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REVIEWS OF WinCo Foods IN Utah

Brian Packer

Prices and selection are great, but the way they apparently keep their costs down is by only having a maximum of 2 registers open at any given time. Unless you have 1.5 hrs to wait in the checkout line you will not be happy.

shea gainsforth

Worst customer service ever and it seems to keep getting worse as time goes by. The employees seem to think if they get out of late be that they can go back to where they were in line. Then chitchat with the cashiers knowing there is customers in line. They also talk down to customers about prices if if the items are in the wrong spots. They also like to walk away from customers when they are at customer service and say they have other things to do so they can’t help you. Never again will I ever go back to the store near me ever again.

Anna Bello

On July 14, around 1:30 am i experienced the worst customer service from the clerk leader. His discrimination against colored people was unbelievable, he embarrassed a customer in front of me by yelling at him in front of everyone before treating me and my husband with disrespect. i expected better customer service from Winco.

Daniel Bowers

Great prices and selection, never enough cashiers.

Anna Guess

Less expensive on alot of products

Lynette White

Best kept secret? Bulk foods section! I cut my food budget over 30% when I discovered this hidden treasure. Great values can be found on every isle.

Anna Rodriguez

I really like Winco. I went around 2 pm and it was not crowded . the cashier was very professional and courteous. Love the prices.

Wayne Pillard

Great selection, affordable fruits and veggies. Good selection of coffee beans $4.98 rotisserie chickens. How can you beat it!

Jackson Green

I really like this place. The way it is organized is phenomenal.

Denise Dixon Kelly

Great prices, but popularity results in longer checkout time.

Noah Schmitz

Cheap food. Store was clean and orderly

Stephanie Bertin

Great prices. Awesome produce selection and quality.

Jerry Straley

The just need a big sign that states NO CREDIT CARDS . Instead of the obscure PARAGRAPH where they try to justify themselves. That paragraph is too long and wordy for anyone to read as they walk in the door.

Candi Cane

Always has a great produce and bulk section. Can always find food I'm looking for here at good prices.

Dee Snowball

I like Winco Foods. They have lots of choices and quality products at lower prices than other stores at which I shop.

Sam Vacanti

BEST PLACE EVER. I need one of these in Nebraska! Don't go here if you can't eat food.

Super Sam

Pretty cheap, and not bad. We used to do our meal prep shopping here. Its a specific type of shopping, you cant get "everything" there. But they are good for groceries.

Kristin Taylor

Great prices, friendly people, my top grocery store

Sheryl Groneman

Fantastic WinCo! Thanks for having almost ALL of your 16 check stand's OPEN, including your self service check out, at 5:45 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!! When we first pulled in the parking lot we thought we'd be there in line for awhile. You gave us one more thing to be thankful for this season, thank you! You all Rock!!

Damien Flores

Some food and prices are good. But Sometimes you have to deal with some workers attitude

Brian Kalt

Clean store and lots of choices on produce, very convenient to stop early on my way to work.

Rebecca Penrod

You can never go wrong with Winco. People are friendly, prices are great, and it is 24 hours


Light traffic in the store, qulity groceries at a great price.

Robert Williams

Gotta love WinCo. Always good pricing and they carry Umpqua Ice Cream. Can't go wrong.

Dragon Fear

Don't expect a place where you can make a quick shopping trip for some milk and eggs. This is a huge grocery store with low prices on everything for the most part. Bulk food items are the biggie here, but aside from that, they have lots of really good items in general. The store brand for many items is at least as good as the name brand, if not often better.

Robert Brown

Winco is great place to shop. Great prices for Winco brand items and they are as good as name-brand items. Excellent produce. I love all their bulk items!

Diana Long

Perfect for shopping for groceries. Good produce.

Tyler Price

Fine place to shop. Particularly appreciate the bulk foods and a decent selection of gluten free options for my wife's needs.

Neena Plant

Well stocked and the associates are friendly.

Lee Ruben

Definitely will be shopping here again, convenient and great prices!

Roger Pullan

Good prices. But not a wide choice of brand name products.

Megan Monk

Always a good selection of products at the lowest prices. Just need to be aware that they don't take credit cards only debit cards.

Max Arioli

Friendly staff and so many awesome bulk food options. Prices are great too!

Paul Casity

Winco has the best BBQ meat (ribs)

Jessica Kerby

Everything is so much cheaper here than other stores. Like we would be spending $150-$250 at other stores and here we get so much more for so much less.


every time i come in they always have good prizes. This location in particular is very clean and the produce department always has good varieties of fruit and vegetables

Chris Taylor

Great prices and selection! Good service. Doesn't promote going into debt (no credit cards). I'm here 3+ times a week and it is by far my favorite grocery store.

Im Actually Garbo

Great prices on soda and water

Sue Guernsey

Always a great place for groceries, very clean and friendly store. I give it 5 stars for my favorite checker Shelly.

Blue Rose

Great prices! The quality of meats and produce aren't always great but I will still shop here because of the incredible prices. Their store brand products are great, too.

Robert Miller

I like shopping there. There produce people are courteous and try to help all they can. The produce is good quality and not near as high-priced as Smiths, Macy's, Dan's,

Uinta Monty

Very nice store. Excellent customer service especially the night cashier.

Tim Collins

A good place to shop, good prices. Remember to bring your debit card.

Patty Dailey

My favorite place to shop and save money.

Mahina Tai

I called to ask some questions regarding their bulk foods and both Midvale & West Valley locations had no idea. Some people, like myself, like to gather information before making a trip to save time and gas. Also, when I called the lady that picked up the phone had poor customer service. No one was professional over the phone. For these reasons, why would I want to shop at your store? I’m glad I called first.

Camilo Salinas

My last experience it wasn't good. The cashier at customer service KATY G had racist actions against me. First time somebody did questioned my passport requesting me three times whay I ain't got an American passport or government ID. Surely, she was look for make me sad or basically questioning my leagl status, when arrived another girl who was so nice with me did explain her than any passport are valid, because are international ID form (thing that I tried to explain her four times). That was a disgustingly, unfortunately I wanted pick up my money there. Unbelievably still people feeling the superiority race.

P Brian Brinck

Winco is a discount grocery store. One of our favorite things is that they have bulk items there. We love to get their chopped roasted almonds. Good on cereal, ice cream and salads.

Willard Kille

I love it, great selection, lowest prices, i save 15-20% every time vs Smith's across the street from me!

Ron Camp

Great prices and always open.

Sarah Bauerle

I love WinCo! They are the best! I go out of my way to shop here.

Michelle Kearl

This is a cash or debit card place only. We love the selection of bulk foods, including spices. Affordable prices on food and produce. Clean bathrooms. Fried chicken and potatoe wedges from the deli are also five star.

Patrick Maloney

Great store. Especially like produce and bull food departments. FYI, remember they don't accept credit cards, need cash or debit.

Kimberly Anderson

The bulk section is so large and so many different kinds of foods; spices, even salt, treats, too many to name, cereals (like you'd find in the aisle), granolas, nuts/seeds, pasta/grain. Oh my! I really had a great time today! So, you're asking yourself why a four-star rating then? The checker was checked out and into the other lane and not paying attention to me. She hardly even glanced at me or the lady ahead of me in line. Then, to make matters worse, she double rang one item and I didn't notice until I got to my car. Had she been in tune with her CURRENT customers in her lane, I would've given a five star. To end my visit, Customer Services had me covered to refund the double rang item. She was courteous, polite, apologetic, and kind. This was my first visit, but hopefully not my last!

Brent Youngs

Why would you not except credit cards?

Alpha Featherfeet

Great selection. Friendly staff. Only draw back is I have to have cash or a debit card to pay. I rarely have either of those. Seeing as we live in the digital world and fast pay is a thing.

Paul Denter

So this place has unbeatable price for ice tea 49 cents per can you can't beat WinCo

Mason Man

Open 24 hours and the prices are extremely competitive. No membership required.

Oh Patricks

Good prices on the soda and water.

samandtonya plus4

Great deals on their bulk items. Which I particularly enjoy. Because I don't need to spend a ton of money to get what I need. But get exactly what I want and the amount I want for a good price!

Emz A

Great store, awesome staff, always find what I need easily and the staff is friendly and gladly willing to help if needed.

Brian Oliver

Self bag grocery stores with great prices

cathrine harless

Love the no frills, excellent selection of both bulk and packaged foods. Super good prices, veggies and fruit is also great and very low price.

D. Mendez

This Winco almost always has what I go there to get. Restrooms could stand to be a bit cleaner. The staff is always friendly!

Reagan Holmes

Low prices, budget grocery store. Great selection. No credit cards.

Terry Shaw

I compared prices for some items I know the cost of at Walmart. They are only pennies above, and you're dealing with an employee owned business instead of a blood sucking, big box store.

Jennifer Wallace

I always come here for the bulk spices and usually grab some veggies while I'm here. Make sure you have a debit card or cash with you- they do not accept credit cards. You also bag your own groceries while the cashier rings up your items.

Lele Higashi Laufou

Great place to get everything you need at a great price!!

Robyn Madsen

Yes, prices are always better, however, produce must be used quickly because it will spoil fast. Only two check out clerks last night, so I went to the salt check out and the machine was very sensitive.

Benn C

Been heating about it and finally went. This place is amazing! It's almost half what I would have paid at smiths.

Marie Conlon

I love Winco and go there for all my grocery shopping. I love their bulk spices and herbs, fresh veggies and fruit. They always have the best prices! You will bag your own groceries, but the OCD in me likes to do it myself. I can also bring my reusable bags!

Kevin Hill

Love shopping there! Everyone is so polite and helpful. Prices are great too!!

Stacie Graves

Great prices! High quality food. Really great staff!!! My only issue was that they don't take credit cards (just debit, cash, check)

Jenalyn Barton

Great prices, good selection, and friendly employees. I especially love the prices of their bulk foods, which have no comparison elsewhere. One of my favorite places to shop.

Mark Halliday

I love WinCo best Grocery store there is! And they are coming to Herriman! Yes!

D N B.

Great prices, great selections and I love that they’re open 24 hours. Few years back was discharged from the hospital at 3 am and no one was open but thank goodness Winco was! Also love their bulk candy section along with real honey and peanut/almond butters.

Jeff Sheldon

I used the self check out it went very fast.had a lot of stuff in all the paths ,could not used the carts .the only thang thay do differt thay bring all pallets out at one time no place to push.

Donita Martino-Garrison

Great shopping for food! I am saving money shopping for groceries at Winco! What I like most is the individual bins to pick the appropriate spices, candies, nuts, pasta, etc. A real plus for shopping at this grocery store.

Ted Mecham

Best place to shop ever. Best produce, best lunch best, best cheese, best prices. My favorite grocery store.

Walter Garff

WinCo is great for low prices and everyday selection. Don't expect a lot of organic products or high end cheeses but you can't beat them for commodity items or for major brands. The lowest price for Fairlife milk (my favorite) anywhere $3.12. Don't miss the Zoi yogurt either, it is an excellent regional product and very hard to find. My personal favorite, and why I give it 5 stars, is the bulk food section. It is like a bulk food store only less expensive. I refilled my Italian hot pepper flakes bottle for $0.20! I just bought bulk nuts & chocolate for toffee making.. Always check your bill, they are happy to fix things. They have a sign saying the self check out machines have problems, they do. Cash or debit only, no credit cards...

Allan Stokes

A little busier than I'm used to for a Winco, but still the same great products and pleasant staff I'd find at any location I've been to so far.

Troy Hyde

Love the produce. Love the bulk items that are available. Otherwise, pretty comparable to most of the larger grocery stores around.

Pam Peebles

The prices are awesome. I love their produce and meats. It's hit and miss with the friendliness of the cashiers. I have had some that dont even acknowledge you are there. Overall its usually a great experience.

Tim M

Very clean, very well stocked, good selection

Jared Angerstein

I really appreciate WinCo, I feel like they carry all of the right brands and their pricing is great. The store is big enough to have a lot of what you need without becoming to big or cofusing. Overall it's organized very well and the workers are always very kind. I'm wondering if they allow dogs? I have a puppy that I'm training, she's a french bulldog and very calm, plus she won't go to the bathroom anywhere, I just don't want to get in trouble and I can't leave her in the car.

R M Heard

Best in state as I see it. Good products, prices are great. Not just some "door crashers" all of it.

Sam Smith

Love me some WinCo. Always friendly staff. Be warned though, they only take debit cards.

Tiffany Pulliam

The staff is very welcoming and kind, everything is much cheaper than anywhere else I've been to!

Lauren Wallentine

I love WinCo! Their bulk foods are awesome for spices and basically everything and so is anything else you need.

Christina Lange

Was dirty and staff was rude when I asked were the canned cheese was located. Only saving grace was the cashier at checkout.

Michael Snyder

Winco is always good i like the big barrels of candy and nuts best. Its nice to treat your self to freshly ground nut butters or coffee every so often

Hotlatin Barrett

Very clean Employees are awesome.

Paige Norberg

Lack of customer service. Not a single employee seemed to acknowledge there were customers at all! I went to winco to save some money, but I'll happily take my business somewhere I know an employee will at minimal smile in my direction even if I have to pay more for my groceries its worth not feeling as if I just inconvenienced a small community.

Amanda Johnson

Less expensive than Smith's, almost as much variety.

D.W. Hansen

65% of the Store is on Sale, compared to other places... You just have to Look...

Mary Anne G

It's a great store. Lots of items to buy. And friendly people who work there.

Amanda Pants

I have never had a more difficult time spending my money than I did today. I stopped at Wynco for work and home, for just a few items. I have a company debit card, however we are not provided with pins. Since I had no pin, they were unable to let me purchase the supplies I stopped for. Also, I needed some items for myself and since they do not accept credit cards I had to use my last $25 cash for my purchase. I understand that stores generally stop accepting credit cards because of the processing fee. Whey can't the customer opt to pay the fee if they want to use their debit card? I was very disappointed with my visit.

David Fuhrman

Prices and selection are great but you can't use a credit card here which is enough to keep us shopping elsewhere.

Susie Fourt

Selection and pricing are fantastic, and staff members go out of their way to be friendly and helpful!

Dylan Hurley

No customer service here. The trade off decent prices and that's about it. Being that this an employee owned company you would think you get better service. It's going downhill and the lack of helping your customers and paying attention to them is appalling. Need to step it up and do a better job at helping the people that are giving you a reason to have a job there.

C R Barnes

Great prices. Helpful friendly people.

Mary Phillips

Fast, friendly, easy. Love the self check. Always stocked up. Have all the departments w/ low prices. Easy & fast shopping even at dinner hour. Employees are nice & happy during the day or at midnight.

Cory Thompson

Large grocery store with a lot of selection good prices.

Leslie Henderson

I enjoy grocery shopping at Winco, and like the Sushi bar addition for a quick meal. We had an 80th birthday party and ordered chicken, our guests kept asking where'd we get the chicken, it's our best kept secret...thanks to the ladies in the deli!

Tnt2b Lucky

We got a really sweet cashier this time that was friendly and had a sense of humor that was great to be around. Can't Rave enough about how nice it was to see somebody treat customers like they enjoy having them around. Thank you so much WinCo. Awesome customer service means just as much to us as great prices and quality.

Jose Garcia

This is the closest store to my home. They have a good vibrant atmosphere in the store and always a great selection. They do not have very much organic food however which is a minus. Hopefully that will work on that soon. I still shop there all the time and love it.

Rebecca Stephenson

I love winco, the prices are great, they have bulk items for my large family, and they have a great selection of produce and meat. I do t like that you have to bag the groceries yourself, it makes it hard when you have small children but at the end of the day you can spend a little more and go more often to have someone bag it for you, or you can buy in bulk, save a few bucks, and bag yourself. Plan on a good nap after you go to the store!

Amy Stonewell

Good location, lots of parking place and 24hr opening. The bulk food is really good quality with very low price comparing to other stores. Cash or debit card or check only, so you wouldn't earn any points to credit card which I always do when shopping on other stores.

Ken Severn

A solid selection and the best prices I've ever found. Just make sure you break your debit card or cash. They do not accept credit cards.

anthony orn

great place if youre looking for a good blend between a whole sale retailer and a casual spot to pick a few things. The staff most of the time is friendly and efficient and I prefer to bag my own groceries so its a good fit for me! the only draw back is some of the limitations with out having a full butcher's counter but other than that its great.

Joseph Moyle

Such great prices and a huge rare selection!

Roxy Brady

Quick trip. Confused on which produce goes with signs. Great customer service department & cashiers. Crystal & Amber.

Adam William

Helpful staff and high quality products for low prices.

Ike Leland

love this place but... 1. your little pizza ingredient containers...ya to the deli meat...are not tamper proof due to how the stickers are applied. (Not on two sides preventing them from being open.) 2. pizza ingredient containers are ”pinch to open” but you put the red sauce in a pinch to open container. Derp. I hate getting red sauce everywhere! Those pinch to open containers suck! Stop using them and start making them tamper proof again.

Matt Damian

I have always been a fan of WinCo prices are great but one thing I got to say is their produce is completely old all the time if you're looking for fruits vegetables anything of any sorts do not go to Winco go to Smith's

Joshua Taylor

Great prices, clean, helpful employees. My favorite grocery store. Just be aware, debit cards only, no credit cards. And cash of course.

Earlette Ellis

Very friendly staff. The prices are great, wesaved about $100 on our shopping trip tonight. This savings means we can spend more next time

Mindy Allen

Great prices and employees! This is my favorite grocery store. Go in the mornings to avoid long lines. They have a good selection of gluten free snacks/food and bulk items.

Suzy Manville

No frills shopping. Low prices. Clean but nothing fancy -- savings passed on to the customer and employee. Winco is not a great shopping experience, but I can get behind the business model. Interesting customer base. Friendly, helpful cashiers.

Kasey Ware

Night stocking staff is a bit on the impersonal side but when I was younger and in the same boat I suppose I wasn't over eager to help and socialize like I am in a wiser age. They do have a massive selection of most everything I have ever gone there for, and despite having to bag your own goods the lines do actually go by in a decent manner

Jason Jordan

Great prices, selection, and employee-owned. I like shopping at Winco.

Tiffany Angel

It took us about an hour to get there when it said it was 16 minutes away, but WinCo can't control the traffic of three lanes merging into one. I love their selection of bulk bin foods and they have a very good selection of food for groceries.

Tegan Steimle

Love the process and deals at Winco

Bruty A

Very clean, wide isles, nice helpful people, great prices!

Laycee Young

I used to love this location but I feel like it's going down hill. There has been a ton of expired product on the shelves, Starbucks k-cups, cereal, and dairy were a few I saw yesterday. There also used to be employees throughout the store for questions or help finding things, but that too a thing of the past.

Dave Julian

BIG store. Hard to find some things. Deli service was less than spectacular as the tree people behind the counter silently stared each other to see who would finally give and help me. Awesome bulk food section and VERY good prices.

Benjamin Vito

This is probably one of the easiest grocery stores to navigate in the area, meaning that you can get in and out quickly. It's also very affordable. They have a great deli, bakery and bulk foods section. The employees are top-notch.

Galen Grantham

Really good prices and better produce than Smith's. They pay their workers better than some places, but still not what they deserve

Olga Potupchik

Open 24/7, has friendly customer service, has a wide selection of product, and a great coffee selection where you can select your own and then grind it to your own preference! Bakery isn't something you'd go to Winco for, though; deli's okay.

Karlie Hansen

Great prices for bulk food. You need cash or a debit card to pay. They have bulk foods and normal foods as well. Great options for a grocery store. I wish they had one in my home town!

Bret Hardy

solid selection of groceries. my main issue is it can be really hard to get in and out of this place when it gets busy. If that could be made better I would give it five stars for sure!

Ruth Lowe

This store has fresh fruits and veggies. Can't get potatoes cheaper than here. They carry excellent variety of Asian and Mexican food among the standard Italian and Am

Steve Greenland

Low prices than anyone else on several different products. Wish there were more available.

Larry Louis

Always good, good prices, many choices, plenty of parking, easy in and easy out. Warehouse grocery store. Love it.

Kathryn Hansen

Good visit. Nothing special while we shopoed. The checker was friendly upon check out. Not much interacting with other store employees

M Priest

I love the produce selection here and the bulk food section! They also have well priced milk and eggs. This location is always clean and friendly!

Lea Gunn

I prefer shopping at WinCo over any other place if I have a choice.


Love this store one of the only grocery stores open 24hrs in salt lake

Holly Carrillo

It's hard for me to shop anywhere else.. I watch prices closely and I hate to pay more. So winco is my store for groceries...

Shane Love

The deli has good wings for a low price.

Stephanie macias

Need to find a better stocking system

Brandon Stevenson

Great prices for food and home products. I only shop here at Costco.

Richard Wilcox

WinCo is awesome. Warehouse club prices or better without the obligatory membership or the need to buy everything in bulk. Love grinding my own peanut butter right there. I know it doesn't have a bunch of partially hydrogenated oil and other junk added. Love the immense variety of bulk foods available that you can buy in any amount you need. Deli has a great variety at a great price. The only thing that keeps us from doing all of our shopping at WinCo is the fact that it's a bit far away. Still it's worth the trip anytime we're getting more than just a couple of items.

Desiree Preston

I really like the bulk spices and the bulk food storage items here. I pick up oatmeal, wheat, and rice in big bags here. They have reasonable prices on almost everything. Quart-sized yogurt is particularly cheap. My kids love it when I go there because their chocolate milk is only a few cents more than their regular milk, so we usually get that as a treat.

Heidi Peaslee

Good food selection for really good prices.

Lydia Glad

Winco is the best! Almost always has the best prices and its an employee owned company so who can say no to that?!

Rachael Metzger Ubaldo

This GROCERY STORE supposedly has a no dogs in the store rule but allows people to walk their dogs through the store on a leash. When I brought this up to the cashier and asked if they allow dogs in the store, their exact response was, "Well no but it is hard to get them to stop." What is so difficult about telling someone that dogs are not allowed in the store and that they need to leave? When i asked about that the cashier said their manager would get mad if they said anything. If a manager gets angry for enforcing health code rules to keep the food we buy clean then there is something seriously wrong with this place. Until this issue is addressed I WILL NOT be returning to this location. Disgusting.

Prathap Velavaluri Sekhar

Worst store, no customer support. No return policy. Don't but until you want to really use

Marcus Flinders

24 hours. Awesome. They have good prices and food selections some other places don't have. Need cash it a debit card and you bag your own, but you can get chicken feet and fish heads here.

Charleen Smith

Clean, spacious, good variety. The customer service was good. And everything was spic and span.

Randy Barlow

Wholesale pricing! Retail convenience!

Benjamin Nielson

Try the store brands their amazing and affordable.

ambers_ abstractions

The vending/claw machines never seem to work right. One or two are always busted. However WinCo is my favorite place for groceries. I am fairly introverted and prefer to shop at night with less people. Having WinCo for 24 hour shopping needs is amazing.

Brandy Farnsworth

If all that you are looking for is low prices then this is your place and it would receive more stars, however, I like healthier options and there were very few of those here. WinCo is filled with very unhealthy food at a cheep price. We were able to find a good sized container of organic salad mix for a good price so there are a few things you can find but most of it is highly processed junk.

Jean Newlin

Great prices on name brand products! HUGE selection!

James Willcox

Excellent pricing and product selection for ftuits, vegtables, and bulk (spices, grains, cereals, pasta, rice, nuts, flours, honey, etc.). Limited variety on shelf items.

Megan Mabey

I come here often with my mom. It's a nice place to get groceries. Also, it's cheap!

Jason Nipper

Love Winco they still carry my hot soup when no other store does and I recommend this store for all your bulk needs like candy, soup,beans,dog food, even make your own peanut butter.

Brian Holt

Great produce selections, and deli+meats extremely popular and priced right. You will find some brands you won't find in other grocery stores which can be fun to try. Only drawback is that if you are not going through sell checkout it will be a wait. Seems all the stores nowdays are pushing self checkouts so making you wait for a checker in lines may be an intentional strategy

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