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2740 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, United States

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Where is La Pequeñita International Market?

REVIEWS OF La Pequeñita International Market IN Utah

Rodolfo Alejandro Vergara

A fun place if you are from Latinamérica. You will find a lot of food that will help you to remember your country. The only problem is that the food taste old and expire.

Denise Melendez-Vasquez

It’s wonderful to have something of our country close by

Lacie Peterson

We love to go here to find food items we love and miss from Brazil

Shawn Hugh

My wife is Peruvian and I lived in Peru for 2 years. .. best Peruvian selection we travel from Roy to go to La Pequenita.

Luis Godoy

Can find Peruvian products to cook good Peruvian food.

Tovin Benson

Better selection of yerba mate than the best Argentine kiosco...

Yatiri Moravec-Flores

Products from Peru Colombia Venezuela Brazil and more. A lot of the stuff you cannot get at a traditional grocery story so super grateful that these guys are in business!!

E Mestrallet

Politeness, courtesy, niceness, manners. I find these qualities missing here.

Nicolle Bangerter

Great place. Just check experation dates.

Luiz Infanti

Understandably more expensive than local things, but you go there for imported, and you can find a good selection. I just think it could be better organized.

Steve Nielsen

Great selection of Brazilian goods.

Giovanna Garcia Tellechea

Good place to buy latin food. Cheaper than others on Utah.

Larissa Bispo

Amazing, I can find everthing, brazilian products

Leslie Farris

They have a lot of things there I just wish they would price them. Also they said their bathroom is broken but I highly doubt it.

John Logsdon

I was really happy to see a decent selection of Brazilian products. Especially chocolate Easter eggs! Now if you have never had a Brazilian Easter egg than you are in luck. They are awesome and huge! But they are seasonal, Easter season after all. Prices aren't cheap but they aren't expensive. Considering this is the states I think the prices are actually pretty fair. Well, except the Antarctica guarana. That is just so expensive. They also have serenada de amor (bom bom). The store is small but a good selection of South American inventory. Parking is limited but you can always park on the side of the road. The store isn't too hard to spot but you do need to keep your eye out for it. I actually missed it my first trip and had to circle around.

Paula Torres

I don't like that 'cause there was some products of colombia and I would that they have more products of colombia.

Cristian Aponte

Great for buying Latin American food and ingredients, Quartirolo cheese tasted bitter

Benjamin Abel

Awesome place to find delicious ingredients and Yerba (the real stuff). The owners are very hospitable and friendly and my favorite thing to get there is the Pão de Queijo mix (Brazibites, Chipá). So good!

David Stump

Find all of your Latin American delights.

Juan C Deliote Jr

Lots of great South American food!

Andromeda de Anda

This is a very unique store that you can find a lot of south America products at a good price :) The music and vibe is welcoming and the employees are nice. They have a huge selection of teas.

Wendy Godoy

I love the variety of food to choose from, from all kinds a places.


Been coming here since they opened. Owners are awesome. Very friendly and help ful.

maria torr

Expensive but good food

Brian Bach

A great variety of South American goods. You won't be disappointed.

Mahmoud Meraai

Nice store ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Gonzalez

This store has such a horrible policy! “ you break it you pay for it”. I don’t think it’s fair if you are purchasing $30 worth of products and they charge $2 for a broken bottle which was a accident. I will not return to this store. Utah state has other store options now!

Antonio Accioly

There's a good selection of products but not cheap and eventually, but not rarely, outdated products!

Marilyn Argüello Wilcox

I love this place. You can find anything and everything. I found all my South American stuff and prices are not too bad. Se habla Espanol for sure!

Maria Silva

The people are the sweetest and are amazing ❤️, the products are also amazing.

Ricardo T

Nice Brazilian and latin america market

Lloira Brasileira

I'm not local but was visiting and found this place on a Google search for Brazilian stores. This store packs a lot in a small space! To the best of my understanding it is a store for foods and goodies from all of South America. To be honest, once I found the Brazil section, that's where I stayed. They have a lot of stuff. I bought a bunch! And their deals on 6-packs of 2 liter Guaraná Antarctica were the best I've found. If I'm ever in Salt Lake City again, this will be my first stop. I loved it.

Regina Read

I can find a variety of products from South America countries. Love the frozen fruit pulps. Alfajores from Argentina are delicious. Pão de queijo (cheese balls), etc.

Chris Bair

I was looking for Harina PAN found it (and it was on sale for nearly $1 less/kg than Rancho Markets down the street) they had a wide variety of stuff people from Venezuela, Peru or other South American countries might be looking for.

Mary Hogle

Great products.

Jennifer Hemmert

Good selection of new and traditional Brazilian groceries. Also a great place for açaí at a reasonable price.

Cristian Steven Tapiero Maldonado

Nice place to get products from south america, sadly they dont have as much As I would like to

Roland Jenkins

Only place in this city I know where to find amazing maté

Omar Martinez

Great options of international merchandise!

Mauricio Martinez

Purchased items from this store and had mold on it, make sure to check for old items

Bud Cagle

Awesomeness. Love it


Great service, great food , close to downtown !

Cory Schulthies

They sell some Brazilian food that is hard to find in Utah.

Eduardo Mazal Gaudino

Really like this store. You can find South American stuff that is not very easy to come by. The pricing is a little high and some products have expired.

Melania Moon

Very reasonable prices, great selection

Ken Morrison

good store for south american products

Franz Feierbach

The place to get those food items that you can only get home, be it Peru, Argentina or Brazil. There is always a large assortment of items available.

Ryan Bevilacqua

Dirty, staff not friendly at all.

Ben Jenkins

I love being able to grab some authentic goodies from Brazil. La Pequenita is awesome and the staff is friendly.

Marcio Conceicao

Great international products selection.

One Legged Diver

They’re one of the only places in salt lake with a large selection of Yerba Mate.

Juan Delgado


Horacio Marchitelli

Latin in Salt Lake City

Doug Caldwell

Great selection of Brazilian items and fair prices

glery becerra

Good selection of Latin-american products. Friendly service.

Deri Santana

Great Brazilian Food

Mario Cortes

Have a high variety of Hispanic products.

Jeremy Fagergren

Just your standard Latin market. Will also sell to you did in bulk, which is nice if you want to make like a thousand tamales.

Manuel Zamora

They have excellent Panetone around Christmas time. It's usually expensive, but they have great sales around the holidays. They also have a great selection of spices, deserts and drinks from Peru.

Rafael Lupo

Find all of your favorite cultural foods and sweets here at Pequenita. I am originally from Brazil and love coming here to pick up some things from back home, prices are a bit high but considering import costs and what not it makes sense. Thanks for being there La Pequenita!

Natália Beeler

We are happy to be able to buy Brazilian products any time we go to salt lake city. You can find flocao, nescau, toddy, farinha de mandioca, azeites, passatempo, frozen pão de queijo and sausages, guarana and other very popular items. They also sell products from other countries like Mexico, Peru and other Latin american countries.

Chase Boman

This has not been our first time coming to this place and the service has never been that good. this last time we went and the owner was extremely rude especially to our kids. What was especially sad is we took some family to show them the store because they were interested in purchasing some things. They had such a bad first impression that the will not be coming back. Look around there are other stores that you can go to

Pablo Quiroga

Great variety of products from South America. Love my yerba mate :)

Juan P Delgado

Owner always polite and friendly customer service fair prices.

Brandon H

Love the people running the store and the quality products they sell. Thank you so much for being here!

Alicia Caldwell

I wish we had a place like this where I live. When I'm in town I stop by and stock up on Yerba Mate

Guille Pineda

South America market items in one place

Steven Brown Utah Real Estate

Always stop on our way back to St. George.

Brian Lively

They have a great selection of products from Latin countries and their prices are very reasonable.

Casey Paulsen

Wide variety of South American products at good prices

Sergey Yurishinets

I've been here several times over a few years to get Brazilian items--frozen cheese rolls and Guarana drinks plus bottles of Mexican sangria soda, etc. They have ingredients, cereals, drinks, desserts, and other items from South American countries. Good location with parking on state street or in a small lot south of the store.

Phillip, CK Foundation

THEIR PRICES NEVER MATCH THE LABELS OR PLACARDS!! BEWARE. TOTAL SCAM. Also, if you buy in quantities, they usually charge for MORE than you are purchasing. Went to store to purchase some Coffee. The price on the TAG was ON SALE for $5.99 I got 5 bags. On the receipt when the woman that suddenly couldn't speak English anymore was 6 bags at $6.99 each. Also they have a broken down freezer that beeps the entire time and for months they won't fix it, so it's an unpleasant experience while getting ripped off.

Jennifer Miller

Just spent our savings!! Great stuff! Great prices! Daughter in law is HAPPY!!

Ariel Fedrigotti

Good variety of Latin American products

Dustin Ferris

They've got a great selection of food and goods from all over south america. my wife is from Peru so we stop by here a lot.

Timothy Marti

Great selection of Latin American products and wonderful owners. We are so happy to have access to so many Peruvian products and the prices are super reasonable as well! Always look forward to my monthly visits to la Pequeñita!

Mateo alvarez15

This store has a lot of food and drinks from south and central America, delicious food we all must try.

Marlene Leon

I like this Peruvian Store , because I can find products not only from Peru , from other hispanic countries too . I invite you to visit La Pequenita !

José A. Picón

Great latino market, they have products from all Latin America

Sebastian S. Perkins

Full of international food items! Good job!

Paul Johnson

Great little store when you need a little Latin in your life.

Italo Barbiero

Lots of stuff from many Latin American countries. They should expand an make the place bigger, it gets a little overcrowded very easily.

Mesaque Decarvalho

Friendly and affordable place

Mark Meeks

has something for everyone, even a gringo like me.

J Luz

Best Brazilian chocolate in Utah!!!

Bernard A. Keogan

You can find anything froml latinamerics.

Yuri Guerrero

Prices are good but might be better

Victor Matias

It's a good place to find international goodies. That said half the time things are expired and way overpriced. Customer service, what's that? They have no clue what that is. I like finding mate, other than that nothing really.

Jeff Teters

Not too bad taco. Not too bad.

silvina farcic

It's a great place to find South Americans goodies. There is a little bit of each country so there is always something new to try. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this store.

Mandingueira VM

Awesome place to get Brazilian items! Thank you!!


We go because they carry a lot of Brazilian products. You never know what they will have so sometimes it is hit or miss, but they are always guaranteed to have guaraná. The prices are also a lot better compared to a lot of the other little Brazilian shops that have popped up.

Mary Ramirez

They are awesome always have everything I need to make my Peruvian food. Prices are great too.

Weston Hobbs

Ok, I lived in Nicaragua for 2 years and I didn't see one food that was familiar in this pinche place. It's more for south america. Though I was thrown aback, their weird apple cider soda was fantastic and saved their reputation.

Frankie Tee

Inca Cola baby!

Erick C.

Small store with an impressive selection of imported goods from South America, in particular from Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. If they don't have it, you probably won't find it anywhere else in Utah.

Elisa Andersen

I love to be able to get things from Brazil, but you have to be careful because you don't want to pay a lot for something that it is already expired. Or get something that you have to hurry up and consume within one week or two because of their expiration date and not because they are perishable. Something else I like is knowing the price of everything in the store, and not have surprises when I check out. They seem to forget to put prices out on the floor. I like an official receipt when I pay stores like that, not just them adding things up on a calculator.

Christina Horne

The only place I can find the tapioca flour for my Pao je queijo!!

james LeBaron

Great store for finding South American goods. We go there to get Brazilian foods like guarana and pao de queijo.

Dario Pena

Great products always have what I need

Dane Parker

This place has it all if you want anything Peruvian! The owner and people who work there are kind, and their prices are very reasonable. Arriba Perú...!

Sebastian Rosso

Good prices for imported goods

Melissa Noonchester

For the Peruvians out there, they have Huacatay, ají amarillo, ají panca, and ají mirasol pastes in jars, and several brands too. They even have dried versions of the chilis and frozen whole ají amarillos. Lots of inca cola, Turón de San Jose, King Kong, and more. I only paid $2.30 for the paste jars instead of $10/jar on Amazon. Also, panettone

Santiago Vaca Guzman

Great variety of Latin American products. Just check on their expiration dates. All the cheesy breads were expired.

Alex Aguil

Friendly service good products

Fabian Larrosa

Is ok

Bishamber David Hierro Cornejo

Its a good place to find south American products like "mate, tapas para empanadas" etc etc i love this place


I always visit this store to feed my yerba mate addiction. The staff mostly speaks Spanish, however, there always seems to be one or two employees that can help with English.

adriana del barrio

They have pretty much all centro and latin american seasonings and goodies, it's like been in another country, rally good

Yabeanec Garcia

Variery store. Is good

David Krancer

They have all the Brazilian stuff that my wife likes to buy.

Lili Giraldo

Love this place. I can get a lot of products from my country.

Rodrigo Pereira

You can find a lots of South american products here. Little expensive but ware else can you find?

Ari Beers

Really good place to buy Spanish ingredients

Aless Cornejo

Love it! If you're into international food


They have a variety of brazilian products

Claudia ortega

Great selection of Argentine and other Latin Products

Jacob Naugle

Owner is not very polite. Doesn’t know how to work the card scanner for a debit card so it comes up as denied because he kept running it as credit. Also has tried to charge me more for things in the past, or prices don’t match product.

Nina Gomero

Nice people, fair prices, good variety...

Claudia Hughes

I really liked coming here. The workers were soooo helpful and patient. They have great Argentine goodies. I bought dough to make empanadas and other good candy from South America. This is mostly a South American store and I can say it has the basics from every country.

Johnny Delgado

The place is great, the price is fair and the people are nice! They have all sort of food from all over the planet! Especially if you're into Brazilian food! Paçoca, pão de queijo, lots of chocolate, guaraná!

Nicholle Brown

Best place! Has a large variety of different sweets and food :)

Shimi4rn The

Such a wide variety of mate. There isn't any store like this one. Also they have Materva, mate soda. Everyone is really nice and helpful.

Ben Sharples

They have an amazing selection of Yerba mate, plus tons of other South American foods that you can't find anywhere else. Great place!

Roger Florez

Heaps of choices of Peruvian and South American goodies, reasonable prices

Daniel Escobar

Good place to buy foreign food

Sean Brant

Lots of good stuff, if your looking for Argentine stuff they have an OK selection

Wendy Avila

Great little market.

Jennifer Borruso

Awesome place to get Latin American food. As a Venezuelan I can't go without arepas and Venezuelan chocolate, so this place is the savior.

Camille Chandler

Amazing customer service. Got what we needed.

Nicholas Morton

I love you Nijiya. I love you with your red bean cakes, yuzu-kosho, lotus roots, quail eggs, yam noodles, sushi and everything else the inner Asian in me could desire. please open more locations! Thank you. ps. i do not love parking in your lot

Juan Sierra

Ok variety. They run out of stuff frequently

Kcir Yelad

A very nice small store for finding Brazilian products.

dorothy yazzie

Love this store

tribal crema

Small but good selection of international products.

Lidia & Hannah

I always find what I am looking for. However, some products are overpriced and you have to be aware of expiration dates when you purchase here.

Jeff Fillmore

Good selection. Wish they had Thumbs up soda from India.


I'm from Colombia and I was very happy to see such good selection. The only bad part is that a lot of products are expired so double check before buying.

Jared Mefford

Good place to find a mix of Brazilian and other southern American foods

Mr Man

Pretty good store. Great prices on fruits and vegetables and great options.

Andre Gadelha

Expensive, but nothing unexpected. I usually buy things from Brazil and I know that it's a pain in the butt to get some things in good shape so I understand the higher prices. I try to stop by every time I can to stock up on Bis (chocolate) or something similar. ^^

Larry Love

This is the place for Hispanic foods that are difficult to find from Columbia, Peru and more


A big variety of Brazilian items

Athena Kern

Do NOT shop here. They steal card information. Just had my account cleaned out by them and I have reported it. Will never shop here again. They took the card information and used it in Walmart and Macy's. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and am awaiting a response.

Silvio O Campos

If they have Argentinian products, they awesome!!!!!

Margarita Bustamante

You can find lots of South American style food.

HOMEof theBrave

Thank you for having guarana

Alex Donet

Nice people, great ethnic products

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