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Lorenzo hubbard Designs

Excited to visit Zaguan Latin Cafe after seeing it on three different sites. I enjoyed my meal of one of the specialities, along with a couple of croissants to enjoy the next morning. I visited about an hour before closing so I experienced the dining room floors being cleaned while enjoying my meal, which wasn’t the best. The staff was very friendly, quick, and accommodating; and the prices were very reasonable for portion sizes. I would definitely say the restaurant is in need of some love in the decorating and maintenance departments. I will return, because the food was good; my rating will go up!

Gabriela Suarez

Sadly they became too americanized, the completely lost the sense of Venezuelan food,and they are SO SO PRICEYYYYY, quite expensive

Mary Norton

A top scene for Venezuelan food. It's so savory. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Thomas VerEecke

Very good food and service....reasonably priced.

Juan David Cely

If you love Latin food this is a great place to try out. I can’t speak for the Venezuelan dishes (because I’ve never been) but the Colombian dishes are spot on. I have been here many times for a delicious brunch and will keep coming back.

Pete Griffith

Best Tequenos in Dallas area... great food, excellent service

Yuliyu Lee

We love this place. The food is always great! All the people and attendants are so nice. We had lunch with some friends over there and my husband left his credit card at the table. We noticed the next time we need it! OMG! I did call them and they said: don't worry, is here! Ohh God! They saved us. That is why we are their clients for 18 years!

Khloe Velasquez

My favorite place for quality venezuelan food. don't fret if it's busy, it is worth the wait. there was fast, efficient, and courteous service. the prices are good for what you get.

Sandra D'Angelo

This is a true European bakery! I love it.

Adeline Kent

Excellent location for tasty Venezuelan food.

Samuel Wu

Amazing fresh churros. Desserts were on point.

Andres U

Nice customer service and the food was realy good!!!

Edward Romero

Absolutely love it, wonderful staff and amaizing food. The Venezuelan dishes are spot on. I go there at least once a month and will keep doing so... 5 stars.

Ryan Brockway

This place reminds me of vacations past. Very tasty arepas and cachapas.

Claudia Arenas-Guerrero

Nice place, food was delicious, very good variety, nice music. They have Latin American sodas and beers and service was great! Totally recommended.

Edwin Sawyer

venezuelan food, so fresh. Visited near twelve, it was not full. The service was very helpful and observant. The place has a great feel to it.

Jody Perez

A favorite location for delicious Venezuelan food. I was so stuffed. The place has a great feel to it.

Angith Menon

I ordered a bunch of food as shown in the picture. I loved almost everything. Zaguan platter (appetizer) had these amazing yucca, fried sweet plantains, plantain chips. Latin crepe was baked chicken covered in ricotta cheese. Well-flavored shrimp & broccoli. Tilapia was cooked very carefully. Crispy outside and softer inside. I was able to feel the distinct flavor of their rice alongside the chicken. Everything was so yumm that I had hard time to get back to work with all the eating

Mario Floyd

Excellent location for Venezuelan food. food was so delish. the staff was very welcoming and sociable. bring your appetite because portions are large. food is similar to a cafe in indianapolis i liked.

king tetra

If like pastries or South American delicacies this is the spot

Adrienne Burton

venezuelan food here - very good. I love snacking here. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. The bill was appropriate for the quality. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I liked.

Andrew Snyder

If you are seeking a taste of Venezuela, this is a good place to try. Authentic dishes. Also a very unique selection of Venezuelan pastries and desserts, with trying.

Luz Santiago

Good place for a coffee and dessert.

Bhumika Saivamani

Love this place for very many reasons. Service : Excellent. Food: authentic and delicious latin food for a very reasonable price.Arepas are with savory outer layer and cachapas have sweet outer layer.I like them both.Hot chocolate and cappuccino have a different taste as well.

Ryker Pratt

Venezuelan food... excellent. I was so full. Staff treated us so nice. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I liked.

Maritza Deleon

Delicious, fresh food, great service

Jeremy Cuthbert

Amazing little hidden bakery/eatery I used to drive past frequently. This little treasure has amazing food for all occasions! Wether you need a caipirinha (drink) after a hot day at work to cool down and relax or just need a tasty breakfast pastry with meat and cheese or something sweeter, they have it all! Their smoothies are amazing, the prices are reasonable and the selections are tropical! The Latin/Brasilian influenced menu is something I'll be coming back for again and again! The location right off the highway makes it easy to get to no matter where your located. Thanks for being my new favorite little eatery!

Sharon Sanders

My first time to eat there. We came to celebrate a birthday. Will definitely be coming back.

Ezequiel Cuevas

Nuce place, good food

Carson Ponce

My top site for quality Venezuelan food. Really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, I'll be back. The place has a nice atmosphere.

Michael Harms

This place has excellent authentic dishes that are worth trying out. It's relatively quiet and low key which improves the dining experience.

Mary Lutz

I ordered the #2, the arepa. They brought me a plate of food and left. When I was 2/3 done with my dinner someone finally asked me how the food was. I told them that it was quite sweet which I didn't care for. They explained that the #1, the cachapa was supposed to be sweet. So, it wasn't what I ordered and they offer to make me the correct meal. I substituted a salad for the chips and I was told that it would come with balsamic dressing. What it came with is a cruet set of oil and vinegar. The food was tasty but the service was horrible. After bringing me the second plate of food, no one checked on me until I was almost finished. There was only one other family seated in the restaurant and I counted 5 employees. Hence the 3 star rating. Dining is a whole experience from the food, to the ambiance, to the service and Zagua couldn't bring it together to provide the experience.

Mauricio Martinez

Great food! Very authentic. Although the staff was not very familiar with the type of cuisine. (They were not Venezuelan). I had the capacha plate with chicken and wow! We also tried the tequenos and the empanadas, they were good. The staff was a little short handed but the service was not impacted much. I will be going back again.

Vik Bakshi

Great food, good service, and food came quickly during lunch time.

Julio E Fare

Extremely Dissapointed. N0t greeted when I walked in, 6 minutes to get avglass of water while I waited for my Mojito and tje server to take my order. One ce I placed my order ZERO interaction from the server AT ALL. Never Once EVER did he checked on me while I ate my meal. Never did he checjed on my water ..i had to leave the tip cash on the table ans walk away embarrassed feom thr extremely poor customer service. A restaurant in my neighborhood that I do not plan to revisit.

Luna Clay

One of my favorite spots for tasty venezuelan food. prices were fair.

Paige Wise

Venezuelan food and the feeling at this place is great. The prices are fair for the quality of food.

Dan Wallace

Zaguan is a really nice change of pace from other restaurants. A different array of entrees and desserts. All are great. The coffee drinks are excellent. I had a Cuban coffee that was the best cup of coffee I've had in quite a while.

Emiliano Marquez

Delicious food. First time there and couldn't complain. It's a quaint little hole in the wall type of place. Servers were very attentive and food quality was phenomenal.

holaparc .

I love this place. The food is good. I am happy I can buy Venezuelan products at this place. Gonzalo always offers me excellent customer service.

Jason Hinds

This was an amazing lil' lunch spot. I lived like 2mi away for years and never went. Had lunch there today and everyone in our party very much enjoyed their meals. Good service, great food, and all kinds of Latin American treats! Go give it a try - thank me later!

Michelle Perez

My boyfriend and I stopped by here yesterday before leaving Dallas to go back home to New Braunfels. Customer service was great and our entrees were DELICIOUS! We drove back home full and happy :)

Lonzo Sheffield

We were in the mood for Venezuelan and every time the food is just as great as back home. Everything we have tried from empanadas to arepas to cachapas to pabellon. All delicious

K Stoner

The food is amazing!!

Ana Serafin

Great Venezuelan food

silvio darley

If you like South American food, this is the place to go, they pastries and food fromColombia, Brazilia, Venezuela, ....


Absolutely my favorite restaurant! Always get their Cachapas. Love everything about this place!

Ron Finlay

Absolutely fantastic - I'm from out of town and our host ordered breakfast for the table. Everything was so so so good, wonderful. It looks like a hole in the wall, but that's usually where the best food is found. What was ordered was prepared as traditional Colombian. Excellent!!! Definitely will make it a point to come back the next time in Dallas.

Phil Cekal

Table was dirty when we sat down...server dropped menus on top of the dirty table, we asked her to wipe it down...she did, wiping some of the food crumbs right into our laps. We ordered our entrees...I ordered the MILANESA BUENOS AIRES which had been good in the past...but it was completely overcooked...dry and burned black around the edges. Server never came by to check on us...I had to bring my empty water glass up to the pastry counter to ask for more water...interrupted a group of employees who were just standing around chatting with each other. Zaguan used to be so great...what has happened to this place?! Very disappointed.

Leonardo Rivas

One of my favorite spots for tasty venezuelan food. i look forward to a return trip. prices were reasonable. this place has many great reviews for a reason.

Stewart Slocum

Quirky spot for great latin brunch, tres leches & arepas.

Carrie Pacheco

venezuelan food here - delicious. Stopped in on a Monday I think. It has a good interior.

Trish B

Incredible little place. My first time and I'll definitely be back. Such a quaint little place. Perfect for lunch.

Erik Fuller

Went here for my daughter's HS graduation dinner. Everybody enjoyed their food. Ask the awards are well earned. Friendly service.

Ana María Sánchez González

I didn't like it..

Marry Gonzalez

Why they have the phone busy most of the time, difficult to put an order by but. But the menu is delicious

Paisley Maldonado

Great place for Venezuelan food. Super tasty. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Kansas City.

Luis Millotte

Fantastic selection at an affordable price. With extra bucks get the Caipirinha.

Hilma Torres

My friends and I went to have coffee and pastries. Everything was exquisite.

Rolando Gongora

Great food, from all over south America. Service was also great. Juan was our server, and took great care of us

Vanessa Negron

So delicious! The people are so kind too, when you come alone to eat. They really are an awesome restaurant

Deivys H

It wasn't the best Venezuelan food, and the service was awful. The only good things are the tequeños.

Frank Gossett

Probably the best cup of Coffee I've ever had (Cafe Con leche?) and the Cachapa was outstanding. Then the sweet roll had a surprise flavor resembling Anise.

Sarah Sanchez

I enjoyed their Cuban sandwich, but my spouse's meal was amazing. I can't remember what it was called, but it was a corn pancake stuffed with shredded beef. I was so jealous!

Andrew Vinzant

If you are craving a cuban I strongly suggest the cuban at Zaguan's!

Dee Tarver

Really great food and drink.

Nichole Meyer

Nice location for tasty Venezuelan food. I like it here always quality food & service. I'll return with my coworkers. It has a cool interior.

Juan C

Just like mama used to cook it.

Alex Collazo

Best South America food in Dallas hands down!!! Been coming here for years!! The service is a little slow but I feel that in this case is Worth it because it allows you to truly enjoyed their Amazing food! Never had a bad dish there...

Zack KC

Delicious food, very reasonable prices, great service. Highly recommended!

Melissa Tetens

Chachapa with beef... yuuummm... The sweetness of the corn mixed with the cheese and beef was very good. I got the salad on the side, which came with only oil and vinegar dressing...which was okay. The service, not so great. The waiter took our drink order when we came in and we got our drinks 10-15 minutes later with our food. :(

Karen Vasquez

I had been craving a cheese cachapa for months and finally my friend and I went today. It was all I remembered

Lili Garcia

They had some of the best Latin food I've ever had. It was a great birthday lunch for my mom !

Ana Jenkins

Venezuelan food, so great. Visited Sat afternoon. Definitely worth going back to. Prices that won't shock you.

Tyler Cini

Our go-to Latin lunch spot. Great atmosphere, and the food is so delicious. The cachapa is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory, and I find myself ordering it more than anything else on the menu. But the other menu items are very good as well, including their variety of pastries for dessert. Sometimes the service can be quite slow, but more than anything I think it's because they're usually very busy at peak times. Nothing that keeps us from coming back all the time!

Sui Generis

What what can't be said about this place? Absolutely fantastic Latin bakery, heads and shoulders above so many others. Great coffee, drinks with liquor, specialty. The food is friggin amazing. The deserts just put this place on another planet. Fantastic food, awesome staff, great price, Zaguan is the best Latin bakery and cafe in uptown & Downtown if not Dallas.

Carlos Pinto

Just to clarify before you read this review, I’m Venezuelan, so I had bigger expectations about this place: - Tequenos were not even average. The dough doesn’t taste like wheat dough. Cheese was bland - Frescolita ❤️❤️❤️ - Pirucream ❤️❤️❤️ - No chocolate stuffed tequenos. Really????? - The Music was good

Clark Sandlin

Always great food and good service. Wonderful coffee and pastries in the mornings and cachapas for lunch and dinner.

Mia Juliana' Farmer Lyles

Called 3 times today 8.26.19 to place my pickup order. Was hung up on twice. The last person, a lady, got my order and I was taken care of. My plasticwear was not wrapped; don't care for that lack of cleanliness.

Jim H

Food is very tasty and the menu is interesting- plantains and beans and rice and breads all done with their own style. The bakery items are delicious though the crescents and table bread is a bit salty for my taste- probably just my palate. The dining room is a bit small and has a bit of cramped feel. They have tables outside that are a pleasant place to have a coffee but not terribly comfortable. Bathrooms and floors are clean. The staff seems average in terms of friendly and courteous service but not slow. I’ve enjoyed a couple dozen meals there in ten years. I don’t know the folks who work here or own the place. I recommend you try this place for the wonderful menu and delicious baked goods.

David Sanchez

Terrible service, horrible service, bad service and all the negative adjectives you can add to service. Milanesa is flatter than a tórtilla.

Willians Alcala

Great Venezuelan food, we enjoyed the cachapas!

Donna Kidd

venezuelan food at this place - super good. next time i'll be back with my relatives. the bill was reasonable i would say. if it wasn't far from my work i would come by more.

Will Watkins

My favorite restaurant in Dallas. It's authentic Venezuelan / Colombian cuisine. Great great great. Reasonable prices, great staff. Great atmosphere.

Patrick Garrison

Venezuelan food... excellent. Arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. Staff treated us so nice. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Gabriela Linares

Truly disappointed by the poor customer service. We asked what the best thing on the menu was and the server’s response was “I’m not from Venezuela, I don’t like their food”, then we asked if we could get a “non-alcoholic mojito” (because it’s on the menu) and he said there was no such thing. The salad mix was bad and by bad I mean it was expired. The Coke Zero tasted more like water, his response was “it just needs more gas, cause out machine is broken” (why do you even offer it then?) not worth the price, food wasn’t great either.

Atticus Chen

I like this place! They have first-rate meals, their menu is rich, The chief cook in that spot is a real pro, I enjoy very much trying all their food. The dishes are consistently good, the attitude towards the customers is good. I go often to this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. I recommend it to all.


Good Latin fare and nice selection in the bakery.

Robert Regan

Overall, the service is decent and the food was appetizing. However, with those attributes alone, if the restaurant were located in any other part of town, it certainly would not be worth the $40 bill for two soft drinks, sampler appetizer, and 2 cuban sandwiches. As the old saying goes, "Location, location, location!"

El Mustang De La Sierra

I like the salmon it was delicious

Sandra Velazquez

I noticed an improvement in the pastry menu. Zaguán has always been a good place to have coffee with friends. Loved the alfajores con chocolate en la vitrina. My friend's child from Fort Worth loved the steak she had and Sergio was impressed with the Hallaca.

Vishnu Chowdavarapu

I tried their vegetarian chachapa and it was awesome. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked. I am gonna come back and try other items on their menu. PS: they have a huge Baker too

Angie Keller

One of my favorite spots for quality Venezuelan food. visited about four, it was not full. the staff was very sociable and kind.

Henry Martinez

Great food and welcoming atmosphere

Nura Abu Assaf

Food was served in good quantities. Loved the atmosphere and the mango margarita with which they used real mango. Will definitely be returning to this place.

Leah Shafer Glaser

Everything I’ve ever eaten here is fantastic, from cachapa with cheese to bread stuffed with guava paste and cheese. Great atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying conversation.

prasad c.

Certainly unique and a must try Latin cuisine place! Beyond the most popular TexMex, this Latin amaerican food joint can be next interesting stop for you. We tried Arepas and Cachapa, both tested great. Courteous service and unique test of all items made our visit worth. Now considering another visit somw time to try other delicacies, for sure !

Leah Waters

Good spot for Venezuelan food. bring your hunger - portions are filling. similar to a place in denver i liked.

susana bali

Best Latin restaurant in Dallas!

Mayank Saxena

Loved the South American Cuisine here. Realized that each dish has a thick ingredient as Corn.. Some had crushed corn, while others had grilled corn. Cachapa was my fav! They had quite a good variety of Vegetarian Dishes which made it a welcoming sign for us to visit & try. This place, has a lot of options for South American Desserts as well.

Chelsea Johnson

Pretty good place for breakfast! Went there last week and that was my first time there and the only Asian server was the best ever had in my life! He took his time to explain me everything about the large menu the rest has. But the thing impressed me was when i asked him "Just being curious! Why are you working in a Latin rest?" He humbly said "Oh, that's because i can speak Spanish as well..." and that really surprised me!! I really recommend the Asian server to serve you if it's going to be your first time there! His name is Sheng! And about the prices, not bad! You are paying what you got! Really good, it's recommended!

Tia Rutledge

Great authentic food! Wonderful hidden gem!

Premiun Design

Waiters need to be more friendly they dont explain about the food very low services . Use to be better before.

Enoch Chan

Omg put this place on your bucket list!!!

Austin Landry

venezuelan food and the setting here is quality. I like it here, excellent food & service. The staff was very friendly and attentive. This place has an awesome feel to it.

M Gordon

The food is so good and so fulfilling. I can't wait to go back. Everything was so flavorful and appetizing.

Rommel González

Sooooo good! Great tequeños! Good vegans options! Great customer service, ask for “Sol” she will make your morning better, the best waitress ever as her name says she is a “sunshine” GREAT BREAKFAST + GREAT SERVICE = GOOD MORNING!

Braxton Steele

Good location for tasty Venezuelan food. This place does it for me. Service treated us so nice. Food is like a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved.

Bella Maxwell

Excellent spot for delicious venezuelan food. Nice location to meet with family. The service was very kind and attentive. This place has an awesome feel to it.

Sidney Chesnin

Wonderful Latin American food and great mojitos

Gonsala Delgado

I love there food there and there drinks. They are made so fresh

Brian Miller

Cachapas, arepas, can't go wrong. Next time I go, I'm doing the brunch. Arepa and omelet...

Lino Ornano

Like the sandwich I recommend it


Colorful and full of life. Reminds me of visiting my grandmother for a merienda. Homey and good service as well.

steven wilson

Was not impressed. The food was bland

Gary Phillips

I give this place double thumbs up. The service here is attentive. It has a nice atmosphere. Food is like a place in Baltimore I loved.

RGM Family TV

Great Food...used to be not so Venezuelan but I gave it a try a gain and it tastes pretty good now. The cachapa with beef and cheese was amazing. Happy I gave it another try.

Obinna Obidike

Wonderful meals. I'll come here over and over and over again

Angelina Thornton

Venezuelan food, mmm, super satisfying. Visited on Sat I believe. Service is typically above par. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.

Christine May

Food is always delicious and the service it s terrific.

Leslie Patrick

venezuelan food and the feeling at this place is great. Super delicious.

Manisha R

Loved the food and ambience!! Our server was one of the most courteous and delightful people I've ever met.


Duty restaurant, servers are so mad when they are busy, need to hire friendly people and do cleaning. Arepas are very good.

Nicole clarke

The food was great and so was customer service. Their soup sop juice was really good. I will definately be back when I visit miami again.

Dwayne Acosta

A favorite location for delicious venezuelan food. Visited at eight, it was not full. Service treated us so nice. The place has a great atmosphere.

Ed. Flanegin

Bit pricey. Place is clean. Sometimes some cute staff. Food is great.

Juan La Torre

Awesome cachapas!

Kerynne Satterfield

Inviting and cozy. Delicious food and friendly staff. The flan is to die for.

Luke Krogness

I grew up with this cuisine and Zaguan is the closest I’ve found that’s able to transport me back in time to my childhood!!!!

Joe Pacheco

My fav location for quality venezuelan food. This place will surprise you. The service was very helpful and observant. Prices are decent.

David Aggies

Food is good, service not so great. Half the time you see wait staff standing behind the counter talking instead of taking orders. Had to flag them down for refills.

Marlena Maxwell

A wonderful little bakery and resteraunt. It is always crowded when we go, but there is plenty of seating and the waiters are always very attentive. We have never been disappointed with our food here. They do have some vegetarian dishes as well.

John Z-man

The food was very good, the service was average at best. Very slow to come to the table. Waited long for anything...

Sofia Sandoval

One of my preferred locations for tasty venezuelan food. Certainly worth going back to. It has an awesome feel to it. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I loved to visit.

Luis Blanco

The place is nice but the food is too expensive for the taste.

Eli Santana

venezuelan food and the feeling at this place is excellent. I really loved this place. Looking forward to going back again.

Luis Enrique Palomino

Always a great time and great environment.

Maria Fisher

Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. Service is typically above par. This place has a nice design. This place has many reviews for a reason.

reinaldo larotta

Standardized and high quality food. Perfect for brunch

Billie Baker

Good food and great service

Lauren Allen

Delicious food with a diverse menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. They also had a good alcoholic drinks menu along with smoothies and coffee. Will definitely be back.

Michele Yvonne Saranovich

Super slow service, but well worth the great Venezuelan yummy food.

Giovanni Johnston

venezuelan food, super tasty. Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. Prices that won't break you.

Earl Farrell

A fav place for tasty venezuelan food. The staff was very welcoming and observant. This place has a nice feel to it. I see why this place has so many great reviews.

Raul García Ortiz

Food is really good.

Local Movings

Local Movings loves Zaguan's Cachapas!

Taylor Edwards

love this place. very authentic. the #2 was great

Ahmed Elghazali

Great food and service

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