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111 St Paul St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States Located in: Church Street Marketplace

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REVIEWS OF Monarch and the Milkweed IN Vermont

Zack Cohen

was told by staff that they do not accommodate food allergies due to shared kitchen space. this is understandable but is something that needs to be indicated on the menu. we had to leave after we were seated. coffee was good.

Monica Mello

Amazing place! Delicious latte and tart.

Patrick Tuxbury

$50 for granola and yogurt, a burnt grilled cheese sandwich, a so-so chicken salad sandwich, and a waaaaaaaaay over-peppered biscuits and gravy. No beverages. My kids tried one bite of their meals and decided it wasn't for them (sandwich was burnt after all). So $50 for mediocre meal (at best), and I still have two children who are hungry. I would say if you have kids, skip it. If you don't have kids, still skip it.

Marlowe Jenkins

After waiting 15-20 minutes to be seated waited close to an hour for our food. Let's just say I left hungry. Portions are YUMMY but VERY small. Quaint spot and nice waitresses. Sat outside which was nice but your in an alley. No nice view here.

Matthew Hall

Wonderful food and desserts.


Awesome desserts!!! Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Emma Moore

This place seems like it has a lot of potential. Very fun and hip, and I really like what it is offering. However, it took about 40 minutes to get a breakfast sandwich and brussel sprouts. Business was bustling but did not seem to be overwhelmingly busy. The bar was sticky when we sat down. When we got our food, it wasn’t hot anymore. Meh. Brussel sprouts are amazing, though.

Randy Milo

I had a crispy critter melt; minus one star because it seemed a tad expensive, but it was good overall.

Chester Elliott

They put extra special care into presentation here. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is amazing, the fruit salad is the best I've ever had, the coffee is excellent, and the baked goods are gorgeous but affordable. Also, the art is really nice.

Kay Chevalier

I met up with a friend for brunch mid week and this spot was perfect. The interior has been beautifully designed. The food was delicious and quick. The service was kind and efficient. I felt comfortable and relaxed in the space. It definitely felt high end for Burlington cafe vibes, but a welcome addition to downtown.

Carter Neville

Delicious sweet treats and fresh coffee

Squire Krempa

Great Spot for a bite and a quick cup.

Meiling Chau

Delicious! My love enjoyed it as much as I did. The food was so good. I love the idea of how cute it is. The people helped me and my love with food selection choices and I enjoyed their company very much.

Patrick Fox

Spent an afternoon doing travel research on my PC. Had brunch, coffee and deserts. Good service and the food was excellent. Great music playlist too. The servers were nice to keep replenishing our coffee and tea and water throughout the afternoon. Will definitely go back.

Chad Ray

Small space with great food, good for brunch. Very limited seating with no reservations so you will likely have a wait.


Everything about this cafe looks aesthetically pleasing but don't be fooled... Food was mediocre but at very high price points. The breakfast sandwich was the tiniest thing I've ever seen! Service was also extremely slow. Be prepared to wait 5 years when you order or try to get the bill. Our waitress seemed very out of it. She forgot to add our drinks to the bill and we had to kindly remind her to put it back in. Oh wait that was a bad move, there goes another 5 years of my life.

Donald Hefferon

Cute cafe with great coffee and food!

James Dufour

Best cocktails in Burlington

erik ventura

Good coffee and nice breakfast options

Jessica Salamy

I went for coffee and a treat the other day and really enjoyed both. The employees were kind, the caramel chocolate tart was delicious and the coffee was tasty.

Titan Dragon9009

Great breakfast food fresh and good walk in down town

Gregory Wilkins

Friendly and helpful staff, great drinks, and the food is really good too.

Miss Mae

Bruh.... The grilled cheese.... You won't regret it!

Rachel W

Absurdly delicious food and drinks in a delightfully well designed and pleasing space.

Mikayla Z. Grace

They posted a photo on Facebook of a receipt from a person who didn't tip on their bill. Receipt showed full customer name, partial card number, and customer birthday (customer wrote a note on the receipt saying it was their birthday, and the date is visible). I commented pointing out that while the customer's behavior was not the best, it was also not legally sound to post sensitive customer information. I informed them they are opening up themselves up for legal trouble, as it is a business's legal responsibility to protect customer information by keeping it private and secure per compliance with PCI DSS standards. They instantly blocked me and deleted my comments. I've noticed on all their posts they delete anything they don't like and block anyone who disagrees with them. I would not trust a business who has no problem posting customer information. It does not matter how a customer acted: No matter how badly a customer behaves, the restaurant still is legally bound to protect that person's sensitive personal information. EDIT: The posts have since been deleted, but there has been no apology or acknowledgement of wrongdoing on the restaurant's behalf. It's also too late for that particular customer, as thousands of people have seen the posts and their information (M&M has 5.1k followers on Instagram and 3.6k on Facebook). Legally, if that customer has any issue with their credit card, the restaurant would still be considered responsible, as well, since they compromised that person's information. I doubt M&M has learned from this incident, as public harassment and humiliation of people they do not like has happened repeatedly on their social media, so I'm sure it will happen again.

Kohle Feeley

It's the place you'd want your parents to take you out to of they're covering the bill. The waffle dish was delicious, but seating is very tight and the menu is on the expensive side.

Stephen Schmidt

I've never been here, and that certainly won't be changing after the owner of this establishment shared a customer's name and credit card information on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. It's bad enough that they'll publicly shame you if they don't think you tipped well enough, but then they open you up to identity theft as well? Reprehensible behavior.

Blair Wolston

Incredibly creative craft cocktails as well as CBD treats and traditional cakes and pastries. A real treat. Professionally staffed as most upscale joints in Burlington are and easy to get to if you're walking church street and want to escape the tourist traps. You'll spend some money here but you're buying an experience.

Sammy Beste

Slow service, decent food. You pay for the aesthetic and the vibe of the place.

Tim Wagner

Awesome food in a really nice atmosphere. Great service as well :)

Harrison Muskat

Cute place. Food was good, but the portions were a bit small for the price.

Leah Malka

Everything is so good and so rich

Melani Vega

I ate there yesterday as a late birthday lunch for my brother. He is a bit of a regular and he would always rave about the hot choclate! He was absolutely right! It was absolutely AMAZING! We also had brunch and I had the most AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup! The atmosphere is great and so is the staff! I highly recommend this place!

Josh Niebling

Great little spot. Excellent food, super service.


Fun and trendy coffee shop/restaurant with a wide range of CBD infused treats. The space inside is gorgeous, the staff is very friendly and eager to help you and the food is great.

Ernest Kottenbach

Delicious! I want to eat every meal of the day here from now on.

Noah Barton

Awesome pastries and cocktails and friendly staff

Erin Mara

Amazing little place with great cbd products

Catherine Garber

Excellent menu options, ambiance and staff. Dined for breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed the fruit, granola and yogurt bowl. Third time back and not the last!!

Patrick Buono

Chicken and Waffles are the move at this place. Great spot for coffee or cocktails, open late. Great music always on and friendly staff. One of my personal go-to places in Burlington!

Christine Kebakis

Nice atmosphere cool drinks, pricey

Dean Wilson

Wow! If you are going to Burlington, you must stop in for a bite, but more importantly, one of the incredible mixed drinks. Great service and atmosphere too! Truly unforgettable, and we will be talking about this for a long time to come. Can't wait to go back!

Wyatt Pettit

This is an excellent spot for brunch in Burlington! The best chicken and waffles I've ever had! Really delicious food and fresh fruit juice in the drinks. We were seated quickly but one area for improvement may be service time, it was difficult to get our server to order food and get the check. Just bring your patience because it's well worth it! We will absolutely be back!

Walter van Dusen

We extremely enjoyed our breakfast. I had the waffles with VT maple syrup and strawberry jam. My wife had the whole grain, super fluffy and amazing tasting pancakes. My daughter had the fried chicken sandwich which was sooooo tender and delicious with great fries. My soy milk latte was very good too. The restaurant was very clean and staff were very friendly and efficient. The atmosphere is European bistro-like and the music was soothing and energizing at the same time. This is a fabulous place anytime of the day!

Pam Snyder

Great breakfast and great service!

salmans 21

Place has some pretty cool menu items but unfortunately I was served the world's smallest bacon egg and cheese sandwich. I couldn't believe how tiny this $8 sandwich was....although it was delicious I would need to order 3 of them to equal a normal size bacon egg and cheese.

Samuel Scarpino

A much needed grown-up addition to the Burlington scene. Thoughtful drink menu, especially the cocktails. Great bartenders and atmosphere. Go for the tomato soup! Highly recommend.

tenzin chotso

I had a corn beef hash brown for 16$ which came in a cup. It was a joke. 16 bugs for a cup of overcooked randomly mixed up things... It's not worth it! Do not recommend this place..

Maria Lara-Bregatta

Great place to go to alone or with friends

Alexandra Poirier

They are amazing. They made a beautiful wedding cake for my husband and myself for our wedding day. It was simple, sweet, and exactly what we wanted. We even were able to custom order the flavors and design. They were so friendly and Amanda and Andrew made the process stress free and fun. We LOVE them!

Andy Pearson

Simply the best cocktails in Burlington. Decadent desserts, fine beer selection, amazing staff and a comfy cozy atmosphere. Can't ask for much more.

Ashley Allenfort

The place is pretty small an there was a bit of wait. Even though they offer food they seem to operate on a bakery/coffee shop mentality. Once we were seated and ordered it took about 30 minutes to receive our meal. Once the meal was finally delivered the food certainly did not disappoint. We both ordered the chicken and waffles. The dish was covered with a delicious sausage gravy with a side of maple syrup. It was amazing. So even though the service was a bit lacking the food and the pastries definitely made up for it.

James Naleski

Definitely a must-visit if you’re in the Apsley area. Tim and his family dish out some incredible food.

joseph poulin

Excellent desserts. Great drinks. A little expensive. Service is deathly slow. Have been several times, it's like the wait staff is mostly behind the bar instead of serving patrons. Get more help or train your staff better.

Axel Laing

Really good food big portions only complaint was it took a while for food to arrive but otherwise very good experience wonderful staff as well.

Jonathan Cruz

Came here with my wife and 2 friends from out of town. We came here based on local people suggestions. It seemed like a clean, nice hip modern brunch spot. However we really wish we did not listen to them! This was a terrible and also long frustrating experience. We waited for our take out order for 45min to then find out that they shorted our order! That then took another 15min or more until we finally got our food. No sorrys or apologies given for the terrible service. Once we went across the park to eat, we opened our meals and couldn't believe our eyes. Over $60 dollars later just for me and my wife's meal. Our food was so small in portions and size! So very disappointed and stunned that this is being served at such a high price. No reason to take so long being that small you would think. Only reason I am giving 2 stars is because it did taste good. However as a tourist who travels frequently, this was by far the worst experience in a long time. Way more other options in the area.

Jenna Keller

Fresh food, great atmosphere, and friendly service. The yogurt parfait and iced latte were phenomenal. You can tell everything here is thoughtful and well done.

Marcellin Kopandru

The hash was good. But, easily forgettable. The fried egg was underseasoned, and overcooked for my preference. The vegetables still had some bite to them; which, I liked, because, this means they weren't overcooked. The drink was better than the food. The service was good; I think that both servers were trying too hard. Although, their actions seemed natural with the other guests. Although, that may have been because, they knew the other two guests who sat next to us. Those three patrons were very friendly. Overall, the experience was too mechanical. But, I think, our host and servers were very inexperienced.

Wade Houston

Incredible establishment. The food is delicious. The pastries are decadent. The atmosphere and music are great and the interior design is warm, comfortable and elegant. It's always clean and their packaging and attention to detail is top shelf. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Go if you have the chance.

Carol DelGaudio

Great drinks and excellent menu

caitlin vamvas

A bit posh but the best drinks in town by far.

Jennifer Keeney

The atmosphere and staff are absolutely lovely. The staff clearly love what they do and are passionate about food & drink. Very knowledgeable. The menu is filled with warm, homey meals & bites that have a mature twist. Their drink menu is extensive and thoughtfully designed. A true treat for cocktail enthusiasts.

will beardsley

Tiny place. Seemed very expensive for what you get

Skye Moffett

I cannot express my love for this place enough, I am beyond pleased Monarch and Milkweed exists in Burlington now, and bring all my friends and family that visit! There seems to be so much thought put into this lovely cafe, from the ceramics to the atmosphere it is all fitting. While I have not tried every meal my friends and I have partaken in most and have never been disappointed. Well spiced/seasoned and perfectly cooked, always delightfully presented. The breakfast/lunch/desserts are equally great. I hope to see them succeed so I can keep going.

Simone S

The chicken and waffles (I switched waffles for biscuits... Do this!) Was AMAZING. Seriously. Go here

Adam Painter

A great find for some unique food and drinks completed perfectly

John Donoghue

Love the atmosphere, the staff and the food. Had an amazing grilled cheese and tomato soup that was perfect. Had a double capapachino that hit the spot. Had no regrets.

Simon Tacvorian

Awesome spot. Had a really good breakfast in the morning and then you can come back late at night for drinks and dessert (the Brooklyn chocolate cake is unreal). The chicken and waffles for breakfast were also delicious.

June Balachandran

Very cute place with great interiors. They have a variety of desserts and it's really good :) loved it

Yoga Chick

When I was 18 I went backpacking around Europe, and when I was in Italy (I forget exactly where) I had a cup of hot chocolate that has haunted my memories ever since... Drinking it made me feel like I was drinking from the chocolate river in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Monarch & the Milkweed makes the EXACT same hot chocolate :) :) :) Note: I'm only giving them 4 of 5 stars because their prices are expensive, their pastries are REALLY small. On one of my visits my companion ordered one of their specialty donuts - I think it was rose petal - and it was less than 2" in diameter... I'm not kidding... and it was more than $2.

D Smith

The food is okay at best. Better options exist in the area.

Jake McGinnis

Delicious and inventive mixed drinks. This is a great spot for a quiet drink with your significant other or small group

Jonathan Kohn

One of my favorites, try the grilled cheese and tomato soup. Their deserts are to die for!

Smaranda O. Fournier

Loved the food and the coffee. A bit pricey but worth it. Everything looked good and portions were reasonable and we left happy

Nicole Reynolds

Revising my 3 stars to 4 stars. I was in a lot of pain recently do to carpal tunnel and I throughly enjoyed eating the CBD truffles here. They were delicious as well as their cheesecake. I didn't enjoy how loud the music was combined with the small space. That's just a preference.

S.S. K

Amazing food and coffee. I had their fried chicken sandwich and it was delicious!! I tried my husbands grilled cheese and tomato soup and they were amazing too. Really cool ambiance with adorable decor. Just needs more seating.

Renzo Silva

I went in to get a milkshake but they informed me they didn't make them anymore so I decided to get a grilled cheese instead. The grilled cheese sandwich was completely burned and I try to not be picky but it was inedible so I mentioned it to a server. I was informed that's how is supposed to be as they grill cheese on the outside of the bread. Then our actual server showed up and asked how the food was so I relayed the same information and was given the same answer. I ended up leaving most of my food as I couldn't get it down. The pieces of bread were thick and seemed fresh and the melted cheese on the inside looked good. Overall not a good experience, which is really disappointing as the grilled cheese looked like it could have been great if it didn't taste like charcoal.

Jerica Dziki

I LOVE this place. It's like a designers dream from everything from the tile to the marble tables and super cute clay mugs! I've only had tea and an everything bagel with lox but they were awesome!

Megan Niquette

Amazing! Black Strap on Coffee, and Trout Donuts were out of this world!

Jason Szumlanski

Truly a memorable time and place in all respects.

Nicole Cyr

I got breakfast here recently. I want to start of by saying the cafe is beautiful and the staff was great, but the price point is too high. I feel like at that price point your going to loose alot of business, since Burlington is primarily a college town. $21 for a breakfast sandwich, coffee and muffin. I almost died when the girl at the register told me the price. For that price I would expect the food to be amazing. It was only mah not great, the best part was my coffee. I was very disappointed, don't think I'll visit again.

Craig Friderichs

The best breakfast and coffee in town!


Ridiculously delicious, I have dreams about their carrot cake. Also the corned beef hash. Also everything. Sort of a gourmet next level Americana place, if that makes any sense!

Mark Carrassi

In violation of PCI DSS compliance, very unprofessional and apparently do not like it when you call them out on it. If you say anything unfavorable they just delete it on Facebook. A place I will never ever go to seeing how they post people's personally identifiable information,such as a receipt with their name, date of birth, and their partial card number for thousands to see. Knowing they handle information this way, they really should be fined and audited to see how many people they have done this to. Sure it's horrible that the person did not tip, but as a business what you did was far worse, and I really hope it comes back around to you and then you will see the legal troubles and fines pile up.

Dan Bowles

Great food and atmosphere. Prices are in line with other local places. Definitely going back for some of their baked goods

Maria Sweetser

The food was amazing!!! I had the chicken and waffles, my husband had the grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup. The best chicken and waffles I have had in forever. My husband gave me some of his grilled cheese and tomato soup - DELICIOUS!! Sooo good!! My Mimosa was banging too - strong and smooth. The service was excellent - friendly and knowledgeable.

Vin CenZo

I wish we had found this place the first day of our trip, however we were lucky enough to discover it the last day on our way out of town. I will forever cherish the pork belly sandwich. My kids loved the pancakes and waffles. Staff was cool and very helpful.

Kevin Long

Great brunch spot. Very tasty. The chicken and waffles were amazing and huuuuuge! The brisket hash on the other hand... Tiny. Serving fit in a small soup bowl. From what it lacked in size it made up for in flavor. The mixture of root vegetables with brisket fat and blue cheese mixed up at the bottom was well worth the wait! We split the waffles and the hash and it was perfect for two, but if you are ordering for just yourself the hash will leave something to be desired. I will be back. Keep up the great work!

Kai Henderson

Excellent quality, creative and evolved. Highly recommend for dates of all times in the day. My daughters loved their breakfast. Coffee is excellent! Reminds me of an excellent cafe in Melbourne or LA. Well done!

Casey Chapman

Delicious food, enjoyable atmosphere and friendly staff! The only downside was they got so busy we couldn't order cocktails. Would be great if they could potentially staff up a bit more on weekend nights.

Carl Sedon

Great atmosphere and place for desserts and drinks.

yes it's me

i had an apertif then a stack of pancakes the size of hockey pucks how do you Think it went

eric testroet

Love the corned beef hash and the meatloaf. Great coffee and baked goods.

Lydia Stearns

Let's start with the space. The space is light with a very clean and modern feel. With upbeat and fun music you know. Beautiful chandeliers and stunning marble counter tops. All locally crafted furniture I was told when talking to the owner. Food: The first time I went I had the waffles. I'm very picky about my waffles and was blown out of the water with theirs. The jam is amazing that they put with the waffles along with the Vermont maple syrup! Was very impressed with how everything was local and very reasonably priced. After being here around 8-10 times now I can say I have tried everything on the breakfast menu. Everything is delicious!! The staff and owner: The staff are very helpful when it comes to answering all my questions about what was in the foods. They told me what comes from what local farm or shop and how they use it to create the dishes. The owner came around and talked to us and was very upbeat and cheerful. It's so great to see such a young hopeful man work so hard to create his dream a reality. I would recommend this place to anyone. This is Vermonts food at its finest.

Zac DeLong

Delicious chicken and waffles (I had Cheddar biscuits instead of waffles) with a slightly peppery-spicy sausage gravy and very high quality maple syrup. Four craft beers on tap and two cans available. A nice selection. Excellent ice cream. Beautiful pottery used for serving food and drink. Plates are too heavy.

Christopher Lei

I have been a couple of times for brunch. Nice and small cafe. The waffles are the best around Burlington area, probably because of the jam that comes with it. Presentation of dishes is definitely a strong point here as well.

lester suarez

Awesome. Pure quality!

John Hansen

I love it there

Gladimir Sanon

I was there this past weekend and overall skip this place if are planning on ordering anything besides the chicken and waffles. I got the chicken and waffles and it was very good, and a decent sized portion (I got the half portion). My girlfriend on the other hand got a latte and a breakfast sandwich. First, the latte came in a cup that was filled with about 70 % foam, and 30% liquid. The real rip off was the breakfast sandwich. It was laughable how small the breakfast sandwich is at this place. This would be too small for a child, let alone and adult, and to charge 8 dollars for a bite sized sandwich is wrong. The waitresses were nice, and the chicken and waffles were tasty, but we won't be going back. Too many other good options within walking distance to get ripped off by this place!

Meridith Hall

Wonderful food, service & packaging!

Jack Tibbits

Went with a great group of friends and had great service and a great time.

erin Gerhardt

Amazing waffles, great service, adorable atmosphere!

Jason Hamilton

THE best place to grab breakfast and or coffee in Burlington. Great food, great coffee, friendly staff and calm atmosphere.

Kasia Thomas

the monarch serves creative cocktails, pastries, and brunch fair in a beautifully done cafe/bistro setting. while the atmosphere is definitely cool and the food and drink was good, the service was lacking. after ordering, it took at least 15/20 minutes to get our drinks on both occasions that we stopped by — and neither time the restaurant was “at capacity”. even worse, it took half an hour for someone to bring me toast with jam! while the staff are very friendly and nice, they were often times no where to be seen. this place has a lot of potential, but they need to work on expedience and general customer service.

Zachary Cummings

Music during dinner service of December 8th was probably their best selection.

Haven Himmi

Amazing food, loved the milkgriddle with the breakfast sandwich and the espresso cocktail

Rachael Tharp

Wonderful atmosphere and staff!

Daniel Cuomo

Was given 3 table options, chose one option. No menus, waters or service after sitting there for 10 minutes.

Angelica Srivoraphan

I still dream of this place... Makes me want to hop a plane to Burlington just to eat the biscuits and gravy again! Ate here twice because their food and drinks wee're so good on my 4 day vacation here. The decor is beautiful and looks like it is straight out of a magazine. They have a fantastic selection of whiskey and can make a killer Manhattan. But back to the biscuits and gravy... Huge portion, 3 biscuits, and the gravy likely has nutmeg or other spice that just makes it totally different. Entire staff was so nice. It's a really tiny place so expect to be close to your neighbors and make friends!

Jason Adams

Delicious food. Great space.

Jessica Murray

Service is amazing and their chicken and waffles is to die for.

Raj M

Delicious drinks, good food and a friendly fun staff.

c sterling

Amazing food and a Amazing place

Missy Eusebio

What a sweet place for a first date. A very mellow vibe, very intimate. The food is amazing.

Hands On

Great drinks, innovative, a bit more expensive than your run of the mill cocktail but definitely Worth it.

Paul K

Awesome pastries, great service

Eden Stern

My friend ordered the chicken salad sandwich. The chicken salad was very salty. She had a few bites. I tasted it, and it really was very salty. When we told the waitress, she was very dismissive. My egg salad was good, the deserts looked terrific, but I gave it a three because the waitress had either a bad attitude, or should have asked if she wanted something else. She must have noticed that she did not be eat her food. Or she could have tasted it see if it really was salty, so that the next customer enjoys their meal.

Lindsey Souliotis

Delicious menu, amazing pastries, good espresso. CBD infused treats! Atmosphere is hip&fun.

Savanah Loftus

This space is so beautiful and all of their desserts are SO delicious!! I love the mini waffles, w/local jam and a side of eggs sunny side up!

Wei Yan

The food here is amazing. Everything is very well executed, and there's some very interesting items as well, such as the savory trout donuts. Bloody Mary is also delicious. My only complaint is that some of the menu items are quite small, and others are very large, but there doesn't seem to be any way to know which is which from the menu alone.

Bryan Niedermayer

It was a cute place with friendly service. However, it took 35 minutes to get a bacon egg and cheese sandwich that was maybe half the size of a normal breakfast sandwich. The sandwich tasted alright, but it took way too long to get with the place not being that crowded.

Byron Croes-Lacroix

Visited multiple times this year and never dissapointed. Great spot for breakfast and coffee.

Paxton Hyde

Good but diminutive portions. Maybe if you like an $11 snack.

Ethan Bogar

Great breakfast option. High end cocktails, local food, CBD products

alyona zinina

Love, love, love this place. From interior, to food, to service, its amazing. Get their pancakes which are to die for, and chicken and waffles. Food never disappoints and I wish I would live in Vermont just to go to this place every day.

Matt Ronco

Hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow was great.

Isabel Tundidor Suarez

Great place! Elegant, clean and cosy. The food is very good and it has a pretty good wine list. The fried chicken sandwich is yummy, not greasy at all. Loved it!

Matt Bombardier

If you're looking for an amazing brunch, this place is it. However, if you're looking for a solid cocktail and enjoyable apres dinner, look elsewhere.

eli jager

Best cocktail menu in town, bar none. Pair that with some excellently guiltily pleasurable jams, and monarch is kind of the spot. Add all -that- to the exceptional CBD treats and pastries...and by god, what else could you possibly want? Go for the CBD, stay for the Patty melt, be asked to leave because of the cocktails. You can't go wrong.

Carl Quirion

Great food. Place is small and can get pretty noisy when full but still worth it.

Emily Pogozelski

Absolutely delightful cocktails and they have brunch ALL DAY! (We sat down at 9:30pm and thought pancakes would be wonderful. We were right.) Tasty food, great atmosphere; very happy. We will definitely return! Can’t wait to try more things on the menu.

Jennifer Joseph

I had followed Monarch and the Milkweed for about a year on Instagram before I got to visit them two months ago during my honeymoon. Their desserts are phenomenal and made me wish we had come there for brunch as well. But we WILL be coming back the next time we make our way up to Vermont.

Michael Spaulding

Late night cortados and one of the areas best cocktail bars. I've never had anything but a great experience here. Try to sit at the bar on a slower night and you're sure to learn a lot about mixology from one of Monarch's fantastic bartenders.

Tony G.

Wonderful atmosphere, amazing food and cappuccino.

Pádraig Egan

Beautiful spot great food and coffee

Sean Fitzpatrick

Fantastic food and excellent coffee! The biscuits and sausage gravy were amazing

Jude Sommerjones

Chocolate caramel tarts you won’t forget and yummy espresso!

Horatio Fairburn

Expensive, small portions with weird flavor choices. Not my thing.

Cynthia Easterly

CBD treats, NASTY! The atmosphere seems nice and their salads looked delicious

Frank Garber

Scrumptious food served with a smile.

Christopher Brown

We ate at about 10 places over the weekend, shoulda eaten all 10 meals at M&M! Don't miss the Chicken and Waffles!

Miles Fawcett

Really enjoyed the brunch all day menu. The deviled quale eggs were fantastic and the ice cream is some of the best anywhere. Nice spot to park on the bar with a laptop or take a date. Will visit again as soon as possible.

Cole Borgstrom

Great atmpsphere and coffee but the bathroom is to dimmly lite to insert my liberty medical pre lubricate catheter . Highly reccomenedd

C Bowe

Excellent homemade pastries. And don't even get me started regarding the cocktails. The 'Erase You' is my favorite but they're all so good.

Dan Gowland

Great pancakes and hot chocolate. They messed up our waffle which meant that it took longer than normal for our food to come out but they were very nice about it.

Jacob Baker

I love, love, love this place. Amazing food, great atmosphere, friendly staff and a great view of City Hall Park. I've been 7 times in the past 4 months and have never been disappointed. Give it a shot!

Andrew Valenski

Great place — the decor is adorable and the service is top-notch. Great first date spot whether you’re interested in just a coffee, a drink or a proper meal.

Carly Sargent

Today I came in for a late lunch. While my Caesar salad was delicious, I received little to no service and in fact had to go up to the counter three times for a box, my check, and water. Was extremely disappointed to see my bill was $20 for a chicken caesar salad. If you’re going to expect me to pay that much for just a salad, the service should at least match the price. Then again, I don’t think an establishment should expect their patrons to spend $20 on a salad unless they intend to cater to only the 1%. It’s lettuce.

Regina Christophell

Not good really...asked for a latte and got a really small cup half foam and then when i stirred the sugar in there was NO ACTUAL COFFEE. When i pointed this out i was corrected and told there i stirred it and VOILA no brown coffee color and it was taken back and a small amount of coffee was added and then placed into a large cup which now showed as a half cup..was no longer hot and was just about the lamest cup of latte i have everrrrr had...and that cost $4...seriously lame-o. My $16 hash tasted nice but i had to make them cook the single egg on top because the white was still clear on a large part of the egg and that is just gross. And for 16 dollars i would have expected a larger serving..but i guess every damned thing was lilliputian which was cute until you realized that you would have to eat again in about an hour because this was hors de oeuvres...and right now i need more damned coffee!!

Liz King

Mmmm!! Delicious homemade cbd truffles are to die for! Highly recommend the “Evergreen”!! Also their biscuits and gravy is the best around!! Nice n spicy with homemade biscuits!

Ann-Elise Johnson

I feel a little uneasy leaving a review when I have not sampled your food. From what I saw in your display case, it looked amazing. However, a large cinnamon bun (3") for $5 and a hot chocolate for $7 priced me out. Your name suggests a natural and very local aesthetic and principle. I'd love to support you, but at your current price point, you are excluding the masses and I fear you won't last much longer. I hope you reconsider.

Marlo Stanfield

Good, but not great food. Marred by really bad service. Would have liked to have tried the pastries, but watched the servers give the case with pastries inside a thorough chemical bath while they completely ignored our table. Will never go back due to service and food handling.

1-Love cafe

Best grilled cheese and tomato soup ever! Love the CBD chocolate & pastry options!

Janine Carney-Savage

Best Brunch I’ve ever had in VT! The pancakes were perfect! Fresh fruit and friendly servers. Loved the music choice.

Matt Hovey

Really friendly. Food is really good, slightly smaller than expected portions but still delicious

Ryan Baer

Cool little spot for some small plates and drinks

Lesley Lewis

Good place to stop on a road trip. Friendly staff with and interesting menu and excellent music.

Julien Smith

Incredibly good tomato soup and grilled cheese

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