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REVIEWS OF Bagel Market IN Vermont

Ruth Anderson

I have been eating lo carb for a while now. So a bagel place isn't the greatest choice. But they went out of the way to serve me a really good lettuce wrap and my boyfriend really loved his chicken salad bagel. Will definitely be back.

George Elliott

Excellent bagels, wide variety of flavors

Christopher Bolen

Best bagels in northern Vermont, period!

Jamie Wright

Super inconsistent! You have to know which employees know how to make a sandwich before you order, otherwise stick to a bagel w/ cream cheese. Pastries and coffee are on point, and if you can, order from the young man who wears the backwards hat!!

Franny O'Brien

It was awesome. The people are great, the bagels are the best. Always eat there.

Penny crosby

Great service

Danielle McGuire

Bagels are fresh and taste great

Snorri Sputnik

Very fresh and affordable. The quality of the bagels is excellent as is the quality of the flavored cream cheese. The staff is very friendly and courteous.

Shawn Morse

Always great place to eat!

Thin Mint

Great bagels, waitstaff are hit or miss as many are college students with attitude, don't try any fancy ordering because they won't remember!

Lizza Francis

I was told buy a friend this place sucks but I didn’t want to believe them and I love bagels so what could go wrong.... So it’s Saturday morning around 10am .. I came in there were a few people sitting and a few (like 3) people in line. I knew that they were always busy! Anyways, I got in line waiting to be rung up and what not which took 20 mins to get through 3 people!! Also took 20 MINUTES+ to make my food. There was 4 people making sandwiches and 2 people around the register. Besides they weren’t that friendly at all. The only reason I give this place a 2 star is because the food was alright could definitely be better.. Other than that I would rate this place a one star.

Chelsea Russell

Bagels are always good. There's usually a line and it doesn't move fast. The staff is clearly unhappy there as there's constant bickering. I have never been in and greeted with a smile by anyone. It's too bad bc they have so much potential.

Charles C

Great food. They seem to be under new management which is trying to understand how to run a food service operation. I'll give them some time.

John Sonnick

I really want to give this place four stars because the service is pretty good once you get it. But the lines can take forever to get through and more than once I've driven past because I didn't have the 20 minutes I'd need to be fairly sure I'd get out on time. The bagels are tasty, I've found the staff friendly and they have some really good sandwich options but the pace just kills me.

Michael Shannon

A must eat when in Burlington. Absolutely amazing breakfasts and lunch. One of a kind. Seating is limited and the line is long but it is worth the wait!


Good food, but sometimes they run out of their different bagel types and flavors. The trick is to go early for the best variety.

Casey Spencer

Delicious! Wonderfully happy and pleasant employees!

Aleksandr Kragh

Great food & family-friendly!

Thomas Chittenden

I go to the Essex OilnGo because of how good the coffee is here!

Patricia Henderson

Best bagels/spreads around, coupled with one of the worst order processing systems in chittenden county. They need two lines: one for bagels/drinks only, and one for specialty sandwiches.

Lunit143 M

There bagel sandwiches are very good! Go early for best selection of bagels! Cream cheese is the best! Bagels are always fresh! Staff is friendly! Once or twice my order wasn’t made correctly and didn’t realize til we left. Overall, we will continue to go! Give it a try!


Great fresh bagels ... baked at site. Fantastic local roasted coffee.

Tim Gleason

Quick service, high quality bagels, excellent breakfast sandwiches, and great coffee. Only problems here are limited/crowded seating and having to stand around to wait for your order.

Ashley Williams

Decent bagels, neat bagel sandwich combos, friendly staff. They also offer soups and a decent selection of coffee.A little overpriced for a bagel sandwhich, but otherwise a great brunch /lunch spot.

Louisa Costantino-Foley

Bagels are way to thick and bread like...not chewy like a bagel should be

Winter Royce-Roll

I've ever written a bad review before but honest to god this place pushed me to the edge. This is the place to go if you want to wait 30+ minutes for the wrong order. I witnessed people cancel their orders because they were going to be late for work and it wasn't even busy in there. RIP to the man who ordered his bacon egg and cheese bagel and they put jelly on it. Rude and incompetent staff.

William Reed

Great place to get lunch. They have a nice selection of special bagel sandwiches that can also be made with bread. Get there early as the line can be long during prime lunch hour.

jessica howard

My order has been messed up all past everyone I go there and the staff seems unhappy and slow moving. The bagels are good if you get the one you want.

Jean Ward

Excellent customer service, delicious food. There's so many reasons I make this my weekly breakfast stop!

Gregory Wilkins

Bagel Market has a good selection to choose from and their breakfast sandwiches substantial and well made. Even when their is a long line, the wait doesn't tend to be too bad. Their bakery is pretty good as well.

Keese Lane

New management has crushed this place. Trying to change the flow has just created chaos. Bagels run out. Service is worse and slower. Whoever ran this place before had a beautiful well oiled machine and the owners are bungling. Just go back to what worked.

Adam Gerlack

Yummy Bagles

Sergio Mendes

Good food, price keeps it from being a weekly place.


Amazing food and a great price

Jack Barnes

My grandson loved the bagels!

Joseph Normand

Good bagels and fast service.

Wayne W

Love this place. Great people, great food!

Rachel Plouffe

Very tasty sandwiches!

Kristina Love

Very yummy bagels. They'll make anything to your preference instead of just doing canned menu items.

Stephanie Nichols

Love their bagels, coffee, sandwiches and atmosphere

Noah King

Really excellent baggle sandwiches, plus super cheep and still delicious day old baggles.

Dakota Mancuso

Some of the best bagels in town.

tucker dimasi

It's a bagel place man. They make em you eat em they're pretty alright

M. I. Abbott

First time there. I'm gluten intolerant, so was picking bagels up for others. Found out that they have gluten free bread, in sandwiches. Prices were great. I'll be back!

Erik Mahoney

Bagel and bread mastery! Unique thoughts

Sarah Jessica

Got the Vermonter breakfast wrap. Was ok. Veggies and bacon we're good but I've never had such tasteless eggs. Kind of disappointing seeing as I went for breakfast. Not a place I would go out of my way to eat but if I'm in the area I may go again...

Laura Schmigel

Delicious breakfast sandwiches. I really appreciate that the person preparing my sandwich took special care to accommodate my allergy. Great staff!

Mrs. OZ

This rating was tough. I agree on inconsistency on food from other reviews. It's disappointing when it comes out skimpy. Other than that. You can order on the phone before you come in to skip the long line. And the staff is always nice. Food is good.

Sylvan Zeitlyn

Coffee was weak and bangles took a long time.

Michael Longwell

The BEST bagels in the Burlington area!

Zachary Isham

Best bagels around, definitely better then the Bagel Place on Williston Rd!

Brad Storey

Awesome place to get breakfast!

Paula Webster

Very long wait in line. Eggs are never ready for sandwiches and then got the wrong flavor bagel. Go back to the old line

Chelsea Henderson

Great selection/ variety!

Merrill Allen

Not a good place for anybody with allergies. Great bagels, not great service. I go here for lunch several times a week, ordering a menu listed sandwich and they mess it up almost every time. Seriously, how hard is it to put cheddar cheese on a bagel?

Paula Bacon

Worst customer service!!! When I walked in it was slow, I went up to the counter and ordered my sandwich. The guy started making it after placing it in the toaster he went on to make someone else sandwich meanwhile having a conversation like they were friends. The guy finishes making that sandwich while mine was still toasting away. Now while all this is happening there were 5 other people that came in to order and received their sandwiches, paid and my sandwich is still in the toaster!!! After some time a women then pulls my sandwich out and places it on the counter and just leaves it there. After watching all this I proceeded up to the counter to inquire about my sandwich and the same guy that took my order looks at me and says are you ready to order??? OMG talk about clueless!!! Then I stood at the checkout counter for 10min because the guy at the register is on the phone and didn't bother to have someone else come over and check out customers. By the time I ate my sandwich was cold and mushy!!!

Michael LaPointe

Fast service during off hours, but they have a hard time keeping up with orders during peak times. Delicious bagels and veggie cream cheese, but the breakfast sandwiches are super messy and greasy. Rated 3 because it's honestly hit or miss.

Nathan Allen

Blueberry bagles taste like nothing, and it had half a block of cream cheese on it. The coffee was good though.

margaret schillemat

Absolutely love,love this place.

Lis Oliveira

Super busy. That tells a lot. Delish food and friendly staff.

Andrew Overton

Really good sandwiches all the time and fast service even when its busy

Craig Holcomb

Great food at good prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Dave Train

If you go on a Saturday morning expect a 20 to 30 minute wait.

Rick Valenta

This place makes the best bagel sandwiches. VERY tasty. love it. I don't get out here often enough but you can't go wrong for breakfast or lunch if you are in the area.

Alan Botula

Great bagels. Nice spot to grab breakfast.

Patricia Parrow

The bagels are fine, but I wasn't thrilled with the sandwiches.

Kilsea Luchka

I have been going to this place for many months now. they recently upgraded their sandwich making machines and it shows. Thank You Bagel Market for opening when nobody else is!

Larry Unrein

Great morning breakfast bagel sandwich.

Lisa Kromer

The roof leaks and has brown water spots all over it, multiple lights are out, and the cashiers are not happy or friendly. Is the ownership going to do any maintenance, or take pride in his business? ?

El Sueno Vermont

They’ve put in a new system, which has created the worst possible customer service possible. It took 25 minutes for them to make a plain bagel with flavored cream cheese! All the tables were occupied by people waiting for their bagels - many of them waiting much longer than our twenty five minutes. They were not busy, and there were five people working behind the counter. What is going on? Go back to the old ordering system, people got served in the order they arrived and we could get a bagel in five minutes.

Chris Ottum

Good sandwiches, and the lady behind the counter was super friendly! On a few visits, the assembly people seemed to get orders mixed up or made incorrectly, which led to some delays, but it's usually worth the wait.

Drew Milizia

Went in with a friend and ended up ordering the same thing but I waited 3 times as long for my order. Turns out my order was repeatedly skipped as it was very obvious the associates behind the counter knew the people that ordered after me and made their sandwiches first. Very disappointing.


Not bad not great bagels are good sandwiches are just alright.

Terri Sabens

I must say that this is by far the worst breakfast bagel I have ever had there, since when is it okay to put a golf ball sized egg on a normal size bagel. Who ever put this one together did a horrible job, there were huge extra mushrooms (slice them smaller, hunks of mushrooms are not tasty), enough onion for four and not even stacked well. I also asked for the bagel to be super toasted and didn't even get that.

Tiffany Bergeron

I went before the lunch rush on purpose today because I was in a bit of a rush. There was no line yet it took a mighty long time to make my one cold sandwhich order. When I tuned in to what the girl making my sandwich was doing, I found that she was talking, and wildly gesturing, to her Co workers about the process by which she removes her clothes upon arriving home. Not exactly appropriate for the work place or respectful of the customer's time.

craig holcomb

Great place to eat. The food is always fresh and the service is friendly and courteous. Great food for a decent price.

Nick C

Best bagels around

Brian LaClair

This place has struggled with shoddy service, bagels that just barely land as average, and a terrible layout for a long time. There are much more notable bagel spots within driving distance, so avoid this spot unless you are in an absolute pinch.

Jesse Gaboriau

I wrote this while standing in line, after waiting twenty seven minutes for two bagel sandwiches. The staff are polite, place is well lit, food and coffee are great and well priced. But the experience is absolutely horrid. Thirty minutes for two bagels? I can get a seat and eat a meal at a diner faster. On top of this the space is claustrophobic. Tuck your elbows while you wait the people who ordered before you will get their sandwiches first. This is second and final time here. Hard pass. Total wait time? Thirty one minutes.

Stuart Floyd

Many options for bagels and sandwiches. Soup. Cookies. Muffins all made on site and all very good! Always friendly and accommodating and for gluten free folks they have options for you too.

Walt Mlynko

Good bagel place. Always fresh - they cook them in the back. Good selection of cream cheeses to go. My favorite is the day old bags of bagels and other pastries is a great deal. Put them in the freezer and they last forever. I knocked off one star for parking and ease of getting out into traffic. It's pretty tight and can be dangerous pulling onto Suzie Wilson road during heavy traffic.

Grace Brunelle

Great salt bagels w veggie cream cheese plus chocolate milk is delicious!

Barbara Kling

Great bagels and great people.

Alpha Storms

Great bagels.

Pat Pfendner

Never been disappointed with the Bagel Market. Been going here since they opened. Top of the line ingredients and friendly hard working staff.

Jeff Jones

Always happy folks, great service and awesome Bagles. Oh and the cream cheese is 2 thumbs up.

Andrew Goodrich

One of the best bagel shops in Vermont.

Jade Shea

Bagels are great and chewy. I had the maple nut cream cheese, really good. I want to go back to try other flavors. Had the energy bagel which is different from other bagels. It is a bit sweet, and hearty at the same time. Probably my new favorite bagel. Recommend to all to go and try your favorite or be adventurous and try something new.

Mike Bray

Got two egg and cheese bagels at 8:15AM on a Sunday 6/30/2019, and they were very good. However, while I was eating, the place started getting semi-busy, but service looked very slow. I'm glad I got there when there was no line. Four very friendly staff members were working but they were struggling to keep up. Delicious bagels though.

Solomon Zeitlyn

Good bagels and fast service.

Niel Christiansen

Great bagels and coffee.

Benjamin Price

Best food I had in Vermont. Only visited for a week, but it was a business trip so we got around and this place was #1.

Karma Dancer

I go there for the day old bagels! $3.99 a dozen. Price went up from $3.00 a dozen. Busy place. Fresh bagels. Sandwiches, drinks and seating to enjoy your meal.

Karen Hergesheimer

40 minutes to make 3 sandwiches. Inexcusable.

Kevin Henrichs

I painted the ceilings. But the food was awesome. Even if it wasn't free. Thanks Jimmy

Douglas Hood

Great bagel sandwich options!


Is there a new owner? Been here a few times and always good, not today. Girl behind counter was rude and seemed lazy? The manager came out from the back and seemed to be really into the "queen bee" ..get a room. The guy working the register was a little off. Maybe the "B" team works Monday morning? Won't be going back.

Matthew J Fitzgerald

Always delivers

erin M

Great coffee and perfect bagels.

Aaron Hammond

Food is AMAZING! But only 2 stars because the service is HORRIBLE! Girls throwing utensils, never smile, attitude, and waiting for at least 30 min. Hire a new staff or give some customer service training.

Michael Waterhouse

Bagels are great and coffee is the best. Favorite breakfast spot. Quick service.

Skittle Turtle

Great food, great people, great atmosphere!

Jeffrey Goller

This is our bagel place...nothing better in Chittenden County!

Cody Guyette

Amazing staff and food!

Brett D

First time lunch experience. Food was good, but staff was overall inattentive. After standing at the sandwich counter for about 5 mins without any acknowledgement from the staff I placed an order at the register. Waited about 10 more mins, and found that the order was never communicated. One staff at the sandwich counter was more worried about being blamed and defending herself, the other was courteous, apologized for the delay and got the order moving. This also happened to the next group of 3 that came in. Nice atmosphere but management needs to do some basic training

Derrick LaMarche

Super tasty Bagel sandwiches. If you're OK with a little mess, I recommend the Western.

Tyler Green

Bacon & egg bagel is bomb. Not a sandwich but a bagel with egg & bacon cooked in!

Lisa Kapoor

Delicious sunflower bagels!

Mo Battah

Good bagle and coffee

Heather Shea

I used to love their sandwiches, but something has happened to this place, and it's not positive. I ordered a honey chicken wrap and the chicken was so rubbery it was inedible. I've read other reviews that mention inconsistency with their food other than bagels, and I have to agree. Play it safe and stick to coffee and bagels. I don't eat bagels so I won't be back.

Jaycie P

We used to love this place, but recently they've been skimping quite a bit on the cream cheese. It's disappointing because we have great memories here. They also had a very limited selection of bagels at 12:30 on a Saturday.

Steven Kotowski

Nice bagels and nice coffee.

Diane Stevens

Do not like new process, takes too long. Pretty expensive for service delays.

Jessica Williams

The bagels are always fresh. Lots of variety

hoes mad

Best Bagels in the world

Joseph Letourneau

Great place for a quick bite to eat before work.

Mark Rappold

Many choices and very fresh ingredients. Very delicious!

Richard Laws

Had a geat bagel there and the coffee was good, service was not great

Justin Smith

Nice people and great bagels

Michelle Graveline-Welch

My favorite bagels. Golden on the outside, soft inside. Great cream cheese too!

Gabe Epstein

This place is a family favorite. They have great bagel sandwiches for lunch or breakfast and coffee roasted on site. Tireless staff, busy but pleasant atmosphere. Some solid, if not innovative vegetarian options and wonderfully hearty sandwich options for omnivores.

Ryan W.

Food was good and priced well but finding a place to sit and eat can be a challenge.

Alpha Omega

Bagels that are phenomenal

Marianne DiMarco-Temkin

Horrible service. Possibly because it is all bored teenagers. Forgot to give me the cup...the tea bag. Nasty cappuccinos out of a machine. Will not be back.

Jayson Argento

Friendly people and excellent food and coffee!

Elizabeth Rhea

Best bagels ever.

Marcus Tracy

Always friendly service and quality sandwiches. Sometimes there can be a wait but never an unbearable one. Very happy to be patron.

Stephanie Moore

I've been here several times now & the service is always friendly & fast, the food delicious. The dining room has recently been redesigned for a easier dining experience, with guests now ordering at the main counter instead of at the sandwich counter.

susan moore

Best bagles around. Great cream cheese choices. Get a bagle sandwich

Ewing Fox

Best bagel in Essex, and the Gold Ladder coffee they serve is fantastic. Four stars because you need to plan 10+ minutes in line to order - locals know that the secret is to call in your order and jump the line for pickup.

Alexander Schwarzmueller

It's a bagelry. Nothing more, nothing less. Service is speedy.

Ryan Tune

Always spectacular service. Always fresh, always delicious. They have a great selection of bagels, as well as cream cheese. They also have a great beverage selection. I come every Saturday morning after work and wont stop. It's the best priced and best tasting bagel business locally.

Monster Breaks

Delicious bagels, service could be a little better, but still worth my time and money.

Kevin Keyes

This place was absolutely wonderful! Everything I ordered was excellent

Magali DG

Best vegetarian bagels in the area

Gloria Giroux

you should display some sort of sign making people aware of your new ordering process. While I was sitting there more than half of the people coming in went to the front counter to order. It's confusing.


Busy place, good bagels. They got my new Yorker right

Dottievalrie Colbert

Very excellent service.

Anthony Marthaler

Good sandwiches. Standard bagel shop.

Clark Agnew

Pretty good. Go often for coffee with friends.

Kylie Perry

Wanted to like this place because it seems pretty popular. Breakfast burrito was cold and the egg was strange. It was cubed and sponge like. Staff was friendly.

Bill Dion

1/2hr wait for a bagel and not busy very unorganized.

Cris Cote

Very good food. but a terrible redesign has made the wait worse.

Jason Parent

Good food but the employees are quite rude and the order accuracy is sub par.

Neil Marriott

Great bagels and the best Bagel sandwiches..

Rose Bowen

Service very slow. Hard to watch the chit chatting while waiting a long time for four bagels. bagels are great.

Jacob Evans

so many bagel flavors and a great atmoshpere any time of day

Colin Fletcher

Very good coffee, horrible service, inconsistent food. They only hire high schoolers so there is absolutely 0 consistency. Don't even bother asking for anything more complicated than a bagel w. Cream cheese because they will mess it up 50% of the time. Example: ordering a new Yorker and there are so many capers you can't taste anything else. Who would want to eat that? Look carefully at the bagels and baked goods before buying because they will still put out stuff that is under cooked or burnt. The bagels are usually decent but if they mess up they'll still try and pass it off. This place is the closest restaurant to my house and I have given up on it.

Timothy Olver

Best bagels around but get there early cause the line goes out the door.

Jordan Belanger

Best bagels around and awesome staff! It can get pretty busy on the weekends but the lines move quickly and it's totally worth the wait.

Mark Goldberg

Bagels always great, not skimpy with cheese, always fresh, staff very pleasant as usual

wendy thibault

Not very friendly staff I must say.

Bill Patton

Good bagels and even better sandwiches!

Dan Tomaino

Great prices abd such hearty bagel sandwices. So many different flavors of bagels.

David Alofsin

Just for a bagel it's fine, but some of the other stuff could really be a lot better. Freshly cooked eggs instead of microwaved, chicken that's not cooked ahead and frozen, bacon cooked to order or at least cooked in house. These are all things that would really make the product more appealing. In the end....marginal.

Finland Davis

Food is okay...if they get your order right. I had to wait 20 minutes for my bagels which they messed up and forgot one. Two out of five behind the counter were actually making the bagels, the others were socializing. We had to drive back and wait another 30 minutes for our 2 bagels that they messed up only to find out that they messed those up too and to give up our of pure exhaustion. The worst bagel shop I have ever been to and quite possibly the worst restaurant I have ever been to.

TR Staake

Food is good but they only get the order right about half the time and it'll take at least 10 minutes to get your food.

rohan Child of GOD

I waited in line for my sandwich for almost 20 mins not once did they apologize. Then my bagel was handed to me without being toasted. The young lady serving me did not say a word to me and appear to be in a OH WE FUNKED UP ATTITUDE BUT DIDNT GIVE A DAM....

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