red Hen is a good quality bakery and reasonably priced sandwich/coffee place; Self serve but good service. They won an Award from the last Federal Administration.

Bobbie Jo Bailey

It was good, the staff is real friendly. Prices are a little high, and I had to wait a while for my coffee.

Carlos Haase

Small locally-owned artisan bakery, also serving soups and sandwiches. Perfect stop for a quick break while traveling on US Route 2. Free Wi-Fi.

Jonathan Leonard

An amazing bakery and coffee shop in a great location. Fresh pastries and baked goodies are made every day as well as the best bread in the area. The shop features vermont maple sugar products, and locally made items. The atmosphere inside is warm and smells great! Well worth a stop or regular visit.

Nancy Nemeth

Always a delight to go to Red Hen Bakery - fabulous food and pastries, and, they carry Still Thyme soda!

Mo Battah

Excellent bread and pastry as well as service

Robert Pulsin

My experience has been bad every time I go there, always another problem. Their attitudes are terrible their prices are high the portions are small and then I hear about some poor guy getting beat up down there from a friend of Randy's and Eliza's. They own this establishment. They make loads of money off the locals, but they are very judgemental. I found out that they are being sued for discrimination and harassment.

Andrew Swift

A nice little bakery to stop, eat & shop in Middlesex, VT. The sandwiches are freshly made. The breads are delicious. There's a finely tuned beer selection representing Vermont. This bakery shares space with a handmade crafts store and a chocolate shop. Parking is easy. Just a minute on/off I-89. Worth the trip!

Chris MacGregor

Excellent, well-prepared, local, & fresh baked breads & pastries make for a truly wonderful stop for lunch, coffee & a pastry, or just a take-out. Well situated close to I-89 on VT Rte 2. Highly recommended that you don't just drive by, but stop in for a unique VT dining experience.

Mark Stein

Very good sandwiches, excellent bread and a comfortable seating space make for a nice lunch spot. High prices and small portions make it less than ideal if you're looking for a great bargain, or are very hungry.

Steven O'Leary

Excellent baked goods and breakfast. Farm to table, rustic, excellent service and atmosphere.

ben keeney

Great coffee, bread a bit dry, salads and soups are what to come for. Nice art work.

Rick Stehmeyer

Delicious and worth the extra $$

Joseph Choquette Jr.

So good, stopped in for breakfast. London fog with oat milk and maple was killer!

Damien Guy

Kinda astounding. Great bread, great coffee, can't believe I haven't made the trek before. They make one Hell of a lunch

Sophia D

Had really good bread! I thought the option for sandwich bread was really neat! We had the grilled cheese sandwich and it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had! The cookie was eh. Not so special. The drinks (alcohol beverages) looked great! Awesome options! I think that this place was good. The atmosphere was fun and I had a great experience!

Denise Thomason

Gave 4 stars only for the bread otherwise disappeared. Sandwichs a rented good and care expensive for what you get. I expected much more..I won't be going back.

Grayson Eckroth

Just got verbally and almost physically assaulted here. Guy was hanging out so he is clearly either a friend or local. Guy slammed my car door in my face and proceeded to tell me to get out of the state while also calling me gay and threatening to physically assault me. I grew up here and just moved back... The staff at the local businesses here looked the other way during the confrontation. Moral of the story? If you look the wrong way you will be chased out and told to get out the state if you come here, if not directly by a business then by their friend who has nothing better to do than hang out and cause trouble. Guy is very lucky this is a mutual combat state, that is all I have to say. Did not expect to get into a huge altercation just because of the way I look when I just trying to buy some chocolate. Avoid this place like the plague or locals will likely assault you as well; this was unwarranted, I did nothing to provoke this guy. God help anyone that try and shop here, hopefully you look like a drab, uneducated red neck so that maybe you can make a purchase without harassment.

Amelia Klein

Oh my gosh! The food and drink is to die for!

Leon Curtis

Bake goods are awesome, the headed baguette is the best bread I ever had. Makes great lattes and awesome atmosphere

Kenzie W

Great place. Loved the attached chocolate shop. Good place to stop on a trip.

Warren Woods

Very good food

abike Becroft

Amazing food right off the highway when visiting Vermont. Made fresh with local ingredients.

annie Me

Try the apple pie. Its simply amazing!

Steve Davidson

Real bread, real grit, insanely good pastries, soups, and sandwiches. Easy access right off the highway and the staff are professionally humble.

Benjamin Moore

Great place to stop get a coffee and breakfast on your travels.

Jon Harris

Good bread, good pastries, good coffee, convenient location.

Harlow Soliman

The greatest products A good place for breakfast and desert

David Biddle

Enjoyed a cappuccino & chocolate croissant. Excellent!

Susan Sykas

First visit late in day. Will return earlier in AM for more choices.

Eln Tax

Coffee and quiche were great. Scone was dry, hard, and tasteless. Be sure to visit the chocolate shop next door.

Megan Thomas

Red Hen is always amazing. Fantastic breads, pastries, and always good company. I recommend the Pesto Sandwich!

kate kim

Amazingly delicious!!!

Richard R. Smith

The Food, not only Healthy but Delicious as well

Francine Martel

Great, fresh soups & sandwiches.

Christopher Hill

I walked in to buy some bread. The first woman at the counter looked right through me as she announced that she was leaving to someone else behind her who had their back to the counter. Then, when someone did come to speak with me, I inquired about a particular style of bread and her answer was, "it's bread..." Needless to say, I was less than impressed by their lackadaisical service and will not be returning.

Kathryn Drury

Perfect place to meet a friend and hang out! Decent healthy food and great coffee.

Jackson Kytle

Real food, great wholesome bread! Locals know.

Dylan Covington

Great food and a great beer selection for grab and go

Albert Hermsen

Awesome atmosphere. What only 1 refill on coffee. Hmm. Okay vermont standards I guess

Gwendolyn Bunnewith

We've been coming here for years, and it has been so exciting to watch this place grow in popularity and expand their menu! They have the best hot sandwiches around, plus a tasty selection of pastries.

Andrew Richter

Great food and baked goods !!!

Peg Purdue

Great coffee, excellent sandwiches and bakery goods.

Tim Schonholtz

Everything is so good!


Been here several times, food is overpriced and decent but not great. Parking is a nightmare and the place is always packed often leading to long wait times to try and snag a table. People parking on the road often makes it difficult to pull out of when leaving.

Kelly Mears

Amazing place with amazing fresh baked bread!

Karen McP

Terrific bakery and cafe with a variety of selections made in premises a d snoe other local treats too. Room to sit. Even the new peeps behind the counter are full of smiles.

Shelley Glassman

They have absolutely delicious fresh bread here. I haven’t tried the sandwiches yet, but since they’re made with the bread, I’m sure they are great.

Hanorah Grill

Loaded up on baked goods before leaving Vermont. So good. The lamination on the buttery, flaky croissants is to die for, the baguette had real deep flavor, and their breakfast sandwiches are tops. Really great coffee, plus you can pick up your maple syrup/stuff here too! Will definitely come here again when we move up to VT.

Michael Wenzel

Lived locally for years and have been dozens of times. Always superb coffee, pastries, bread and sandwiches. One of my most adored places to eat in Vermont, you guys rock!

Tiana Valyou

No gluten free options. Not many dairy free options. Would like to see more bakeries work towards more Gluten Free options for those of us who have intolerances and other diseases.

Gene S

Food is good, beer selection is great, but prices are a little high.

Arianna G. G.

Food is sooooo goood. People there are very nice. Definitely would recommend.

John Tobin

Excellent baked goods and sandwiches!

Chris Brynga

I love their bread here and their shop. Very fun place to visit and always helpful staff in a great atmosphere.

1-Love cafe

Great bread! Seeded baguette forever!

Anne Cantera

This place is a dream come true. Delicious EVERYTHING. Its one of my favorite places in Vermont. Delicous bread, amazing sandwiches, fantastic sweets and beautiful politics. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Cassandra Hemenway

Expensive Gourmet Foods, great bread! Nice little cafe sweet thrift store across the street, delicious tea and coffee and treats. They also have games and lounging space for people with kids and encourage hanging out.

Birgit Loveall

Every time I go there, I am in heaven. The bread is just like at home (Germany).

Elisha McLam

Lots of fantastic goodies. They also stock a variety of specialty Vermont foods.

stephanie busch

Great coffee shop! Very welcoming, great coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. There is also a nice selection of Vermont-made products and gifts.

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