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1706 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, United States

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REVIEWS OF Common Bond Café & Bakery IN Texas

Jayme Hunt

The croissants here are life changing and a lot cheaper than a trip to Paris. This coffee shop-pastry shop-deli hybrid serves something for everyone and every meal. I like coming here with friends or alone whenever I’m craving something sweet. There is a parking lot out back & street parking in the area. It gets busy on the weekends so I recommend waking up early!

Fernando Ramirez

Awesome! Great place for french pastry. Even though I didn't try anything other than the pastry, the food looks very good. My suggestion is to try the macarons, they are delightful!

De'audra Nash

This place is absolutely amazing! I ordered a custom cake for my sisters 31st birthday and it was stunning. The yellow cake with raspberry and cream cheese filling was an absolute hit! Not to mention, I drove 3 hours and the cake was just a gorgeous when I got there as when I left Houston. Now, my family has requested all birthday cakes make the 3 hour drive! Special thank you to Mandy for making this happen and putting a smile on my sisters face!

Sam C

First time customer here. Feeling the good vibe. Foods are tasty and super. Parking might be an issue. Good menu but a bit pricey.

Falak Ghori

So glad discovered this spot visiting Houston, excellent menu, french pastries and great customer service!

Houston Foodies

I wish this place was closer to Sugar Land! Excellent selection of pasties, breads, breakfast and lunch options.

Hannah S

Parking can be a little tight, but they do have two parking lots - so it is a lot better than some other places in the area. The food is always great, I’ve ordered many things off the menu and always enjoyed them. The pastries are wonderful. I definitely recommend any of the bread loaves to take home, you can also ask for salted butter to take home too. Tables can be close together, but I’ve never had a problem with it getting too loud. They have a dog friendly patio too.

Chad Schmitt

Great place. Not cheap but hey what do expect when you see all the delicious goodies they make. Line up to get in is brutal, so is parking and my food was cold when it got to my table. If you like a good mimosa....this is the place to I have a had in ages.

Dylan Gotesky

First time visiting. Recommended to us by a friend. Definitely worth the trip. Friendly and helpful staff. Food was great for brunch.

Paul Lovero

Love the desserts and pastries here! Usually will get a cookie, some macarons, and a lavender latte with almond milk. Their food is pretty good but definitely come if you have a sweet tooth!

Yohanna Gzz

Food is delicious! Pastries are the best around. Quick service even on a busy lunch hour. Definelty visiting again.

Michelle Yang

Their pastries are really tasty and the coffee is good. Employees are friendly and the place gets really busy sometimes but worth it. The price point is a little higher but the quality of the food and pastries make it worth.

Alex Lemen

A bit pricey but the coffee is great. Great selection of pastries and the building is nice. A bit crowded, however. Also parking is hard to fins but if you go down a ways there’s another parking lot reserved for customers.

Barbara Chidinma Nzegwu

one of my fave bakery / coffee shop in town. very authentic goods. if you buy their house coffee beans, it comes with a free coffee drink. what service. i’ve never had a bad menu item here.

Justin Philip

They used to make amazing alfajores cookies. Then they stopped. So I am taking off 2 stars. They do have other delicious pastries and two parking lots. Pretty busy on the weekends.

Holly Brock

cafe food and the atmosphere at this place is super good. the staff was friendly and sociable. prices were fair.


Delicious and artistic desserts. Next time willing to try yummy looking lunchie-


We love this place! The French toast is delicious, although I always get the syrup in the side as it can be too sweet for me otherwise and their lattes are superb.

John T

Delicious healthy tasting food. I am from Alaska and their salmon was fresh and tasty. Great tasting pastries too. Good coffee selection. Very close to the children’s museum. Cool atmosphere but it does get very crowded and busy.

Verism Is-Rip

I love this place. Nice and comfy, with some excellent service and a huge variety of baked goods and delicious foods. I have nothing negative to say about this place, I highly recommend trying anything here at least once*. (*But if they have beef/shrimp grits immediately buy that)

Hal Scarbrough

The shrimp and grits may be the best in Houston.

Ellen Wyllie

Delicious food! Definitely want to go back and try more of the pastries. Parking is a little difficult and the line can be long at the weekend but the food is worth it!


Such a pretty space to look out to, the food and drinks are amazing!


Just Great I keep coming and trying different dishes from the menu I can't get enough every t h I n g is good everybody friendly


Pretty good food. A bit crowded but awesome place for brunch! Didn't get to try the deserts but they look delicious.

Amy Boylan

Great fresh bakery. Love that dogs are allowed on the patio. Best almond croissants.

Cotton Starr

Met a friend for coffee. It was ok. Parking is an issue. Baked good was ok but I've had better.

Suzanne Reagan

I have been here multiple times. The pastries have always been fantastic, the desserts are delicious and unique. The food is fresh and good.

Marcella Ostrega

Went to eat brunch at Common Bond Cafe. The line seemed long but it really wasn’t! Great food, great atmosphere and great employees! If I come back to Houston from Chicago I’ll definitely go here again!


Great place for everyday brunch. Never dissappoints. Food is very good, well crafted always tasty. The sausage and egg muffin is amazing as well as the salmon and egg toast. The avocado and bacon toast, I feel could be a bit more flavorful but nevertheless is good. Coffee, specially the vanilla latte is top notch one of the best in Houston to be fairly honest. Atmosphere is great, very urban, and despite being very crowded on Sunday mornings, the line moves very fast and you can always find a place to seat. Parking is available on the street and on an extra parking lot half a block away (1 minute walk). All in all, it is definately a great brunch spot to visit in Houston!

Henry Tai

The place have descent small cake. But the big cake is full of sugar, way to sweet. It taste like sugar. They used to have decent bread, like olive bread, and now it is all discontinued. It would be a good place if it is not always so crowded.

Mary S

We went today for the first time because we had heard it was good, but honestly it was really disappointing. The wait was horrible just to order, not because there were a lot of people, there weren’t, but because employees were very unorganized and honestly didn’t seem to care at all. Really bad customer service. We were hoping at least the food would be good, but again, average and really expensive for what we got. To be fair, we didn’t try any of the desserts and I guess that’s what they are really known for. But we won’t be returning to try them.

Saida Guerra

I was able to work remotely and enjoy a healthy Steak Salad. Coffee is available and outside sitting has many spots to enjoy the good weather.

H May

I love Common Bond. The food (both the meals and bakery items) and drinks are fantastic. I particularly like the lavender latte and biscuits & gravy. The line is always long on the weekends but they're efficient and it's worth the wait. However, it can be hard to find a seat. If you can't find a parking spot, go further down the street and try to park in the 2nd lot. Would recommend coming during off peak hours (i.e. not on the weekend).

nobody wins

Recommend the sticky buns & the lavender latte. Their cookies are bomb and 99% of their baked goods are outstanding. I really enjoy this place just keep in mind it's quite popular so go at less peak time period for the full experience. The employees are very knowledgeable and always friendly. It's a great place to meet for a quick bite and a solid cup of coffee.

Helen Preston

I just found this cute little bakery. The staff is so sweet and greet you as soon as you walk through the door. The croissants are the freshest thing ever Had to take a bunch home This place was delicious

Nicole A

They're coffee was delicious. My husband is very picky but loved his latte. I had a Nutella latte and loved it. It's a cute place, typically pretty busy. I just wish they'd offered to warm up our pastries. I'm not sure if it's something that they just don't do or if the guy that was working just didn't offer. Also, pastries are a little expensive. Otherwise it's a nice place.

Judy Barrish

Excellent! I've heard about this cafe for a long time but first visit. I'll go back, just for the hot & crunchy salmon. It was so good I'll have to force myself to try other items in the future instead of this being my go-to everytime.


Great cafe with beautiful and delicious food and pastries. Strong coffee and friendly atmosphere. I really liked the place.

Sue San

Super nice deserts. The coffee is not worth the money nor the parking on a Saturday. The employees are terrible. The cashier charged my card my meal and the person next me me meal and didn’t even offer an apology or anything. Then the food runner who brought the food very un welcoming and with jean that we’re hanging for a 26 dollar ticket for 2 coffees and some desserts treat people better.

William Mendoza

Great bakery and place to get a quick bite. You can order ahead and pickup. Cakes, macaroons and much more.

Jeffrey Wacaser

Great selections, but a bit of the pricey side.

rahul shah

Houston has great food, but disappointing when it comes to genuinely good dessert options. And I don't mean ice cream winbern I say dessert but a good patisserie... which is why I love common bond. Probably some of the best desserts in the city... add to that a great ambience, really good food for a place that essentially sells itself as a cafe, good coffee, and it explains why this place is so popular. Small criticism if at all - I wish they changed the pastries around more. My favorites are the mocha mascarpone and the cheese cake...

Ahmad Debian

It's an amazing, cozy and warm place... Perfect for good conversations, reading your favorite book, study, work for a project in a warm home like feeling yet active and full of life with amazing coffee and desserts

Tyler Wake

Visiting from out-of-town? You should come here for breakfast.

Omar Atassi

Having been here in a year. I was reallly impressed with their new menu for brunch

Robin Glover

I guess it was good. Long line that goes out the door around noon on a Saturday. Didn't know they served food. Just went there for coffee. Two regular iced coffee and two pastries was $18. I'm sure there are plenty of less crowded places.

Jonathan Delgado

Had the egg and sausage breakfast sandwich and it was perfect. So delicious and just the right amount of food.

Jenny Nguyen

Been wanting to try this place for years! We don't really ever have a reason to be in the area, so we had to make a trip out of it. Not pictured is the bakes goods we brought home. The food was so good! My fiance couldn't stop taking about the Nashville chicken all the way home

Monica McKenna

Omg this place is my favorite! The food is outstanding! I went everyday while in town. Great atmosphere too.

Kara F

The customer service is great. Parking lot is small. I was picking up a birthday cake - honestly I wasn’t super impressed with the ready made cake. It has indentions and didn’t seem very fresh (which it wasn’t, they use an off-site bake house). But I did try a brownie sample and that was delicious!

Sally Worthington

Love the food and location BUT IT IS SO SO NOISY!!

Cris Galvan

Fantastic baked goods, a definite yes for any morning breakfast or lunch. Bread and butter is simple but delicious here. The hot coffee and hot chocolate are yummy

Mir Ahmad Akbari

Delicious Cookies baked good the parking was tight but the have a very good customer service

Mike Magee

Very busy, long wait but delicious food

Kimberly Pullman

Not many local coffee shops here, so this easily becomes a top. Went to this establishment looking to venture off to new exotic coffee shops and the atmosphere inside the store is as relaxing as watching the sunset.

Aleena Gillani

Love this place! Coffee, pastries, or brunch food. They nail it all!

juli bernal

I love it!! The coffee is really good

Stephanie Hard

I have been here multiple times, no problems. I normally love their macaroons, and always get a few pastries for the week. On Saturday, I got a dozen macaroons, and two pear scones to go. I was eating one of the scones, and I saw this bright purple thing as I took a bite... it was a one of the fingers of a RUBBER LATEX GLOVE! I mean, wouldn't one your employees notice a piece of their glove missing, and toss out the pastry dough? What the heck, guys?? I am never going here again. Absolutely revolting, and so beyond unsanitary, and careless because a customer with a severe latex allergy could have had a fatal allergic reaction.


Oh my gosh the food, the desserts, the coffee is so effing phenomenal. The staff brings it all together in a setting that I can only describe as extraordinarily lovely. Come and treat yourself here! ❤️

Steve Shapiro

Incredible staff and selection of breads, pastries, made to order pizzas and hot entrees. Great place for a blind date too.

David Seba

When in Houston, don’t miss this bakery. Everything fresh and good. Excellent cappuccino and latte. Also, it’s kid friendly

Alex Ellis

Really great service and amazing pastries and coffee. Their actual food is really yummy too. Great for breakfast and lunch or a coffee date!

thien nguyen

Common Bond is my consistent go-to place for a nice brunch when I want to catch up with friends or just indulge in a delicious, affordable meal. Despite the modest space and lack of high-class adornments, the restaurant offers food that is both aesthetically pleasing and downright delicious. I am very pleased that Common Bond chooses not to have a traditional waiter-style service, since doing so would greatly increase waiting time for a table and just ruin the laid-back vibe of the establishment. As for food, I've yet to had a single bad item on the menu considering everything from desserts to drinks to entrees. The restaurant (cafe?) simply does not disappoint. My personal favorites are the pistachio croissant and the chicken torta. The latter is sadly a seasonal item, so make sure to enjoy it when it is available. I was worried when Common Bond made the decision to stay open late because it might have affected the quality of their food and service, but my worries were misplaced. My favorite cafe in Houston is now open late into the night, and I urge everyone to try it.

Judy Tran

You can tell from the pictures how much we love this place. Everything is excellent from the food to the drinks , pastries and the quick attentive service. Very nice place for dating or even family gathering.

Victoria Harms

Always delicious. You can eat all the carbs! I highly suggest the croque madame

Amy Christopher

They had the most gorgeous, creative delectable treats, almost too pretty to eat! Sparkly glittery unicorn cakes, rows of colorful macaroons and multiple flavors of flakey buttery croissants are just a few of the choices that are lit up and greet you from behind a long display of glass. Be prepared to wait in line if you go during the busy times, but this is one place that is worth the wait. Nice place to meet a friend for coffee, again, if it is during their busy times you might have to wait for a table since the place is not huge and there are only so many tables. Great friendly Texas service!

Nassim Kefi

I’d give this place 5 stars if it weren’t for two things: 1/ high prices and 2/ the extremely inefficient check-out process. I can forgive the prices (after all, you get what you pay for and the quality here is top notch), but there’s no reason that the checkout process isn’t improved.

Leila Ferrer

Friendly staff and yummy coffee! Knowledgeable about the ingredients in their drinks and food. Only thing that was inconvenient was 1 single bathroom each for women and men... Long line to wait in..tough when you have little kids.

Shahrouz Kaedi

Lovely place. I love their bread, and pastries so much. I haven't tried all of their food but I had their burger. I expected the burger to be much better and tastier but maybe next time i try another dish. Their Parmesan Fries are fantastic and highly recommended. Just a tip, it gets really busy for Sunday brunch so plan accordingly. Also parking spot is limited but there is a sign that will guide you to additional parking spots nearby. Over all a great place.

Delphi Pradiana

Delicious food, amazing staff, and a lively atmosphere!

Shanna Mcconnell

Great bakery with a nice atmosphere and good coffee. I used to rate it a five for the really cool uncommon desserts they had but I think some of the chefs have left cause alot of really great desserts they had regularly they stopped making and now you find more regular items like decorated cakes. None the less I love this place cause its not a typical cupcake shop they've got fresh pastries made daily , good coffee, and you can also buy some items such as whole coffee cakes and the granola they make.


Wonderful place, it's my favorite

Alex Sobey

Common bond is a place where people confuse cost for quality. The highest compliment their Confetti Cake cake received was that was probably better than Kroger's. They have a ton of offerings, some are actually good, but for the most part they are all not worth it.

Mariam Ahmad

So good!! The cappuccino and the pistachio croissant were amazing to say the least! Super crowded, but worth going to.

JD Johns

Very good coffee but should have ordered one of their awesome looking bakery items. I will stop in again.

Abigail R.

My go to place for quality pastries while in Houston. My faves- All their crossiants ( pistachio, almond, chocolate and butter), Croque Amman, cookies, chocolate coffee cake, macarons, scones....its all good. I had an oat milk latte and it was rich and creamy. My favorite breakfast would have to be the crawfish eggs Benedict with a mixed green salad.

Jesly Otero

Everything tasted so good! Honestly wish i could start my day like this all the time. First time here and already planning to come again. Got the bread board, everything was delicious and warm!

Maribel Baza-Penry

They have my favorite pastries.

alina delgado

Is our place for the weekends , the pastries are so good , my favorutevis the pistachio croissant, I had try many stuff for the menu , a thing that you have to work is in your eggs , they never are the same the poached eggs are never the same like 4 tike ingot over cook eggs, or burn eggs , is not poached at all, you have to care about that detail specially if the egg it will make soft the bread if the egg is not running the plate feel dry. Service excellent !!

James L

Very dissapointing service, food quality and overall exerpience. You cannot serve people raw chicken, just an FYI. Management did not seem all too concerned and that is troublesome. Lastly, offering a complementary dessert is appreciated but in no way will it make up for the forgettable meal.

Christopher Nguyen

This place is crowd but very delicious. The workers are very nice. There is a good amount of parking and the quality of food is top notch.

Marcos Fuentes

Super awesome. A little pricey but totally worth what you pay for. The food and desserts are amazing and the coffee and espressos are legit. The only downside to this place is that it is always packed. And not a lot of elbow room, in some areas, if all the tables are full. Other than that, I enjoy it every time I go.

Victoria Guerra

Yes YES YES. This place is SO GOOD. Definitely gets packed on the weekends but rightfully so. The baked treats are seriously so amazing. I had the goat cheese and fig macaroon and it changed my life. We also bought a loaf of the country sourdough bread and it's delicious. We will be back for more.

John Baker

This place is so good. Such a great Houston business!!

Malik Muhammad Alam

Great place for a meeting and coffee. Try their pistachio croissant. Lez’ the best!

Courtney Anderson

This buzzing cafe bakery was a definite pleaser. Atmosphere was great, food was beautiful, and it taste great. The seating was a little snug and the restroom needed tending, but overall I enjoyed my visit. The triple chocolate cookies are a MUST!

Mathew Nguyen

Good but overpriced. Was surprised to not see pain au chocolat aux amandes, but I might've not been looking hard enough. Food is considerable, the baked goods are great, and other than lack of parking and wait during peak hours, it's a nice place to come for a conversation or brunch with a friend. Overall, pretty good.

Paloma from The Coffee Shop

I absolutely loved this store. The quality of their desserts and breads is outstanding, the atmosphere is wonderful, coffee is delicious and we really liked their building/ decor. Highly recommend it (try their macarons!!)

Azra Slavic

I ordered cappuccino, it was delicious. Nice atmosphere,good food. Macaroons that we ordered were very tasty. Enough room for parking. Fast service. Definitely coming back.

Brionne Roberts

I honestly don't think you can go wrong with anything at this place. Real butter and sugar in the pastries and top of the line ingredients in the dishes. Seriously delish.

Leslie Johnson

Good scene for tasty Cafe food. A preferred evening place. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. The place has a good feel to it. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I liked.

Ellie Young

cafe food at this place - delicious. food was so yummy. prices were appropriate.

Bruno Ríos

The prices are a little high but everything I've had here is delicious. Parking can be an issue during the afternoon and brunch hours. Get the pistachio croissant, it's outstanding.

Rose Cull

Good coffee shop long wait.

Jason Branch

cafe food and the feeling here is super good. Super savory. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I loved.

Loong Hai Tam

Excellent place to have snacks, breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea. Most food on the menu are good. But the brownie is too hard.

Brandon Barnes

Love this place! They've a wide variety of baked goods appetizers and entrees. I'm especially fond of their beef and grits as well as the shrimp and grits!

Geary ashby

Interesting place with great pastries. Good people watching too.

Kylo Ren

Our first lunch experience was less than favorable but we will return for breakfast. Our order was taken correctly but received incorrectly. The fried chicken wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special. It was a bit on the oily side. Do not order the parmesan fries as they have ZERO flavor. The dry crumbles of white and green do nothing but dress up the fries. The burgers weren't dry but they were not very juicy either. The quiche was the only dish without any negative issues. The mocha was definitely too sweet, as if we were drinking sugar. Common Bond is in desperate need of space. It is very tight to enter/exit and the seating arrangement. I will update once we have explored breakfast.

Prabuddha Mohanty

Cool ambience. Good service. Really good coffee and a plethora of dessert options to choose from. I haven't had a chance to try their food yet but given the menu choices and the descriptions I am certainly interested. Hopefully I can try and post more soon

Victoria Hernandez

I have enjoyed everything I’ve tried on the menu. Great food, great coffee, great service

Mz Diva

Ambiance is nice. Breakfast is too pricey.

Ryan Fugitt

Fantastic. We got the Ham & Cheese Baguette. I love when something so simple made with Quality ingredients comes together. The cheese and ham are great, but, would be nothing with out that killer baguette! Wife got the Orange Croissant, was skeptical.....but now I'm not. I love how the almond and citrus work togther. It like a Tiki drink in butter bread form!


When you walk in you have to order your food first then sit down with your order number and they bring the food to you. So if it is your first time going here take your then order. There is a lot of variety from sweet to salty! Coffee is great here as well. I had their flatbread pizza and it was delicious!! Definitely enough for one person even though it might look big it is light and doesn’t leave you too full. Great view and great variety in food as well as flavor!


Good food. Just a little too crowded for me. Tip: there's an overflow parking lot a short block north.

Christine Wisch

Great atmosphere & food selection. The line moved fast, and all the food at our table looked delicious. The mini king cake makes me nostalgic for New Orleans king cakes-- excellent flavor on the dough. Hibiscus mimosa was nice and enjoyable, though I found the hibiscus flavor weak. I didn't have them, but the tamales looked amazing, and I'm told they were perfect. :)

D Buck

Good food, very busy, cool atmosphere and temperature.

lorde faptaguise

So so very good every time I come here. Only giving it 4 stars because I have yet to try the pies, I don’t think their macarons are that good & I’ve tried the food once & I highly doubt I’d come back for that again but the dessert! Omg the cakes are SO good. The pistachio croissants I just can’t get enough of. Everything is overly sweet but in the best way. I’m not big on coffee beverages but the lavender latte is good & my companions always praise the drinks. The stars are purely for dessert. I often recommend this place for that alone. The actual place is nice, parking is free & feels up quickly. The seating is tricky & cramped. They do not cut off the line but there’s a chance you’ll get food & not a table.

Raiza Q

Really enjoy the baked goods and coffee bar. They also have a nice lunch/brunch selection. It can get crowded on weekends so expect a line & challenging seating. Attendants are always very polite. It’s also in a good location next to shops in Montrose so one can venture around.

JoAnn Garcia

Bought an awesome salted caramel chocolate cake for my daughter in law's birthday. She loved it!

Nasreen N.

Although it has everything for coffee lovers they failed to inform us that the lavender syrup is sweet and we ended up not enjoying what would have been a nice iced caffe latte.

Ryan Clayton

We went for breakfast and it was delicious. They have a bakery with fresh pastries, croissants, etc. as well as a kitchen and full coffee bar. The food was excellent and the coffee was pretty good too. Meals were in the $10-$15 dollar range for the most part.

Marc Marc

Food isn't off the chart but it isn't bad in any way. Common Bond definitely isn't worth it's cost especially when you factor the lack of service and lack of space to enjoy your food. Part of our order was wrong and we only received a "...sorry". The four of us were crammed on a small table with our plates. We just ate quickly and left. The burgers were okay but not much flavor as the salads. I expected the chicken to be more crispy and flavorful. Fries were definitely low on the scoreboard. Our mochas were too sweet and just warm. People of specific demographics come here for a misconception of an upscale eatery. Overall, I don't recommend Common Bond.

Stephen Brown

Yep... Best vanilla latte I've had in Houston. Great atmosphere! No vegan pastries so I can only give 4

Latoya Ellis

This restaurant is delicious! Beautiful and airy. Has the option of alfresco seating. The service is good. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. There is free parking in 3 lots.

Jongho Kim

Very nice brunch place with delicious sandwiches and coffee. Service was also good.

stephanie rodriguez

Went for the first time not too long ago while I was working nearby and the dirty chai was pretty good. I also had the eggs with a slice of very very toasted baguette which were good, I'm just not a fan of runny scrambled eggs or over toasted bread so it took me by surprise. Nevertheless still very good.


I think the food was okay at this place. But the whole cafe is just beautiful and the way the pastries are displayed. You can't help but fall in love with that!

Hilda Gonzalez

I am usually a savory over sweets kinda gal but this place has me acting like it's opposite day! First thing's first, you will almost always have to wait in line - don't be discouraged it is worth the wait! I will ALWAYS get the Kouign-Amann - it's like a croissant that was layered with sheets of sugar between the filo dough and then the outside achieves a shell that gives you the perfect amount of crunch when you take that first bite. The little cakes are also a delicious little snack. The flavors are not overpoweringly sweet and it looks like you can even get big cakes for your birthday or next big event. I saw the chef (or would it be baker?) sit down with a couple to help them pick out wedding cake flavors so that is also a feature they have. Now for the brunch items. I came in with a friend looking for the same level of quality. Aside from an exceptional fluffiness in the scrambled eggs, they fell short of even lesser franchise brunch spots. Their hash/potato side was made in the form of a cube, mixing cheese and other ingredients together but it came out with too many flavors mixing and not any specific texture.

Thomas Boeckers

I had the pistasio croissant and yogurt. It was very good. For the yogurt, they have this granola on it and jam that's really good. Also it's one of the least expensive items on the menu but still excellent and satisfying The latte was superb as well.

Hamza Haroon

Came here to get a sandwich. Man. I tried a pastry, coffee, croissant, and bought a loaf of bread. All of the were great. There was a line, but it was worth the few minutes wait. I would recommend maybe putting some water outside. That's really about it. Try it out!

Zikar Zaour

One of my favorite brunch places. So far every thing I tried was really good. I like their Lavender Latte and their pastries are very delicious. So worth it to try.

Xici Zhu

I’ve been a regular to this place for 3 years now. the pastries were delicious and the quality had been pretty good until today, I got the chef’s scramble for brunch and the eggs are extremely dry, and the hash-browns were very soggy, everything was just tasteless, I have to say I am very disappointed. Also to note that this place has no substitutions for people who do not eat pork, not even vegetarian options for you to swap. Coffee was good, they had many options for non dairy substitutes.

Kassie Ragan

Best chocolate chip cookies in h-town!!!! I try them everywhere I go but Common Bond still holds the title for me! Great coffee & other pastries as well!

Keisha Martin

I tried their macarons. Very tasty! I haven't tried a meal yet but I'm looking foward to it. I would give it 5 stars but the parking is not the best. You have to make sure you enter through the right entrance. I will be returning... Soon!

Maritza Ortega

The presentation of the dishes is superb! We were too eager to try the rest of the dishes before I could take a picture. We only got to capture the French Toast which was delicious! A little to crowded for brunch on Sundays. The service, however, was great!

Kristy Hansen

This could possibly be my newest favorite place to hang out. The very interesting selections were a refreshing change. Everything we ordered was served fast and fresh with a smile. The decor and atmosphere has a very comfortable vibe. The food was amazing and interesting in its presentation. Don’t miss this wonderful experience. Also we had no problem parking and would gladly walk a ways to enjoy this place !

David W. Gaskins

The world's best biscuit and gravy, fast service after pass through the line which presented thousands of fresh baked goods. Great design and layout.

David M

Excellent baked goods and pastries. Also a nice spot to get brunch. The coffee is also good. Quite pricey but if it was any cheaper I would have to be buying larger clothes!

Kayla Xianna

Friendly staff, and clean environment. Prices are a bit expensive.

Parichehr Kianian

Fresh pastries. Great for brunch. We went for brunch on Sunday and there was a long wait. But the food is worth it!

Callie Pritchett

Strong coffee, excellent breakfast options, huge portions, and tempting pastries! Get here early on weekends to avoid the line. Plenty of take-away items.

Keisha Ray

The French toast is very very good. Not too sweet. The burger is so juicy and flavorful. My favorite dish, though is the brussel sprouts dish. The bacon is cubed but thick and the onions are a little sweet. The brussel sprouts are not overcooked and still crunchy. It's so good. I also had a chocolate chip cookie which was great. I've been here twice and the service is always impeccable. They're fast and very nice. The iced chai latte is also good. Lots of cinnamon. And it's a beautiful establishment full of light because of the large windows.

Dennis Yancy

Almost sent me back to Germany. Great bakery. Coffee could be stronger, but still good. Would go back.

Skyler Brown

My wife and I have been accustomed to being disappointed when we spend a good chunk of money on food. Not here, the pastries were superb and the food was amazing. Parking was a little tough, but expected. Hands down excellent food!!

Valerie Lambert

I have read many great reviews and they were all right!! You definitely want to try this place out if you haven't yet :) Don't be Intimidated by the line! The cookie and the scone were delicious and as we sat and enjoyed our dessert we watched others enjoying their selection which all looked just as yummy!! We brought a couple of blueberry muffins home and they were SO good too!!!

Ali Kazzaz

Excellent...they just need a bigger place!

Tony Yang

I assume the food here is good since it is very busy, but I thought that my chocolate croissant was too buttery/oily and the French toast was too sweat due to too much syrup bring drizzled over them. I expected better tasting food considering the crossaint was $4.50 and the French toast was $15 for 3 slices of bread. On the other hand, the latte was very good and the individual cakes were amazing. The only thing bad is that a small individual cake is $7 or $8. Because the cake has multiple layers of different things, you are paying for their skill and labor as well. Not that it is bad, but you can definitely get equally as good desert for a lower price, albeit less fancy. The atmosphere is also very nice, which explains the expensive price.

R La

Stayed nearby when I was in Houston and discovered it. Great space and food! Expect to wait in line.

Tamim Kashgari

I really loved this place, it can get really crowded really fast for both breakfast and lunch so you do have to be a bit of an early bird since parking is a major issue. But, the food and drinks are fantastic, the coffees are perfect, breakfast will really start your day off right and the baked good are just wonderful.

Andrew Lennig

This cafe was great. The food was delicious and staff very nice. I got the French Dip sandwich with garlic parmesan fries and my wife got tomato soup with the Brussels sprouts. The tomato soup wasn't as red and tomato tasting as my wife normally likes, but I enjoyed it. The fries were perfectly crispy and had a generous amount of garlic and parmesan. The sprouts were perfect and the sandwich meat was amazingly tender. We shared a couple of cookies on the way out and they were buttery and delicious. All the other baked goods looked amazing. The only complaint is that the food took a while to come out, but we chalked it up to everything being freshly made. Overall, great food and we'll be going back.

Leen K.

Beautiful, artistic, tasty...this was a sweet cozy bakery. The food was amazing. Will return. We tried macaroons, almond croissants, etc. It's a bit pricey, but worth it!

Jessica Wood

I've never paid that much for breakfast before (our bill was $50), but OMG everything was so damn delicious! Worth every penny! I got the shrimp and grits, my son had the bacon and egg flat bread, and we got an assortment of the pastries featured at the front counter. I will definitely come again and probably share 1 plate with the person I bring because the portions are pretty big.

Sarah Wester

Full of charm and some of the best baked goods I have ever had!

Virginia Barriera

First time and I recommend pastries, breakfasts and coffee, it reminded me of the German cafes I used to go.

Kelly Holland

Delicious heirloom and ricotta tomato flatbread with Vidalia onions and balsamic vinegar. Macarons to go and the most stunning was Strawberry Bergamot. Well done!


Lovely bakery, really is a great place to relax with friends and have some drink with a good pastry.

Jean Pochard

Common Bond is hands down one of the top bakeries in Houston. I have been here a few times and I've yet to be let down by any of the offerings. The coffee (espresso and Americano) are on par with good coffee places. Not the best in Houston but solid. Pastries are outstanding (chocolate croissant, almond croissant) and rival pastries from the best French bakeries in town. Food items, sandwiches and cakes are also not a let down. Plenty of things to try. PS: the cookies are delicious.

Eduardo MorenoS

This is my favourite bakery in Houston. The food and their baked goods are amazing. Portions are on the generous side. There is always a line, no matter what time you go, but I don't mind waiting in line. Their patrons are cool people so people watching in this place is always great.

Moni A.

I walked into this establishment at 704am and my eyes were delightfully assaulted with a million pastries! They all looked DELICIOUS! I've worked in this area for over 6 years and have never been here. I saw the restaurant listed on the Houston Restaurant Weeks lust and decided to try their breakfast after looking over their full website. It was better than expected. I had the chef's scramble. 3 eggs with white cheddar and spinach and mushrooms (I opted for no mushrooms and they took out the spinach too,which means they must be pre-mixed

Cliff Matthews

Great cafe! Feels like they're a little more set up for people to come, eat, and leave than hang out and work, but fun nevertheless! Haven't tried any of the cakes to go, but they're reasonably priced and look great!

Denver Burns

Best coffee in Houston! The Nutella Croissant was pretty amazing (if you like chocolate). Great cafe.

Donna Reaves

ABSOLUTELY loved this little place!! Super nice employees! It’s so hard to choose what you want - because it’s all sooooo good!! Definitely suggest stopping by, You’ll love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Murad Aliyev

Nice cafe with awesome pastries. A bit pricy, but worth it. My favorite item was eclair, but they discontinued doing them unfortunately.

Lisamarie Bonis

I know a lot of people have said that the pastries here have gone downhill. I think that the pastries and the food, at least this trip warrented 4stars, but I can see how maybe some of the pastries that I didn't choose because they didn't look so good might have been what people have been talking about. Wish they had chosen better chairs, wish the staff was a little bit more friendly, and wish the location with little bit bigger. otherwise good

Ricardo Zalcman

Delicious!!! We had a Apple cake (ask them to warm it for you!) and the chocolate croissant, and yo go we bought the baguette and an olive bread and both are amazing!!! I have to return and have a lunch! All played looks like so perfect that we can't believe that they are real and not make up...

gordon traxler

Excellent food. Service needs work.

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