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REVIEWS OF Croissant-Brioche IN Texas

John Fox

great prices and even better the taste of everything. I only wish that there was a bike rack close by so that I can lock my bike and not worry about someone stealing it while I'm enjoying the cafe

Shaon Joy

Wonderful experience. Great place for coffee and pastries. Remember it gets really busy on Sunday mornings

Miss Heike

Best Italian wedding cake ever! The chocolate mousse and the tiramisu are also to die for! Very nice! We're not from the area but stopped in on two separate visits. We went to another Parisian bakery around the corner on our second visit first, but decided to leave there and come back here instead.

Bear Bright

Food was good price was good had a soft atmosphere.

Gavin Haynes

Amazing morning pastry place. Coffee I would avoid but any other pastry I've tried has been fantastic. The chocolate croissant is the real deal.

nourah y

I eat my breakfast twice. They serve toast and croissant

Mohammad Erfani

I do recommend large latte and eclair and I also had French dip which was to die for

Rafael Cruz

Best croissants ever n town.

Dianne Tarwater Berryman

A fantastic find ... great atmosphere, wonderful fresh tuna salad on croissant, perfect tiramisou. ... awesome!

Mark Mazique

Delicious bread and yummy pastries!

Robert Reed

Excellent chocolate almond croissants!! The cakes are amazing and the pastries will keep you coming back for more

Rachel Gonzales

Great little breakfast spot. Didn’t wait too long around 10am on a Sunday morning. Delicious quiche!

Sarah Wagner

Delicious little gem in Rice Village reminds me of an authentic French cafe

Cecile J.

I absolutely love this place. Pastries have the real French taste!

Norma Ruiz

Still the best French onion soup in Houston.

Kristina Do Nguyen

Nice little French cafe in Rice Village. It's a good place to go for a quick brunch or for coffee with friends. Food and coffee is good, nothing spectacular though. What I ordered: - Turkey and swiss croissant sandwich - Cafe mocha


Incredible good, specially Eclairs with chocolate feelings, as well as Brioche, French coffee too. I got 2 Eclairs, I was little bit shy to ask second open !

Daniel Da Silva

The best ham and cheese croissant

Jamie Cooper

If you can ignore all of the uppity people eating here, then treat yo'self! The brioche makes you feel like you grabbed your passport and flew to the other side of the world. The coffee is really good to. This brioche is not for women who are calorie counting

Waleed Othman

One of the best coffee you can have there.... There desserts are great.... the Croissant is so buttery....

Steven Michaelis

It really was quite good. I had a latte and a pastry, then left happy!

Daryush Nourbaha

This is the nicest coffeeshop breakfast place. The food is delicious and the service is wonderful but what really stands out here is that the clientele is so wonderful. People you see day in and day out, reading a copy of the newspaper that belongs to the establishment, can become lifelong friends. Stop by, have a quiche and latte and say hi to the person sitting next to you.

kathleen pickard

Can't understand the hype. Croissants were ok. Menu average.maybe they like to hear french accents.Maybe it's just where people like to gather

Kim Deaks

This is my favorite coffee spot! Cappuccino with whipped cream and Ghirardelli choc shavings.

Keith Bauman

Nice, quaint place for coffee or sandwich.

Timmy Yip

Love everything fresh about this cafe! Desserts are so good!

f f

A very small place & bit crowded when I went so we had to sit outside shooing away flies every 2 mins. I must'v been expecting something else cause I wasn't that impressed.,or maybe I was overfilled on their Baguette sandwich-that has really thick bread. It was good but way filling.

nikhil reddy

Tasty Quiche and yummy Mocha. Good to have: People at the counter should atleast ask if customer is visiting for the first time and atleast give basic intro of what they serve and what it exactly is.

Peter Kim

Delicious pastries & free NY Times to read with your coffee. Open from 7:00 to 7:00. A venerable Village Institution for decades!

T Denton

I love the French baked items on the menu.

Lauren Harris

Been coming here since I was a little girl and never dissapoints! Love the food, the coffee, and the atmosphere. Will always recommend.

Renee Fieldhouse

Rude service, loud inside, quiche was good

Denver Greene

This place has a lot of good baked goods. I like all of their tarts and cakes and other pastries that they make. Have never been disappointed.

Cody Venzke

Quaint little place that seems to have a rustic French countryside atmosphere in the works. The coffee isn't bad, nor is the food, but the croissants and pastries are fantastic. If you like rich deserts this might be a good place to kill an hour some afternoon.

Cam Chu

I regularly come here for the tiramisu and coffee! It has such a lovely and welcoming vibe!

Aria Mansouri

Best pastries and cakes in town. Great atmosphere. It's a must try place.

Rosie Maynard

Meh... Cappuccino a bit on the weak side. Ham quiche very salty, crust flat and tasteless. Cinnamon scone has good texture but not much cinnamon flavor. Good ambiance though, and friendly cashier. A bit noisy but to be expected on a Saturday morning.

Meeca Smith

Love the croissant!

Tany Jean

Coffee lovers won't be disappointed.

Debra's Passion Boutique

They import coffee from Italy oh my

David Celestin

Love the French feel of this place and the food is delicious.


Nice and clean place. Good quality, a bit pricey, though.

Blackcat Arnold

Classic sweet spot for Euro inspired pastries and coffee. Slightly uncomfortable, not particularly friendly patrons, but the staff is nice and I love the pistachio muffins.

Fiona Tawse

I have seen them drop the bread on the floor-pick it up and put it back on the racks to feed to the customers!! Not a very clean place. Good luck getting a table because don't clean up after people have left. The food is average at best- you can make it at home in mins....and far cheaper.

Deian Tabakov

Limited parking at the front. A bit pretentious.

Christopher Frey

I enjoyed my smoked salmon quiche. It was fairly light and eggy, showcasing the smoked salmon flavor. It had a nice with flaky crust. Also enjoyed the coffee and rustic french home feel.

Sumedh Warudkar

Nice croissants and quiches!

leila peraza

Delicious coffee, lovely desserts and the owner was a very kind man! Wishing you 35 more years of business and many more!

Pedro Ibarra

Very good. Great sandwiches. Service is also excellent. Can't wait to go again. Next visit the pastries.

Thomas Ontiveros

The cake and coffee was delicious

Victoria Briscoe

Love this quaint cafe with great food, drinks, and desserts. Have been frequenting it for years.

Robert Carpenter

Very good food. A nice selection of sandwiches, quiches and delectable desserts. A satisfying experience.

Aram Davtyan

This is one of our most favourite places in Rice village! They have a decent coffee and a lot of excellent French baked goods. I would especially recommend their kish! But everything else is also very good!

Emily Dietle

Bustling on the weekends, Brioche's croissants are never dry, and always served with a smile. Sit with strangers on busy days and enjoy new conversation, I adore Brioche on rainy Saturdays for this. Be prepared to park and walk, even on weekdays.

Amy Kugali McWilliams

Lovely. small local bakery

Jeffrey Smith

The banana bread is excellent. The croissant sandwich portions were too large and diminished the flavors. If you like big portions, this place is for you.

Sabrina Schroeder

I love this place just about every time I go. Their cappuccinos and mochas are great, their fruit tarts are among the best I have had, their tiramisu is the best, and I love their French dip sandwiches!

Tom Mitchell

Food is good to excellent. Spaces are too tight; tough to move around or relax. Specializes in seafood sandwiches, quiches and desserts.

Edoardo Luigi

Really comfortable vibe, the food is what you want it to be, nothing more. The past couple times we've come here, we've gotten the wrong end of what looks like a disorganized service staff. This resulted in getting food served 30 minutes late and, on another occasion, getting rudely interrupted when asking another server for assistance. It looks more like an organizational/managerial problem than a problem with the individual servers, but the effect is the same. We've come back for the food and the place, but the service has been disappointing.

Jackie Chang

Decided to grab a quick late lunch and got the Croque Monsieur, French Onion soup, an eclair and apricot and almond tart. The pastries looked so good I couldn't help myself. The eclair and tart were perfectly lightly sweet. The French Onion soup was nice and cheesy, savory and not too salty. Real cozy atmosphere.

Luis Parreira

Awesome croissant and brioche as the name suggests as well as other baked goods. French casual looking atmosphere perfect for weekend breakfast.

Ayano Furihata

Bread is great!Especialy,I love Brioche! These pictures are onion soup and Chrome Mush.They were amazing!!!

Jinniya Rasekhi

Still my favorite coffee shop in Houston. Same as 20 yrs ago. Best eclair in town.

Zack Nash

Excellent French pastries and coffee. Great Cafe to study or sit with friends and chat.

Tom King

Outstanding cappuccino and the best almond croissants in Houston. Good ambiance. Great spot anytime of day.

Bill Carson

Amazing little spot, supreme quality, great prices, good food :)

Paul Tucker

Finally well made French breads and pastry in Houston. The perfect place to sit down with the paper on a Sunday morning.

Leslie Arndt

Quaint and charming. The salmon quiche was delicious and the fruit tart was so beautiful and tasty.

Kenneth warren

Good place I like it

Laurent Tran

The pastry tasted like it was made from frozen dough, not freshly made onsite. But the coffee was good

Brett Tapoyo

The croissants were boring, nothing compared to the fresh and flavourful taste of real french bakery. The hot chocolate was okay

Liz Villasenor

It's my first time here, great customer service They are overly friendly. Their coffee it's delicious if you are looking for a great place to drink coffee & have something sweet with a wonderful meal this is the right it ♡

Ryan Gunter

Wonderful bakery. Great little artisan bake shop in the middle of the city.

Martin Reiner

A great Cafe where you can have good food and a place to sit and read the paper or talk with friends.

Michael Richard

Am just rating based on one lunch visit. Had lunch special of spinach salad, ham quiche and iced tea. . Both were pretty good. From what I was told, parking can be a problem but I arrived about 11:30am for lunch and was lucky to have someone back out just as I arrived. I passed the favor along to someone else as I left. Judging by the looks and signs, I suspect parking could be a problem at peak times.

Fares Alahdab

We've been wanting to try this French bakery for quite a while now and today was the perfect day to go out and do it. It was a little bit challenging to find parking nearby because it's on a main road where not a lot of parking spots are available and plenty of other shops around. So we had to actually drive a little bit further to find a parking spot then walk back to it. It was a little bit crowded inside as well because it was limited space and a lot of chairs and tables, so a little bit challenging to maneuver and walk around. But you should be able to find a place to sit down. They also have a few tables and chairs outside for outside seating. Their menu is pretty nice. We ordered an espresso macchiato with double shots and a latte. And they were very good. We also ordered spinach quiche and broccoli quiche, as well as a few dessert pastry items such as two euclaire, one with chocolate and one with custard inside. We also ordered a cake and a dessert pastry with raspberry and blueberry on top pictured above. Service is pretty nice, staff our friendly. There was some music playing in the background on a little bit of a low volume, so it was all good. The quiche was phenomenal, And so were the other dessert pastry items. I would certainly recommend, and I would definitely visit again.

Ava Acosta

Amazing service! I had a turkey sandwich on the freshest baguette i've ever had in houston, the double espresso was amazing as well. My mother had a spinach quiche, an amazing almond croissant, and a cappuccino that she throughly enjoyed. We will definitely be coming back!

Erin Baun

If I could give more stars, I would. Way too many favorites at this place! So hard to choose. Awesome pastries and breads! Try the almond croissant or pear danish, or eclairs, fruit tarts, muffins, scones... I've never had anything from Croissant Brioche that wasn't delicious!

Syed Abbas

Wonderful place. I went there as they opened up during a weekday. Wonderful Croissants! Soft, Fluffy and airy. Too many times in Houston I am faced with heavy and doughy croissants so it was wonderful to find this place. However, one of the intangible features of this place can be found early morning right when they open up. The bread products are being taken out of their oven and there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked french bread coming out of the oven. Will definitely go there again.

Cynda Crespo

I love this place! The almond pistachio muffins and cappuccino with Belgian chocolate is incredible.

Keith Newton

Good French bakery in the heart of rice village.

Tyler Jackson

Went here today with my mom for lunch as she wanted to eat outdoors as it was a perfect day to do so. Once going inside, the interior was average but I figured this restaurant has been here for so long, it must be good food. Once arriving to the counter, I saw a croque monsieur on the menu and started to ask if they had croque madame as well and the waitress immediately said they could make it. My mom was ordering and asked the size of the small vs large salad. The waitress begrudgingly stomped across the kitchen and with an exasperated attitude threw the small and large plates up. Both of the waitresses didn’t seem to enjoy their job. We got our water and went to sit outside. When the food came out to be served, my mom received the salad and I received the “croque madame” and side Caesar salad that I had ordered. My moms salad had 2 halves of mushroom, 4 slices of tomato, and some dry cubes of chicken sprinkled on a bed of spinach leaves. I can’t complain too much because there was no false advertisement there, just kinda bland and below average. However, while my Caesar salad was good, as hungry as I was, I didn’t realize that all I had received was a deli ham and cheese sandwich. For those who don’t know, typically a croque monsieur is a ham and cheese sandwich covered in béchamel, and becomes a croque madame when it has a fried egg placed on top. My sandwich was bread with cheese and deli ham slices inside. No bechamel and no fried egg included with my sandwich. I went inside to ask the waitress why the egg was not included, before I could finish “I ordered a croque madame, but there was no fried egg...” the other waitress said “we do not make it the traditional way”. So by not the traditional way, you mean that you make regular ham and cheese sandwiches that I could make at home with bread, cheese, and deli ham slices along with 20 seconds in the microwave to melt the cheese. I’m pretty sure the first waitress had taken our order as a croque madame and charged us accordingly. This was quite possibly the worst dining experience I have had in the 7 years I have lived in Houston. Not sure how these people make rent in rice village as there were very few customers during the lunch hour on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Would highly advise against dining here unless they are able to hone their culinary skills and have waitresses that can have decent attitudes with the customers.

AJ Marian

All great pastry. Little too small and sometimes not enough seats

Bill Gauspohl

Good food, great coffee and frappes. Owner super sweet!

Kease The Artist

Fancy restaurant in Downtown Houston that is very Lively and energetic due to its environment and location within the city. This little diner is more of a mom and pop shop with an eccentric feel very genuine and adds a very bright spot to a city with a lot of Versatility in it already. You can come here to get breakfast brunch or even dinner in a lot of things on the menu is well thought out and very creative just to say the least! I believe that this place would be good to bring a friend associate or family member and also if you're down this will be the place to come to to study or just take a break from everyday life the energy from this place definitely feels very organic and the employees a very hard-working and keep Smiles on their face which really provokes you to indulge and smiling as well. In a world where a great meal isn't hard to cook up this place definitely adds the balance we need to believe in the American dream of great food & even greater spirits. Try this place out today!

Ronan O Sullivan

Nice cafe, you can see the French influence on its interior.


Great coffee and fresh pastries always me and wife love this place

Roopa Nalam

This place has the best French pastries!!

alexis Infantas

Cute little place they are very busy always. Ingredients go missing from your sandwiches. Their coffees are A+

Victor del Carpio Neyra

I love this place. I come specially for the French dip sandwich and the French onion soup. They warm my soul and fill my tummy. Their bread has a crispy crust, and the broth is delicious. It is small, but homie. If you don't mind be seated sometimes close to other customers, you'll like it.

Saadullah Bashir

Great place to grab sweet treats. They also have savory treats but I've not had any. Delicious scones. One of the best you'll get in town. Nice place to hang out and have a conversation. Gets busy on the weekends. Highly recommended.

Clinton Toney


Joann Loomis

Yummy, vegetarian sandwhich is great for breakfast, cake very good

TransGates Limo

Great place and delicious food

Sylvina Castillo

Love this little cafe! They have a great selection of pastries, the coffee is delicious, and the service is excellent. This is my go-to spot.

Jeni Lauffer

Small menu, but tasty sandwiches!

Andrew Celin

Excellent and cute cafe and bakery. Fresh baguettes and breads are the best I've had outside of France, and reasonably priced.

Esther Vodanovich

Excellent coffee with my favorite nut danish. Can't wait to return.

Jason Fang

Try the Last Quiche Salmon -- soft, warm, and tasty

nicole lozano

The quiche is like an egg marshmallow touched by angels! Savory and delicious! A must try if you stop by here.

Stuart McGeoch

Excellent French bakery with one significant gripe - why Smuckers jams? Every great French bakery in London serves a variety of home made marmalades and jams - would just be the finishing touch at Cafe Brioche!

Margarita P

Coffee and dessert was delicious.

Javier Perea

Fantastic for a Sunday morning cafe. Great lattes, quiches and baked good. Their fruit tarts are really great. Service is fast and typically friendly. Parking is tight and seating is closed together, but a really good experience.

Anna Wilkening

Delicious, most authentic French restaurant I have found in Houston.

מאי קרן

Nice place for a quick run for coffee and a pastry. The pistachio almond cupcake is good!

steven pepski

It was good. Will. Go back

Cheryl Kaufman

I love this place.

Abby Fuentes-Noel

Outstanding food and coffee. My housband and my favourite coffeshop

Guillermo Martinez

I drive 1 hour from Katy just for the coffee. The croissants, sanwiches and deserts are fabulous, always keep coming back

Brad Moody

Best breads and pastries and coffee in town. 20 year plus patron

Chloe Levi-Gardes

Great local café/bakery, and very reasonable prices. The coffee was good, but not the very best which is the only reason I'm giving this place a 4 and not a 5.

Lynn Chen

A very cozy Cafe for quick breakfast or lunch

Idania Raquel Valenzuela Jaenz

Love the brioche.

Rose LilyAllen

Nothing beats a latte and croissant at this place, check it out. Worth it!

Gail Black

Vibrant café with fresh pastries and coffee in the heart of the Rice Village.

s adnan

Excellent, real french baked goods. The baguette and the croissants are excellent.

Steve Palmer

Good pastries, decent coffee. Tables and chairs are a bit crowded together.

Breanna Sroufe

We walked in for our first time here and asked for a recommendation on which quiche flavor to choose. The man rudely replied, roach flavor...roaches covered in chocolate. That’s a lot of help to choose what to order...maybe they have roaches in the kitchen? I ordered the tomato and onion. The waiter comes out with a mushroom quiche saying, this isn’t what you ordered, but will it be okay? No, I wanted what I ordered. My mother got her quiche and it was mostly cold. My boyfriend got a turkey croissant that was not fresh and it was bland. The quiche doesn’t come with anything and neither does the sandwich. We were completely unimpressed! Save yourself some money and make your own sandwich at home.

Gin Yu

Highly recommend the Raspberry Tart and Sausage Croissant. Their coffee is delicious, I like the Milky Way a lot. Their Mocha and Latte are great as well. Downside being that there are no outlets nor public wifi offered by the store.

Kyle Saunders

I enjoy coming here. Staff is always friendly and the deserts are good. Great little neighborhood bakery.

KJ Price

I am so glad I found this place. Our new favorite restaurant. Everything is delicious but I must recommend the spinach quiche. The staff was very warm and professional. I had the opportunity to give my compliments to the owner.


I love the coffee and bread! ;)

Kelly Hutchinson

Perfect lunch. Clam chowder rich with clams and smoked salmon ceasar salad with a fresh baked baguette. Yum.

anon amos

I've been going here since the 1980s. A real jewel that I hope stays around.

Eric Do

Nice French cafe. Reasonable prices.


Definitely gives the vibes of a classic Paris Cafe. Try the Hazelnut Mocha Frappe :)

Matthew Pena

We enjoy a ham and cheese croissant and a cinnamon roll each visit. It can be busy, but we always find a table.

Steven Bennett

Best chocolate croissant on the planet

Gulia Serrano

Food and coffee are good but it is unwelcoming to charge for warming up your croissant. I’ve never seen this policy at any bakery in the U.S or France.

J. Ashar

This is a nice, little French cafe to go to for a quick bite (quiche, salad, soup, sandwich) and coffee. They also have some pretty nice desserts like cakes, pastries, and cookies. What to order: -Caffè Mocha Coffee (they use real chocolate flakes) -Cream of Potato Soup (if they have it for their soup of the day, it's amazing) Pros: -Atmosphere with the local Houstonians -Quality Cons: -Men's bathroom does not lock -Parking is quite difficult

Lennon Patton

Good coffee and great pastries. Laid back vibe with free wifi

Petya Demireva

Enjoyable and rather authentic European ambiance with somewhat crammed (or cozy) seating and a wonderful assortment of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, soups and hot beverages. Best eclairs I've had in Houston and the almond croissants are to die for as well! The service is good and speedy. Wish I had hours to enjoy with a book or newspaper in this cute local cafe!

Rida Bouqdir

Always a great stop before getting to the office. Their french pastries and coffees are amazing. (Staff is very helpful).

R Eric Reed

Had a nice apricot cheese Danish and a late. Good.

Victor Rodriguez

Because is so tipico releasable good taste

Mitchell Kaplan

Excellent, FRESH food, moderate prices, fast service and wonderful atmosphere.

Katharine Dlouhy

Takes me back to my last trip to France. Authentic, delicious food items. Love it!

Peter Brecht

Not pretentious. Good food. Great Coffee

Ailed Alfaro

The food is delicious. I love the apricot danish. Why the 2 stars? The service is absolutely awful! I have been coming here with my dad since I was a kid and now bring my children here. This is a little piece of France. However over the years the staff is always incredibly rude and their not even French!

Gerardo Murcielago

If you’re looking for a warm meal keep searching, the food is served cold on very small kid plates. The cashier was extremely rude after I mentioned there needs to be soap placed in the restroom so employees and customers may wash their hands.

brooke barbee

Spinach quiche had almost no crust. Also the filling was almost tasteless. Fruit tart was also bad. Fruit was not very fresh. Crust was hard as hell.

William Johnson

I go here all the time. Love it. It's a relaxing atmosphere with good lattes, good deserts, and good toasted sandwiches.

Richard Cervi

The very best in deserts.... there brownies are the best

Frederik Seibt

Good products. Coffee not exceptional (brewed). Expensive.

Allan J. Arsenault

This is a little piece of Europe. Best croissants in Houston, really flaky buttery just like in Paris. Excellent menu items. If you enjoy coffee in Rome, real cafe americano this is the place. Just go there.....

Ahmed Zakaria Gad

I adore this place. The environment is great. The food is nice. The only problem is that the shop size is a bit tight. Anyways, size limitation still is a french cafe signature

Hunter Moliver

Fantastic spot for an iced latte and chocolate croissant. Their bakery is top-notch and the sandwiches are delicious as well.

Jonathan Clark

Great freshly made French pastries and coffee in a cozy setting in Rice Village

Cyndi L Yedvab

Just ok. The coffee was not good and the croquet monsieur could have been MUCH better. Not for me.

Ian Hill

Love this place, never fails to impress.

Jessica Bradley-Trantham

Wonderful desserts!

Colton Lee

Very friendly and helpful staff, and great food!

Robbie O'Donnell

yummy pastries

Tom Updike

Wonderful place with old world European charm. Food is always great.

James Wallace

Wonderful fresh french pastries, great cappuccino, helpful staff, NY Times

Riaz Ahmed

this bakery is lovely and we love the staff.

Judi Holmes-Valencia

They make a great cup of coffee and have excellent desserts!

Jane Ross

The service here is better than most. Reminds me of a restaurant in Philadelphia that I enjoyed.

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