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8305 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States

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REVIEWS OF La Panadería IN Texas


Great place to come eat. Delicious sweet breads, hot bread and butter. They have the most delicious black beans, I have tasted in San Antonio. Try them!!

Valerie Heart

Great place to eat! Food is outstanding! Process for ordering is a bit confusing. I’ve been there twice and still haven’t perfected the process. Love the cappuccino and they make the cute design and have it in a real cup!!! Sandwiches awesome! Pastries outstanding!! My favorite place to eat in San Antonio. Finding affordable parking is a challenge.

Juan De La Tejera

Great breakfast. Unbelievable Pan Dulce. Great service

Tyson Barber

Great bread and pastries

irma sandoval

Great pan dulce. So yummy. Even if it was a little pricey. I'm definitely going back. So worth it

Linda A

Service pretty good

Richard Garza

Great food.. great bread... pan dulce is fabuloso...

Another Name

Found hairs on 2 of my cheesecakes. I picked up an order and got the surprise at home.

James Gordon

The Chicken Milanesa was great!!

Tamara Fellowes

We LOVE the bread here, although they OFTEN have ZERO what types of bread they have to offer. We have several times purchased a loaf of whole wheat only to find that it is walnut cranberry. I have no complained because it is really great bread. But..... To come in on a Sunday morning to discover that the BREAD AT A BAKERY doesn’t arrive until sometime after 9:30 is just dumb. So very disappointed. I know it is just BREAD but, when you offer a service and your client comes to rely on that service and you disappoint, that is just bad business.

Eljo Ramirez

This place is way to busy. Takes for ever to put in your order. Better off going to some were else.

Jazmin Saucrda

Amaizng food and service!!

Michael Barton

The French invented it but La Panadería perfected it. This is where you eat the best croissant in the region. The croissant ham and cheese with jalapeños breakfast sandwich is the greatest gift to breakfast since bacon. Every sandwich here is reasonably priced and there is no such thing as a bad order.

rubie rodriguez

Great sweet bread! Plus the food is yummy.

Shanice Whetstone

Loved the tres leches croissant!

Thaddeus Jockheck

This place has the best breads and pastries. Sandwiches are top notch as well. As a kid growing up in NJ area around pastry shops, this place brought a familiar smell, but better tastes than my nostalgia can remember. If you're looking for a breakfast bite or lunch meal, this place will satisfy and fill you. Not to mention, making you want to come back for more! I'm visiting my sister, but during my trip this place has become my favorite food place hands down.

Fatema Nulwala

The staff was very polite and friendly even though we unknowingly dropped in close to closing time. Their bakes were amazing and the food was delicious.

Andrea Almazan

It’s so nice to walk into a place and see a smile on all the employee’s faces. Very welcoming and friendly vibe here. Excellent selection of bakery and lunch items. We ordered a jalapeño croissant, tequila croissant and lattes. The tequila croissant was super delicious. We’ll definitely be back!

Cathy Zapata

Good food. Great service. Warm atmosphere. I'll be back!

Amber Heisner

Yum. Eclectic. Great bakery, tortas and bowls!

Mark Carolin

Awesome food fast service really fresh breads and food. Friendly staff

Ricardo Ramirez

Best pan dulce ever! Fantastic food!

Yasmin Starr

Excellent customer service and the food was great. I would definitely visit again.

Mario Ramirez

Great food! Hip Mexican vibe

Kathryn Hagerty

Bakery items are fantastic beyond description. Latte was good, not great.

Chantal Paul

Love this place! Amazing cubana sandwich and pan dulce. Totally worth a try

Marisa Maloy

Pastries are great. The servers at this location are a bit rude and don’t acknowledge you or hardly smile. Was there to order some pastries for my grandma and stood there like a fool, I made eye connect with a girl that was serving someone a pastry to go before me. Finished putting his pastries in a bag, looked at me and grabbed her drink and looks like she went on a break. Turned me off to my experience. The people at the La Panderia downtown are so friendly and opposite from my 2 experiences here.

Samuel Weber

Superb tasting pastries with excellent presentation and quality. Staff are helpful and friendly. Store was comfortable and has plenty of seating. Coffee bar is available and is made to order. Would highly recommend this location.

Erick Del cid

The conchas were my favorite, super friendly staff. Wish they had a quicker way to check out if you just want some pan dulce and not looking to order anything else.

Fabian Cantu

The food is investible and made from scratch and the staff is always kind and welcoming

amrish sharma

One of the reasons we visited San Antonio on the memorial day weekend of 2019 was to visit La Panaderia as we had heard so much about it. This review is specifically for the one at 8305 Broadway St. This place is truly amazing. The place was crowded with a lively morning crowd but Mr. Jose took his time to explain the choices we had (it was our first time). The bread was out of this world good and so was the cappuccino but what was even more enthralling was the service. Mr. Jose went around every table asking if the food was good and if we needed anything. The kind of old school, honest people who are not there just to make a quick buck. This place is a must visit for everyone visiting the beautiful city of San Antonio.

Teresa Marie

Great coffee, avocado toast, and ANY of the pastries and bread!!

Maria Erickson

Most of sweet bread is good, just not enough variety and about three times more expensive than other places. Just beware of limited parking... it can be exasperating.

Shelley Martinez

Amazing Food, Great Service and the prices are reasonable but most of all the Food/pastries are Amazing

Maria Granados

I have to admit my expectations were pretty high after all the positive words that were said about this place. However, when we arrived I was surprised to find out that they don't have the authentic Mexican pan dulce their conchas are horrible. The only good thing about this place is their breakfast.!

Eric Knapp

Great bakery. I'm more interested in bread rather than pastries, but they do both well. I usually grab some soudough or have them slice a loaf of cheese bread for morning toast with avocado.

Styleinthebag A

Love the ham and cheese crossiant and americano! Very good!

Hannah Rose

Long weight but worth it. I waiting 1.30 for my food once wont do that again so if u have time to waste and want something really good come here.

Grace V

They have artisan bread and dessert so it's not your average panaderia in price or quality. Their tequila croissant is delicious. Today I decided to get one of the bowls instead of a torta and it was a good choice. I also had their Americano and it was just what I needed to return to work. Treat yourself to a good bread and visit them!


First time there so much to choose from.great place

Yoon Hwang

One of the best Mexican restaurants near SAMMC. Its service is incredibly high quality and fast. Nice interior and many Mexican souvenirs. Kind servers and wide parking space. Highly recommended

Krystal McIntosh

The cashier was extremely rude. Apparently, something irritated him just before I walked in. He was so rude that he actually apologized for snapping at me. I appreciate the apology but cant give this place a high rating as a result. Customer service is important. The pastry we got was tasty. I likely won't be returning here...

Chantal Treviño

Great costume service, walked inn right at 7am on a sunday right when they open , and everyone there was so nice , specially the cashier, they made me feel welcome.

Gloria Hernandez

My family took me to The Panaderia for Mother's day. Love it there!!

Rene Vasquez Jr

I enjoyed what I had. I tried a croncha, after a suggestion from a co-worker. I still think the prices are a little steep. When you grow up on pan dulce you have a hard time shelling out that kind of cash. But, I'm only one person in this awesome city we call San Antonio! Eat local! Eat it often!

Viva Yoyis

Over-priced menu for ho- hum food. I've been with colleagues & friends, and I still don't understand the hype. The lunches are fine, and it's a convenient location. The staff has always been super nice & friendly. They are the only reason I gave this place any stars. But ... Service is slow as molasses. No refills on coffee that's isn't better than any other place. Go to Bedoys for the sweet breads, or any other Mexican bakery & you get the same thing for a lot less. The crescents are decent but small, and I can't get over the fact that the sausage roll really has a HOTDOG in it. Seriously? This may be ok in Mexico, but San Antonio has a large German, Polish, & Czech influence, with multiple businesses offering delicious sausages. I spent half my life in Mexico, with bakery stops all over the country, and to me this place disappoints every time. Nope, I think I'm done eating here.

Karla Camarillo

First and foremost the staff here are super friendly and very helpful. From the minute I walked in they were there to help me through the process and offered their help in choosing from the menu. Great food, more on the healthy side for lunch and dinner offerings and the bakery portion is great as well. I ate the Turkey bowl which was amazing and loved they offered 2 different sauces with the salad. The atmosphere was open and inviting but not loud to where conversation wasn't possible. Parking seems to be tricky but there is some available behind the building as well. A must try at least once but I'll definitely go back!

Bianca S

Delicious pan, wonderful customer service, yummy sandwiches. The iced chai tea was delicious as well!

Roberto V-M

The bread and the tortas are amazing. A great place with a real Mexican flavor style

Julio Moreno

Ok my torta awesome real good food clean location ,real pan artesanal, to be honest, there's been years since I have seen this pan so let's say give it a try. Do I recomend it? YES. PS sorry for forgot the pictures.

Shannon Dee

Terrible. They served me a drink made with regular milk, when I ordered a kiln alternative. Accidentally took several drinks of it. I don’t know if it was their food or that, but I am doubled over the toilet barely able to walk. This was the only place I ate. The employees just had spiteful attitudes.

Crash Bert

Consistently good pastry items. Warm dishes, kolaches, coffee - it's all good. Things are always hopping behind the counter, but they manage efficiently and with good cheer.

Matt Daly

Dont understand the fascination... ive been to maaany actual panaderias across latam and san antonio, and everywhere, and the bread here is often half raw.... super poorly organized business, tables and floor constantly a mess, poor barista underwater even during low traffic, super stressed under even a light load cuz her boss apparently has put the entire restaurant on her shoulders... no just regular pour coffee, even as an option, so ur forced to order something more elaborate and expensive, and then wait 20(!) minutes for them to bring you the coffee, not in a to go container so they take another 5 min to bring it back, but then its missing one coffee, so another 20 minutes and then u just walk out and make a coffee at home... super fail-ISIMO este lugar sorry not sorry yo, just go to an actual panaderia where they have a regular selection of pan all day long (not a 90% empty shelf at 3pm), and a coffee dispenser sitting there ready to pour... this just takes everything awesome about panaderias, discards the good stuff, and poorly attempts to wrap it in a tim hortons-ish brand identity, without any of the efficiency trade off of a franchise... perdon, es la vdd, ya hemos ido como 3 veces, y un fail cada vez

Maria Torres

Absolutely the best pan dulce! If your in SA stop here you won't regret it.

jhemberly balaga

Always the best place to go for almond croissant and other pastries.

Sage Wall8

Great selection of fresh baked Mexican bread and desserts. The tortillas and pink cookies are delicious

Roy Paniagua

Love it. INCREDIBLE Mexican Pastries. Breakfast is also served. If you want to make it Brunch, do it with they're great Mimosas.

Mary Thompson

On Broadway people behind counter have an attitude and rude, will never go back. Not a big assortment.

Peter Morlet

The best pan deduce in San Antonio in my neighborhood!!!

ane fun

Best Cuban sandwich I've ever had so far!

Gilbert Vadillo

Great sweet breads. Very clean and beautiful place.

Jemse Cruz

Very nice “bakery” that offers common Mexican pastries and gourmet like ones. Loved it!!!

Michael Lorenzana

La panderia is serving up some damn good pan. Tequila almond croiisant is amazing

Diana Jimenez

Love ♥️ so good

omar arreola

The black bean soup was the best I have had. These owners truly know how to recreate these foods to respect their home country. I would rather have their bean soup alone. It was amazing. everything else was perfect of course.

Tanya Lechner

Love this place for a business meeting or just a pastry! They have some delicious food options along with croissants and coffee!!

Alfonso Castillo

The bread is really good however do not go for the size as the bread has a lot of air. You may feel disappointed at the moment to start eating.


Quite possibly the best pan dulce you may ever taste. Great setting and speedy, friendly staff.

Bruce Jensen

Always busy ... for a reason! Scrumptious and imaginative pairings for brunch with pastries to take home for later. You won't be disappointed.

Elora Lowe

The food and staff were wonderful. The baked goods are just the best. However, this place seems to be so busy that there is literally no place to sit. Their system right now does not guarantee a seat at any table if you’re dining in. Basically, not everyone gets themselves a table by the time their food comes out. Highly recommend this place, but be ready to race for a spot.

Ashley Peek Gordon

Pan is really good/fresh/authentic I think price point is high but I get it.

Matthew Bratek

Excellent experience! Even though it was busy the service was fast and friendly. The pastries and pan when you first come in are a treat for both your eyes and nose! The sandwhich I ordered was crafted to perfection and the mimosa to wash it down was beautiful and refreshing. Definitely will return with out of town family to show them what the culinary scene here has to offer!

Thomas DeLuna

Been at Downtown location twice. First time there I was greeted by a male. I inquired about prices on molleta. My surprise and I said kinda steep. He told me to go HEB. I explained that I been to original and was not impressed. Also I was buying for a physical therapy group of techs. It was not me. He did a change of heart. Very poor customer service. I declined offer of free sample. Bought pan dulce which was good. I have had much better at Cinderella, Mi Tierra, La Superior, and La Fiesta on West Commerce. It is a popular tourist establishment. Good for them.

don pence

Their pasties are always wonderful... and the sandwiches look great! It’s always fairly busy and unless you come early don’t count on much pastry selection being available... it’s that good!


Great little place for breakfast. Service was quick and the food was good.

Angeline Rivera

The wait was long but ultimately worth it. Delicious food!

Kris Castro

Great place to eat at any time of the day. Visited this place with friends. I have been to many panaderias throughout my life and they all seem to taste the same. But this different. The ingredients being used are way better and the taste is just fresher and really enjoyable. When you have actual Mexicans from Mexico come and frequently visit, that is a sign! Coffee is great too! When visiting San Antonio, this is a visit for sure! Will return every time. I recently found out that this place was featured on The Food Network!

Claudia Hernadez

One of my favorite spots

Sam Cantu

Love their new breakfasts menu. The quality of their breads and pastries is outstanding.

Steven Garis

Great lunch option but the line can be out the door sometimes. Haven't gotten anything I didn't like though. Prices are reasonable for lunch and the black bean soup is great!

Joe Gonzalez

This place was decent. I have to admit my expectations were pretty high after all the positive words that were said about this place. However, when we arrived I was surprised to find out that they don't have a house coffee & only specialty drinks. I tried their latte which was decent & my wife had their iced chai latte that she said was not bad. I guess it's more of an eatery than coffee shop.

Andrea Ordonez

Best pan dulce in South Texas. It is our first stop whenever we visit San Antonio. There are always long lines but it is definitely worth it. The conchas are the best I've ever had! Seriously... they are out of this world delicious. The orejas and empanadas de piña are amazing as well. I don't have enough words to describe how good this place is. Do yourself a favor and visit!

Alejandra Fernández

Every time I come to San Antonio, La Panadería is a “must”. The best pan dulce (Mexican/French bakery & pastries) you have tasted. Breakfast is my favorite. Service is always impeccable. I can’t recommend it enough.

Gina Hernandez

I love this place. Their menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is fantastic. They have wonderful pastry and bread selections. I had their avacado toast with over medium eggs and it was very delicious. They also have salads, sandwiches but not your normal sandwiches, they're creative you just need to check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Gabriela Tovar

Wow, I'm sad how the quality & CS of this place has changed! My order: Chicken Milanesa Torta, Vegeteriana torta, Chorizo & cheese torta, kids bean & cheese croissants, Fideo, 2 aguas de jamaica, iced coffee & apple mex soda, here is the problem, our bread was hard, our soups were 90% broth and we had to fish for our beans and fideo, I happened to order a seperate fideo and that one was full of Fideo. Overall very unhappy with this place, I used to be regular when I worked in the area, I've been home for a year and told my husband I wanted to visit for dinner today, let me add they had very little selection /empty displays of bread when it's what they specialize in!

Scott Golat

Literally only 4 stars for the wait. It might even be 5 stars, the bread and pastries are phenominal but man..... That wait

Sean Jerkins

A little pricey, but the food was good and so is the coffee.


First time going here love there sweet bread

Steven Aguilar

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Seriously excellent customer services in two languages & seriously good food. Here is my favorite , El Favorito with avocado. The Cafe Americana is also really good. Your welcome.

Malenita Perez

I liked d place.. I asked for a sandwich n salad.... But I got a soup instead... The soup was Cold... Bread was burned.. I don't think ever go Back again... After what I Paid.... Better go back to Subway 3 times w/ same amount of $$

Marquita Stevenson

Wow was not expecting what I walked into. So many options!!! The bread is ahhhmazing!!! Great lattes too!!!

Orlando Perez

Pastries are amazing, first time there and the food was awesome, service with a smile, very impressive experience.

Lucy Reyna

This place is so delicious!!! I took my friend April last Wednesday for breakfast and we are still talking about our delicious sandwiches. ❤❤❤❤❤

Lavonne Murphy-Guzman

Great place! Really good pastries. Just a long line but it moved quickly.

Carlos De Sa

This is such a great place to go have your breakfast, all kinds of breads and sandwiches. The coffee is amazing. Nice environment and people. I will definitely come back. Recommended place!

Christopher Lieck

They have no to go line , you have to wait for Uber and 45 minutes to order in today five people walked out. Great food but horrible cashier system. Emailed owner and he did respond but today 4 people in line with me left and complained. It’s ridiculously disorganized. Good idea. Good for them but bad for lunch crowd. Go to Paloma Blanca, they are fast and better servers. They need to address this issue. You could add a to go line but they don’t.

krystle guerrero

This is one of my favorite spots for brunch. It also has some of the best conchas Ive ever had. The one thing that makes this location special is one of the wait staff, Chela. I swear she makes me feel like family and genuinely cares about our experience.

Judith Harper

Excellent bread/sandwiches! Wonderful service, great selections from the menu! My new favorite place to eat.

Victor Vazquez

Friendly staff and most delicious bread.

Peter Brantley

Excellent Mexican and European breads. Finally a great bakery for rustic style lives in this city!

Lily Tran

Really tasty food although I felt it was a little bit on the more pricey side.

Rik Burger

One of my fav lunch places. The bread is amazing

Samara Cullinan

Love this place for its great food and pastries! You may have to wait a while in the morning but it's totally worth the wait!

Aaron Sanchez

Chorizo and black bean sandwich is pretty good

Sophie Cruz

Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. Looking forward to a return trip. It has a great feel to it.

Savannah Suppan

Amazing European style bakery that rivals any pastry and bread shop we've been to in the U.S. I've lived in Europe for 5+ years and this is the same quality of stuff you'd find in most countries. I'd highly recommend this place (and frequently do) to everyone!! Their menu items and coffee are also top quality. We visit La Panaderia anytime we are in the San Antonio area and can't wait until they open in Austin!

Jesse Benavidez

Great places 2 stop and have a cup of coffee and some great desserts.

Gabriel Cardenas

Great place for true Mexican pastries. Great coffee and great hot chocolate. You must try the Cronchas... a croissant and concha hybrid!

Rebecca Acosta

Outstanding . We definalty will be telling our friends and family. We will be back!


This is a pretender. For the money they have such an average food. Since you pay money and tips upfront they don't bother to check on you. They don't even offer one extra refill of coffee, which cafe don't give one extra refill? They say they will serve round crossiant type bread for breakfast but you will receive three slices of bread. This doesn't worth $10. Most of the raving reviews are fake, so don't fall for it, McDonald's have better egg muffin than this place. Not worth the money for their dishonest service.

shereen bickham

The smells!!! AAAWWWWW DELICIOUS!!!!!! Everything that was bought was delicious. Loved the soup with the meal, I could have had 2-3, it was so good. The staff was fabulous!!!

Marty G

Wow!!!! This place was amazing, starting with the awesome tasting food to the very hard working staff in the eating area. Very clean thanks to them. I believe that you get what you pay for and we definitely got what we paid for.

Lisa McDermott

Amazing bread and croissants. The dirty hot chocolate was delicious. Tequila Almond croissant also a must have

Vi Potal

Fast service and great food!!!! Love the layout too, having the ability to see them bake and cook. I had the cubano! And my friend had milanesa de pollo.. I highly recommend coming by :)

Heidi Schuppenhauer

Staff was so so friendly and accomadating and informative in dealing with my gluten allergy! I ordered the Hawaiana Bowl with no bread and it was simply amazing. Perfect pork, grilled pineapple, queso fresco, pickled onions, and two amazing sauces. They served it on a bed of romaine and it was the perfect portion at a perfect price. Will be returning soon!

Lifeisatrip Enjoytheride

I had the turkey, egg, and scrambled eggs, with a Mexican hot chocolate. It was amazing!! Love this place!! It’s packed but worth it

Judithn Potter

This place was recommended for breakfast and did not disappoint. If you want a huge menu don't come here. Good food with lots of fresh baked goods! Bright interior with good music and very friendly staff for us clueless tourists! Do your homework before you come and the visit will go smooth

Speed Racer

The food and pastry here are amazing! I would have never thought of coming to a bakery for lunch but I'm so glad I did! Make sure you bring a pastry home if you don't have enough appetite to eat it right away or you'll regret it! I can't say enough great things, they're busy for a reason, you'll understand once you try it!

Henry Pineda Jr

Great bread. Great service! We enjoyed or Sourdough bread which they were glad to slice for us. It made a fantastic sandwich. I also had a cinnamon roll. I would return and would refer to my friends and family. Enjoy

Nancy Morgan

The atmosphere is quaint Texas...looks to be a regular stop for the locals to get bakery. The food looks tasty. The tea is thick and cloudy...hoping it was just a bad batch day. On a very positive note there was a canister of a red-purple juice that was remarkably cool and refreshing.

April E Salazar

Soooooooo goooood!!!! Haven't had anything bad! Reasonable prices. Both locations have a great atmosphere. Lower carb options are available.

M Cortez

How can you people give this place 5 stars???? Unbelievable... I drove very far to find this place. I tell the guy, you need more platters to place the bread on. He gets the platers, goes all the way around to place them for the other customers, completely dismisses me. Ummm.. I was next. Then their conchas are swarming with flies. Do you know how unsanitary that is???? Lock up your conchas to avoid this people, come on get it together. Your sweet bread is good, but I'd say very overpriced, especially when it is swarming with flies. I've been to bakeries where the sweet bread costs a fourth of what yours does, and they have no flies. CLEAN IT UP.

B. V.

Great tasting food

Marvin Thomas

It's ok but too expensive for what you get

Michael Sierra-Arévalo

Outstanding service. The restaurant is spotless and everything is fresh and delicious, from the coffee and chocolate concha to the turkey salad and avocado toast. Señora Chela is a treasure.

Hung Tran

The food definitely worth the price and people there was really nice

Daniela Martinez

I just love the bread you can buy here. Also the lemonade is delicious and the chorizo con huevo and black beans crossaint is super delicious. I highly recommend this place to someone that is looking for good taste .

Izzy Peet

It was my first time here and it was amazing! I had the chorizo and eggs croissant with a house salad and a latte. The staff is friendly and attentive. They have a lot of bread and pastries to choose from. Great price for what you get. I highly recommend this place!

Danielle Galasso

One of my favorite bakeries in San Antonio! Everyone is so kind and everything is delicious. I always get an almond croissant and one is barely enough. When my cousin visited I took her and she, at first, wasn’t sure what all my hype was about. After trying it she didn’t want to leave! A must stop whenever you’re in the area.

Jarrod Hernandez

I love the croissants from here as well as the conchas. The only downside is this location does not have the full menu selection the downtown location has and seems to run out of baked goods a lot quicker. Still a great place to eat sweets and enjoy a great environment.

Nicki Castillo

Really good breakfast and bread is made fresh. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff!

Angel Martinez

Awesomely good food and service

Yolanda Gonzalez

Good bread.

Kristi Buczek

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bakery. The chorizo and egg anything is soooo great. I crave this until I get back in town! The lattes are delicious. The staff are friendly. It is a nice twist on a classic American bakery and offers something for nearly every palette. This is definitely a go-to morning spot.

Charlie Majdalani

Concha pastries are very tasty and I’m not usually a fan but these are good. There’s a chicken sandwich that my wife orders that is also good but I forgot the name of it. Anyways it’s a comfortable place to stay and eat or take to go.

Russell Phelps

Great staff. Very helpful in finding a low sugar option. Great depth of flavor. Go.

Loretta Martin

Great food! The only drawback from this place is the noise level. It's very noisy in there but I'll still go back.... Food was fantastic!

Katharine Long

Worth any wait and the price. Fantastic pineapple croissants and blueberry cream bear claws. Tortas were phenomenal as well.

Tammie Masters

The best tasting and variety of breads.

Ivan Arano

Place used to be better. We used to come here for the croissants and others sweet breads the sell but the last few times we've been the quality had gone down. Wife got a croissant recently and the filling tasted rancid. We both feel the downtown location is better and fresher every time we go

Stephanie Diaz

Panaderia has never disappointed. Their food is always fresh and delicious and their pan dulce is always spot on for a dessert. Highly recommend it, also a great pick for lunch. Just smart to get there early as the parking area is pretty small.

Faith Kane

$6 for these two coffees in paper cups... tasted like water. Beautiful pastries and breads.

Bernhard Suppan

We always stop when in San Antonio. Can't wait for their Austin location to open.

misha ortiz

Omg, the food is sooo good

Rosie Martinez

The mexican hot chocolate is delicious, the conchas, cheesecake and breakfast sandwiches are also delicious. Heck! Everything is good here!

John Estes

Very good. Just not perfect

Daddy TC

Always love the pan dulce. The cubano sandwich is a must have.

Gloria Floyd

Customer service is excellent. Very friendly and compassionate. Keep up the good work

Johnathan Garcia

The best sandwiches in town! Can be a bit pricey, but the cuban sandwich is well worth it! Best dessert bread also, so light and fluffy. Can't get enough of this place. I do wish they had a better drink selection.

Quique Pagan

The time here was great awesome atmosphere great service and super hospitality.

Athina Guerrero

Great service. I've eaten here 3 times and really enjoyed everything. The conchas are the best I've ever had, and that means alot since San Antonio had so many panderias. I hope this buisness continues to do well and opens more locations.

Brian Gomez

Cool breakfast spot!

jorge flores

Great menu , great quality products , small parking lot but deppending on the time you visit should be ok , we love it

Anne Carey

staff is always super even when they have a full house. there was fast, efficient, and courteous service. feels like a place in los angeles i loved.

Sherbear toys

Actitud of the staff is poor but the taste of the pan dulce is getting down for the last year at I was imagine cus their switch el panadero but after that I ordered a tequila tres leches for my birthday but the cake wasn’t the same at first when they opened this was a fiasco....I didn’t call to complain about cus I travel the next day and is kind of obvious why you gay don’t hear about I just get over but yesterday I went an I get pan dulce and let me tell you this ... the panadería West have better pan dulce for much much less money trust me And please try not to use too much yeast and put more love please, people will be grateful and will notice it... thank you


Had a disappointing lunch here today. Black bean soup and chorizo and egg torta. Overpriced and can't believe the coffee is 3 dollars and not even one refill. Ridiculous! At least include a limit of one refill for 3 dollars. Definitely won't be back.

Jennifer Pinta

My favorite spot for the carb lover!!! Their breads and sandwiches are so good!! Parking is a bit limited but there are plenty other vacant parking spots surrounding the area. This place is a local favorite for a reason. Can't wait to bring my classmates to this place for lunch. Desserts are great as well.

e Vss

Even though there wasn’t much to choose from, the couple items I went home with were amazing!! I’d say customers need to work on their manners, the employees worked their tails off and these people left the place trashed. The employees recovered seamlessly but I’d say it doesn’t have to be that way for them if people would have some sense. Definitely a great place!! (I was there the day before Easter so that was the real reason they were low in the sweet treats!)

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