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REVIEWS OF Michaels IN Utah

Lynne McKinley

Love the stuff at Michael's but I have to have an escort when I go in with credit cards so I don't blow my mortgage payment. JK. Not the best selections: Hobby Lobby is better stocked, and always has register traffic flowing, but Michael's is like an old friend. I know where everything is and can get right to it. That's great for when I know exactly what I want. Hobby Lobby is more like Disneyland: prepare to spend the day.

Kelsey Henry

Good availability of crafting and home goods. Their line for checkout is crowded and not organized well, though. If someone at the next register has a cart, you can't get past them until they move.

Genevieve Manzo-Fullmer

Nice craft supplies wish the markers were cheaper. At the same time not there fault. ❤️ Love this storeeee

Missi O Missi

This location is poorly lit. It's difficult to shop in shade and shadows. The Park City location is an example of how to light a store!

Sarah Bell

.Got my mom her gift and she loves

Sarah Bylund

Found just what I needed.

Jennifer O'Donnell

Michaels has a vast array of craft items, kids products and crafts, employs great sales and has quality knowledgeable salespeople. The prices are geared mainly toward middle class shoppers

Benjamin Dickey

The cashiers kept asking over and over for phone number and email. They did it so bad to another lady next to me that I’d be surprised if she ever came back


My wife was able to find the crafts stuff she was looking for without much hassle

Karen Christensen

It was a lot different than the Draper Michael's, hopefully I will used to it quickly.

Kitty Bair

Fun store, they have everything you need for Christmas decorations.

Christina Corbitt

Employees were helpful and efficient

Bob Christensen

Did a really nice job framing two crosstitch pieces my wife did.

Renee Bray

Didnt have what I needed

Gerri Sperry

I enjoy the store what you had to sale

Brian Haskell

I needed cork tiles to complete a project for my Disney pins. Michael's had exactly what I needed!

Darren Curtiss

Great place to shop for painting supplies

Brody Baum

Good customer services but does not have alot to choose from

Carolyn Harris

Has the best craft supplies ever.

Mika Hatter

Great store, everyone is friendly, lots of great craft supplies. A little disorganized but that makes it fun to wander.

Holly C

An extensive craft store. Great place to go if you're looking for specific items for a craft. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was because it was a little hard to find what I was looking for! I couldn't find any signs labeling what aisle had what and I also couldn't find any employees to point me in the right direction. Other than that it's a good place!

Emily L

I frequently get lost trying to find what I need, but they've always got it!

Jill Stephens

Lots of parking (free). I did feel like this place looked like it was going out of business. They have down sized this space significantly and no longer carry a lot of the things they uses to. I found this very disappointing. The prices didn't reflect a storewide clearance,but that was totally the vibe. I won't be surprised if the next time I go to visit the store is completely closed. It's sad because Michaels had been a staple for years.

Gabriel Nunez

Great place for all your hobbies you can find it all at Michael's

Larie Manutai

Planner options were ok. Did find a few washi and sticker options for Wonton In a Million. That was cool!!

Larkin Palmer

I have always had a great experience when I go here. Sometimes I am not able to pull a coupon up on my phone but they will happily scan one for me from behind the counter, sometimes the discount they give me will be even higher than the one I originally had. The employees are always helpful and if I make a comment about not being able to find something during my visit they will quickly let me know where it is. Great store.

Ryan Roberts

Less expensive than hobby lobby and they have some if the more traditional merchandise instead of all this trendy craft stuff you see everywhere.

Susana Salgado

Michael's has all your crafts needs and more. Staff are really nice and helpful.

Alicia Burr

So much to love. Never enough time or money!

Char Olcott

Found just what I was looking for and on sale too! Very friendly, helpful employees. Great selection and variety of products.

Candace Larsen

I love Michael's .There deals are great!

brian baldwin

Good place for craft supplies. Staff are curtious and knowledgeable of product locations. I also haven't seen anything about the owners contributing to the discrimination of peoples, unlike Hobby Lobby.

Mikey Muirhead

I had a really bad experience here. I called earlier in the week to see if they could do a custom frame and was told absolutely. When I came in they told me no one works in their frame department at night. That’s fine, odd but whatever. So I asked to leave my artwork there and when a framer comes in the next day they can call me. The girl with the pink hair was extremely frustrating and would not allow me to leave my items with a note and a name. Instead I was asked to come back Monday morning. Uhhh hello some of us work during the day. I asked if I came back Monday night could I drop my stuff off then, but was told no one would be there to take my stuff. What is the difference between a one employee taking my artwork and another? Why wouldn’t she just let me drop it off? That’s essentially what I’m doing if a framer had been there. I’m literally trying to give you guys money. Why won’t you take it????

Anna Kelsey

It's a great place with good prices. Everyone was super helpful.

Blanca Arnold

I would have liked to find more assistance. Couldn't find an employee to ask my questions to find certain products. It was a bit chaotic experience for me.

Trent Hortin

They gave me lots of art

Brent Martindale

Always a great place to shop for craft and deco items. The girl at the register gave us a coupon discount we weren't expecting, and that was extra nice!

tw199y 88

New products that I have never seen before. Definitely going there as often as Hobby Lobby and Joanns.

Margaret Holmes

Always satisfied with Michael's. Staff is very helpful and friendly. I give them 5 stars which means excellent.

Mauro Zuñiga

I hardly can find what I need

Kathy Burns

I returned Halloween things with no problem

Phoebe Evans

Often the checkout line is very long and takes forever. But they have good deals and IF you can find someone to help you they will happily! As I can never find my items because I don’t feel like the store is very sensible I always have to search forever to find someone to help me.


It's a craft store, if it was up to me it would be it would be organized differently but nonetheless it's a quality store

Diane Robison

I’m a creative person. I can always find just the right supplies. The store is organized well and there’s often something new and fun.

Chabela Bella

Perfect place for DIYs any holiday or wedding or home decor. So many ideas and examples. Kind of narrow rows and packed i to a small location but still enough to be there for hours haha. Also stuff always on sale which is awesome!

T Huntington

The coupons sounds great but they offered a 60% a regular priced item but then put pretty much everything on sale so you couldn't use it. Last year their selection of home decor was much better too.

Liesel Polichette

Selections are good. Needs better check-out solutions.

DeAnn Smith

Fun to walk through seasonal.

Madelena Campbell

They love their pets!

Richard McIntosh

They replaced glass in a broken picture and reframed it. Did a great job!

Angela Kramer

This is like a candy store for me. Really love this place.

Keri Dresden

Friendly service and lots of sales

Lynette Kern

Employees are helpful and friendly even during the busy holiday season.


I always tens to find this store hard to navigate. I came to look for some silk flowers. The only problem I had with it, was that there are 3 separate sections in the store for silk flowers, instead of keeping them all together

Kathleen Larsen

Love this craft store! If you don't know where something is you might be out of luck getting an employee to care.

Andrew Dunoskovic

They had what I needed at a good price. Staff was friendly and happy to help. They seemed a bit short staffed though, the checkout line was really long.

Cynthia Butcher

They had a sale on t shirts for $2 a piece. We are tie-dying them for our family reunion. I bought their kit, too. It looks less messy than pots of dye. And they were on sale!

Kiylee Davis

This was my first time in this particular Michaels and the set up seemed a little odd to me. The aisles were so narrow and ordered strangely. It took me a while to find what I was looking for and I was not the only one. I heard at least 2 people asking the cashier for help finding something. That being said, I got an amazing price on some quality paper. If they continue to have great sales, I will continue coming.

gloria bratton

Great arts and crafts store. Fabulous coupons, watch for 40 and 50% coupons. Clean store, wide aisle, employees always helpful. Shop early for holiday ideas.

Kyle Stauffer

Great selection, helpful staff.

Roger Dunn

There is a ton of stuff here and helpful employees. The only reason there aren't more employees at the registers is because each customer isn't buying hundreds of dollars of crafts. I like to build necklaces from stuff here.

Casey Fehlberg

I love Michael's! It is a great place to make dreams come true and create new ones.

John Salmon

Dear Michael, you need to have more options for square frames. Good job on having lots of options for sizes I might need someday but not today. So, despite lots of variety, still not enough... The frame personnel were also unavailable for custom orders so you can't claim that one either. Anyway, is no one buying square frames? Is that so rare that the marketing department considers it unprofitable?

Lauren Agnesse

Very easy to find what I needed and friendly staff.

Jane Macpherson

Everything a crafter needs and then some..sales help wad very professional. I'll return often for craft supplies.

Brandon Betenson

Good selection, nice people, check out line can get long at times

Stephanie Larsen

Great store. Organized and clean

Sara Hopkins

Love Michaels but sometimes they are out of the artist supplies we need but the best place to look. And I love the coupons that they send me.

Daisy Sorensen

I wish there was a Michael's closer to you.

Larry Harris

Michaels has been great for crafts and arts been able to find some of the things I need for building small items that I need.

Janae Norton

Good craft store with a wide selection. My only complaint was it was a little harder to find exactly what I went in for, just because the set up seemed a little strange to me at first. Signs on the aisles would have been helpful since I was in a rush and it's a big store, but I was able to find what I needed without too much trouble. Will definitely go back since they seemed to have a wider selection than what I'm used to at my local craft store.

Jonathan G

Kids love going shopping here. Has lots of crafts, from drawing, too painting, to calligraphy, to creating things. Usually can get a good discount coupon on their app

Chris Bozer

I came in to get an estimate on a framing project that i needed help with. I was sorely disappointed to learn that they charge extremely high rates. Not just that but everything so expensive. I would suggest finding somewhere else to shop. Otherwise you will be overcharged.

Laura Rosales

I like Michaels I found better prices here than in Hobby Lobby definitely a lot cheaper

Christina Richards

I love shopping here so much fun stuff and cute ideas

Kristyne Stephens

Thank you for always having what I need. I ran in 10 minutes before they closed. I was out before 9 but I was able to finish my project.

Dave Wilkinson

Cash registers weren't working. So couldn't buy anything. Good store though.

Diana winder

Had what I was thinking of

Tracy Johansen

Your creativity + A to Z in getting craft supplies & ideas. Bright open Welcoming atmosphere.

Karen Roberts

Always loved shopping at Michaels. Good selection of what I need and I love when they have frames 50% off

LeishaAnne Corbett

Great craft and supply store. I do feel that the line for checkout could be improved. If there is such a large line and several cash registers but only one register open, I find it unsuccessful. Low staffed in a way since it was hard to find anyone other than the cashier for questions. Wonderful customer interaction however and kind regarding the circumstances.

Adam Christensen

I have gone to Michael's probably 26 times the past 15 years. I'm the kinda guy that does research before shopping. Michael's usually has the lower price and still good enough quality. Selection is pretty good as well. I don't always do crafty things, but when I do I go to Michael's first, then hobby lobby etc.

Tyler Ashcroft

Great selection, good coupons

JosephC Higgen

One of my favorite craft stores ever. They have really nice paint brushes. Their marker and pen selection are really awesome too.

Sorina Marie

Always very clean and in stock. I love the 40% off coupons and how often they put the full price items on sale. The employees are incredibly friendly and willing to help.

Alyce Carrillo

Out of all the craft stores this one is my favorite. The customer service is good and you don't get ignored because it is still small place. I just wish there was one still in East Bay Provo

Phyllis Glover

People are so nice and the always have what I nee!

Debi Pope

Had what I needed


So many good things in here!

lora hafen

Could have a wider selection and lower prices

V Re

Super friendly staff. Easy transaction.

Amanda Smith

Great place to buy craft supplies. Love that they always have coupons. For the most part they're cheaper than other local craft stores.

W Bills

Found everything I needed and used a 60% off digital coupon, too

Lisa Ro

It is an older store but it had everything we were looking for. It was well stocked too.

Jacob Player

Clean and has lots of options. The 40% off coupons every time are great. Materials a bit cheaper quality though sometimes compared to other craft stores, depends on what you are going for.

Patricia Ahern

Love Michael's! Everyone is nice there. They always try to help. Love their coupons and I can find items for projects nearly every time if not all the time!

Mike N

Craft heaven. They had everything we needed here for our project. We had even tried a few other craft stores with no luck. We needed some help finding a few things, the young lady that helped was a wealth of knowledge, showed us where everything was, answered all of our questions and then some. It was a fun experience for the kid project we were working on!

Claudia Hill

Their coupon deals are always amazing!

Devin M

Clean, organized and the staff was very helpful.

Aitos Chheng

Thanks for having most art supplies I need for class, large selections of crafts tools and projects, for coupons, and price matching, for great customer service, and organized placements. The only thing I'd suggest, is if you could make your restrooms look and smell as nice as your store, I'd honestly have nothing to complain about.

Isaac Corcoran

Really low quality service for how much I paid. I got a “$700” package on special so I acknowledge that I didn’t pay full price but I paid for a service and it was not satisfactory. When we told the staff about the issues they said there was nothing they could do and offered no help. DONT GO HERE

Kedra Ellis

Love this store and the great deals they have.


Good selection of items, reasonably priced.

Lindy Lewis

Always a great selection! The wait to pay is always a little frustrating, but I'm always able to find what I need


They seem to always have what I need. Dont shop there a ton but when I do I always find something that works for my project. Only place I could find a 8x20 frame recently which made me super happy.

Rachael Jackson

Great selection of silk flowers. We also had two pictures framed, they had a huge selection

Kate Beeson

Hated having to walk through the fake flowers section which always irritates my eyes and nose to browse the rest of the store. But enjoyed their overall selection. Definitely not the place for anyone deeply into a specific craft (each section carries the basics but very few specialty items and their prices on the items that dedicated Crafters will want were higher than you'd find at a store dedicated to one or two specific crafts e.g. a yarn store for Knitters/crocheters or a scrapbooking or quilting store) That said, if you're dabbling, looking to expand your crafting repertoire or supplying a single project it's a great place to start

Wendy Arnoldsen

Great place for crafts , floral and art and frames. Not for fabric, only a few sewing notions. This may change on line though.

Adam Green

Not a bad store, it always seems they have some sort of sell going on. I go here for most of my picture frames because they have a huge selection.

jeremy woolley

Michael's has all the crafts supplies that you need for most projects. I was able to find what I was looking for very fast due to the helpful staff! I ended up getting the wrong acrylic paint color due to being a Male, and a husband who does not look very hard, but my wife and I managed to finish our project due to our awesome neighbor! It pays to be nice to your neighbors

Darlene Juber

Love this place. Great value with lots of Christmas goodies.

Marilynn Bunce

Pricing is wrong on the merchandise sometimes.

Maren Glad

Usually reasonably priced and you can use coupons

Rebecca Nielsen

It was pretty good. They didn't have a specific thing I wanted because it was out of stock, but they were helpful in assisting me to find where else to go.

Lauren Frary

Long wait at the checkout even with a relatively short line of just 2 people in front of me. But 4 stars because the staff was super helpful helping me find an obscure item in their stock. People are nice, just not the most efficient.

Brian Powell

Good clean store with lots of clearance items.

Samara Ortiz

I love Michael's! They have great things to buy and the best prices! Great quality of products too!

Ashley Robert

This is a great craft store and you can find almost everything that you need! It is large with variety, however just down the street you can find Hobby Lobby, which offers more diverse products and it usally is cheaper.

Polly Wolfe

Had what I needed, good sales.

MaryAnn Corrigan

I didn't find what I needed.

Jill D.

Great for craft supplies

Chance Hansen

Great service and a wonderful selection. It really is though. This is generally my go to craft store

Jaxie Olsen

I asked a worker where I could find something that it mentioned online was actually in the store. She looked at me like I was an idiot and told me she doesn't carry that item in "her" store. With so much sass as if she owned the whole place....I highly doubt that someone with her rude attitude could run an entire successful business like that...but who knows.

Shae Montague

A nice small craft store with a decent selection of art supplies.

Kirsten Jensen

I love how organized it is. I can find everything so easily

Elizabeth Anderson

This store has gone down hill... so sad to walk in to find employees visiting with each other and showing no interest whatsoever in helping customers. Amazon app is more helpful than they are. Would give 0 stars if option was available.

joni Moosman

We always find something we like.

Halie W.

Ads are deceitful. Product quality is poor. Paint is goopy and doesnt leave a strong color, brushes are flimsy and break mid project

Dax Massey

Love this place they have it all!!!

Sierra Ashton

I would like to make a complaint. I don't like doing this because it's one of my favorite stores to go to. About the stores "Michaels" sidewalk . The sidewalk on the left side of Michael's is weathered away to the point It has corroded and now has a around side curb. It's definitely a safety issue. Just today July 7th 2018 I was with my sister and I had stepped up onto the curb I had slipped and fell with my 10 week infant strapped on my front in a baby carrier. Luckily for me my reaction was to land on my hands and knees to preventing me from falling on top of my infant. I would really appreciate it if the sidewalk was fixed immediately for the well being of others and their safety.

Sarah M. Maya

Great customer service. Great sale prices.

Karen Todd

Great selection, but I couldn't find anyone to help when I needed something from a locked case.

Christopher Hocker

Great professional help.

Felicia McRaney

Very friendly and helpful staff. So much to look at! Almost everything a person would need for almost any project.

Hunter Schow

Nearly always has great sales, but this location is often poorly staffed. It is hard to find someone who can help answer your questions.

Rhiannon Delgado

Best selection of scrap booking supplies

Harrison Haslam

Good help. Didn't have what I was searching for but they did their best

Whitney Tolman

I put in an order that I had shipped to the store and I received no contact from them when it came in. It was only through me contacting the store and customer support multiple times that I was even able to get my items even though they'd been delivered to the store before my first contact with them. I won't be going back.

Rochelle Allbee

A great place to find what you need

Shirley J. Fink

Typical for Michael's. This one seemed a bit unorganized and messy. Tis the season!

pam Muir

Wonderful. Prices fantastic.

W Run

Love Michaels. The manager Melissa is awesome to work with.

Megan Browning

They have cute little seasonal displays that my kids love to look at. Can't seem to just looked though. We always spend more money than intended when we go there.

Gabe Angel

A friend gifted us an amazing painting that we thought was very worthy of being custom framed. My husband and I went in during their 70% off sale and the line to get a framing estimate was rather long. However, the personnel allowed us to go behind them and get our frame picked out. Once they were able to help they were really nice, they apologized for the wait and helped us out in a very professional manner.

Jacob Barlow

Very helpful, a lot of variety here. It's a good place to find whatever you need for crafts and projects and decoration.

Sean Walton

Good stock but a lot of it. A little hard to find stuff.

Gwendolyn Fullmer

Great options, helpful staff.

Alicia Shupe

I give this place three stars because they were open late when no one else was. This isn't the biggest store of this kind. But like I said they were open late. The prices here are decent and I deducted a star because when I ask for help finding a certain glue the worker just told me to look on a certain aisle. I didn't really feel comfortable asking her anything else because she seems so busy.

richela cardoza

Great store for crafts.

Victoria Scott

I found so much in sail i was surprised managed to get everything i needed for way less than u thought id spend.

Kelly Crofts

If you are on their email list you get great deals.

Becky Ray

Michael's always sells quality craft supplies. Today, I found some wonderful sales throughout the store. This was my 1st time at this location. The people were VERY friendly and helpful. There was a huge variety of supplies. The store was clean and organized. I will definitely be back.

Abiah Patterson

Our family's favorite craft store. My cashier today seemed robotic.

Courtny Parkin

O my goodness I have never been in such a dirty bathroom in my entire life you would be better going into a port a potty there was like all my gosh and it was the 2nd time that I've been there and it was like that. It smelled like sewer.

Nikkie Higgins

Love thos place. Always walk out with more then I needed

Lewis Rohd

good place there I find everything for my jobbies

Jill Sandstrom Sorensen

Clerk went above and beyond her time to help me find an item that wasn't presently stocked on the shelf. I really appreciated it!!!

Nadine Hill Jensen

I really love Michaels but I could not find individual pieces to build my own size of picture frame

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