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Bad experience and my complaint was unacknowledged. I recently went into the Beaumont, Dowlen Rd. location for dessert with a friend. The female sales associate (Brooke) was dry and expressionless. There was a fly flying inside the dessert case. When it was pointed out to her, all she said was "okay," yet did nothing to free the fly from the the display case. Who wants to purchase something from a display case in which flies are? Flies are filthy creatures! After this experience, I immediately went to the website and sent an email, and received no response from management. Poor treatment and poor service in my opinion. I guess customer satisfaction doesn't matter...Dessert wasn't worth it anyway...I will not be returning.

Red Allen Diesel

How it is possible that today was the first time I've been in this place!?!? It is AWESOME!!! I cant wait to make a trip back to the area and eat it again! Service, selection, facility, food, was all 100% we will be back!

Chuck Eberth

Rao's Bakery is the best place we've ever been for coffee, desserts, gelato, cakes, and any other pastry you might want or need. They always provide great service and the pastries are fantastic.

KatFam .

We used to live coming here for dessert and coffee. USED being the key word. Food is still great, but service is so poor it’s just not worth the frustration anymore.

Phillip Holmes

Wonderful items to consume and a very helpful and attentive staff.

Lindsey Raby

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you! Their gelato is great, but if you are wanting something to really knock your socks off, try the tiramisu or Sicilian cheesecake!

Keith Rogers

Food was great. The store is undergoing remodeling, so there was only seating at tables or outside, all booths were off limits. Service was ok, the clerk that waited on us was very serious and non-conversational, but very efficient. The barista was friendly and offered my wife a sample of the gelato without being asked. Nice quiet atmosphere for conversations, there were even a couple tables where people were having Bible studies.

William Theriot

Rao's has been in Beaumont for a few decades. They have a great dessert selection. Far too many to list here. You can order specialty cakes decorated for any occasion. Their second location is on Calder Ave near 11th St. Always a good vibe with great coffee selections. Don't forget King Cakes!

Ryan Colelli

Coffee is fantastic. Dessert selection is the best around. If you want quality this is the place.

Jackye Vondenstein

Wonderful bakery with delicious lunch options! Texas size cinnamon rolls are delicious!

Melinda Snow

Delish! Ordered Moms cake from them and have used them for other Birtdays & events, you can't go wrong with Raos !!

Dona Naughton

Oh so good!

Joshua H

Raos is such a gem in Beaumont. Very good lattes and even better ice cream.

Lacy Guidry

Do you like to feel like family when you walk into a place? Because, that is what you get when you walk into this establishment, they always have yummy treats and excellent customer service, I will note that if you go in the morning and you are crunched for time it is easier to go inside and order than it is to wait in the drive thru.

bruce Sepielli

Wonderful place for food and drinks. Great coffees

Sandra Cresse

This is my happy place.

Mariela Wilthew

Y'all are weird. As soon as me and my family got into Rao's, and started looking, trying to decide what to eat, your employees (a girl with brown pigtails and a manager looking person with glasses) were just being straight up weird. Kept looking at us, seemed to have a little bit of an attitude, talking to us strangely. Giving 3 stars for the good food, but without it would be 2.

Juanita Fox

Great Napolean Hearts!

Juan Bohorquez

This is the best Bakery in town... a little bit expensive but the quality of the cakes and cookies is phenomenal.. also great coffee ... if you want some sweet in Beaumont I invite you to stop by

Michael Lanham

Rao's Bakery is my favorite place to visit when I'm I Beaumont! The pastries and coffee are always fresh and delicious. If you have never visited Rao's you are missing out big time!

Becky DuBose

Great coffee and cake. Nice place to have a cup and wind down.

Misty Baker

Best Bakery Ever! I've never had anything I didn't love!!

Jimmy Hendon

Great baked goods. Pricey but almost worth it, occasionally

Shannon Wilson

Was a perfect experience we went through the drive through and the young lady at window was great everything was perfect had a wonderful smile

Erica Wright

Friendly staff, great desserts and coffee

Sara Wagoner

Pumpkin spice frozen latte. My favorite

Cristy Wags

Love the desserts! Nice atmosphere.

Stephen Sellers

Good place to drink eat and socialize, lots of fine pastries, gourmet coffee and etc.... Very helpful and great staff!


I was regular at this place for many, many years. I remember much better selection and quality of products. Last few months prices went up, services went down, patio cover still has huge holes! Price of single slices of cakes went up to $6.75 while quality of cakes and selection went down. Prices of some whole cakes went up $10 per cake. This is not that kind of place where increasing prices up to 20% can be justified. Nothing exclusive, extraordinary, extravagant about their product, just average quality local cake shop.

Debbie Williams

Loved the sugar cookies

Tim Wilson

I ordered my wife a beautiful Birthday cake that was made to perfection at a very reasonable price . I highly recommend Rao's Bakery for all occasions.

Steve Buser

Rao's is a Beaumont classic known for its coffees and bakery items. It's the perfect place for a meeting, to get your heavy thoughts flowing or just to clear your mind. Their wonderful coffee selection will get your day off to a flavorful stsrt.

Wally Mathews

Excellent cakes and coffee

Dawn Hare

Lovely place and the gelato was delicious.

Ethel Sells

They serve some organics wrap which I love and frozen coffee is awesome

casey mozley

I love all the yummy treats!

Ada Betancourt

This was our second visit first visit was ok, seems like every employee here are always so miserable I think they all hate their jobs. God help you if you ask a questions specially that little young girl at the register, she is so unfriendly is not funny, then we go here Saturday 12-23 to have lunch and on the sandwiches they were out of stock like on all the meats, coffee was cold, and service crappy. Really to the manager keep a better inventory when ordering from your. Foodservice Distributors, and in regards to your employees, they need customer service classes, training, and seminars. I refuse to return to a place where I feel the food is not available and the service is poor. Never again will I go here.

James Callas

Always good but just a little pricey.

LaQuisha Rogers

The employees were very friendly, courteous and professional! Our pastries were delicious! Everything was fresh.

Virginia Haynes

Appreciate the young man offering to help me to the car with my boxes! Everything is always so delicious and pretty!

Maggy Jones

Great coffee. Good food. Nice atmosphere.

Kalyan Pothineni

Definitely best coffee and food options in Beaumont

Michael Williams

People pander because it’s a locally owned business. Been a few times over the last couple months and croissants have been ice cold 2 times in a row, and order wrong today. Called manager who did not seem to care. Will not be back.

Momma Wagley

We love the desserts at Rao's!! Gelato is a must and service is usually very good. Red velvet cake gelato is fantastic. We love to take the kids here for a special treat.

Pam Bailey

I used to love this place but it has been disappointing the last several visits. When I ask if the item was made today, and they say, yes, I really expect the pastry to have the flaky, fresh texture they are intended to have. I'm okay with an occasional disappointment but they getting it wrong on a regular basis.


Mmmmmmm we love Rao's. From soul warming coffee to the soothing sounds of Frank Sinatra, we can't get enough of the atmosphere and treats. On constant display is a rainbow array of gelato followed by delectable bakery treats ranging from tarts to cookies to bites of mouth watering mouse. It's the closest thing to Willy Wonka's factory in real life. And Willy only gets 4 stars because he doesn't have coffee. Go with your friends or alone with your laptop and enjoy!

Katie Mae

Long drive thru wait time

Kelsey McCraw

One of my favorite places in Beaumont! Always loved it when growing up in Beaumont.

L. Keith Jordan

Had the roast beef sandwich. One of the best I've ever had. Finished it off with a cinnamon roll. Excellent choice.

Donna Meade

Wonderful coffee and service

Kiley Burks

Best gelato in town love it

Sarah Hovey

If I could give no stars I would! I ordered a unicorn birthday cake for my daughters birthday and I went to pick it up today and the manager told me you called and changed the date... I told her I didn't this is for my daughters birthday and she argued with me saying that I did she is the one that took the date change order... so that means not only did my order get messed up so did someone else and I don't have a cake for my daughters birthday!!! Seriously! 0 stars...

Asia Jones

Cozy place. Smells wonderful as could be expected. Great place to meet up with friends for a treat.

Susan C

Blueberry and Cranberry muffins are amazing!

patsy porras

This is another sugary place that is not health conscious for those millions of diabetic customers. We found only 1-2 items that we could possibly purchase.

Augustine Kirkman

Great little place. Good coffee.

Thelma Baker


Sam Baxter

Great bakery. One of my favorite places in Beaumont. You will be glad you went.

Benjamin Vasquez

Friendly staff, fast service and clean bathrooms.

Bryan Johnson

Loved the food

Teresa Alford

Everything is good

Miledy Ramones

Very good to whom likes creamy stuff

Leslye Conway

Everything is always sooooo good. I love it.

Richard Rasberry

Really great coffee and superb pastries and cakes!

Cleve Sharp

Just love it. Coffee and delectable treats. Great after meal gathering place.

James Tandberg

Always good.

Roxie Jo Davis

Very homey. Never a disappointment!

Cindy Powell

Love this place always fresh and yummy

Alyssa Starkie

We had our baby shower at this location in the party room! They exceeded our expectations on food and service. The room itself is beautiful and our sever was so helpful and just really made the party go smoothly, always eager to help us. I would recommend them to family and friends. I’m glad we chose to have it there!

Joe Sanchez

Very pleasant place and the staff were excellent.

Devlin Raley

Very good bakery; also has sandwiches and non-alcoholic drinks. Can eat-in or take out. Also has a drive-through. Helpful, friendly staff.

Christopher Munch

Gelllato and the cookies were amazing! The place seems very nice too!

Joyce Kapella

Best bakery by far! Excellent, awesome food and outstanding service!

Jessica Sanchez

The black bean and egg wrap on a whole wheat tortilla is soooo delicious. I get a double shot of espresso and add my coffee of choice to it from the coffee bar. The flavors are perfect. I love that they have a variety of natural sweeteners such as granulated honey, regular honey, stevia, real sugar, milk, half and half and others. Their desserts and beautiful decorated cakes are out of this world. I love the atmosphere too.

jorn hansen

Great breakfast wrap. Awesome pastries. Great choices. Place to go for quality.

Sheri Wallace

Delicious food and great staff and service.

Kandi Champion

Best place for coffee in the area!

Md. Amanullah Kabir

Best in the town

Ashley Johnson

This location too offers a great atmosphere and adorable goodies! They always have something to fit each occasion! Always fresh and very welcoming! However, this location is not quiet, it is most of the time always filled with people. If you are looking for a quiet and calm visit, go see the Calder location.

Jacob J

I really like the mango ice cream here. The food is good, but a little pricey. Kids will really enjoy seeing all the desserts in the display cases.

Amy Parigi

Wonderful desserts, coffee and gelato! Warm, welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer service.

Coffee Vee

Place feels kind of cozy. Got nice staff and plenty of treats to treat myself with. Coffee comes in more than just one flavor and give you all the things you need to enjoy your coffee. Want raw sugar? Got it. Like some honey or creamer? Got it. Nice little place to chill out at.

josiah boyd

The service is good and the food

Stephanie Raven

Best place in the area for dessert. Amazing

Ameen Arif

Best cakes ever

Tom Moroni

Great Gelato selection

marvin turner

Very very very good the best coffee in texas

Trey Larocca

Great food and coffee among other things. Also great staffing

meagan hoelzer

This place has gone down hill recently. The drive thru takes FOREVER now and the drinks have not been good. My coffee has been luke warm or even almost cold and the frozen drinks have had either way too much chocolate or not enough . I dont know who the manager is but they need to look into this asap. If it doesnt get better soon, I'll be going back to Starbucks for my coffee and I dont even like it that much but at least the customer service is better .

Nicole Maddox

Super easy to order, super friendly service! I live out of state now but still call in orders for my family to pick up on all special occasions-- the prices are extremely reasonable as well!

Wagner PD

Store on Calder@10th St. Not very Christian-friendly anymore; maybe Jake no longer appreciates 55+year Customers. Oh well... I've lost 75# since last visit in 2016: why don't You switch & see if Your waistline\wt. goes down? PLZ PRAY 4 our Nation>ask yourself: "Do I wanna spend $$ @place which 'Takes A Knee' when our National Anthem played?" Do You? Vote w/ your wallet.

Blox Ware

Best cup of coffee in beaumont

Monica Breckenridge

This was heaven on earth! All the sweets you could want in one place.

renae redmond

Love the hot chocolate!

Kimberly Cade

As usual, we had a great time. The Italian Cream cake pops are the best!

Sarah Wisor

Had gelato here last night and came back for coffee this morning. Many gelato flavors- multiple fruit based as well as caramel, Italian cream, chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake, cafe mocha, etc. This morning I got a pumpkin spice latte. Absolutely delicious! So many coffee options with over 4 different fall drinks. Also have almond milk as an alternative milk option. Highly recommend coming here!

amberlyn Whitmire

One of my favorite places to get breakfast and coffee!

Janadan Naidu

Just left this place. Asked for small cupcake special order. They said they don't make it. It's a shame.

Mary Collier

Great place to have a cup of excellent tea or coffee and chat with a friend or study/work. The hot tea is some of the best in the area. The sugar cookies are amazing as are most of the desserts. The lunches and breakfasts are not bad either

Luke Brown

Raos is a staple of beamont the service is always awesome the sandwiches and the atmosphere makes it a great date place.

Elaine Permenter

Although everything is heavenly delicious they do not offer any sugar free sweets. Sounds like an oxymoron. The cashier said they had sugar free drinks but no sugar free snacks.

Tiffany Williams

The best fraps

Mubaarak Jacobs

Excellent muffin and coffee.

Howie Wonders

If you enjoy over paying for a dozen cookies, coffee or any other pastry go here. Cakes are good but not worth an arm and a leg. They are popular so I may be in the minority as far as my opinion goes with this place.

Justin Kirkendall

The go to place for desserts. They've done some revamping so it's more conducive to meeting up with people

Brooke Gautreau

No cobblers, no pies, limited cakes to choose from without having to buy the whole thing. Too expensive for my taste.

Elizabeth Patterson

It's a timeless place with awesome Dancing Goat coffee.

Cathy James

Great coffee and desserts! Cakes are fabulous.

Sandra Somers

Frozen hazelnut kona mocha! Yum!!

Jimmy Freeman

Never stop to amaze me. Rao's has always been number one with cakes. Thanks Rao's Bakery.

Jim Wingate

Forget about Starbucks! This place is wonderful.

Elaina Barnett

Tried following GPS to both locations failed. You think Rao's would get on top of that. My daughter did not get her sugar cookies we came for.

Brenda Ford

Your Italian cream cakes are always wonderful would’ve given you five stars but the two idiots working the “barista counter” took 20 minutes as Laurel & Hardy tried to decide how to do two shots for espresso. Stop hiring kids and hire people with common sense.

Dawn Stephens

Seven of us are here. Everyone loved what they ate. The food is as good as it is beautiful.

Rob Tulloh

The hot sandwiches we're delicious but 2 of the pastries we ordered didn't seem fresh. The brown sugar cinnamon muffin was quite good but should have asked them to warm it.

Melissa Wright

I should of posted in March about a cake that was terrible but let it was at the mid-county location. Well I decided to give Beaumont a shot for a coffee. I pull up to the window and the cashier was EATING literally chewing as she's trying to speak. Ok, so I say to her your eating? She responds..she said I could. I'm assuming it was a manager? I didn't see anyone else standing there. Anyway, the point is that employees are being shown that it's okay to eat in customers sight. I'm hoping she was told she could have it but, eat in a designated area. Overall it's very disturbing to pull up to a food /bakey establishment and see this. Train them right RAOS.


Wasn't that good.

Christy Shirlene

Great for Birthdays on a road trip.

Theresa Chaison

Always a great experience. Awesome service

Turner Jaynes

Chocolate covered strawberries. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Alixandria Good

We recently tried this location as well as what I believe is the original location . We really enjoyed our visit to the other location better. Today (at the mall location) our kolaches tasted old and a little stale, was disappointed to not see any donuts. There were several tables that needed cleaned up for the majority of the time we were there, and the silverware holders (by the coffee station) really needed restocked (and wiped out/cleaned) Our drinks and cinnamon rolls were really good though!

Manda Peeler

Nice staff and reasonable prices!

Daniel Skaggs

Wonderful baked goods.

dont care

A happening place to settle down your sweet tooth

Lace Kahclamat

I just want one of everything!!

Joe Hebert

The baked goods are okay. But the quality of the coffee has serious deteriorated. The Calder coffee is okay. The Nederland coffee is excellent. But the Dowlen Road coffee has seriously went downhill. I'll visit the Nederland store when I have the chance. But Dowlen Road has bit the Dust for me.


The cashier Amy was super friendly & patient. As we had never been here before. The tomato soup was delicious. It was very creamy. The chicken salad on a croissant was ok. This is the first time I had tasted strawberry tea & it was very tasty. The woman's restroom was very clean & nicely decorated.

Phillip Dillow

nice place to relax

MePinay23 Duhon

Good place for dessert. Delicious!

Kathi Hughes

So disappointed in their new wifi never would work.

Ricky S

Great coffee but better pastries and absolutely wonderful cakes

Alexis Berardi

Always delicious! Wait time is on the long side but it's always worth it. Highly recommend trying your tea as a frappe, or adding amaretto to your chai. Sandwiches are bomb, eggs at breakfast are delicious. We come here all the time.

jana norton

I have always loved this place and I think it's a great place to have a party. But today was the first time I used the drive thru, I thought this was an awesome way to pick up a Birthday cake with a car full of kids. I was somewhat disappointed by the customer service. I recieved everything I asked for but the employee had no enthusiasm and made me feel like I was a burden.

Don Roy

All of the sweets, and coffee's that one could think of, can be found here.

Dona Keith

Great mocha...what I like the most... The treats taste like they should...not like they spent the night in a walk in together...fresh and tasty!

Mariah Charrier

Love! Love! Love! I had the Sicilian Cheesecake with a Tuxedo Mocha & it was amazing! I also purchased a Strawberry King Cake. I think that they have the best King Cakes around! Their outside seating is also cute & fun! & the staff is very helpful & nice.

Neel Vora

You will fall in love with this place. An absolute must for coffee and bakery lovers.

Munah Gwyan

I had the cream cheese pumpkin muffin ...and wow is all I can say. Cute little spot

Leticia Castro

Lovely place. Nice ice creams, expensive cake balls and not good.

ethan parsons

The parkdale location doesnt even know how to make an americano. Plus they just wasted 45 minutes of my time on two cups of coffee. This location is a trap that just makes money off a good name. Go to another location if you want a descent coffee in under an hour.

Lathan Jones

I got a BJ here once

Melissa TuRner

Their items are pricey and customer service is a bit snippy for me won't be going back

Tricia Chapman

Favorite place!!!

Tyler Faykus


Amelia Kennedy

Always friendly amd helpful. They didnt have the kind of gelato I wanted out, but went to the back to check and see if they had more and they did!!! Yay! ❤this place!

Bumblebee Custardbath

Gorgeous pastries, great food, great coffee, great atmosphere. Can't find a fault with this place. Long time fan/customer.

Callie Turpin

Two words: Mocha Gelato!!!!! Try it!

King Kirk

Always a delight....

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