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REVIEWS OF Panera Bread IN Vermont

dolores Reinecke

Just ran in for my free birthday pastry. Always jummey

Poisoned Pens

Eh - needs some work on the breakfast menu. The tortilla wrap itself was bland, dry and somewhat tasteless. Cheese tasted like it had been melted in a microwave. Not really that impressed by the menu, though obviously that's not a local decision in a chain restaurant. Staff was pleasant and friendly enough.

Noah Dion

Probably one of the nicest one's I've been to so far. Clean, bright as they all are but with the best food! Always fresh. I come here often for lunch and the soups are also delicious for a chain place

Natalie Hogge

VERY Poor service. Food was luke warm. Disappointed in the quality. Avoid this place.

Ruin Goldwolf

I love the food here, rich, flavorful and comforting. I like to go on rainy days or when I'm sad, it always cheers me right up

OneCrazyStitch Yarns

Came for a fundraiser for my son's school. Pleasantly surprised that the pricing is extremely affordable. I was expecting just bread and high prices. Not at all! The girls behind the counter were so kind and helpful, and the whole place was very clean. The good was delicious, too! I will absolutely be back.

Trevor Smith

Great drive through service!

Rebecca Lupkes

There's not a single negative comment to be made about thus's ALWAYS the best!

Stacey Parker

Great selection, soups are amazing!

Darryl Yenor

Employees were rude and acted like they wanted to close, a hour and a half before closing time, didn't have what was on the menu, had to order what I didn't want originally. Not a pleasant visit.

Tom Chitwood

the staff is super friendly the food is good, i have been to this location 2 times and both times my order was wrong. was given chips when i ordered the baguette. i know its a small thing but i am odd and hate chips. I wont be coming back!

Nancy Murphy

Adrienne Klein

I had 45 people over on Saturday morning for breakfast and I decided to go with Panera because they offered delivery, which I appreciated. About a week before the event I ordered 50 bagels, 2 cartons of coffee and about 6 tubs of cream cheese on the company's online ordering page. It was set to be delivered at 9 AM (people were going to show up at 9:30). The day before the delivery I got a confirmation email stating that my order would be delivered in 24 hours and because I got that email, I did not call the store directly to confirm, which was a mistake. The day of the event I called Panera at 9:30 AM asking if they were going to show up. At this point they were 30 minutes late. The person on the phone said the driver was on her way and had just gotten "lost". OK, I can deal with that. At 9:45 I call back and ask if the driver is still lost. The store is only a 10 minute drive away...I would have gone to pick it up, but now I had 45 people at my house. Turns out the driver hadn't left yet and they forgot about my order. They apologized and said they would be there right away. "Right away" turned into 45 minutes later. The driver arrived at 10:30 - 1.5 hours late. The bagels were unsliced and she only gave us a handful of little cream cheese spreads (the personal-sized kind). The store manager offered to give me $50 off my order, which was nice, but too little too late. It would have been better if I had just never ordered from them.

Claudia Westling

The food is so fresh and the restaurant is always clean. The staff is so friendly which makes it a great place to spend with friends.

Samantha Friend

Delicious food, friendly service, vegetarian options

Shawn Davis

I got a steak

Betina Shangraw

Best chain option around! #love

Arleen and Dan Cox

Too spicy, too pricey, Won't be trying again.

Johnny Skinner

Not much value for your dollar! We had the exact same lunch two Turkey Bacon Bravo sandwiches with chips, a 1 once bag of chips I might add, and that was $25.00! Then they have the nerve to ask for a tip as you stand there to order? Come on


You shouldn’t have to have a backup breakfast option in mind every time you go to a restaurant that serves breakfast at breakfast time. But here you do. When you order a four cheese soufflé, they only have it availability half of the time. They won’t make one for you even though it’s still breakfast time. They just want you to pick another soufflé instead. I actually stopped going here because of this. I went this morning for the first time in about 6 months because I was craving a four cheese soufflé. Of coarse I order one and hear “We are out of that one but you can pick from any of the others.” I personally don’t like any of their other menu items including the other soufflés. Definitely irritated I just spent money on something I didn’t want. That’s my bad. I should have just said nevermind and left.

Sherry Hunt

Nowhere is there a description of what is in the salads or sandwich. The corn chowder was thin as broth with chunks if corn and peppers. Probably won't be back.

Nathan Nielson

The food was good, I got the Asian salad and thought it was well made. But the price. Oh man, are they ever over charging for 1/2 a sandwich, 1/2 a salad and a drink. $15 !? C'mon, it's not that good. I feel that I got $8 worth of food, tops. Not planning a return anytime soon especially with Firehouse subs across the street.

M Liu

Since we don't have Panera in Honolulu, I stop to grab a bite to eat and some fresh made bagels whenever I'm near one. This location is quiet, I suspect because it's fairly new, and everyone was very friendly. We even purchased a half dozen bagels to bring back with us when we returned home.

Some Username

It sucks

Patrick Chandler

Awesome place,they did a Jr bakers day and I brought my niece with the bethel girl scouts and had a fantastic time

Anna Chase

Well have only been there one time but the people were real nice and the food was one of the most fresh dinning out i have ever had and would go there if was asked were to go for fresh food and one of the best i have ever been to.

Sejada Alic

If you’re going to Drive-through take your time take for ever And the food is very expensive you don’t get what you pay for

Anna Van Ness

Beverly Ludders

I came in late to get a salad. I eat there often and know the food can be good. It was like the salad was left over from the early part of the day. The tomatoes were so anemic, they barely recognizable as a tomato. It just was disappointing.

Lincoln Walters

Tastes great!

Tim Waage

Strawberry salad is great.

Jose Tapia

Great soups, flat breads too, not bad price either, about 13$ a meal but worth a try if your into soups, salads or sandwiches/flat bread

Birgit Loveall

Jessie Huntoon

Fast friendly service

ursula brown

How very sad, loved Panera on the East Coast, so excited when they opened one in Meridian. Food was mediocre, soup not warm enough, sandwiches were so so, very dark in there. What made the experience really bad, they were in a hurry to close, while we were eating a lady took a dirty floor mat that was in front of the sodas and threw right next to the table we were sitting at. On the way out I saw what appeared to a manager (he had just come in from smoking outside). I mentioned it to him, his response: I will talk to her. We are in a hurry to close. Wow, really? We will be in a hurry to go elsewhere to eat. Again, very sad. ☹️

Samantha Mallory

Cute little Panera tucked away on the bustling Eagle Road. I go here a lot to study and the staff mostly leaves me be in my corner in their other room with my food. They haven't kicked me out even when I stayed, munching on a grilled cheese and tomato soup, for 4 hours. Food is decent, though not as good as other Paneras I've been to.

Jason Broughton

Steven Ord

My wife and daughter like Panera and I go along although it's not near the top of my list. Today I ordered a whole ham and swiss sandwich on wheat bread with mayo. I was really surprised at the size of the sandwich. It was 1/2 the size of any sandwich I have ordered anywhere else. In addition, the bread was dry and there was only a little bit of mayo on it. Panera is always pricey to me but today it was a complete ripoff. I will not be going back again.

Cheryl Hileman

Good, wholesome food. Nice, friendly, quick service. Great selection of food for breakfast and lunch.

Brendon Bales

Good stuff.

Damon Dickson

Panera has great sandwiches and soup. Healthy place to eat. Over priced though compared to others. Don't get cinnamon rolls here- they're not even close to good. Go to Kneaders for great cinnamon. Rolls.

Christopher Jones

Good selection, even for the kids. Moderately priced, but worth it.

Carrie Youngblood

Pleasant and clean, friendly staff

Nathan Conway

Just stopped in for a brunch and had a great experience all together. The employees were welcoming and helpfull. My food was delicious and my coffee was great.

Laney Bell

The manager, Zach, was not super friendly. We had a large group and I had set my stuff down at the table but another group must have not seen my stuff and sat down, so we found another table. When we asked if we could push two tables together to make room for our group and his reply was "no, it's lunch time." Then when we tried to fit our group at one table, he said "ladies try to move your chairs" I love panera but I didn't need passive aggressive comments However, Karen was very nice and pleasant to encounter.

Jennifer Daugherty

BBQ chicken Mac n cheese is so good! Had a Chipotle chicken avocado sandwich that was amazing as well!

Vergel Harker

The grilled paninis and soup are always amazing!

Jeff Simone

Tina Haas

They have excellent pastries, but the only bad complaint is when you walk up to the front doors, no matter what time you go, even in the morning they are very gross looking.. It looks like nobody ever cleans them!!!! But other than that things are great!!!!!

Teri Campbell

Wonderful food! Great for working lunches, quick ordering and delivery. Quick to make and always a crowd pleaser!!

Rob Robinson

Always a great sandwich and a bowl of soup very clean enjoy any and all of the different stores

Philip Armstrong

$15.50 for a 1/2 a sandwich half a salad and an ice tea. No napkins and no baguette.. not going back

Dan Choma

It's a decent sandwich shop, and when they get my order right its 4 stars. They rarely get it right though, so -1 star. And I dont need them trying to guilt me out of drinking a Pepsi.

Arielle Smith

Colleen Sollars

Love their food but the dining room was a mess...dirty tables that needed to be bussed.

Kacie Bell

My favorite place! Panera is heaven on Earth. Always great food and great service. With a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere Panera is amazing.

Dinesh Mamoria

I like it

Harold Lawrence

Rebecca Amerman

Way over priced for what you get.

Sabrina Barbic

Online says they are open till 9:30. Showed up at 8:53 and they said they were closed. When I asked what time they closed they said 9:00. It was 8:55 at this point which is obviously still before 9:00. The employee who was on the intercom was very short with us and not friendly at all. I work in the food industry and know how obnoxious late customers are but I still serve them with a smile. I'd just like the same in return. Not happy.

Rene Joon

This Franklin Road Boise, Idaho Panera Bread location could use some serious Customer Service upgrades. Suggestions: 1) greet the customer in a timely manner, with a smile, simply acknowledge their presence. 2) don't hire volital, contrary, argumentative individuals who are more concerned about being 'right' than they are about the customer's Panera Bread experience. 3) don't hire someone who looks like they're strung out on meth...twitching and scratching their scalp - all while scowling, slouching and complaining of nothing to do (seriously). Management, get a clue! You have many good employees at this location but the (few) bad ones are 'spoiling the barrel' and making Panera Bread look bad.

Laurie Sweet

Stopped on my way to work. Forgot my lunch this morning. Well I ordered a BLT roasted Turkey & Avacado sandwich. Unfortunately they forgot the bacon. My sandwich and a bag of chips cost me $11.00. Maybe the gal was unhappy because I told her to keep the change. It wasn't much, but I could have taken it. CAFE ORDER NUMBER #1307559 GUEST #559. Not a happy customer...

Kent Hull

I ordered a bowl of Chicken Noodle soup in the drive-thru. What I received was a bowl of broth with about 5 noodles, a few little slices of carrots and almost no chicken. When I called to speak with a manager I waited for several rings then was disconnected. Terrible experience, worse customer service not even answering the phone. Will never go back.

ShaRon Stewart

I had made an order for pick-up. I tried to pick it up from the drive-thru because I was in a hurry. I got the window and was told I couldn’t pick it up at the window I had to go in. Are you kidding me.... someone couldn’t walk over a pick up an order that was ready to go. Instead I had to wait for the people in front of me and then drive all the way around and go in. Really how lazy are we.

Linda Anderson

Great food and service!

Willy Cat

Have healthy items on their menu and will accommodate your needs. Food was fresh.

Mar Housley

Yummy as always! The manager was so helpful!

Susan Graves-Cox

Good food.... a little pricey. I'm never disappointed.

Tammy Isakson

Gail Fisher

Yum, great food, friendly staff, great price and service.

Birdie Schlusberg

I always receive good customer service. The food is a little expensive for small portions, but I think it's delicious and have never had an order messed up, despite the fact that I almost always get customized food.

Ric Ravier

No complaints other than there were no cats. There should definitely be cats. Not to eat, but to pet. Meow.

Thomas Golding

Great modern small bakery and sandwich shop. We enjoyed the food. Manager visited our table. Very relaxed. Several people hanging out with laptops. Variety of different walks of life represented here. Maybe a bit on the expensive side, but worth it in my opinion.

Alice Jenkins

It could be called Panera Bread and Salads and Soup and Sandwiches and desserts. The menu is quite extensive and food is freshly made. This is a real step up from fast food. A friend and I stopped in for lunch and although the place was busy, our lunch was served quickly and brought to our table with a smile.

Gale Luckey

Quick service and great atmosphere.

Halle McDermott

When did the pick two salad literally shrink to half it’s normal size? Absolutely ridiculous portion for the price. They are also extremely slow took over 15 minutes to get a food order for one person

Brandon Williams

Good food, consistently. Saves time to use the app for orders.

Roberto Callarotti

Andrew Cervini

Slow. Slow. Slow. One register open and employees walking around doing nothing. Food not what it used to be. Too expensive.

Carmeta French

They always mess up my lunch orders. I no longer bother

Jessica Hammond

Way more expensive than I remember. Food not worth the money.

Jodie Tarbell

A bit spendy

Ca Fi

Nice, cozy atmosphere, while feeling modern at the same time. Great food options as well as pastries. Nice place to relax with friends or work on your own. The staff is helpful and polite and the food is always tasty and fresh!

Brad Murphy

Love the CREAMY tomato soup and the green tea.

Emillie Hoerner

This was our first time at a Panera bread and we were so pleasantly surprised. I asked our cashier for a recommendation between two lunch options and she knew right away what to recommend and what to add or take off that makes it taste the best. She was super friendly and helpful, our food was ready in under 5 mins in the super busy joint, and it was so delicious. I love the freshness and the "good for you" fast food experience. I am already ready to return!

Andrew Opulauoho

Food is decent when they get it right

Richard Hobbs

While they do have great food here, I get a kick out of how they try to present it as healthy. I mean at the end of the day it’s still fast food. Nonetheless It is good and the staff are always pleasant, so 5 stars it is.

Hazel Kidder

Clean fast and friendly service. A healthy choice. I recommend the green goddess cob salad with chicken!

Tim Cloutier

Those RFID sensor things they give you freak me out. Talk about big brother! Also, very expensive food.

Angela Emerson

Crappy food way over priced

Jennifer Smith

Katrina Wendland

I am not a fan of the prices at Panera, but the quality of food and customer service keeps drawing me back. Tonight though - was exceptional. The engine in my car bogged out on me and my car wouldnt restart, right when I was at the window in the drive through. (So-FREAKING-EMBARRASSING) After several attempts, Mike (who I think might be the manager) came and chatted with me a bit, and next thing you know, he and 2 of his workers, (Joey and Ryan) were behind my car and pushing me into a parking space in the lot so I wouldnt continue panicking. I loved that. I was super thankful for these 3 tonight.

Kurt Marko

Great selection of sandwiches and salads. Good scones and bagels too.

LAURA Harkins

Their homemade autumn soup is to die for service is always great price is right.

Abigail Sulfridge

A wonderful place to work and eat. The staff are sweet. One of the new girls, watch out for her XD. The food is high quality. The dining room is cozy and warm. I'm not sure why the designers chose carpet...but it's pretty. The pastries are wonderful. I love it soo much.

Leisa Williams

Over priced for what you get.

D Bearden

Made an online delivery online and it didn’t show up

Larry Gammel

Terrible food, expensive!

Yvonne Nelson

Excellent food and service Every time. Love the Autumn Squash soup, wish it wasn't going away.

Dawn Bassett

Wonderful gluten conscious triple chocolate cookie!

Cynthia Winjum

Fresh, delicious food. Menu has some regular items, but they also chance it up each season. Great service!

Dillon Durrant

First time here and it was phenomenal. The atmosphere was chic and modern while still being casual. Service was quick and the food was amazing. The layout of the store flows perfectly to avoid crowds or congestion. Plenty of seating, even during lunch rush. If my stomach, my stress levels, and my wallet are all this satisfied, then I consider it a winner.

Joyanne Redington

Great service, friendly staff. One of the better Paneras I have been to.

Andrew Boomhower

My wife and I used the drive thru here. My steak and cheese sub was good (though it didn't come with a pickle). My wife's sandwich was disappointing, the bread was very soggy so she was only able to eat part of it. For $10, it was not worth it!

Crystal Beale

If I could have it everyday I would! So yummy!

Jennifer Cole

Their cheddar/broccoli soup is my fab along with a steak sandwich with gorgonzola and pickled onions. :)

Angela Blackington

Adam Ewart

Good food!!

Daryl Donahue

Sharon Hanley

Delicious healthy food. Almost always get a pick 2-soup and salad.

Sam Reese

Kimberly Carminati

Great Broccoli Cheeder soup

Catherine Link

Great tomato soup

Tim Lenahan

Meet and eat there all the time

Alysha Emerson

Happy with the food and service ALWAYS!! Darcie, Sarah and Krystal work so hard to make sure everyone leaves happy.

leslie campbell

Love it!

Mel Moon

Pretty nice atmosphere, I made a pick up order. I arrived 5 minutes after the time that my order was supposed to be done and my order wasn't complete, they hadn't even filled my own juice, I had to do that myself, they had even run out of the pastry I had ordered, completely defeated the purpose of a pick up order. The food tasted okay. The pastry was excellent.

Ashley Norgaard

Employees were super nice. I forgot my phone in the car and wasn't able to do the typical awkward "playing on phone while waiting for my to-go order" routine, but instead, the people who were taking out orders were sociable and nice. Turns out, due to the crazy weather lately, they ran out of tuna -- they offered to give me a different sandwich for free, and then when it was ready, they apologised for the wait and gave me some extra treats to make up for it. All in all an awesome experience.

Miaja Grant

The food was good but as my family and I were sitting at the rapid pick up window, all we saw was Natalie’s LONG hair falling into the food and her not trying to tie it back better. I’m disappointed in Panera



shannon adamcik

Cozy place lots of yum food

Stephanie Perkins

Super disappointed tonight. Ordered my food at 8:15 (45 min from when they close) and picked up about 8 minutes after. I have learned tonight not to order ANY time near closing and the quality of preparation and quantity goes down the drain. I go to this Panera all time as we live so close and normally love it. I ordered pick two cup of chicken noodle soup and half Napa almond chicken salad sandwich, as always. Tonight I got about half a sandwich of what I usually get (quarter sized) and my “cup” of soup was only half full.... my sandwich also looked like a 2 year old put it together because half of what chicken was on the sandwich was laying all around the bread. It was wrapped up like this because 3 sides of the bread were soaked. The food is good as always but try to put a little pride in your work!

Jodi Reynolds

I normally like Panera but my visit today was less than mediocre. Went though the drive up on my lunch hour from work. Ordered a bbq chicken salad and was told they changed the dressing that come on it, and now the salad had pickled onions in the mix. The salad was better before they changed it. Had I known the new dressing was really spicy I would have ordered something else. The aftertaste and spice of it even overpowered the soup I ordered. They also gave me a spoon to eat my salad with. Not the Panera I'm used to!

Tara Miceli

Food is tasty but my goodness - I had to ask for another sandwich b/c there was nothing in between the bread. When they brought me another I had combine them to make a normal sandwich! Way too pricey for what we got! I like Panara but will not be back to this location.

Valerie Slayton

Diane Wilcox Capozzi

Dylan Fair

Great food! And the biggest plus is you don't have to have any social interaction whatsoever. There are easy to use kiosks and a pickup location where you are not forced to talk one human being if you don't want to! They also have cute water cups with lids

Robert Adcock

Tasty food, convenient remote ordering system, yummy homemade bread, small sandwiches (healthier when you're dealing with bread) are a little pricey but quite delicious. The salads on the other hand are large. The soups are wonderful. Employees have always been cheerful and helpful. My wife and I enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

Justin H.

Pretty expensive but their Mac and cheese will change your life

Ashlyn Nicole

Absolutely love Panera! Healthy meals with a wide variety of options! About $10/ a plate. They also have a fresh bakery. Panera is dedicated to providing healthy options without dyes or preservatives so if you're looking for a delicious but healthy meal this is your place! They are pretty fast and are very popular. Expect a little bit of a line on the weekends!

Pippi Kelvie

Always appreciate the healthy options but was appalled by the staff's rudeness today. Completely inconsiderate and disrespectful. Very upsetting to my kids and I. Might not go back again due to this episode.

Dean Ray

Good food but a little pricey for what you get.

Christopher Bialas

Cam Stewart

Jeff 6

Awesome place. Friendly staff, fast service & the food is great!

Kris N

Bagel ham n cheese sandwich... Always great

Rosa Andadre

One of my favorite places to eat!

Keynan Fanslow

I had a great experience at Panera today. This is honestly my first time ever leaving a review and there were several reasons for me doing so. Matt has done an awesome job with his staff. Teresa and Rene gave me perfect service and were a pleasure to talk with! I would highly recommend, and of course the food is always great.

Dax Marshel

This place is always very clean, and the food is amazing.

Mike Marquardt

Great healthy food, and the desserts...yummmm

Tara Winslow

It was a good sandwich, i only bought half which was over $6 and it was like the sandwich your mom made you and out in your lunch box and by lunch it got soggy.

Caroline Choudhury

michelle bucholtz

I love the mac and cheese,but I'm getting real sick and tired of getting to work and the bowl is half full.

Nicole Dyas

One of my favorite places to eat out.


So glad to see Panera actually in Boise, closer to us. As always great! Everything was very fresh and delicious. Selfordering by the computers is faster, not sure why most people ignore it. Quickly and easy throw together what you want, what sides you want and take a seat!

Linda Hebert

The person that took my order seemed like she didn't want to be there.Then she never asked if I wanted a pastry for .99 cents.And I always get one but didn't this time.

Richard Vaillancourt

I love the salads there. The best anywhere.

Adam & Sarah Porter

Elizabeth Vail

Amazing clean food so delicious!!!

Clara Buckley

Greg Dennler

I'm not a fan. It's a happening place though, I'll tell you that. I'm a fan of soup and salad but this place didn't do it for me and I really wanted it to be. When I walked in and the line was nearly out the door. Gotta be some good food! I noticed tablets on the wall where you can order your food and not wait in line. So I gave up human interaction and used technology. Free coffee signs illuminated the screen. I was disappointed on the menu selection. Limited number of soups and salads. They didn't even have clam chowder! We ordered and sat down. Was excited to get my soup in a bread bowl. The food came, the food went...It wasn't my order. Human error. Cool. My food came. The half a sandwich was more like 1/4 sandwich. Literally gone in two bites. Rather disappointing. My friends soup had cheese that didn't melt and placed his finger in the soup and it was cold. I thought no way can't be cold. I took a spoonful. It wasn't luke warm- it...was...cold! Bread was okay... nothing special. Salad, Sandwich, and beverage $13. Could have spent the same money at a sit down restaurant and be satisfied.

Shadoe Brown

Salads are outrageous price wise for what you get.

Peter Templeton

Selection and freshness is always great.

Sue Adams

Worst place will never go here again

Erin Quinn


Erik Dansereau

One of the nicest Panera bread that I've been to.

Grace Ocker

Fast, tasty, and a variety of options! Get a sandwich, sweets, salad, or soup! Good food for a decent price with good service and fast to your table!

Gregg Lessing

Staff was friendly. Place was clean but I thought I was cramped to eat in. Food was tasty but I was underwhelmed given all the press and reputation. I had a turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Was it worth $9? The register asked how much tip I wanted to give ... all the check out gal did was take my order and take my money. Tips are for rewarding good service such as a waitress/waiter does ... Not for ringing up a purchase. I was looking to be impressed on my first visit to the chain. I wasnt. I came away thinking I can get the same quality for less elsewhere. Nothing stood out as a reason to want to go back.

Mike D

Pretty good, no complaints. Always fresh and hot, super friendly.

Master-Timothy Haskins

Good food kinda spendy

Kira Peirce

Meg Delorme

Shelby Lorimer

There was a technical error and my order wasn’t realized until a lovely person by the name of JJ I believe checked with me and my order. As soon as the kitchen realized I could hear them being genuinely concerned about it and immediately got it out to me only a couple minutes later. That alone was enough for me because it had barely been 15 minutes until the entire thing was taken care of, but the lovely manager came up to me and offered me a free pastry of my choice and profusely apologized. Amazing customer service, amazing soup. All the employees deserve a raise! Thanks guys!!

Hope Lee Seegmiller

Quite expensive for the amount of food you get and standoffish customer service.

Janet Snedeger

Overall good. Took close to 5 mintues for someone to come to the front registers to greet and assist us but when they did they were very friendly and helpful. Food is usually fresh and tasty!

Mekhennas Wild Adventures

Love Panera and Their Chocolate Fudge Brownies OMG YUM!!!

James King

Food was just alright. Service was good Price is a total RIP off.

Brittany Krystyniak

The staff was very friendly and food was great. Only one cashier by the name of Kaitlyn had an attitude because SHE rang my salad in wrong. I asked for extra feta cheese and she rang in extra Gouda cheese. So I got my salad and there was chunks of Gouda cheese on it. I went back in and let the very kind line worker know that I asked for extra feta cheese and got Gouda cheese instead and as the line worker was getting the cup of feta cheese, Kaitlyn walked by and gave me a snotty look and said “I didn’t ring it in wrong”, I worked with Panera Bread in Florida for 2 years.. the only way it would have showed up on the screen, is if it was rang it that way and I know I didn’t ask for it that way because I’ve been getting this salad the same way since I was first employed by panera.

Rae Ann Hollingsworth

Great food and service

Kim Lamaster

Always happy to be here. Our coffee group is here every Thursday and the staff is very accommodating for us. Best staff members I've had here in Meridian!

Mandy Marie

Good food. Not if you are in a hurry. Trying to call in an order for pick up. You must may over the phone. They will not allow you to pay when you pick up. I told her them I was driving and didn't feel safe reading out my card info while moving. I asked to make a statement about the policy, and they hung up. I can't imagine they can't afford to put up $10 in food and risk it not being picked up. Its not like a catering order. Allow payment at pick up!

Deanna Lamadrid-Jensen

Great service and comfortable seating. The sandwiches just aren't that great tasting and they add sugar to their Autumn squash soup, which makes it overly sweet. It would be delicious as is, without added sugar.

Lisa Y

My family and I stopped in for a quick lunch here. We each got a cup of soup, half sandwich, drink. When we were rung up it was over $50 for the 3 of us to eat. That's way too pricey for the amount of food and quality that we received. We could have had a nice local farm to table experience for the same price. This was incredibly disappointing for a mediocre meal. I will not be back.

JuleAnn Badiola

This is the second time I have been turned away before closing. They wouldn’t take my order over phone twenty min before closing and so I come to the restaurant and they close early and won’t serve me even tho I said I was coming in. A restaurant especially a chain business like this should always serve tell the time they post and should never turn someone away if it’s before closing. It’s just plane bad for business.

Eileen Hoogland

Great strawberry poppyseed chx salad

Matthew Valerio


roberto ortiz

Great customer service and great food made fresh daily

Mariah Riker

Very tasty food definitely high-quality and delicious and super filling. I like that they have a drive-thru that's very convenient and you're still getting healthy food at a very rapid pace the only reason I give four stars is because the amount of food for the amount of money that you pay seems a little bit extra. Would be nice to get a little bit more bang for your buck but at the same time higher quality food means higher price and that's something I totally understand and it's worth it. Will definitely be returning to Panera again very soon

Bryant Fannin

Dont go there after 7pm. They are prepared to close. No coffee available. Run out of food.

Lori Fetters

Always great no matter what Panera I am in.

Sondra Murphy

Great choices. Hearty portions. Nice staff.

Alyssa Andersen

Do you love carbs? This is the place for you. I always enjoy my experience here, the food is great and service is fast.

Rachael Getecha

great food

Mike Plunkett

I like that they bring out the food. The one in Nampa they buzz you to come get it. The food didn't seem as good for some reason.

Aunt Laurel Finucane

What happened to the sandwich descriptions in the menus? Their wasn't much in the panini and it wasn't totally melted; chicken melt wasn't totally melted. She wasn't capable of stating what was the combo sauce in one of the sandwiches. Other locations have order and names below for take out but the other column would be for ready and person name will change to ready when their order is done.

Joshua Moore

I enjoyed a green passion smoothie on my last visit. It was delicious!

Darren Rooney

Wife and I make this our go to for a quick bite in the area. Food is always of quality and the service was friendly even though we visited during a rush. Additionally, I left my bag behind and they held on to it until I could return to retrieve it. They even offered to lock it up for me.

Natalie Elliott

10.00 for a tiny sandwich. I got a water. They won’t sell you a 99 cent cookie unless you buy a 3.00 drink? Byeeeee!

Bob Higgins

Great food and great service


Ordered Chipotle Chicken Melt thinking it would have a little flavor. It didn't.. very bland. Waited 15 minutes in drive through with only one person in front of me. I really wanted to like this place.

Edith Gowans

Always the best service. The food is always cooked to order and fresh. There is never a very long wait. Love this place! Ps. Best iced coffee around.

Amy Riley

Great service. Fun place for a business meeting. Very clean!

Kimberly French

Got our food in less than 5 minutes. Used the kiosks which were super easy to navigate. Love the convenience and quality of food.

Bonnie Boyce

Beany Bean

There was hair in my food


Great place for a nice quick meal.

Yves Pogue

Great healthy food choices.

Traci Fisher

Love their app or kiosk ordering instead of standing in line

Addison Quam

Price is ridiculous for the portion of food you get. The sandwich I ordered was $6 for a half sandwich and it tasted like one I made for lunch this morning with a slice of bacon added to it (Bacon Turkey Bravo) my wifes sandwich was good but it was still over $7 for a half sandwich. The only thing worth the price (arguably) was the Mac and Cheese. In addition, it just felt like Panera was doing everything in its power to make sure you avoid talking to any of them and then asked "how much would you like to tip your server?" I only told the server what I wanted and I could have skipped that step entirely in at least two openly displayed ways. For all I know the people were great I just never saw them. Anyway, probably wont come back and might stop at McDonalds on the way home for a cheap way to fill up.

Molly Putnam

Awesome service. I fat fingered the kiosk and was brought the wrong sandwich. When I brought it to their attention they brought out this awesome steak arugula sandwich that I wanted to order the first place.

Tina Ruiz

Ok food...

Rebecca Correia

waited 7 min I drive through with just one car in front of me also $ 7.92 for a bagel and coffee drink.... ridiculous

Rhiannon Ackaret

Friendly staff, clean establishment, and delicious food! Their prices are affordable, and they have a good variety of things to choose from. This place is on my top 5 favorite restaurants list!

Austin's Problem's

The food is really tasty, just they tend to miss orders and miss place what you ordered.

Katherine Schmall

Open space friendly and caring . Had a great experience.

Chloe Jones

Is quiet and decent

David Maddox

Great food. Soup and sandwichs use quality ingredients. I would give 5 stars, but while the food is good, it doesn't quite meet the bang for the buck factor for me. Basically they cut calories by downsizing portion sizes. Seems to be a new trend in low cal menus.

Jack Lawford

Cozy environment and amazing food! The staff is always nice and helpful making suggestions for food and etc. love eating here in sick days because nothing gets you to feel better like some good soup and bread!


Food is really good but it is not a good value for how much you get. I ordered what I thought was a lot of food but I was still really hungry afterwards and it was expensive.

Victoria Beach

Wonderful service! I went threw the drive through and when I got back to work my order was wrong I called and they replaced it and delivered it to me right at work! Very sweet of them and I appreciate it alot. Would recommend them. Delicious food!

Susan Farnhamlewis

Gail Kerezsi

I am enamored by the Fuji apple with chicken salad and order that each time I go to Panera and it comes with delicious bread on the side.

Ryan Fisher


Ben Whipple

Loved it, amazing sandwich and great soup. Around $30 for 3 of us to have a good savory lunch. Even the picky 9 year old loved his sandwich. Atmosphere is comfortable with just enough style to feel a bit classy. Staff was very friendly and the eating area clean. Was going to take a pic of the food, but it was too good! Had to finish it too quick.

Rick Del Vecchio

Gross, overpriced hospital food. No clue what all the rage is about.


Good service, quick. No complaints here.

Darrell Smith

Great salads and service

Stephen Mccool

Twice I've had to wait in the parking lot for my order, they've messed my order up 5 times forgetting to put apples in my Apple argule and CHEDDER sandwich, and they were poorly put together, and on a avacodo roasted turky sandwich they left the part of the skin on my avocado

Vicki Henderson

Great place for a hang out with friends cuz everyone can order separately from the app or the counter or kiosk. The app has some challenges- they say they deliver your food to you and skip the counter but if you want a drink you still have to go to the counter to get the cup and fill up at the self serve area. Staff was helpful but not attentive to cleaning up after people. We had to ask to have our table wiped after being seated for several minutes.

David E. Velau

Good food here

Eddie Ramirez

Panara is always my first choice!

Gretchen Litzsinger

I just got the worst food poisoning of my life for the past 24 hours. Puking 3-5 times every hour. It started at 2am after I ate the veggie soup and Greek salad. Please be careful this is the most sick I’ve ever been, I probably should have gone to the hospital

Ron Standley

Busy, but staff kept up with lunch rush. Nice walk from the superchargers.

Wheelys Boise

Bland white food- really yummy pecan rolls- coffe was ok- wait time not long even during lunch rush. Order ahead pick up options. Meh over all.

Joseph J Ritzo

The food is good, but the service can be very slow, especially if it's a guy behind the counter. I've been there at least twice as the only customer & had to wait over a minute to get served. Women are always prompt & polite.

Roland Serb

Great place to have meeting at. Wide open spaces and the food is great!

LiLi Cyrway

Yasss paneraaaaaa

Derrek Brent

Awful!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the steak and white cheddar sandwich for $10. It should have been called the horseradish nightmare! It was so overpowering it was burning my nose and you could taste nothing else. I scaped off the mounds of horseradish sauce to make it tolerable, but you can't.. the meat is whatever scraps the butcher wouldn't consider feeding his dog... seriously a piece of bone and large piece of tendon in very small sandwich.. no joke subway puts more meat on a 6" sandwich than on a whole at panera! If you want to be extremely disappointed and overpay for garbage then Panera is the place for you!

Sam McAnulty

Not my favorite

Virginia D'Adamo

Andrea Hurley

I came on the right day when they were sample baking fall items. Got a free cookie!

Linda Wilkinson


Will Salberg

For a place that advertises fresh they seem to be a little lacking. The soups are pretty epic tho. Located in its own building on the parking lot means a bit of a walk to get to it but it's not really that bad.

Renny Azotea

Great food, local and fresh. Fast service and awesome bagels.

Erin Moon

I love the rapid pick up and the food is always delicious

Jesse Harper

Food is good but it's slow and way overpriced

Nathan Macie

Food is good. Very slow at the drive-thru orders and WAY!! to expensive.

Angelo S

Very bland, boring, and overpriced. I've been to Panera Bread twice, both times at this location. I tried the turkey, apple, and cheddar sandwich on my first visit. I got it to go and took it back to work. I found it to be rather flavorless, not to mention turkey was only on half of my sandwich. The turkey was wet, limp, and flavorless, just like the kale apple salad glop with which it was paired. I figured it might be a one off since the place just opened and decided to give them another try. I went in this evening (2-7-17) and ordered a turkey avocado BLT with a cup of chicken soup. The soup was good but not amazing, only a bit better than canned chicken noodle soup (I don't like canned chicken soup much). My sandwich was another cold, wet disappointment. I did get turkey on my entire sandwich this time but, in a running theme, only avocado on half. The turkey was still cold, wet, and limp, and now I had limp, flavorless bacon to go with it. The tomatoes were fresh but the lettuce was limp. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever had, certainly better than a vending machine sandwich, but it definitely wasn't worth the price, especially since they never could even make my sandwich right.

Toby Grant

Waitress could not explain the menu, food was mediocre and the sliced apple we ordered was an unwashed whole apple. Was not worth the effort to try to communicate with the staff as they clearly did not care.

Hannah Giza

Never really friendly. Counter staff are not good at customer service. Their coffee mugs are always dirty. They don't inspect them before putting them away or giving them to customers. One time the rim was completely Dusty like it had been on the shelf for a year. Then this time around 3/8/18 at 10:15, my mug had a lipstick smudge.... I'm not wearing lipstick... Not a great place. Always a disappointment here.

Jade Speranza

Great food! And service!!

Silver Laughter

I always like eating here. Definitely pricey though.

Robin Z

Love the roasted turkey blta!

Duane Winterroth

Love Panera

Chad Orr-Compton

The food was amazing. There was a mistake with my food, but it was promptly fixed and I was overall happy with my meal.

Corrine Rain

Good food. Pricey

Natasha Harrington

Been here a number of times for lunch and honestly never had good service at the drive thru window or speaker. In defense of the gentleman who took my payment at the window, he was friendly enough and the only reason this is a two star instead of one. The lady who took my order on speaker sounded less than happy to be serving customers. More like I was bothering her. The poor customer service and ridiculous portions will have me going somewhere else. Across the street at Chick-fil-A, you are ALWAYS going to get good customer service and down the road at Zupas you will get restaurant sized portions of salad/soup/sandwiches. At Panera you will pay $10 for a HALF of a sandwich and a small cup of soup.

Nancy Holman

Good stuff! Nice salad options and you can make them keto friendly.

Megan Knight

Very nice Panera with very friendly staff! I had tried a new salad that I really didn't like. An employee noticed and offered to get me a new salad!! It is also very clean with quick service!

Dippy D

Chris Vogl

Delicious soups, salads, and breads. Kiosks you can order from when it's busy and they bring your food out. Try the country loaf or the crusty bread! Good smoothies and iced teas.

C Jensen

I love the taste of their bread...


Great, freshly made to order meals. One thing, it's hard to know what everything is on the menu since they update it so often. They're usually pretty helpful and knowledgible about everything though...

Lucas Havlina

I like Panera it's a good place to get a bite to eat.

Elyse Schneider

The food is so good


Melinda Goforth

Good bagels

Sarah Wiley

30 minutes to get through a drive thru is never ok. There should be more than one person for drive thru during busy times.

Kylie Rae

If you’re looking for an unbelievable dining experience, look no further. My bf has been talking about Panera bread for months. I finally went today, and my expectations were still exceeded. I recommend it without reservation. We ordered 3 different entrees, and they were each superb in their own way. Serving sizes were generous, which is something you just can’t beat. Be back tomorrow, Panera bread!

Ken Wall

Always good

Todd Scott

Good food but the dining room was pretty dirty. Maybe they were still recovering from the lunch crowd. I had to look pretty hard for a table that wasn't completely covered in crumbs.

Dan Hassler

Sheila Avila

Peter Swaine

Bob Doyle

Good healthy food

Reptilian Cow

Opens at 6. Better than any fast food place around

Melanie Fulkerson

Great food but a little pricey


The food is excellent!! Must try the food!!! They deliver!

Patrick Wangoi

A great place, delicious food

Alfred Rouleau

Laura Ladner

The perfect lunch spot on a cold day. They even have a fire place!!

Sharron Prairie

Nice atmosphere, good Wi-Fi. A great place to have a working lunch. Only three stars because a bowl of soup and a small scrap of bread cost $7.00.

Michael Houch

Good food

Daniel Ambrose


Always come here for the turkey avocado, tomato and bacon, or the roast beef sandwich. Their cheesy mac n cheese is good too. Panera is my personal treat place, when I want to get food only for me. I've tried reproducing their food at home. It isn't ever as good.

Hannah Davis

Great restaurant! I went to one in Denver and fell in love and was so excited to have one here. My family and I eat very healthy, so we appreciate that the food there is quality. The staff are amazing and I will definitely be a regular there.

Paul Greaves

Prism Bodywork

Fast, friendly service. Great food! We had the two and two chipotle chicken avocado melt with broccoli cheese soup and the roasted turkey, cheddar and apple sandwich with Asian salad. All were absolutely delicious. The salad was big, the soup was slightly smaller. The interior was clean and nice, open and light. Great atmosphere with relaxing music, great for a lunch date! All the wait staff was friendly, almost unheard of these days!

Heather Elaine

Really good kids love it we will be back

John McMurray

Always great! Their steak Panini along with tomato bisque is outstanding!

Mia M. Boudreau

Just heard good things about the place I've got to go.......

Laura Perkins

Great food & wonderful selection of bakery items. Love that there are healthy options at a drive thru restaurant! Rewards program has nice perks.

Sueann Clark

Richard Laws

The place is pretty clean with a pretty good selection of bagels and healthy sandwiches. Not much different than any other Panera.

Cindy Adams

The soup was pretty good. The bread they served with it was burnt. I will not be returning.

Tina Slokan

Staff was pleasant. Chicken salad sandwich was good. BLT was okay. Place was clean. Dessert was yummy but they were out of macaroon cookies. Spent about 2 hours there doing work.

Toyann Fong

Always love having lunch with friends at Panera! Best sandwich and salads in town! See ya'll soon.

Jim Nourse

Excellent food and good service.

Aiden Worth

You can't trust the hours posted. 10 min early to close and everything was locked. Posted hours are a lie and I was extremely dissatisfied. Friday July 26th

Stacie Allen

It's the first time I've ever gone to Panera Bread and it will be my last. Just wanted a simple grilled cheese with tomatoes. I think my 8-year-old nephew can make a better grilled cheese. Half my sandwich had no cheese and it had weird smoked tomatoes on it. Plus, it was barely grilled. More like a warm cheese sandwich. Just awful!

sheryl Cole

Exceptionally helpful staff...reliable healthy food

Evelyn Payette

Food was good but poor managment in front of house rude in front of customers treated cashier poorly not enjoyable felt bad for cashier.

Trinity Christianson

Food was okay, nothing special. I could make these sandwiches at home way cheaper. I've had the pastries at other Panera and they were moist and really good, this Panera they were very dry and hard. The bread served with the kids soup was very hard. Our kids usually love bread, all 3 kids didn't finish their bread because it was hard. The prices were way to high for this bad of an experience.

Erick Bostrom

overpriced and not worth it

Melissa Transtrum

Great food, great atmosphere, very nice employees.

christian kelley

Liz Kelley

We love Panera and this one is exceptionally clean, prompt and helpful with menu items we had questions about. It has a drive through too!

Jay D

Joseph Thomas

Great food!

Ben Eastwood

Healthy fast choices.

Mark Shaw

Lots of good choices, good grub and reasonable prices.

Mr. Benoit

The modern caprese and the Baja Mac... Or the steak and white cheddar panini...BOooYAaa!

Brandon Kittelmann

Food's good when they get your order right. Didn't realize how hard it must be to read an order from a screen, make it, and then do it again. Maybe the management is just going downhill and training has become lackluster. Who knows....

John Melland

Delicious but pricy.


Great food great prices they even have a drive thru

Brent L

Not impressed with the tuna sandwich tonight :( Usually they do a decent job with the food (when they are not out of bread bowls) but tonight's to-go order was lacking substance - see photo 6/4/19

Rosanne Gray

Good food. Staff could be a little more outgoing and friendly! Prices for what you get is not to bad

Joseph Strong

Food was fantastic and the quality of ingredients were as advertised. We will return.

Robin Markowitz

I give it 3 stars.. Great food, but expensive.

Oscar Terrazas Jr

Everyday is a cheat day with preggo momma! Best way is to eat at Panera. Love the space. Food is good. Staff is always generous.

Nelson Bowen

Good was very tasty but the portions were VERY small. I wouldn't recommend taking high school aged boys. We were in town for a Cross country meet and had to get double meals for the boys and they were still hungry! It was very expensive!

Jenn Mcdowell

didn’t like the chicken noodle (tasted a bit bland) the bread was amazing though! i also forgot my card and Baily behind the counter was patient while my husband sent the card digests over. the rest of the staff was very friendly too!

sara putnam


Yuriy Yuriy

Wrong hours posted for Sunday. They close at 9.

Kathy Jacobson

Food is always fresh and delicious! The tomatoes soup is thick and creamy...Love it@

Kara Thueson

My husband and I dined at this Panera 3-10-18 at 7:30pm and I can’t say enough great things about the manager, Yvonne. She was incredible. She went out of her way to make our experience amazing and she was super friendly. Thank you for a great experience, Yvonne.

Jeff Hall

Great food and service. Have liked everything I have tried

Mrs Nonie

Good food, clean, kind of a long wait, nice snacks

Liz Sargent

Lots of choices. Love their sandwiches all freshly made.

Greg Boyd

Great Southwest Avocado Salad...

Kendra Kelley

Friendly and helpful employees, it's convenient they have free WIFI so I could chat with a friend while my kiddo did work. I had the coffee cake which was good, the blueberry muffin is my favorite!

Jess Trevino

Staff always cheerful and friendly. Food always amazing. Love it.

Johnathan Baldauf

Food is good, but when I am in a hurry and hit the drive-thru, my order has a 50% chance of being wrong. Save for times when you have time to go in and order.

Amy Jo Williams

Great, healthy food! Good service and a nice warm fire in the winter with soft chairs to sit by it.

Dale Sammann

Good food, good service.

Hollyshobby Photography

Amanda Harding

Always good food!

Rachel Lindsey

I like panera both for the service, but also for the fast -but acutely decent -food.

Michael Z Rork

The food was delicious, as always (Panera itself is generally 5 star) but this location seemed to not care as much about making sure their stock levels were good. We went in mother's day afternoon (not even dinner time!) And they were out of pretty much everything.

Paul D

I always enjoy coming to a Panera bread store. I like their half sandwich and soup combination. Their broccoli cheddar soup is one of the best in the business. They some of the best pastries, fresh in the morning with several great choices of coffee or an espresso to order.

Becky Torgrimson

sandwich was sloppy


Very relaxed environment with great background music that was not overwhelming. The food was more expensive than I was expecting averaging around 7 to 8 dollars for soup or salad and bread. The seating was very comfortable and there was reliable WiFi. The staff was very helpful when I informed them I had not been to the restaurant before. While it was more of a restaurant than a cafe, however it was relaxed like a cafe. Great for groups of 8 or less. The bathrooms were very clean. Will visit again.

Simone Wheeler

I usually enjoy Panera bread but the water that I got from the fountain machine was pink.... yes .... pink. I didn't dare drink it.

Michael Limb

Really enjoy Panera Bread. My wife and I had soup and a sandwich which was delicious during our Christmas shopping. The restaurant has always been clean and the staff friendly.

Michael Naragon

Panera is excellent, particularly for breakfast. Whether you are in the mood for a pastry or a bagel sandwich, the food is great. All of the employees I've dealt with have been friendly, as well, making Panera a great way to start the day.

Daniel Geaslen

Clean and nice with a fireplace. Friendly service.

Brian Driscoll

Always enjoy the healthy meals, friendly staff and quiet atmosphere

Stephanie Nadeau

Friendly staff, great place to stop for healthy options dine in or take out

Venus Russell

Went with a good friend to catch up. There was a wide variety of choices... Soups, salads, sandwiches, and more. I enjoyed a bowl of their turkey chili! Lots of flavor and the presences of lime❤️ we were looking for a place to connect and nourish ourselves, it was a great fit! Great service! When we ordered the cashier let us know the time that were included and a tracker lead the food right to our table. The bakery items looked amazing!!! (I'm hopeful they will add some gluten free cookies). Inviting and clean, thumbs up


“Ten vegetable soup” is my favourite soup of all the time. They did awesome job not only in soup but also everything what they have in menu. I highly recomended “Panera bread” rapid pick-up here in small barre town.

Lu Brown

First time I go there, I had a coupon from another Panera and they didnt accept it. Second time I go there, they mistake my order. Third time I go there drive through still wrong order. Not sure there's gonna be a fourth time...

Emily laston

meg bardossi

Erin Smith

Great service. Always great food!

Shantel Bradshaw

I was disappointed in Panera on Eagle Rd tonight. We arrived at 6:53 to find out they were closing early, which was not posted online. I sped to the door with an unwelcome greeting of a woman poking her head out the door to inform me that they are closed. I responded with, “Actually you are closed in seven minutes.” She responded with no comment and a death glare. I decided not to argue and left. I understand that you decided to close early tonight at 7:00 pm. I respect that but I do not respect you turning costumers away before your closing time. Not only did you turn a customer away before closing time but you did it in a very rude way. Terrible customer experience.

Jane Brandt

Great food nice atmosphere large varied menu excellent helpful staff well worth visiting again & again!

Daniel Orders

It was not my type of restaurant

GAVIN Auchterlonie

Much over rated. Very pricey for what you get. Rather a bla atmosphere.

Andrea Shadduck

While I do love Panera's food, there have been multiple mess ups on my orders (missing items). With what the food costs you'd hope that you would get everything that you ordered every time, but that isn't the case here sadly.

Gail Rudgers

Sandwiches are big enough to share! Always a great place to eat!

Vicki Wallace

One word...YUM!!!

Isela Orti DC

Good and healthy

Dale Hutchens Sr

Food was good People were nice prices fair

Pat North

I got a bowl of the Ten Vegetable soup today as I'm a real soup lover and love vegetables, but was so disappointed in this soup. I thought it was way too acidic. The floating lemon should have given me a clue about the acid flavor. Won't make that mistake again.

Taehee Won

Here is the best place in my entite business trip. Awesome.

Rebecca Thelen

Manager delivers the food, very clean very good environment. food was hot and fresh.

Virali Desai

Reasonably good place for a quick lunch or dinner.

Jimmy H

Really nice, great service and food. Note: you need to be Billy the kid and 3ft tall to use the urinal.

billy richford

Great soups and salads

Karen Scott John Taylor

Matt M

Gwen Robison

Was ok for theprice

Rick Ritter

Good service! Good food


The wait time is not long, and in my opinion the food is worth the price. There are options for everyone: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

connie gaskin

Good food always, nationwide. We travel in our retirement. We can always get a good meal at a Paneras

Nelda Jones

nice to go for your lunch

T Jay

Allison Gordon

Fantastic French Onion Soup! I got the Green Goddess Cob salad, which was really only saved by the pickles onions. I'll want to try more options on the menu. The mac&cheese is also gooey and satisfying.

Linda Hevner

Diana Magoon

Great very good

Priyanka Raut

I was there today, paid for share two option of half avacardo melt sandwich and customized a bowl of soup with tips, after 15 mins of order the server said that they don’t have creamy tomato soup, we decide to make the sandwich full. Since the whole order was messed up I decide to talk to the manager about the price worth to the food I received she offered me pastry and said that she has already locked the transaction system can’t give me my change back. Used to be my favorite but sadly I am never going back. Rude and poor customer service.

Brittany Johnson

Allysa McDonald

Honestly I was not impressed with any part of my visit. The food was amazing but the customer service I received was awful and I wouldn’t be interested in returning there because of that alone. I made an order online and was advised I could go through the drive thru so I did and then was told I couldn’t, got stuck behind a car and couldn’t even just get my food through the window. Ridiculous that I did this for convenience and all it caused was inconveniences. Then I was told to park, the parking lot is so ridiculously small it took me forever to navigate through the traffic. I go inside and it’s so impersonal. My food just sits there on a shelf? Super weird. In the middle of the lobby where anyone could just grab it up. It wasn’t as fresh but still the food was good. Good thing I looked in the bag to check my order, because it was incorrect. I wasn’t surprised. I paid extra for a bread bowl and there was no bread bowl. It was just my Mac in a small container. Took me a few minutes to get someone to help me when this took up most of my time already and continuing to make me late for work. The lady offered bread baguettes. Gives me two small pieces and calls it good. With no apology just a shoulder shrug and told me there should be a note on the receipt and there wasn’t. No notification what so ever. Needless to say it might sound ridiculous but when I’m paying $18 for a lunch you’d think I would get better service and convenience instead I got a headache and poor customer service.

Greg Hansen

I honestly have a hard time forming an option for an accurate and objective review. Some days it's excellent and other times barely mediocre. My favorite is the black bean soup it's "cooked down" as it should and great as "comfort food."

Larry Adams

A great spot for a business meeting.

Devon Callaway

Super fast made to order sandwiches, salads, soups, and pasta. Do yourself a favor and use the self serve kiosk, practically skips the line. The food is always tasty and fresh.

Alicia Royer

The food is good

William StCyr

Little healthier fast food then other choices available

Jessica Warren

New summer salads are wonderful!

Adjuster Idaho

Nobody can tell me how your food is either real or clean compared to other food I've eaten over the past 52 years. I like the food but consider your advertisement to be insulting and vapid. All food is real, and it better be clean or you should not serve it.

Cyndi Gerow

First time here today.. asked about chipotle chicken avacado melt, was told it was pulled chicken (more like minced) this sandwich had no meat what so ever on it. Paid $9.00 + for toasted bread with a slice of avacado on it. My husband and son's sandwiches (different than mine) were loaded with meat, I felt a little (a lot) shorted compared to thiers. Bit on the spendy side, 3 lunches and 3 smoothies was over $45.00. There are other sandwich shops around, thought I would try this since never been there... not a good first impression. Sorry Panera

Beau Value

Good place for a quick lunch. The bread and the soups are great.

Taylor Ramsey

HORRIBLE. Girl who took our order had terrible customer service and when we got our food the dishes were disgusting.

James Stone

Fast service and a friendly staff, as well as a comfortable atmosphere, make this Panera a great place to take family for a casual night out.

Thomas Isabelle

Really enjoyed the Greek salad!

Alexis Vabre

Good food, confusing meal combos but you will eventually get food.

Jenny Barrett

Panera is one of my favorite places to eat. Good food & so many healthy options. I had the chicken quinoa bowl for the first time. I was worried when I saw it was more of a soup, but man was it sooooo good! Staff is friendly & engaging. Quick, healthy food.

Raylene Gilmore

Yummy soup!

Lars Hansen

Five Stars for customer service. I had a minor hiccup with the kiosk order system. The supervisor took care of the situation with a free bagel for my kid. Thanks, Panera!

Valerie Hallgrimson

Always clean, great food, friendly employees.

Ruler of the Universe

Paid $9.49 for a Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken (Chicken raised without antibiotics, romaine, roasted cashew pieces, fire-roasted edamame, red pepper and carrot blend, cilantro and wonton strips tossed with low-fat Thai chili vinaigrette and drizzled with peanut sauce.) Notice the first ingredient listed is CHICKEN. Not an ounce, piece or gram on the salad. How is this possible?

Monique Bergam

OK - so this was my first time at Panera. Friends, family and colleagues have all been raving about it. And prior to visiting myself I had already had a couple of their baked goods because well... I have friends that share leftovers. Haha I assumed the bread was going to be good because of my experience with their other baked goodies. What I didn't expect was to get a legit spicy Thai salad with chicken. Their Pick 2 combo is great. I even printed off the menu in am attempt to not have anything twice until I have tried all of the items that interest me. Haha Fresh ingredients. Friendly service. Wonderful experience! Highly recommend!

Judi Snyder

Just love this place!

ben white

Jerrad Vahsholtz

Very wonderful food

Renae Andersen

The sandwich was very good, but I asked for no cheese. Took the cheese off myself. Nice place.

Greg Hotrum

Excellent service. Food exactly as expected. Good coffee

Lise Roy

Awesome food and exceptional service!

Donald Chadd

Delicious food especially the chili

Chris Kastner

One of the best, most consistent large chain eateries out there. Plenty of high quality, healthy options. Very fast very good, very friendly nice people.

Stuart Mansur

Ordered several things, Hailie told me everything was there. Got home and there is literally only the sandwich in the bag.

Devyn Leigh

I came into panera after having it a few times at work and loving the taste. I had never been inside but when I did I fell in love. The calming music and modern look is extremely relaxing. The food is amazing as well as the service. My food came out quickly and with a smile. Definitely a diner I'll be coming back to.

Michael Michaelson

Food was good over priced not going back

Diane Riffle

The Plum Ginger Hibiscus tea is phenominal!!! The food and service was great as well. But that tea!!!

Dana Hadley

I like the food and the staff is very friendly.

Kenneth Sikora

Slow, reluctantly customize

Wendy Shockley

The food is amazing here! The portions are kind of small for the price but definitely worth it. I was impressed.

Alex Marshall

I have given this place 2 chances and both were horrid. The most recent one, today, sealed the deal. My husband and I ordered via the tablet in the store. It was not busy. I customized a spinach salad, took bleu cheese off because it is revolting. Added 3 toppings. Salad comes out with ZERO of the customizations on it. What's the point of even having that be an option if they aren't going to do it? Missing toppings weren't a big deal as they were brought out after I asked for them. However the teeny tiny bits of bleu cheese tossed throughout the salad was very frustrating. I'm not one to waste food so I told the server I would just pick it out. In hindsight I probably should've just had them remake it as that is 10 minutes I'll never get back. Didnt help that I was completely hangry. The salad was just ok. Needed more dressing. Husband didnt complain about his food. Lemon cookie was delicious. The bathroom sink was revolting. So was the top of the trash can. The time before this was over a year ago and I went through the drive through, hangry again, and ordered what I assumed was a safe bet of a salad, as there were ZERO descriptions of menu items. Got home and discovered it was laden with bleu cheese and tomatoes (which weren't on the photo), and had arugula. All things that I cannot stand and wouldnt have ordered if I knew what was in the damn salad in the first place. Needless to say i probably wont be back.

bobbie roberts

Expensive and not very good at all. Will not return

Rich McDowell

I could have shattered a window with the bread. It was lunch time so I I had no time to go back and exchange. I hope that the bird I fed it to didn't chip it's beak.

Edgar Morales Ruiz

I've been here a couple of times and everytime they did a fantastic job, fast and good flavor. The extras: they have a fireplace with some seats near it and, if you are really busy or lazy, you can order online from your table.

Robert Pyle

5 stars for quality, 2 stars for overpriced. Still, you know that your meal will be tasty (except for an amazingly blah grilled cheese sandwich). The soups are especially good - something that you can have trouble finding in today's restaurants.

Roshan Patel

Great food and friendly staff. Order online if you are in a hurry

Ken Reed

Ordered at the drive thru. Small portions, expensive, mediocre taste, the desert could've been something from the local grocery store, and I was shorted a sandwich. I do not recommend this establishment.

Amy Richard

A great place for the food and for getting schoolwork done. Love it here!!!

Sage Frost

The service was so good and nice and you were able to pick where you want to sit and the food was so good and the food wasent exspensive

Emilyse Edmunds

Amazing food!

Molly Maroney

Good service, friendly and helpful staff

Derek Williams

Excellent food and service

Bob Plante

Roseanne Reynolds

Always something wrong with whatever I buy here! They hire total losers that don't even have enough decency or respect to wash their hands. I would never come back here ever again. BEWARE THEY ARE DIRTY AT THIS PARTICULAR LOCATION

Riley Summers

Not going again.

Ivy Kober

First time eating there. Found drive through server to be lacking any sign of a brain. She didn't understand what I meant by cut in half and wrap separately. Over charged for a dessert. Snippy when I questioned her. Will not be returning.

nefarious one

Good but not as good as my home cafe in Idaho falls

Aili Eld

It was good but I have had just as good from the store and better from my own kitchen

Mitchell Keller

Rude staff. Customers are an inconvenience to this location. My GRILLED cheese was cold and the cheese was not melted, no biggie so I walked it up to the kitchen and explained. The man working with spiked hair was very rude towards me, and I apologize now to them, that they cannot make a grilled cheese sandwich. I am sorry that I did not want to eat it cold. To the man with spiked hair, you really need to adjust your attitude.

Steve G

wish i could get this food in my home state.

K Nicholes

20 minute drive through visit for half sandwich and Mac and cheese. Need more staff.

Joe Gerber

Panera Bread was fantastic. My wife and I took our four young boys in for dinner and were not disappointed. I especially recommend the Goddess Cobb Salad. I got the half salad and half soup and the serving size with the bread was perfect... and I have a big appetite. The kids all had tomato soup bread bowls and all commented that it was the best soup they'd ever had. The general manager was keen to make sure that we were well taken care of. I highly recommend Panera Bread.

kiwi smalls

Miss Meghan

Always a good quick bite!

Stephanie Hoffman

I always enjoy the consistency of this alternative to junk fast food. I get the same salad and beverage each time I visit. It's a great place to stop for a quick bite that is healthier. The service is good. And there are plenty of options.

Ernie Bushong

The food is good and consistent. The self order kiosk did not work for us, and required is to spend more time ordering. If the fix the kiosk then the score will be higher

Gail Oglesbee

Good quality, real food!

Candace Hart

Awesome soup!

mark ouimet

Love the Coffee and Cinnamon Cruch Bagel! Friend got the Veggie Egg White wrap and didn't like it.

Melissa Trudell

Wonderful food, great service, love the clean eating.

missy struckhoff

One of my favorites for healthy food

McCall Eddington


Food is delicious. Fresh and prepared well.

Denise Cantin

Good food

Michelle Crytzer

Sharon DeLawyer

Nice and clean. Plenty of seating, good food.

C Harrigan

I love Panera. There are many of them in North Carolina so I was very glad to see one had opened in Boise. Great food including pastries and a huge selection of bagels.

Cyrus M

Very crunchy sandwich. Definitely not my favorite.

Schula Lord

I had a wonderful experience! Great salad and sandwich combo. I will definitely return.

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