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REVIEWS OF The Rose Establishment IN Utah

Will Danner

Terrific spot for breakfast and coffee. We got the Pesto Congee Bowl and one of the toasts. Food definitely took a little long to come out but it was really delicious so it was worth the wait.

Brent Lemberg

Rose Establishment makes a fine coffee and properly brews their teas! I will go back again, however due to price it is more of a special treat.

Robert Morriss

So good and attentive to our food allergies!

Jessica Marie Wellness

I love this facility. The best breakfast and tea. Great staff.

Natasha Asmus

A great place in downtown salt lake to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. Decent prices for delish fresh food. I got a breakfast bowl with avocado which was recommended to me by the cashier. Was so pleased with my meal!

Dylan Curt

What a top notch establishment. In an old brick city building with beautiful hardwood floors and warm skylights. The food was incredible. The coffee outstanding an complimentary. They even source Sweet Bloom from Lakewood, a sure sign of excellence for me. Staff is quite cheerful and affable, the best customer experience I’ve found at a coffee shop. A sweet spot in SLC.


This place isn’t it. Nice staff and clean atmosphere, great aesthetic, but the food is mediocre and overpriced and the coffee is GOD AWFUL!!! Stopped in for an iced latte ( which they charged me $7 for substituting dairy milk for their cashew milk, they don’t carry any other dairy free alternatives). Took one sip and literally gagged and threw it out. Waste of time and money. People just like the aesthetic the quality of the product is awful.

Cathy Robinson

Love this place! Fresh, fast, thoughtful food. The vibe is just cool.

rosa khaled

The place was amazing. Very hipster and I had avacodo toast, which tasted great. Would definitely recommend this place to hang out with friends or bring a date.

Ignatius Stockhausen

Great ambiance excellent coffee and tea. Good place to meet up or study and outstanding service and food.


It looks like the menu is always changing, which is a good thing. This place can slow down one minute and pick up the next which tells me it's one of those SLC best kept secret places. Everything looked and smelled amazing. The staff has a very hipster vibe, but most importantly, they were very patient and nice. The restaurant (more of a cafe) itself was cozy and had open seating with the register and coffee bar in the middle. The food is delicious! I was a bit hesitant because I didn't want to get something that was over the top and had too much going on just make it interesting not necessarily good. My boyfriend and I were very happy with our Christmas Eve meals. The best part: they put so much effort into their coffee making! My simple cappuccino was absolute perfection, and their orange mocha was mind blowing; I had to get one to go. This will be a place I frequent as well as bring visiting family and friends to after a good downtown stroll! Thanks guys!

Kathy Klemens

One of my favorite places in downtown SLC. They rotate their selection of teas, and they have a perfect chocolate chip cookie that's chewy on the inside with a crispy outside. Brunch bowl and any of their soups are highlights.

Tracey Anderson

Love the gluten free options and the welcoming and casual atmosphere.

Polina Lyubavina

Nice and cozy - some of the time. Much of the time now, however, the line is too long and all the tables are full. Definitely search for a time when it's not too busy.

Paul Owen

Happened upon Rose Cafe...great option for my vegetarian daughter! Comfortable ambience. Food is great!!

Marcy Rizzi

Their London Fog is one of the best I've ever had.

Bronson Dredge

Fantastic place! If there is a line it's worth the wait! Cheese sconez/biscuits are on point.

James Fanjul

Went to get some food. Showed up at 3:59 PM and looked at the menu. When 4:01 PM hit we looked up to ask a question about the menu and the barista told us we couldn’t order anymore because they stopped taking orders at 4:00 PM sharp and took the menu away. Yet another place that has employees who care more about getting paid by the hour than using common sense or providing quality service to people.

Ivette Richardson

Great atmosphere food was delicious!

Anna Gustafson

Good food, great baked items. But why make customers stand in line for 25 minutes to order? Really takes away from the relaxing experience. I wish they would get creative with ordering flow to help the line move faster on popular days!

Elphey Israel

This is a lovely location, I really enjoy the patio in fairer weather. The food offerings are magnificent. The lattes are delicious. My only problem is the uncomfortable chairs which makes it difficult to enjoy the full experience when you have chronic back pain.

Jacob Bearnson

The coffee was not special nether was the customer service. The location and the ability to be served with little help make this place a good choice when needing a comfortable quiet place to enjoy friends and coffee.

Colby H

Great staff and a very new and refreshing menu. I would have liked another option with more meaty protein though.

Debra Velick

Great food. Fast service and friendly employees.

Vivian Bentley

Great atmosphere! I had the iced happy tea it was very good and had a fruity taste. They also have games you can play.

Eugene Bata

Delicious and great quick bite place. Vegan-friendly and scrumptious! I haven't been too many time but every time I go it is packed. With headphones, you could easily work or study here

Sun Shine

Pretentious. Rude. Expensive. Not worthwhile. PS one star for the dank avocado toast

Jonathan Box

Great coffee and food.

Dave Martin

This is a great place for lunch, pleasant atmosphere and vibe.

Zach Thompson

This is a great coffee joint by a great park in SLC. The coffee is good and the atmosphere is comfortable. It would be a nice place to go after the Saturday farmer market if it weren’t so crowded on Saturdays. It’s not a small shop, but there are a lot of people who want in on those days. Usually when I have gone, there is plenty of seating.

Ashley Hayden

Great coffee, unique atmosphere in a cool old building.

Vee Volpe

Let’s just start with the bread - ahhhh-mazing! Fresh, lots of butter and toasted. You could live on this alone Came here for breakfast after google search and this place has been the best breakfast on our three week trip. Hubby had frittata and I had a breakfast bowl. Coming back tomorrow before we leave.

Alex Bara

Delicious coffee and wow those biscuits are amazing!

jacob saderholm

Always a healthy breakfast option coming here and great coffee drinks

Gabrielle Ray

Gorgeous little cafe. Drinks are so good. The vibe in there is just peaceful and yummy.

Meredith Johnson

Even when I actively try to go somewhere new, I end up at the Rose Est. Super cute atmosphere and you really can not go wrong on with the menu. Lots of healthy, fun options (chia bowl is always a favorite) and the best freaking chocolate chip cookies. They also offer a great selection of tea and coffee. A SLC gem.

Alan Killingsworth

Great coffee and atmosphere!


Delicious vegan options downtown with fun atmosphere

Kisa Koenig

Could not have been happier. The most delicious coffee, golden milk and healthy food served by super friendly staff. Excellent ambiance in an open airy restored historic building. Will be back!

Mark Hierlihy

I wasn’t sure how to rate this place. I rate a lot of high end coffee shops and cafes but this one puzzled me a bit. The food was good but some aspects were really slow, and they take themselves just a little too seriously. I ordered a latte, frittata and steel cut oats. The last two came in a reasonably good time but I had to ask for the latte twice, which finally came about five minutes after I had finished eating. The barista told me she didn’t forget but that she was busy. But 15+ minutes for a latte? Really? Perhaps the owner should hire more staff. I’d heard how great this place but it fell short, unfortunately.

Kosha Sheth

Good food and ambience.

Robert Marks

Love this place. Would be 5 stars but the line is always too long lately and it takes forever to get to the register. I don't want to spend 30 minutes in line to grab a coffee and pastry to go. A to go queue would be amazing. If only.

Miss Tonya

The Lavender Earl Grey is TO DIE FOR!

Mauro Clerici

I love this place and their food and drinks. I’d love to give it a 5 star. However, the ordering and checkout system mist improved as waiting for 20 minutes to go through loterally 5 people ahead of me is not suatainable if you just want a coffee or a pastry to go. They need a second register or table service if they can’t handle at the counter. I’m hoping this will change in the near future!

Roslyn Gwilliam

Beautiful space, great food, and coffee. Food takes 30 min + and they have no WiFi. Not a quick stop.

Kristie Adams

I go here every time I come into town! I love their frittata and their coffee is amazing! I love the atmosphere. It's hip and relaxing.

Shambhavi Balasubramanian

Coffee (cappuccino) was really great. Nothing super special about the avocado tartine though. Plenty of seating indoors and outdoors. Parking can be found on the street

Britt Nielson

Avocado Tartine and London Fog! Yum

Tanner Gilliland

Really great place if you want to pay outrageous price for almost no food. This plate of biscuits (old and chewy) and gravy, pea shoots (which didn't arrive), eggs (extra), and "roasted vegetables" (half a slice of squash) cost $15 plus tip. Won't be coming back

Vee Eh En

Nice room, pretty good food, nice service. Wish they had more traditional Sunday brunch options.

Robin Davis

My friend and I ordered coffee and brunch, both highly over-priced. We paid after ordering, and tipped 25%. The food was delivered, but no one came around to pick up our empty plates, even while wait-staff passed our table numerous times. over the course of an hour. No one asked us if we wanted more coffee, so we went to the register, where we were informed that re-fills cost the same as the over-priced cups we initially purchased. We will never again tip before experiencing the food and service.

Jordan Pettinger

Cute atmosphere, great coffee. Amazing chia bowl/oatmeal.

Elena Usinskiene

Very slow service, had to wait for 2 sandwiches for 40 minutes and it did not look busy

Joshua M

The line is just too ridiculous anymore, I've gone from 5 stars and coming here daily since they literally first opened to maybe once a week - it's not that their too busy... and I don't mind a wait for the food/drinks to be ready, it's that their register process is ridiculously slow.

Kari Ann Haskell

Wonderful chai, awesome chill staff. Lively, but saw lots of artists working quietly in the space, so a good mix of work and art. Salmon tartine was small, but a delight to eat. 19$ for coffees and lite breakfast for two . Service was super quick. Go here!

Joe Benjamin

My favorite coffee shop in SLC. Great vibe, nice baristas.

Shannon Schritter

A quaint atmosphere and it is typically very busy. The staff is nice.I hear the cheddar biscuits are delicious though I did not have any.

Sydney Lomax

I love the aesthetic and the food. They make a great latte and the food it so good for the price. This is my go-to for coffee with friends or a nice little brunch.


The food here is amazing! A bit on the small side bit given the price it is spot on. There are amazing vegetarian options. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. You can even bring your dogs and sit on the patio.

Brandon Burk

Love their cappuccino and poppy seed bread!

Deborah Bryant

Good food ok pricing. Healthy and delicious

Kim Weiss

They couldn't predict that this particular photo would show up in a review so perhaps every one looks this nice. It was as tasty as it appeared. Carrot butter, goat cheese and a bright yellow hard boiled egg made a creamy, satisfying breakfast.

Tina Eck

Very unique, but small menu. Come with an open mind willing to try great flavors!

Eric Heath

Amazing location for my daughter's wedding. The staff was super helpful and kind. It could not have been any better.

Emily Natale

The Rose is on my list of 'must have' when in SLC. The food and drinks are always delicious, the staff is great, and the atmosphere is top notch. I recommend their homemade cashew milk in any coffee drink and their avacado toast is hard to top!

Cody Burden

The atmosphere is unique and hip. The weekend biscuits and gravy is incredible and the avocado mash tartine is great otherwise. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends. If you’re looking for a great drink, the Yerba Latte is rich and creamy and just sweet enough.

Hannah Daly

Fresh, healthy menu. I had a soup and sandwich with a chai. Worth the price as everything had full flavor and tasted homemade. Friendly quick service and pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Close to children's museum! I will be back next time I'm in SLC.

Douglas Romero

These folks make the most delicious Americano! The friendly staff (even in the wee hours!), comfortable seating and general aesthetic always make me want to sit and sip. Give them a try and you'll find yourself equally addicted


Pretty much always a line to get to the counter. Coffee is great, food is good, but it's odd they refuse to do substitutions of any sort (like a soup instead of salad, or to put fish instead of chicken when they're out of chicken). Very unique to see an establishment hold such an uncompromisingly rigid stance to their menu.

Neil Hjorth

This place is just fun! Very cool atmosphere and vibe. The food is good, the drinks are good. The staff is very friendly and fun. Totally just stumbled on it, but will be going back!

Giselle C

Fresh and delicious menu with great breakfast and snack options. I had the melon milk tea and the flavors were beautiful. Also stocked up for the road trip back to Denver with the blueberry cornbread and sweet roll, the cornmeal cookie, oatmeal cookie and pesto bun. Each of them were so yummy.

Marcus Hamblin

This is just a really great spot! The staff is knowledgeable and cool. There can often be a line, but they handle it well. The food is very tasty and the coffee is fantastic! The decor is authentic and simple which make it a comfortable place for a quick bite or longer stay.

Don Lampert

One of my favorite cafes in SLC. Great coffee and lattes, vegan options and a good food menu.

Troy Kump

One of my favorite places for lunch and a cup of coffee. This is a must for a date. Come here on a Saturday and you can catch the farmer's market at Rio Grande a block away. TIP open Sunday for a delicious wake up coffee with a wonderful crowd. I had the salmon tartine and it was awesome. TIP they cater!

Kevin Swanson

Hipster millenial food was ok but no WIFI. how hard is it to get this set up in 2019? - SAD

Yazmin Barrera

Weekender tartini is so good!!! One of my favorite places to eat in the morning.

Ben Best

I love this place. Nicely lit.

Tobin Sio

Very fresh Vegan oriented food menu. I always make a few stops here when I am in SLC!

Ava Facer

Super delicious dishes and coffee/tea would definitely recommend. A little on the pricey side but you're paying for amazing quality and service

Kathleen Murray

Great food and atmosphere. I felt as though I was in Portland or Seattle.

Laila Foster

Lovely breakfast, delicious coffee. Love that they use Sweet Bloom Coffee!

Jake Wills

Great, friendly staff. A awesome environment. Good food.

Danielle Morshead

Took forever, tons of flies, overpriced. Service staff was rude to us! Felt like they didn’t want our service. What the heck! Coffee and food was good. BUT the food was poorly displayed (also overpriced).

Vishal Jammulapati

Great coffee, great beans.

Hassan Youssef

I love this place, especially their coffee and the chocochip cookies. They serve organic desserts and food.

H O Donnell

Avacado toast to the next level. Delicious coffee and pleasant staff.

Clifford King

This is a marvelous lunch or brunch place right in the middle of downttown Salt Lake. They have lots of fresh and fairly healthy options, I got the fritata, which was amazing ESPECIALLY when I added their hot sauce. WOW their hot sauce is amazing! The atmosphere is trendy and fun, though I admit it got a little loud, there's a lot of echo in there. Parking isn't great, it's a few blocks from trax and mostly it's just street parking near the infamously scary Pioneer Park. I parked on the street and was fine of course, but that could stress some people out. Overall, I highly recommend this place for breakfast or brunch any day.

Gisele Ho

Great interior decoration and good coffee but service wasn't great and the wait was pretty long - 30 mins in line for a coffee. Not an ideal place to work while waiting either because no WiFi.

Jeremiah French

My fav place for quality cafe food. Do yourself a favor and try this place. Really nothing but good experiences here. The prices are fair for the quality of food. Feels like a place in Los Angeles I loved.

Chelsea Banks

Delicious food and aromatic coffee and tea! The food is cheap, simple, but wonderful. The only downfall would be waiting in line to order instead of sitting at the table and having a waiter come by. But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I will definitely be going back.

Jeff Hamilton

Such a great place for coffee, a little bite, and good vibes. Don't miss the oatmeal cookies.

Cade Anderson

A wonderfully bright and airy atmosphere makes this coffee shop worth a visit! Rose Establishment's drinks are pretty good but its prices and location have kept me from going often.

Bradley Robinson

This is one of my favorite Cafes in Salt Lake. The cappuccinos are so perfect, the pastries are mouthwatering, and the meals seem simple but never cease to stun. Don't miss out on this place! Be ready to wait in line though, the incredible food is no secret here.

Cody Lavery

Hipster vibe is alive here.

Keith Ma

Good place to grab craft coffee. The Rose also has lots of good options including sandwiches and pastries. Good for breakfast and lunch. Lots of seating and also a good place to get some work done.

Annie Ruiz

Great spot, cute baristas. ;D

Maddie Wing

This cafe is so aesthetically pleasing! A great place for anyone to sit and relax or study. I stopped here on a photography trip and ended up taking some great pictures. I would recommend this place.

Erick Vega

Friendly staff, yes. Decent coffee, sure. Quality of service, questionable. 10:30a saturday out of fritattas, too bad. Our order (3 dishes) was served to us after 3 people after us ordered. They forgot about 2 of our dishes. I had to remind them. Greens and beans was bland and congee was cold. Maybe they were meant to be as such? For the price, I don't think I'm coming back


Great place. Unique environment that takes you out of the monotonous Salt Lake vibe. Excellently executed food from the entrees to the pastries. Great staff too. I always take my out of state friends here

Veronica Watson

Beautiful building and atmosphere, great coffee and food, it's a special place in my book.

Scott McDougle

My son introduced me to his favorite coffee shop. He loves the food here. That I had a good experience as well. Food was good , comfortable sit down atmosphere , Employees were nice.

Jenner Bird

Really pricey food, but their drip coffee is the best in Utah. Love their Gluten Free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and their chia pudding :)

Khushi Shah

Love the new flovers, best lavender coffee love the place.

Jakob Jennings

Definitely on the list of top cool coffee shops/cafes in salt lake. The food is delicious and they have great healthy options, the brunch bowl is my favorite. The seating outside is pleasant and great if your fury friend is tagging along too.

Jill Eagleton

Wonderful food in a fun environment. Great cashew milk latte's. Always a nice treat.

Cole Cox

One of my all time favorite coffeehouses in Salt Lake. Everything on the menu is perfect and they have some of the best baristas out there. Such a friendly and cool environment. Highly recommended.

Dustin Fratto

Really great atmosphere. The Meyer Lemon Iced Tea is on point.

Paola M

Cutest place !! I had the vegan chocolate cookie and I loved it

Don Robinson

Cafe food and the atmosphere here is very good. everyone at our table was enjoying everything.

Annette Judd

Hip, local hangout. Delish daily brewed special blends coffee. Steel oats yummy with fresh berries .fabulous scones

Alfredo Diaz

Go there almost everyday to get my Yerba Latte with Cashew Milk! The cashew milk is made at the cafe, and the menu items are not processed like most places!

Anne Nguyen

This cafe is super cute! It is quite hard to find parking, but The Gateway is super close so it’s not too big of a hassle. The selection they have is quite limited, but everything is great. I got the London fog and the ham frittata the last time I went and they were both great! The Rose Establishment is a great, quick brunch spot!

Isabel Schmitt

Jeebuzz, this Avocado toast 2.0 with a fried egg was delicious. I had to restrain myself from licking the plate. Kiddo loved the Blueberry Vegan Cornmeal Loaf. The staff was so friendly. Love this place!

Trevor Davis

Definitely go here! Super nice people, comfortable atmosphere, great coffee. The line and wait got long Saturday morning (they could definitely use some extra staff), but, if you've got the time, you're in for a treat.

Jeff Norton

This place is cool, though different.

Mike Gleave

Excellent coffee and excellent food. Friendly staff. Gets really busy/crowded on the weekends around brunch time.

blue buddhas

It was all just... okay. Got the fried egg tartine and the ham fritatta. We requested condiments and they said they didnt have any. We ordered a cappuccino and they forgot. The bread was hard enough to make our gums bleed and a tiny baby catapillar crawled off my plate from my "salad" (which was just plain arugula with nothing on it). I guess thats what the hip kids of downtown salt lake want. We will be going back to hub and spoke.

Nantschya Wirunantmetin

Unique drinks, bakery and food

Jenny Brown

This place is severely overhypped. The tea was pretty good but the food was very overpriced and not very filling. I expected more than a single slice of toast in my French toast. Although taste wise it was on point. The hipster toast was pretty good as well but the "side salad" was just undressed arugula with nothing in it. Miss this place.

Dan Shaner

True artisan bakery and craft coffee! Simple brunch menu proved subtly beautiful. Weekend breakfast bowl had grilled fennel. Yum! Nothing formulaic about this place. Find it.

Jean Robinson

Great coffee and breakfast.

Aditi Kaji

The Rose Establishment was just fine. We went there based on the recommendations we saw online. The food was good, but didn't come out as listed in the menu. They were also out of a few things. We were most disappointed with the Tuna Tartine. It was a bit over priced for basic canned tuna over bread, and was missing some ingredients. Went to Eva's Bakery the next day for breakfast and were far more impressed.

Susan Golbe

Small menu but great spot for a healthier lunch option. I really liked the ricotta and pea toast. Comfortable cafe to hang in for a while. I nearly missed this place as an option for a late light lunch because it was hard to find when searching on google. So glad I found it!

Samuel Gurel

The coffee is just ok but the food is truly out of this world and the vibe is great. There will be a line but it is worth the wait.

Ilana Blanc

Delicious coffee and tea selections and gorgeous pastries but the slowest service of all time. Not my go to if I’m in a hurry but a wonderful neighborhood spot.

Paul Brunton

Yummy! Another lucky find.... Walking to the arena and stumbled in.

Jeff Everett

Love this place. Great food and coffee, although I did not detect the hints of tootsie roll as claimed on the menu in my pour over ;-)

Stephanie DeGraw

Great vibe just too pricy for me.

Blake McSwain

The Rose Establishment is a great location for a healthy, satisfying lunch or breakfast. The atmosphere is very welcoming and warm with just a taste of class. Food is very clean, satisfying, and served within a timely manner. Staff is very competent, even during their busier times.

Matt McDowell

One of SLC's best kept secrets. I don't think I have had a single negative experience. Great coffee and a loaded brunch bowl is the best way to start any day.

Lindsay Orozco

Good food and friendly staff!

Kris Pankow

Took forever. No concept of service. Saw others walk out because wait was too long. Coffee okay. This was a first and last for me.

Parker Sessions

Great coffee selection and the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had.

Elysa Hellermann

Beautiful, fresh food served in a hip space with a cozy yet cool vibe.

Katrina Tousignant

Very popular. We waited in line a solid few minutes before ordering and most tables were full. But it was delicious!

Frank Rinella

Great spot. Really like the decor and the patio. Good spot to meet up and have alternative to a chain coffee shop and that atmosphere. Great options in iced herbal teas. Very relaxing and enjoyable experience. My friend and I had a good meeting there and the service was very nice.

Kate Challis

Weird hipster avocado toast place.

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