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REVIEWS OF Rancho Markets #7 IN Utah

Elaine Babic

Fun place..Great veggies Enjoy all the interesting Hispanic items..yummy spicy..always stop in when passing by....go see and enjoy ..5 stars

mark flannery

Staff very helpful even the ones that don't speak English. Got all the right stuff to make Tamales with my son for the first time

erik pavlinch

Best produce and meat in town. Great friendly people!

Julie Baxter

No one spoke English , the store staff was nice but the receiving just down right sucked took them 7 hours to unload my truck , they keeped taking there buddies , they say they have appt but they don't .the reasturant was good but a little expensive for what you got and slow slow. Don't want to go back.

John Alanis

They neeed all to learn english

Kami Quealy

I just called this store asking if they sell taco shells in bulk and they hung up on me. Not stoked on this the customer service. I will not be visiting this location any time soon.

Jennifer Nakaerrts

Very fresh produce! Clean store and friendly employees!

Bonnie Pulsipher

Friendly helpful and reasonably priced

Tiu Sii

Great market! Has freash meats, bakery with all kinds of pastry, plus a restaurant.

John Forrest

If you want opened containers and spoiled produce, this is the place for you.

Judy Matthews

What a very diversified place to shop. Fresh fruit and veggies and very helpful staff. Their homemade chorizo is the best!

katherine puicon

I love Rancho Market and this location but today I went in with my little back pack, not full size or anything is just a girl bag (I still have a kid in diapers so I don't like to carry a diaper bag around. I was walking in and I hear a lady screaming her lungs out telling me that I can't go in with my bag. She wanted me to leave my bag with her but apparently since they can't trust they're customer why was I going to trust her. I had to go back to my car. I've never had this issue at any other markets. If this customer service keeps happening they'll loose they're customers.

Jim Gunter

Market has good selection of international foods

Ann Andreason

We love the fish and the sandwish rolls. Nice people and beautifully displayed. Fun place to shop.

Linda Johnson

Rancho Market is where I go when I want Mexican / Hispanic / south of US foods specialties. All the employees are bilingual, much of the clientele and the food specialties are Hispanic. The specialties are very good, the produce is good quality, and the bakery and restaurant are excellent. It is supermarket-priced, not fancy food priced.

Jeff Hansen

Great produce, terrific prices!

Laramie White

We save a lot by getting our produce here. Best quality for you dollar in the valley.

Carol Hansen

Great selection ; love the pulled pork tacos!

Ricardo Torres

Pretty chill. Everything is fresh. Smooth transaction.

Agnes Mukasa

Good place for shooping

Rob W

Good produce and meats

Daryl Bouck

The BEST market!

Alexis Santoyo

This is the dirtiest Rancho Market I’ve ever been to. Been there twice, almost out of desperation the second time, both times it was so dirty. Went to their bakery and there were dead flies in the pan dulce cabinets. Disgusting!!!! Will always go to another Mexican market for my products, rather than risk getting sick from their lack of cleanliness.

Jackson George Green

My favorite place to buy produce.

Mary Dechter

Delicious Barbacoa and Carne Asada tacos with all "the fixings at their in-store "cafeteria" ! Lots of other home style offerings...choose your favorite!

Cynthia Sanchez

Great place to get Hispanic food.

Yvonne Kaibetony

Grab pezoli

Pam Mc

WOW! Great variety of peppers! Low prices

Greg Roth

Diverse selection, affordable produce, amazing Tostadas. I'm going to go on a bit about a few other things because if I write my entire review about how exceptional their store brand tostadas are, you'll think I'm a crazy person. It's an international market, so there are all kinds of things that you won't find in great supply in your more standard grocery stores, however great they might be on their own merits. They have a variety of meat products, sodas, canned good and tostadas. Their produce is less pricey than many other places. In particular limes and avocados might be twice their usual price elsewhere, but you can still get them for a reasonable amount here and they are every bit as good. It's entirely possible this is just because limes and avocados are two things I buy a lot that I'm peculiarly price sensitive to, but nonetheless, the fact holds. Now I think I've earned the right to gush about their tostadas. There is a delicate balance with tortilla chips and tostadas between too brittle to survive the slings and arrows of this harsh world we live in and delicate and airy enough to give the oh so pleasant crunch when you bite into it. Their store brand Rancho Market tostadas thread that needle like nothing else you will encounter even if you wander the earth for 1000 years. National brands have to be built like sheets of metal to survive the long trips from parts unknown to your grocery store shelves. Other store brands couldn't care less about tostadas. They don't even know what tostadas are. Those poor devils. But these are nothing short of perfect. I'm not saying you should go in, buy an armful of tostadas and nothing else. Wander around, there's more there that's worth perusing, but if I saw you in line with a cart full of tostadas, I would give you a knowing nod and think no less of you. They are just. that. good.

Debb Phipps

Never feel comfortable here, like I'm not welcome in my own country

Joe Welborn

Great Market reasonably priced. Best produce in the Salt Lake Valley. Therefore I rate it 5 stars.

Mario C.

Everything has a price on it. Neat and you can find what you are looking for.

sohayla jewett

Very stinky. Smells very bad

Danielle Ramos

Great place to get fruit and meats. It is clean.

Jodi Perez

We really like this store, but this time the cashier's are talking in Spanish and not even talking to you as you are trying to go thru their check out line. They don't want to answer questions. All they are doing is gossiping with each other. While they have ppl in their lines to check out found it to be very super rude! The store it self ... Was clean and put together well.

Donna Leavitt

Great produce here with good prices. Other items slightly higher than average. Bakery department makes fresh rice pudding, 3 Milk Cake, and flan that are absolutely the best around. Also has an in store restaurant.

Anish Kumar VS

Good mexican supermarket and cam get smthg indians need

Roger Armijo

Authentic Mexican products but we waited about 15 minutes in line.

Mario Mendoza

I don't like the #7 because a woman stole my meat

Miguel Angel López

This place is always clean ..over all good prices and the best thing is everything is fresh I will fully recomend this place to all people looking for fresh produce and the best meat

Quinn Campbell

We love Ranco and go there weekly for our fresh produce! Will not beat their pricing on fruit and produce...Costco and Walmart don't even come close. Obvious great selection for latino foods. Refreshed panaderia with a wide variety and they have an excellent new paleteria with exotic flavors you will not find at any other ice cream shop.

Mark Weron

This is the best market in town. Expect wonderful produce that may not be "pretty" but at fantastic prices. I will drive out of my way to go there.

GyrlSmylee Ireland

I was looking for Achiote or Annatto seed for my Citrus Marinade I made for my Christmas Turkey. They had everything I needed on my list. The best produce for my turkey. They have a wonderful bakery, and yummy baked goods. You can get almost anything you want at Rancho Markets. If they don't have what you put on your list, then you must not need it!

Susan Keene

Love this store. Great prices on produce. They have in-store bakery, butcher shop, tortilla factory. Bulk foods unlike Smith's. No gimmicks like good price if you buy six. Easy parking, lines not very long. I see many cultures there. Today I found loose beets for only 89 cents/pound. I've seen honey crisp apples for the same price (not today).

Justin Case

It's good. I know.

Jay Miller

The good: amazing and unique selection, fresh produce, good bakery. Cleanliness could improve.


The meat and produce are good deals sometimes, however not the freshest you have to use their products right away.

Wade Dedman

Clean, great selection of fruits, vegetables and other specialty food items.

Amy De La Serna

Great for sourcing cheap veggies and fruit - I love the middle eastern section at this rancho. I am leaving 3 stars as I have frequently found food to be WAY past it’s sell by date.

Leigh Sampson-Seitz

Love the produce and meat selection

Aisha Bair

This is such a wonderful place to get produce. I don't know what I would do without this store. I also really do enjoy the staff. They're nice.

Grace Lugo

The food is great but the servers is very slow.

Joshua Miller

Great place for food

Bonnie Mortensen

Fresh produce, great prices, super friendly staff. Sad they were out of their fresh fruit cups this evening. Perhaps one has to go in the morning for them. Vamos!!!

Damian North

Great selection and great meat for there price

Teodor Antonov

Good fruits and veggies at affordable prices.

Brooke Ibarra

Delicious restaurant inside with the most amazing authentic Mexican food I've ever eaten out. The grocery store always has the best deals on produce- they're usually ripe that day so you need to eat them quick, but it's so worth it!

mustafa Suwaylih

It’s one of the places that have very cheap prices with good quality. The vegetables are taking a big part you can find a lot of different vegetables and fruits. It’s kind Mexican grocery store. One thing I also like they have pita bread which usually I don’t see.

todd S

Yummy bakery. Lots of other good stuff.

Meaty McMeatMissile

Rancho Markets is really a cool place....but its a hit or miss type of place. When its a hit...Their produce section has really fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables cheap....much cheaper then Harmons just up the street where I usually shop. When it's a miss then their selection is limited and typically not fully ripe when it comes to fruit. I usually shop at Harmons but every once in a while I stop at Rancho Market first just to check. Overall my experiences there are positive.

Carlos Tiburcio

Good food and good service

Daniel Wydner

I haven't found a better deal on Latin food.

eric holleman

Great produce and great prices. This is one of my favorite places to shop. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Lynn Knight

That always have great deals on produce. My only problem is with the bakery. They have amazing desserts, but because I'm not Mexican the RUDE customers cut in line in front of me, and the bakery ladies ALLOW THIS! It's happened to me on 3 separate occasions. I've walked out twice, after 10 minutes of not being helped when I was the next in line. It's extremely discriminating.

Adam Nunez

Love this place. Produce is cheap and very good. Do yourself a favor and get a pan dulce.

Jeff Sheldon

The person that plows. The parking lot sucks at plowing Utah people don't know how to plow snow in Utah you don't have no place to park he part they plow snow and just leave snow in the middle of the freaking Road

Roy Hunter

Produce is sometimes well priced

Sara Anderson

One of my favorite grocery stores. Produce is best price anywhere. I juice a lot so quantity is my goal. Friendly service and even more friendly if you speak Spanish. Always a smile. Eat at the cafe before shopping, authentic Mexican dishes. Handicap parking, check cashing, cellphone shop, bakery and butcher.

Doug Barker

O love the carne al pastor from the butcher.

Barry Shutt

Always have what iam after. Normally packed but that's just because it's so popular a place. Features mostly hispanic foods but also cater to other ethnicity groups. They have a wonderful bakery as well a restaurant. Give them a try and you might walk away feeling warm and fuzzy too.

Elizabeth Dickman

Great shopping experience. Good selection with good prices. Mostly Hispanic groceries with Middle Eastern selection as well. Lots of produce.

Joe Fletcher

Hands fresh produce.

Mary Catherine Chartrand

Great selection, awesome pastries.

s mathews

Horrible customer service. Six months ago when u was there service was amazing.

Jerome KoolAid37

The best place to buy fresh foods at a great price!


Best place to get specialized ingredients

Carrie Knapp

Amazing produce and prices!

Nina Claunch

Good place to go for lunch. The Barbacoa plate was amazing!

Lina Rincon

I just love it!

Isabel Velasquez

Perfect place to buy fruits

Lingxi Zhong

Great prices and great selection. Food is usually pretty good but not always long lasting. -1 star since they started charging for plastic bags

Jorge Lara

I give just two stars because I think to this place it's very good for buy vegetables and meat have good prices yes. But I was in the restaurant and the food and service really suck those lady's in the restaurant are nasty and super slow I make 3 orders one for me 1 for my gf and 1 for my brother like 30 minutes after I got mine and my gf my brother have his order and it come with hair it was very bad they chance the plate for something else and give us a cheaper plate so I pay expensive for a cheap plate I never back to eat in that bad place

seth drury

Clean grocer with arguably the best prices in town. A good source of Latin American ingredients if you need them.

Stephen Kealy

Unloading smooth and on time. Forklift driver great attitude. Easy to backup into dock. Overall. Excellent!

Drake Nerveza

I love the options of food availble here. I only wish I had found this place earlier.

Katie Noyes

Awesome as always!

Dulce F

Long lines. But this is my fav one out of all the ones to go too. Fresh produce and meat! Worth the drive

Fan 52

Best deals on produce around. Love this place.

Dave Gisseman

Went there for dinner, meh. Not much meat in the tomales. Lot's of flies, too.

Kathryn Silures

This is one of the biggest Rancho Markets I've ever seen. The selection is incredible and the prices awesome as always. Hard to find ethnic ingredients, unbeatable produce and a convenient place to pick up the staples.

Sabrina Baksh-Riches

Great store! Love their produce selection. Everything there is reasonably priced.

Timothy Marti

Me and my wife are fans. Great produce selection and prices. Good meats as well. Other items that don't fall into these categories can be a bit overpriced. But it is our go-to for fresh fruit and vegetables and rarely disappoints. Wish there was another one farther south!

Trent Marshall

Clean, nice Mexican supermarket that also has a nice assortment of Middle Eastern foods. Very convenient and highly trafficked.

Alan Brinkerhoff

Great produce and bakery!

Lisa Veenstra

This Rancho Market has a great restaurant, deli, bakery, and produce section. They always have great produce. And the staff is always friendly. Their is a great selection of Latino food. They make their own tortillas on site. You can get them fresh. They do send out an advertisement in the mail. The market works hard to keep it local and it's one of the cleanest locations.

Glenn Barnes

Excellent mexican food grocery store

Mary Patricia

I feel I am in little Mexico... Great produce to select from and good sales.

Virgia Shearer

Interesting Mexican supermarket with their own bakery and restaurant. Traditional bakery so the sweets are not overly sweet...just perfect. Their lunches and dinners are very good and you can eat there or take home. OMG their sandwich rolls are to die for. They have a traditional Mexican type meat section/butcher for things this gringo knows nothing about. I recommend this market!

Rick Heapz

Meat was very fatty and falling apart not right weight and very little help

Tugdual LeBohec

Nice atmosphere, good prices, excellent food at the cafeteria and do not forget to check the bakery out. Mmmhhhh!

perfectly imperfect

They have some of the wierdest fruits...i love the good deals on stuff here too!

Antonia Perez

People working in the restaurant very rude ,I asked my carnitas without grasas and bones and when I opened at home I throwed away, almost all grasas and bones,no,no wasn't a misunderstand,

Carrie Adams

A little hard to get to because of construction but worth the wait!

Chai Barber

I enjoy shopping at Rancho Market. However, there needs to be more clarity on what time the store closes at night. I have been turned away a couple times as a result.

Marilyn Jense

Was there to pick up their fajita chicken mix from the butcher shop. No English. She didn't understand what I wanted and when she got what I wanted she put it in the plastic bag and tied it with the chicken juice all over the outside. Talk about contamination. Then the checkout ran my debit card three or for times trying to get it to complete the purchase. Finally they got some one over there that knew how to do it.

Melanie Lake

Great prices on produce.

Alex Aguil

The meat is really bad .

Nick Costanza

Like the fruits and vegetables prices are good generally. There is an international section as well. Some things are a bit pricier, but overall, a good value, and there are many Mexican items and a bakery, and restaurant, and butcher.

Mahsa Ghaffari

Affordable fruit. Not well organized store hard to find sth

Kami Grant

Amazing prices on produce! Also, full of nutrients! I'm not sure why but I have been juicing for a year now and every time I juice produce from here I get much more energy from here than from Smith's, Wal-Mart, or even Winco! Some of the produce is small and doesn't look as appetizing here but I feel that is because they don't use steroids and preservatives to make it look appealing. It's just the real deal!

Karmen Jesse

Very nice employees that work hard. It's not your regular grocery store. It is stocked with lots of cultural goodies. Great bakery goods and excellent meat counter. Public bathrooms available, ice, pharmacy, cell phone sales and money transfer services. Closes at 10 pm.

Karma izzy

Fresh produce, great prices and the atmosphere is quite different from most grocers. It is chill, laid back, and everyone, customers and employees are happy happy happy. It's definitely not Walmart...that's the best part

Victoria Ekpoma

They almost always have everything I need. Not crowded at all on weekday evenings.

Pam Morgan

We love getting our produce so cheap

cherie Garcia

Only place I know of on this side of town to buy ingredients for Mexican food that they don't have at the grocery stores in my area.

DeemaplaysFORTNITE Xd notbad default skin

They have good items but the store smells so bad it is full with flys

Janet Ramos

If you want to feel like you're taking a quick, miniature trip to Mexico then go to Rancho Market. It's like stepping over the border and being in Mexico while you're there. Also, the selection is excellent and delicious.

Gina M Tomadakis

They dont have anything american there

Andres lopez

The some meat wasn't fresh looking and the price for it wasn't worth it. But all the other items are at a good price range.

Daron Lees

The best place ever to get fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Katrina Miller

Produce display clean; Variety and prices outstanding. Best I have ever seen. Service superb! I will be back!

Teiste Brito

To come here is an experience.The produce is fresh , cheap but not the best out there.You can find some many products from South America as well as toiletries.Friendly and helpful staff too.As I said , it’s an experience to shop here but I can’t complain.I always find what I’m looking for , from Jarritos drinks to fresh cilantro.

Alizae Martinez

Don’t come here for meat!!! found hair in the meat and pointed it out to the guy and he just picked it out instead of throwing it away. Still decided to get some different meat, I got home and found more hair in the meat. Took it back and they started arguing and I had a difficult time getting my money back. The employee asked what to do with the meat and the manager told the employee to put it back. Really disgusted and disappointed

Abhishek Mukherjee

Nice economical grocery store with a wire selection of vegetables. I love the eggs here.

Mubarak Siddiq

Great place for everything

sherry wicker-pollock

They are very cheap in price

Moms Investments

Large Spanish market. I visit the pharmacy because they have what I need and have excellent service and lower price than other places. We like the store, has alot that you can not get elsewhere.

Ryan Fuhriman

Place was well organized. Busy but it was Saturday afternoon. Price was competitive and priced to sell compared to other local grocery stores.

Janna Rodriguez

Love going to Rancho Markets they have really good produce and good Meats

Dave P

Freshest produce in town. Buy your meat here. Get what you pay for and nice staff.

Dave Hortin

Good meal and will fill you up

Victoria Silva

Personally, I like this Rancho Market the best! Mainly because it's cleaner.

Alliya Nicole

I went to the restaurant inside, the food is great but I asked for beef and I got chicken, over all its great

Alastair Wright

Good selction and good value.

Jay Fleming

Everything you need with a wide range of ethnic foods

Mr Man

Great selection of fruits and vegetables at great prices. Decent service.

Tamara Lewis

Awesome produce and hard to. Find items. I'm making enchiladas and want them done right! They have everything you need and the staff is so friendly!

Emily Spencer

Good options. Good price for produce

Karl Byrd

Rancho is my store for fresh produce. Prices have gone up quite a bit over the past couple of weeks for some produce staples . Weekly specials are a good value. Meat and seafood are reasonably priced as are some pantry items (canned goods, rice, etc.). This is a lively ethnic market with an in-store bakery and cafeteria.

Shawn Poulson

It's great store Always has what I need

Debra Cox

At French oh to have a little bit of dis a little bit of that whole lot of meat and vegetable at prices that you just cannot beat. They made eating healthy affordable

Jeffrey Darling

Love it here. Fresh produce, hard to find items, authentic, and the staff are very kind

Roy L. Davidson

Nice place for food.

Miss brazil usa nevada Miss brazil Claudia da silv

This place really make me laugh,after knowing that now they are charging 2 cents for a plastics bag, they say it's to help nature, but it's so many other ways that they can help nature without charging others for a plastic bag, i did like this place before, the only think now its if i go back i will always think they are just trying to take advantage of people, they are just probably try to not spend on those bags! And having they customer's paying for it. Also make sure the itens you by there are not expired, i had really bad experience before with a big bag of rice, Hopefully this helps you

Anayeli Esparza

I give no stars I’m upset when ordering you should be paying attention to the costumer not talking on the phone for that reason the lady forgot to mark down my order sitting here waiting for my other food to come to find out they never even put it down!!! Horrible costumer service

Nisar A khan

This is a medium size grosser stores and I came from North Virginia and go to Rancho Markets and I like her as prices are low as compared to other stores in nearby but if you do more clean then it's more good

Nicole Nicole

Twwwsaà re eeee q I'll j in

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