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11100 Auto Mall Dr, Sandy, UT 84070, United States

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REVIEWS OF Costco Wholesale IN Utah

Kellie Mattingly

Just went in to return a couple of items. Costco has such an easy return policy. They don't give you a hard time. And, they have such a friendly attitude during the transaction. ( I hate having to return something). It makes an uneasy situation feel a little bit better.

Nargiza Yusupova

Wow! I have never gotten this great of a customer service in pharmacies! The staff was so helpful and proactive by asking questions and explaining everything detail by detail. Good job and thank you!

Carla Kirby

I always walk through the door to shop and the wonderful choices make each time great. My first experience was in Kirkland, Washington. I couldn't believe what a wonderful place that it was I will always remember how much I loved shopping there. Returns are a breeze and everyone is loving the moment. I give the company high praises. Thank you!!!

Kate Kiatsiri

Staffs are friendly and helpful. Love Costco!!

Kierstyn Strong

Always a good idea. Especially if you are one of those people who prefer to be prepared. Membership is requited though.

Shady Ramez

This Costco is one of the best Costco's i ever saw. Food court is really nice and the new system to self order whatever you want from kitchen is really nice. They are doing this in other Costco too. But this one is already working.

Dr Harish Chandra Mohapatra

Most common household materials of daily living within budget.


Very fast for delivery, I had a load of water they had it off within half hour.

Balaji BABU T.R.

Nowadays Red Onion is not good. Tomato and cauiflower is good.

Addison Daly

What else can I say about Costco? The employees are nice, the company is great, and the store is clean.

Richard Hughes

What can you really say in a review about Costco that anybody has never heard before. I'll say that this was my first visit to the new store in Redmond and was pleased at how things have changed but remain the same. The parking is good the access is good but most of the stuff is in the same place you'd expect so you can navigate the massive Warehouse easily. Well laid out bright and wider aidles made this a more pleasant experience than many other Costco's I've been to.

Jeffrey Wilson

Great COSTCO store.

Usha Ganesan

Fruits and veggies are definitely cheaper. Cloths last longer. But my kids hate the pasta shells from here.

Ying S

. I love Costco. The price is great. The products are high quality. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Joyce Bradshaw

Plenty of verify here and some very good value

roxanne brown

This place is the most ridiculous experience I've ever had in my life. There's no loading zone for loading Furniture what in the world are they thinking with people walking everywhere it's a nightmare ridiculous I would never shop here ever again. Costco if you are going to carry large items like sofas and mattresses then have a loading zone

Tyson Dawson

Miss Coco Peru says to get your panettone elsewhere and I do what Miss Coco Peru says. Your LA store shoulda let her film there.

Vahl Wharton

Great store, friendly staff, parking lot from hell.

Martin Calsyn

Its everything you likely expect ... you and 10,000 other folks all buying stuff in apocalyptic-prepper quantities. That said, this is one of the newer and nicer outlets.

Cody McCabe

Crowded, but a great selection of items, really fast checkout and always really cheap food court.

Muthu Kumari

Very Nice Place and Plenty of items at Good Price

Jeremy Atkins

I always have a pleasant time shoppong here. Though they occasionally stop carrying an item I love, it's worth the membership and the employees are top notch.

whitney zelig

I love you. And your pharmacy staff is so kind and friendly . I love the big jar of sauerkraut( raw fermented probiotic gold) Thank you. It is so very much needed and appreciated

Irina Stuart

Very nice and clean. Easy to find what you need.

Frank Speaking

Clean and modern. Friendly staff. Just avoid it on weekends because it becomes Crazytown!

Josh Campbell

I hardly ever bring a grocery cart in because if I do I leave with to much food.

Brandon Koch

Costco is s great bargain on so many bulk items. My wife and I do most of our weekly grocery shopping here, taking advantage of their excellent selection of fish, meat, poultry, and produce. Beyond that, the samples given out by employees are always a highlight to try new products and the prepared meals that Costco creates with little needed except popping it in the oven or on the stove are great for easy dinners and lunches. We buy their soups all the time for easy lunches to take to work. All of the employees at this location have been a delight to deal with, and the membership has proven entirely worth it. I highly recommend this Costco.

kyle becker

Dropped my wife's 2016 Toyota 4Runner off for a tire rotation and balance, up on picking up the vehicle we found three large scratches on the left side rear bumper. At the same time they set the air pressure to 55 psi in 3 tires and 40 psi in 1 tire while the tire air pressure recommendation in the door panel recommended by Toyots states the tire pressure should be at 32 PSI. On my invoice they told me they set it to 55 psi because that's what the tire recommended however that is maximum tire pressure recommended by the tire manufacturer. Costco prices itself in being professional and for the most part they are however I encountered anything but professionalism on this experiance. To make matters worse they had 7 customers line up with no one to adress them at the front counter. I know that costco gets very busy however people shouldnt be waiting 20 minutes to get service at the front desk. Recommend discount tire over costco for your tire needs.


This costco is fairly new and it is really nice. I love going to this store as the staff are all extremely friendly. The prices are also great but you do need a membership to get in.

Akaur D

Shop for big family in bulk at reasonable prices. Excellent policy to replace stuff in 30 days. Just love to shop here. U almost get everything here.

Shelly Smith

Definitely one of the busiest Costcos I’ve been to. But great selection & service.

Christy Durant

Love this Costco, very friendly people and it's in a great location too.

Nancy Schuldt

Seems like a somewhat smaller store and definitely harder to find. Not a fan of three-deep gas pumps as there is not enough room to do parallel parking maneuver for middle pump. But they DO have diesel, which is awesome. And they have two coffee grinders which is also awesome. Glad to have this location as an option for my Costco list.

Sadia Pervaiz

Me and my kids love Costco. We always find more than we come to get. I get most of my groceries from Costco.

Allen Miller

This is the worst place to have your prescriptions filled. I dropped the prescription off and was told it would be ready in 15 minutes. 20 minutes later I returned to pick up my prescription. There was a line of 15 people waiting to get prescriptions and one person at the cash register. After waiting another 30 minutes in line I picked up my paper prescription and left. I dropped the prescription off at Smith's Food and Drug and had my prescription in 10 minutes. This is not first time this has happened to me at Costco. Typically there are 5 or 6 pharmacists or pharmacist assistants at Costco and 1 or 2 cashiers. The lines are always long. Customer service is definitely deficient.

Mandy Stacey

Costco is the best. Don't ever debate, just go to Costco. Buy in bulk and feel the love. However there is terrible customer service, one time I tried to get the attention of one but she just continued persuading this one lady to get pantsuit pants, and I had to sit there sipping my Costco smoothie and losing my mind. But go to Costco anyway. Get some pizza.

Biju Joseph

Well stocked and every time I could find one or more new items in different categories. Very attractive price too. Such a big store is neatly maintained. Staff members are friendly.

Betty Marz

Sorry, I don't have a membership with Costco anymore, so it would be difficult to give any recent information regarding a visit . B Marz

Azhan of Khan

I love Costco I mean who does not love Costco it is basically heaven free samples and great products for great prices if you go too Costco you will spend quite a bit but you get a lot of bag for your buck like did you know that Costco actually losses money when they sell their organic rotisserie chicken mind boggling but being snappy it is great for families.

Matthew VanderWende

One of the better costco. Has desiel gas and easy in and out.

Charlene Craghead

Love it! Great products! Good prices!

Kathryn Severn

I really like this Costco! Friendly staff with great selections that are well stocked.

chitresh pandit

Huge store with everything ranging from clothes to furniture to groceries to liquor. Its Awesome!

Simone Martin

Place sucks , supposed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all their products, and when you tell them you don't like something when returning stuff, it's like they take it personally...kinda weird....


Great store to buy things in bulk. They even sell clothing! You'll spend like 3 hours shopping though.

Jenn Mason

We are on the eve of what has been dubbed snowpocalypse in the Seattle area. Thought I would beat the crowd by going at 10:30am on a Thursday. It was the most insane I've ever seen. All but 1 lane open, 6 or 7 carts deep on check out. Little difficult to get around the store. ..but made it through check out so fast! They were prepared for this madness! Costco is the absolute best!

Alejo Alonso

Good stuff, great price. Costco did it again.

Bryant Larsen

Great place. Costco always has the best stores. Costco is the store that other stores want to be like when they grow up!

b c

My only complaint is that the prices seems to be getting higher and higher on each visit. Other than that, great selection and great products. Oh, and the gift card selection is a bit lacking... more local choices please.

Pamela Cullinan

Love Costco in general. Had never been to this location and it was surprisingly not too busy on a Saturday morning.

Dawn Kaufman

I love this Costco! It is very well stocked and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Jyoti Panthangi

Best place for lumpsum buying f groceries n household items. Tooo best for gasoline.


Everything is always on point here. Great place to shop

Mazen Aladwan

Great place, and centrally located to serve the people in Redmond, Redmond Ridge and Sammamish... and very nice and respectful staff.

Jonathan Helinek

Pretty long lines, especially if you have to go the customer service desk. The parking lot can be hazardous to get around, because people don't always look where they are going. Aside from that, same selection as any Costco.

vijay kumar

Fully stocked Costco. Gas station in there. While it could be a bit bigger. It's bigger than some Kirkland's Costco and has more items.

John Cochenour

Love this place. People are friendly and it's Costco!

Andy Brinkhaus

Love Costco. Great business model, good prices (on most things), outstanding selection and regular rotation, food samples, and tasty selections at the food court. Sometimes I go just for gas and/or hit up the food court.

Sasank Ca

This is the Best Costco near me... I never thought I would rate a Costco... they had the finest fruits and stuff is maintained well

Cory Townsend

Costco membership is the best deal on earth!!

Rob Belle

COSTCO is always a great shopping experience! Things you didnt even know you wanted end up in your cart! Great deals and great selection, plus the best gas price in town!

Susan James

Love Costco it doesn't hurt with me working there I can purchase stuff whenever I want to Great variety buying by the bulk is a lot more cost effective and love to wander through and find sale items every day's and adventure it Costco


Lots of great deals. Friendly employees. One of the food sample ladies was very rude. Very crowded. The parking lot is a nightmare.

Lydia Schaeffer

Always a positive experience shopping here. Even when they are super busy they are quick and efficient.

Temple Mastery

Costco always seems clean, well-run, with more engaged employees. They seem happier, which is why the turnover so much less than Sam's Club. Prefer Costco you're doing nice work guys.

Nate Lee

When it's time to feed the herd gotta go for the great deals and massive quantities

Michael D

These guys are great. There were some issues with a photo book that we had printed and shipped to the store, it was an odd problem that nobody had ever seen before, they got us sorted out and on our way very quickly. We love Costco.

Jody Donahue

They have lots of deals big bulk

Sara Byerley

Sandy Costco is so much more manageable now that South Jordan is running. Costco is Costco so you still have a panic attack lol. But the staff is friendly and helpful!

That French Guy

You can find pretty everything

Dhruv Bansal

Good place for items and prices and good.

Kohanaton Riokin

One of our favorite whole sale places to go, Good environment fast paced, and good quality experience. I've actually never had a bad experience there. Awesome place to get a membership and take advantage of the bulk items they sell.

Ralph Spackman

Warehouse store. Terrific price on tires & installations. Bulk food. Meats are reasonably priced. Membership required

Sariah M

Good deals at this Costco. Parking is crazy, but most of them are here around the area.

Mare Reynolds

Great place to stock up for summer

Craig Larsen

Plenty of parking and great snack bar make saving money easy at this Costco.

Sunidhi Rawal

Good store to spend money and hoard on to a years supplies, but always we end up spending 200$+ !

Zachariah David Hales

Not enough samples. Too many people. They were out of rice krispy treats ☹️

Tami Floyd

Clean, friendly staff, great products!

Wayne Nelson

Costco stands alone as the "Go-To" destination for quality and competitively priced groceries, clothing, small appliances, electronics, yard-care items and more! All this and the people who work there are congenial, personable, professional, fast and efficient. And lest I forget the food demos... it's not a store, it's an event!

Craig Watson

Best place in Utah to have a membership. Best Prices.

Christopher Ault

Standard Costco. Way too many people, not enough parking.

Marcus Hall

Great location, with a fuel center and tire center. Staff always friendly and helpful.

Geoffrey Gauchay

Costco is a Five-Star kind of place. I've never experienced anything less than a Five-Star visit to Costco. This location is no different!

Wen Emkay

Love my Costco! Only wish there was more square footage so they'd have more stuff for me to buy!

Carrie Eddy

Costco is a great place to shop. Good deals, great Kirkland store brands, and an amazing return policy. The produce is fresh, employees are friendly and helpful, prices are outstanding and the optical department is very reasonable. And for a bonus, a hot dog and drink for $1.50.

Josh In The Wild

The worst Costco in the state. I’m generally so impressed by the level of customer service at Costco, however, this location is the exception. I just went to buy a $1500 TV, and asked three employees to check if they had the TV in stock, each one would respond that they were helping someone else and then I’d see them move onto a new customer without coming back to follow up. Finally, I watch as an older employee that I had previously asked for help finishes up with someone else and he tells me he’s about off work but I guess I can help for a minute about as put off as you can imagine. Needless to say I’m going across the street to Best Buy to make the purchase and won’t be returning to this location.


I was there today around 330 pm man this guy Brian Blaze.he checked our baby's storell. I think he is a manager.I get it people might do this kind if shaddy stuff but he got the wrong person.Very unlearn and stupid person.I will never happen there again.

Neal E

Ya gotta love Costco! Sometimes you have to buy quit a lot of something but it's always at a good price. Lol It's a great place for grocery shopping especially if you have kids to feed. ;-)

Makayla Lowe

I love this place! It has the best samples and the friendliest people working there ever! I go there every Sunday and I really enjoy it!!

Aqaqaqaa Frfrfrffrr

Who doesn't love costco

Vance Johnson

Had some time to kill stopped in did the grocery shopping and gassed the car up. Great place to do both with ease.

Trystan Blake

It always seems to be clean, the staff are friendly, and the samples are yummy.

Austin Webber

Not one, but two employees caught that we didnt pick up our second muffin tray. The checker noticed and sent for a bagger to run and get us one. We got so caught up in conversation that we left after ring up and forgot our muffins a second time. Finally an employee caught that we didnt have our second muffin again. So we promptly returned to the line to see our second tray waiting for us. All three of you are rocking labor day weekend! It was a mad house and they are still out here catching things!

John Anker

Like a lot of Costco this one can get very busy. There is additional parking by the fuel islands and also across the road from main entrance.

Orestis Kostakis

Typical Costco store. Friendly service at he food court. Clean store overall.

Thomas Kent

Las at the Customer Service counter was perfect! He helped me understand a lot more about the available services that I had not known about. He did so quickly and clearly, and it really took a load off.

Hilary Flak

Everything that you need in bulk, somethings for the office, & some camping so really an assortment of everything. The bakery is top notch! Along with the meat department! They also have gas at a savings of about $.12 to $.15 cheaper than anywhere else! They have a pharmacy, a vision center, a photo department & a car tire center. Pretty much a one stop shopping place!

Matt Boss

Great Costco site; professional staff, clean, but no specialty selections.

Sherrie N

Costco in Sandy is always busy, but the employees are great and work hard to help you check out fast!

Nikhil Verma

Great selection, lovely produce. Do checkout the coupon/voucher section to get cheaper movie tickets, restaurant coupons. Their dine in options are fantastic and extremely value for money $10 for a massive pizza, $1.5 for hot dogs and acai bowls for around $5.

Daniel Ellis

This is my favorite store. Great selection of organic produce and the house brand wines are a pleasant roulette of flavor. The new addition of the kiosks at the food court are a great choice if you're in a hurry and the staff at the food court are fast, pleasant and friendly.

Angie Shadrick

Nice big store. Excellent customer service and quick checkout. Not as crowded as most Costco's.

Paul Zenone

Love Costco everything about it just NEEDS to be BIGGER so people can get around !!!!!!

Brijesh Nair

The place I love to go...

Fran Stewart

You probably already know Costco: great quality, amazing quantity. The Redmond warehouse has a gas station, eyeglass service, and pharmacy service in addition to the usual good stuff. The folks here are helpful, considerate, and open to feedback. They're paid a living wage, and it really shows. I wish more chains would do that!

Global Teja

Costco is a really good concept and I’ve always loved shopping here. The Redmond Costco is really a perfect place to shop because of the location. There are a lot of communities around. The service is really good and it’s not always super crowded so it makes the shopping experience nice. Shopping here every week has made me realize that Costco has the best deals. Make sure to keep up with new offers to save maximum $.

Rajanikanth Vellaturi

Plenty of parking. Good location. Lots of lines for gas. Highly recommend.

Robbie Collett

I’m here to review the returns process. Dear Costco, please update your computers. They haven’t changed since I worked there 15 years ago. It’s annoying how you have such a great return policy only to make it a giant pain to actually use it. There’s almost always a huge line, and if you don’t have your receipt, it’s even worse. I get the need for a receipt at any other store, but I have a membership at Costco. It should be so much easier to look something up.

Jerry Borrowman

Where better to have a good "date night" than Costco? Their fresh fruit and vegetables are terrific...

Orlando Jin

Great store for daily shopping.

Jeff Lee

Fairly new & popular location. Have only gone there during the weekend and although it is very busy, I have always found a parking spot. Long lines for checkout but move quickly. Docked a star as some ailes are not wide enough for the carts.

Henry n

It's a Costco like every other. Good staff. Fast lines.

Casey Jay

This Costco location has it down. Always fast through checkout, great displays, new items weekly, super friendly employees, and always clean.

Faria Hasan

It's great n organised...but I wud suggest make a list of Ur needs and stick to it else u'll end up buying not needed stuff too..also electronic deals r fine..

Trystin Dabel

I went in today to get a new set of contacts, when I went up to the optical counter, we were greeted by a woman named Georgana, right from the get go she was extremely rude, and very unhelpful, we stated that we needed the contacts because we are going on a trip early next week and she acknowledged it, then proceeded to have us pay, then after paying proceeded to tell us that they wouldn’t be ready for pickup until after we had already left for our trip, over a week away. We asked if she had any sample contacts I could have for my trip and she told me that I wasn’t a patient and she couldn’t give me any samples, but I’ve had multiple eye exams done there including my most recent one that hasn’t even expired yet. I hate leaving negative reviews, but she was blatantly rude.

Amanda VanMeter

Extremely busy, but that’s because it’s great. Employees are so helpful. Great samples.

binoy mehra

Great place for shopping .

Kurtis Easter

They discontinued the giant chocolate cake. My birthday is ruined. Unsubscribe.

Jenna Jennings

Personally I like the Woodinville store better but that is only because I become accustomed to its layout. This is still a great store, friendly and helpful workers.

Patsy Kilgore

Costco is a 2nd place for grocery shopping and needs. Can't beat their KirklandToilet Paper or Kirland paper towel. Plus those rotisserie chicken are the best price and size. They are always to die for so delicious.

Rachel Hall

Great costco! probably the best one. Is very friendly and clean.They hire great people and you can see how much they care about you. They always get great samples and their food court is great. We love to go to costco and hangout with our kids there. The kids are the ones who sometime ask us to go there. Parking lot is great too, better than SLC, make sure to avoid saturdays.

Daryl Huff

Love Costco they always have the things I need

Charlotte Ashby

Always helpful employees and enjoy shopping there.


My favorite store in the valley. The guy in front of me bought half a frozen goat, where else would you see that? I buy a case of microwave popcorn at least once a week, it’s that amazing.

Mark Pickett

Clean well maintained location, attentive staff, clean restrooms, overall great store

Jen Morales

Massively efficient way to purchase products at best available price. Staff are generally helpful.

Ethan Turk

Nice and clean. Employees are helpful and efficient. Crowded but that's the price you pay at a warehouse store. Highly recommended.


Great service on tires—swapping out regular for snow tires. For most efficient service, make an appointment online.

Haven Campbell

Food court takes way too long for a call ahead order if the time for pick up is noon then have the food ready at noon.

Jayant Gupta

Items are costly here. You can get cheap price in Walmart.


Most convenient location with variety of groceryl, produce, clothing, furniture etc. Lot of pps to fill gas quickly.

Radhai Ravindran

Superb shop to buy in bulk..only members are allowed to shop....many people like to buy products here

Michael Wells

Costco is my absolute favorite store on the planet, and normally any Costco review would be 5 stars, but this location is just a mess. Navigating the store is next to impossible, and the parking lot makes you think it would be better to park on the furthest end and walking. Of course, then you have to watch for all of the inattentive drivers in the parking lot. I love the store, but recommend a different location if you're here in town and looking to do some shopping.

Brandon Slack

Always great service and friendly staff

Austin Woodward

Small Costco but a lot of great deals!

Jeanette Jones

Great for getting groceries and other things and they give free samples of what they sell

Vijay Singh

Big fan of this plan.. I shop almost all my stuff from Costco. Unmatched quality and price.

Ajay Dewangan

Good location, very much accessible from Bellevue Redmond. Good set of display for LED TVs. Ample parking space. They have small food court as well.

Samuel Brown

A fantastic place.

Ganesh Mallaya

The best wholesale in US. Good quality products for the price.

Jakob Reinhold

Been going here for years! Always good!


Let’s be honest, who can beat the price and quality of Costco?

Donita Martino-Garrison

Good shopping experience always. I so much enjoy the taste testing of food products. I was shopping and stopped to have a sample of the vegetable cakes that can be served as a side dish and was pleasantly surprised that I really liked them. I will be buying them from now on. Keep up the sample food stands as it is serving customers to try new food product.

larisa kundilovski

Very crowded on Saturdays. Barely moved my cart through. Produce not always fresh. Good variety of items in comparison to other Costco stores.

saurabh roongta

Get most of the daily selection at reasonable pricea


Great overall selection and quick customer service! Crowding was problematic, and was hoping for a little more more variety on some things.

Aadil Palkhivala

I would have given this 5 stars but the amount of packaging used is deplorable. Costco has to learn how to sell product without so much Packaging. Recycle is one thing but the amount of plastic used puts a huge burden on our planet, especially our landfills and our ocean.

Jennifer Lopez

I had a great time wandering around looking


Good place to get food and supplies. But I do recommend you make a department in the store like home depot. Something similar for home design and wood and garden stuff. That would make your company much better to shop at. Please comment back and tell me how you like the idea that I had. Stay strong.

Aileen Salle

I quite like this Costco. The parking lot is not so claustrophobic and it seems to carry a slightly wider offering of goods. I like the lay out of the store. Since it's still fairly new, it is very bright and tidy!

andrew proulx

Service was great! Had a lady bring me a cart! Big help!

Jason Yee

It's Costco! They have clothing, food and drinks, snacks, home goods, tires, medical and pharmacies, flowers, and electronics all either in bulk, relatively cheaper prices, larger single servings, or any combination of those! Just know that not everything is cheaper at Costco. You can find a lot of things that you might want at Costco but these products might not be what you initially needed. Samples are always free and delicious!

Ann Sven

This costco is newer than the 2 alternatives. Kirkland and isaquah. Parking is better currently. Hopefully it wont get worse after this interview.

Tim Evans

Costco is the best. The only thing that I don't like is the other shoppers that are oblivious of their surroundings. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about.

Kevin Coughlin

Nice, big, clean store. Lots of samples and friendly staff. Still no polish hot dogs in the deli, but still all good.

Linda Radford

Costco is one of our family favorites because of all of the quality organic meats, fresh fruits, vegetable and other foods. We love the gluten free and alternative sugars, spices, nuts and oils. Shoes and clothing are away great. We buy our tires from them and they just recently discounted a replacement tire that we had to buy and have shaved to match the others. They stand behind their products so returns are super easy. I love Costco and all the wonderful people who work there.

Ann H

Love the fresh produce and bakery items, plus the usual great deals on nearly everything you need! And of course those hot dogs!!! Friendly, helpful staff and high cleanliness standards set this Costco apart!

Anastasia Whitaker

No bagel bites available. Really crowded on Sat afternoons. Great customer service at the register. Food court is fast. We ordered a whole pizza and took it home to enjoy.

Karen Woodd

Great Place to shop. Very clean and always full.

Brian Murphy

The Redmond Costco is relatively new, so it's clean, spacious and well organized. The best part is their huge bank of registers, which they open immediately when there's a crowd, so even if it seems like there are a lot of people, it's never a very long wait.

yogesh ramola

Great place to find all stuff of your daily needs!

Bugs Stanley

I love Costco! Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, and gas are reasons to get the membership. If you get gas once a week you'll save at least $52 a year. That almost covers you you're membership. The only downer is that Costcos in Utah have no alcohol other than 3.2 beer...which may not be around much longer.

Apple A

Great store, I like coming back here often. Clean and organized!

Analee Christensen

Charmin Ultra Strong would've gotten you 5 stars...yes, I bought the Kirkland 30 roll count and yes, that will leave pieces of toilet paper on my bum. I won't apologize for being too strong.


I remember the good old days when this location was the only reasonable option for me. Since then, Costco has really expanded in Utah and I hadn't visited this place in years. The store, once you get in, is comparable to most other locations. Prices and products are all familiar. I despise the parking lot here. It is not all Costco's fault as they simply took over the already constructed building. It really is abysmal though. Egress, in a similar vein, is also inadequate.

Daniel Benson

It's costco... What's not to like? It's a pretty new Costco. The gas station has 18 pumps.

J. Sebastian Tseng

Sometimes they carry dungeoness crab & king crab legs


I love coming to Costco. Not only do I get everything I need at awesome prices, it's also real nice to discover what's new and the merchandise is constantly changing. A much needed counter to Amazons growing monopoly.

jamie davis

Love this place and customer service is through the roof. If you don't have a membership I don't know what to sey the fuel alone is worth it

Chic Hendricks

They should quit moving items to new locations.

Jason Rickabaugh

Arik at the optical counter was amazing. There was never better service for any optics place. What ever they're paying him he needs a raise. Made bn it an absolutely amazing experience for my wife. The exam was great too!

Maclain Drake

I love Costco and their customer service for the hearing aid department here which is the only reason I go. I got my latest hearing aid set here about 5 years ago and they still work. Only problem is they don’t really keep up to date with the accessibility technology that is for hearing aids. My parents were never told of T-coils or induction loops so my hearing aids were given without them. Now 5 years later and I find out about this. It is concerning since this stuff is not being told to us consumers who rely on the sellers to make us aware of it so we don’t regard things like this.

Lawrence M Law

Costco is great if you have a lot of stuff to get. Not so great if you don't... but... it also means you don't have to go shopping as much because you have extra, at cheaper prices. So, I don't complain very much and the quality is always good. Need to return something. No worries, they accept it and smile as they do it. Great place to shop and get some great specials. Thanks Costco! Oh, and the gas prices are far better!

Darren Nickerson

It's Costco! Great stuff at great prices. Customer service is a little slow at times. Register lines move pretty fast compared to locations in SoCal. Rarely have to wait for gas pumps. Some staff is helpful...others not so much, but every company has that.

Owen Feneis

Costco is a HUGE store and chances are, there is something in there you like. It has electronics, food, medication and vitamins, speakers and so much more. I love it. It has great service and fun sample items throughout the store like cookies, coffee and computers. You might go there to buy some batteries, but find something new and exciting, and leave with 5 items more than expected. I recommend for any form of shopping.

Brendan Dougherty

I've never been one for store-brand items, always feel like they are just lower quality, but this does not hold true with costco's Kirkland brand. I don't know where the Kirkland warehouse is but it must be massive because I own such a wide array of Kirkland products, from clothes to food to vitamins and supplements, it seems they make everything imaginable under the sun


Largest Costco I've been to they have everything and a gas station.

KingOfDeath 254

Awesome deals and free samples, great pizza and hot dogs too.

Frances Radcliffe

Everything you need or want, Costco has it. They have some good prices on Seasonal Things. We sh.op there every other week

Pat Russell

Love my local Costco! Found springy pink tulips growing in a glass vase, purple "daisies" for my front porch and everything else I needed! A helpful young man loaded it all into my trunk. Thank you, Costco!

Ravi Srivastava

Cheap stuff but too much quantity

Kelly Karpinski

Excellent Costco. Stay away on Saturday as it's way too busy. Sunday's are ideal, preferably in the morning.

Brian Veater

I like Costco lot get things there that you just can't find other places

Adriana Marin

I find everything nice and fare prices

jeff croft

I will not set foot in this store or any Costco again. There tire shop is a RIP off. My son had a blown tire and was towed there to get a new tire. The shop refused to sale me just 1 tire they said it was illegal for them to sell just one tire that did not match the other and type. I know this is false. Then they told me they couldn't drop it because I had all year on one axle and summer on the other. I told them i just wanted 1 tire to get on my way. They wouldn't sale me just 1 then they held my car hostage and wouldn't drop it unless i bought 4 tires. This place is full of scam artists as I have come to find out all Costco's tire shop are.

randall walker

Great customer service always remembers your name at the front door and when leaving the store they say return back soon

Kirk Thayer

This is a nice Costco. The fule station has diesel and it can be over $0.30 + cheaper per gallon that the nearby stations!

Peter Fitch

Great low prices on food, gas, clothes, electronics, and just about everything you can think of. The food court is great and has fast service. Sometimes they have free samples around the store.

Andy Lin

It's Costco, what else needs to be said? Great prices, great quality. Food court is also inside vs the one in Issaquah. Needs more tables though, when it gets busy it can be hard to find a place to sit. Recently added machines for ordering food court items. Love it.

Swayze Wininger

I love Costco! They always have such fun things and great deals going on.

Debbie Breinholt

Had Seth at check out today. Probably the friendliest person to ever check me out. When i was done and he handed me my receipt, he asked if i would do him a favor. Since he had been so nice i said yes. He said, "will you go and have the rest of a great day." He then gave me a high 5. Great service!

Amber Oborn

Very busy location. I would recommend West Valley Costco for less people and more available parking.

James Angell

It was excellent. Wish parking was better

Juan Antonio Campos

good place en ready good food to eat in there chicken salad so good

Randy Ogue

Super fast workers and a friendly safe atmosphere


The best warehouse in East Davenport, great deals can be found with some research. We have added Costco to our normal errands. Very friendly and helpful staff. I only wish it were larger and idle can be crowded quickly and could hope for more stocked items. Would not want to be without Costco. I've had no issues with premium gasoline in my BMW when switching away from the more expensive shell gasoline.


Busy store, guys in the tire center seem burnt out...traveled to this store as Issaquah was out of my tires. 3 stars as Costco prices can’t be beat...maybe they had an off day in the tire center. UPDATED: Big shout out to James in tire center. He went above and beyond in addressing my concerns within 24 hours. I felt brushed off by the guys earlier in the day...called back latter in the day after I followed up on advise from morning crew. Talked with James who heard me out, reinspected tires, and coordinated small warranty on tire that likely had worn tire belt and contributed to premature failure from Bridgestone. -1 star for overall hassle on James and myself.

Jessica Taggart

Always has great finds

P Naveen

Great place if you live close by. I don’t think you will find all stuff at one place. I didn’t find some stuff there other than that staff are friendly and well maintained..

Vindhya Nair

Very much impressed by there return policy


Like the staff. Always crowded. Fresh meats are good quality. Pricing is good.

Patrick Butler

Better location then others. Newer building and bigger so feels less cramped.

Taylor Taniuchi

Good deals at this Costco. Usually have good selection. Staff is great. Parking is chaotic like any Costco

Jennifer Daarud

Love how close it is and usually never hard to find parking. Gas is cheap food court is great to bring home a huge pizza for $10 always leave spending too much money but its great to stock up on school lunch items and stuff for around the house. Night time can get crazy busy not worth my time to go then and walk so slow it hurts and stand in line forever!!!

Kim Plait

Love this Costco. Reccomend going during the weekdays the weekends are packed!

Abhijeet Kumar

I think people know what they are getting into at Costco. It has while sale items at great price. I buy mostly non perishables from here and the price I get is the best possible. Sundays it is very crowded but you have a lot of free samples so plan accordingly.

Travis F

I love Costco. Get my shopping done and reward myself with a treat from their cafeteria.

Johnny Cautard

Very nice store. People extremely helpful. Gas pumps good with red and green indicators for next available pumps. Easy in and out.

M L Patt

Big shout out to Efrain who took a moment from gathering carts to help me load heavy packages into my car after seeing me eye them waringly!!! You've got a 5 Star employee in him!!!! Thanks again!!!!

allthepeople here

Shoot the same as any other Costco I've been to. The warehouse store is big. I generally assume it's not the cheapest price for any given item, but I feel they do a good job of getting quality beans for any given item.

Cara Linette McBride

I love Costco, and this location is fine. The lighting throughout the store is mildly dim. They have a standard selection of typical Costco items, but it is disorganized; looking for a specific item was a nightmare. Once I found what I was looking for, I was quite satisfied. It was a food item, salmon, and the quality was superb.

Richard LeFevre

Costco is the best store on earth. I would recommend this place to an entire country of people if I could.

Phanindra Kumar Grandhi

Good place to get at wholesale prices. Decent number of organic items as well. But limited variety.

Tom Sanko

Fairly new Costco. Always busy. Friendly, helpful staff.

David Hall

Really well laid out, lots of parking, and very clean and well staffed. Best one I've been to.

Eric DeHaven

Good customer service, clean and good fuel prices also. Can get fuel, groceries, clothes, etc. . and a bite to eat all in one place.

George Sagen

Great for Keto shopping. I get many high quality Keto staples there, such as avocado oil, avocado mayo, chicken bone broth, roasted chicken, egg bites, bacon, cheese, almond flour, salami and cheese snacks, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and meats.

Bradley Johnson

Great store. This is one of a few Costco’s in the Wasatch Front that has diesel fuel at the gas pumps. They are definitely the lowest price for diesel fuel in the valley. I love Costco because of their great prices on all the bulk items I need. The Kirkland brand has proven to be a winner for most items. The dog food is the best priced for the healthiest dog food you can buy, just look at the ingredients and you see real meat as the first ingredient, which is way better for your dog.

Ellie Ivie

Awesome and I like dogs

John Mc

Where do all these people come from?


Where else can ya go, to get a monstrous dog & a refillable soda, for the best price in the valley... for a buck and a half!? No where, I tell ya! LOL! But it is a very clean store, the employees are very nice... but unfortunately, ya can't hardly get outta there without spending at least a hundred bucks! But fortunately, ya get good stuff with that hundy!

John sutherin

Gas attend was friendly and very helpful

Robert Morton

Only bad thing about Costco is I almost always end up buying more than I planned ha!

Chris York

It was amazing, i shall never go to another Costco ever again. The pizza they made was out of this world. I keep going there, but they have one issue, they need a new icecream machine as it has not been working most of the times ive gone.

Sean F

The 1 dollar coffee tastes like it's mostly

Andrea Jones

Prarie Grain bread 2 for $5 is what keeps us coming back. Can't wait for Kirtland brand chocolate chips to get back in season. Would love to see some mushroom or veggie bouillon and some individual almond (chocolate without banana) milks. Thanks for your produce section. Stay awesome!

Julian Davis

It's Costco. Being near a lot of suburban residents does mean this place gets packed on weekends.

Liesel Eisert

Great place to buy food and other cool things you my need for your house. Everyone comes here for gas.

Sky Xing

Very nice living shopping supermarket

Joe Hachey

I just love Costco!

Wayne P

Nice store, plenty of close parking and self check-out for small purchases.

Matthew Block

Love this Costco, much better than the Issaquah Costco. They never had a problem with food poisoning, unlike the Issaquah Costco

Nina Gomero

We didn't find the things that we were looking for. Like: - Street tacos (they were SO GOOD. Pork meat in tomatillo sauce, frozen ones). My entire big family and friends loved them. We are looking for them a while ago.

Peter Rumwell

Everything fine. New self service check out stations a great idea. Recommend restriction to a number of items. More than a certain number (tbd) clogs up the process and defeats the purpose.

William Frazier

Big packs of stuff at a slightly better price. Paid membership, my wife and I find it worthwhile to get one. They have a great return policy on electronics.

Gale McNeilly

Very busy but got in and out quickly. Good cashier. Got the best tasting cooked chicken!!

Douglas Webb

I couldn't be more impressed with their optical department. My son had his vision exam on Friday and needed glasses. With School starting on Wednesday the following week he kept asking me if the glasses would be in before school started. When they told me a week to 11 days I told not to count on them. Well surprise surprise on Monday we get the call that the glasses are in. That was less than 1 business day. Fantastic job!

Vidushi Mishra

For best deals

Mike Neville

Always a madhouse, but they have lots of good stuff.


Great place to discover high quality items in plus sizes

Tom Booth

Great selection of household supplies and staple foods at competitive prices. Wine and beer selection rotates often and includes local offerings. Peak hours at this location are not enjoyable at all with a logjam of shopping carts and dimwits on their phones. Stay away and go on a late lunch break.

Mike Wood

If you haven't tried the prime beef you are missing out!

Adam Mangrum

Great Costco. Larger than a typical Costco.

Robert Logan

ere it’s always a pleasant experience. They have the best options and great discounts!!

Jessica Warren

I love the kirkland brand products! They're excellent quality at a great price!

Renata Bloom

Thank you this afternoon for the help that Patrick at the return center gave. David came and helped after I explained what has happened after having left the Costco parking lot. Thank you for the helpfulness. You are amazing and went above and beyond. Renata B

Jase Burnette

Best customer service we've had in a long time!

Frank Kroger

Best prices , best selection.

Ryan Gardner

Because the lazy gas station attendant decided to sit in a booth I could not get a receipt for gas that I need for business purposes. Then the guys behind the counter inside the store tell me they can't do anything for me for another day even though I've got to go out of town stay away from the gas station here they're lazy and inconsiderate

Summer Pace

It has everything that you might need, and if you do need something it comes in bulk so you don't have to worry about going to the store in the next few days because you ran out of something.


Newest Costco in the area. Different layout than Issaquah location. Felt a bit smaller. Overall high quality goods.

Ben Deollos

Always a great place to get bulk items. And grab a quick bite to eat.

Joye Cannell

The store was really well stocked. We found what we needed and then went on our way.

vintage rewind

This store is kept in beautiful shape for being so busy all the time. I really loved coming here, but cashier Allen W. was extremely rude and I am not sure I'll come back to this Costco. The lady behind me brought up a Dyson vacuum cleaner in a shopping cart...nothing else. so when it was my turn and Allen pulled up the cart I said "Oh, no. Just the stuff here" pointing at the stuff on the table. "So you're going to walk the whole store and then decide once in line you don't want this?" the lady behind me spoke up and said "Its mine, like she said...her stuff is on the table." He then reached out his hand in front of my face and said "card?" asking for my Costco membership card, which I packed on top of the eggs...I've always done this...thought it was the "Costco way". I have never had a bad experience at Costco, but the attitude on this man was unbearable.

Greg Nichols

On Saturday evening June 7th I was in line to get gas at 6:50pm. There was a line of cars and the gas attendant was closing down various lanes. A few of us got right up to the point to go get gas and he turned us away. He said sorry its 7 o'clock. I asked him why he didn't close down-the-line closer to 650pm instead of wasting everybody's time believing that they would be served as they got near the pump, he had no logical response. This would be akin to us being in the store waiting in line to check out, and then telling us the exact same thing. I think they need to look at their policy of how they close down the gas station, if this is the normal operating procedure. It is not a good business practice and it is really poor customer service. Shut down the entrance to getting gas 10 minutes prior to closing rather than allow people to waste their time in line only to be turned away. What say you costco?

denise fells

I call it the $500.00 store as you can't get out of they spending less. They have great products good sale items and always find what I want plus more. My only complaint they need to have more cashiers

Pauline Thurston

Great products and displays.

Andy Kegel

Glasses, cheese, clothes, bread, lamb, light bulbs - almost anything you need in bulk is here.

adam bouchor

This is where I buy my pizza yummy for Meeeeeeeee

Pilar Sterling

Had everything I needed. Friendly and quick service people! Love my Costco!

Myriah Fankhauser

Good Costco! Not as busy as the one in Murray or downtown but still has the variety you're looking for. Thursday mid morning is a great time of day to go.

sharlene butterfield

Love shopping at Sandy Costco. Look at clothes always first. Then shop the items on sale. Always have something on sale, I need. The employees are always helpful, when asking for help. In fact today, my husband used one of your scooters to shop around and we were at our car and a kind gentleman ask if we wanted to return the scooter. He help unload and drove it back in store. Just little things like that, when you are handicap. Then we bought gas. Thank you Sandy Costco

Balaji swamy

Wow wonderful whole sale Huge car park Nice staffs to answer Lot of counter for billing Most important thing they do home delivery also

claudia jones

Although they didn't have the item I wanted in the store, the lady in the computer Department was able to help me.

Kennon Bacon

I love Costco, but something is off at this location. I've never once had a problem, but during our one visit here, the cashier picked up an item of ours and said (not a direct quote, but close), "I don't get the hype of this. I'd eat that so quick. Why would people buy this?" Please, continue to pontificate to me about why the products we're buying from your store don't perfectly align with your tastes and preferences. Then, on the way out, the guy checking receipts said, "You have 6 items and there are only 5 on your receipt" in a very accusatory way. Had he taken an extra second to check, he would have realized that our item of "variety muffins" is for 2 boxes. Anyway, 2 small gripes, but it was kind of annoying to have them happen back to back in the same day. Like I said, I love Costco and will always shop at Costco, but this location felt off.

Aiden The King

So much stuff to buy. And you cannot go wrong with free samples!

H. S.

Very good location. close to 520. Hard to find parking in weekend, though.

Steven Allen

Went to one off of 106000 south in SLC and it was...surprisingly empty for a Friday night before the Superbowl. It was nice to walk around leisurely and not be ran over or feel like I'm in the way.

Nishant Jhade

best place to get save money

Steve Sager

Great place to get anything! In bulk or not. Very efficient store and company and the cashiers speed you along. Love the shopping experience as opposed to traditional box stores!

kelly babcock

Went through the hastle of loading our grocery cart with food to find out at check out that Costco doesn't accept MasterCards. This wasn't posted anywhere and we had to be told, ofcourse Costco provided us with an ATM option, however those with credit don't get this option.

Jacob Danielson

Good place to get more for your buck

Brandon Lundh

This is one of the nicest and newest Costco stores. The layout is sideways like the Kirkland location, but the fuel station with occupancy sensors to display which pumps are available is so efficient!

orangewater group

Nice bargain...nice variety...great place to bulk shop

Diane Scott

Helpful people and f as st check out.

Julie White

Costco is a great place to shop. If you can't afford the large bulk items...split the cost of membership and monthly purchases with a friend who will appreciate the pricing and shopping with a much to see!

Niraj Shah

We love Costco like many families. We love this new location as it feels spexious and we've been able to find a parking easily. also they have three pumps per line at gas station making it faster than other locations.

J Christian Crowser

The perfect place for buying quality items in bulk. Smaller sizes of their clothes tend to sell out quickly. Not much for a selection of electronics, but what they do have is of great quality and value. Best return experience.


My first time to Costco and I'm from Colorado, I bought gel pens for an excellent price and it was pretty neat experience. Great customer service.

Justforksl Forksl

Costco is always great to do monthly shopping, mainly for food and laundry detergent needs.

Eat Carbs Outdoors

Parking is a nightmare thanks to the other shoppers seemingly refusing to walk so they insist on parking as close as they can. Even if that means blocking people trying to park or get by. It's a common problem at most stores though. Just irks me every time. Otherwise, just your standard Costco. This one has a self check which is nice and speedy.

Ricky Nieser

Shopping tonight at the hotel on a blanket on my back yard and I don't know how to get your hands on it but it doesn't make our dugout a lot easier than the rest and it will help me to keep Nin up and get a little costy but I can't get a good time to go away with it but it is not the best thing I have ever seen before we have a good day and it was the best way for me and the next two weeks to come over we have a good day in my house and the 66th and the 66th of the day when I get off the road and the next two weeks are going on for the first thing I want you will have a good time to get the best way to make sure you have to be a great teacher and a good teacher to help with the skills that are going to work for me to get your hands on the team and how you feel about it before you spea the game and I will be back to the game again for the next week and will be able and have to do it with my own hands on a good time and I think it's a big problem with me being so good and it will make me 6happy and the next week and I don't know what they do and I will not have to be a great way to get the ball to be able and you will have a problem with it and it will help me out

David Grant

Amazing as usual. Just watch for the parking lot racers and the quick lane changing cart drivers.

Vijay Iyengar

They have self checkouts here now. Makes things much faster.

Trista Becker

Always something interesting here, usually pretty crowded though.

Jack Slingwine

Get rid of the samples. If you have a long list of "must haves" the last thing you want is a bunch of people obstructing the asiles so they can get a 1/4 ounce sample of cream cheese. Really? All the products at Costco are pretty self explanatory. You really need a sample?

Roger Law

Great selection, ever changing. Employees are usually very friendly and helpful.

Lisa Monson-Potter

Better plan it as a half day trip if going on a Sunday. We only utilize prescription services and the lines, people are extreme. Great price on medications if you can tolerate the horde.

Debra Cox

Addictive, I mean what to say?! Premium, aged meat and fresh seafood at prices that affordable. Stuff stuff and things! I need it!

Debbie Herrera

We are PROUD members of Costco! I loathe grocery shopping, but when I shop Here it’s always a pleasant experience. They have the best options and great discounts!! The food court is amazing! Going to Costco is such a treat for our family! We love it!

Harivardhan Pyaram

It had almost everything I was looking for and more..

Todd Wittmann

Wonderful prices. I was surprised that they stopped carrying Joint Juice while other Costcos in the area have it. Also could not buy mustard here.

Kim Mielke

Great selection and check out was speedy. Love the Redmond location.

African Pride

More than I have ever seen. Almost 5 star but my poo was all solid. Like one solid poo, no water.

Artemisia K

Love Costco!! Great buys with good prices.

Arden Kuhn

I love Costco the most because of its warranty. Can't beat that

Prasanth G S

Costco is the standard for Customer Service and the Redmond Customer Support staff is the best!!!

Rick H

Always a great place to shop

Jennifer Gilbert

Going to Costco is like going on vacation for me. So much to see and try and buy!! Always something new (seasonal) too!! Great prices! I LOVE Costco!

Don Cann

Always great! Love Costco!

Talia Johansen

What can I say? It's Costco. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to not like it... Anyways great products, friendly employees, free samples. It's dumb they still check your member card just to walk in (I was working there for a day doing a brand promotion) but I suppose we can't have the whole town waltzing in and living off of samples... Overall yay Costco.

Samantha Birrell

The sample food server's were a little snarky and unprepared. But overall it's a good Costco.

Shoeb Mohammed

It's easy and accessible place

Jayesh Shah

Very good place to shop... kids can have fun. Lots and lots of items available to buy in bulk. Very friendly staff.

Allex Flores

Great Costco. Not crowded and staff is great and friendly.

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