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REVIEWS OF Les Madeleines IN Utah

Chris Coghlan

This place is not open 10pm in Sat. Like it says on their website! Need to update site. Walked a mile just to come here because it’s my wife’s favorite pastry cafe’ in the country. Was in town 1 day and website deceived me! Frustrated but I hope this saves someone in future Let me tell you why I’m changing my review... The owner emailed me apologizing and made it right. She went above and beyond. This is now the second review I have ever done in my life and grateful to see that restaurants like Les Madeleines care for their customers! I know everyone makes mistakes and she took ownership and can’t say enough good things. Les Madeleines has a customer in us for life!

Michelle Shaw

My absolute favorite downtown gem for lunch or a snack! They have the best food, drinks and pastries in the state! The service is always great, everything is made from scratch and to order, so please be patient. I've never tried anything here I didn't love. Their London Fog leaves me yearning for the day they're open later (wishful thinking). I could eat everything in the pastry case and still not be satisfied!

Randi Dooms

This shop has the best coffee I have ever tasted. I ordered an americano, and the espresso was well pulled, slightly sweet with a clean finish. No bitterness to speak of. The staff was very friendly and the pastries were delicious! I make it a point to stop here whenever I am in the area.

Kerem Cantekin

As close as you get to Paris in Salt Lake City. Food is good, regular food as well as patisserie. However the atmosphere is really what makes the place special. They have a famous patisserie called Kuemong Aman, a little too sweet for me, but still worth trying, and they run out of it at midday.

Natasha Asmus

My favorite bakery in town! The kouing aman is their best pastry, but I have tried just about everything in their case and everything is amazing and always super fresh.

Missy Gillespie

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed everything I've eaten at this establishment.

Korrine Roth

Try anything in their case, so delicious and the staff are kind and friendly and help when you cant choose. Their specialty is hard to spell but you have to have it. It is amazing!!

Ashley W

Great food, knowledgeable staff, cozy place

Bike Guy

Best espresso and Madeleines in town.

Brandy Reader

Oh. My. Goodness! I have a new favorite pastry shop. This place is amazing. Customer service was excellent. Pastries and cookies were phenomenal. A must try. I will be back again!! ❤

Brent Fisher

Friendly staff, food ok, portions itsy bitsy.

Daniel Terry

Good but not much of a night life

Kevin JaNae Cottam

I don't travel downtown without stopping. By far my favorite bakery! Never tried anything I didn't love.

SariNBenji Nielsen

If customer satisfaction is your thing, this isn't your place. I try a restaurant at least three times during different seasons and hopefully different managers and staff before writing a place off. Well this was the third time in the past 3.5 years. The food is a 3/5 with presentation being super! They are skimpy with portion size meaning their prices actually aren't that great for what you're spending for a 1/5 rating. If you look like you have a lot of money, other customers will get swept aside even if they've been waiting quite a while 0/5 rating. They don't honor their listed prices and charge whatever they want or feel like the day of your purchase with no exceptions and lastly when you're trying to pack a pastry to last a car trip, they make no accommodation whatsoever, and will even recommend you not give someone an item fresh out of the bakery. Less than a 0/5 for customer satisfaction. I've given them three chances for pastry, breakfast, and lunch; each sadly being a wash!

Ashley Siddoway

So delicious! They have the best crossiants closest to the ones I had in paris, france.

Michael Fitzgerald

We both concluded that our pastry and coffee was the best we've ever had outside of France. Wish we could stay until Tuesday so we could stop in one more time.

Sara Howe

Expensive. Fantastic location on 600 South across from the Leonardo. Saturday evening offered free street parking. Quaint cafe with sandwiches & delectable pastries. Smaller selections but good options. Full coffee service options. Clean, with decent seating. Great place to read or study; chat with friends in a small group. Definitely lock your bike up & bring a tire in. Area is spotty.

Paul Shumway

I thought of 4 stars but that's only because it's expensive! But this rating is about service and the food. Both were awesome! The store is tiny yet there is seating outside if you wish. The pastries we got were very good!

Aurora Donovan

Came here on a Saturday. Certainly worth a return trip.

Tannia Ross

Les Madeleines serves a giant mug of delicious espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. They also pack your goodies in the most adorable little boxes. I would have breakfast here everyday if I could.

J Kai

Staff is always super friendly! Great coffee especially with their perfect Kouign Amanns!

Randy Laub

great pasties

Erin Maree

Fond of pastries from France and this place does it right. You haven’t had true hot chocolate until you have had ot here. It is divine.

Brad Gregory

Best ham-n-cheese crossaints ever, anywhere. God drops by for these pastries, true story. Don't go there, I want it for myself. 6, 7 stars. Out of 5.

Christian Merrill

Wonderful service and delicious food, but there never seems to be any pain au chocolate left! Parking is tricky too.

Sai Hegde

No seating space. We waited 20 minutes before we got a place to sit and our orders were all messed up. The food is great though.

Jess Bender

High end dessert bakery. The location is ideal for a go to experience when you are downtown.

Arainna Forth

Now open until 10 on Friday and Saturday for dessert and coffee.

Fred Johnson

Currently closed - for renovations. However no notice of this on website so when you invite out of town guests to meet you there it really ends disastrously. I am sure if they were not semi-permanently closed they would be wonderful.

Paola Arcia

This place was great! The Shanghai latte was sooo good! Everything I had for lunch today was excellent!

Mike Rozler

I love this place and Romina's work

Joel Wright

Cozy restaurant with friendly staff serving up amazing pastries, breakfast entrees, and lunch fare. The pastries are exceptional. You can see and taste the quality. As a hard core drip coffee lover, their policy of charging for refills is somewhat irritating, but if you're going for the pastries and baked goods, you will not be disappointed.

Frank Nigro

Fantastic place to grab breakfast, lunch, coffee or desert or all of the above! The pastries are both classic and modern in taste. Highly recommend!


Delicious food, wonderful drinks. Just a wonderful way to start the day. But get there early since it is that good

Jessica Gonani

The Kouing Aman is my all time favorite!!!

Jose Ojeda

Little things make enjoy life.....

Vaiva Kulbokaite

Real good coffee, delicious pastery, breakfast and lunch menu. Cute atmosphere.

Adam Ford

Friggin' incredible pastries! The (going to spell it wrong) Crown Aman is nutso!

Dan Mendelsohn

Fantastic place! Try the Kouign Amann, they're delicious!

Rachel Smith

Very delicious pastries. Very nice ambiance. Service is good. Recommended.

Jim Quinlan

Excellent coffee (real cream), pastries are a treat.

CT Steil

It's not difficult to see why Les Madelleines has won so many different awards! Probably the best pastries I've ever had, and that's saying something! The restaurant had a calm, relaxed ambience, and was very clean and well lit. And the food not only tasted incredible, it was absolutely beautiful! When you go there, you have to try the kouing amann, which is their claim to fame, and has been featured on Food Network with critical acclaim.

Lauren Elkins

Get the kouign amann. So amazing!

Matt Ferguson

Churro Gelato.

Philip Walls

Sweet staff and tasty bites. The breakfast muffin was above average.

Jennifer Gomm

The grilled cheese and tomato soup was amazing, service was efficient. Get their famous pastry to go, you won't be sorry!

Rachel Lowe

By far my favorite bakery in SLC. Every single item is made/chosen with a love for good food in mind. They are deservedly famous for their Kouign-Amann pastry, which is indescribably delicious. But I'll attempt it: buttery croissant meets sweet crispy palmier meets soft custardy center? Just go get one.

Dru D

The pastries are all way too crusty. I've been to France and croissants and things are only supposed to be flaky on the outside and soft in the center. Their items are more like rocks. The rocks have good flavor, but it's more than crunchy even. You really gotta work that jaw to bite into things. They forgot about our bread pudding and we had to ask again for it but then by the time they gave it to us we had about 4 seconds to eat it before we had to leave. The chai latte was too heavy on the cream and sugar and didn't at all have any actual tea flavor

Lee Cummings

A great muffin egg and bacon sandwich. The pastry was outstanding.

Ali M.

BEST SPOT FOR PASTRIES IN SLC!!!! Everything here is amazing!!! Highly recommend their iced coffee---the frozen 'ice cubes' are actually frozen coffee.... so you get more coffee!! Yum!!!

Dan Steinberg

Excellent service. Yummy pastries and good coffee!

Tristen Talbot

Best bakery in Utah. There specialty items die for.

Blair Butler

Best French pastry shop in Utah! The Kouing Aman is a must try; a perfect blend of sweet and buttery. Everything on the menu is top notch and authentic. This is the one place I will break my diet for. YUM!

Vee Eh En

Best pastries in Utah, and really good sandwiches, fries, coffee... Lunch and breakfast both excellent.

Eric Schroeder

We came here for a late afternoon coffee and something sweet. Had a caramel latte that reminded us of being in Paris, was super good. Had a few small pastries that were also delicious. Little pricey but you truly feel like your getting a little taste of France when you come here. Staff were friendly and patient as we made our decisions. We'll be back!


One of the best pastry places I have ever been to. They are very close to the authentic French style and the tea latte is awesome. A must try place!

Robina J

Delicious breakfast gougère~ inexpensive too. The cafe has a lot of small tables and cute decor!

Greg Blakely

Best kouign amann I've tasted in the U.S. I hear that there is a bakery in Montreal that equals Les Madeleine's, but haven't been there yet.

Douglas J. Shumway

Michael Van spends a lot of money at Les Madeleines almost every time he comes to town and I benefit from his need to do so. There are things that you can get here that are simply better than anything that you have ever eaten from the same class anywhere in the world. You pay a lot for what they sell but it is very good and very pretty so you can impress those around you. If you don't like butter then you will certainly not be interested in most of what is sold at Les Madeleines.

Marci Vasic

Love this place

Sean Holliday

So delicious!

Rachel P

Never disappointed when purchasing bakery items. Fresh and high quality EVERY time. Can be a little pricey.

liisa shafer

Excellent little French bakery and cafe. Try the kouign-amann which is spectacular and buttery and puffy, and the top is deliciously crunchy and sweet and caramelized. They also make a really good coffee anyway you like it. I had the Americano which was delicious, but others in my group also had regular coffee, and a cappuccino which they said was very good as well. Photo credit to photojohnphoto

Hanna Beamonte

Best jasmin late in the town!!

Global Blonde

Pastries to die for and the best ham samdwich this side of Paris.

Miriam Erickson

Haven't had a sandwich that good since my trip to France. (Moved me to tears, to be honest.) And the Kouign amann was phenomenal. Will be returning.

Agnes Anggraini

We came here occasionally. The Madeleine mocha is great served hot. My daughter's love their macaroons and eclair. I live their kouing aman for sure. Service is good. Overall great.

Scott Hansen

Always love eating here. The food is excellent and pastries are the best in Utah.

Hollis Henry

The Kouign Amann is out of this world. Love this place!

Marco Brown

Been going to Les Madeleines for years now for all my pastry-fix needs. The kouign amann are amazing (better than those I've tried in Brittany), as are the pain au chocolat. I regularly stop by and pick up pastries when I'm on my way to the courthouse, just so I have something to give the clerks to brighten up their days. Best sweets in Salt Lake.

Marianne Stern

They have pretty stuff but not as plenty as i thought based on their instagram

Jahan Vafaei

Nice friendly people. Great pastries and teas. I had a ro-eo, canelle, Kouign-amann and a Florence tea. They were all really good. If I had to buy just one I'd get the Kouign-amann however.


I haven't been for a little while. Always get the kouign aman. This time I was very DISAPPOINTED. They are now MUCH smaller than they used to be and the price has gone up as well. I used to recommend this bakery to everyone. I will now have second thoughts about doing it. Sorry, but you are better than this - or so I thought...

Ashley Timmerman

I wasnt impressed by the breakfast I had. The bread pudding tastes like scalded milk and the bacon and egg sandwich was flavorless besides the taste of bacon grease. Im sure the desserts are tasty, and the customer service was nice.

Debi St Jeor

This place has good food...when you can get it. But whenever we go, they are out of what we want. So after 4 attempts, we stopped going.

Cynthia Graham

You’re not going to find a better kouign amann in the United States. They won Food Networks challenge. The list of bakery items to die for here is long and includes the entire menu. I’ve enjoyed sandwiches and lattes here too. I’m not a local but make a required stop there every time I’m in town.

michelle mats

Try the Kouign Amann. SO good!

Bryce DeNovellis

Very good pastries and coffee, the staff is very helpful and kind. I will for sure be back!

Paige W

The kouign amann is absolutely amazing and worth the 30 minute drive just by itself.

Tyson Haas

Delicious pastries and very kind staff. I enjoyed the tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk being able to see the mountains behind the buildings. Would highly recommend to everyone

Dan Gregson

The grilled cheese is amazing! The Paris sandwich is Also amazing! The tomato soup is spot on. The dessert is great definitely a five star restaurant

Kimberli Oliver

Cute little spot for homemade desserts, only coffee, teas & such. They also serve lunch. Super friendly staff. We'll definitely be back soon!

Michael Villarruel

You have to try the Kouign Amann. Crunchy, fluffy, flaky, buttery, salty, sweet all wrapped up in one awesome little pastry. I also had an amazing citrus French Toast that is only available on Saturday. It had hints of orange in the french toast and served with sliced oranges on the side. The combo of oranges and syrup were a great way to eat it. Sweet and tart together with a hint of cinnamon.

Heidi Reid

Good, but my almond croissant was a bit overbaked, and the pastry had a slightly bitter after taste. Also had an egg sandwich, it was good but nothing amazing, just regular sandwich bread with an egg and cheese. Some of their more dessert pastries are really good though.

Bill Douglas

Wonderful pastries

Calvin Richardson

Excellent place for a light lunch and a classic French pastry. Their pastry chef obviously knows their stuff!

debbie melle

Best kouig amann this side of the Atlantic !

k kai'a pfeiffer

Kouigamon is life here. *drools*

Tim Parent

Food good. Staff really inexperienced, slow, and seemed to blame me.

Juliet Fiet

Best pastries around and the London fog is delicious

Jennifer Stephens

The customer service is excellent, and the food is even better.

Mike Brice

Amazing food and love the attention to detail even in the to go box.


Being a European, this isn’t nearly as good as real European pastries, but it’s still a good place to eat. I’m not a huge fan of the interior of the place - kind of shabby.

keri cassel

everything is delicious. can i eat here every day, please.

Lara Burton

The best Kouing Amans in SLC. Don't go anywhere else!

Tony Golden

Food and service were excellent! The bathroom was even spotless, at a very busy time of the day

Addison Mitchell

This place is such a little gem. I've been in a handful of times over the years, but this was the first visit for a full breakfast. They have a handful of options, I got their MadMuffin sandwich that has wild boar bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, and micro chives on an English muffin. It was delightful! The muffin was light and airy, bacon super favorful, eggs perfectly cooked, and chives a unique fresh touch. My breakfast buddy had the (rabbit and rattlesnake) sausage and eggs. Such a cool menu option! The sausage was divine, moist, beautifully seasoned with thyme or tarragon notes, and a pleasant texture. They didn't have a sausage casing, so I was impressive that they didn't dry out. We would definitely go back! Also, no review of this place would be complete without saying GO GET THE KOUIGN AMANN!! Flaky, gooey, and crunchy with caramel and sea salt. If you have a sweet tooth, this little delight to die for.

Charlie Sanborn

Amazing kouign amann

Amanda Harper

Let’s be’s all about the Kouign-amann! If you haven’t been you need to right now. It is a must stop when in SLC. It’s not just me and my kids insist on coming here and I’ll tell you right now....just get a dozen, or more, one Kouign-amann is not near enough!!!

Laura Britton

They are the only place I know of you can buy fresh yeast in slc. And they are super friendly!

Karen Kelly

Best bakery ever.

Jarrad Lewis

Highly recommend the Mocha Madeleines

Naveen Verma

It's pretty pricey but the baked goods available are great. Expected to find madeleines but didn't see any. :P

Stacy Semborski

Now this place is what it is all about in SLC! One of my favorite bakeries to take people to. They have one of a kind pastries and are super fresh every day. It has a cute intimate setting inside and always have an amazing wait staff.

Jason Rudolph

Awesome food!

Mary Glad

Sweet little bakery. Nice place to go for a quick dessert.

Sven Werner

Wonderful bakery it reminded us of Paris. To the Macarons were delightful and the chocolate in the croissant was just right.

Asher Wry

The pastries here are extraordinary, the trick is to get someone else to wait in the line for you and have it delivered ;)

Todd R. Hepworth

I should have ordered a pastry, based on the reviews. I had the Miami sandwich at lunch. The horseradish Dijon had been slathered on so much that it overpowered the other flavors. Disappointing for a $10 sandwich. I was there at about 12:30. Several tables needed to be bussed, and the restroom needed to be cleaned. I'll try again and get their signature Kouign Amann. Hoping for a better experience.

Elaina Carlson

This place was amazing! Great service and every thing we ordered was fantastic. The pastries were gorgeous and it made for a very tough decision with so many to choose from. We almost left town without stopping because we wanted to get on the road but I am so glad we didn't.

Craig Mills

I had the crepes, one with strawberry rhubarb jam, one with butter and sugar. Both were outstanding. Perfectly cooked and the jam was the perfect level of tartness and sweet. The mocha was not overly sweet like the big chain(s) like to make them. Certainly a place to keep on the short list in the Salt Lake City area for breakfast.

Sandy DaRif

Wonderful breakfast and pastries! Yum! Kouign-amann delicious!

Nicola Vatteroni

Did not find anything special in either preparation and environment. Really far for being one Italian or French patisserie. Be prepared to be bumped in the event of expecting to get one cake or something without an 48hours preorder. You will step out with empty hands. This would never happen in none of any Italian or French similar places.

Indra Zambrana

Very pricy for what is serve

Keen Springhelm

No plates at the time... Espresso decent... Croissant was a 2... barista was kind... over all, 3 stars only

Susie Lee

I was excited to come in and get kouign aman while we were in town for an anniversary trip. Be aware that Les Madeleines is a little hard to find and on a one way street. We couldn't find parking, so I hopped out of the car to get some to go while my husband circled the block. I was confused when their open sign was turned to closed, but some ladies sitting outside eating breakfast assured me they were open. The service wasn't very quick... or I was just impatient because my husband was driving circles outside. I ordered several kouign aman and they came in a cute box. They were excellent, worth the inconvenience to get them.

Taylor Jacobsen

Such a nice place to enjoy some delicious breakfast and coffee! My partner and I had a wonderful time here. One of the best lattes in town, and their breakfast options are unique and very yummy. Their house made yogurt is phenomenal! And, of course, the French Madeleine cookies are exceptional. The orange flavor was unexpected but more than pleasant, and paired perfectly with their black drip coffee.

Madelyne Stilson

I have searched for a good Pain au Chocolat and found it here! It was mouth watering. The croissant had incredible texture and taste. I also tried their London Fog tea and it was the best I've had. They make it with their own homemade vanilla bean syrup. So good! Not only was the food delicious but the servers are extremely friendly and give great recommendations! I will be back to try their orange cinnamon swirl French toast! Do yourself a favor and try this funky little patisserie.

Niccole Hanks

Ooo la la Les Madeleines was great. Kouign-amann - wonderful. Hot chocolate - delicious. Strawberry gelato - so natural tasting. Overall great products, nice that they're open late, and really nice employees.

JD Evans

The best. Honestly, I would drive from Vegas to here weekly just for these.

Caralee Young

This local patisserie is very welcoming, environmentally friendly and makes delicious food. A little pricey, but the quality is amazing.

naima nawabi

Only the best! Come in for the kougin aman but don't forget to try all the other wonderful sweet and savory treats. Daily/seasonal specials like their ratatouille are amazing as well. Romina and her staff are lovely.

Christophe diezma

the coffee is average but the pastries are very good (although expensive) . Not a good place to do some work with ur computer as the internet is super slow.

Ivana Notyers

Excellent “Queen-a-Mann”.

Haley M. Kunz

I was just recently introduced to Les Madeleine's, and so far everything I have tried here has been phenomenal. I love the chicken wrap, it's my favorite thing from the lunch menu.


Amazing little cafe. I come here specifically for the kouing aman. It is a little pricey but worth it! Thier other pastries are also very delicious.


I could only find chocolate eclairs in France, and I have searched high and low for YEARS to find them here in the US. After a long search they were worth the wait. 100% would recommend and will definitely come back.

Mike Anderson

Lattes are so amazingly good. Makes me happy I moved to Salt Lake. Salt Lake has some of the best pastries, and Les Mads is better than the rest. They also do a croissant loaf- i.e. bread slices made from croissants for the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Sonia Morgan

The imported butter is what makes this place authentic and delicious, however the narrow hours for breakfast/lunch leave time gaps for availability which hurts business.

Jennifer Klettke

(Pictured: Courtesan) I like stopping by while I walk around downtown. The 8am opening means I often am commuting by the time they open in the morning, but the extended Fri/Sat night hours help me catch them on the way back home. I do hold onto my receipt the times they get busy. Favorite combo is the ham and cheese croissant and a London Fog.

Heidi Preuss

I've been jonesing for a Kouign Amann all the way from New Hampshire before my UT trip and was happy to head down here to enjoy this tasty treat.

Lilly Togisala

Super awesome atmosphere and the service was excellent. The Wi-Fi was good and the water was a wonderful touch to the atmosphere. It was very calming, and an excellent place to study and work on my projects. I highly recommend this place for its hospitality and it's fanominal pastries.

Alex Kluger

Cold vibe, staff of 3 was huddled around a cell phone watching video or something=terrible customer service, ordered something and after paid had to remind them to give it to us. So it was real tasty, but also expensive and it's the service that will stop me from returning anytime soon

Marcus Rembert

Friendly staff and nice variety of French- inspired pastries.

Jorge Chamorro

Always a nice treat available to indulge yourself

Richard Lapham

Very good coffee, a real pleasure

Muthukumaran Sampath

Great breakfast options!

Lucy May

Love love love their macarons! So fresh! Friendly staff. Great location.

Elin Kiss

This used to be MY FAVORITE restaurant. I am so disappointed. The prices have gone WAY up while the quality portion sizes plummeted. My son and I picked up two entrées with fries, drinks and dessert and it was $60!!! There are plenty of other french bakeries downtown. Definitely searching for a new favorite. At Eva's last weekend, we got the same amount of food for $40 and they have more choices and better service.

Perilyn Barton

The French pastries amazing! So pretty, you almost don't want to at them. The atmosphere is casual and reminiscent of French cafes in Paris.

Elias Doty

One of my coworkers brought in pastries from Les Madeleines this morning and they are incredible! The chocolate pastry had extra cocoa, a pleasant surprise and the passion fruit pastry was NOT OF THIS WORLD! I have never had anything so divine! I had to interrogate the fellow who brought these in and I must say, I think his standing in the office has just notched up measurably. I must visit this place in person.

Jieun Kim

Such great atmosphere! I like that interior is bright and the photos around the wall are very cute ( I guess it is the description of their menus). Reasonable price, good vibe, and this will be my favorite place!

lynda french

The best kouign ammon in town!

Deanna Yauch

A little pricey, but the food and coffee were very good! Staff was very friendly. It was a great pit stop before the library.

Megan Mustoe

Best French pastries in SLC

Joe S.

Great sandwiches and fries.

Lisa Lisa MC

Kouign amann, is like a secret word said when ordering, with an almost reverence & awe‼️ I looked into why they are, WAY, next level delicious. Time, lots of it. European butter, lots of it. A discerning eye, earned from years of making them. I have eaten these in Paris(although I found them 1st in Salt Lake), and Les Madeleines routinely puts out such a tremendous one, I could hardly believe it outdid Paris‼️ All the bistro food is superb‼️ If the weather permits, you can eat outside.☀️

Maria Morillo

Amazing place and staff. Delicious food, coffee, dessert. Love it

Jose Pena

My sister ordered me a Charlotte Russe Cake. Spent $40 and when I sliced into it, the whole thing literally caved in or melted. Either the cake wasn't properly set or cooked all the way, I don't know, but from what I can see, this cake should not fall apart like that. You can see from the first photo what a charlotte russe cake should look like when you slice into it. The second photo is what mine looked like after slicing. I don't know what happened but this kind of poor quality or preparation should not happen at that price. Disappointed!

JaNae Cottam

I love Les Madeleine! Unfortunately I am not downtown very often, but when I am, I always stop by and pick up treats. The canelles are such a wonderful little couple bites of yumminess. Not too sweet and absolutely perfect. I enjoy the lemon tartlettes periodically or the lemon madeleines. On my last visit I finally tried the shortbread. HEAVEN! And, of course, the kouign amann is always the highlight of what I order. My only complaint is that I'm not downtown more often to enjoy this bit of heaven. But the again, I think my waistline probably appreciates that I only get these treats periodically.

Mark Johnston

Beat American (Italiano) coffee in town. Two shots of Illy coffee into one of their 6oz mugs topped off with water (still so much crema on top) and a Kouign-amann on the side for a delightful afternoon treat on a Saturday. Only wish you were open Sunday too!

James Willcox

Good food. Limited selections for vegetarians / vegans.

Patricia O

Their coffee drinks are really good and their desserts are just okay. Service was friendly and it had a nice atmosphere.

ArSha Ramiya

Good breakfast place at a convenient location

Kazi Saiful Islam

Food was great. The ambience awesome

Teran Selin

I love Les Madelines! Their Coconut macaroons are great!

Hera Barton

I had the MadMuffin (English muffin with avocado, egg, wild boar bacon, and tiny onion sprouts). Les Madeleines is a cozy little cafe downtown with a dessert menu to die for; I love that it's flavorful and not too sweet. But, of course, don't skip their breakfast either.

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