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REVIEWS OF Starbucks IN Utah

Tanya Alltop

Not sure if they forgot me but I sat waiting for about 25 minutes. When I inquired about my order, I was directed to pick it up at the front and that they'd called it out. Admittedly, I was in a meeting with a client. They could've brought it out or let me know again verbally that it was ready. I sat there for a while. Anyway. Care for the guests, go the extra mile, be observant. I felt sick that night and had to stay in bed. I'm not sure if it was their food or just something I picked up. Just odd timing for a random stomach virus or food poisoning. Let's hope not. Proper food handling and cleanliness practice's are a high priority for me.

Mike Moreira

The shop is focused on drive thru and I was ignored at the counter for over 3 mins. I had to speak up to get any attention. They were preparing no drinks in the shop for anyone else. The staff numbered 4 persons. This was 12.30 PM. Easily the worst service at a practically empty shop with no line. Appalling.

Kurtis Ray

Great place awsome staff

Kyna Olsen

Wasn't that impressed with what they say is gourmet coffee... I recommend brew monkey's coffee!

James Timothy

Good Starbucks and close downtown and hotels, parking is a little small; but, there is drive-through service.

Jordan Cash

Only takes one bad experience to ruin the rest. I was humiliated in front of other customers for using the bathroom too long by the staff. Can't always control what goes on in there. Used to go to this location on a daily basis for drinks, food and WiFi, now i don't feel comfortable showing my face there anymore. Thanks...

Lindsey Wolff

Exceptional customer service! They are fast and friendly!

Robby Barnes

Pretty crowded and difficult parking every time I’ve been. But the staff was good, and quick.

Kim Cook

Fast service

Scott Stein

Happy baristas serving well crafted coffee at this location.

Kamron Phray

This was the first time ever I went to Starbucks. The service was on top. Even though they misspelled my name, I am not surprised. My name is pretty hard. Love it!

yesid hernandez

Great place!

Dennis Derecho

A Starbucks located within walking distance of all major hotels

Brad Chapman

I previously had this review at 5 star. They have tanked in services for the last month. I have taken my business elsewhere

Tim Johnson

Great customer service. The people who work here you only know what they're doing. Keep up the good work Starbucks team.

Jackie Smith

I'm totally confused as to why I have to load money onto a gift card and then use that gift card to receive loyalty points for my purchases. It's a HUGE hassle all the way around. I didn't realize this in the drive thru when I inquired about it and the lady at the window just did it for me and handed me the card and said my change from the purchase was on the card. I was completely dumbfounded as to why she put my money on a gift card. I didn't have time to ask why she did that and there was a long line behind me, so I just left. The second time I went though the drive thru, I asked to use the remaining balance on the card and for clarification as to what why it was placed on there in the first place. There wasn't a line behind me and the window lady was very polite and explained the process to me. Which I appreciated. However, I doubt I'll be going back to Starbucks anytime soon. I mean, it's spendy in the first place and now they've made it too complicated to get any type of benefits for going there. I haven't been to a Starbucks in a long time, so I'm not sure how long this change had been in place, but it's no good.

big Al

This rating is based on the fact that I find them leaving an inch below the rim of the cup even after whip cream, for what we pay for there coffee they could at least fill the cup, I have had this happen at many locations and I'm beginning to feel ripped off, Beans and brews tomorrow maybe I'll get what I payed for..

Miguel Angel Casillas

There staff is friendly and their favorites music play list was Gucci

Ann Leavitt

Always friendly

Susana Salgado

They are very polite and quick in getting your order

Raymond Martinez

Kinda of long wait to get two cups of coffee. I have a another location that I frequently go to and I will stick with my favorite location.

ashley smith

Best service!

Tyler Lamming

The store was nice and clean and the staff friendly and helpful, but they also forgot to add flavoring to my drink.

Jen Zivkovic

This is the fastest Starbucks i know of. Friendly staff as well. Love this place!

Dani M.

Drink was good. Service was great.

Morgan Jensen

I've never felt the need to write a review before, but I've never been to a better Starbucks. Went through the drive-thru this morning at 6:30 only to be greeted with a smile and wonderful service. The barista Elle was so happy and chipper even at 6 in the morning! The best way to start out your morning is a good conversation with good people and good coffee. The only Starbucks drive-thru worth going to IMO.

Visionary Events

Alena, a barista there, gave me a free drink!

Stephanie Whiteley

Like any other Starbucks. You know what you're gonna get.

David N

Good Starbucks, friendly staff. Pretty busy at times, but quick considering.

Kamila Lelinska

dumped out their tea 10 minutes before closing so unprofessional

Steve Langdon

Typical Starbucks. Good coffee and breakfast type food with great service. But expensive for coffee.

Joe Ortiz

The staff is friendly and helpful. Can be busy, but no overly long waiting.

Frost Winters

Staff were friendly, and service was fast.

Phillip Westervelt

The staff is always willing to answer questions about drinks and coffee blends. Fast service and fun people.

Dave Chappell

Place is to busy with no parking and st small,of drive thru

Kira Goff

This is a nice location and they use to be on it. (Key word "Use to") The sad thing is you know how your coffee is going to be right when you walk in the door or pull up to the drive through just by the employee. Some are amazing at the front counter and the drive up. But the day you get the one that isn't; well its all down hill from there. Also the one making the yummy drinks (should know what they are doing). I don't care how fast you make my latte; it's all about making it right. Sorry to be all truthful but you are taking peoples money and I know you all want some tips. Please don't take this as a downer; instead take this as a HELLO PEOPLE!!! I love giving cash, tip, money. So do me this solid.


Very nice baristas.

Craig Chandler

I don't go there to dam expensive no coffee is worth that much

David Bessey

Clean, spacious and service is fast. Ample parking and easy access.

Dayri Tips

If you ready for a 15 minute wait on the drive through this is the perfect Starbucks

Dean Hamilton

This Starbucks was nice. Had a different layout than I'm used to. They were good at making my drink and quick at getting it done. I'm surprised about the variance in drinks from location to location and employee to employee. I'll order the same drink almost every time. And depending on the location and who's working, it can be anywhere from fantastic to meh.

Cyber Smoke

Closed at 9:40PM says 10.....

Trystan Blake

Quick and simple.

Kathy Washington

Welcomed walking in!

Lisa Hillier

Good location if you're heading downtown to work in the morning. Parking is a little difficult if you need to leave and the drive through line backs up. But the staff is great, they're quick and courteous. They certainly keep things moving!

Alexzandrea Lovato

I need this place to start and finish my day

Ben Ukoh-Eke

Second time visiting this location and I love everything about it. Staff are very friendly and seen happy. Love it.

Cwold Cwold

In and out quickly. Clean which is hard to find at some downtown Starbuck locations. No transient's too.

Ben Alder

Very nice customer service. The server was very friendly.

Ben Harrison

First time at this location, however it was really slow. The service was polite but just didn't bring the heat. Strange crowd as well.

im-not Real

I drive through almost everyday after dropping my son off at school. Nice staff and my coffee is always done well!

Nayeli Gomez

I purchased a Ventilator and got a grande in a ventilator cup!

kim russo female

The staff is friendly and strive to give the best customer service

Alexander Dale

It's Starbucks. So ya they serve coffee. Great staff, very nice and friendly. Have never gotten a drink wrong. Not much more to it. Good place to go and the line may look long sometimes but they are very fast.

The Constable

They hate cops


Not Impressed with there products.


This location is my favorite Starbucks in the world!! Amazing service!

Usman Mian

A good and friendly staff. This place is usually busy, but still fast.

Mitchell Clove

I liked the hot chocolate here. It was pretty crowded on a Saturday at 3 so I'm not sure what it's like in the mornings when everybody is getting their coffee. I sat at a wobbly table and so that was annoying. I had coffee smell entrenched in my jacket for days which was also a bummer. I would go back for hot chocolate here if I were nearby but it's not really worth going out of your way.

Charles Miske

This is a really convenient location in downtown Salt Lake that's near hotels and offices and such which is the main reason I ever go here. There's all kinds of lunch and breakfast options if you're looking for food not just the old pastries you would expect. One interesting side effect of being in a downtown location are keypad lock codes on the bathroom doors. The chairs outside are good to just sit in and relax because it's usually a little bit crowded on the inside being a smaller Starbucks. The drive-through entrance and exit are both a little bit cramped to squeeze it into the small lot and both have the potential for blocking entrances and exits from the parking lot.

Nate Rowlan

Very nice, and clean Starbucks. Good customer service. Grab a cold brew.

Nick Richardson

Went in at 4:40am, 10 minutes after they were open and “no coffee yet”. Beware, they open early, but not really.

Sergii Molchanov

Good one with good service

Eric DeGroot

Coffee what's not to love?

Tracey Moulds

This Starbucks is terrible Took them 20 minutes in the drive thru to get me my order. If you want cold coffee and food this Starbucks is for you. But if you want hot coffee and food go somewhere else.

Cris Guti

Today & the other morning they got my order wrong (asked for no foam - see pic). But the first couple times I visited (at night) the girl was spot on. So she is the reason I'm giving 3 stars. Otherwise would've given only 1.

Dylan Walker

I love nitro cold brew and was excited when this location was getting renovated and had the pumps installed. After the reno, I visited three times and tried to order a nitro and was told it wasn't working - even though the reno happened well over a month ago. Disappointing.

John Miller

People behind the counter have very poor behavior don't need that with my coffee

Tiffany Glenn


Joseph Malone


Bekah James

my barista in the drive through today talked in a fake british accent the whole time and totally made my day

Nels Rasmussen

Quality of the product and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car but I'm not sure if I can make the payment for my birthday and I hope you have a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow about the same size of the one I have.

We Like Women Pride Army

As always beautiful girls working at a Starbucks really good Starbucks excellent customer service a very fun pink Drink the dragon pink Drink

Tyson Jones

Cramped location, but that's Starbucks for you. the thing that makes all the difference is the staff. They are extremely professional and friendly.

Jerome KoolAid37

Best place to get coffee and more!

Marlin Beckstead

Love the sevice and the salted caramel frap

Danny Ray

Not beans n brew

Chiki Zoom

Best coffee ever!

Jesus Pena

Jayden's customer service was the best I've experienced at a Starbucks. Thank you Jayden, give the man a raise.

Nicole Kichelmann

I love Starbucks!!!; A forever customer

Julian Miranda

Was rally quiet when I was there. Really hard to get there because of the way the roads are set up. But the girl who helped me was really polite and fast about making my hot mocha

J.Patrick Vigil

Good drinks good food.

Jeremy Vaught

Great place to work or study. Lots of tables usually available. Lots of power outlets. No dirty looks from the Baristas.

Nathan Giullian

The steamed milk with flavoring is very good. I prefer it to the hot chocolate for a hot drink. I would get the steamed milk with hazelnut and cinnamon flavoring. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Always get a venti because it is not that much more.

Jade Wilson

Best Starbucks in town and trust me I've been to alot of star bucks. Very nice friendly staff. We are very picky about our drinks and they get them right every time! Love this place!

Mike S


Jannette Bailey

This location was painfully slow at the drive through. I'm from Seattle and I'm used to faster service.

Hezekiah Laronda

Best Starbucks in Salt Lake City. Best staff! Always make me laugh and glad I came. Fast service, but they don't make you feel rushed. I very rarely save a Starbucks in my Maps, as an avid Starbucks customer I usually just go to the closest one, but I'd go out of my way to come to this location.

Candace Evans

It's a Starbucks, what more do you need to know ;-)

Holly Richardson

Very poor service and drink not made as ordered. I waited almost 5 minutes, at the counter for someone to acknowledge that I was there. When asked for it to be made properly, ice only was dumped out and drink was filled with water and more ice.

Christopher Jimenez

Great place great coffee.. Full of flavor not watered down

Nathan Smith

Why wait 25 min? This place cant seem to move the line.

Jordan Sweat

Go to somewhere local, this is exactly the same as all other Starbucks, but the staff are incredibly helpful.

Web Luke

Standard Starbucks you can get anywhere in the world. This location was busy mid morning on a Saturday with lots of people just hanging around. Our drinks and food were good. The location is also nice when you come off the freeway into downtown Salt Lake City.

Rick Heapz

The manager was so helpful had a rough start and ended well... thx guys keep up the good work!!

Ryan Murphy

Always good customer service, and fast.

John Bamberg

This Starbucks has a quite comfortable Decor, the coffee is good as usual. I thought the staff were particularly friendly here. As usual I don't really see the need for music playing in the background, especially early in the morning.

Matt Nowacek

Good location, it's the morning stop. The drive through can be slow around 5:30-6am so better to run in.


Clean, organized and a great night staff. Very friendly and accommodating.

The Curator

Always a good drink. Ridiculously high prices. I will always drink local not Starbucks.

Alisa Meshkova

Love the staff and fast service! You guys are great!

john gregory Young

Salt Lake City now is great place for a Sunday pedicure.

Prasad Reddy

Nice place to sit down and have coffee.

Jonathan Barker

Made the drinks correct to specifications. But we had to wait a little longer than one would've expected. Maybe they were just backed up.

Ben Moore

Pretty typical Starbucks and a great place to grab a morning coffee if you are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn next door. My only complaint would have to be they never have Gold Coast on drip when I go by, not the end of the world but one of these days my luck will hopefully come around. :) It can be crowded in the morning as it appears it's a popular stop for folks coming into downtown for work.

Reece Fawcett

They forgot my Danish

Andrew Jorgensen

I used to come to this location because of the convenience of the drive-thru, but it started taking way too long. I decided to try again today. I pulled up at 6:59 am...and got to the pickup window at 7:22 am. They are still very slow.

Dannille Colwell

Not my favorite coffee. However, it's a good place!!

Alfredo Diaz

Very slow in the morning. If your short on time don't go here!!

Joseph Barney

Starbucks Is pretty cool. Pricey but cool but hey, quality. And the app has the coolest deals local shops are trying to copy.

Alex Mendoza

The kid who took my order was very rude, he made it sound like he didn’t want to be at work. He wasn’t professional at all and on top of that he gave me the wrong drinks never going back to that location again very disappointing.

Mildred Williams

First beautiful people work here. Ellie Cat Yoko Thank you so so much for your kindness and help. I felt so welcomed and attended to. Y'all are stars and godsends. keep shining. -blkgoldielocs

Steve Dayton

I'm not a coffee drinker but like to get other drinks that aren't coffee and tea related and pastries and treats. Love the cake pops and the morning bun is the best cinnamon roll. The hot chocolate is quite good for a winter treat.

Rick W.

Love this Starbucks. Super friendly baristas fast service and easy access

Kelly Calderon

When I go to Starbucks I'm excited to get a great cup of coffee however this time I was let down in a big way!! When I walked into the store the workers were all unhappy, the store was not very clean, it took forever to get my order (which was not called out), and then my lattes were filled to about an inch below the top of the cup. All in all not a good starbucks experience!!

Glenn Gasner

I really like this location. The only problem is that sometimes the line of cars for the drive through clogs up the whole parking lot. So I often park near the driveway entrance so I don't get stuck. I particularly like that I can order in the app and the drink is ready when I get there. I'm usually in and out faster than the drive through processes a single car.

Tara Nunez-Walker

I have never come across a yuck person in all of my visits to Salt Lake City. But today the lady at the register broke that streak. When my daughter asked if she could please have whipped cream on her frappuccino, she was met with a snotty, "well, that's how it comes. " She could have saved that and just responded with a "yes" or "sure." Especially since every other time they ask her if she would like whipped cream. My little girl's feelings were hurt. But I did give 3 stars because impatient and rude as I found them, they got the order right.

Zachary Wheeler

Very convenient location near downtown. The servers were friendly and the drink was perfect. If you are accustomed to Starbucks, you will not be disappointed.

Korina Serrato

loved this place until I ordered a white chocolate mocha thru the drive thru today took to work and to find out it is not the one I ordered I couldn't even drink it because it was very dark and bitter and gross I am very upset because I was craving it. I couldn't even go back to exchange it because I was at work I only give one star because the cashier was nice

Tracey May

I usually give this location 5 stars but today was a mess! Mobile order not ready, then messed up. It's a busy hub but usually there's order in the chaos.

Johanna Pinto

This is honestly the only Starbucks I like to go to. The staff is so kind and when they don’t have something, they go above and beyond. Love this Starbucks.

Mary LaCombe

This location is always busy but I have never had to wait very long inside or through the drive thru. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. They always make my drink right the first time.


Always had wonderful service at this location, great handcrafted beverages too!

Lewis J. Crawford

It's a Starbucks. You know what you are going to get.

Rebecca Jensen

Great baristas, always get it right. Cannot wait for the drive-thru to be approve and built!

Phillip rodriquez

The barista, Fallon, was constantly ignoring the extended line while laughing and taking on her head set. She forgot our order and laughed

Elin Potter

Nice atmosphere, helpful staff, and tasty coffee!

Yvette Edery, Rodeo Vegan MUA

Great cute baristas open early super adorable behind the counter Kate is wonderful

Ali A

It's a convenient location right off the freeway. Just make sure you don't try turning right out of the parking lot, as W 600 S is a one way road. I've seen many people do this and it is always terrifying.

Natalie Ouzts

Friendly staff that will help with recommendations. Nice spot to study or read the morning paper.

Ryan Myres

Good service, friendly staff

CIA Hole

Hey it's Starbucks lol you kinda know what you're going to get but it was a clean store staff were friendly

Parker Tyler

Gotta Love Starbucks. Try the Chorizo breakfast sandwich! One of my favorites! The staff at this location are on it! Fast and super friendly!

Vinessa Scales

Fastest service at a Starbucks ever

Candie Cole

I try to buy local but, if you want speed and constiency, come here. Nothing starts my day off worst than being late waiting for coffee or worst they get your order wrong or they've run out of soy milk! I'll stick with Starbucks for realizability alone.

Dan Holley

It's Starbucks...of course it's amazing.

Carlos Rivera

Amazing staff. The all know their coffee!

Belinda Dunn

Loved the food, drinks and staff were so nice!

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