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REVIEWS OF Whole Foods Market IN Utah

Bill Keegan

They have amazon lockers which is super helpful and convenient! Staff is friendly and it’s always clean Inside.

Andy Blunt

Coffee bar is advertised as open from 7:30 am to 8 pm. Here I am at 3:00 pm and nope they tell me it’s closed. Apparently not one staff member is available to go behind the counter to pour me a cup of coffee.

Erica Bukovac

Update: the store has been stocked much better recently! The new stocking system is really bad. Now, almost every time I come, I can’t get many of the things on my list. Lots of empty shelves and they don’t keep anything in the back anymore.

Mariah Noorlander

Great location, clean, and very friendly Whole Foods workers, the staff is awesome! Each time I have been in there the cashiers never fail to ask me how my day is and create friendly conversation. You truly get the "fresh" vibe not only in the produce but the entire atmosphere, food and products. Great place! Love this location!!

Syndi Hirschi

Been coming in for a few years now and the past few months I have not been impressed with the staff. I feel I am treated second class. More often than not when I shop at this loacation I don't even get so much as a how are you let alone a smile. They're plenty friendly to people ahead of me and then their attitude changes when it's my turn to check out. I'm sorry are my clothes not chic enough for your store? I'm really trying to figure out why I get treated like this. Is my money not good enough to spend at your store, because your employees seem to think so. Today might very well be the last straw for me, I'll take my business elsewhere. I was standing in line waiting for the lady to finish her very long conversation with the lady being checked out. She couldn't seem to ring up and talk at the same time and never once looked at me. She stood there talking but couldn't seem to do anything else. Then she would finally ring up something but then stop to talk some more. I might as well have not been standing there at all for all the notice I was given. Finally another cashier called me over so I grabbed my stuff and went to that register. Although, can't say that this experience was any better. No smile, no how are you. Getting tired of being treated like this. I know how it is to have a bad day but I'm also a server so I have to fake a smile and pretend everything is great all the time. Maybe coach your staff on how to be more personable to ALL customers and not just ones they deem worthy of their time or notice regardless of how they look or dress.

Quinn Rollins

If you like pretentious, and can afford it, Whole Foods is for you. A relatively large location, they've got more selection and inventory than other local Whole Foods. Great parking via the parking structure above, if you're a WF regular this would be the location I recommend.

Charles Lamb

Another nice WFM. Been here many times and it’s always been good. No complaints. Large variety.

Stacy Sansone

Good selection of bull foods although on the expensive side. Great olive bar. If you bring your own bag the they will take $0.10 off your total.

Sam Clarke

The only grocery store downtown i know of that carries Drake Family Farms goat dairy products

Luke Greenwell

The manager her, Kerri-Beth, is absolutely the best ever and she was so kind when I asked where the candy was.

al na

Whole foods is a great place to shop if you can afford it. They have an unparalleled produce selection and I've always found everything they sell to be high quality. The atmosphere is great too. There are a lot of healthy food products that are hard to find in other stores.

Alexandria Wells

Friendly staff and great selection of various products.

Ty Price

A very nice selection of foods, especially gluten free items.

Johanna Dworak

The health dept needs to investigate this place. Completely underdone chicken in the hotbar that was completely room temp. Disgusting.

Zane Nelson

Love this place for all the reasons. Their deli food is the bees knees

Steven Gunn

Great shopping and atmosphere

Matthew Davies

Good clean place but the customer service was subpar. I had to wait awhile to for someone to help me at the deli counter and it's not like it was super busy. Good food though!

Sherry Yost

Love this place, I visit every week when I'm in town. With the lower prices since Amazon took over and the discounts for being a prime member makes this a favorite of mine.

Nichole Roberts

Excellent sushi, great layout. Friendly employees and such a variety. Was a pleasure to visit!

Kat RK

I'd like to love whole foods, it's just way too expensive compared to other grocery stores. Food are nice, looks healthy. Pizzas are great but it's quite pricey to pay by the pound for some meals. I like walking around the store because of the ambiance even I just do window shopping.

Elad Gal

Its feel like next level market, everthing seems to look more beatiful in that place..and yea the prices are high

Jorge Martinez

Excellent place

Andre TxT

ridiculously expensive, I prefer sprouts for the same quality and much cheaper price

Kenzie Lueck

Great deals for amazon prime members!

Divine Eyes

Unbelievably large and well stocked. Knowledgeable, helpful reps. Even local handmade soaps and goods. Brands and items you wouldn't find anywhere else. Parking is more than a little tight though so if you drive a large truck you'll be hard pressed to locate a useable parking spot.

Anthony Bruneio

Great selection, especially if you have dietary restrictions. Prices have gone down since the Amazon acquisition which definitely makes it better. So far the quality seems to stay. Parking can be an issue, be prepared to walk a little.

Mackayla Johnson

The product selection is amazing and the staff is even better! I always have the best experiences shopping here. One of the cashiers, asian and has long hair, always is so helpful and friendly. The prepared foods staff always have a great selection to chose from and produce always looks fresh! Love shopping here! Keep it up!

Carrie Scheinost

O been to a couple of whole food markets they are the best.

Stellaluna Star

I went there to eat and meet up with some family. And I decided to eat some Bao buns, and ice cream mochi. We hadn't left the table before I had to leave the table to vomit into the glass recycling bin, and it was EVERYWHERE! I was left a mess afterwards and I know it was definitely the food that affected my stomach. For the rest of the day I continued vomiting, to the point I had to go to the ER!

Beorn Natter

Healthy foods for the nice price, no other, it's all healthy foods .

Keona Kakiuchi

I love this grocery store! For fall they have everything pumpkin!!

Linda Gerish

This hidden gem isn't just a wonderful grocery store. It has a great coffee bar, deli, bakery, and restaurant. They have lots of great options if you're really looking for specialty dietary needs like dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free options. Pro tip if you have Amazon prime... Download the Whole Foods app and sign in before you go.

Frederic Bull

The whole prime thing was confusing. The fresh oj was with the two though.

Karina Uribe

This is one of my favorite Whole Foods location, the staff is always nice & I usually can always find what I’m looking for.


Great location and people working there

Captain Jeremy Librett

After complaining and giving 1 star store management reached out to me. Part of the issue was the transition after the Amazon purchase, which i figured. Some of the other complaints I had were also understood. Five stars for reaching out.


Excellent food bars with a wide selection from pre-made salads to build-your-own salads to home cooked meals to sandwiches to pizza slices. The kids enjoyed the macaroni with a side of fresh fruit. They liked it so much that they ate the entire serving. Nice atmosphere. Good seating area for dining. Lots to look at in the store itselg. Enter the parking garage from either the north or east sides. It’s a steep climb so be forewarned!

Araceli Hernandez

Love this location. One of the employees was really on a mission to help me find more of my favorite almond flour tortillas. There wasn’t any more so I was going to try the cashew ones he gave me the sample option that allowed me to try them at no cost. I was really impressed by this.Turns out I loved them more, I’ll be back!

Douglas Brown

I wish we had a Whole Foods at home! Whenever we come to Utah we always make sure to shop Whole Foods. They have so many unique and exotic fruits, snacks and food. Everything is labeled with all the details about what you're buying. They have a huge selection of natural organic food. They're selection of medicine is mostly herbal remedies you won't find at a typical grocery store. The staff is always pleasant to deal with. Their prices are higher than most grocery stores but the quality is worth it.

Christine Leduc-Cohen

The produce section is fantastic ... buy food ypu can't purchase anywhere ... cannot believe whole foods took out the wine sections for Utah

Ariana Head

Hands down the best Whole Foods Hot food bar!!! Variety, many sugar free options, made with LOVE! All Whole Foods should have the same standards as this location. This is the only “restaurant” food our family can eat- do to food allergies. We have visited Whole Foods in many states. Trolley Square Whole Foods is THE BEST!!

Nicole Ball

The best supermarket. My favorite.

D. Slytherberry

The nicest Whole Goods in Salt Lake City. They have decent parking but be warned the parking structure is quite cramped and if there are any events going on, or you're there during busy hours, it can be rather difficult to find a spot to park. There prices are average Whole Foods prices, which are steep compared to other grocery stores. They have a decent salad bar with quite the variety of foods (Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and omnivores foods) but again the prices are quite high. Eating here with my girlfriend we pay the same as we would going out to a restaurant or even more.

Cherlynn Bell

I love going to Whole foods. Great products and food to be had. Food allergies in helped me find them!

Stephen Nicholas

I love Whole Foods! This one is in the great Trolley Square shopping center. It adds a lot to the center. Easy covered free parking All the W F amenities you expect ( well except for drinking the beer and wine while you shop) as we do here in Reno, NV.

Rick Jones

A large selection of organic and healthy food. A bit pricey, but you can always find something worth buying. Grabbed a couple of Heirloom Tomatos to snack on. The fruits and vegetables look really rope and delicious. Also had a very large selection of vitamin waters.

Bethanie Allred Nicoll

I really like this store. I just wish it was closer to where I live. Sometimes overpriced, but not too bad with Amazon app and Whole foods app. We need a a Whole Foods in Davis County

Waid Stracener

Love the sourdough bread not so much the prices on other foods.A bit pricey

Andy McDonald

Great employees and great customers. Lost a wallet there and got it back with all the 130 bucks inside!

michael christensen

Decent selection... good staff... just overpriced for what you get... I realize it's organic or all-natural, but come on guys LOL

Abror Adilov

Kind stuff. Clean store. Good food

Beorn Darrell Natter

Great produce, nice eating area, healthy, foods, mostly.


I didn't buy much on this trip. And it's my third choice for groceries, but they have an amazing selection!


I love this place I wish I could go back I just don't have the money or the time

Wei-Chun Lee

Like regular whole food market. If you're planning to go to Yellowstone this is a nice spot to drop by to buy all supply you need.

Cynthia Cass

Delicious crackers, amazing cheeses...what is not to like about Whole Foods as long as you budget for the visit. Beautiful store.

Scott OHare

Great store. Very clean. Staff polite.

V Cavazos

Great location. Just didn’t like using the parking garage.

Chayanne Mendoza

Very colorful place. A lot of stuff to choose from. I think the only down side is that they don't have a smoothie stand. Other than that, this is a great grocery store.

Dheeraj Dixit

Great place! Big store! They have good variety. People are really nice and always ready to help you. You can buy boxes of anything in lump sum and you get 10% off.

Tanner Carpenter

It's interesting, clean, & well staffed

AJ Price

Manger Kerri-Beth is fantastic. Shes the best.

Iciyapitate kelly O'Shaughnessy

I love whole foods

Wil Desposorio

VERY nice indeed, great health foods at great prices


I went and ate in they’re prepared food area and got food poisoning, whatever you do don’t eat in the deli

Devin Andelin

I love Whole Foods. Their service, selection, and quality are all top notch. The only reason that I deduct a star is because their prices are far above any other store. I understand that you're paying a premium price for a premium service, but a lot of the products in the store can be found elsewhere for significantly cheaper. It's not a huge deal, as the biggest reason I like to shop and Whole Foods is for the specialty and hard to find things that you can't get anywhere. Plus, their produce and meat are worth the extra cost, in my opinion. They're also really cool because they have unique offerings, such as their mochi bar. Their salad/lunch bar also contains a lot of unique items you can't find at other stores with a similar set up. All in all, Whole Foods isn't a staple grocery store, but it is definitely a good place for those hard to find things or for quality fresh ingredients. I just with their prices were a bit more in line with their competitors so that it was worth it to only shop there.

Place Hunter

Excelent store, i love your natural aproach, it’s a little bit expensive but all the productos are Great.

Rex Thomson

Great experience

James Phoenix

Overrated and overpriced. Had some time to kill and wanted to grab a little snack and a coffee and happened to be passing by so decided to stop in. Bought a large iced coffee (guessing 20-24 oz.) and a little bigger than a pudding snack-size cup of mac-n-cheese from their hot bar and upon checkout was astonished the total came to just under $12 for those 2 items. The cashier, who was nice said the coffee was $5 and the mac-n-cheese was a little over $6 as they charge you by the weight of the product no matter what you buy from the hot bar. I can imagine a full meal would cost would cost no less than $15 and would be well over $20 if you were hungrier and bought heavier food items. Again, the food looked decent but nothing that you couldn't get more, just as good or better at local restaurants or other area grocery store hot bars for much cheaper. And also walking around their aisles noted they are definitely the most expensive grocery store in the area for equal or less quality products as others.

valerie hammer

Love the deli chicken

Craig Simmons

Great Sugarhouse location. Friendly staff, plentiful amenities.

James Howard

The staff here are friendly and helpful. The store is very clean. And the food selection is like every Whole food store amazing. The prices are a little bit on the high side. But you go here if you're worried about the quality of your food and are willing to pay a little more. They have some food that you just can't find anywhere else. And the pre-made food is delicious.

Tanya Mann

Too small. Not enough products.

Chris Busey

Good place to go for filling your shopping bag, or just a slice of pizza and a drink! Good organic selection.

Max W-N

Great place to go shopping. The prices are high, Amazon Prime benefits are going away, and there are no parking spaces.

Mike Stone

I come to this whole foods all the time and was very pleased when they finally announced they prime members would be getting special deals and discounts on their various items. Plus I love their dedication to saving the environment by encouraging reusable bags.

Laurie Rockstad

Good selection of ready to eat food. Handy for guests

Niche Nerdy

Check the food before you buy it at this place. Went there yesterday and the grapes I got have a big pocket of mold in the center and the cheese rigatoni I got expired over a week ago. Ew!


I visited to pick up high quality ingredients like tea, and honey to make throat spray for singing. I discovered high quality goods.

Liang He

Friendly employees, nice store! Always have a good experience here!

Accilien jacques

Thanks whole Foods Market for those mangoes even their was pricey, but remind me My home country and my childhood moments ☺️☺️☺️

Marino Ganz

Great location, clean, and very friendly Whole Foods workers, the staff is awesome! Each time I have been in there the cashiers never fail to ask me how my day is and create friendly conversation. You truly get the "fresh" vibe not only in the produce but the entire atmosphere, food and products. Great place! Love this location!!

Bruce Boyes

Had Halloumi cheese and rhubarb needed for a mother's day dinner. Prices are on the high side but selection and quality are good.

Carl Fako

When thinking about supplements, there is a much higher quality at Whole Foods. I say their potency is so much better you should not simply make a cost comparison. If you buy vitamins from a grocery store they will not compare. You will feel and see a dramatic difference if you allow yourself the chance to shop here. Fun pet section with toys too. Clothing, even many kinds of cleanse kits. Give yourself a tune up, you deserve it far more than your car!

dorrin allsman

Great selection

Priscilla e Alsop

Stay away from their bakery

Larry Love

We go here all the time, they are very helpful and knowledgeable

Robert Booth

Place was layed out ok but the employee's always went to one station to get glassware and sides. Food was ok the service wasn't to great. Had a hard time getting around being handicap the restroom was not to great, the employee's, and customers were worse have not been back since.

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