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REVIEWS OF DoughnutsVille IN Utah

Kimber Gardner

Decent doughnuts, fast and nice service, and best iced coffee in town!

Jaycee Fragoso

Doughnuts Ville, it’s a well kept place, always clean and everyone that is working is always bubble & excited to have you in! My personal favorites from the menu include; Strawberry milk tea with boba and the fruity pebble donut!

darrell mcmahon

Daniel Carey

This place was awesome. Loved their kolaches and their donuts are really good. They recommended the strawberry split donut, and they were definitely right. They also have boba tea which is great.

John Grafelman

Great doughnuts for not much money.

MacKenzie Maness

My boyfriend and I each ordered a glazed twist. The dough was extremely fluffy and buttery. I'd go as far to say it's the best doughnut I've ever had. Check them out!

Bridgett Burgess

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joni sillitoe

I love this place!! The doughnuts are fluffy and fresh baked. I love the kolaches the bread was so buttery,fluffy, and soft. The cream cheese thing I got was amazing. Better than a store bought doughnut❤❤

Jeremy Chaves

This place is awesome when it comes to making great service and delicious food. It’s a must stop if your in cedar city.

ayden wray

Absolutely love Doughnuts Ville! 1st the workers are amazing. The quality is consistent which is really hard to find! They really do want YOU as a customer to have a pleasant experience. Not to mention it's always clean inside. I highly recommend the mango boba and the breakfast sandwiches! GREAT addition to Cedar City!

Alex Mounter

It’s delicious, my friends and I go there all the time to get boba drinks. It’s one of our favorite pastime places. The strawberry mango fruit tea is particularly good. The donuts are always on point and delicious. For such a small place they have a surprising amount of options

Mike Pressley

Heather Paul

Ok, the doughnuts and pastries are great yet I really come for the bubble tea was so excited when they started serving it. Have been back many times. The staff is also great.

James Scales

The guy is not the most talkative but the donuts are the best in cedar city (just ahead of lin's donuts). I also love their hot dog wrap things. I could eat them all day. They are also the only donut place I have found that does not give me heartburn from their donuts.

Jessa Nowotny

My favorite donuts

Janna Blair

Being 100% honest I was so dissapointed in this place. The donuts tasted like grocery store donuts. I want donuts from a donut shop! Seemed like they spent all their money on the store itself instead of the product. Cedar city needs a donut shop, you guys had a good thing going, but if your product is more expensive and tastes just like the grocery store, you will not last! Improve your product. Give me some freakin tasty cream filled. Give me a bomb crueller. Improve your recipie. Taste different. Do not go stingy on the frosting. I came in with a party of 5 and we all walked out saying we will not go back. When you start improving the product, I'll give you another shot.

Reen Lane

I tried the ham and cheese kolach with the classic milk tea with boba, it was delicious. I would recommend this place for the food and milk tea for sure.

Nico Torgersen

Lydia Lee

Love love love!

Julene Weaver

Donuts tasted fine but the store was dirty so it made me sketchy about eating my donut. Tables unwashed, boxes of supplies stacked and stashed in random spots up front, floor unswept. If the front of the store is that bad, what is the kitchen like? Lady at the counter was nice, but I don’t know that we will be back.

Danquil Jones

Bryson Day

A haiku about my morning doughnut... Round deliciousness… drizzled in chocolate, sprinkles, or just plain. So good.

Anthony Bowman

Great kolaches and donuts.

Joe Rogan

Fluffy and tasty donuts

Lillya Ly

Great place with friendly staffs and awesome donuts! I’d recommend their blueberry cake and Kolache because it something you would want to try!

isaiah sharp

The Donut holes are amazing, especially paired with the jasmine milk tea.I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but the chocolate donuts at “doughnutVille” made me think again.And the orange glazed donuts are phenomenal, just an array of flavors exploding in my mouth.

Don Henkel

Good pastry and tea. Parking lot is limited.

Ruth Brown

Good doughnuts and coffee

Justin Nordin

Wow! This place was great! The donuts were delicious, the place was clean, prices were great, and they were really friendly! They gave our kids a donut hole each to try and were patient when we couldn't decide which items to try! My wife loved the Strawberry Split with maple glaze, the cream cheese filled was so good, and I had the sausage, egg, and cheese kolache thing (can't remember the name it was so good!) We've found our new go-to spot!

Fred Subia

Great people great town great dooughnuts!

bill whitney

Linda Cracraft

Believe it or not, as good as or better than Krispy Kreme! Very fresh.

Carley Prestwich

Great doughnuts. Friendly and quick service

T. Tate Thorpe

Brya Rentas

The strawberry split donut was absolutely delicious. Personally i only enjoy plain donuts but this was nothing i expected it to be. The strawberries were perfect, not too sour. The whipped cream was soft and creamy. The donut tasted amazing & it all tied together wonderfully! The Mango Tea was a 10/10. Mango Flavored anything is the best & id highly recommend trying both of these!

Geoff Gravett

The grandkids loved it. They were quite busy but took the time to get just the right doughnut for each kid. Very friendly and seemed genuinely happy to serve the kids special requests.

Len Hatch

Looking for a good donut shop this one it sure to please you with a wide variety of donuts and other Goody's like their breakfast croissants and just the croissants so yummy.

Neal Gyngard

My daughter and I love this spot. Good hours and fresh donuts.

Rachel Berryman

Just passing through, stopped to grab a bite. OMG! A delicious, light, in house doughnut for only $0.80?!?! Never would you find that in California. I love these don't have the heavy, doughy, over prooved flavor of grocery store doughnuts. When you bite a doughnut hole in half they are light enough to spring back to their original shape/loft. That's how you know it's good! Very happy with every type and flavor we tried, particularly the filled doughnuts. You could tell the fillings were made in house with care and nothing was sickeningly over sweet. If I were local I'd be making this a weekly stop NO Question!

Katye Mitchell

Debra Hammer

Very friendly staff and I truly enjoyed my strawberry mango tea with strawberry poppers. I plan to return again.

KayDee Rasmussen

Went here to get a boba tea and was very dissatisfied. The boba in the tea were undercooked and impossible to chew. I also ordered a donut while I was there which tasted like it was a day old.

Jonah & Sharley Huntsman

Yummy kolache

Ashlee Hardin

Bryan Burton

Excellent donuts!!!

Thisisthelife Ilove

We went through the drive through. The owner of the shop came to the window. She was so nice I wanted to buy everything in the shop. We will definitely be stopping by again!

Eliza Wray

I've been going to doughnutsville for a few weeks now. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the store. My favorite drinks are the passion fruit and mango bubble teas. I personally like them to be only 30 percent sweetened. I find myself coming here sometimes 2 times a day because I love the way the drinks taste. I have a goal to try everything on the menu at least once. Recently I tried the kolache. It is kind of like a hot dog but, in my opinion better. I love the bun thattteh meat was wrapped in. All of the gdoughnuts I have tried have all tasted fresh,light, and fluffy. I really like the doughnut wholes specifically. I really recommend.

Brig Church

Pretty good donuts, but selection was limited. Next time I will need to come earlier in the day.

Grace Morin

Meredith Nichols

I was traveling through Utah and was crazing some good doughnuts and this place didn't disappoint. Thanks so much!

Jenny beykirch

No better than grocery store donuts. I fact, maybe not even up to that level. They all taste the same. Apple fritter had no apples.

Charlene Moses

Love the milk tea and jalapeno kolaches!!! 10 stars for doughnutsVille!!!! The doughnuts are great also!

Emma Amundsen

It's a super cute place, the service was great and super fast. I had the coconut milk tea, chocolate doughnut, and mini apple fritter. The milk tea was really delicious. Not to sweet, but not at all bland. And the doughnuts were fluffy perfection with some good crunch on the fritter. The glaze was also really good also. Not over powering but definitely sweet.

Stacy Oswald

Delicious, quick, inexpensive breakfast and wonderful service!

Tim Ebersole

Excellent fresh doughnuts and coffee.

John sense

Best cake doughnuts I have ever had.

Ronny Sanders

They have good donuts I like them

Dyanne Richan

Fabulous staff! Very helpful and attentive. Delicious donuts

Hadlie Visser

Rick Smith

Good doughnuts and friendly staff.

Bobby Ping

I've been here several times and everything I've tried has been delicious. Service is always fast and feiendly and the prices are right. I highly recommend to anyone!

Joah Carter

Even though some people may think I that I have a biased opinion or my opinion is biased (eh, moving on) because I assisted in some of the construction of DonutsVille but I'm not going to lie either. I am so thrilled that this establishment was built and operated by a local of Cedar City. Lins was the only place in town that has donuts, real ones-not the precooked/premade and preboxed ones like Walmart, Smiths and every other store in Cedar. But Lin's customer service is absolutely dreadful, some of the worst. But Yayyy, DonutsVille, too the rescue! Thank you Brian and your wife and your son. Great place, great donuts, clean and sanitary, other employees who are bubbly, friendly and smiling. This place will definitely be my go to spot. Yummm

Point Break

The Alligator Jaw donut is perfection in a donut. Just the perfect amount of cream, strawberries, and donut all wrapped in one glorious package.

Dana Hall

If you just want doughnuts, this is the place to go. They have a large selection, as well as some unique flavors. The filled pastries are great. They slice them in half and spread the filling like a sandwich. Much easier to eat when the filling isn't spilling out.

James Garrard

Great donuts, but understaffed.

Sal Craw

Mmmm, doughnuts. Mmmm, everything. Also whoever did the photography for this did a fantastic job!

Jared Cowan

Joseph Lee

Great doughnuts. If only they were warm. I do love their orange glazed doughnuts though!

Granny Skulls

I was really expecting some good homemade donuts. I was very disappointed. They tasted very day old, and that's not appealing. The employees seem very nice. The Establishment didn't seem super clean. And that is a big requirement of mine. The coffee was okay. I will give you a Plus on the coffee.

Diana Barlow

Nobody else in town makes donuts like these! Delicious, every one of them and I have tried quite a few!!

Scott Henderson

Devilsfood donuts taste like blueberry cause they didn't clean the mixer completely.

Roaring Life

I’ve tried so many different things from here and honestly the peach punch smoothie and classic milk tea have been the absolute best!! The owners are such kind people and amazing too! Definitely a great place to go in Cedar.

Mikey Anderson

This place is great. I love their boba and staff. They’re all so sweet! My favorite doughnut there is their cream cheese turnover, which they don’t make often, however if you ask the owner and tell him what day you want to come in hell make them! Their family is the sweetest. The boba and ice coffee is also very good. My roommate is obsessed with their mango smoothie with mango jelly. The only thing I would suggest to do different would be the taro milk tea, there isn’t very much taro flavor.

Terry Cossairt

Everything was very good this morning

Breo Jones

It the best breakfast place I have ever been to. Great food great service great prices very clean and amazing prices wirh all different kinds of tea including boba made just right with all different types of donuts

Dresyn Richard

Very fast clean and friendly service as well as very good smoothies and doughnuts! Honestly I can’t recommend just one thing definitely the best place To be for doughnuts!

jose Alvarado

Great doughnuts hit the spot on long trip

Stayc Perry

The management and cashiers are so friendly

theresa phillips


Tamra Lee

These Donuts are amazing! Boba tea is spot on! Yum! Thanks for staying open later so we can come visit!

Chastity Spivey

Ellie Jessop

Fresh delicious doughnuts and yummy smoothies

C. A.

Best doughnuts in southern Utah

Bridget Ohms

Donut was delicious (apple fritter). But, we also loved the atmosphere and smoothie! Highly recommend!

Jenna Hills

finally cedar city has the real donut shop. Im glad you guys open up here. The donut is delicious. I like the kolaches better.

Amilia Willison

My favorite place to get donuts!

Shannon Loo

Good donughts and friendly staff.

Amanda Goddard

I love Doughnutsville. Great doughnuts, good service! I will definitely be going back.

Jared Grigg

Not the best donuts I've ever had but the best I found in Cedar City.

PC Setup

Really good donuts. Always fresh, soft, and tasty. I do wish the lemon filled had more filling. And why are they sliced, then spread with lemon, instead of 'filled' like other flavors? Edit: the lemon filled donuts are now filled like the other filled donuts. Not sliced like before. And it seems like they have more filling now. Much improved. This is still my favorite donut stop in the morning before work.

Andrew Martinez

This place is great the Kolache are very good, one of my tops, everything is made fresh every say


Really great service and clean environment. They always have a large variety of donuts and sandwiches. Not expensive at all.

Larry Bilyeu

Friendly service, server had to ask Manager for questions. Yummy food. Not as good as other places.

Richard Sidwell

Really good and really fresh

Brad Lundell

They are friendly and have good donuts plus they had really good pigs in a blanket. They call it something else but I don't know how to say it. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for a good breakfast to go

A Yancey

I liked everything I tried. The standouts were the glazed blueberry and they have the softest maple bar ever. I'll go back and try the kolaches next time. Thanks for the friendly service and the yummy doughnuts!

Kylaas Flanagan

Great place for breakfast. I love Kolaches-- probably the best portable breakfast you can purchase in Cedar. They bake them every morning and they'll do a quick heat up when you order so it feels the most fresh. Their donuts are good too; they've got a decent selection and that includes smaller portions in case you want to eat fifteen donuts instead of ten ;) but I love getting a small one to compliment a kolache. If you're in the mood for a quick bite but don't want a standard egg McMuffin, give this place a shot!

Angie Crook

I really do like this place but if you plan on going in the morning in the drive-through then I wouldn't because every time I have gone through the drive-through in the morning I have waited for a really long time and no one ever comes to the window. Very frustrating.

MF Outdoors

Good Doughnuts and pre-made breakfast sandwiches. They were friendly and helpful.

xochitl galindo

Gordon Clemmer III

Very tasty donuts to eat.

Rachel Twitchell

Love the breakfast options, boba teas and husband/wife team that always remember my name and favorites to order!!

Eden Gallagher

4.5ish. Both times I've gone they've given us a few free donut holes which was super nice. The donuts are good, not the *best* I've ever had, but they're definitely good enough.

Melody McCoard

To expensive, not open long enough, and do not have enough products on hand should you not go in when they first open for the day.

Laura Jensen

Their Boba milk tea is delicious, service is fast and friendly and prices are good! They also have caffeine free tea options.

Cariline Quebek

The droughts are good. I go for the wonderful boba tea. Take the recommendation of the owners you will mot be disappointed.

Chery Carroll


Peter Keiley

Great donughts. Soft, reasonably priced and really tasty. The donut holes are very good- fluffy and tasty. Certain members of the family make me detour off of the freeway....they are worth the detour!

Robert the bruce dixon

Great value tastes great

Bryan Hack

Great donuts and iced coffee

Katie Snow

HOLY HANNAH THIS STUFF IS GOOD!!! We thought K.K. (you know who I mean) had the best doughnuts... these doughnuts are easily that good and maybe better! The cream cheese filling could use a little more flavor but the sausage, egg, and cheese bread bun things are out of this world amazing! That's the best, softest, sweetest, most delicious breakfast sandwich I've ever had! I don't know if I wish I lived here or if I'm glad I don't, because I'd eat here every freakin day if I could!

Dion Lambard

Food was good and the people were nice.

Julie Hensman

Rip off. First time customers, we asked for a dozen doughnut holes, the cashier grabbed a small, pre-filled bag off the shelf and set it on the counter. It looked surprisingly small so I asked, “That’s a dozen?”, the employee said yes, and I said, “wow, really? It doesn’t look like it.” And the employee said yes again. So, my husband and I started counting as we went through the bag and there were >>only 10<< In response to your reply... I’m not convinced it was the older gentleman’s first day, you need a better excuse than that. And thanks anyways, we were just passing through, but you won’t be seeing us again. You should know a little bit of honesty goes a long way.

Allan Goodson

Not too bad overall. Prices are pretty low, service as friendly. Donuts a bit stale though, and the overall taste and texture seemed a bit low quality. I would say that Lin's has the best doughnuts in the area, if you're looking for doughnuts, go to Lin's.

Mariah Hansen

The strawberry splits and the breakfast sandwiches are SO yummy! Everything I've tried here has been great but those are my favorite! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Richard Carter

Nothing wrong with their donuts, but they don't make you go wow.

Carolyn Turner

So good!!! Donuts and croissant sandwiches are to die for!! Low Prices! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Nita DeGaetano

Delicious fresh donuts!

Marty Foster

Diidnt go here.

David Juarez

The ham and egg croissant sandwiches are very delicious and flaky.

Dylan Westover

Best place in town for fruit smoothies! I recommend trying the kolache.

Marni Maxwell

Good variety, yummy breakfast sandwiches.

Dustin Wheat

Pretty good donuts. I'


Went soon after they opened and almost nothing was made

Brett Robinson

Donuts are a little on the small side

Lisa Pedersen

Emily Reaves

Aaron O'Dell

Great Doughnuts

Nicky Casilla

Friendly and fast service

Aidan Oconnell

Brooke Childs

I love coming to DoughnutsVille for my doughnuts! My favorite thing to get is the orange frosted doughnut and taro milk tea with boba. Highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area.

Roy HI

Boba drinks! Excellent doughnuts! Friendly owners AND a drive thru!!!

PC Lawson

Johnee Leslie

The best place to get doughnuts & drinks in Cedar City. My favorite doughnut is the white frosted sprinkle & my favorite drinks are the Hello Sunset smoothie & the mango fruit tea. My favorite food there beside the doughnuts are the sausage cheddar jalapeño kolaches. A great place to stop if coming to town or often for the locals!!

Andrew Carlson

Good donuts, good coffee (only one regular and one decaf, but still good) and a good selection of other drinks for later in the day (boba and other cold drinks). We also like the breakfast buns filled with egg, sausage, or ham. Our favorite donuts are: maple Jon's, maple split (maple donut with fresh strawberries and cream) and the strawberry donut (strawberry frosting top).

Kay Taylor

Love the boba tea!

Sarah Pine

Poor quality mediocre taste i wont be going back and wont recc9mend anyone else waste their money here the people are nice though

Julio Henriquez

Qwentin McArthur

Only donut option in Cedar. Donuts are just ok but only choice when kids are craving donuts.

amanda begnoche

Great staff ;)


Excellent doughnuts and kolachies. I really enjoy their fruit teas as well. Everything is made fresh from scratch!

Alan Riddle

Meh ☹️

Olena Taylor

Grandkids loved it.

Susan Esplin


Faafota Mulitalo

Kolacha was amazing! Highly recommend trying it. The donuts were good as well and the service was fast and very nice.

woop woop

This place is great

Lori Wright

They are amazing donuts. Yum!!!!

Jake Reid

Les Hudelson

I stopped by to test this donut shop. The donuts were nice, good taste and I stop by again. Not as good as one will find in So. California, but finding any donuts in Utah is a gratifying surprise.

Tony Lawrence

It's ok lins a lot better

Jayson Marchant

Best breakfast around!

Billy Calloway


I get donuts for the staff here at Vasa every saturday and we all love them ! Very well priced and made perfect !! Best donuts in town for sure !

Brent Potter

They have great doughnuts at a reasonable price.

Caswyn Oaks

The doughtnuts are very good here and everything is freshly made in the morning.

Ashley Jordan

Really yummy donuts! I love the cream filled ones and apple fritters especially, but they're all delicious! The Kolaches are awesome too! Warm, fluffy, sweet bread. Also great prices!

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