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2478 W Illinois Ave, Dallas, TX 75233, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tia Dora's Bakery IN Texas

Brian Higginbotham

One of the best bakeries in town, bar none. All the confections are made from scratch and include a dozen flavors of empanada and the perfect churro. The enormous breakfast tacos and assorted other savory options looked good, but to be honest, I didn't get there. The pan dulces might make you want to give up donuts.

Judy Jasso

Wow! I cannot believe how long it took for Me to finally come in and try this place. NEW Breakfast spot for Me. Delicioso!

Rene Deleon

Best Mexican bread ever and sweet bread it's the best

Elizabeth Garcia

The best tamales in Town


Oh my! I love the menudo & barbacoa! But. Always out of beef tamales! I need to show up earlier...

texas stangs

The food definitely taste homemade.

Rebecca Maldonado


Jose A Aguilar

get there this place


Good breakfast tacos and sweet bread!

Maria Diaz

Very yummylicious pan dulce.

Francine Rodriquez

Their pork tamales are the best! Not small either they're very generous with their portions. I've had their posole as well it's really good.

Josy Dominguez

Best breakfast tacos

Getsemaní Smith Herrera

Excellent service, food and atmosphere. It is probably one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Dallas. It actually reminds me of the Frida house in Mexico. Their tacos are really good and we love their hand made tortillas. Also, their "café de olla" is amazing.

Art Mejorado

Good food, good pan. Only problem is it's too dang small. So hard to find seating.

Laura Norton

I like the muffins they have their not too sweet

eric barrientos

More of a restaurant than anything, need to cook more tamales, and sweetbread.

Rafael M. Alcantara Fdez.

Delicious bakery and mexican breakfast!

Janita Wallace

The bread was fresh and my family enjoyed them, very delicious!!

alex evans

The food was very good!

Melissa Rackley

The pork and chicken tamales are amazing! Definitely some of the best tamales I've ever eaten!

Maria Cardenas

After I order... They took 30 min to serve us.. went twice to ask them and they kept saying is not ready yet! Then food was cold and they refused to redo-it!

Ruben z

Tamales and fresh pan every day.

Fred Tames

Everything was great, the food and the service

Aero Pegasus

Very nice and clean place and good baked goods. I don't come here often, but on the few times that I do this bakery doesn't disappointed. I'd recommend give this place a try.

Tensia Rodriguez

Love this bakery! Everything is always so fresh!

Mike D

The best barbacoa and tamales ever! But don't go because i kinda wanna keep it to myself!

Edgar Carpenter

Great pan dulce, good breakfasts, wonderful home-made tortillas. The people working there have been friendly and helpful. It's a simple and unpretentious place to have a good meal or pick up some great Mexican Bread.

Santos Flores

Great breakfast tacos

Rob W.

Food is always great. Has never messed up my order...even when I call in large orders. Everyone is always nice.

Krystle Wainscott

Best Mexican pastries I've ever had!

Brittney Hammons

Good food but along wait

Alejandra Castellanos

I think we tamales here are very good and the breakfast tacos..

paul johnson

Best tamales I've had this side of the border.

Art Anguiano

Best Tamales...!!

Steven lira

We love it here, have followed them since their first location on Cockrell Hill, super clean great food! A++++

Cylena Smith

Food is fantastic, staff super friendly

Consuelo Ibarra

Bread always fresh and the best I have ever had.

JoeAnn Hernandez

Love the tamales & pan dulce

Paul Aguilar

The best spot for tamales in Dallas, but you need to be there early because they sell out super fast. The pan dulce is also great here. The wife nd I are here almost every Sunday for tamales and pan dulce.

Elizabeth Jaimes

Best Conchas

BB Luna

Good sweet bread, friendly staff, clean restaurant, great food.

Bianca Colmenero

Tamales chicken are the best and the sweet bread is amazing

Laura Hapi

Bread is good the only bad thing is their attitude they don’t know how to be polite they talk like if we begging for bread! To the owner,we are customers!!

Michelle Yan

Always Delicious

ramon cruz

Excellent bread. Highly recommend !

Jenni Jenni

The place looks clean, bread smells yummy. Ordered some tamales for my mother and I to eat. Unfortunately when we cut one open there was a hair inside .We took them back to the store so they can see how gross this is. But the man was giving us a hard time saying he cannot give us money back. We disnt want the money we were just showing them how nasty they are. He was getting very rude with us. RUDE employees that do not know how to handle situations!

Celine Chabolla

I come in during the mornings for a quick bite of breakfast. They have Pan Dulces (sweeet bread) and in plenty of varities. They also have a breakfast and lunch menu. They have a fair selection of drinks that range from coffee, Juices, and Sodas. The prices are fair and you get your money's worth. I highly recommend them as a quick bite (yes they have an area to sit down and eat but I wouldn't bring more than a party of 6)

Carlos F

The place was very disorganized. I didn't even get to order because the ladies taking the orders had no idea who was next and would take the orders of random people coming after others. I just left because there was a lot of nonsense. Very bad customer service.


Absolutely love the chicken tamales! They are huge and have a lot of flavor... Very clean store

Lali Ledesma

Foods okay if you dont mind the wait.

Gabriella Garcia

Love their food and the staff is so friendly.

Cris L

Great bakery with lots of choices for dessert and authentic Mexican cafe lunch! Always delish!!

Yayis Yayis

Fresh fresh fresh always

Maria Fernandez

Bread is really good the best

Genie Ortiz

Food is good Service is slow

love puupy Lara

Love this place homemade everything

Manny Sepulveda

Tried to order tamales 5 days before xmas eve and was told no orders were being taken.. thanks ... ill find another place..

Randy Ashton

They are slow but the food is not all that

Bianca Esquivel

Best lil panaderia & Mexican breakfast spot in Dallas!


Good food but anything you order that’s on their breakfast menu they make you wait for a long time I waited over 15 mins for 2 tacos de fajita. Call ahead for any of their food orders

Uvaldo Patino

Doble deep of happiness whit this sweet bread!

Sundie Scott

Awesome tamales

Benito Luigi Balletta Laitano

Loved the Food!!

Gary Moreno

The breakfast menu and pastry options are expensive, but what you get what you paid for: authentic Mexican food and freshly made bread. The atmosphere is easygoing and service is generally fast (unless you go in the morning). By the way, the barbacoa with flour tortilla tacos are huge! Well worth the 2.70 price tag.

febe gomez

The best Mexican bread ever!

Gilbert Ramirez

Great staff and fresh made breads plus cookies. The tomales are awesome.

Laura Mar

Yummy bread & I love the chilaquiles!

LaRhonda McDonald

Tamales are off the chain Delicious.

Jesse Flores

It was great food but there was a roach in the coffee at the table next to me.


Always fresh Mexican sweetbread Tamales are superb (different kinds of fillings) same great taste. Menudo fresh however not very flavorful.

Jennifer Hunt

Great breakfast taco!! It's huge! Loved the tortilla!

Dolores Leija

Fresh tamales and fresh bread omg it's to die for get service too

Alice Martinez

Awesome tamales.... The pan dulce is a bit over priced!!!

Samantha Little

Oder your tamales in advance they go quickly....That's how delicious they are .5*****

Juan Herrera

Good selection of bread

Saul Villalpando

Tamales are good

Ruben Cruz

Great place but some employees need more customer training skills.need to answer the phone when we call at least to put it on hold.

Sandra Olmos

Great food. Just slow checking out and bringing food out.

Karina Badillo

Customer service is RUDE and having to wait 25 minutes for ONE Burrito is RIDICULOUS to me! It was not busy. There was no bread and when asked the girl looked at me crazy and said 20 minutes for the sweet bread to come out. They literally didn’t have anything very upsetting. Customer service needs to learn how to polite and not have a attitude bc this is not the first time I get a person with with an attitude and on top that rude.

leslie gonzalez

Molletes are bomb! I haven’t tried anything else because my taste buds don’t allow me to miss out, but the picó de gallo is very well made and fresh! I’ve been here a couple times and it is hard to find seats but it’s totally worth it! The pan de dulce is good too i eat it as an appetizer while i wait for my food.

Carolina Acosta

Love the bread

Laura Victor

Great tamales, throughout the year not only Christmas.

Christina Mendoza

Great food. Pre-order your tamales in advance because the tamales do run out.

Krystal Bonier

I love their tamales and their salsa is the best!!!

Lisa Espinosa

Breakfast tacos are sooooo good! And inexpensive...

Hilda Camacho

Delicious bakery with% AMAZING TAMALES!!! They runout by noon. Sooner if the day is cooler!!! Must try atleast once. You will be a believer.

Diana Diana

I've been frequently coming back here cause the chocolate conchas (Mexican pastry) have been my favorite ever since the original Tia Dora's .

Anthony Zamora

Great breakfast tacos.

Yamile Calles

Very pricey. I stopped by an hour before closing and the workers were serving burn bread. Daybold bolillos and were basicallu out of everything. If you want to shop at doras either come early or dont even go at all if after 4pm. Came by on another SUNDAY and nothing in shelves is worth eating.

Fernando Catano

1st time. Good chilaquiles, beans, fresh made tortillas. Big serving, little prices. What mexican food is supposed to be.


Is all good but the people there are rude and very slow would be great if they tray people a bit different and have faster service

Marilu Garcia

Best tamales in Oak Cliff !

Dallas 1962

Awesome, hot and fresh.... God bless.

Jennifer Serrano

Called in an order said 25 to be ready still had to wait an extra half hour because the stupid girl didnt take my order to the back

Joe May

I wish the would keep the restaurant open longer. 3 pm really? That's the only reason. They only get 4 stars.

Melissa Perez

I would give them 0 stars if I could. The bread is alright but the attitude and customer service is terrible needs better management. They lost me as a customer and will continue to keep losing customers because of their bad attitude. They yell at their clients as if they’re children, they have no respect for people whatsoever.

Liz Vargas

It ok

Ezekiel Perez

The best Mexican style pastry shop..

Katie Pate

Absolutely delicious! Grab some tongs and load up your tray. You won't be disappointed.

John Coronado

Awesome place food incredible.

Richard Tonya Garcia

There is a reason why this place is packed all the time. It's fresh and delicious. Great food.

David Salinas

A little pricey on taco's. They charge for every little thing.

Mari Armendarez

Food is good..Service not so friendly. Tortillas $.75 each!! Ridiculous! I remember when they were $.25 each.

Ms. Rebekah

Great breakfast burrito

mary quinonez

Food is great but if you want tamales make sure to place your order over the phone early morning because they go fast and they never make extra to sell.

Nevets Sanedrac

They have the best breakfast tacos and tamales

sandee rivers

Good food and great pastries.

MaryI Fernandez mata

Didnt like at all.

James Luna

Went up on prices,and if u get there later on in the day ,theres not much variety anymore,have to get there early for the good bread

Lu Hernandez

You gotta love the sweet bread here my wifey Rosa Hernandez favorite spot

Diane Barrera

Best Mexican bread in town!

Savage nova

Good bread just a tad expensive for bread compared to other places

Jackie Calahan

Man best tamales I've ever had. One of my favorite places because of the sweet breads. Yummy. One word- Authentic

Alise Rey

Best tamales hands down!

Christina Garcia

Bakery was Fresh & so many choices. Missed the Pork Tamales, they were out by 7:25 but I’ll be there early tomorrow. A definite Must!

Mike Hernandez

They have some good food there.

Maria Medranou uieiwyfu u juriiaiqi

My daughter love's the place great food and service

K. Harris

Pan Dulce is awesome!

amanda ortiz

Best tamales and pan dulce in dallas

Janeva Salinas

Amazing breakfast sandwich for a good price and their food is good to. Just order ahead of time cuz they are always so busy.

patricia v

Pricey, Good tamales, good chilaquiles, they could improve attitude

Richard Barron

Sweet bread always fresh and delicious there Mexican food always good and great service

Carlos Ramirez

tasty. Can you say tia Dora's the best

Juan Almaguer

Best breakfast tacos

rusty reynolds

Very good food highly recommended good people get service love the Spanish

Steve GO

The rude woman at the counter lied to me and said the kitchen was closed. The sign in the wall clearly stated otherwise and I have ordered from this place before at similar times. This place has gone downhill since its new location. I will take my business to a place that does not lie to my face.

Rachel Rivas

love to eat breakfast here, & the bakery is delicious

Maria Lopez

Be careful their chicken tamales are stinky. My whole family got sick by eating them. They are old and nasty.

Ana Flores

They didn't really have a good viriety of sweet bread and the food we order took really long

Irene Sanchez

They have the best fresh sweetbreads And Tacos and Good Tamales.big parking lot

Bryan Francia

Ever wanted to get authentic mexican bread while being crowded by Latinos and their babies? This is the place for that! Great churros, menudo, atmosphere, and is next to an auto part store.

Carmen Gomez

I found this little hole in the wall and it is delicious. Hot coffee fresh baked pastries and good breakfast plates. Came back for lunch. It was that good.

Chris Rodriguez

Best empanadas.

Eduardo Alvarez

The best baught tamales next best thing to homemade.

Jocy Ibarra

Love this place. The bread is aways fresh aND good. There really nice

Su Mcpherson

The best is the green chilies sauce. The bake good is soft and fresh. I enjoy my lunch here. I would have give it a 5 stars, but they stop serving food at 4 pm. I eat a chicken tamales cold. I love hot food to be hot and cold food to be cold. It is call Salsa Verda only have 2 ingredients, but go so well with the chicken tamales.

Jr Casados

Good food good service


Great hole in the wall place have large variety of mexican sweet breads and tamales made daily add a cup of mexican hot chocolate and you'll have an experience

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