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REVIEWS OF Delicate Decadence IN Vermont


Always delicious food. Their Wednesday prepared meals make a restaurant-quality meal at home a breeze at an affordable price. And now I can also say that their catering service is terrific as well. Incredible food and the friendliest people to work with!

James Batchelder

Great staff amazing food cant beat it anywhere.

Alexis Dexter

This has been my go-to bakery ever since it changed ownership. Their cookies are scrumptious, the staff is super friendly, and they make everything look amazing! My mother recently got my birthday cake and cupcakes here and I was blown away! Just what I had been hoping for and absolutely delicious. Try the raspberry infused frosting. You won't regret it!


Always a good place to get treats they are also a good place to go for presents

David Bean

Cara Boothe

Justin Loati

Blythe Kersula

Love this place, everything is so good and different every day.

Kevin Foss

I have had nothing but excellent service from this establishment and have been treated kindly during every exchange. Not sure about all of these other comments and anger over a "not free" turkey leg, but from my experience this is not a reflection of their normal business practices. Don't have a dog in this fight but my experiences have been pleasant and the food is excellent.

Jennifer Bresett

Sad and Pathetic place they will never again get my patronage. The Owner is a very Nasty person and the food is far from decadent.

Rachel Nelson

Delicate Decadence is an incredible little bakery! The friendly owner-baker whips up delightful treats and the bakery contributes to multiple local events. Our thanks to the entire staff!

Susan Montgomery-Grout

My daughter was married in Vermont 3 weeks ago and wanted a vegan cake. We opted for a chocolate vegan cake with a faux buttercream frosting and then had a selection of chocolate, coconut and lemon cupcakes also with faux buttercream frosting. We never had the opportunity to taste test due to living out of town and went totally on referral from a friend. Tim was super easy to work with, reasonably priced, all delivered on time and set-up was beautiful. The cake was incredible and the cupcakes were just divine - if this is what Tim does for vegan, I'm certain that the non-vegan baked items must be just as spectacular. Thanks for making our daughter's wedding special. I'd totally recommend this shop!

robyn xoxo

Their confections are lovely, but these people are just nasty. I've experienced it first hand but let it go as people are allowed to have bad days. But a friend of mine recently had a bad experience and was treated despicably. In addition to not abiding by simple health code rules and having the worst customer service I have ever heard of, the owner has also threatened the jobs of his staff for not defending him on Facebook. As a native Central Vermonter, I suggest that they do some real damage control, because we don't allow this in our community.

Elizabeth Bresett

Mark Sumner

Timothy Lenahan

Amazing sweets!

gavin r

Alayna Emery

I love this place! They have great coffee and even better food! Love stopping in for a some sort of treat and a coffee on my way through town. The staff is always smiling and friendly!

Corey Craddock

Jennifer Smith

It's a sin

Mike Lannen

Amazing iced coffee by Artisan Coffee Roasters and you must try the "Millionaire Bar"! Great service and everything is delicious.

Stephen Frey

Tim Lenahan

Melissa Frink

I ordered a birthday cake online, it was a easy process and the cake was soooooo good!

Pippi Kelvie

So folks. I need to inform the public of a recent experience I just had at: Delicate Decadence in Barre, Vermont. I went in to buy a coffee. They were in the process of cleaning a thanksgiving table they had served to the benefit shop. Walking through I noticed lots of leftovers being thrown away. As you know I've been getting back on my feet after surgery and friends have been helping me with meals. When I saw this meal I asked "is this being thrown away? I'll take some of it!" They said sure! And preceded to offer me this and that saying" give her some of this" and "Do you want this? We won't eat it" The whole exchange was presented as if they were just giving me the food as it was otherwise being thrown away. I mean, you can't legally sell pre served food! I repeatedly stated "wow!, really? You sure? Thanks!" And had a conversion with the owner about how generous he was being and how I was recovering from surgery and this was a treat not to cook. Maybe I shouldn't have even wanted this considering...but it seemed fine at the time. Yet, after packing up my meal and paying for my coffee with the owner present they rung me up and charged me to two full dinners at the rate of a fresh meal. ($18.00) I hesitated,confused as this was food that was being thrown away otherwise! I had no choice, we had just spent a half hour talking and packing food. What I left with was two drumsticks, two rolls, stuffing and boc choy for two. Ok. So delicate decadence screw number 1. Next, when I got home and started heating up the the food, I unwrapped the turkey legs and found behind one looked to be a HUGE bite taken out of it.No skin, back nearly empty. It looked half eaten. Gross!knowing this was leftovers, I just didn't feel comfortable serving it. I threw both legs in the to prove it. How did they not they not notice the drumstick they were packing up to sell me as a full fresh meal looked torn away at? Delicate decadence screw number 2. Then..I messaged them VERY politely telling them I didn't feel comfortable serving this food and asked them if they could make it up to me somehow. Instead of responding with an apology and a gracious " of course!" They coldly sent me a request to bring the meat in and SHOW THEM! and also I would need my receipt! I was literally there a meer three hours earlier and we spoke for a long time. I told then them the second hand food they sold me looked suspect and this is the response?! I was shocked and offended and replied with an actual photo of the meat in the garbage and explained i should NOT have to bring the meat in to "proove" it looked suspect, as they knew as well as me my concerns were reasonable under the circumstances. I expressed my feeling upset at how they were handing this situation to which the owner replied to me: "Come in for a full refund, it will be ready at counter and please shop elsewhere in the future" I'm simply shocked and extremely hurt. This is an unacceptable way to treat a patron so I am passing this experience along to my community. I will not be seeking my refund, as sadly feel scared and uncomfortable to go in there. :(

Sean Rosetta

Crystal Ryan

So yummy!

Melodie Lewis

Good food

Kelsey Edwards

Super friendly staff and great food. We use them for catering all the time.

Amanda Charron

Delicious!! One of the best bagels I've ever had.

Jeff Ladd

Keith Pelletier

Awful customer service. Do not go here.

Rosa Maceda

Howie G

David E. Velau

Excellent sweets and dinners.

Sharon Tomberg

Sandra Jenkins

Everything is so yummy!

Not TheSignShop

Confused by the binary nature of the reviews. My personal experience over time has been a great one - lovely people and super food all around. I'm always thrilled to attend a meeting in Barre and see the box of DD treats.

Anita Hoy

Delicate Decadence is such a pleasant hometown bakery. My husband and I like to gather all types of pastries to bring home and freeze for later use. After enjoying one of the macaroons last weekend, my husband stated that Tim should just sell large containers of the filling!

George Hood

Take home meal are great and convenient. The deserts are incredible. Very friendly people. You won't be disappointed.

Eleanor Keeler

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff. Fantastic attention to details. My boys Nana will love the cake we bought from here.

Katura Huckabay

Nita Moore

Rebecca Trower

I got my daughters cake here for her last birthday and will get another this year!

Theron Wells-Wright

Brandon Dalrymple

Barry Tricker

Went to a birthday dinner, Dessert was supposed to be an "Italian Rum Cream Cake" . Instead it was a Pound cake Bundt shaped with no detectable rum. Not a Sponge cake as it is supposed to be. AND the crust was unchewable. Tough crunchy and (not in a good way). The icing had fallen off the bottom of the cake. The Cream part was in the Bundt hole instead of the middle. Overall , the WORST cake EVER !!!!!

Francisca Rood

Went there to talk about my wedding cake. They were kind. They were very professional. They also set up our cake tasting right away. Excellent service!

Charles E. Goodman IV

Tim and his crew at Delicate Decadence are in a league of their own. Sure, their treats, food and everything they make are absolutely delicious, but it is their customer service that really separates them from their competitors. Tim handles every order and every circumstance with the greatest of care and always delivers the highest end of customer service. If you need anything from a single tasty treat to a full dessert display at a 500 person wedding, Tim and Delicate Decadence is the only stop you need to make. Thanks for all you do Tim!

Arlene M. Silva

Great place, great staff, great cakes & pastries!

Sophia Lahlou

Very nice staff and it was amazing that all of their desserts were nut free. The place it’s self was very clean and well kept. You can even see them making the pastries.

JB Hilferty

Morgan Dunster

EB 80

The cakes are decent, but questionable sanitary practices. The owner is shockingly rude to customers, calling someone a whack job and pathetic will not bring in business. They probably didn't teach that in baking school, but it's in business 101. Good luck with your ok food and even worse customer service. Apparently it's cool to serve food that's been on someone else's plate and charge them for it in VT, who knew. And don't you dare complain to this owner. He's a republican and thinks everyone in VT is a "libtard" (his words) looking for a handout. Oh, and he likes to insult cancer patients too. I am absolutely horrified by the treatment of a couple of individuals and this owner should have taken the high road long ago. It's a really disappointing and disheartening thing to see in a small community.

Mia M. Boudreau

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