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Where is Gardner Village?

REVIEWS OF Gardner Village IN Utah

Shera Bright

Went there to visit loved all the little neat stores. The foods amazing but God forbid you pull out your camera to take pics of your experience. Then you're harassed about taking pics and needing a pass to do so of course that costs money. I will not be going back because of this.

Giordano Ashwell

Tons of shops to cruise through and plenty of food options. We stopped at the little cafe and had the soup of the day but they had food truck vendors and a large restaurant with plenty of options to choose from. They also have a small petting farm with animals they rescue. It's a great place for couples of families to visit. Also if you know any one that collects small decorative villages, they have tons of options in one of their stores! My mom is a collector of Dickens village for Xmas time display.

Dillon Cannell

It's a cute little place. Great for little children.

Joyce Chavez

So many unique little shops in theVillage. This trip, mostly Pine Needles Quilt Shop & a home decor by the restaurant. Fun Halloween shopping!

Robert Hendriksen

I went to the candy shop there. Absolutely love the fudge

Tara Holstay

Nice village setting of small shops. Great for home good shopping. The Chocolate Wagon has wonderful fudge. Nice day trip. Family friendly. Accessible via light rail.

TJ McLelland

There are so many great things to see here. Thanks.

Bob Cole

The Fairy Festival was granddaughters had a blast and participated is the fairy parade. Very well done.

Tracy O'Dell

Love the fairy festival. I have a five year old fairy and she loves finding all the faeries and making a wish on the wishing bridge.

Jordan Lynn

Super cute little shopping center! I unfortunately didn't have a ton of time here as they closed early... but I didn't see a whole lot of stores and the few places I did walk into there was no staff to help me. I wish there was more to it for how stinking cute it is!!

Loel Griffith

Beautiful place..I hope I can go back soon.

Bob Christensen

Attended Mystique Dinner Theater. Fabulous dinner and halloween themed magic show. A great two and a half hours.

Derrick Jepperson

It was a cute village setting we ate the restaurant and our daughter got to ride a pony afterwards worth the trip to go

sherry willden

Lots of fun !! Great place to hang out

Sandy George - Realtor, PSA, CSA

Such a fun village with great shops! Cute, cute place! I love the furniture in the back! It has great co temporary style!

Nadine Stupelli

The Pine Needle was an awesome place to shop. The village is tricky to navigate if you go in some of the entrances. Finding parking was not easy.

Abbey Casper

Beautiful charming little place that really felt like I was a fairy in their fairy festival for spring. They also do a witch festival in the fall!

Devon Black

Fun for kids and adults, lots of gift shops and home decor of a fancifal and rustic style. Maybe not the best place for the guys to go alone, but for everyone else especially if they like fantasy magical things.

Dennis Gillen

I love this place. I love my wife and these shops make her happy. ( truth be told I enjoy them too ). Lots of fun things to see and buy. Great ideas for every holiday and season. Gardner Village is a must!!!

Julia McMillan

Quaint, memorable, and fun. I usually just do the free stuff, but the bakery has reasonably priced food!

Chell Broadhead

I always enjoy a quick visit to Gardener Village especially to stop in and just admire the old mill building and how well it’s been maintained and preserved. The furniture shopping is fun’s still more country than suites my taste but every now and then they have a home run with a piece that is unique to them and you can’t find anywhere else. I recommend visiting if not to shop to site see the historic building.

Evelyn Boyd

The crowds are clear indication of popularity, but parking is a real headache. Some of the charm of years past has work off, but I do like the main furniture store and how helpful staff there are.

Jessi Johnson

I love the cute little shops here! This is a neat place to go just to walk around, the shops are a bonus!

Bronson Sommerfeld

What a beautiful and fun place to walk around. Multiple shops fill this place with interesting and unique features. If you dont go to actually shop, it's all worth it to go and walk around.

Jake Darger

Had a blast took the family for horse riding and then walked around and enjoyed the area and got some fantastic Candy's

Georgia Anderson

Witchfest is going on. If you love pumpkins haybales and witches don't miss out.

Julie Santana

Fun and pretty place to spend some time walking around. Great boutiques for shopping. The chocolate covered wagon is a must!

Ernest Cassler

It was very nice. The prime rib melts in your mouth. Need to come back sooner. Great service too.

Ken Prince

Fun place to bring your family or loved one! Great variety of shops and excellent eating facilities.

Stan Carlson

Visit the farm. It's great for the whole family. Horseback riding lesson can be had for a very reasonable price.

Spring Clark

We had fun looking for fairies! I thought the scavenger hunt was better than the witch hunt, but they are both fun! I loved all the little extra fairy villages.

Eric Berger

Fun place to hangout while the Ladies shop.

Temple Mastery

Lovely place! Quaint, romantic and fun. Got sme gray fudge and had a wonderful catered meal.

Louise Taylor

Awesome chicken basket! Carhop girls had excellent customer service!

L Raven

The gardner village has several charming stores for you to browse in. They offer local trinkets in the shops and there are restaurants too. Haven't dined in any, but the place overall is good for a visit.

Jess Nielsen Beach

I LOVE Gardner Village. I had never been before last fall, and it was fantastic. The shops were darling, there were fun activities for kids, and the overall feel of the place was charming and beautiful. It's now one of my favorite places.

Chi Nguyen

Beautiful place to hang around and have some pictures taken, feels like you are entering a fairy land, they have music all around, nice decoration, beautiful shops...

Patty Dailey

Great place to meet up with friends, have a bite and do some fun, unique shopping.

Na'am Enoch

Honestly the cutest little shopping area around. The prices are fair and there is a good amount of variety between the stores. The antique shop has to be my favorite, they constantly have new and interesting items. If you like old books, this is a good spot! They have clothing, furniture, little bits and bobs. Truly a really cool place overall.

Annette Thayne

Has always been a favorite place to visit in the fall. I'm afraid this year I was disappointed. The new structure on the main building was well done but made it feel very closed in. It would be nice to have some where to grab a quick bite or a drink. The bakery and restaurant had lines out the door. Witches were fun as always, we had a beautiful day and lots of Halloween merchandise.

Brittany Hughes

Not a bad little place to visit. Not much for vendors this far from Halloween, but definitely some cute shops to check out. Some are expensive and slightly overpriced, but still fun to go check out. The bakery has some good gluten free options which was nice to see and the candy store has a ton of different options for those with a sweet tooth.

Melanie Jensen

My girls and I love going to Witchapalooza in October. Delicious food, wonderful entertainment, and then we walk around browsing together. It's great girl-only time for us!

Mary Deischel

Went here for Mother's day brunch. There was a long wait, so my son and I were able to do the fairy hunt. So fun! The grounds were clean and pretty and we enjoyed the whole experience.

Chelsea Merkley

I have always loved this beautiful place. Dedicated to my Ancestor Archibald Gardner.

Tracy Sahleen

Could this place be any more adorable? I think not ❤ The wonderful feel wile you walk around. The cute shops. The fun activities. Such a great place to explore and enjoy taking some time to relax while you walk around

Evan Heywood

This place is wonderful. It is very peaceful here and there is a delightful combination of creativity and comfort that make up the entire atmosphere of Gardner Village. There is an energy to this place that feels as though it stepped out and off the pages of an old, beautiful story book and into our sometimes bleak little world. Mind you, many of the shops are for women or children but there are many things to enjoy as a family from the river occupied by ducks (which you can feed) to perusing the beautifully imaginative candy shop, getting a couples massage, or dining at Archibald's. There also events for the whole family that (I've heard) are incredibly fun. I love this place for it's serene beauty and storybook style atmosphere.

Perry Nally

Such a cool place. Fun shops. Great place for pictures and relaxing atmosphere.


It’s a place I recommend any Utah visitors go to. A charming cluster of gift shops, boutiques and restaurants, it has a magical, whimsical feel no matter what time of year you visit. Keep in mind that many stores are so small that they don’t allow strollers, so be prepared to carry or wear the little ones.

Wendy Stewart

My son just held his wedding at Gardner Village in the Mill Plaza followed by a luncheon in the Gathering Place. It was such a beautiful venue to hold our celebration and the staff was wonderful to work with. Luis and Yunuen were so helpful with our planning. The quality of food at the luncheon was excellent! We ordered the wedding cake from Megan at the Naborhood Bakery and it was beautiful and delicious! Thank you for making our day their so special!

Garrett Sinclair

This was a super fun experience with the family. Little girls got their face painted and then we did the little fairy challenge. Then we did the petting zoo. It was loads of fun I would definitely recommend Gardner Village.

Tony Thompson

My wife and I just love it here!

bobby birge

A lot of little shopping for the odd thing. And the food is not bad. Just wished that they would not have changed the bread pudding.

Ron Guymon

I had a great dinner at Mystique. The atmosphere and food were incredible. The magician, Paul Vigil, was amazing. I thought I'd be able to see how he did things, but I couldn't. I definitely need to bring others back here.

Gary Tong

Hidden gem in Salt Lake City. Lots of small shops. great place for kids

Alexis Brunson

Very cute little stores. Themed seasons outside with fairies, witches, and elves. We love The Great Escape at Gardner Village. Family friendly and so fun!

Jason Araiza

Awesome place! Just very busy

Heidi Walls

Had my 20 yr high school class reunion there at the Mill Plaza at Gardner Village last night the 17th was so fun and amazing and perfect!

Rebecca Colemere

Gardener Village is the best! I've come here for shopping, for the food, and even to make a cute back drop for my Wedding Photos! (note: I hired my own photographer) I love this place. I've been coming here since I was a little girl and have every intention to have my children and grandchildren visit this historic site.

Cherry M. Day

It’s a cute place but it lacks accessibility for disabled folks and also mothers of young children. I have to use a double stroller when going out on my own because I cannot keep tabs on both my children under two if they aren’t in a stroller. Gardener village does not allow strollers in their stores at all. If you have a disability they might even ask you to not come in if you’re in a wheelchair. I saw it happen. A woman in a wheelchair was asked by a staff member to not enter a store because she was in a wheelchair. This is discrimination and it is not ok. Make your stores accessible to the disabled and mothers. You are losing respect in the community and missing out on many potential customers. I cannot make any purchases here because I’m literally not allowed to bring my children in. It is so inconvenient. Do better.

Thomas Boynton

This is a not-for-profit petting zoo, horse ride, children's fun little farm. The staff were immediately friendly and helpful. The smells were good old farm smells. Hopefully this place gets the support and help they need because although it is small, I am sure it is a lot of work. Thanks for a fun morning!

Kathy Clark

Witchfest is going on right now till Halloween. What a wonderful way to spend the day with family and friends. There are lots of fun specialty shops and many booths set up for the festivities. There are also yummy food carts and food booths selling some awesome treats. There is face painting for the kids, and a lot of witches throughout the village. Plus most of the people working there are dressed as witches, and many of the people visiting wear Halloween costumes or themed clothes-especially the children, most come in their Halloween costumes. Plan on spending a few hours at least.

Lolo Reese

This is where I go when I need to relax. Stroll all over. So much fun. Little things all over. Like fairies, little wonderful findings all around. Awesome candy shoppe. Easy to get to right off of trax. Pony rides for kids.

Brian Baity

My favorite part of Gardner Village is The Farm. Fun people, fun animals people can interact with and feed. Pony rides, events if you like, they will bring ponies and animals to your location as well. I understand they are getting a new location on the Gardner Village property. That's exciting news. There are also many other specialty shops people may find interesting. Arts, crafts, and such. Also a restaurant. Plenty of parking

Tina Sansing

I love walking around here its so nice

Chris Lucas

This is a fantastic place to visit year-round, so many different things to do and see. It's especially nice this time of year with the Halloween theme going on. Pay it a visit to appreciate some historical sites.

Aubrey Moore

Went during the witches festival and it was very cute! Great stores and people

joyce xiques

We had a beautiful wedding luncheon at Archibald's Silo room. I completely recommend them. The food was delicious, (as always), the room beautifully decorated and the perfect size for our group. But the service is what made it stand apart. They were quick, quiet, polite, and exceptional.

Kent Jackson

This place is just amazing, if you've never been here you need to go. The Little shops are amazing The food is great, The farmers market's awesome.

Jennie Twitchell

Quaint shops, mostly girly stuff, of course it was during the fairy festival that we were there. My boys were still impressed by the fairy houses in the trees and the complex fairy island they got to inspect with "telescopes." They loved eating cotton candy in the shade by the river watching the baby ducks swim. Super fun place to wander around and hang out.

Nancy Napierala

Amazing Jordan bike ride from Gardner Village all the way to Salt Lake City...super biking/jogging trail

Krista Chugg

Always friendly store owners and a cute little shopping area. Only thing is the stores could be more wheelchair friendly for the amount of disabled that come there on field trips.

Lisa Dunton

So much fun!! Gorgeous and quaint place. Loved the horse ride, the animals and the live music. My daughter even got her face painted!! Great way to spend a family day outside.

Ellie Skovenskky

Always fun, super cute shops and Archibalds is delicious!

Tammy Wesley

I love Archibald's restaurant. They have good food and we even had a witch come to our table. The ambiance is amazing. The staff is super friendly and helpful too!

Ruth B

If you want to visit a place to spend time with the family, this is the place! Lovely shops, recreation areas, restaurants and one of the cutest places to take family pictures. Love this place!

Laura Larsen

This is a really fun place. My review is on the witches breakfast. The witches were really good and fun. The food was not good, especially for the ticket price. Food was completely cold. Cheap food. Fruit was gone long before all guests went through. You had a count of people coming. I’ve done catering. The warmer pans should keep the food hot if used correctly. You should bring a fresh pan of food out before they are completely empty. You either had to stand hoping they’d bring a new pan out or take a very small amount. We will come back for the witches all over but will not repeat the breakfast.

Jared Anderson

It's like a Disneyland dining experience to the max but better as it's more personalized! Synced lighting to the music, special gotta experience this. Fantastic dining experience, complete with a spooky magic show. Excellent food, staff, and service. Can't remember the last time I was this impressed.

Valerie Maker

Lovely place, nice variety of shops, clean, well decorated for the season. Shop staff all seemed to enjoy working there & really willing to help.

Frank Kurek

Always a great place to visit, shop and eat. They are continually upgrading.

Casey Vorwaller

Had dinner at archibald's pot roast and rub eye were yummy.

Rance B

A number of small interesting stores and a couple of restaurants. There are different events for every holiday. Fun place to walk around and enjoy the sites.

Kayla Hall

Love Archibald's, the fairy fest, the animal encounters and of course Camera Shy! Lots of cute boutiques so bring your money.

Andrea Cravinhos

Wonderful family friendly place to celebrate holidays and special events. They have mommy-daughter teas, Mother's Day brunches, Halloween parties, Valentine's Day parties and more. Reserve their large barn called The Gathering Place for special and corporate events. Archibald restaurant is also very good. Arts and crafts classes available on site and several lovely artisan/arts/flowers/bakery shops as well.

Antonio Verduga

Beautiful place I have a good time every time I visit

todd yates

Amazing place to be so much to look at and enjoy. Never a full moment

James Beadle D.C.

They always decorate so well. We always go during Halloween, but we just went for our anniversary and they had a ton of fairy decorations up. Super cute and perfect for a simple date

Bridget Stebbing

Fun place to go check out all the little shops, alot of them are cutsie and boho. The Farm is our favorite, Be sure to check it out and say hi to farmer Gil! The farm takes in animals to help re-home them so you can always check there if your looking for a new friend! We've adopted two little rabbits from there. You can check their website and see if they have any fun activities going on. There's food available at multiple locations. The bathrooms are near the water tower.

Lori Sisneros

It's fun. It's an adventure. They have the cutest shops! They just aren't very wheelchair accessible.

Jill Kunde

Love to go to gardners village anytime. Just went to farmets market in Saturday. So many fun booths. Cant wait for the witches to come out. Love pine needles and paper shop. Love eating at Archibalds and bakery. Just fun at gardners village.

LDS areyouldsalso

Lots of little shops. Wonderful chocolate shop. Old village feel. Lots of themes for children during the year. Now is fairy land. They do friendly witches in October.

Tristin Christenson

This place is a lot of fun! The themed activities are alot of fun for kids and adults. Shopping is unique but pricey. However you are getting quality items. They offer art classes for kids to adults for a great price. You can also host birthday parties for a great price as well. Very involved in the community and holidays of all kinds.

Kimberly Hampton

I wish more people supported Gardner Village. They do have fun events and great vendors. I miss the old Bakery.

Kelli Coppieters

This was such a fun outing. Breakfast with the witches was so fun for the children.

Stephanie Noelle McCrady

Love going here during Which Fest! So cute and the restaurant is amazing. Also the bakery!

Jan Peterson

I really love to walk around Gardner Village. Great food fun shops.

Claudia's Business Email

Local Village of specialty stores people enjoy going. They have a nice restaurant. And the landscape is very pretty. Good place to take pictures. Little kids love do the fairy hunt.

Deltroid The Droid

Nice themed park with mom and pop shops. Free admission and decent prices for what it is. Accidentally went when there was a fairy hunt. Yeah we might have stepped on some.

Wendy Williams

Love the witch theme. The ambiance is fabulous and the candy shop... yummy! Go in a get a free sample of fudge or caramel. We came away with a bag full of deliciousness!

Maegan Keen

I love coming here in Autumn/ Winter to see all of the decorations they put up. It's always fun to wander around and look at everything the shops have as well. *looks like I'll being going to see the fairy festival soon, didn't know this was something they did! *

Bree Ballard

Many diffrent events through out the year ! Great family place

Carolyn L

A great place for some amazing novelty shops plus, during the summer a farmers market is offered from local farmers. They've Incorporated a petting zoo for the children to enjoy. Also, they offer fun seasonal activities throughout the entire year. My favorite is Witch A Balooza in October.

Andrea Nordhoff

Very fun, great variety of things to do

Märta Harr

I love Gardner village especially in the fall! So many beautiful spots for photo ops and such fun shops to browse! Don't miss the yummy Carmel apples!

Mark Johnson

Lots of fun items and unusual stores. We always come away with more ideas than we can afford, not that prices are high there is just so much fun stuff to see.

Shelly Linford

I love seeing the fun activities and decorations that Gardner Village has at Halloween and Christmas. The witch and elf scavenger hunts are so fun to do with kids. They even have fairy villages in the spring. I enjoy the little boutiques and the food at Archibald's is fantastic. There is plenty of parking but it gets quote busy during the holidays.

Mark Crane

Your experience of Gardner village depends entirely on whether you like places like Gardner village. I find it clean, well-run, and unbearably cutesy, with nothing that appeals to a fifty year old geek male. My wife and daughters really like it.

Lynisa Peck

Nice furniture at the home decor stores... Comfort food at Archibald's. Clean atmosphere. Fun stores..(variety of places).

Crysta Barton

such a fun place to take pictures and go shopping they also have a wonderful restaurant.

Emily Evans

Great place to spend the day. There are many shops to spend time in with friendly people!

anon.A. miniMum

I take my six year old daughter to the Art cottage for art lessons and we love it here. We love to go exploring, feed the local animals and just spend some time relaxing. Come join us, there is so much to do and to shop for. Everyone we have ran into is so kind.

Georjane Branham

Beautiful bike ride to the farmers market on a cool Saturday morn

Stephanie Ferguson

Fun collection of shops created around an old mill turned restaurant. Seasonal offerings. Walkable and enjoyable for whole family.

Vanessa Weis

Mystique Dinning was so much fun. Our butlers were fun and kept us laughing. We had such a great time. Girls night out with Edger Allen Poe.

Bradley P

Great to window shop and walk around

Jason Jordan

A lot of craft stores, but other stores as well and things going on for all ages. Great to bring kids for fairy festival in the spring, witches at Halloween, and elves in the winter. Fairy festival is fun for kids to find them all (it is set up as a hunt to find 26 fairies A thru Z). Archibald’s restaurant is great, try to get a table in the silo. Good furniture shopping here - we got a piece for our living room that has been solid.

Matthew Martin

One of the most historic places you can go in the Valley. All the old shops are historical old houses beautiful place

Stephanie Bazan

Delicious salads and amazing cookies. Highly recommend

Kenya Renfrow

We visited the Mystic Dining for Edgar Allen Poe and it was beautiful. Pricey but I loved it. The magician was great, humorous and friendly. The food was dazzling, we had prime rib and a Cornish hen. The waiters were super friendly and accommodating overall I would go back again.

Denys Mueller

Such an amazing place to bring kids! It's worth it to stop by!

Rob Davidson

I just go here for the candy shop. If you are craving something from your childhood. They have all the classic candy you've been looking for.

Alisa Cox

Love Gardner Village in the Fall! It’s already decorated for Halloween. Good food and fun shopping!

cherie Garcia

I had a baby shower at The Gathering Place. It was easy and the planning went smoothly from.beginning to end. I would highly recommend The Gathering Place for events. The food was great! The rolls and cakes were below average, but the food was delicious.

Maddie Dewnsup

Amazing for dates and cute to walk around. Definitely a good place to spend time that’s peaceful.

Brooke Woolf

I love Gardner Village. I love shopping there and strolling the grounds. The pond, wildlife, the old mill, and the charming village buildings create a beautiful and peaceful environment. And the festivals are so much fun--the Woodland Fairy Festival in the spring, the Witches Fest in the fall and the elves at Christmas. The venue spaces are great, too. They are classy and perfect for events, and in my experience the staff is friendly, warm and helpful. I always enjoy coming to Gardner Village!

Kathryn Hansen

Fun place looking forward to the witches coming

Vicki Rosser

I love making new friends at Willow Hill Yarn shop.


Friendly and Efficient Service, Waitress always greeted us w/ a smile, along with helpful suggestions on menu items and insite on their vast array of Deserts.. Bread Pudding w/ Rasberrie sauce I had to Rock / Paper / Scissor my Wife for the last spoon.. Thanks again for a wondrous meal @ experience

Loni Badboy

It's alot better to go on a Friday or Saurday. But they do know how to decorate and have the spirits of each holiday.

Elizabeth Fairbanks

Visited from Washington, went to see the witches. My toddler loved it! Very unique idea and the sense of community is awesome.

Diana Rees

Fun fall place to hang out at

Deborah McAdam

Great holiday decorations and atmosphere every holiday. Fun shopping every day of the year. I love it!

alicia 0lsen

Very interesting place, special for Family with kids.

Marcos Oak

Fun, and beautiful. Always the best around Holloween.

Mary LaCombe

I love this place. Always clean and such a positive vibe. All the shops have friendly and help staff and I can always find unique gifts for friends and family. I didn't know until today that they have event space for rent. While I was there, there was a wedding going on and it was absolutely gorgeous! Will keep this place in mind for family events in the future.

lynda french

Gardner village is wonderful. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing and the stores are eclectic and interesting. They have a lot of awesome shops and great restaurants and the people are friendly. The water is beautiful and the bridges are pretty. It's a must go.

Tandie Nunez

Amazing place feels old fashion great stores and family fun.

Steve Hanson

Fun place for the family--especially around Halloween!

Ima Polamalu

Great place! Witch Fest was so much fun!

Kim Smith

Glad to see you are able to expand and have a gr8 trax stop close by. Love your original themes....

Steven Civish

If you've never been to Gardner Village you need to go. Fudge shops, beautiful scenery, and great overall experience. My sister got married here, and we've had a few work parties here as well.

Cammi Larsen

One of my favorite places to get away to for a break. The restaurant had good food without a long wait. Atmosphere of the restaurant and buildings is way above par. It is set in historic buildings with little bridges and pretty lights. What's not to love?

Adam Sorensen

This place is fine, yes its cute, yes the shops are sweet, but visiting once every couple/few years must be enough, because thats as often as we ever venture there.

Lance Pearson


Whitney Stimpson

Gardner Village brings out the magic of Autumn. It's a must see in October.

Morgan Lewis

So much fun!!! We come every year for the witches and then again for the fairies!

Peter Beverly

Very awesome place the food was good at Archibald's and the price is very reasonable


Dancing there last night! Great people and fun venue!

Katelyn Petersen

So cute! Fun little shops and restaurants!

Judy Souder

The shops had reasonablly priced unique items and it was fun to see so many people in costumes.

Sonny Mayes

Stroll brick-lined paths and discover 22 locally-owned boutique specialty shops surrounding the historic Gardner Mill, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Utah Historic Site. With the ambiance and charm of an early Utah village, you'll enjoy shopping for the latest trends, dining in one of our eateries or experiencing an event at our meeting facility or new Mill Plaza at Archibald's Restaurant. Even a day spa is waiting for you to enjoy. Winding brick pathways in a historic setting lead you to shops filled with the latest trends in furniture, home décor, clothing, art, jewelry, collectibles, hand-dipped chocolates and more. Covered bridges over a duck-filled pond create a relaxing atmosphere for an afternoon stroll. End your visit with a delicious meal in a historic flour mill at Archibald's Restaurant, a magic show at Mystique Dining, a cookie in the Naborhood Bakery or a piece of Utah's famous salt water taffy at the Chocolate Covered Wagon, as featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network. This quaint candy store was listed as one of America's top 50 candy stores by the Food Network Magazine during 2015

Jessica Larson

Katie at Gardner Village absolutely blew my babies pictures out of the water! The backgrounds were fun, quality is incredible and photographer was amazing! If you haven't been here, you're missing out!

Heather Oxborrow

We've visited many times and most recently for the fairy festival. Those are fun for the kids to explore. The shops are unique and the food is excellent too.

Melissa Gledhill

It was a lot of fun I enjoyed walking through all the shops. I like how laid back and peaceful it is you can go at your own pace. I wish there would have been a time and place on the poster for the Mommy and Me Tea Party though, I would have loved taking my daughter to it.

Mindy Batie

Fun stores with holiday themes. Christmas time is is wonderful with the lights. Couple of different restaurants and dining experiences depending on what you are looking for. We have done a race here a couple of years and enjoy the hospitality. They have fun things for families to do and participate in.

monroe Hart

Very quaint place. Some very interesting and cute shops.

Marianna Martin

Quaint little shops. Closed on Sundays. Access to the bike trail.

Kalenah Moore

This is such a cute little shopping area. We didn't actually get to go inside anywhere because we had our dog with us, but we really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the cute figurines. There were lots of little kids dressed up as fairies, we think there was some event going on, but we are unsure, we were visiting from out of state. The whole place is woodland themed. There are many cute shops with chocolate, ice cream, clothing and more. We really enjoyed our time strolling around.

Rick Pennington

Great place. Ducks were in the pond and you can get food for them. We did a scavenger hunt.

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