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REVIEWS OF Harvest Market IN Vermont

Tony Hill

First visit for me to Harvest Market in Stowe, a great collection of meats, cheeses, local beers & ciders and more. Also wonderful pastries & breads. Worth seeking out if you’re nearby. Dante helped us and gave awesome customer service.

Julie Roick

We stop into Harvest often, whether for something small like an iced tea or larger like a spread for dinner. There is something here for everyone and everything ALWAYS looks and tastes amazingly. Now they have grab and go for even faster service. Their service is always fabulous. Some things are pricey but we can always find something yummy that fits budget.

Peter Oswald

Always great to stop into Harvest Market then traveling to Stowe. Customer service is amazing :)

Keith Bennett

Great selection of products. Friendly staff. Bulk purchases.

Christina Benson

Haven't been in, in a while....but between the EXTREME OVERPRICED FOOD....and often snotty, rude service. ...I probly wont ever go back. It's also a Shame that their ( gluten free ) cookies are baked...and set out. ..with gluten foods. Some people don't go gluten free because of lifestyle choices.....some do it for medical necessities. I'm Really Shocked That Stowe has not caught up to other ski and tourist towns. ..and is not offering anything safe or really clean for all their patrons. Especially since the owners also own Burton. It's a shame.

Adam King

Great small local store with delicious high end foods

Kevin Clarke

The Harvest Market is an amazing place. The prices are reasonable, beer selection respectable, and the baked goods and prepared foods are just awesome. The true stars of the show though are the staff. They are super friendly, helpful, and excited you've spent your vacation time and money with them. Sadly, I can't say the same for most of the people that work in the service industry at Stowe mountain resort. Harvest Market was a bright spot to an otherwise awful experience with the hospitality of this once friendly mountain town.

Janice Walker

It's a nice deli but very expensive

Rhiannon Bulaga

Very cute market. Lovely selection of speciality foods and cheeses!

Chris Uustal

Not the most diverse selection, but it certainly is a great place to stop by in the morning to grab a bite to eat. They have a diverse selection of goods baked fresh daily that keep me coming back year after year.

Nick B

A jewel of Stowe. Great place for the best fine cheeses around, fresh baked breads, and gourmet specialties. Never been let down with a purchase here. Be prepared to spend a few bucks, but it's well worth it given the offerings in this great, local store.

Jeanette Rivera

Excellent food and service!

Greg Casher

Went near closing time, staff was friendly, got delicious local pre-packaged hot dogs and hamburgers for camping. Also got amazing prepared salads of cilantro Napa cabbage, kim chi, and cappreze. Kids loved ice cream sandwiches.

Jason Cone

Great selection of tasty, healthy and gourmet foods. Nice choice of local craft beer and coffee as well. Friendly and welcoming service too!

Katy Oliver

I love Harvest Market. The ready made salad is always delicious; the kimchi is wonderful as well. Additionally there is always a spectacular cheese selection and the desserts are awesome: cookies, cakes, pastries. I can’t forget to mention the wine selection. It’s small but varied and I never fail to find a wine I like. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the bread! The baguettes are absolutely PHENOMENAL. The perfect crispy / crunchy/ soft and smooshy combo that works so well. Yum. Finally, the staff is so friendly! Everyone is helpful and nice. Definitely recommend.

Danielle Dubrovsky

This place has the best prepared food and coffee in Stowe, lots of options and good for people with certain dietary restrictions

Ann Hoogenboom

Great healthy food options for quick grab and go as well as yummy coffee drinks and baked goods. A couple small tables to sit at too.

enigma VT

The Fortnum & Masons of Stowe. It you don't know who F&M is they are the most exclusive food department store in London, UK.

Abigail McCarthy

Great spot!

Tammy Cutting


John Spencer

Love how these guys go out of their way to help you out! Thanks for the cilantro!!

Philip Copeland

Great market for prepared food, coffee and a limited selection of baked goods. A bit pricey though.

Holly Boes

One of my favorite places on earth! Everything is delicious from the baked good to the prepared foods to the freshly baked breads to the coffee. No trip to Stowe is complete for me and my family without several drop-in’s to the Harvest Market!

Mary Obana

Great selection of prepared food, baked goods (macaroons are fantastic!), cheese and charcuterie, but pricey.

Daniel Kelleher

Cool spot. Great selection, unusual finds, plenty of Topper, friendly peeps. Good vibes. Some things are a tad pricey. ✌ FYI- Get a pumpkin cranberry muffin and live yuh life free up! Boo YAH ka sha

Luna Black

Very friendly! Enjoy the food and the service! Lots of good local options.

Marty Gleason

It's a small shop but packed with great stuff - bread, charcuterie, cheeseand much more. Staff was very helpful.

Bing Ni

Great place and helpful people! Love it

Ed Polovina

I absolutely LOVE this place!! This is THE stop in the area for that amazing little bite. Ask one of the employees for help and you will receive your own personal Sherpa. Take their advice and you will be truly rewarded. We have been coming to the area for 12 years and never miss a stop here. BTW.....the raspberry bars are not to be missed.

Karen Luse

We stopped in close to closing time to pick up a few last minute items. They were so helpful. It's a great market with a great selection.

Sarah Peet

I love harvest market, especially the cheeses, Von Trapp Flowers & the bread!

Jessie Schilling

Great food, great staff. I couldn't decide from all the wonderful, fully prepared food options so even though they were different prices, the staff managed to plate mango chicken, beets with goat cheese, roasted veggies and baked sweet potato all in one take-away container for me. Plus H.M. has a great selection of fresh bread and assorted chocolate. I can't forget to mention the coffee bar! My son loves the hot chocolate. If you are in Stowe, I highly recommend stopping in.

Jed Salminen

Love this place, it’s part of my Saturday/Sunday tradition to come in for a coffee and a snack, they have an array of wonderful products and even samples most of the time.

Alison Levy

This place is delicious. Dante was very helpful!!

Willa Yonkman

The prepared foods are great. The fresh baked bread is also really good. They have a really wide variety of cheeses, wines and some otherwise hard to find items.

Julien Regnier

Very good little market with quality product, coffee was poorly made which is to bad since the machine and beans look very nice. Overall this place is very nice.

Steve Sims

You get what you pay for... But OMG you will pay a LOT! I'm trying really hard to get to a 5-star rating for this place. The breads, baked on site, are fantastic, but they are so horribly overpriced that I don't go here as often as I'd like. They have a great selection of baked goods, cookies, pies and what-not. But, again, so expensive that I have to save it for "special occasions." They've got a fine deli, with a wide selection, but they're priced totally out of line. And they've got a decent selection of (dried) pastas, but $11+ for 8 ounces of dried pasta just isn't something I'm likely to pay. Despite the name "Harvest" market, I find the selection of fruits or vegetables to be very limited. And there's a small dairy section, but the day I last dropped in they were out of half-and-half and don't stock light cream. Like I say, I want to give this place five stars really badly, but they simply price themselves out of contention. Imagine Trader Joe's in terms of products, but 3x to 5x the price (or more!)

Janet Bond

David is amazing! Always going out of his way to help me find what I need. The baked goods are my favorite in Vermont.

Oliver Ames

You can't go wrong with Harvest Market! A large wine selection, great coffee, huge freshly baked pastries and pies, sandwiches to grab, and much much more. Harvest Market reminds me of an upscale New York City bodega. This is a Stowe staple for a reason

Randi Quackenbush

Great little store and helpful staff. Delicious ciabatta!

levi davis

Just great. They have an awesome cafe with delicious baked goods, wine selection, and a large assortment of cheese (goat cheese for me!). Loved this place for its customer service and healthy selection of food. Highly recommend going here!

Oliver Mayers

Harvest Market has been my family’s go-to for groceries in Stowe for decades. Their breads, cheeses, and wines are second only to their delightful staff, especially Dante, who always has a smile on his face.

peter hussey

A little pricey, but worth it! Had the Cornish sirloin pastry and mushroom soup... delicious!!!

Rosa Nissenbaum

They have the best freshly baked breads that I frequently stop in for. There's a great variety of freshly baked goods, prepared meals, meals to go, (fresh and frozen) not to mention great coffee and teas!

Amanda Sansom

Great little spot with tons of specialty items!

Bethrey Ferg6371

What a wonderful hometown type of store, with deicious baked goods! I love that their cider doughnuts are just that, and not coated with cinnamon, or powdered sugar! You get to actually taste the cider in them! Highly recommended!

Debi Krulak

Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmm.

Patti Rubin

The soft pretzels are vegan!! Makes for a yummy lunch. Just add vegan dipping sauces!!

Pru Sullivan

We had found this amazing pasta by rustichella d'abruzzo while on vacation at the Cape. When we looked online to see where we could find locally - Harvest Market carried the brand and a nice selection! As always a place to find culinary treasures and delights!

Dominique Tedrow

Awesome find while traveling! They have a bunch of unique items. Staff is all friendly.

Alanna Sas

Absolutely love this place. Always come down to grab some fresh veg and drinks when I'm staying at the hotel next door. The staff are always super sweet too. <3

Susan Maples

Went to Harvest *every. day* - beautiful bread, local cheeses, and awesome wine selection. Everyone is super friendly and helpful--special shout out to Dante, thanks man!

Norm Johnson-Korbuly

Fresh baked bread is amazing. The food is always amazing

Hannah S

Great selection of bread, prepared foods, wine, cheeses, etc. along with a friendly and helpful staff. One of my favorite go to places in town!

J Lewis

Great coffee and baked goods. Plus awesome cheese and other natural selections. Prices are a little high, but the quality is there!! Great stuff!

Sarah L

We usually stop here for great gourmet eats after hiking and having fun in the Stowe area. We haven't been disappointed yet. The food always tastes like it was made with fresh, quality ingredients. Today was just a stop for coffee but ended up with a great lemonade that was made by Danté right in front of me - you can't beat fresh squeezed lemonade on an 80 degree day! The prices are a little high, but in line with the area and quality. We will keep stopping here when in the area, quality food and service!

Janet Gorgone

Fresh, gourmet food to eat-in or take-out. Nice selection whether you want to behave or indulge. Friendly, helpful staff as well

Edward Vidou

Nice little country store with a great selection of sandwiches and beer


Very helpful staff - a pleasant shopping experience!

doug bevan

Great fresh baked breads, tasty pre-made sweets, and lots of uniquely VT treats. I always make a stop here when I’m in the area.

Cheryl Ben-David

Great find. Food variety was great. Staff super helpful

Masako Ribeiro

Good place if you want to overpay for everything.

Jeanna Sondag

Harvest Market is amazing. We stop in every time we're in Stowe. My husband can't stop putting stuff in the basket every time we're here -- granola, muffins, honey, syrup, chocolate, cheese, you name it, it's in our basket. Thanks, Harvest!

Jamie Miller

Wonderful service and excellent selection! Highly recommended!

Louise Maxfield

Outstanding customer service! Friendly, knowledgeable and loved the assortment of fresh foods!


We stop here whenever we are in Stowe. Superb prepared foods, pastries and coffee. I am gluten free and can always be sure to find something delicious that I can eat, including GF baked goods.

Lorenzo Lanzilli


Emma Bullock

The cutest little Market with TONS of Vermont treasures!

Elizabeth Holmes

Great local food! We definitely align with values/morals surrounding locally made, fresh, real food. So good to see stores like this! The employees were super helpful, & also seemed to hold similar values for food, which is really nice. All three that I met seemed to really enjoy working here, were pleasant, & had friendly, helpful attitudes. So excited to eat the goods tonight!

Josh Garneau

I went to the Harvest Market a couple of times this weekend, and it was great! They have great baked goods (their breads look terrific, and I got some very nice rolls), a cheese and dairy selection with a big variety of local cheeses and fresh milk. The prepared foods were freshly made, with good flavors, and very tasty. All of the staff were friendly and able to offer solid recommendations. Overall a great experience, and I'll be visiting again!

Victoria Munroe

Very friendly and helpful staff, fantastic selection of delicious desserts and cheeses - pretty much everything you are looking for, even wine and craft beer.

Lawrence Lanzilli

Love this place. Totally authentic. A Stowe gem!

Manda Martin

We have been coming to the Harvest Market for 10 years. All my sisters and I race to get the fresh cheese bread sticks! It is a must when you visit Stowe.

Familielægerne Viborg

Best Deli in USA! Everything is so delicious: bread, salat and meat! You should go there!!!!

Rachel Ziegler

On vacation in Stowe VT and was sick of eating out, so stopped by Harvest Market to pick up some things for dinner It was great! The staff was nice. The food was good. The deli meat -- especially the proscuitto was amazing. Worth the extra money.

Asya Passinsky

Wonderful grocery store and bakery with a great selection of fresh breads, delicious cakes and high quality local and artisanal products. Very friendly staff and nice outdoor tables. We especially enjoyed their blueberry lemon cake.

Bethany Bortree

My experience at Harvest Market is always an exceptional one. All the employees are kind, courteous and helpful. Dante Guerra is always smiling and is a pleasure to see when I walk in there. Best Market in Stowe!

carol lewicki

Crusty breads. Prepared gourmet foods. Excellent cappuccino.

Gale Wilson

Wonderful deli, coffee, local cheeses, food gifts, pick up sandwiches. Lovely staff, helpful and very pleasant. Thanks!

Victoria Kiarsis

Literally the cutest market in the world and the staff is SO kind. My number one grocer when I'm in Stowe! Dante is my favorite :)

Sylvain M.

Excellent coffee, i wanted to buy all of this place, delicious bread, cake, fresh meal to take out

tony againstthegraincarpentry

There is lots of good food to choose from at this place. I like their lemon squares. Precooked salmon in the ready made case is usually really good. Everything is fairly expensive but good quality.

Ryan Laliberte

Stopped in after a long day on the slopes and was amazed with the great local selection, fresh meats and cheeses, and an incredibly helpful staff. Highly recommend to anyone the area!

Tom Resch

A must stop in Stowe. All sorts of neat things you won't find other places. Picked up the Heady Mustard on my last visit and I wish I bought more. If you're looking for something specific the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Heather in Stowe

Gourmet and prepared foods, fresh breads, bottle of wine, specialty items, this market will not disappoint. Check the website for items that can be ordered ahead. So many visitors from out of town have told me they wished there was a Harvest Market where they lived!

Louis Jezsik

For its small size, it has a surprisingly large selection of fresh food, dry goods and gourmet selections. The pastries and prepared foods are all excellent. There are two small tables where you can eat, but it's quite tight. If the weather is good, there are a few seats outside to enjoy your meal; otherwise everything is packed for take-away. The prices are on the steep side, but the quality is comparable.

Alexander Stone

I was recently in Stowe for a wedding and stopped into Harvest Market. Their aesthetic of a quaint, local, and community serving stop delivers exactly what you'd expect. They have lots of local products and are always quick to help. One of the employees, Dante, went above and beyond to help me with providing a phone charger for the weekend. His quick offer to help and genuinely positive attitude ensured I'll be telling everyone I know to check out the best shop in Stowe - Harvest Market.

Barbara Vicentini

Great place! Awesome food and excellent service. Dante was the best helper!

chloe Cartularo

Harvest Market is my favorite part of my Sunday tradition. Excellent coffee, cheeses and a wide area of other delicious products. Their food is top notch and always fresh. They staff is so friendly and helpful, and who doesn’t love samples! Love Harvest market!

Sam Swanson

This place is a delight. The deli-counter offers fabulous freshly made salads and take-away dishes. The coffee is excellent and the bake good selection is excellent. We make a point of stopping for lunch that we eat at one of their two small tables whenever we are in Stowe. The staff are helpful and patient, even when the crowds pour in from the ski slopes in the winter. You pay for what you get, but we have yet to be disappointed.

Charlie D

Harvest markets private label olive oil, blueberry jam and maple syrup is out of this world. The flask design was very presentable and well thought out. Store layout and atmosphere is on point. The customer service is top notch! Dante is particular was extremely personable, knowledgeable and helpful! Definitely an asset to the store. Long time customer created!

Michael Gunton

Excellent selection of cheeses, bakery and artisanal items. Nice produce as well!

Sara Baer-Farrell

I love places where the shopping is as much part of the experience as the eating. This is a great place to meander, sample and find something fun to add to your cocktails or picnic!

Hui Chieh Hsiang Jackson

Decided to try this place out for a quick lunch. They have a lot of baked goods, premade things, and local food/drink items. The food was good but a bit expensive.

vicki sullivan

The staff showed exceptional customer service while we were looking to complete our Sunday evening meal. Even went out of their way to provide ice for us for our trip home, instead of forcing us to search elsewhere. As a frequent Stowe visitor, I will be back.

Melanie Blair

Love this place! Wonderful selection of local products. Always a favorite to stop at while in Stowe. Especially great service by Dante!

Ann Grant

Wonderful selection of muffins, breads, chocolates, ready to eat tuna, chicken salad and bowls, etc! Good coffee too! We love this shop for carry out foods!

Peter Fingado

When I go to Stowe, Harvest Market is always the place I look forward to most. Their Nantuket muffin is to die for. Staff is super friendly. Fresh baked breads and so many other food items like cheeses, meats and specialty items. Lunch sandwiches and soups. Don’t go there hungry. You’ll want everything!

Hallie Desautels

We stop here often but I didn't enjoy the person eating behind the deli counter without gloves on and then preparing food for customers and not washing her hands or wearing gloves.

m k

I wasn’t looking for anything that I found, but I’m happy i found it. The guy at the checkout was super friendly.

Drew Kingman

They have a great selection of delicious meats, pastas, vegetables, beer, and wine. And you can get to their store from the mountain before hitting downtown Stowe.

Jenna Eddy

Great selection of all kinds of food & wine. Yummy baked goods.

Amy Campbell

Great selection and really helpful staff. Perfect way to try some local stuff, plus just a very charming experience. Highly recommend.

Katie Garret

Harvest Market makes the best bread in Vermont and has a wonderful selection of baked goods and prepared foods.

Karen Akins

Great place to swing in and get delicious prepared foods, fresh baked bread, and specialty condiments. Coffee and baked goods for breakfast always hit the spot!

Dave McGuriman

the best egg sandwiches, good bread and pastries, but want to pay double then go here, harshest markup is what we call it

Barry Lyman

The muffins and cakes are the best ever but the prepared foods and sandwiches are just so so. Be prepared to max out you credit card ...prices are high.

Chip Hart

Surprising breadth of meal options combined with excellent customer service (thanks, Fred).

casey suback

Meat and potatoes tonight! Best coffee and luscious snack choices, I LOVE this place and frequent it!

Dennis Gebhardt

Great but overpriced


Great deli salads and prepared foods, bakery and cheese selection at very high prices. Fresh tasty stuff.

Niccole Larsen

The deli is amazing. One of our favorite spots.

j ay

Awesome place!! Go get some

Christina Gentili

Love Harvest! Best selection of cheeses and wine..... and breakfast sandwiches are to die for!!! Get them before they’re gone!

Caleb Baker

Great local market for all your gourmet needs. I always make it a point to stop at Harvest when I'm in the area. Friendly, knowledgeable folks and a great selection of local cheese, veggies and beer. They make their own wood fired bread and baked goods (try the ciabatta and the lemon bars) and have great homemade salads as well. Nice little selection of wines, nothing huge but great selection. All in all, a great place to stock up on items to enjoy for "the good life" in VT.

Melissa Thornton

The best selections of gourmet food in Stowe. Wines, cakes, meats, cheeses, coffee bar and luxury necessities. Locally owned. A must when in the area.

Christine Betterly

I LOVE THIS PLACE! And Dante wears great pins and is super friendly!!

Steve Menard

Great place for coffee and fresh baked pastries

René Pelletier

Good natural health market but a little on the pricy side

Dawn Archambault-Perry

Stopped by after the Stowe Farmer’s market and couldn’t believe all the delicious ready to eat sandwiches and prepared food. Wine, cheese, artisan beer selection. A dangerous place to stop by when hungry, so we left with three bags. Def make this a regular stop.

Justin Potter

Great selection of Vermont cheeses, meats, gourmet pastas and wines! We stocked up to brave the frigid night in comfort. A must visit in Stowe!

Matos R

Great place to grab coffee.

Hannah Blazejewski

The best spot in town to get yummy prepared foods and baked goods. I had one of their new Buda Bowls the other day and now I know what I’ll be eating for lunch all summer.. it was so delicious! Friendly staff and you can’t forget their awesome cheese selection or their amazing maple biscuits

Barry Russo

Good bakery and prepared foods, coffee bar, assorted cheeses and meets. High quality and similar prices.

Jennifer Hanley

There is no better place to get the best of everything. their bread, baked good (can you say the best lemon raspberry bars!! chocolate chip cookies) coffee, soups, cheeses and wine are all extraordinary!! If you want a sandwich and great service (Dante, Fred and Tori always anticipate what you need) this is your spot! Harvest is the centerpiece of our Stowe experience

Kirsten Durham

Wonderful market! Staff was so friendly and helpful!

Kristal Brounce-horn

A little expensive, but really good food

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