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REVIEWS OF Three Brothers Bakery IN Texas

David Cipriano

I live close to this place and decided to check it out for a family occasion. I never tried any of their products and asked if they had any samples, which they said no. The only way to try their food was buying a cupcake. That was a pretty trashy cupcake for like 3 bucks. The bread was dry and the whole icing chunk fell off. The place looks nice and stuff but it really wouldn't hurt to give the customer a sample. Just go to Kroger.

danika williams

Phenomenal bakery!! The owner was amazing and created my daughter's sweet 16 birthday cake. Every detail was identical to the picture we brought in. We're definitely coming back next year!! Totally worth the expense. Thanks guys!

Ernest Cantu

Chocolate rum balls are must to try them.

Herlinda Garza

Fresh German Bread baked daily. Good location. Free parking.

Jodi Diaz

Amazing pastry place! They have very delicious options and everything is always super fresh. A little on the expensive side and they close early so make sure you check business hours prior to visiting. I will be back because I want to try it all! yum yum yum.


Baked goods were delicious. A bit expensive for my taste

T Texas

Been going here for a couple of decades, always the same, friendly and tasty. The hamantashen are my favorite, better than Whole Foods by far (and I love WF).

Rachael M.

Always love the cakes and cupcakes here. Lots of dairy free options. Friendly staff and cute environment to hang out in.

Toni Bubb

WOW! I was so impressed with the cake that was done for the CEO of Own Your Voice who turned 40 recently! This unique cake done by 3 Brothers and Macy Ulbricht with Henna Love Houston certainly made the day very special and wowed many guests with how beautiful the design was and how delicious the cake was. Thank you so much for everything!

Adam Orkin

Three Bros has always had the best baked goods! Dont fo anywhere else for your eye or challah breads!

Ahmed Shaban

One of my favorite bakery shops in Houston that offers a great variety of desserts. Keep on coming back for a slice of red velvet cake.

Tessa Q

I’ve been meaning to write this review since November. I came in around November 14th to get some treats for my husband’s birthday. When we (both of us had the same opinions) tasted the desserts we were literally disgusted. 1) Brownie with icing on top. No flavor whatsoever except pure white sugar. No chocolate flavor. It was so odd. 2) The worst one. A peanut butter cheesecake. I can’t put my finger on the exact taste but it was almost rotten tasting! We love peanut butter and love cheesecake. I’ve never been so disappointed in a dessert in my life. 3) Cookie. Can’t remember flavor. Driest, hardest cookie on this planet. You could throw it at a wall and it wouldn’t break. Everything went in the trash. Have no idea how this place has good reviews. Maybe everything was super old the day I was there??????

Peter Krippner

While the cheese danish was the worst one I have ever had (must have been at least 3 days old) I really enjoyed my cheese pocket. I need to be careful about what I get here.

Tanmoy Mondal

Cake lovers would love this place

Frank Blakley

Very friendly and helpful staff. Don't miss the Stollen.

Michelle Davis

I absolutely loved their cake growing up - HOWEVER I bought a chocolate cake on Thursday for my daughters birthday and it was DRY AND HORRIBLE tasting. I called the bakery on Friday morning and they told me to bring it back. I took it back Saturday morning and got a fresh white cake - ANOTHER HORRIBLE CAKE!! The icing separated from the cake as if it was not even a part of it... the cake was also DRY and NOT MOIST AT ALL- I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!!!! SO DISAPPOINTED

Alan Lindman

Three Brothers Bakery is a great and very cozy place with incredibly delicious cheesecakes and cakes (including the fact that I am not a big fan of sweets, I ate two at one time because they were very tasty), the prices are very affordable.

Michelle Cohen

The absolute BEST BAKERY IN HOUSTON. Everything from fresh bagels, cookies (love the gingerbread men), breads, and cakes. They make fabulous, artistic, custom cakes for birthdays, special events and weddings. And best of all, the team, staff and management are the most wonderful people. Try their hamentaschen cookies, challah and my favorite, the poppy seed cake— it’s to die for.

Erica Bednar

Yum! Located right by the Brayes Bayou trail, the bakery makes a perfect place to stop and grab a snack. I tried the pecan bar and a blueberry hamantaschen ... both were delicious and not overly sweet. They also sell coffee, lattes, and tea. This place would be great for a quick breakfast or brunch. I will definitely stop by again!

sweetpotato bear

Their place the most amazing cake business in town!!! Bobby and the whole crew always make the most amazing cakes and if you haven't tried them yet you need too!!

Callie Wariner

Got my mom a birthday cake her. Was beautiful and tasted amazing!!! Definitely coming back for more. Also, I got my birthday cake her a long time ago too! They have great deserts.

christina merlan

I was recommended to try this place out but i was left dissatisfied with out even ordering a cake . I spoke with two different woman on the phone to place a last minute cake order, witch seemed to unplease the last woman i spoke with she gave me no options or any suggestions on their cake selections other than to check their website where picture selection is very limited. I wish her customer service skills improve and she can be more welcoming over the phone to potential guests and not make them feel rushed to place the order .

Ryan Cruse

I got my wife's birthday cake here because they have a lot of dairy free options. I wasn't disappointed, I'm not dairy free and I got my birthday cake there too because it was so good!

Britney Samson

Janice and her team are AMAZING! Our 4-tier wedding cake was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. All of our guests LOVED the flavors we chose, the buttercream icing, everything! Thank you Three Brothers Bakery for the sweet and perfect addition to our big day!

Frank rocha

Great cupcakes and sweets .

Timothy Vale

Wide range of delicious cookies, cakes and European-style bread. Friendly and helpful staff.

Alice Briscoe

Literally a pleasant surprise! I was on my way to a nearby bakery that was closed for the holidays, so I searched Google and found this bakery 4 minutes away. I went inside, and was instantly blown away by all the options! The checkout is wayyy quicker than the bakery I'm used to, and the workers are very friendly. I bought a little of everything. My family loved the simple sweetness of the everything, nothing was overpowering.

Liz J.

I reached out to multiple bakeries to recreate or make a replica of a cake online, this bakery came through for me with a great red velvet cake. I saw the Buzzfeed recommendation and gave it a try. So glad I did. #Braeswood

Yvette Williams

The pictures on their website are not up to date. I ordered an Oreo cheesecake for a party at work because it looked so delicious online. When my co-worker picked it up it was totally different from the one on their website. The one online was nicely decorated with whip cream and chocolate drizzled all over it. The one I picked up didn't have any of that it was very very plain. I called but was told that you have to request those items to be put on the cheesecake. I was very upset because I assumed that it should automatically come like the one on the website since that's what they were advertising. I was told the picture was old and they no longer do them that way but why advertise it. I'm pretty sure it's a quick and easy change to remove the old picture and replace it with a more updated one. I was very disappointed.


Local bakery, we love stopping in just for treats and cookies.

io games

I had a B-day Cake From Here,It was amazing!!

Lauren Sanchez

I got two cakes from here, one was very syrupy and very, very sweet... almost too much to be eaten. The other one was like heaven in a box. You just need to find what you like.. but I definitely see why it is an award winning bakery!

Tanya B

Had a great experience here at 3 Brother's. I ordered my birthday cake here and it was ready in just 3 days. I sent a few pictures of what I had in mind, and they created a beautiful cake for me! It was honestly more delicious than it looked! I recommend this bakery, I'll definitely return for upcoming events.

tammy craft

We ordered 2 hot chocolates and they were the BEST WE EVER HAD! Ready to drink nice and very smooth. Thank you Jonathan master mixer!!

Heli Kimhi

Amazing Hala bread, everything is super fresh, friendly crew

Linda Moore

Order my birthday cupcakes from here and it was awful. Ordered 30 cupcakes and 15 were brought back home. The designs were horrible, the designs were falling off, and the cupcakes were dry with no flavor. All the managers I spoke to about the issue were rude including the general manager. They offered me 10% out of $330 I paid for the cupcakes. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Tommy Chung

Great service and the cheesecake cupcake was amazinggg

Mary Williams

This placr is must visy on HOUSTON.

Olivia Noah

Delicious cakes, variety of flavors and priced appropriate.

Harris Newman

Been going there all my life, great ryebread!

Michelle Baxter

Food with real quality ingredients. It has a great interior. This place has many good reviews for a reason.

Khosrow Gandomkar

Good bread for me and my son love it

Matt Cullen

Clean and comfortable. A Houston staple. Coffee is fantastic. Cookies are OK. Cupcakes are not up to snuff. Key lime pie is some of the best in the country (no, seriously, they won a contest). Oh, and the bagels are the whole reason this place has been open for more than 40 years.

Brianne Merck

Cake tasting was amazing. They brought out cupcakes for us to try different flavors, and they also offered 7 separate fillings. The consult was competent and very kind. Will definitely come back!

Kristin M

Not dairy or gluten free friendly but incredible bakery with great prices for those who have no allergy concerns. I picked up coffee cakes for family business. Everyone loved it.

Brian Corona

Best bakery ever. Great service and people.

Ciro Di Napoli

Highly overrated! From their stale and plain challah bread, to their ridiculously tiny and super expensive hamantaschen this place has literally lost all trust and respect in our family. Their pastries are never truly fresh, their desserts are literally sugar bombs with no flavor profile whatsoever. I mean HEB Challah's is way more delicious and always fresh. Hamontaschen are cheaper and better elsewhere and pastries should be a staple of a bakery just as the bread should, instead I can have better pastries at a place that doesn't even have the word "Bakery in the title. Sorry, however, I will no longer be stopping by for our bakery needs.

Chris Jordan

Best bakery around. They have everything, I know they took on water during Harvey but they got opened quickly. Try the rum balls, they are amazing

Chau Tran

I have been here twice. Each time I had a different cashier. Both times they were friendly and answered all my questions. They were also patient when it took me a minute to pick out things that I wanted. Product knowledge was A+.

Priyavrat Shukla

This is a really bad place from what I have experienced. To start with, their personnel are extremely rude. They talk to the customers as if they are doing a favor to us by making that cake. secondly they are extremely pricey for what they deliver and cakes are just ridiculously high priced. Thirdly they deliver the cake at the same price of the cake. So a 150$ cake costs you 300$. And here's an example, they priced an 8" cake for 150$ for me and 300$ with delivery. Finally I ended up picking it up myself. And finally the product they deliver lacks quality. Their ingredients are not what they should be at that high a price. Its your call what you decide, but for me this place is a big NO!

Ciara Brown


Nicholas Lyons

Delicious! A true staple of Houston. Friendly staff, great coffee and pastries

Alejandro Barreda

One of the best in town.

Julia M. Chambers

We stopped by this little bakery because it was Pi Day (March 14th) and it was near the hospital. They only had pecan pie left (which we grabbed, because PI DAY - we nerd families respect our holidays), but we also had to take home some cupcakes and cake balls. The place smelled heavenly and the staff was patient and kind while the kids and I went back and forth, asking questions about everything, trying to decide what to take back with us. Let me tell ya - I LOVE TO BAKE - chocolate dessert crafting is a hobby of mine and I'm super judgemental when it comes to buying baked goods. Their cakes were great! Super moist and buttery. Pie was nice too. All in all, I'm glad we found this spot on our trip to Houston. Made a sobering visit for cancer treatment a little brighter. We'll be back!

Assem Prince

Love this bakery, always fresh and yummy, their pastries remind me my childhood, growing up overseas. Best cakes, bread e.c.!

Natalia Carias

My nephew has dairy allergies and loves pastry. This is heaven for his parents. I ate a chocolate chip cookie. It was yummy! Never would've guessed it was dairy free.

Patrick Flynn

Chocolate pecan pie! Scrumptious!

Cheryl Metherd

Three Brothers Bakery did a fantastic job on our wedding cake and grooms cake! The lady who took our order, drew the cakes exactly how we wanted them to look. We did the taste tasting before deciding on which flavors, and they were all so moist! Delicious and Beautiful cakes! Great customer service, and such attention to detail. I highly recommend Three Brothers Bakery!!!

Virginia Rockwell

Great variety.

Kevin Burck

Absolutely phenomenal family bakery which takes time to truly specialize your needs. Their food is so unbelievably fresh AND they serve coffee - where they roast their own beans. Being able to have this type of bakery and feel like they baked it fresh just for you. Try the rainbow cookie - it’s the best ...soft. Also try the croissants - lightly dusted with sugar. A great selection of baked goods, cookies, cakes and treats!

Leo Fromage

Best Jewish bakery in Houston. A Bar Mitzvah without their mini eclairs is unheard of. I go out of my way to buy their seeded rye for home made Rubens.

Yayma Martinez

Excellent customer service! Amazing coffee!

Laura Haskovec

So the cupcakes I bought was too good to wait and take pictures. Nomnom. But, this is a special bakery with Dairy Free Options that are absolutely delicious. The prices are reasonable. They have jumbo/gourmet cookies and cupcakes, breakfast pastries, special order cakes, and a coffe/espresso bar. I have never been disappointed by the presentation, taste or cost. I'm planning to use Three Brother's for my son's birthday cake which has to be dairy free.

Leslie Faske

I ordered a pecan pie for my husband for the first time he's going to love it I tried a slice and it's the best ive ever tasted and I'm not big on pecan pie I love cheesecake this pie is very tasty and very fresh homemade delicious just shipped on may 2 fed ex and got it in 2 days try it u will be amazed I will be ordering again from three brothers in the near future

M Swin

Very rude service! Cookies were under baked and doughy

David Featherston

My wife and I choose Three Brothers Bakery back in 2010 for our wedding cake. They did an excellent job on getting everything made correctly and was in perfect order. We keep using them as often as we need to. Would recommend this place to anyone that is in need.

G R Houston-Jack

One of the best bakeries to find fresh, baked goods. The smells are intoxicating and so worth every penny. They also create great cakes. The cake tasting is only $25 for those looking for a special event cake.

Maria Ortiz

Did a beautiful job on our wedding cake. Tasted great too. Had many compliment.

Mardi Kunik

Three Brother's bakery is a Houston treasure. We have been fans for more than 40 years. So many memories, rich traditions, and quality sweets and breads. Nothing brings back childhood memories like their gingerbread men.

Vince Smith

I have been riding my bike by this place for years and finally stopped in to get a gift for our hosts in Tennessee. Katie was professional enough to thoughtfully package our cookies so they could make the journey and was a joy to deal with. Can't wait to try the cookies. Three Brothers is back in business after Harvey and ready to go.

Melissa Rodriguez

Talk about an amazing bakery!! They have so much to choose from and their cakes are absolutely gorgeous, they're so decorative and unique. I loved it! And the coffee was delicious. Mmmmm, I'll be going back here for sure!!

Tim Powell

Excellent service and perfect cake.

Lois Tucker

Visited on Sat I believe. I'll return with my relatives. This place has a good atmosphere.

Lena Proutt

Very pleasant

Judy Barrish

This is an old school bakery with, not just terrific goodies, but wonderful, knowledgeable, patient help.

Peter Rispin

Some things excellent, some just OK. All the prices are really high, bagels are good for those who like fluffy round rolls with holes.

melissa lopez

Snickerdoodle cupcake is so delicious! Pair that with great customer service and I'll be coming back soon

Madison Brown

Disappointing to get Philadelphia cream cheese when the menu lists home-made. Would give this place 5 stars if they actually had what was listed on the menu.

jlcsolutions .

First of all I really wanted to try this place for a very long time ! So today was the day !! We got the Death by chocolate cupcake Coconut cupcake Cheesecake cupcake So how hard is to satisfy a seven year old with chocolate? My kids review “ This taste like it’s been in the fridge for a week “ ( a seven year old, chocolate) DRY I had the coconut cupcake, the bread was dry and had very little coconut flavor. So we saved the cheesecake cupcake for last ( how can you go wrong with cheesecake?). Cheesecake cupcake was guess what ? DRY also frosting not much better. Desert Gallery is by far better. Crave cupcakes is most definitely better. Sam’s cupcakes are probably better. Maybe cookies is the the thing to go for.

Alexia Donnelly

They have a great classic feeling and they have some really yummy cream cheese brownies. They have friends faces to great you. In my opinion some of their items are a little over priced and the beagles were more fluffy than normal beagles. I would recommend trying them out though. They are worth the trip.

AskDetola AskDetola

The store manager was rude. someone broke into my car on Saturday 7.13.19 right in their parking lot and there's no remorse about car was broke into my bag was stolen which I do have money in it and my car window destroyed it was a shame how I was treated the fact I loved their cookies and drove mile away to purchased literally made me speechless how I was treated. I think having a security officer at your location will help safeguard this unwanted issues and also protect your customers it is a shame I cannot come to this location again.

Will M

Smells amazing, tastes even better.

Daisy Nunez

The sweets are really delicious

Jacalyn Macgowan

Great place for all your baked deserts!

Jerry Helfand

It's a very good bakery. You can get kosher items here. Open Sundays.

Paul Mueller

Nice bakery with good cookies. Good variety of sweets available.

Isaiah Golden

i love this place, great food & service. it has a cool atmosphere.

D'Quincy Robinson

Find a taste of heaven with so many options to choose. I adore this hometown bakery destination and I live almost 40 miles away but it's well worth the drive...even in Houston traffic lol

Connie Lacobie

Friendly staff. Excellent wedding cake. Rich and great decorative art.

anna gough

Delicious homemade bakery items, great assortments, courteous customer service

Terry Carlin

Stale King Cake! Really guys? Tasty but at least day old.

Glenn Sharp

Dependable quality, variety, and service

Helen Forti

Fresh and delicious desserts and breads.

Sarita King

This is where I buy all of our birthday and custom made cakes. I love Three Brothers!!!

Rebecca Lieb

My family has loved Three Brothers for a long time. The gingerbread cookies are always a hit - we can never buy enough! I recently got a cake for my son's birthday with a beautiful design of the Texas state flag. It was delicious!! The staff are always nice and friendly. I always have a great and tasty experience.

Sarah G

We had a custom cake made for my son's 1st birthday. It was a design to look like his favourite stuffed animal. The cake was beautiful, much bigger than I had imagined, and tasted wonderful. Thank you. I will be coming back soon.

jenna jacobson

Delicious bread!! And they keep kosher! A++

Ced Stew

The best bakery ever!!!;

Ethan Poole

The staff was sociable and attentive. Kinda of like a restaurant in Los Angeles I loved to visit.

Greg Coe

Not too impressed by the bread. They're better than most places in Houston, but they fall short of what you'd get in France or Italy. The pastries are excellent though.

Erin Lott

I ordered my wedding cake from Three Brothers Bakery for October 2017. The staff was friendly and professional throughout the entire process. My husband and I met with a staff member to try their wedding cake flavors (3 cakes and icings, 6 fillings) and design our cake. We picked out a standard white cake, white icing, and raspberry filling. The raspberry filling is delicious!! Our cake was simple, so I cannot speak much for how well they do with intricate designs. However, our 4 tier cake was simple, clean, beautiful, and made it through the wedding without any structural issues (i.e. toppling over) so I would say a design win! The cake was absolutely delicious, and still is after 7 months! We had a bunch left over, which has been sitting in the freezer. I defrosted some this week and though the cake density is a little different, it still tastes exactly the same. As per tradition, we saved the top tier for our 1st anniversary. I'm so happy my husband and I will be able to enjoy it when the time comes.

Adriana Vazquez

My birthday was this weekend and last minute I showed up to this bakery in hopes that they would have some available. Upon our arrival I was greeted with such a huge glass case filled with every kind of goody your little heart could desire. As I made my way from one side to the other I came across the most delicious looking cupcakes, cookies, pies, and so on and so forth. The place was bustling with a crowd of people some enjoying there sweets and coffee some like myself were coming in to pick up something good. A young lady helped me promptly as I had already made a choice of cakes or so I thought as I asked for something with strawberry and cream she was great in her suggestion for that very one I seeked. I'm the kind of person that gets excited about these kinds of things. Needless to say I had a great birthday with my phenomenal cake! Yes people I said phenomenal moist not overly sweet, pure perfection. My mom picked up 3 Election day cookies 2 Trump 1 Clinton lol. Delish as well. Thanks 3 Brothers Bakery!!

James Tryon

Disappointing experience, staff was very polite and helpful; However my "personalized" cake literally looks like a blank canvas. None of the colors we talked about, glitter, shimmer nothing. This has to be a joke. I ended up having to decorate it myself at home.

Geneva Barker

Stumbled upon this place looking for a sweet snack and I'm so glad I did! I got Salted Egg filling Pineapple bun and it was so good! The bread is sooo fluffy and fresh. And I love how they can heat it up for you upon request as well. For $1.50, definitely a steal! Can't wait to try the matcha version!


Contracted this three bros. location to do my wedding cake and a grooms cake. I'll make a long story short, the wedding cake didn't look AT ALL like how we discussed. It looked sloppy like it was made the day of the event. Also the filling/flavor of the wedding cake was completely wrong as well. The grooms cake looked like it was supposed to. It looked like they spent more time on the grooms cake decoration than the wedding cake. Also the flavors of the grooms cake were wrong as well. The meeting we had a few months before the wedding to discuss cake were a complete waste of time. I'm sorry, maybe others had a better experience with three brothers but I was really disappointed.


I like it. Delicious pastries.


Delicious Kosher bakery. Pastries and cookies are out of this world and baked-in-store challah is incomparable.

rebecca fyffe

My clients rave when I send Three Brothers Bakery pies across the country as corporate gifts. You've never had better pecan pie than theirs. They arrive in any city fast and as fresh as the day they were made. We enjoyed their award-winning pecan pie in Chicago last night. You can have a Three Brothers Bakery pie no matter where you live.

Clint Warren

VERY HIGH QUALITY, THAT YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR!! sometimes you can catch stuff on sale .... average is about $3 / cookie !

James Griffiths

Great petite fours, cakes, cookies and other Jewish themed bakery items.

Sonia Romero

Brought my boyfriend here and we had the Chocolate cake but it was so bad we broke up...

Kathryn Inman

Clean and very friendly, informed staff... cant to try the strawberry cake!

Geoff Mcfarlin

Very nice people clean place good treats and if you need a cake made one of the best in Houston

Fatima Kinard

Tried this place out for the first time today it was awesome so many sweets to choose from!! Opted for some cupcakes and Dino cookies. The German chocolate cupcake was my fave. The kids enjoyed the Dino cookies. Will definitely be coming back soon!! Highly recommend this place to ease this sweet tooth cravings!!


I orderd a Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie for Christmas which we celebrated last night and this was the worst Pecan Pie/Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie I have literally ever tasted. Absolutely zero fudge or chocolate taste, in fact it was so bad, I don't even think I like Pecan pie anymore.

Sela Viveros

I bought the oreo cake and it was a little overly sweet. My sons 16th birthday party all my guests said the same .

Trae Hughes

Website says you can pick up within 3 hours. I call them and they say it takes a week. For a basic vanilla cake. bunch of bullshit Websites is a lie and needs to be changed.

Jessica Riedel

Our wedding cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious! Thank you!

julius rodriguez

So nice to see they are changing things up to keep up with the times. Nothing against old fashion bakeries just why look like one. Very excited to see the final out come of the remodel I heard coming soon from my inside source.

Rich Cicack

The best bakery in town!

Norman Page

Got there about two, it was not packed. The service here is attentive. Bring your appetite because portions are filling. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Robert Russo

I’ve been to this location maybe 5 times. Previously i had an issue when I got home and my cupcakes were very dry and not good. I called the store and asked how old the cupcakes were they told me they could be up to 5 days old. I asked for fresh cupcakes and made a trip back to exchange the cupcakes. I went again today and asked for fresh cupcakes. A chocolate Oreo cupcake and a red velvet. I asked multiple times, were these made today? He assured me they were. After getting home they were dry and falling apart, not good at all. Unfortunately our family won’t be going to their bakery anymore. Their store is clean and well kept but their quality of cupcakes are very poor. We ordered a graduation cake a few months ago and it was good. Would not recommend cupcakes or anything that’s not made fresh for you.

Sydney B

Another Update: They are celebrating their 70th year and decorated accordingly. I received great service again! I love coming here! Update: I visited this location again today. The cashier Madison gave great service and gave me permission to take pictures; I remembered to take pictures of the bakery and of my purchases this time! I tried a free sample of the snickerdoodle; it was quite nice. I ordered a 1.5lb Challah loaf, a blueberry danish, a snickerdoodle, and a chocolate raspberry pound cake. This was my first time at a 3BB. I have a dairy allergy and saw that this bakery had dairy-free options. I initially tried to visit on Easter, but I didn't check their holiday hours. I visited again later that week. I asked if there was any Challah left, since I knew that was dairy-free; I ordered a 1.5lb loaf. The cashier Noah asked if I wanted it sliced; I didn't know that was an option. While he sliced the bread, I looked at the display for a pastry to try. There were so many non-dairy items that I couldn't stop smiling. I ordered a strawberry Hamantaschen, and ate it in my car. I was so excited that I forgot to take more pictures of the bakery and any of my purchases. I devoured the Challah over several days. I plan to visit a 3BB in the near future! Thank you.

B J Grisaffi

Very good as always

Tamesha Shook

The service is good and the staffs are great.

Bill Norman

Very good

Chantal Wallace

They are so nice there and the food is delicious!

Jay Ginn

The variety is awesome. The smell of fresh breads, and cakes when you first walk in is wonderful. I love the designs and decorations.

Kiley Humphrey

Amazing pastries! The best one we had was the Cookie Dough pastry- it has a thin chocolate chip cookie baked on top of it and the most delicious pastry cream inside with nibs of chocolate. Their signature "cruffin" was also very good.

Julia Goldman

Always delicious

Mildred Wallace

entered near eleven, it wasn't packed. had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again.

Torren Smith

Great place. Everything looks great. I really like the Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake!

michael wasserman

I've been going to Three Brothers Bakery for years and have never had a disappointing experience. The gingerbread men were incredible. I'm not the biggest fans of raisins so I asked if they would consider making them with chocolate chips instead. Low and behold, the next time I went they had my request there! Great customer service and really nice people.

Martha Riggs

We had two flavors of the danish type pastry and they were amazing! Big in size but also in flavor. Probably the best pastry I have ever had. I also appreciate that everything inside was very clean and organized.

Jonathan Hale

Fantastic baked goods with tons of amazing dairy-free options!

Kimberly Capps

Family tradition for many many years and none of us have ever had a bad experience. I wish they would put one in N. East Texas where I live & bring a Beldons too. :-)

Daniel Wasserman

My family loves 3 Brothers Bakery. We especially love their Gingerbread men and will go out of my way to get them. Their cakes and pastries are delicious as well.

Pamela Craig

I often meet people here to talk. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

shanitha whitfield

Great tasting, high quality desserts paired with courteous service. The only thing is with desserts this good, there is always a wait.


Ordered a cake three days in advance for overnight delivery through Goldbely. Silence. . . time came and went. Silence. Cancelled the order. Will I reuse them? Probably never. Momofuku and cake boss were both way better and more responsive once an order was placed.

Waleed Al-Ali

This place is great, however the service is not as good. Every time I go there I see new staff, constant change in staff and no improvement, still the service not good, it is even worst. You know when you go to such place you expect a familiar face who remember your order. Anyway, I went there this morning, asking for cinnamon roll to be cut in half for the kids, and this is how the staff answers me "there is a knife on the table back there, you can cut it". Hmmm if the bakery cannot help cutting a bread then who can? Thanks anyway, by the way there are no knifes on the table, restock your shelfs before you open.

Ike Zach

This is a classical European backary. One of the best in Houston.

Jack Malinonoma

My go-to place for any delicious cravings. Just got an incredibly good peacan pie from them to my sister's birthday. Awesome stuff

Lynn Goodson

Great bakery! Best gingerbread men ever. This location is kosher and does not serve kolaches, just fyi if you are heading here for breakfast.

Patricia Ramirez

Nothing compares to Three Brothers Bakery. I've been a patron since I was a child. Next April will mark 50 yrs as a patron

Christine Frank Fuentes

Pricey but quite tasty. A variety of goods, including real pumpernickel bread and gorgeous coconut macaroons.


First time trying this place and I was very disappointed. Paid 40 bucks for a strawberry cake and it was by far the worst cake I've ever had in my life. The icing was the texture of butter and not the creamy kind. The cake itself was pretty dry and hard. Straight garbage. After 70 yrs in business you'd think a cake would be easy for them. Walmart has better cakes

Blaine Bugaski

While searching for the rare Malsovit bread, Three Brothers Bakery was the only result where it could be ordered online. I ordered two loaves and a couple of other tasty treats. The prices on their breads and other pastries are actually very good in my opinion! I don't fault Three Brothers Bakery for the shipping cost, though. Unfortunately, the shipping cost was actually more than my order total. However, as an online seller myself, I realize the exorbitant fees that shipping companies charge, and once again, place no blame on the bakery for this at all. All in all, I am very satisfied with my order, and will definitely consider ordering from Three Brothers Bakery again in the future!

Monica Montalvo

The most delicious pastries!!

Anum Fatima

Love this place! Vanilla cupcakes are my favorite!

Saurabh Sinha

Excellent Customer service and cake. Great Job guys, Thanks!

Ashley Lapaglia

I ordered our wedding cake recently from them and loved it! All our guests loved it and said they'd never had such delicious cake before. Jasmine was so easy to work with during the process and made it so stress free for me! I recommend them for wedding cake or any occasion.

Eliadah Coe

Fresh flavorful and sweet!!

Terrie Longworth

We love the cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.

nadine braunfeld

Expensive but delicious Kosher bakery . Freshly baked @ 4am--6 am large assortment, from bread to cakes. Check your bags/boxes before you leave. Orders are wrong or items left out 30% of the time. Know your prices as well, have been overcharged a few times. if paying cash, check your change Take your receipt..they will ask. Turnover in milienial counter staff may account for most of errors. Bake some incredible wedding cakes, Jewish style European sweets, traditional breads. Some unusual items esp for holidays like MardiGras.Fresh roasted coffee is great, you can buy bags to take home. There is an area where you can sit, have a snack, meet w friends or read paper. Kids brought by in afternoon for cookies or snacks. Very family friendly. Management has replaced baked goods upon returning to store. Are interested in happy customers.

Gabriel Frey

It was so tasty. I've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. It has a nice feel to it.

Jessica Cegelski

Ordered cupcakes from here and they were absolutely amazing.

Kevin H

They won best key lime pie in the usa award, i bought 1 and it was delicious, i went back a few weeks later to buy a 2nd and i felt the tangy key lime flavor was much less apparent, not sure if they changed it or the consistency was off that day but still a good, cream pie? Either way they make delicious anything pastry, ill go back again, my new favorite pastry shop.

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