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REVIEWS OF Martinez Bakery IN Texas

Marybell Bermudez

Amazing tortas! And great sweet bread selection!

Robinson Express

Fantastic stop on our road trip. Amazing quality of Mexican sweet breads at a super low price! I read about this place in an article about places to try in Texas and I’m SO happy that I stopped at this place! I’m saving this bakery for the future. I will return. Would highly recommend.

Banette Bryce

Delicious pastries. Good prices.

Lana Martinez

Martinez Bakery (not related) has been a "constant" of mine for 25 yrs. Same clean store , same easy location, & same consistent sweets. Perfect!

Cynthia Magallan

Very crowded, but friendly.

Tasha Brewer

Tacos are amazing!

wifey jenn

Best pan dulce in town

IR Luna

Fresh pan dulce made every day get there early if you want the good pieces! Also this place is not a fast food restaurant your food Is made to order so be patient it is most definitely worth the wait. Try their famous Tortas always a great choice. Pan dulce hecho fresco todos los dias muy ricas tortas se las recomiendo!

Carl Moore

Martinez Bakery has wonderful food at reasonable prices. They also have traditional Mexican Breads for sale and they are remarkably like the real thing!!! I recommend taking a friend because there are plenty of seats!!

greg miller

A good little bakery. I believe we had numerous choices and everything tasted great.

Pablo De la Rosa

Very good pastry and food...whatcha out you weight

Rachel RRT

Best Tortas....

Patricia Gonzalez

Great bread... In my opinion one if the best in fort worth

Matthew thundachickn

These tacos and pastries and the best in Midland!!

Vince Neal

The food was very good

Carlos Escobedo

Decent food expect wait thy have bad customer service rude women

Krystal Hernandez

Sweet bread and brisket tortas!

Robert Rodriguez

Good food! Excellent staff!

Wes Lee

Love the tortas here

Babs The Bowmama

Great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don't get to come often enough. Everything is amazing. The pastries are delicious and there's a good selection to choose from and if you just can't decide what to order from the menu, I suggest you go for the brisket tacos..toss in some pico and green chile won't regret it

Isabel Aguirre

Very delicious fresh baked bread and always good food.. reconstruction inside of business looks very nice. Always friendly might take about 15min waiting but worth the wait.

roberto nayarez

Awesome place to get food, barbacoa is delicious

Ryan Scheel

This place is usually busy and difficult to get in and out of quickly but the food is rather delicious if not slightly on the pricey side.

cody moose

Very good burritos. Also delicious Mexican pastries as well.

Rachel Jones

The tortas are always on point!!!!

Adam Henner

Marranitos were hard and employee told me that's how they're supposed to be. No soy idioto! Nunca voy a regresar.

mike peek

I love the pineapple empanada's and my wife love's the pumpkin. Breakfast burrito' s are really good. The little gingerbread pig's are also real good.

Jeremiah Padgett

Brisket tacos are the best in town and it's not even close!

Jesse Rodriguez

Best Bolillos in town!

Ariel Del Oso

Excelent bread

Larry Campbell

Good stuff, torta off da hook

Travelin' N'Reviewin'

Friendly staff and good food. Tacos are always a win here!

Victoria Montoya

Very good tacos. Tortas are great too.

lois raney

Service is not so great, but food is good

Hannah Barr.

Always packed, but for good reason. The food comes out hot, good service, great decor/overall look of the restaurant, good drinks, open on Sunday. Their tortas are amazing. They also have fresh baked goods too. Recommend. I go here often, it's a family favorite.

D Almanza

Best brisket tacos ever! Everything here is so delicious, Especially their chile and empanadas de calabaza! This place deserves 10 stars!!!

KJ Martinez

The brisket tacos are bomb! Go try some!


Best sweet bread in Middland by far Food is really good

Josh Claxton

Delicious tacos! And the bakery is good too

Kingjosh. 24

Good food and sweet

Marina Rodriguez

Mmmmmm dangerous everything is so good

Arturo Alvarez

Their tacos are amazing. The salsa is hot, hot, hot but I love it!

Eddie G.

I'll give it 4 stars cause the food and bakery are awesome.just wish they had chips and salsa

Daniel Montalvo

Good food but service could be better.

Chrysala Addison

Wonderful service and amazing food

Sway d

Good selection, amazing bread and food, cookies didnt make it home... haha

Maria Cervantes

Love that place.I like the bread they make.

Maximo Munoz

Good food!

Tamsen Skellenger

Food was good, friendly staff, clean establishment and fairly fast food

Sherrie Standley

Martinez bakery is a great place for lunch or dinner the brisket tacos are so good. The order is big and you are guaranteed to get full. It’s nice and clean with a friendly atmosphere.

jera connally

I have been eating here as long as i can remember. I used to always get the tortas which are excellent but now i tend to go with the tacos. The bakery is good if you catch it fresh. If it's too old then I pass on the desert. But its a great place to eat!!!

Tim Lawler

Good food good prices casual dining.

Lente Viajero USA

The pan dulce taste is different not as good as before. But, is the only place to buy pan dulce in Midland.

Nisee Marie

Good food. Good bread

Amanda Cisneros

Barbacoa tacos are really good

Marcello Uriegas

Love my sweet bread. Torta are delicious.

kenneth haley

Great service and amazing food from breakfast to dinner.

Yella Bonnie

Love it just getting the food takes forever

Christa Michele

Usually really good .. They have their off days ..

Ric Sanchez

Best place for food and dessert

Cris Tirzon

I had some burritos and thought it was great! They have a variety of pastries. Nice atmosphere!

Natahel Montoya

Very good, authentic, Mexican food. Prices are reasonable. It's a mellow environment (as long as the loud, little kids are kept home).

Pete Flores

Love eating there

Cyndi F

Some if the best tacos around and plenty for the price

Ines Montoya

Good place

Brittney Anders

The tacos are great but when trying to call in a order the ladies will pick up in put u on hold don't say nothing in will leave you on hold never to pick up again I once called when I was in the store watching them pick up in hang up my call with 2 customer's in the store they would be so good if they had better service !!

Jose Flores-Aquino

Best brisket tortas in all odessa, that simple.

Abraham Meraz

Good food and fast serving

Annette Ybarra

My husband and I went to eat breakfast (but had lunch plates) and it was really good. The pan dulce was so soft and the barbaqoa tacos were very good and had fresh vegetables.

Susan Vodron

It was horrible. Her to wait45minutes for two torts. I only got my order after I had went up to the cashier to all for a refund

James Powers

Pretty good food. Not much of a wait even when busy. Limited menu.

Dk Drake

Can be very busy but once you get your food it will be worth the wait. The pastries will cause you to become addicted. One small issue, they may give your order to another customer when busy.

Jeremy Lozano

Pure nostalgic. Loved going to the place as a kid and I love it still! Amazing food, sweet sweets and some of the nicest customer service.

Enrique Guzman Jr.

Like all oil booms in Midland, Tx. I place an order for 2 people, and one was5-10 after the 1st one. The beans are not made fresh, neither the tortillas. Good and fresh pan dulce, but ehe tables are durty and flies .

Lulu G

Excellent!!! Their tacos are amazing!!!

Raul H

Supposed to be a bakery doesnt seem like it is, never good bread to choose from, amd when there is its always the same no variety

Rosa Martinez

Love this place

Janette Collazo

Great place.. Love the food and employees


I had tacos. Food was delicious.

Jerry Serrano

Best place for sweet bread, authentic Mexican restaurant!

Dean Cobb

So fresh


Been coming here since i was a kid and i still love this place!

Sylvia Rodriguez

Good just need more help...

Richard Peraza

The hard tacos are the best in West Texas! Hands down our favorite bakery. The service is excellent and the food is even better

Derek Robinson

Great breakfast burritos, though timely to be made

Jaime Meza

Menudo is best in town in my opinion. Also awesome place for sweet bread/pan dulce

Alma Carrasco

Is good place

Jessica LeBlanc

Delicious food but they are busy so get there early

Louie Renteria

Great place to eat

i PwnPancakes

The most authentic mexican food around town. They sell various breads and pastries, along with entrees like tortas, tacos, and more! Always very delicious.

Johnny B

I've never had a bad experience here. Their food has always been fresh with reasonable prices! Definitely amust stop if you like pan dulce.

Magen Miller

Love their brisket tacos! Best place ever to get them! Amazing!

Tonia Self

I love there crispy brisket tacos...

Norma Silvas

This Bakery is awesome their sweetbread is made fresh everyday & they even sale breakfast burritos & tacos.

Burness Williams

Alot of no talking maxcans.

Sean Waterman

Awesome tacos

Jesse Luna

No one could speak to me in English. Everyone kept ASKING if I spoke Spanish. Went to check them out for wedding cake and pasteries. Bought a couple of things, okay maybe if someone could communicate with me it would have been better choice of items. Asked about wedding cakes, she looked over her shoulder and walked away. Very confused about this restaurant. Prices high for items I bought.

Matt Collins

Best tacos and horchata in Midland/ Odessa area!

Michael Mercado

Best crispy tacos in town

esmeralda valles

Didn't like the Torta it didn't taste like brisket.

Megan Sommerville

I love love love this place

Chuck u Farlie

Fast friendly efficient service with good food at a great price. Great baked goods. Smells like grandma's kitchen on Sunday morning before church.

the weekend

Great pan dulce food its ok

Brenda Juarez

Great bread and great food

Thymathy Nichols

Good food . fairly clean . and great selection of pastries

Rito Frausto

Watered down hot sauce?

Jim Brown

Best baked goods in Midland! My wife and I go there for breakfast regularly, it’s always great!

Argentina Perez

Best Mexican pastries anywhere

Arali Rodriguez

No complaints on food but multiple experiences with rude cashiers, especially the lady with bleached hair

Anthony Toreson

Everything is as good as it looks.

David Thomas

Always a good place to stop and get some tacos, not to mention all of the baked goods as well. Great stuff!

J.A. Hansel

Best tacos in Midland. Place is always busy....but, it wouldn't be if they didnt have the best tacos in Midland!!

Ricardo Puente

So greedy with their avocado plus workers are pretty rude.

Nichole Burgess

Very good food and pastries. Reasonable prices too

Askani Rotund

Dry,stale, limited selection

Melvin Mckee

Called to make a pick up order and was told to hold for a few minutes. Then after being on hold for 5 minutes they hung up on me. I called back and they said “no we can’t take call in orders because we about to close”, which I understand but why not tell me that on the first call instead of putting me on hold then just simply hanging up on me. Very unprofessional !!!!

Erik Anderson

Barbacoa tacos, menudo, and a Mexican Coke. Been going here for years. You can smell the sweet bread as soon as you pull in the parking lot.

abel vega

Best sweetbreads in midland

Margarita Moreno


Joann Natividad

Well this is great place to eat and the sweet bread is so good !! The tortas is very delish like fulling and hits all your mexican spot !!! Hope this help !!

Ted Sumners

Great fresh bread and pastries!!

Kwai Tsoi

Pastries are mediocre. Their tacos are out-of-this-world good

Josie Flores

Sorry service rude employees

Rick Rod

True Mexican flavor


They use to have bad ass tortas now they made them so small it used be a great plase to eat but now is not good i would not recomend going there

Vanessa Franco

Best tacos and baked goods in town

Gilberto Perez

Love this place, if u want sweet bread and great burritos, tacos and tortas this is a good place to eat and chit chat with friends...i

Brian Kellogg

I don't come here for some burritos, tacos, pan dulce or french fries, it's all about the torta estofado. They make their own buns, toast them, then pile on shredded brisket, lettuce, avocado and tomato. Throw their red sauce on all of that and it's a special kind of heaven, this has to be one of the best sandwiches on the planet, ever! In 25 years I've experienced bad service here for sure, but it's not enough to keep me from coming back for that brisket torta. Baked goods? I'm told, and my experience is, getting there earlier is better, if you buy any of them later in the day, it's probably going to be dry.

Jesse Arizpe

Rude people good food.. menudo tho smells like roadkill

Joshua Fine

Just eat here. Foods great, service is great, price is great. What else do you need?

Angelica Castillo

Tortas and bread are the best service terrible

Mariah Sager

The food is really fresh and the bakery always has goodies. I'm only giving them 4 stars because they are always out of orejas y marranitos.

Daniel Salinas

I've only ever had good experiences here whether I order food or buy sweet bread. The food is all tasty, flavorful Mexican cuisine. The bread can *sometimes* get a little stale from being out too long, but it's very rare the times that this has happened to me. Overall this is a great, friendly bakery!

Luis Gavaldon

Best place for Tortas and pan dulce! Pan blanco is also the best to use for sandwiches or cut up for menudo! Tacos de Barbacoa always hits the spot!

Nathan Czajkowski

They have the best barbacoa tacos. And their tortas are excellent as well.

Oscar Davila

FOOD was great but baked were stail.

Christopher Aguilar

Ordered breakfast tacos at 0615am. Didnt recover my order till 0650. I was late to work in Garden City. Shouldnt take that long for 9 breakfast tacos.

craig peel

They have actual food and it was really good.

Miguel Bocanegra

Good place to grab some Mexican grub.

Robert Bussey

Great tortas and tacos! Very authentic!

Juan De La Garza

Great menudo and best bolillos I've had this side of the border. Authentic Mexican bakery.

Ofilia Quintanilla

U uh u know how

Jessica Saenz

Unfortunately, this place disappointed I go in after work and ask for breakfast burritos and they attendant says they dont serve breakfast burritos. So I request a carne asada and the burrito is ground beef. I also request pico de gallo & they dont serve that either what kind of "Mexican" establishment is this!! Bad customer service and rude attendant.

Armando Peña

Service was fast and food was fresh and delicious as always. Best barbacoa tacos in Midland.

Alexander Albrecht

One of Midlands best places for Tacos and Tortas. Wide and delicious selection of pastries.

Gwendolyn Dove

Quick service and delicious freshly baked food. Even the fries were addictive.

Felipe Jimenez

Empanadas are very good.

John Carlson

Best tacos in the Permian Basin

Pepe Molina



I come here for the empanadas!! They are always fresh and plump! If there is one thing I cant stand it's a half filled pumpkin empanada! Not here! They are amazing! I also really like the brisket torta they are always great! Now when you walk in the girls might speak to you in Spanish (let's not forget you are on the south side in a Mexican bakery)... but if you respond to them in English they'll speak to you in english.I think it's just what they are use to which is cool.

Matthew Hayes

I just don't understand having tacos with fires, i thought tacos came with beans and rice not fires, bakery side still good

John Paul Sanchez

Always a great experience! Great food and service! Love the sweet bread! I drive from Odessa to Midland and back for that reason!

Angel Rodriguez

Best food and bakery

Francisco Villa

Authentic Texas style Mexican food. That sentence makes sense when you have grown up here or spent enough time in the state. Spicy hot sauces provide rich flavors in crispy tacos of barbacoa, brisket, chicken and more. Oh yeah and the panecitos are pretty good. Come here if you have a real desire to taste the culture, it has a hole in the wall, taste like mama made it feel.

Michael Gonzalez

As much as I would like to say something awesome about this bakery, I can't. I paid $38 for four breakfast tacos two of which were not what I ordered. (Didn't find out until I got home) and six pieces of sweet bread. I guess Oil Field prices are even being reflected in the food industry around here. What's sad is that this is normal, bad service, high prices, take it with a smile and don't complain.. all it takes is one good restaurant to have cheaper prices and better service than everyone else and so many would be out of business..

my Christian song Jesus

There food was so bad

Jose Rodriguez

The tortas and tacos are delicious. They aren't stingy with the food. Good value!

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