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REVIEWS OF Fresh Market IN Utah

Marty Lynchian

This place is disgusting. There are eggs all over the floor smeared where anyone could slip on it. I think I saw some rats running around in the back too! To add insult to injury, they tried to charge me to use a bag during checkout. Is this place run by hippies or something? Did we lose a war? Why in the world would we as Americans be subject to such indignities. I really hope an attorney will fire a class action lawsuit against these clowns. These people are too cheap to provide bags at checkout and too cheap to kill the rats in their kitchen or clean the raw eggs on the floor. I wish this place would go out of business.

Shyam Sharma

Good and their food section is nice. I got medium veggie pizza with extra cheese for $7

Lauren M

More than a grocery store, they had anything you might have possibly forgotten to bring on your trip. Great location also, just a quick drive to Main Street, resorts, or Kimball Junction and I-80.


I love fresh market but they are bad about inventory, I always see expired products from months ago, it’s the worst accidentally buying it and finding out at home

Rick Polesak

Very inexpensive grocery store

Amy Namestka

Great place .. But way over priced...

shane ungos

Decent grocery store with everything you need

Drew Turnbull

Good selection, sell beer, typical ski town pricing.

Kurtis Steger

A little cluttered. Nice employees

Carlos Nava-Piedra

Got in, got out, got my groceries and it was simple. Also, glad they carry Hiball Energy Drinks. One of the few stores that will actually carry them!

Todd Wheeler

It's a grocery store, I love Park City

Brandy Vu

Upscale grocery store, great selection. Huge.

Michele Gardiner

Nice enough wish they'd pay more attention to food expiration

Kyle Applebee

One of my weekly stops for the quick dinner groceries.

Jeanne Appel

Although they have a good selection the prices are very high in comparison to other places.

Glenn Tarr

I went in this store to purchase a broom,it took forever to check out. They only had one checker working and no self service WTH

Dick Jorgenson

Good selection. Restrooms dirty

D HendoPerson

Love this store. It sells everything you need

Gherghel Daniel

Always fresh

Ms Candi Canes

I always have a great experience here...thanks!

Doug Cruickshank

A good well-stocked supermarket with warm decor and a more relaxed vibe than most. Good delicatessen area and fine foods. Pricing is good and about is very competitive locally.

David Pasenelli

Very tall shelves all fully stocked. Friendly staff.

Laura Markle West

I really like this market! Good stuff, the largest ice cream selection I've ever seen!

Travis Hopkins

Prices a little high but good shopping.

mark brown

Nice and clean except the bathrooms.. so nasty

Ivy Blessed Gold

Every Time I go here the store is in stock, very clean and the staff is very nice. I always find what I’m looking for and they have a lot of vegan & GF options.

Charles Waldron


Chanel Estrada

A very literal ‘one stop shop’ for all your grocery needs. Sushi for lunch but you have to be back at the office within the hour? They got it (and it’s DELICIOUS). Hosting a girls night? They have the best selection of cheese, crackers, and all the fresh produce you can think of. Ran out of snacks for the kids? They have all the sugary (when you’re trying to be cool mom) and organic choices for your kids. Love this store, and their employees.

Parkview Condominiums

Great Condo's close to free bus line

Louis Cosentine

Great Food Store! Pretty much has everything


A little pricy but great staff and selection. Best produce.

Kearsten Hill

Love the old soda selections in the back that's my favorite part of this store. I hope they start sticking it up better

Michael Jurad

Great selection and service

Shaheen Bahamin

This place is a hit or miss. For the most part I’m not so pleased. The warm ready food is disappointing and everything is overpriced.

Aaron Havens

It is a grocery store and is the most convenient one to visit while visiting Park City. The prices are a little high but again it is the most convenient. They do have lots of organic and health food varieties though.

andy thompson

Basically an average supermarket. After checking out, we found that the receipt reflected full price on items that were supposed to have been on sale. We were not asked for a membership card at checkout, so not sure if this was a register error or simply that we did not show a loyalty card. Prices were not great, but we have been in resort towns where the supermarkets had an even higher markup... So it was not bad in that regard.

Tyson Chambers

Good selection. I usually stop to grab a drink and some snacks before visiting clients. Prices are comparable.

Frank Luongo

Lots of good selections and great quality.

Mike Potter

Fresh produce iffy. Seems produce staff doesn't cull produce gone bad. Blackberries had mold on them when got back to Canyons resort. Will take them back. The cherry tomatoes half were bad. However the raspberries were better than at Kimballs Junction Smiths which looked horrible and were overpriced. On plus side this Albertsons has lots of non-food items. The 4 star resort didn't even have a colander to wash berries. Albertsons had a stainless steel one for $5...Knowing blueberries would be overpriced my best idea brought Costco pack with me driving. Kept them in fridge at work then drove to resort.

Kushal Shah

Good grocery store. Reasonable prices.

Isaac Chapman

Selection is nice

Stu Sugarman

Has everything you need but bring your own bags

Back to Roots

Very cool items. Paper bags.. nice place

David Van Ness

Nice place with reasonable prices in a pricey town.

J Brown

Most disgusting awful bathrooms ever. Mold all over the mens room and you have to straddle the toilet to close the stall door in the women’s bathroom. Seriously inhumane to force your customers in such filthy conditions. You can make your store nice but your bathroom is abysmal.

Mia Dea d

Great grocery store, good prices.

Michael Banfield

Large selection, open late. Great for stocking up when you get into park city

nisa kauvaka

Nice, clean store. Easy to find everything you need.

Todd Bryson

they have everything you need. a nice deli and and bakery. good location.

Karan Gandhi

Good place for every thing

Chris Carter

My favorite grocery store in Utah! They have a great selection of boar’s head deli meats, great organic vegetables and fruits and amazing fresh squeezed orange juice. Also a good selection of local specialties. The state liquor store across the parking lot if very convenient and is the best in Utah also.

Dakota Acero

Good prices an awesome variety of food and other things from a different culture.

Kevin Sanders

Employees were friendly and helped me find what I was looking for.

Clint Clem

Do yourself a favor and drive as many miles as you have to to avoid this place. You won't get what you're looking for and if you get something close you're going to pay about twice the price for it. Not to mention check the dates on the stuff. I'm obviously not the only one with this opinion the stuff may be organized but it's been there for a while. Probably the most worst grocery store I've ever been in. Sorry guys you suck.

Mike Haines

They have everything you need try it very friendly people there

Michael B

Debbie in Meats & Seafood is awesome. Ask her for advice! Thank you for all of your help Debbie. Our guests will be pleased!!

Donna Bowen

Reading through the reviews and need to say we have never had a bad customer experience at this market. We have been coming to PC and Fresh Market for well over 8 years and can say only that if you are respectful and pleasant, the employees will bend over backwards for you. I have become good friends with the Meat Dept and they always provide an excellent standing rib for Xmas dinner! The variety is more than suitable for any cooking needs (and I cook all the time) and having to bring your own bags is not revolutionary. Thank you Fresh Market for putting up with the tons of people that show up during Xmas week!!

Paul Wakefield

Great store. Clean, well stocked, and helpful staff is excellent. Great place to shop.

Jason Brown

Really love the chicken wing bar. They might be short staffed or something because they never seem to have enough checkout attendants.

Kay Wilson

Great selection, good prices and friendly cashier (Helen)

Alex Kay

Great selection, convenient and ok prices.

Craig King

Decent grociery store. Strange layout. Prices a bit high.

Rodrigo M

Although redundant, they have fresh products and quality. Important in this location, you can buy beer!!

Gerhard Klimeck

A well assorted supermarket that is not overpriced like one would expect in a ski resort.

Bruce Paredes Serrano

Friendly staff and have enough selection to meet your needs.

Cindy Schultz

It's a very nice place to shop

Florence Roth

Great local market for everything you need

Robyn Ramsey

Great selection, good prices. Make sure to pick up a park City souvenir!

Joshua Gardner

Higher prices than other associated food stores, mainly produce, also don't have the same sales. Store is mostly clean and they don't have enough registers open most the time so there's a line to wait in. Would give 5 stars if these things were fixed

Jacki Chris Valcarcel

Purchased Earths best organic baby formula, made my child sick. Went to go return it with a receipt and the "supervisor" Antini, would not return it because she said she did not have the authority to return opened items..... well why are u a supervisor and why isn't there someone available to make basic returns with a receipt ??? Not to mention her rude attitude! I no longer feel confident in purchasing my babies formula from this store.

María José Fernández

The place is clean but the prices are high in comparison with the variety of products they offer.

Brian Peddie

It is not the same as the East coast based Fresh Market but it offers some premade items. It is a mix of grocery/pharmacy and has a fantastic selection of small toiletries for the tourists.

Jaclyn Brooks

It's great but the paying for bags stuff is ridiculous... Especially because it's not advertised anywhere & they don't tell you this until after you pay.

Justin Strahan

Decent grocery store, stocked well for travelers.

Mayra Cornejo

Friendly staff

Jonathan Jorgensen

Wonderful selection of quality food

Claudio Azocar

Good and diverse products, clean location.

S. Anderson

Take a few minutes and drive to Smiths, or Walmart, or ANYWHERE but here. I've given this store 3 tries and every time I leave there angry. Not annoyed or disappointed (and I'm not even remotely an angry person), I'm leaving a grocery store angry, to me that is a bizarre and unique experience. The service is beyond rude to the point of being openly hostile and antagonistic. I've worked service jobs and know how tiring and trying they can be and go out of my way to be friendly and understanding, but the climate in this store is beyond a cashier having a bad day. Most recently I made the regrettable choice to go there, as I was trying to be quick and it's closest to my home, to get a few groceries and some change. I collected the groceries (which ended up being almost 1.5x as expensive as the same items at Smiths, but that was my choice for convenience) and went to the self checkout. I bought my groceries and asked the attendant if I could get change from a twenty. She said I needed to go to customer service and she'd send someone over, she was curt and seemed annoyed that I asked her for change. I went to customer service and waited, and waited and waited. I went back and asked her to please page someone as no one was there and I hadn't heard anything over the intercom. She stared at me for an uncomfortably long time and then said "fine". I went back to customer service and the attendant walked off toward the back of the store and after a few minutes left through the front door with her purse, never having paged anyone. I went up to another cashier and asked for assistance, he said he'd finish checking his customer out then come help, I said thank you and went back to the desk. The cashier finished checking the customer out, turned off the light on his machine and then briskly walked to the back of the store. I went up to another cashier and asked for help, at this point trying very hard to be polite by very frustrated and they told me to "hold on a minute" . At this point I had been waiting for 15 minutes, this is not an exaggeration I checked my receipt and the time. Finally a man who had been standing by the end of the checkouts through out all of this, and who I assumed was a bagger, walks over to the desk, stands uncomfortably close to myself and my daughter and barks, "What Do You Need!?" I was so taken aback that it took me a moment to respond, and he was about to walk away when I said I wanted change. He roughly gave me the change and walked away, saying "have a nice day" The encounter was enough to have my daughter talking about the "angry man" for the rest of the night and into today. If I didn't need the change for that night I would have left, and wish I had. This place absolutely baffles me, and I have never had an experience at any store that matches it.

Stephanie Featherstone

If i could give this store a 0 star i would! Dirty dirty dirty! Go backs piled up all over the store. Cashiers on their phones even as they check customers out. Supervisors on their phones in front of customers. Keep cash right in the office where anyone can get to it. Employees less than helpful. No one on grocery to help customers or staff. Its park city so of coarse everything is over priced. But im disappointed in literally everything about this store. Worth it to go a little out of town to another one!

Joe Miller

The better quality food of the two nearest grocery stores in park city.


At fresh market they sell bath bombs for Christmas

Bobby Kuse

Great place to fill your fridge before a long day of Snowboarding

Marie Brie

Expensive compared to smiths. Bring your own bag they dont provide bags or you have to buy it. Love that its very close to park city mountain, so I dont have to go all the way to redstone.

Mike Glad

In Park City visiting and had to get some groceries. I normally don't do the shopping in my house but thought most of the prices were higher than where we shop at home. Overall it was clean and well designed.

David L Clarke

Simple grocery store. Very clean and great helpful staff.

Jake Pauley

Good alternative to some of the bigger chains of grocery store. Often has more healthy alternative to meat and dairy products and offers a nice lunch bar where you can get things ranging from sushi to pasta.

Nora Jaramillo

Clean, hi priced groceries

Judi Bell

They have a good variety of groceries and are open late; but their prices are high.

M Ward

They have great hours for a tourist town, the selection is decent, they don’t have everything but there are plenty of grocery options. Heads up that there is a 10 cent charge per bag (which is great and reduces their environmental footprint) so be prepared or bring your own bags if you have them! (Our hotel actually have us one bag and we already had our own reusable bags)

Camilo Molina Luna

Good place

greg smith

It's convenient to where I live. Parking lot is always full of pot holes. Prices are too high. Cashiers are great and with exception of Anna, management is awful. My top choice for Grocery shopping is Smiths. Now this is a customer oriented place. Great selection. Fantastic employees...all employees. From Carlos in Produce to Carmen in the Meat Dept. to Marla in the Floral Dept. this is a great Grocery store!


I didn't buy anything, 'cause I didn't really need anything. But it seemed like a nice enough store and was nice and warm on this very cold day.

Lisa Rush

Great selection and variety of foods. Very friendly staff.

amber bolton

Bring your own shopping bags or buy paper bags there.

Elliott Sernel

Very nice, large Park City market. Great selection of fruit, produce, baked goods and groceries

Solomon Gustafson

Would have rated higher but had to purchase my own grocery bags.

Kali Remington

All the people that work here seem so depressed. Very expensive. They do have a large amount of products

Danny Peterson

Clean and well stocked, kind of a bummer about not having shopping bags, but that's less their fault, and more of a legislative issue. Still inconvenient...

Nathan O'Bryant

The service deli employee could work on her manners. I was aaked what I would like and was cut off in mid sentence for her to answer another questions from an employee. On a separate visit, I was not greeted warmly and was not asked if that was all. I said thank you and she just stared blankly at me a said nothing back. The rice looked old and unappealing and was not replenished, the hot wings looked dry and old so I got something else.

Kari Shepherd

I am instantly reminded of the newer Smiths layouts but mostly Harmon's when I walk into here. Love the variety.

Erica Lassen

I often get frustrated here. On one hand, it's a well kept store with good produce. But, I can always find expired food on their shelves.

christine chastain

Expensive but worth it for some things, like the prepared salads and the quality of the produce. Also, selection is amazing however Smiths still beats out Fresh Market in the sushi division, hands down.

Bob Dodds

The store is fine, but the Starbucks is to be avoided. The barristers have little training, and consistently make mistakes. This is not a comment on the barristers, but on the management. You can either pay a competitive wage for English speaking workers, or spend extra on training foreign language workers. It certainly is not the worker's problem.

Brenda Van Wagoner

They have it all! No matter your dietary needs you'll find food!

Chris Whipple

It's a fairly old grocery store, but it has the essentials. It may have been the night before Thanksgiving, but the staff didn't seem too enthused to be there. Oh, and it's Park City, so you have to bring your own grocery bags. But it's really the only place to get groceries within 10 miles.


Super cute store

Charlie Young

Has all you need to fill up your kitchen for the week.

Alana Dvorak

Coming from Texas I was expecting hiked up charges but we didn't find that here! A quick walk from the bus stop makes this the easiest to get to.

Myke Scavone

Great Store Friendly people pretty much anything you could want..

Adam Leader

Great 24 hour market. Convenient, easy parking, spacious, great selection. We go again and again. Takes both Apple Pay and Google Wallet. There's a Starbucks inside too.

Kevin Osborne, DMD

Nice 24 hour grocery store. Beer available 24 hours a day too which is also very nice. Fresh local produce and baked goods were excelent.

Chris Hatch

I was surprised with the big selection and design. Very contemporary for a Fresh Market. However, the bathrooms left much to be desired.

Mic Park

Bring your own bags. Nice staff. Biggish store

David Herman

Pretty good selection of high quality food including fresh sushi. Also their store brand "Western Family" is inexpensive and very good.

Carlee Cooper

Good variety, clean store. Friendly, helpful employees

kenan karakoyunlu

Did not like their sandwitch choices, its bread, and bathrooms were old ... other than that looked ok and had starbucks inside..

Carey Rote

Nice market

Ron Williams

This is a good grocery store chain with a wide selection of items. Not the cheapest option, probably priced between Whole Foods and the Market across the street a bit. Some nice gourmet options and some specialty items that can be harder to find at other stores. Probably the best of the diary selections of the stores in the Park City area.

Royce Peterson

Good store, seemed a bit dark. Lots of good deals.

Carol Noyes

Lots of choices,like a bowl of fruits had many different kinds. Quite a large market. The meats looked excellent.

Angel lara

Amish phrase inconvenience store you can find anything also good location

Eli Goodman

A good store with approximately 1,000,000 types of water. I'm not exaggerating.

Tasha Leastar

Big selection of produce. They offer hot food made to your liking such as pizza, sandwiches, paninis. Even has a floral department.

AlexCa Bc

Asian lady at Starbucks was rude as hell.

Cee jaii

Good store

keith burton

Bring your own bags, or buy them at checkout. I'd rather drive to Smith's in Kimball junction.

Kathryn Hansen

Good selection on store. Could use better customer service. Employee didn't know info about their sushi prices weren't displayed etc

Laurie Rockstad

Has everything... A little expensive, only a little organic.. Nice staff

Alfredo Acosta

Best place in Town to shop

matthew gregg

Lovely grocery store. Can't say anything bad about it. Really convenient and good selection.

Vuyiseka Luphuzi

Sell fresh food, though they don't have self service paying area like most grocery stores do in Park City

Terri Conway

Love the store, the staff, always fresh food and ideas.


Very nice place to stop and grab a few things.

Mary Patterson

Awful customer service. They claimed no responsibility for their actions by continuing to blame their contractor for the miss-actions. They provided no solutions to make it right and no apology.

Jason Hoffarth

small selection but great choice of bags

Julian Kozerski

Not sure this is a positive or not. I like going to Fresh Market because of how slow they are. I can get in and out in no time. That being said there are very few times I can't find what I need. Most of the time they have everything at a good price. Even if the price is a little higher it's worth it for how quick you can get in and out.

Karen Blevins

Love this store

Louann Devine

Good value and variety.

Yulia Zamriy

The close the deli at 9pm :( but otherwise, it's a nice big grocery store for all your needs.

Marlene Ascencio

Very helpful staff

Amy Mason

Great grocery store, has anything you could possibly need, including Starbucks inside. Good variety of organic products.

Craig F

Clean store. No self checkout. Low prices. Good employees.

Jon Sandretto

Nice grocery store slightly pricy but expected door to the location

Aaron Orosz

This isn't a bad location. But it's good that it's here

John doe

Reasonable prices good customer service

Gordon Collier

Nice supermarket. Lot of local made items as well as the mainstream needs.

Charles Corder

Good store, has organic foods, close to where I was staying

Park CIty House

They charge you for bags at checkout. I would give zero stars if I could.

daniel gally

The worst supermarket I've ever called my main supermarket. Main problem seems to be they can't get staff. There is often a long register line due to this especially during Sundance when I missed the last bus of the night at midnight and walked a few miles home with groceries due to the register line. Because the few staff they have are on the register, they are unable to pull expired product, update sale price signs or do regular grocery store things. I have seen tons of expired product sold here and once bought something myself that I did not check until I noticed it tasted terrible. Their sale prices are often outdated and I get wrongly charged for something every time I am at the register and have to give it back. Often BOGO is not honored and you get charged for two things. Then when you bring it up they have to run across the store check and the entire line hates you for being poor

Dave Ecret

Nice place to visit.

Loganviper Evert

Great displays but lacking customer service. Rarely shop here because it's out of the way and selection is limited. Went for ham but didn't really have a decent selection.

Brett Bitterman

Good selection of produce amd health foods. Took off a star for expensive prices and charging 10 cents for each grocery bag.... not convenient to bring your own bags for people traveling.

William Garnes

Convenient location to the Park City resorts and a wide variety of everything. We have gluten free and lactose intolerant family members, so it's a big deal for us to have access to these choices without the high prices of the natural or organic specialty food stores. Fresh Market delivers on all counts. Helpful and friendly staff.

Katrina Tousignant

Same high prices as whole foods but without the service. Check out line was very long...

Sarah Jaremko

Nice and clean grocery store with lots of options

Khala Hastings

They have some of everything, prices are kinda high.

Cecil Buckhannon Jr.

Great prices and selection! Even if you need a barbecue grill or a mountain bike along with grabbing some groceries for dinner, you will not be disappointed here

Nicho Araujo

Always love going there, though the fresh sandwiches aren't as good.

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