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REVIEWS OF Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers IN Utah

Kyle Roberts

Omg! Frozen Custard is my new favorite thing. The burgers were simple, fresh and tasty. The fries were super thin shoe string. If you like those, this place is for you. Nicely salted. Has an old time 50's kind of feel. I'll definitely be going back.

Andrea Standing

My favorite thing is the frozen custard! It’s creamy and you can add mix-ins! The burgers are made with steak so they’re yummy too!

MSS 1011

Their customer service is great! I went through the drive thru and their register was down. It wasn't for very long, but he realised I had my daughter with me and felt bad that I had to wait a few extra minutes. He gave me a discount and also added a couple items "on the house". Sweet kiddos.

Ryan Fawcett

I always love to get oreo cheesecake shakes and both times I've been here to get it I couldn't taste any cheesecake at all in it. So I won't be going back here again.

John Kite

Hatch green chile on a steak burger, try it.

Jonathan Barajas

I really enjoy this place. many options on their menu.

Cody Hatch

Great food awesome atmosphere

Glen Harris

I love this place. I stop here every time I’m passing through!

Terry Rhea

Good food and cool surroundings nice friendly staff

Evan Buche

Fresh Food as is with all the Freddy's I have been to.

Brian Meldrum

Pretty good. Just don't eat it in the car unless you want to wear a burger. Very juicy

Michael Empey

Good burger! Friendly staff.

Crystal Randall

I love the fries here!

Brent Butler

Great burger joint.

Robert M. Anderson

Loved the sandwich. I had it on the bread and I thourghly enjoyed it. Fry's were crispy and delicious however I prefer steak Fry's . I wasn't really excited with the skinny Fry's. Service fast and efficient.

K. Corby Bradshaw

It's a nice old style place but not my favorite some people really like the "shoe sting" style fries.

Steve Horne

60s era hamburger joint. Good food, although limited menu. Friendly staff. Not heart healthy, but a great throwback to the days of my youth.

Josh Jensen

It's was ok. Burger had decent flavor, but it was like they'd put an entire bottle of salt on the patty. It was also a little burnt, a little slow, and like no one had swept or picked up in hours.

Michelle Parker

I really like Freddie's though I haven't explored the menu that much. Basically eat something simple so I can get to the concrete custard is the best part if the meal.

Kamie Dennett

Love their burgers/fries. One of my favorite places to eat!

James Scales

I love the custard but I can't say I love the the thin super crispy fries or the weird flat crispy burnt things they call steak patties. But the customer service and the atmosphere is brilliant.

Teague Sorenson

Great burgers and fry sauce.

Anthony Karbowski

Good concrete and steak burgers

Steve Done

I like Freddy's! Great food and prices. The staff is always friendly and make the visit fun.

Doreen Fasana

I moved here last year from Chicago and couldn't find a real Chicago style hot dog until I found you. I will be a regular customer. Much closer then going back.

Cindi Randall

It took 25 minutes for us to get 3 mini custards. Don’t go here if you’re in a hurry. It was good custard though.

Christian Gallegos

Favorite place to eat. It's by work quick and easy great customer service.

Nick Squires

Best better in town

Linda Neville

The foods ok but the custard is amazing.

Branton Peay

Only had a shake (Concrete) was decent for a shake, but way overpriced and tiny. I guess I'm used to JCW where you get quality and a lot of it. If the price was 2$ cheaper, it would be acceptable for what you get. I did really want to try the Jalapeno burger, but we had already eaten and just went for desert.

Stephanie Bowers

Terrible. We went through the drive through around noon and ordered 3 sandwiches and one drink. No one in front of us. We placed our order and pulled up to the window, no one even came to the window for 5 minutes to take or payment Then another TEN minutes go by, we now have 6 cars behind us as we finally get our food. We pull on the freeway and realize our order is incorrect, I wasn't about to turn around and wait who knows how long for them to correct it. We wont be going back.

Kolby Rogers

Great steak burgers and some of the best fries

Bobby Bricker

The burgers are delicious and ice cream has nothing on custard. Nothing tops a custard malt.

Diana Blakley

Totally yummy! Some of the tastiest fast food around. Their custard is delicious with several mouth watering options to choose from. Freddy's will fill you up and never let you down.

Matt Thibault

A great place to grab a quick bite. We have been hear a few times as we have been on road trips to visit family. If you want a burger, a chicken sandwich, or something else on the menu everything has been good. Oh and also don't forget the frozen custard, YUM!

Deidra Thomas Richards

Food is great with fair prices! The service was quick and food was delivered as expected. Unfortunately, the customer service was poor and the store was lacking in cleanliness. The floor was full of food and napkins and crumbs. It was bad enough that there were ants on the floor eating a pile of fries. Disappointed:/

maria b

Hamburgers are delicious , and the sundaes , and shakes , so delicious, never had tried freddys till like a month ago and I've been there 4 times already...

Donna C.

Great burger..... frozen pumpkin custard very good too!

Taylor Smith

This place was very tasty,. It was a little pricier than I expected, and the service really wasn't amazing (In N Out employees always smile at me, I got nothing from the girl at Freddy's). However, the burger did taste great. It was an elegant, smooth flavor in my mouth and I wanted to eat more when I was finished. Plus; those fries are heavenly! Salty, stringy, potatoey... Very impressed with the quality of food.

James Pendleton

Good service is hard to come by in St. George. We have been to this Freddy's many times but tonight was amazing. Logan was our cashier and he went above and beyond our expectations. Offering to split our shared order without us asking and just greeting us with a smile. Very impressed by him. Highly recommend.

Trisha Ann Bell

This place was pretty good. The chili cheese fries were bomb! I don't really eat that kind of nonsense. But mmmm yummy. Anyway. I can't remember what was actually ordered. So photos to help. Kinda....

Rebecca Roberts

The strawberry milkshake was probably the best I have had from a fast food chain. French fries were great but the burger was just mehhh.

Jake Weber

Not as good as I hoped it would be. Not bad, just not great.

Preston Baggaley

Definitely worth the wait

Adam Sharp

Great food love the burgers and fries

Haylee Glines

Great customer service and very friendly! I wish I would have known the cashier that helped us name! He was working on 6/14 at the window almost to close! He was so nice and gave us our ice cream on them! Thank you again!!!

Russell Condie

Very clean and great food

Brinlee Ekins

The food itself was fantastic! Why is this place not beating out in n out?? I like it way better. Great ice cream/shakes and the burgers and fries were to die for. We came in right as they opened so the service was a little slow and left something to be desired still, but overall I was satisfied.

Trevor Ingram

Great food and custard. Great place to take the family to for a dinner date!

Kason G.

It’s a fun lobby to be in, I love the feel of a 1950’s burger shop. But that’s all I feel it has going for it. Their fries are quite tiny and you need to combine 4 to reach the size of a regular fry, but they aren’t my reason for 3⭐️(McDonalds for comparison). I went with my sister and her husband on a Saturday night(12/29/18) and the lobby floor and some tables appeared to have never been washed off or swept up throughout the evening shift. Food, garbage, condiments, you name it was on the floor, big turn off for me as an avid burger fan. The burger was very flavorful, but if I had gotten a single patty I would not have been able to find the beef within the burger. Average customer service, but when we left we only could see 1 employee in the back “working”. The price for the meal was way more than what I felt it was worth, yet my family did say the custard was some of the BEST they’ve ever had, so I would probably only go back for that in the foreseeable future.

Dan Wilding

These are really great burgers! I also love the shoe string fries with their fry sauce... two varieties of fry sauce... jalapeno or regular. The frozen custard is awesome!

Joel Horne

Food is good but cleanliness is lacking.

Brit Mansell

The fries are great, but their purpose is solely to serve as a vessel to deliver the jalapeño dipping sauce into my mouth.

Jim Ogle

Couldn't believe I paid almost four bucks for the dinky little shake I was handed. Won't happen again.

Michael Johnston

Liked it a LOT better than In N Out. Definitely stopping by next time we are in town. Loved the concrete!

Charles Miske

When we go to St George, my sons and I, to mountain bike, this is the perfect place to stop on the way home and refill all the calories we burned on the trails. The meat is really tasty how they prepare it. It's fun that the cashier will always ask you if you want the burger made the way it's described on the signed. I suppose at one point or another in their history people would bring the burger back and ask why it had the stuff described on the sign on the burger. The Concrete's and Sundaes are really good too, but nothing exceptional going on there. My absolute favorite though is the jalapeno fry sauce and the little skinny fries - those are the best.

Sarah rodriguez

We loved this place. First time here, and the menu was simple, and easy to follow. the customer service was great, and the food was out in no time. The girls loved their hamburger and fries. We loved our hamburger and fries. Clean, and cozy place to sit in. The outside seating was pretty cool as well.

Sharree Sanderson

Food is always top notch and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. This is a great spot for food as well as ice cream, which is hard to achieve these days.

Dennis Hershey

Standard Freddy's experience, nice people, clean restaurant, and fresh hot food with cold and creamy mixers!

Sean Eckhold

Greeted with a smile. Place incredibly clean, especially the open kitchen. Burgers and fries were good.

Vickie Sorensen

Their custard is so creamy and rich. Best in St George..maybe the best in Southern Utah!!


Just ordered a chocolate/vanilla mixed custard, very rich and very yummy.

Jamie Z

Ice cream is super creamy and not too sweet, love the amount of nuts toppings! (pecan for signature turtle and macadamia for Hawaii delight)

Ricky Jackson

Very Good

Susan Plouzek

We are there on a very busy Saturday night. We were with friends for dessert. FREDDY'S was fast service and GOOD!

bacon strips

Pretty middle of the road. Shoestring fries could be a little fresher, they were going limp when I got them. Burger was cooked very very well done, black and crusty on both sides. Somewhat dry... Personally I like medium rare and juicy, but can tolerate something almost burnt, and this was the upper edge of tolerable. Got two pretty small strips of bacon on there but the bacon was cooked nicely, not brittle and crispy, which I dislike. Service was good, place was clean, people were friendly. Atmosphere was good, a spacious, cool but not cold, 50s diner style. Price was on the level. Double bacon burger combo for $9. I would go back if I was in the area but wouldn't drive across town just to get these burgers. A solid "OK" but not award winning material in my book

Landon Southwick

Freddy’s is awesome! We love their steak burgers. We typically get a number 1 and trade out our drink for a shake which they do for a small price. This location is always clean and the workers are always helpful. Next time we are back in St. George we will for sure be back.

Amie Miller

Great food and dessert! They serve Pepsi and Dr pepper. The burgers were so perfect. And the fries! They are shoestring fries and done perfectly. The jalapeno fry sauce was good too. Totally a kid friendly place too.

Hannah Red

The burgers and shakes are awesome

Michael Lewis

A different kind of hamburger place. They use steak instead of hamburger for the burgers, tasty, good fries thinly sliced which I prefer. You need to buy the double burger the single is not enough. They have a hamburger and a hot dog combo if you want a variety. They serve custard deserts, very rich and good. This is a national chain but it's just different enough to be a nice change.

Rylan Schaffer

Unbelievably great burger. Where have you been all my life? Family favourite and worth the stop! Amazing food.

Alex Vasquez

Love the thin meat, really tasty and yummy

Dustin Callister

Always delicious, and the service is great. Make sure you include custard with your meal!

Zexy Overlord



Oh my god this place..... Cons: They constantly ruin my order when I use the drive through. All I ask for is grilled onions in my burger, but all I usually get (8 out of 10 times) is regular onions or no onions at all. Come on people. Pros: The place is generally clean inside and the staff, although somewhat brain dead through the window, they are fairly nice in person. Prices are not bad and the food is great. So great, I have not the turkey squirts since going to Freddy's.

Tanner Todd

My wife took me here last weekend during a trip to St. George. She talks about it all the time, and now I know why! Such a great atmosphere. Excellent fries. The burgers are somehow crispy and juicy at the same time—pretty unique, but worth trying! Every fry sauce I try now is little more than a weak substitute for their homemade jalepeño version. Highly recommend!

Vivian Zalus

The food is great... I love the fries and their ice cream treats are terrific!! PLUS, I'm old enough to know the music they play and I can sing along!! Also, my husband loves getting the military discount...yes, I would definitely recommend Freddy's to my friends!!

Joshua Stone

Great steak burgers and hot dogs. Great service and cool music. Extra cool thing that it was founded by a WW2 soldier. Stop here and give it a try you wont be disappointed.

Audrey Sizemore

Great service and pretty clean. Always great food.

Hal McNeil

Food was good, the restaurant was very dirty in the dining area. No one was wiping tables or sweeping the floor. We had to get paper towels from the restroom to clean our table.

Jennifer Faddis

Great burgers! Better than in n out. Custard is smooth and creamy. I love the fries too.

Sharon Krellner

Excellent - as always.


Great service. Great food. I went thu the drivethu and there gift card system was down. I was paying by gift card. They said no charge because the gift card system was down. Great service. Will be back

Karen Cluff

So delicious! Concrete was awesome and so was the burger! Even got it lettuce wrap style!

Jeff Gorton

Good location. Food was ok. Really busy.

Eric Hamilton

Friendly service and delicious burgers and fries. Love the floats.

Nancy Carlton

Mini shakes are huge! Great place, classic car show once a month

MIss Monica

Love their custard shakes. I would give it 5 stars if it were less expensive.

Eric Monroe

Great burgers and curds. Eat them and be happy.

brendon gunn

Great food. Great staff. Always hot and delicious!

Dan Davis

Good food, but a little pricey. The jalapeno fry sauce is awesome and their shakes are as well.

Steve Monson

Always clean, always cool, always good

Deborah Harr

Food ok, steak burger patties are very thin, very very thin. Fries are just a bit larger than shoestring, taste is good, but most of ours were under 1\2" there were 5 of us. Maybe we went on a really bad night? Flavors were meh, nothing stellar.

Joseph Barrett

This place is great...just not crazy about the shoe string fries..

Jeannie Turpin

Food was delicious. The burger was yummy! Tiny fries. The only complaint I have is the flies! There were flies bugging us the whole time we were eating.

Carl Killman

One of the best burgers in town I would have never expected it!

Sharon Kording

Awesome burgers great fries. Clean friendly. Do Freddy's not the Micky d's.

Brady Redfearn

Really yummy food... INSANELY yummy custard.

Kathi Bridges

First time there, a lot of variety, food tasted very fresh and steakburger had perfect seasoning.

Gaylynn Perrone

It's usually good, this time the burger and fries were a little too salty.

Boomin Pody

Good, but fries are small

Lane Hammons

Love the steak burgers and the fries with the seasoning salt. Retro decor inside is a nice touch and they occasionally have nights where folks with classic cars all show up, very fun.

Samuel Bridgeman

Great Steakburger and the girl was very sweet

Robert the bruce dixon

Great burgers and yummy onion rings.The custard sundae is a treat you will remember.

Cody Hertzberg

I love Fready’s I go there at least 3 times a week because they don’t mess up my order. They aren’t horribly expensive and they have the best hamburgers in town also they are so nice. Especially when you forget your debit card


Good and quick

Steve Ottesen

Great steak burgers and frozen yogurt. Its awesome.


Never been to Freddy's before and OMG, it was amazing tasted just like Steak & Shake back in KY and the Custard is to Die For I Definitely Recommend this place if you've never been before

Dar Kels

I had a steak burger which was pretty decent. The burger are thin and crisp around the edges. Different than your average burger places. Shoe string fries were good and I really enjoyed their jalapeno fry sauce. Great custard shakes!

David Jimerson

Wasn't happy with the food. I took one bite of my burger and decided never to come back

Joe Broderick

Great burgers and jalepeno fry sauce.a little higher prices

Melissa Sperry

Freddys is good. Burgers are thin and prices are a little high but the fries and custard are good

Bryan Russell

Not bad, the meat was so thin you could hold it up to the sun and see through it. But it was a nice change in pace from typical fast food.

Kelcie Marshall

Disappointed in my order from Freddy’s.. almost like they made up their own order for what I ordered.

Kimto Donna

Good onions rings! And the burger steak is good too! Protein style of course

Mickey Palmer

Great small town mom and pop shop! If I'm ever in St. George again I will be back :)

Diann Ruesch

We went through the drive thru and got their custard. I got a scrumptious signature turtle concrete and my hubby got a double vanilla cone. The attendant was friendly at the window also.

RedRockDualSport ADV

It's always great, try the jalapeno fry sauce.

Jared Hartman

Freddy's is great! The food was delicious, the store was clean and had plenty of seating and the staff were very nice.

Jonathan Love

Probably my favorite fast food restaurant ever! The food, the customer service, the ambience. I really love the pictures of Freddy and his military service all over the walls. The burgers are great especially when you add green chilies. I actually don't care for the ultra-thin fries but others do. Ironically i can't stop eating them once i start; they are like popcorn... dipped in crack. The ice cream -and specifically the concrete- is where Freddy's really wins.

Mariona Farnsworth

Pretty good, they did mess up my order, not they were able to fix it.

nina RE

We always go to this location if we're in the area. The food is good as always.

Nate Hendrickson

Love the fries! Didnt much care for the burgers until i started asking for them to put lettuce onions and tomatoes on it. They leave it off unless you ask.

Eric Turnquist

The food is very good. Service was great. Maybe a little over priced.

Tim Hayes

The food was really good and the old diner atmosphere was lots of fun to.

Terry Wood

The food is always good

Joyce Needham

We love this place and have visited often. Sadly the last two times we were there the dining area was dirty and tables and chairs not organized. Also, my husband ordered the Chicago Dog and it was cold and barely cooked. We are hoping these were isolated incidents as we enjoy bringing out of town friends here for a casual meal and fun conversation.

Ron Larsen

Good burgers. Good fries. Good treats. A bit pricey, compared to other fast food places. Worth it, in my opinion.

Henry R. Frew

I recommend freddy's original steakburger!

Jon Ferguson

We stopped here on the way up to Northern Utah and then again on our way south back to home — Already we are return customers — great food and really nice great people working here — bathrooms were clean but parking was a little tricky as you have to turn in after passing the restaurant — I’m sure we will be back when driving thru again

Renee Baker

Love Freddy’s burgers and fries. I always get great service with a smile from all their employees. The girl taking the orders on the drive thru yesterday was so friendly and courteous. I highly recommend if you’re in St. George.

Jeremy Burgess

Best lettuce wrapped burgers in town!

Lily Espitia

Oh man, this place is the best. They'll always hook you up with the tastiest food. Quality hamburgers, they really do work hard! I wish I could eat here more often. Also, the staff is nice. :)

Adam Edwards

Okay, so I just discovered this place yesterday, and I was from out of town and I like totally love this place. It reminds me of some home town restaurants. The custard was stellar, and the fish and chips was very satisfying. Freddy's has got it going on for shore. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Cris Best

Best burgers ever.

Jack Moto

Good burgers and great shakes. A little pricey for me.

Heather Oxborrow

The California style is the way to go. The burgers and fries are delicious and perfectly topped off with some frozen custard.

Jacob Marvin

They have OK cheese Burgers ,but Awesome Custard.....

Paul H

Great burgers and custard. Service is fast and friendly.

Enrique Romero

It's okay. Good decor. Frozen Custard texture is okay, toppings are limited to candy and chocolate. Only fruit option was banana. Might be a good place when you want a sit down burger.

Tony Lawrence

It's good but in and out better

Scott Shakespeare

Amazing green chilie steak burgers!

ry chi

I love this place! Best chicken, fries, customer service, and a cute environment.

Jerry Woodcox

Service was great, order came out perfect and fresh. Love the jalapeno fry sauce.

Trevor Schow

Good burgers, good fry sauce, good ice cream. Fries are a little cardboard like in my opinion. Others in our group loved the fries, so try them before you make a judgement call, but I much prefer fries from other places. However, the burgers and shakes will keep me coming back regardless.

Mike Price

Overall I really enjoy Freddy's and this location was no different. Customer service here was great. Freddy's burgers are a tad unconventional, but delicious (and some of my favorites). Rather than a thick juicy patty like you'd normally expect, their steakburgers are more of a very thin patty that's often quite browned and crispy around the edges. If you know anything about meat, that browning adds tons of flavor. Very flavorful burgers. If you normally get a 1/4 lb burger at other places, get the double here since the patties are so thin. Their fries are great as well, and the offering of a jalapeno ketchup is a great touch. Their frozen custard is also fantastic and is a great way to finish off the meal.

David Lowe

Great burgers. And custard. It wasn't busy, which made me wary. But it was good. The staff was friendly, and helpful considering I've never been there before.

Tasha Rosario

Burgers are always good and custard is amazing. The only reason I didn't give five stars is because it was messy inside.

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