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801 N Piedras St #6, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

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REVIEWS OF Salt + Honey Bakery Cafe IN Texas

Marc S

This is an amazing cafe. I very much enjoyed the food. O was most pleasantly surprised by the coffee. I ask if the Salt and Honey Latte was just a playful way of naming the latte, and I was informed that it actually was salt and honey. I decided to give it a try. Wow! It has me convinced. You must try it while you are there!!!

Tonna Williamson

I ordered the Salty Soldier and it was delicious. The fish tasted fresh not frozen. My portion was so generous it could've easily fed two people. My lunch date ordered the hummus & avocado toast with a side of the biggest pieces of bacon

Anthony Foster

Perfect for Brunch. Cozy ambiance and the menu will have you coming back For Sure!

Paul Washington

Awsome and filling food


Great food, cozy apshere.

Michelle Mace

Heard about this place from a local. Excellent, excellent and locally owned! Only waited 10 minutes due to its popularity. My waitress was very attentive. I ordered the Londoner: eggs over medium, bacon, turkey sausage very yummy, roasted tomato, cheesy hash browns and a choice of their homemade grainy bread or gluten free. There baked goods looked to be to die for but I was good, at least this time. I’m only in town for 4 days and will go one more time before I leave. The only recommendation I would make is to have a bigger sign outside. Found it hard to see and drove back and forth twice before I saw it:)

Carlos Maynez

Great food, amazing service and friendly staff. Loved the place and atmosphere and medium price range. Will definitely be coming back. Great place to bring your date

Sofie J.

Great food and environment! I highly recommend the tacos!

Lorenzo Melchor

Food was delicious, green Chile hash browns are particularly tasty, nice environment

Rebecca E

I've been wanting to try Salt + Honey for months and I finally got the chance to go today. Usually a lot of anticipation leads to some sort of letdown, but this hip little brunch spot was everything I was hoping it would be and more. The ambiance was warm and inviting, the staff was SO friendly, and the food was phenomenal. I tried the baklava pancakes and the breakfast tacos and they were both very tasty. They also have a great drink menu and even offer an espresso flight! So if you're looking for the perfect brunch place I would highly recommend Salt + Honey.

Ana Pape

Great place for brunch with a number of delicious and unique options. The standout was their baklava pancakes. Highly recommend!

Bailey Keller

Cozy new-age eatery with coffee bar. Service was friendly. Food was outstanding. Amazing find.

Sandra Jacobs

Great location for quality american food. Super tasty. Certainly worth a return trip. Bring your appetite because portions are filling. I see why this place has a lot of good reviews.

Mary M

The owners are Arabs that have weird rules for customers, they don’t like old people or people of an specific look! If they like you they will treat you good if they don’t they will gang up on you, from serving the most horrible coffee to how the service that you are paying for! I went there with my husband, he is a vet and they seat us on the bar and they said if you seat on the bar you can’t seat on a table. After a few minutes of seating on the bar there were some empty tables and I made a request for a table! They did not help us we end up leaving. They are losing one customer at the time and I know they will close one day because if you come to America with your middle Easter mentally you will get back what you give

Ivan Ulloa

I Was super excited to try this place because I had heard the food was pretty good. Especiallu for brunch. I went online to look up the address and the time they open. It stated that they open from 8am- 5pm.As soon as I walk in around 11:50 a server comes and literally runs up to us and says, "Our kitchen is closed." how is your kitchen closed that early when I saw people with food? Did y'all run out of food or something? How does a place close the kitchen at brunch peak time? Like seriously, I still don't understand why the kitchen was closed so early.

Chancho lito

Finding this place was like a treasure hunt, well worth it. Very hipster place and crowd, but do not let that intimidate you. They can make a mean (in an awesome way) cup of coffee. The menu can be a little intimidating, but the staff is so friendly, that puts you at ease. I had The Londoner Breakfast Plate and it was top notch. My wife loved the baklava pancakes. Their pastry selection is small, but EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY AND FLAVOR. Highly recommend their latte with an extra shot, the Arabian coffee and the hot chocolate. They take a lot of pride in their food. My only suggestion would be a bigger sign. But then again, the treasure hunt is part of the experience.

Tomas Lucero

Great place and good food. Service was a bit slow for lunch though.

Valerie Hernandez

Love the vibe and the unique variety on the menu. So good. Will definitely be back.

Richard Epstein

Nicely done retro cafe. Great coffee bar. Breakfast yum


I like what they are trying to do with the food and coffee. Service was pretty good. There's a few small things they could improve but I would return and support this business.

Deborah Paz

Great atmosphere! Good caffeinated drinks

Dianne M

Very good French toast and teas!

Teddie Mo

We were here for a lecture on CBD. The only white wine served was canned wine yes I said canned wine. Who knew wine came in cans? Red wine came from box. It was ok food was not available at the time I went but the menu looked interesting. Seems like a cool idea.

Florence Golden

Fine place for quality American food. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. I'll return with my coworkers.

Rene Colunga

Portions are generous and taste great.. The inside architecture is great.. Somthing very different for el paso..

Muse Mercedez

Pleasantly surprised. The croissant French toast was delicious: the sour taste of the berry’s complimented the sweet and salty French toast. I also tried a few of there gourmet coffees, YUM! Not to mention the chic retromod vibe of the space and friendly service. A true El Paso gem.

Berenice Monarez

This was my first time at Salt + Honey Bakery. A representative for a company brought me here for a work lunch. We were greeted immediately and got sat within a few minutes. Our server seemed overwhelmed but he was efficient. The food menu had some unique items that all sounded amazing. The food was brought out in a timely manner. I tried the bagel with smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese. Also tried the highly recommended salt + honey coffee. It was delicious! I made the mistake of adding sugar to the coffee before trying it. It's sweet and perfect as it is. The bakery items all looked delicious as well. We shared a baklava. It had a unique and fragrant smell/taste of rose. I highly recommend this place if you are looking into trying something local and different.

william lewis

Great breakfast with a very modern environment. The salt and honey latte is a must have when visiting this restaurant.


I absolutely LOVE this place! The food was fantastic and the service was excellent. Its a cute and trendy little place too. I will definitely be back!

Jr Duran

Small trendy brunch/bakery. Offers brunch plates that have a Mediterranean twist, and some great takes on traditional cafe staples. Of course various coffee options, and good selection of fresh pastries. Do not forget to try their signature, salt+honey fries. During our visit we had exceptional, friendly, attentive service.

Mike Marshall

Walked in and asked for a table of 5. They asked us to wait at the bar. Large table left and we asked for that table. Hostess snapped at us not to move until the table was cleaned. While table was being cleaned a party of 3 walked in and a different hostess sat them at the table. After complaining that our table was given away, the staff very rudely insinuated that it was our fault. Will NEVER go back which is too bad because the food is good but the people are AWFUL

Elizabeth Barraza-Baird

Wa WOW! I took my daughter to eat at Salt + Honey for her Birthday Lunch...the food was absolutely delectable! We ordered the Tacos Borrachos and WOW they were mouth watering! Brisket meat and hash browns, great combo! I highly recommend this place!

Rebecca Urias

Perfect place to celebrate my Babygirl's 21st birthday brunch!

Irma Lopez

Several people raved about this place, so we tried it out for lunch. BIG mistake! I don't mind paying a high price for quality food, but this was ridiculous. The food was horrible! The chicken was rubbery and the sauce was gross. Two of us ordered the same thing and neither of us liked it. The other person with us tasted it, and he said the same thing. He was not happy with his food either. We left two plates pretty much untouched. We spent $20 each for no food basically. The waitress didn't even ask what was wrong when she saw our full plates. She never offered us anything to drink and just brought water. Service was mediocre. I usually give 20% or more in tip, but I only tipped 15% because she was not attentive at all. I found out that most people who like it go for breakfast, not lunch. I could have spent much less at KFC and had a better tasting meal. Lesson learned

Dominic Shaw

Went here for brunch on a Saturday. It’s easy to miss driving by, but the inside is very well decorated. Our initial impression of the food wasn’t great. We selected a pastry which looked good but it was near frozen and very stale. Disappointing that a place that calls themselves a bakery doesn’t make all their pastries fresh. The espresso flight was also a little underwhelming - it’s a nice novelty but I didn’t care too much for the flavors and at $10 it’d be cheaper to just order 3 espressos off the menu. The londoner breakfast was very good and redeemed the meal. Service was also good.

Osvel Molina

The service and the foos were really good. They give you a lot on your plate. The place looked really nice super trendy spot. Prices were a little high and the breakfast options were small.

Dan Gray

Excellent food! A variety of unique menu options.

shane farmer

Lots of friends talk highly about the place, so we tried it out. We arrived at 10:45 and sat at the counter, the place was pretty busy so it took about ten minutes to be acknowledged. The server apologized for that, we ordered a burger and Mac and cheese for entrees. The food was just over 50 minutes from when we ordered and again we were apologized to. Neither dish was very warm, Infact the Mac was served in a cast iron skillet over a plate. After a bite I touched the skillet which was just barely warm. I picked it up with both hands and felt the bottom. Just barely warm. I believe the server let the food sit for too long and I didn't want to complain as I should never have to. We might try it another time, the reviews are good and friends like it. Our first visit was not as we expected.

Steph G

One of my personal favorites, this place offers the best fries I have ever tasted. The menu does have some costly items, but the food is exquisite. Last time I visited I decided to try their Tacos Borrachos and I would highly recommned them. If it's your first time visiting, ask for their salt and honey fries. After all, that's the name of the place.

Ted Escobedo

We went after the lunch rush for coffee and pastries. The server was not friendly or helpful. My espresso was cold and my pastry was served straight from the fridge. I had been here before and liked it okay, but now I'm very hesitant to go back.

Jessica Villa

Great atmosphere, great service, awesome food. Ecletic cool vibe.


Loved it! I had the Londoner which was quite lovely!

Sergio Segovia

Their burgers are juicy, great job.

Catalina Martinez

Pretty good food though the place is in the smaller side so would recommend coming during the week if you want to skip a 30 plus wait. During the week it's very nice and quite, tho weekends it's pretty loud. Great for breakfast or brunch.

Jorge I Calleja

Wonderful restaurant. While there is usually some wait I assure you it's worth it. Dishes are savory and we'll balanced. Make sure to order some Salt + Honey fries. Baklava pancakes are a must. Great brunch place.

D. Jones

I have loved everything about this place. It's tight seating. Take a purse hook with you.

S҉u҉b҉ B҉o҉t҉

Intresting menu with alot of great choices. The fries were on point. Cool place to eat with friends and family, check it out if you are ever in El Paso!

Marcus G Owens

A friend recommended it. I can only say I wish I lived closer cause I'd be there all the time. The food was fantastic and the service was equal to the task.

lulu Lemon

This restaurant is a really good place to have a nice little brunch date with your friends. The food here is very healthy and filling. Something that I loved is the fries. I really recommend the salt and honey fries they are a weird concept, but they taste so so good. I liked how good the staff was and the overall look of the restaurant is a very confortable edgy place. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart ♥️

Diana Lopez

I read and heard mix reviews from this place, but still I had to try it. Everything was perfect, good service, good atmosphere, good prices and a delicious golden milk latte. Diana the barista was so friendly and recommended me the Grilled cheese sandwich, and she was right it was delicious, the portion was huge. I couldn't finish it. I coming back to have brunch with mimosas!!!

Anton Conlon

Great design inside. Great menu and coffee. The burrata salad is off the charts delicious. I will be back. This is a welcome edition to El Paso!

Cynthia Mendoza

We have brunch here often, food and service never disappoints!

Bruno Astorga

Really good food !!! Good atention lovely building

Noel Blanco

Busy place. Delicious, healthy food. Great mix of coffees. Great ambiance!

patrick lozano

Great atmosphere and aesthetic! Good luck to your establishment!

Lilia Terrazas

This locally owned hidden gem is amazing and deliciously husband and I brought my son before leaving to the Airforce and we wanted a great brunch experience and it sure delivered. We ordered the Londener, croissant French toast and the grill cheese sandwich and salt and honey fries. They were all finger licking delicious. The coffee is freshly brewed and delicious too. I really appreciated that Maggie -owner seats you and talks to customers and is very pleasant. She didnt mind us asking about the location so she shared a brief history of the building. The inside of the restaurant is tastefully decorated and has a warm and comfortable feeling. The music playing in the restaurant was nostalgic and reminiscent. Overall the experience was great and she wished my son good luck on his journey and thanked him for his service . It's a definite come back for us

Farqad Abuoudeh

Great food! The baklava pancake is amazing. Good quality and great mix of American middle eastern cuisine.

Jeffrey Atkinson

Excellent atmosphere. Adna, our waitress, was the best. Great service. Food was very good. Even the restroom were outstanding. Very clean. Highly recommend.

Virginia Gonzalez

Prices are a little high, but they have great food! It’s also pretty spacious and their lattes are delicious.

Rida Asfahani

I’m finally admitting that I like it here.

Crystal Bales

The portions are decent. The service is always fantastic! I love their Moroccan tea, they know how to do teas and coffees. A nice place for brunch or if you just want to read and have a cup of coffee.

Claire Sipes

Owners are there so they are personally invested...ambiance..great food

Carlos Viesca

My son and my wife found this restaurant and now we’re in love with it, can get enough of it, everything on the menu is great! Try it!

marc kessler

Great food and atmosphere.

Humberto Carbajal

Great atmosphere. Great food. First place in town I've seen that serves Turkish coffee. Excellent service. Plus they serve alcohol.

Cheryl Swafford

Offered a job. Went to interview. Asked to come back then just got blown off. Unacceptable behaviour outta the owner. Very unprofessional

Lauryn Flores

Get any item on the menu, and it will not disappoint. My favorite is the croissant French toast!!!

Ayannah Braye

The food and the service was amazing. Would definitely recommend!

Mandar Karhade

Expensive for the food. Honey salt latte was extremely sweet. After notifying the waitress she offered to remake but I did not have much time to wait on another 10 min prep. The restaurant did not offer to waive charges so I could not offer to pay for the services. So no way for mutual courtesy. The londerner breakfast was bland. And the supposed to be well done/ not so runny egg was absolutely runny. Not impressed with the services

BP Redric

Loved the Turkish coffee, hard to find! Also nice mix of items for brunch. Fresh ingredients, nice atmosphere, equals happy Sunday!

Judi Perez

Get the Salt and Honey Latte!! Have had the Mother Clucker and the Black Friday and the Tacos Burrachos. All delicious! Always great customer service, love the ambience in here!

Spencer Shwetz

Wonderful place to stop. Great customer service and hospitality. Will come again next time I’m in El Paso!

Anna Miranda

Delicious French toast and chai tea!

Michael Webster

american food... so good. Very tasty. Fast and courteous service. Prices were appropriate.

Sign Design

Great food but my wife came home to me and said she could not find the place. That they don't have a sign. "IF you Dont Tell" You Dont Sell" Signs are essential to commercial growth. Don't let the cost of a sign get in the way of a great business. Sign Design in El Paso can get you financed. Call Sign Design for a free quote. We love signs and we love your food. Put them both together for a home run of a business. My grand papi always said. " The Sign of a good business. Is a business with a Good Sign"

James Northcutt

I think this may have been the best breakfast I've ever had. The breakfast tacos were incredibly satisfying, and the balaklava pancake was perfect.

Business With Yazir

This place has the best macha tea I've ever had in my life.

S Cc

Great food. Wish they had a kids menu. Perfect for brunch

William Dyer

The breakfast was really delicious and they were super accommodating to food allergies and requests. The coffee was great too!

Doris D

Hated it. They said 20 minute wait and it turned into 45 minutes. My group then had to share a table with another couple. We were forced to give a tip percentage they decided on. The food sucked. The total price for two of us was about 50 dollars. It was 1 londoner and 1 salty sailor...a breakfast plate and burger... one coffee and one water! Disappointed!

Luis Velasco

Had a great lunch today. We had a S & H Burger, Salt n Honey Fries and a Cobb Salad. It was excellent. We could taste the quality in every bite. My latte and my wife's coffee was awesome!

Paola Kluesner

This place is delicious, they have great service and the food options are broad, and delicious. Our food was fresh and crisp, and the environment is friendly and clean.

Heather Tydings

The food is awesome. The wait for the food was forever even after we were sitting. Waiter was distracted and over it all. Coffees are small. Not too bad of a place though. Probably better on less busy days.

Montevis Price

There were flies in my salad. It was a nice place, it just need to do a better job of making sure their food is fresh.

Rebecca Sharp

Gorgeous cafe. Excellent food. My favorite brunch spot in El Paso

Jose A. Gonzalez

Food was great, the hostess had a bit of an attitude with us but otherwise it's a great hangout.

Hannah Penklis

Friendly staff, and efficient despite how busy it was. The food was delicious - I had a salt and honey latte, which surpassed my expectations and a burger. Also great. It was a light and bright cafe, tastefully decorated and it didn't feel overcrowded even though every seat was taken. Don't have any criticisms or negative feedback. I will definitely be back!

Grace Vasquez

Nice spot for quality american food. the staff was helpful and kind.

Eduardo Uranga

Best salad I ever tryed, from presentation to taste and healthy values food, an horgasmic experience. AWSOME DELICIOUS FOOD FOR EL PASO TX MUST VISIT THIS PLACE

Rachel Silver

One of my favorite places to go! The coffee and food is always amazing. I haven't had anything on their menu that I haven't liked. A little pricey, BUT WORTH IT. Also, do yourself a flavor and try the salt and honey fries. It sounds weird, but it's soo good! They add a whole new dimension of flavor to your palate

samantha keene

I was rudely treated my waiter and not happy with my meal the pictures on the website looked nothing like the food I was given would 100% not recommended and the bathroom was out of totlietues and when I brought that to our waiters attention she said she would fix it but just gave me that was not Resolved

Karla Rodriguez Razo

Adna was an awesome server and the food was very good, it's a little price but totally worth it!

Jose Lara

Coffee house/brunch place. Seems like a good spot to come study or work. Ordered a cold brew and matcha ice tea. Drinks were decent. For food I ordered tacos borrachos. It’s an ultimate breakfast taco, but a bit expensive for tacos. The burger was good, but as well a bit expensive for a simple burger.

jennifer taranovich

Omg the burgers, grilled cheese, fries, salad n Turkey sandwich was to die for.

Teresa Holguin

Good service Solomon was great. The food was amazing.

Jaime Chavez

Good breakfast hot coffee and good service , a little pricey but well worth it if you like something new.

Stephen Tures

Enjoyable and unusual breakfast menu. Not like anywhere else in El Paso. Amazing coffee.


Food is great, atmosphere is crowded, coffee is great, all at the expense of a LONG wait time (approximately 2 hours). We've only been here on weekends but all three times the wait has been over 1.5 hours for the food. Sometimes they dont even have what we order (ran out of tacos borrachos and londoner one day).

Martha Garcia

Excellent food but server was not as attentive as I would have liked. We had to catch her attention to get drink refills.

Xena Aguilar

I had the baklava pancakes. They were really good and the service was excellent.

LM Nico

Decided to come check this place out from a recommendation. Heard the espresso here was good. Unfortunately the day we went the espresso machine was BROKE! However they were giving out free coffees which normally would be cool, but coffee was weak! So normally I would say this was a dud, but actually the food we ordered was really yummy and the waitress was super sweet. One last tip for the people is don't look for a big sign, its a little writing on the door and window. Overall we'll be going back to give the espresso another try along with trying out some of those other appetizing sounding dishes. Check it out! :-)

Selia Busey

Service was excrutiatingly slow despite it being 2:30 on a weekday. It took 50 minutes between sitting at the table and getting my "simple salad", mixed greens in a basic vinaigrette with a little cucumber and a tomato wedge. I didn't expect fancier, but that long for something that probably took 30 seconds to make? And it wasn't even very good after all that. Some of the other food looked better, but I didn't taste it. The super slow service was the biggest issue.

Kaylee Whitney

Nice place for delicious American food. Staff treated us so kindly.

Eddie Flores III

Love this place. From the decor to the delicious baklava pancakes.

Mitch V

Absolutely scrumptious tacos. Some of the best I have had in a long time. The Sunrise juice was very nice as well.

Berenice Trevizo

Loved loved loved this place! Food is delicious anything you order I’m sure you will like it. Place is cozy and chic. Instagram approves for a picture haha. You get a taste of London’s coffee shops and a taste of different food styles.

Christopher Lanier

This place has class, it has good coffee and latte's and so what if the wait for the food is a little long? The food here is delicious and just because a bunch of hipsters who think that service is expediant and they should be entitled to a refund upon any breach of said service doesn't mean this place doesn't deserve a good rating. Our server was excellent and he was very helpful with deciding our brunch choices. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Tony R

Service was great. Quality food is definitely something you will receive here. It was my first time and I am more than impressed. I look forward to coming back. Baklava pancakes. Mac-n-Cheese with brisket and poblano chili. Espresso flight.

Jaquelyn Martis

Good food ok service

Karina Rodriguez

The place is lacking good service - I've been here plenty of times before. I've left a review before but I must write about my last visit this past Wednesday. I went there during my 1 hour lunch hour, as I usually do. I sat at the bar to get faster service but this time the place a bit more busy than usual. The bartender ignored me for a good 10 minutes until a server had to ask him to give me a menu. I already knew what I want and to make things easier at 12:21 I ordered a water, the avocado toast and some regular fries. I was served my water and after not getting my food after 30 mins, I asked for my food to go because I was going to be late. At 1:00, I asked for my order to be cancelled because I had to go. I told him if I had to pay for the food I would, thinking that he would speak to his manager and not charge me anything. He said if my food came out in the next minutes he would gladly give them to me, it did not. I paid and left at 1:10 because I was already late. I don't think my order was ever put in and I'm incredibly disappointed in their service and their lack of customer service attention.

Jonetta Moyo

The best portabella mushroom that I have ever had. I love the Mediterranean fusion and the environment. I will be back soon.

Gustavo Aguilar

Great place for brunch, menu items are very unique and really good. The coffee is amazing as well

Rick Gomez

Food is awesome. Kayla was super server that kept checking on us and making sure we had a great Sunday morning experience. Baklava pancakes were delicious. Highly recommended! Enjoy!

Albert Walters

One of my favorite places for tasty american food. Good place to relax and unwind. The bill was decent for the quality.

Jo Ann Underwood

Feta Fries!!! These have got to be my favorite fries

Michael Coviello

First, Service was great. Have a few issues. I had the Burger ($14)...was NOT impressed with it. Just was okay at best. Bland, weird texture...nothing to be impressed with. The bun they used was very nice I got the Lentil Soup instead of fries...the Soup was FANTASTIC. Would return just for that soup. Then I had the East Coast Bagel ($14)....I am from the East Coast and have had MANY bagels with cured Salmon before. The bagel had nice flavor but was barely crunch to it...the toppings (capers, onion, tomato and arugula) were very nice....BUT the cured Salmon it self was lacking any flavor and i believe wit as a "Farmed Raised" fish...NOT A GOOD CHOICE for $14.....i feel i can make this call since i CURT MY OWN SALMON....i have done 4 this year alone. I plan on returning because the SOUP alone was great and their pastries looked wonderful. I have hopes for this wonderful looking Cafe/Bistro.

Karen Amez

Delicious food. Service is a bit slow and prices are a bit high but it's worth it.

Dale Ann Fernandez

Fresh food with great service! They have a wonderful selection of flavors.

David Peregrino

Great atmosphere, unique menu. Amazing tacos!


Great food. Specialty coffees are a little sweeter than most places. Friendly staff. Decent location. Limited parking.

Jill Burstein

Inventive menu. Cool vibe. Nightmare location if you ask me, but if you can find parking amidst convoluted angled roads, one-ways and construction, do yourself a favor and try it. Pricey, but splurge now that you're there. I had the Avocado Hummus toast twice, my only two visits . I couldn't help myself. Once in May, once last week.

alma gray

Good food every time amazing serv

Steve Chavez

We loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious. The area we sat in was a little colder than we wanted, but their awesome coffee helped with that.

Sandra Hernandez

Good food, good service, good vibe and nice decor. The only suggestion here it would be make some of the waiting area a eating area, the waiting area it is big as the restaurant itself.

Rick Whitechest

They got some real nice lemonade and pastries here! The aesthetic of the place is real sweet, too!

Lillian Smith

The wait staff is always professional and polite, and the food is always stellar. I have taken multiple family and friends to Salt and Honey and every person says, “let’s go back!”.

Tiffany Menefee

Love this place. It's stylish and hip. The food is excellent. I had the grilled cheese the other day and it was amazing. I think my favorite item on the menue is the green chili and cheese hash browns! Yum!

Brandon Arpin

Was greeted by older gentleman in the front, not friendly and we were told 30 minute wait even though there was plenty of open seating. We were sat in less than 5 minutes (don't know if that was an attempt at a "under promise, under deliver technique). After that, nothing but an amazing experience. Delicious, fresh food. Amazing coffee and service. Myself, my wife, and daughter all enjoyed our stay. 5 Stars would definitely be deserved if it wasn't for the greeting. Will be back for sure!

John Vasquez

Delicious! Food is very good and service is excellent. Arrive early to avoid the crowds, it fills up fast

Joshua Sims

american food, mmm, super satisfying. the service here is above par.

Carlos Gerardo Urias

Food was awesomee ! Nice trendy place. Service was a C + :( and sad. Their expresso machine was broken. So my latte. Was. Not good at all. Ill have to give them another try on cofee

Suzie Lam

Came here for lunch today and I'm so glad I did. Service was outstanding, the food was amazing. I ordered the baked brie with pear, falafel plate, brisket torta, side of mac n cheese and the salt and honey fries. Definitely recommend!

Nathan Hodge

Wanted to love it but just couldn't. Value would be 3.5 out of 5. Atmosphere is really cool and hip. Food could be improved. Salmon bagel was pickled and really salty. Pancakes were tough but had a really good flavor.

Raoul Duke

Food was great, but the prices are a bit high

T Werth

Loved the food! Had the Brisket Torta and it was amazing! The plates are huge and very well served. Highly recommend!!!

Estefania Abe

Breakfast was pretty good. The croissant french toast was incredible. It was super soft and full of flavor, literally, with that creamy, orangey filling. The berries were very fresh and a very nice -and tart- way to cleanse the palate. English breakfast was also very carefully crafted but, if I can complain about something, the sausage (which they make themselves, we were very excited about this) was incredibly dry and bland. But all was forgiven when we took a bite of the green chile potatoes. They were creamy and savory. They needed a teeny bity bit of salt, but once we added that we were in heaven. We want to come back for those potatoes alone. I haven't tried them like that anywhere else.

Armando Martinez

Amazing food, great customer service and friendly staff.

Laura M

Delicious food Great atmosphere Amazing service

Rebekah Jones

Great small place! Went for the first time last week for a quick pit stop before work. Ordered an egg sandwich and the salt and honey latte. Both were very good. Probably would've been better in store but I was out of time. The latte was surprisingly good. I was uncertain about the combination of flavors but it worked out. I'll definitely be going back to try some other things.

Dina Khayal

Salt & Honey is one of my favorites in El Paso! Excellent food, drinks, service & atmosphere. The one thing I would tell you to beware of is the timing. If you go early you have a higher chance of getting seats, anything past 10:30/11 and you will be waiting for a while. Service can sometimes be a challenge. Inconsistency too. I urge you to try the Espresso Flight with Baklava Pancakes. Really good!

Manny Krause

A very distinctive aesthetic, not my personal vibe, but I'd recommend you try it out for yourself. Reviews can't really capture aplace like this, with its classic architecture and modern style, it's unique in ways that most coffee shops aren't.

Claudia Valero

Service was horrible! And that’s just the beginning. We waited 30 minutes for the food and was told that they ran out of fish. Then when we had waited enough time for our reorder and asked how much longer it would be our server was annoyed and said it would be another 5 to 10 minutes, but then she went to the back and brought it out immediately. Attached was the kitchen receipt which showed it had been sitting there for 10 plus minutes. Then we still had to wait for our fries and when they cam out, I told her that I had ordered the honey fries and she replies with, “you didn’t specify. “ which I had! The food itself was mediocre and not worth it. Never again.

David Valdez

Food was excellent and service was great! Coffee and tacos, who would of thought!

Manuel Nunez

Phenomenal food, great service, vibrant environment.

Keira Pickering

Typical gentrification millennial cafe with plenty of outlets for you to come and waste hours on your own computer without it being as busy as starbucks but service leaves a bit to be desired. The waiter we had was sarcastic when you asked legitimate questions about their food but maybe he was having a bad day. The food and coffee was good but the presentation was lackluster. Perhaps they will get better in time they also had some cakes and pies for possible purchase but they werent on the menu.

Maria Ontiveros

Good food with a nice ambience. Plenty of parking. Check hours before heading to restaurant.

E Blank

Staff was nice. Food had a different spin on it and was good. The portions were very generous. The Black and White Espresso was amazing! I don't recommend the Salt &Honey latte though.

Richard Ortega

Food was okay it had its own style which was nice but not delicious. The coffee taste old or burnt. We had 2 waitresses serving us and service was still slow. Plus this place is pricey.

Erik Velez

I had the Midnight Express and it was a small portion for the price and the ingredients. They were out of water glasses and gave us a small vase that held about 6 oz of water after about 15 minutes of not having a drink (why they didn't use wine glasses or any of the other cocktail glasses is beyond me). Never got a refill on the water either. My wife had a breakfast sandwich and it was a hefty portion that came with a side salad. She also ordered a sangria, so she had a drink the entire time. We were there for a little over an hour, spending most of the time waiting. It took half an hour to get our food.

Carrie Ellis

Lovely ambiance. We went on a Sunday morning and it was busy, but we ended up waiting 10 minutes without even getting menus. Ended up getting pastries to go but didn't realize until we got home that our order was incorrect. The food we did get was tasty; however, I would say the front of the house needs some work.

Rosa Sandoval

Great food! Super cute place! Our server today had a bit of a bad attitude but we didn't let that rain on our parade. HIGHLY recommend the salt and honey fries!

Alex Lopez

Great brunch getaway tucked into a corner location. The wait is worth the service and food. East Coast Bagel was on point.

David Boyle

This place is fantastic the Tacos Borrachos were very good.

Raul Alvarado

Cool and trendy breakfast spot. The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is due to the menu options. Menu definitely needs some tweaking. For me a restaurant has to provide two things; atmosphere and great food, the atmosphere is definitely here!

Stefanie Reed Anderson

This place has a hip, industrial ambiance. The honey fries were surprisingly delicious considering the ingredients. Wouldn’t order the hot chocolate ever again, too bitter. The salad looked great but no raves on flavor. I would definitely visit again and order something different.

jessica benton

Great service.. awesome food. Recommending this place to everyone.

hwinie 휘니

I like the atmosphere and their look. Foods came out quickly. But the portion was small for men I guess. Overall it was good

Kendra Hafford

Amazing place, wonderful food and employees.

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