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REVIEWS OF Risaralda Bakery IN Texas

Osvaldo Alves

Empanadas are small but not pricely. I have had Chilean empanadas so wanted to try Columbian. Not bad. $6 minimum on credit cards. So was forced to spend more money. So my $4 purchase was increased to $9 after I added a fruit smoothie.

Mario Negron

Great Colombian food.

Karen Carroll

I'm hooked on the beef Empanadas Yumm

Jefferson Ospina

Colombian bread.. Its amazing! Also it's a colombian restaurant offering most typical dishes.

julian ramirez

Is nice, i like the bread


Nice little Colombian bakery. Love their fruit juices. Heck, I love everything Colombian.

francisco ortiz

(Translated by Google) good taste (Original) buen sabor

Cadillac Rose

Excellent service and food

Eduardo Trujillo

(Translated by Google) It is one of the best Colombian places to eat pandebono .... (Original) Es de los mejores sitios Colombianos para comer pandebono....

Ed ra

Delicious colombian bakery

Rosa Garcia

Customer service was not pleasant. Breakfast was alright but the baked goods were delicious.

Scott Freeman

Excellent food at fair prices.

Edgar Anato

Best empanadas in town

Amelia Gill

No good customer service at all.

Jorge Hernandez

very nice and wonderful colombian food

Daniel Viñals

Best Colombian food in the area. Excellent service and delicious breakfast

Jr Herrera

Excellent food service was excellent

Stacey Molina

Food was awesome! Arepa was freshly made with the right amount of butter and cheese. Badeja paisa was huge like always can easily be shared by 2 people my only complaint was there Aji sauce too tangy and I dislike the big chunks. Overall great experience for first time and service was great.

Jose Cubillos

Great service & food

Claudia Rocha

Siempre me ha gustado la comida de este lugar, pero especialmente el delicioso jugo de naranja natural que hacian antes. Hoy estuve almorzando y note claramente que al jugo le habian puesto agua, ya no es el mismo jugo de antes, que lastima porque uno paga caro si es natural, pero no por algo que no lo es.

Brad Clifford

Really good food! They need to expand. Really tight in there. To close for comfort.

Jenn Camero

Good inexpensive place to eat Colombian food. It's a small place and gets really busy on weekends for breakfast but worth the wait.

Benjamin Guajardo

The best empanadas

Isac Ramos

Absolutely amazing atmosphere... excellent service... and delicious food... you won't be disappointed... I love it

Nancy Rivera

Great food!

Dagoberto Navarro

Good food. Good prices.

Carlos Espitia

Awesome food!

Daniel González

Less than 1 Star. Racist place, they only treat well Colombians I had to deal yesterday watching the owner screaming and yelling like a Drill Seargent to her new Venezuelan waitress I used to go there every week. Worst experience ever dealing with racist people I think they forgot everybody has rights. Lugar racista sólo para colombianos al parecer ayer presencié como la dueña le gritaba y humillaba a una de sus meseras ante todos los clientes.

Texas Mike

Good food

Natalia Arce Basante

(Translated by Google) I like the place and the variety of the bakery is limited. Sometimes I wish there were more options but the cheese bread pandebonos are very rich. (Original) Me gusta el lugar y la variedad de la panaderia esta medio limitada. Aveces quisiera que hubiera mas opciones pero los pandebonos pan de queso son muy ricos.

knowsoldschool72 since 72

The best place for your bakery needs and mine ! Great people here as well.

Patricia Barrios

Excellent food, excellent and friendly services. Super family oriented.

Joa Luján 777

I simply love this place, I've been going for many years. Nothing fancy but tasty,amazingly cheap empanadas. Empanadaz de carne,de cambray,bolluelos<3 ⊙﹏⊙

Geoff Dobbin

Filling and delicioso!

Astrid Sierra

(Translated by Google) Very bad service (Original) Muy mal servicio

John T

If you are looking for good quality Colombian empanadas this is your place. They have 2 types of filling one white meat chicken and ground beef with potatoe. Topped off with there version of salsa which is very vinegary and a nice kick. You can't beat the pricing at $1/pc . You won't be disappointed in the taste. I recommend beef with potato , white meat chicken can be dry at times or not as tasty. I have ordered 150pcs one time and asked for discount but they said they already sell it for so cheap and will not give out any deals which was a bummer but still can't beat out on $1 a piece.

Yosleny Garrido

Great breakfast!

Monica Salto

Food is great here and so fresh.

Amani's creation

Delicious food

G Bell

While waiting for bread to go I overheard a gentleman say, "I'm very satisfied with what I got!"

Ed Rodriguez


Jineth Way

New location!!! Wonderful atmosphere, great service and the food is perfect. Le being in Colombia!!!

Melvys Ibarra


Jorge Leiva

I've been coming to this place for years. However, the service today was horrible. First of all they brought us our hot chocolate almost after we placed our order. Everything went fine. Then it took them about 25 minutes to bring our order. Rice for both of my elderly parents were uncooked and on top of that, my mom's came with hair! I must add that I requested to talk to the manager (owner) they say no problem but that we needed to wait 45 minutes before he could take care of us. I told them I couldn't wait that time and I ask for my bill, then he came out and he didn't even care, apologized or show any willingness to solve the incident. He was more worried about his dough. I understand, there are some good days and bad days when it comes to business, and food may not always be delicious, however, a business owner must always be willing to attend a customer request. My business may not mean a thing for them but it is sad they have lost a long time customer, and I won't be recommending this place to anybody. Customer service is not a department, it is an attitude.


Delicious Colombian food

Susi Perez

Great food!!

Annoth Mansell

REAL authentic Colombian food...

Bryant Alcantara

This is a place where one can take there mother and have a nice dinner or bread. Highly recommend.

Mauricio Carmona

What happened to the good service they used to have years ago? Foos still good but don't go often anymore, really bad service and not a very nice attitute.

Sofi Alarcon

My favorite empanadas in Houston. Always amazing

Ruby Pardo

This is a Colombian place for everyone! If you want to try Colombian fruit juices this is a good place! Mora, Maracuya, and so on. My favorite dessert? Empanada de Cambray. Delicious! Pan de Bono y Pan de Yuca are good

Sebastian Soliz

Good food

Miguel Posada

Great Colombian Bakery place

Hannaboy Angel

love the empanadas! love the natural orange juice, it just take a little longer to be served (:

Danny Campos

Great Colombian food! The bandeja paisa was great here!

John Muralla



I think they are overrated, I won't consider stopping for food here anymore.


Best Empanadas! Great food & service!!!

Ruth Flores

Excellent food

La Vida es Bella

One of my favorite colombian food spots in Houston. Everything is fresh. If you are looking for very affordable and flavourful Colombia food go for calentados, pandebonos, bunuelos. You won't regret.

Jose Barrenechea

Best Colombian breakfast in H Town hands down.

Nefer Hurtado

El Lugar es Chico pero muy amigable, Al entrar pareces estar en medallo como Los kioskitos en antioquia ... La comida es autentica a lot que te comerias en Colombia pa desayuno eh almuerzos. Gracias a Dios El Lugar pudo mantenerse despues del huracan Harvey y la renovaciones les quedaron muy bien... Que Dios siga bendiciendo Este establecimiento para que proveen mas deliciosos pandebonos y buñuelos jaja

Reynel Díaz

The best Colombian cafe in Houston

Diego Johnson

Amazing food... good prices

Ulises Camacho

Every once in a while I go there, nice place.

Javi Salom

Disappointing experience for what I was really hoping to be a great overall outing. The location's interior has a nice cozy feel, nothing too fancy which is not needed when the food is really good. But, everything went wrong from the initial service which took about 10-15 mins to be acknowledged and even bring us the menu. We ordered the bandeja paisa and picadillo. Which when it appear the visual appeal was great. That's pretty much it, the meat was dry, beans and rice were missing "sazon". I was really hoping and wishing this restaurant was going to be a great Colombian antojito spot, but so far Marines Empanadas is still the place to go for me in Houston.

Eva Lejidos

Great Colombian Breakfast!!! Great meals . They need to be a little more faster bringing it at the table

Radai Hernandez

Very delicious! And the manager/owner was very nice!

Roxana Segovia

Love this place! It's always packed and there's a reason for that! The food is delicious, their pastries are yummy and no matter how packed they are the service is always good!

Katy Mejía Bolaños

I've been a customer for a while now only for bunuelos and pandebono but today I had the chance to try la bandeja paisa and it was delicious!!! :p the staff is friendly and environment very pleasant. Deff coming back :)

Paola Pachon Sanchez

I love their breakfast.

Elias J Gonzalez

Everything was good

Ahmad Loubani


Alee Katt

I love this bakery

Juan Pablo Arias

(Translated by Google) Bakery meal in Houston. (Original) Comida de panaderia en Houston.

Katyuska Alvarez


Nidya Perez

We enjoy going here for a good Colombian breakfast and delicious pastries.The authentic Colombian hot chocolate is a must! However, sadly the owners are not very welcoming or courteous, which is why I'm giving them 3 stars. My husband was there several months ago meeting with a client (and consuming food). Fifteen minutes before closing time, the owner asked my husband and client to leave because there were no other customers. No way to treat customers, especially faithful customers.

Monica Carrillo

Authentic! Tastes like the ones I used to have in Bogota!


(Translated by Google) good place the bakery products are very rich the dishes not so good (Original) buen lugar los productos de panaderia son muy ricos los platos no tan buenos

Milton Acevedo


dorian hernandez

Awesome authentic Colombian bakery

Luis Eduardo Londoño

This little spot HITS the spot! Delicious entrees and the absolute best in Colombian baked goods. I feel as if I'm back home in Pereira! Keep up the great work guys


It is a very friendly place with great food.


Always Fresh Colombian Bread great food great prices great customer service

Paula Zapata

I love to have a Colombian Bakery like this one in Houston

Isabel Adame

Best empanadas ever!!!!!

dayra romero

Horrible customer service better off taking out or going somewhere else around this earea theirs other places that you can eat. I understand when theirs alot of people here the kitchen gets backed up but when u denied to bring me something for my baby to snack on that is outrage. Baby was okay but we had to wait 1 hr for then to bring me the food. I tried to tell her about the baby was really hungry and didnt care. My father in law cant eat red meat and she was complaining that she had to check ti see if they could change hr meat in his order. Didnt bring my mother in laws poder too .She ended up leaving us in the middle of our order and gave a table that was ours to someone else. She didn't check up on us, or asked us if er were ok

Ruben s

Good empanadas

Emilio Morales

(Translated by Google) Very rich Breakfasts (Original) Muy ricos Desayunos

Izabella Clark

The best beef empanadas!!! I pick up a box of 25 for work every other Friday and my coworkers eat them like tictacs!

Maria Elena Sanchez

Delicious Colombian food and pastries - you can’t go wrong because food prices are the best and taste even better!

Alina Diaz

A place to test the different varieties of cakes and breads characterizing pastry Colombian, Amen of the typical pies (empanadas) of course. Offer a menu of typical Colombian plates. Have a minimarket with colombian coffee , chocolate, sweets, preserves and have the typical "olleta" to make chocolate and other curiosities craft. This site is not big nor small but looks crisp, clean and colorful with posters, and Colombia's crafts. Ample parking located in a commercial area very active with numerous business some Colombian also. As for the person serving has the attitude almibarada and outgoing of their gentes. Maybe sometimes time too much to the point that for being socializing and talking get distracted and forget who still in line and ends creating uncomfortable situations between customers since puts a customer that just comes, before onne that as I had a good time waiting and that leaves a feeling of decepcion and not a desire of not returning."

Karina Rodriguez

Best empanadas and aji, and live their breakfast as well.

Yareny Alvarez

(Translated by Google) Good bread... (Original) Buen pan...

Steven Sylvie

Food is good. Prices are fair. Seating is bad for three or more.

Ana Flores

Great empanadas!! All natural juices are delicious, Good service, and affordable.

Lcda. Venus Garcia

(Translated by Google) Your food is very good, that's why I always go, the pessimistic attention, they leave you on the table and forget you are there as a customer, I saw what happened with all the diners (Original) Su comida muy buena, por eso siempre voy, la atencion pesima, te dejan botado en ma mesa y se olvida que estas alli como cliente, ojo y vi que pasa con todos los comensales

Maricarmen Velazquez

They have the best empanadas and fresh orange juice.

Iliana Archila

This place has amazing Colombian bread, every time I go to Houston is a must stop. Try the guava bread, bunuelos, empanadas, etc. I wish I had a bakery like this close home. Five starts!

Natalia Fischer

Worst place to eat Colombian food, this is a Racist place, the owners treat all theirs employees pretty bad, This is the worst example of Latin American Culture! Never coming back here on my life.

Misty Castillo

Not a good selection.

CiCi S

Wow!!! My eyes were all over the place trying to focus on why I came to the store in the first place. Then I began purchasing the fresh breads, donuts, empanadas, etc...❤

edwin villatoro

Clean and great service

Mario Mesa

Awesome bakery... brings memories!!!

Evelyn Barajas

Love the empanadas! Great customer service!

Edinson Velasco Jr

Excellent food and excellent service. Highly recommend it here.

Ever Castro


Corey Ambrecht

Go there for the guava and cheese empanadas, the best. You have to go before lunch or they’ll be sold out.

Fredy Amaya

Best pasteles in the city! U have to try their breakfast!

lindsey lafaux

The BEST colombian bread in Katy!

Josh Arias

Pros: Great Colombian food! Fast service at a reasonable price. Cons: Place could use some updating!!!


Good experience!

Juan Jose Reyes


Gabina Flores

This place has the most fresh and good tasting Colombian empanadas I have had here in Houston. Their homemade oatmeal drink is super delish. Only place in Houston that's a restaurant where you can buy a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Made right as you order it!!! Service is a little unorganized and takes a little longer than it should. But if you are looking for good and tasty empanadas, this is the place for you.

Andres Z. C.

Creo es el mejor sitio aqui en Houston en donde la empanada es tan deliciosa, es decir si quiere comer una empanada que le sepa a Colombia, venga a Este sitio. Las empanadas tienen un no se que, y si remata esa empanada con el chorizo que venden aqui, va a quedar satisfecho(a). La verdad recomiendo este sitio. Uno de los poco sitios en donde se puede disfrutar una buena merienda

Jerry Iwanylo

Get there early, the kolachi's will run out fast. They rare delish...

Liliam Ruíz

(Translated by Google) Excellent place. The delicious food and a very good sercicio are all very friendly and professional. I recommend it 100% (Original) Excelente lugar. La comida deliciosa y un sercicio muy bueno son todos miy amables y profecionales. Lo recomiendo 100%

Eyes Only


Cristian Gomez

Bought a good amount of bread and they all had mole on it. Comes to show they are selling extremely old bread, discusting.

vaneza mendoza

Great place for big appetite and small pockets!

Jasmine Andrade

Their empanadas and chicharron are good.



Natalia Velasquez

Great food & authentic!

Caesar Flores-Fraser

Good Colombian products.

astrid gutierrez

(Translated by Google) Bad attention. (Original) Pésima atencion.

Lolly Fabulous

Very helpful customer service workers. I visited picking up something for someone else, but I think I'll be back to try it out myself.

Ivan Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Excellent coffee (Original) Excelente café

Zomb Shell

The food was delicious! Will definitely come back. Place is a little small but still good.

Pablo Parada

I 've been coming here since they opened for business a long time ago, great Colombian treats, bread and food, if you've never tried Colombian bread, give this place a try, you won't be disappointed

Jose Morales

Great Food

Alejandro Payares

(Translated by Google) Super excellent service and very good snacks. I recommend this place. (Original) Super excelente atención y muy buenos antojitos. Recomiendo este lugar.

Mercy Ospino

Delicious Colomban Foods!!!!

Bob Gillis

Nice little place. I continually return for the empanadas, as they're always hot and fresh. Last visit I tried some little red potatoes and a piece of delicious looking cake. The potatoes were served cold, which was unpleasant. The cake had a wonderful flavor, but was a little dry. I'll definitely return for the empanadas. But I'll skip the other offerings next time.

Andrea Polanco

Really this is the worst place the servers are arrogants bad service they dont know how to threat costumers poor costumer service ☹

jessenia flores

Love their food is amazing

Alejandro Trujillo

The food is really good, unfortunately the service is not. They can be rude and have a disrespectful demeanor. Won't be coming back unless I am really craving it simply because of service, especially the owner

Zaby Garcia

So delicious

Johan Ortiz

I love my colombia bakery

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