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REVIEWS OF City Market IN Utah

Ralph Friedrich

Came in for 3 simple things at 8pm sept 30th....line ups for self serve were outrageous including full service lines. Not sure why the 2nd self check out section was roped as a customer looking for service, we went up the road, across the street to the “other grocery store “, got our 3 items with a smile from the cashier and were in and out in less than 5 minutes

Debbra Hanks

Rip off. They charged me 5.99 each for two bottles of Dasani water. Found them at village market for 50 cents each. City market is a ripped off

tom awen

Reminds me of the old fashioned all purpose super markets of my childhood. Little bit of everything in a town with no box stores like Target or Walmart. Found everything i needed and very friendly staff and helpful too! The one time i wanted to join their shopping club to get discounts!

Joey Preston

Self checkouts are always down or something is wrong with them its impossible to find anything and they never have more then 2 maybe 3 register's open

Stephanie Bell

This place is good for a quick checkout for the amount of people that are in there through the peak season! It is always clean and looking nice. Good customer service.But it is a crammed store. And the prices are higher than other City Markets. The parking lot is always frustrating.

Lois Cooper

Everyone who is employed at Cty Mkt in Moab is very helpful and professional in their job and very polite and friendly. A very nice atmosphere, always so helpful. The new store manager is very hands-on and very visible. Happy to have him here. It is very difficult to keep many items stocked on the shelves since it high volume tourist season. They do a good job. The produce is my favorite area to shop. I have noticed this summer the great selection is fruits . Lots of Colorado grown melons that are delicious. Keep up the great work!

Raynold Walker

Weekend, busy. Needed food for camping. Found what we wanted. Well stocked. Gasoline available in parking lot.

Rick Crawford

Well city market should really implement a locals plan for the people of Moab that actually live and work in town year round and all of its residents that grew up here. This is a huge vacation destination and tourist Mecca. Why do they, the tourists , get the same prices and offers of a city market courtesy card that us locals have that shop here every week year round.Local residents that shop religiously at city market should really be able to enjoy some kind of price breaks for all of us that give city market our business. Most of us locals end up every shopping trip bagging our own groceries.At least they could give some type of loyalty rewards to the locals of Moab.

May Bo Hubbard

I was really happy to find my favorite Kroger brand in Moab. They had my GF and Vegan foods. They had a good bakery and deli. It was super busy and I can tell it is a place where all the tourist go to pick up their groceries. It was a smaller store than I'm used to. They have fresh and organic foods.

Eric Treloar

Bakery was understaffed each visit. Ordered a bday cake for my son and ended up with quarter instead of half pan, of theme instead of two and no pudding I the middle as we specified discussed at length about, verified and then later confirmed. Not a big variety of any item, too dirty in just about every aisle, staff walking around stared straight ahead and b- lined it past customers requesting assistance.... need some major training here.

Victoria Rafa

Clean, well stocked. Decent prices and friendly staff.

Gene Bierman

Great selection of everything very nice store

Bobby Otay

Really nice people very well-stocked with all the goodies a lot of Organics for those truck drivers you can park around back and go in and get your groceries for the road

Felix Korhel

Easy to find. Helpful and friendly employees. Very busy on this Saturday evening

Eugene Courson

A good store but like any place out in the middle of nowhere and a tourist trap more expensive

John Dahle

Good store, friendly staff. They have great sales periodically that really help save money.

Sarah Kolda

Very helpful staff. Pretty well stocked with food and essentials.

Parker Goodwin

Insanely busy market, but well stocked and the associates are nice. It works with the Smiths card to get discounts on lots of items. Only downside is the store is disorganized and hard to find specific products.

Glen Arthur

This store sucks if u can't find it on the floor u can't get it! Drink section sucks for diabetic people they like to sell sugar. I wouldn't give it a 1 star. But That is the lowest they go.

Laura Soldevila

All you need in 1 place

Leo Ye

Found what we needed while being there. Prices was not bad. Recommended.

Jade Aieska

Fare price, good variety for a small city

Dennis Kornbluh

This is a Kroger store and it's pretty good, maybe a bit expensive. But... if you shop here during the tourist season it's one of the few grocery stores in town and it gets very crowded! Try to shop early or late to speed up your visit.

Theresa Hughes

Cheapest grocery store in town

jason caldwell

The night staff is not helpful at all. I had someone who looked to be a manager (dude with a long blonde beard wearing a vest) watch me roll my shopping cart full of groceries to where the check out lanes are and ignore me (he wasn’t doing anything). I proceeded to ask him for help and instead of walking over to help me he calls over the radio to get someone else to do it (he wasn’t doing anything). I’m bagging my own groceries as I usually do (which I still feel is a little ridiculous when there’s people standing around up front doing nothing) and he walks right by and doesn’t offer to help. I’m not up there 15 minutes before they close either it was 10 pm when I hit the checkout line. Any Kroger I’ve ever been to bags my groceries and I just figured since city market is owned by Kroger it would be a little different.

Brian Geisbrecht

Anyone who shops at a Kroeger affiliated store can use their customer card here. Great to save some $$$ away from home!

Dana Lewis Allen

Very nice people! Always packed market!!! Their deli has some great clean meats! If you are somebody wanting to eat clean, they don't have very many clean options there. You have to go to Village Market for that.

Emory Cromer

Is owned by Kroger so very familiar with products.

Koos de Heer

Great choice. Also quite a few vegetarian and organic options. The only thing we missed is sugarless cereals or at least cereals with a low GI - but that is a nationwide problem. And they have a Starbucks inside!

Marie Smith

Excellent quality in deli and produce. Use a Ralph's card for great savings. Meats wonderful freshness. Buy steaks in bulk for good savings. Easy parking, main street . Fresh grind your own coffee. Starbucks inside.


They are in the middle of giving the store a facelift but even with the reconstruction it is an easy shopping trip

Thomas Stehr

Cool coop market. Big and clean. Lots of great food and supplies.

Blue Fire Media

Decent selection. Prices very fair, especially for a tourist town. Deli fried chicken was awesome and a great deal with the Kroger card. My kids had us go back the next and buy 2 more boxes.

Jan Müller

Great donuts! Was sad to leave Randy's in LA behind, but what I found here was easily as good. Great variety, quality and price. At first I was worried that rating an all-purpose supermarket just for its donuts would be odd or maybe donuts like this would be more commonplace than I thought, but someone else also noticed, so I'm not crazy :) As with Randy's - bring some milk and some friends to help you, three bites are already a meal.

Michael Lewis

Awesome place to grab food. Parking lot is a bit cramped, but they do allow RVs to camp overnight.

Michelle Warren

Busy, busy —> & for good reason. Definitely the largest selection of foods in the area - that we have found. We found good, fresh produce - lots of frozen fruit & veggie options - our go - to water spot, & Wild Salmon & other wild fish. Grass fed beef as well - with all your typical & other dinner, breakfast, meal foods.

Patty Darling

We hired the deli to provide food for our daughter's wedding and were extremely pleased. The deli manager, John, was very pleasant to work with and worked very hard to make sure we were happy. Thankfully, they were able to deliver the food at just the right time to serve our guests dinner. We received many compliments on the selection of food (sandwiches and salads) which was perfect for a backyard style wedding. A big Thank You to the deli staff for taking away some of the stress of planning a destination wedding! Great to work with! I would recommend!

Dayou Wang

This is a regular supermarket - large, lots of selections, easy parking, good price, especially for Moab where everything is not cheap. We shopped there several times. The gas station next to it also has good price and is convenient.

Todd Mowen

Great full size grocery store. They had everything I needed!

Jon H

Similar to Fry's in Arizona. This store wasn't especially clean, but it had what we needed. Reasonable prices.

Brian Santefort

I shop Kroger back in Ohio, City Market here. My kroger plus card works here. And its laid out very much the same and many of the same brands. Its the only Grocery I use here in Moab. I have been there many times.

Peter Hillyard

This is the place to grab groceries when you're in Moab. During Memorial Day weekend, the candy and snack shelves can look a little bare, but the other times I've been, everything is well stocked. The produce section is medium in size and options. They also have plenty of self-checkout aisles which typically get you through the line quick.

Adam Davis

A standard grocery store with standard national selection. It's part of the Kroger family so you can use your loyalty/club card from Smiths, Fred Meyer, Fry's, Ralph's, etc.

Chandler Shepherd

A small grocery store. Not a huge selection, but enough to get what you need for all kinds of things. The parking lot is not the best layout. Good discounts on gas if you have a kroger/king sooper/smiths card.

Bill Baker

Asked two different people where something was. It seemed like I was bothering them. They did however, give me the finger. They pointed and said, it's over there...

Laura Gallo

Great deli sandwiches made fresh. A must for hiking at Arches and Canyonlands!

Anita Del Val

It was very very good even though they got a lot of construction going on inside the store the people helps me a whole lot to try to get stuff out of the way so my buggy would go through and very sweet I really enjoyed the people there and I go there all the time.

Odetta Gines

Found everything I needed. Employees very nice and helpful. In and out quickly .

Jay Malo

Great grocery store with plenty of selection and great produce. Bakery is awesome as well, plus they support the off road community!

Monette Peralta

This market is Great! I'm from San Diego so I was able to use my Ralph's card to get the discounts!

Valerie Gardner

I love the pretty gal at the front with the chocolate covered strawberries and fun Valentine's day ideas ♥️♥️

Tommy Buck

Nice staff.. Great food, best pharmacy in town. Very large selection of grocery items and best quality in town. Highly recommend going to here instead of going to City Market.

Dan Quible

Always find what I need or want...

Richard Slater

A well stocked grocery store with items fairly priced and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable folks.

Debbie Nervig

I love the produce at City Market. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I like the self-check out.

Kim Chen

Like the new renovation.

Josilyn Palmer

When I go to city market the staff is 90 percent helpful and nice! One bad thing about city Parker is that in the summer IS TO CROWDED! and their shelves run out and their extra backup. We need a bigger store!

Dennis Roy

We are in the small town of Moab, UT. I went into this local store expecting a small selection, high prices, and well you get where I'm going. Boy was I shocked. This store is wonderful. Much bigger than it appears. Well stocked, very friendly and helpful staff, and it's affiliated with Kroger. Lots of organic choices. Wish this store was in my hometown.

Jill Kirk

Stopped in for a few items we forgot on our stay and the staff was very friendly and willing to help us find what we needed.

Cathy Horlacher

Friendly staff! Great selection!

Kathy Affholter

Very nice store. Clean and we'll organized. Associates were friendly.

Brad Crc

My least favorite grocery store I've visited. All items are marked with a different price than they actually charge. You'll pay twice as much as it says for many items. They are the only option in town and they know it.

Jeff Garner

Excellent grocery store. Considering it's the only show in town, prices are extremely fair. Also for you out of towners your Kroger card works just fine here. Cheapest fuel in town also.

Ronald Kiser

The store is nicely stocked, prices are good, looks like the meats, vegtables and fruit look fresh. And all the help seem friendly and helpful.

G2 TheMoab

Prices are hard to beat if you have a card. They're organic food choices have expanded along with many GF products. I recommend that you avoid rush hours as that seems to be a common step closer to chaos and distress...

Robert Fletcher

Totally didn't realise this was a Smith's. A very eclectic mix of people.

Sophia Forde

Great store, great prices and lots on sale.

Carol Gazewood

They have everything. You can use your Smiths discount card.

tracee brown

It was good. Not too many people. But it was under construction so it was a little harder to find items that shpuld have been in their place.

priya raj

Good place for fresh grocery and emergency quick shopping. Good customer service. only good market I have seen in this area.

Kurt Johnson

The grocery store that has it all. Great deals and liquor store attached. They also have a fresh salad bar, hot bar, and sushi.

Leslie Balling

Shelves nearly empty. Employees asking me to hurry. No one answering when i asked for help. A half hour before they close, all the lights off in produce, freezers, coolers. They would have never dared do that when i worked there. Things have changed!

George Demetropolis

Love shopping at the city market when ever we are in Moab

Diane Crowther

We were looking for an item and someone that worked in the pharmacy stopped what she was doing and took us right to the item we were looking for. We really appreciated the help. Thank you.

William Gault

Great staff very convenient location.

Jeff Eisenbrei

Surprise groceries in utah

Cody Haggerty

Place can be packed during tourist time/or when events are in town (Sorry to add to that!) Felt the layout is a little unconventional but the staff was awesome for the most part. Cashier's can use a little help with bagging clerks (non existent) and perhaps have a little less attitude.

Hannah Khederian

This was the closest grocery store to the hotel my boyfriend and I were staying at during our time in Moab. Apparently it is owned by Kroger, which makes sense the second you walk in - the set-up is very similar as are the general variety of offerings. We mostly just stopped in for beer and trail snacks. The beer selection wasn't great but it about met my expectations for buying from a grocery store. The snacks however, I saw so many flavors of Cliff bars I never even knew existed. Also, be aware that since this is one of the few grocery stores near downtown Moab it also gets very busy and congested (both in the store and the parking lot). I would definitely suggest knowing what you're going in for and making it as quick a trip as possible.

Melisa Pearcey

Most shelves we out of things, lots of stock in the way with no one close by putting it away. I understand it is Moab and it is super busy, but as a store manager, someone should be planning accordingly. The deli (meats, cheese, etc) was the least stocked.

Kevin Anderson

Great store for a relatively small town, usually busy as it's the largest grocery store in town. Appears they are in the process of doing some upgrades as the floor was under construction on our last visit. Looking forward to seeing the upgrades on my next visit.

Donald King

Great selection of food, prices reasonable. Only problem was that store was very crowded.

Desmond Hui

Great groceries store with reasonable choices in such a small town.

Austin Aubry

BEST DONUTS IN TOWN. THEY'RE NICE AND CHEAP TOO!!! Highly recommend the donuts!! City Market is a pretty run of the mill grocery store. Good selection, good service, and fair prices. (Higher than usual because of the tourism) My only real complaint is that the self checkout stands get stuck quite frequently and employees are not always available to help. Besides that, no complaints.

Timmy Higgins

It has everything you need and is near a lot of hotels so if you need to get some snacks for your trip in Moab... This is a great nearby grocery store to go and get em'

Theresa Halverson

This is a great little market and always has what we need when we are on vacation in So. Utah.

Moab Valley Multicultural Center

City Market is the best! They were willing and generous sponsors for the Moab Valley Multicultural Center. It is because of their help and support that our annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival - in which over 700 members of the community across all walks of life celebrated - was a success. Thank you for helping to make this great event possible!

Valerii Tereshchenko

I had a very strange situation in this supermarket. I was buying some food. At the end cashier put 2 XBox Gift Cards in my bag and said: "Don't worry, this is for free". I paid, but after that decided to check my receipt... And found 2 XBox cards 15$ each. I asked cashier to return cards. She said that it's impossible and tried to persuade me that cards were on the lane. She sent me to another guy, that guy asked manager, but with no result. It was not possible to cancel transaction because cards were activated. I 100% sure that I didn't touch that cards. I don't play XBox. I don't play computer games at all. Very frustrated.

Cathy Schwandt

Had a good selection Fage yogurt, didn't have my WW breakfast sandwiches. Part of Kroger

Craig Crippen

Busy place. Way cheaper and bigger variety than we're used to in blanding. And friendly. Never have had a rude employee.

Charles J Smith Jr

Had everything we needed and a good price plus a deli

Michael Brown

Kind of crazy right now with the store being remodeled, but the staff is extremely helpful in all the mess.

Katy Gullette

Shelves were poorly stocked. Workers do lots of socializing with each other - even when they have acustomers at the checkstand. Fair selection of organics though reduced considerably during the off season showing that locals aren't their priority.

Andrea Blackett

Big store with good prices. Always busy, even during the slow season. Their meat selection could be better. Moab outlawed plastic bags, so either bring your own, buy some reuseables, or carry your items yourself. They have scan and go now, so that's pretty nice.

Patricia Nez

8 piece cook chicken is delicious

Lisa Ro

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the store is owned by Kroger. The selections available were great but the produce was strictly organic and I wasnt crazy about that and having to pay the high prices.

Steven Kahn

Great Produce, Excellent Samon Steaks, Awesome trail mixes.

Michael D

Some awful products, staff was very rude when I told them I wasn’t satisfied with said products. On the upside, they make Costco and Walmart look great!

Markell Kunzelman

Quick stop to grab some groceries on our way to our rental in Moab! Had what we needed, lots of options, organics, and plenty of pleasant employees! Good pick for sure. Could use a little updating in the store but other than that great place, with a location to match.

Dave Bowmaster

Selection & pricing seemed to be good, especially for a small town like Moab. Most of the staff seemed friendly except the young woman wanting to check ID's of both myself & my wife when we bought 2 bottles of their Utah 4 percent beer. Carding people in their 60's and not being friendly about it??


Always busy. Need a little bit more moving room in some aisles, better arrows painted in parking lot. Someone to enforce the NO SMOKING in front of store (as most of the smokers out front are the employees). Would be nice if items could be stocked faster sometimes. Wonderful employees (mostly-have not been in pressed by some-some are down right RUDE).

Arno Nyhm

-very friendly Staff -wide choice of good Food

Mark Ackerman

Great Groceries! City Market is a Kroger store masquerading as a small town supermarket. They have everything you'd need in a grocery store - Deli, Starbucks, fresh bread, great produce as well as a full pharmacy and a gas station. Don't worry about trying to find food to fill your pantry when visiting Moab, City Market has it all!

Ray Cartwright

Great grocery store had everything gave us a discount card good deals

Lilah Shepherd

That place sucks I hate going there for any reason give me village market any day of the week

Sarah White

This is the most reasonably priced grocery store in town. Service is okay. You frequently need to sack your own groceries when things are busy. Sometimes, supplies seem pretty low on shelves.


Standard King Soopers/City Market with Starbucks and floral department. Dan in the pharmacy was extremely nice and helpful in importing a prescription from a Walgreens in another state. One phone call and it was done. Good service, was surprisingly busy at 3:45-4pm.

Kevin Wilkey

Prices are great and they have everything a grocery store should have. Fresh doughnuts are killer in the morning. Starbucks inside.

Audrey Hart

Lots of basics, for grocery store, could be a little better on stocking nutritious ready made meals though with all the visitors to town. I had a hard time finding a decent salad.

Cookie Monster

It's a grocery store. Has the usual foods and accepts Fry's / Kroger card. They also sell ice and fire wood. It's a very busy store.

Darci davis

It's a Kroger store so it's a familiar face of your out of town. You can tell they deal with the major flow of tourism that Moab gets. I stopped by there to grab some things while out camping. It's convenient if you forgot some essentials and you are heading out to the parks or camp sites.

Toby Guhn

Two tourist buses pulled in at the same time as us, so the store was a madhouse. Ended up at the self checkout, and the lady monitoring them was more than happy to use her frequent shopper card, and save us some money.

Kevin Osborne, DMD

Only affordable groceries in Moab. Decent selection for a small store and actually reasonable prices. I was surprised that they had good produce and low prices. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Katherine Rawson

I used to work here. My three star rating is for corporate and regional upper management specifically. I think if they treated employees better, and gave some better recognition for HARD workers (not just people with seniority) it would make for a much, much better place. If you have a bad experience in this store, I don't blame you for being upset, but remember that these people are extremely over-worked most of the time, they really DO care, its just always better to approach employees kindly (I mean, would you be excited to help someone who came up to you angry and pissed off, off the bat?). There are more kind people in that store, than not. :)

I am Dence

Venom rung me up and bagged my groceries

travis higley

This is a really nice little grocery store, it has everything you need and is part of the Kroger family. It even has a gas station out from the with competitive prices. We usually stop her a few times during the week and buy stuff for sandwiches and snacks. Saves a ton of money versus eating out.

Aneta C

Store had everything we needed. Good selection. Many sales when you have the store card.

Laura Ruck

The people that work here are extremely nice and helpful!

Pam Manson

The prices in city market are to high, they don't care, I hate shopping there, I try to go to grand junction co. To walmart,or Sam's club. I live here and it is getting really bad to buy anything.

billy jenkins

For some reason they allow the deli people to be absolutely awful at their job, it is so disappointing because that deli could be fantastic. Ineffectual management and inattentive employees ruining a great setup of quality ingredients. They also do major stocking of the shelves in business hours, which is beyond discussing in such a overrun and cramped store.

Anna Darling

I used their floral department for my wedding flowers and was not disappointed. They completely outdid themselves and my flowers were incredible. Wendy in particular worked relentlessly to ensure they were exactly what I wanted. I would recommend them for any event.

Celeste Ruppelt

Pleased to find this Kroger affiliated grocery store nearly across the street from the hotel. It was just right for our picnic needs for the day in Arches. Convenient, clean, (including the restrooms) well stocked, with a large easy in and out parking lot (with Kroger gas pumps) and connected to the trusted Kroger name. It also features online ordering.

Aaron Queck

In Moab on vacation and needed some food for camping. Went here and was floored by how busy it was on a Friday evening (around 5 PM). Prices were not even close to as high as what you'd expect when you're in a tourist spot, they were basically what you'd pay when you're back home. Great experience.

Guy Gregg

You need to get more cashiers

Joshua Pearson

Busy place in the summer. They do a great job stocking this place up and catering to the outdoor crowds. Try shopping here before you try the local shops for basic hiking and camping needs.

John Virdo

Fine selection of products and the employees are the friedliest and most helpful group I have met in a long time. I wish I had them in my home town in Ohio. AND we have gone there for over 10 years and it has never changed.

Karen Macfarlane

Always helpfull,nice selection and personal recognition...friendly hellos

Holly Walker

Great full service grocery store in a small town. They have a florist, butcher, bakery, Starbucks & the best, freshest produce (organic & regular) for 100 miles. You need to bring your own bags (Moab has outlawed single use plastic bags).

Ryan Geist

It's basically a Kroger's. Well stocked with anything you would find in a big city store. There is also a Starbucks inside for anyone interested.

Randall Morrison

Busy store. Employees where great Well stocked store.

Amy Rivers

Similar to a small Kroger. Also, you can use your Kroger ID here for same discounts.

April Shuck

Love our small town City Market! The employees are great and the store is always clean!

Olga Serebryannaya

Big supermarket with grossery

Tom S

Great friendly staffing from out town. A lot of other out people could learn some manners though job for locals

Troy Windhorst

This store has the best prices and best overall selection in town. Good or bad, this store is part of the Kroger family, one of the largest retailers in the country. So this place has a pretty competitive advantage. It was my go-to store for all my grocery needs while on vacation in Moab.

Leah Suffin

A well stocked grocery store with quality produce.

Clint estremo

Always a great experience. Employees are always helpful and courteous

Greg Illes

Fantastic selection, huge market for anywhere not to mention such a small town. Lots of organic stuff too, and a great deli as well.

Ali A

Small little store for a town with a lot of tourism. Could easily expand. Friendly;y staff

Kenny Romero

"Store policy" when buying alcohol all parties In line must present ID?? I gladly took my money elsewhere. Avoid Dan night time manager

Matheson Harris

Biggest market in Moab, I believe. Always find what we need. Nice staff.

Arnold Alpert

Very nice market they seem to have everything you need lotta gluten free bread. Because of the area that you're in everything is a little bit more expensive.

Mike Bondio

Store's remodel is now complete. Great job, enjoy!

Dave Malone

It's a grocery store, to put it plainly. It is a Kroger type store, with an excellent deli. The place was packed, but the employees were super friendly and accommodating. It's as good as any local grocery store from your home town. If you're in to more organic options, there are specialty stores in town.

Gillian Morris

Went to the store this morning with my son. Everyone was so friendly and they had all the odds and ends we needed. Friendliest City Market ever. Thanks Steve andcompany.

Karin Larsen

I love the great variety and, I just think it's a wonderful version of Smith's Food King


Nice store with good prices

Ortencia Rosales

Very nice clean store to shop.

Derek Price

Awesome store. Has everything and prices are great

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