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REVIEWS OF Collin Street Bakery - I-45 Corsicana IN Texas

Colleen Woodson

We were traveling to Dallas and Collin Street Bakery was right on the I-45N so the bf decided he wanted to stop by so he could bribe his niece some sweets! The building is really nice and clean with a large dine-in area. You enter and you can see the computerized ordering station - probably for custom cakes, etc? Then you're greeted with all the sweets behind the counter and you walk through wanting all of them! We opted for some M&M cookies, some oatmeal raisin cookies, and some coconut macaroons! The macaroons were sweet and rich but delicious! They were filled with so much coconut - I would come back just for these! We then added a cherry ice box cookie to the mix, the lady behind the counter asked us if we've ever had them, and when we said no - she got one out and gave it to us! How nice!!! They mark your order on a sheet of paper and then fill it for you while you pay - we were disappointed cause the niece loves sprinkles and we had ordered her two birthday cake balls that didn't make it into the box - we only noticed when we got to the house! Sad! Colin Street is also famous for their fruit cake - we're both not a fan of fruit cakes but they had mini containers with samples and at least we got to try them! The mini cakes were on the pricier side - maybe cause they come in tin boxes and were packaged nicely. I also bought some amaretto covered pecans and some jalapeno cheddar rolls as gifts! Good place to stop and stretch your legs on a road trip! They also have a large Tesla charging station outside if you drive a Tesla and need a charge halfway through your road trip!

John Nguyen

Nothing like the original location, but well worth the time to visit for a quick travel snack. They now have table service too with actual food. Clean place.

Derek Rowe

The muffins are amazing! The fruitcake is the best I've ever tasted, and I do not like fruitcake. Don't miss this place The only reason for not giving another star is their sandwich menu is inconsistent. I ordered a half sandwich (on their delicious jalapeno bread) and it was a good size sandwich. My wife ordered a different sandwich (whole), and it was barely bigger than mine.

Drew Carnes

I thought the food was good, but the portions were a bit small. It was a fun little stop

Caleb Edens

This would be a one star if not for the cookies, which were not bad. Outside of that, I ordered a grilled cheese. What I got was an untoasted, greasy, sub bun with cheese in it. Based on the texture, it had to have been microwaved because ANY other method of cooking it would have toasted it a little. Very disappointing, especially coming from a place with such shining reviews.


I went last week having never been and a very kind woman named Bethany, showed me what all they had and she wishes to see us again. The food was incredible and I absolutely loved the coconut meringue pie!

Carolyn Wilson

One of my favorite places to stop when I travel to Houston, Texas.

mommy de-tres

Great selection will def go back when in town

Lou Emberson

Never changes. Always good!

Kim Henderson

This place has always had the best cookies and cakes!!

Brian Garrett

For the lovers of EVERYTHING fruit cake, this is the end of the road. We stopped here to sample the various goodies and we were not disappointed. The selection is enormous and varied. I personally like all fruit cakes so this was heaven for me. There is also a cafe for some food and refreshments and good rest from the tedium of the road.

Dean Park

My wife really enjoys the fruitcakes, here.

Cindy Wright

Bake goods are overrated. Not worth the cost.

Brian Lidington

Plain. Jane Grocery Store style bakery. Kinda a lot down.

Bret Odom

Never a bad day when I stop in for lunch. The Turkey club is excellent!

Adrian Kasbergen

Beautiful bakery with high-quality products near Tesla superchargers. Free coffee for Tesla drivers.

Jeanie Holub

I love this place! I always stop by here on the way to visit my mom to get her a fruit cake.

Teresa Bell

Good food, we live in Houston and tried to stop there 3 times. The construction around it was a joke. We could see the bakery but couldn't get to it. Finally the 3rd time we got to it. I love my cookie jar , I bought.


Glad I don't live near there. Everything is just so good!!!

Katy Robbins

Have always liked their friutcakes, but are very pricey. Their cookies are good, but the slice of pecan pie I bought was mediocre. Our lunch order got mixed up but we just made do rather than make a fuss. Staff was friendly enough and the store has an inviting appeal when entering.

Everett Meyer

Wonderful bakery full of sweet people. We dined in on a road trip, ate a chicken salad sandwich, grilled cheese, and a couple desserts. Even took a few to go for us and the family. This is a required spot to stop on any drive between Dallas and Houston

Bryce Didion

Oh my god, their cake was old and gray, that cake was as gray as the sky in London, if that was the cake Marie Antoinette was eating during the French revolution, there never would have been a French revolution, heck this cake looked so old it probably was the cake Marie Antoinette ate during the French revolution. That cake was so many shades of gray it was saying "my desires are unconventional". This cake was so gray elephants could use the frosting as concealer. Thee cake looked so old it looked like it was about to tell me a story about how you could buy groceries for a dime and how people weren't offended by the signs on bathrooms. I don't think I'll be coming back.

Theresa Crow

I love their cookies. Had a good Cobb salad there.

Leslie anne Du boulay

This was a gem to find on the way from Dallas to Houston. The pastry selelection was amazing and everything I purchased was delicious. The customer service was exemplary and their counter service was very organized. Not too be missed, this is going to be my rest stop on my future Dallas roadtrips. yummmmyyyyy

Christina Harris

Great snacks and quick stop while the Tesla got a charge. This was the second time stopping and had a great experience both times. Sandwiches are perfect size, cookies are yummy, and picked up cinnamon bread and banana nut bread! Love it!

Stephanie Paxton

Excellent service and food.

David Shelton

Known worldwide for their holiday fruit cakes. Collin Street Bakery cafe continues by offering high quality fresh made meals, or just excellent sandwiches. Everything is made right there in the store. Their main office is downtown Corsicana with two other stores. One in Waco and in Lindale.

Luxe Hahn

We stop here for the supercharger on the way to Dallas. We always get delicious cookies to go with the complimentary beverages for Tesla owners. Thanks for the generosity!

Meg C.

Best stop for a stretch and bathroom break on the Houston to Dallas trip. Amazing baked goods and sweet tea.

joy hirdes

Our favorite stop between Houston and Dallas! My parents ordered the fruit cakes every holiday season to our home in New Orleans!

Jenifer Chelli

Used to be a great place for a quick bite. Clean bathrooms. But on our way out the door there was a huge roach on the floor inside the building.

Kate Aufill

Stopped for the Tesla charger and stayed longer than we needed to because this is just a pleasant place to be! Great bathrooms, and an amazing array of baked goods. We grabbed a couple sodas and had a little mid-trip date!


This bakery is run the most unique places I have ever been to bank like everything from cookies pies to cut its 23 cakes which are specialized the apricot a pineapple a text this blog a fruitcake and they hate your own coffee is well. This is a grinder for place to stop it's right off the highway you can be seen clearly yes it's a little pricey but it's well worth The Visit.

Rachel Taylor

We stopped on our way down to Houston based on the billboard ads that claimed, "best cookies and chicken salad in the world". This place is an over-priced tourist trap. The sanwhiches were mediocre cafeteria quality and the cookie extremely disappointing.

Stacy McWhorter

Pie,cupcakes,cookies and even something on the healthy side,salad and sandwiches,I'll be back with me my sweet tooth!

James DeGhelder

This is one of those Texas must stop institution. This bakery is second to none, they even have fruitcakes that will truly delight the palate. Cookies, pies, breads oh my, the hard part is deciding on what to break your diet with.

Craig Brooks

Great place to stop. Super friendly people and great food


Very cute atmosphere, coffee was good, lunchable was quick, and the cookies looked amazing, I just couldn't have any since I'm on a diet!!!

Kristie Munson

First time to visit. The desert counter was fantastic.

Cynthia Amerson

Delicious pastry and friendly customer service. It does need better signage to mark where things are inside

Dorcyle McClure

Always enjoy this place for a stop when traveling.

Katie Gribnitz

Everything was amazing! And all the staff was wonderful

Kim Abitia

Stopped here on our way to Houston and what a great place. We kept it simple since we were headed out quickly and ordered 2 sandwiches. Would love to come back and try more items including the bakery!

Carin Johnson

So yummy! Always clean bathrooms.

Steve Willis

Exceptionally clean, very well stocked and friendly staff.

Makeup Medusa

Great service, good knowledge of products that are very delicious! Soft drink area, wide variety of pies and cheesecake, and resting area to eat your treats.

Ronald Branch

I stopped here to charge my Tesla at the Superchargers. I was pleasantly surprised with this place. They offered a complimentary beverage for Tesla drivers which I gladly accepted. I purchased several Chicken Salad sandwiches on the pecan bread. It was pretty good. They had a huge selection of baked goods and i will definitely make this a new stop when driving my Tesla to Dallas even if I dont need to charge.

jennie saxon

Love the Collin street bakery! Their pastries are the best. We love their frosted raisin bread

Doak Procter

Always a good place to stop while on the road. Nice people. Good food. Clean place.

Robert Butler

Always clean, always friendly service, always good food. Prices are a little high, but not obnoxiously so. Although they're known for their fruit cake, they also have good sandwiches, soup, and salad. Bakery has awesome cookies, cakes, and other desserts.

Jamie Rachels

Oh my, the Bakery was wonderful, as it always has been for years, and years, and years. I love fruitcake, and they have the best. Love the new flavors of fruitcake! Cookies are out of sight!!! Service is outstanding! Love their cafe!!! Good, good, good eats!

Alicia Wisniskie

Nice, clean, friendly. So nice to see the tradition continue. There cakes are pretty pricey. I know they use very high quality ingredients but still, very high cost. Only buy on very special occasions but still good.

susan Allen

Excited to visit, something different than fast food on trip home from Dallas but it was just ok!

Mary Surkein

I love stopping here on my trip to and from Houston. The bathrooms are always clean. I've eaten there and the food is great. It's a really nice place to stop and take a break from the trip.

Serena Lambright

This place has great baked goods and all kinds, but be ready for the goods to be pricey, because this place is pretty high. I like the variety of cookies. I had a scone here though, once, and it was really dry. Also, there's only one (small) size of fountain drink to choose from. I've also never had a great experience with staff here. In fact, they're consistently unfriendly and borderline rude sometimes. All that said, the cookies, to me, are always worth the stop!

Susan Scoggins

Nice lunch. Good baked goods.

Martin Guajardo

The pastries are good.

Natalie Cox

Great food and good atmosphere!! Girls at the counter were kind and helpful!

ted lewis

This is Juanita from Dayton TX and I wanted to give a shout of praise to the staff at Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana. They have amazing food but most importantly they have friendly, honest and caring employees. I left my purse at the bakery when I was heading to Dallas. They found my purse and kept it secure in their safe until I could get it. I wanted to personally think Stefanie Sellers for being a great leader, a caring and kind person. Stephanie went above and beyond the duty of an employee. Stefanie notified me through messenger the next day to informed me that they found my purse and is was secured, She was kind enough to wait outside an hour after the bakery closed to wait for me to pick up my purse. Thank you Collin Street Bakery and thank you Stefanie from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you

Steve R Sanders

The cookies was Great. I wish I could've got some cookies without nuts. The employee said that's what they're known for. I just like a plain chocolate chip cookies.

Ruth Olsen

Love it. A must stop. It is 2 1/2 hours from home, so can't get there often enough

Jacob Hugentobler

Although the soups and sandwiches are good, the sandwiches would be better if toasted and delivered sooner. The 20 minute wait seemed unreasonable for that price without being served hot. I hope it gets better!

ted dixon

Great place, stop every time we pass by. Awesome food and bathroom

Stephanie R.

So good, nice place to relax with a friend, a cup of coffee and a cherry ice box cookie!

Jin Laxmidas

Stope here and grab a coffee and their world renowned fruit cake. Been doing this for 28 years and won't pass without stopping. Baked goods, fresh sandwiches Modern, and clean restrooms! What more do you need?

Darla Murphy

Not very crowded today on Christmas eve. Love the bread that comes on the chicken salad sandwiches. Got our first fruitcake from there. Haven't tried it yet as we are still driving home. We dont normally like fruitcake but just have to try one of theirs.

Matthew Dematos

They're building is beautiful, and their lemon cake balls are amazing

Debbie Rumfield

Friendly staff. Lots of cakes cookies pies and other bakery items. Their fruitcake are fresh and make great gifts. Lots of items in the shop and even a place to get soft drinks or hot drinks and sit down to snack and rest. Worth the stop.

Soo Leong Liu

We passed a newer location near the freeway when driving in, but much preferred to visit the original location. We planned to stay overnight in Corsicana and came by on our way out so that the cookies would be fresh to share at our final destination. Over the years, we've purchased many fruit cakes, but began getting smaller sizes due to costs. This was the first visit ever that we did not get a fruitcake. Even our favorite pineapple pecan in the smallest tin was over $20, so we just added a couple of fruitcake balls to our cookie order. My favorite was the savory cheese crisp with a bit of heat.

Bill Chollett

A very nice "not a chain" place to stop. The chicken salad was fresh and tasted great. The fruitcakes reminded me of those my Dad makes, delicious! We sat on the patio, wonderful breeze and enjoyed watching the mud swallows feed their babies. I was wishing for a hammock or large porch swing so I could take a nap.

Laura Meyer

Love this place! The cookies are fresh from the oven! I especially liked the lemon bar. It tasted like my grandmother made it. I haven't tried their lunch items. We usually take a fruit cake to go.

Paul Brown

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Rachel Campbell

Great bakery options and the staff is always friendly.

Dwala T

Absolutely love the sweet treats here. I have to make a stop every trip down 45. Enjoy everything about the resturant and the staff is always helpful and nice.

Pooja Kabotra

I always stop at this bakery on any outgoing/incoming trips between Houston and Dallas. This place has the BEST brownies- not too fudgey, but not too cakey. The perfect amount of chewy! All of their bakery goods- breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, macaroons- are so good. I always take a box of goodies to go as gifts for my destination. Good soups and chicken salad too. Definitely recommend stopping here for the great treats, customer service and clean bathrooms!

Pam Liga

This is a dangerous place to be in if you like things that taste great. Their Bakery section is excellent and the fruitcakes are outstanding. Lunch is there are quite nice as well. Super clean restrooms.

Frank Banul

The best supercharger on 45!

Dallas Rigsby's

Been driving by for years and finally stopped in. Had chicken salad sandwiches, roast beef on jalapeño bread and tomato Florentine soup and finished it off with cookies. We tried the praline, lemon, and nugget (which tasted a lot like a coconut pie). All were great and we will definitely stop by on our way back to Dallas to pick up cookies to go for friends and ourselves Definitely worth the stop - be sure to leave room for desert.

Jeff Jones

Cool shop. Great sandwiches. Definitely worth the stop.

Shollie Hammons

Delicious soup, fresh baked breads, awesome cookie selection

Syed Ali

It is also a Tesla supercharger that is accessible from interstate 45. This bakery has very diverse patrons. People come from far away just for the fruit cake or cookies and other varieties of baked goods. The onsite restaurant serve quality food at reasonable prices. The hosts are very hospitable. The baristas make delicious Gourmet coffee. Your Tesla key card is worthy of a free cup of coffee of your choice.

Redneck John

Oh man , this place has the best homemade foods . We came across this place in our travels after a month in Texas vacationing . Just typing this review I think of how good it was.

Justyn Gomez

Awesome place with free Tesla Supercharging and a free drink if you show your Tesla key.

Z Yousuf

This weekend was my first time stopping here while traveling from Houston to Dallas. My maps stopped me here to supercharge. My son wasn't happy about passing Buc ee's, but quickly changed his mind once we got inside Collin Street Bakery. Great coffee, the cookies and other pastries were fresh and delicious. The restrooms were clean. Will happily stop here in the future.

Diana Axthelm

Sweet heaven and delicious salad clouds on this day.

daniel b

Took a while to be noticed walked the case 3 times, they were to busy talking to a regular and coworkers. Cookies dry and crunchy tasted like they were frozen at one point. Macaroons kind of rubbery on the outside. My teeth didnt sink in to it, but kind of soft on inside.

a traveling Mom

Had the chocolate danish, chocolate twist donut, and toffee crunch bar- all delish! Clean restrooms. Tesla chargers available. Free fruitcake samples.

Steven Weatherford

Love this place. Super friendly staff,yummy food!

Peter Stawicki

what a great place to stop on your road trip just to freshen up but also to try out all of the great pastries and also pick up some coffee the staff is ever so friendly and there's plenty of space to sit down and relax before you get back on the road I stopped here every time I'm in my way on the way down to Houston and I'll look forward to stopping here again sometime in the near future

Tom Craig

I absolutely love this place. I go out of my way to pass by the Corsicana I-45 location and stop there every time. My favorite is the Asiago grilled cheese sandwich, but I've liked every menu item I've tried. Brownies are delicious and cookies are invariably tasty. Cake balls are exceptional. They definitely need to open more locations, preferably in my neighborhood!

Daniel Jenner

The chicken salad sandwich I had was decent, nothing special. It was on the small size as well. Place was clean and staff were friendly but wouldn't especially come back.

Jason Tomberlin

Well stocked bakery that also has sandwiches and soups and to go salads along with a convenient Tesla supercharger location. Clean bathrooms and well organized shopping and eating area.

Debra Springer

Don't taste those cherry cookies or you will be driving frequently to Corsicana or Waco. They are the best cookie I have ever eaten. And of course they are know for Their fruit cake which is world famous.

blood roses

Adorable bakery. Great fruit cake

Jane Wang

If you are on highway 45 between Dallas and Houston , Collin Street Bakery is a great place for refreshing. You can choose from salad, soup and sandwiches if you are hungry. Coffee and desserts will definitely make you happy for the rest of your journey.

Amy Daza

My strawberry salad was awful. It was simply lettuce and strawberries.

Anna Espinoza

Everything they make is yummy. We order fruitcakes from them every year.

Rizwan Momin

Favorite stop on the way to Dallas for great range of bakery items and their specialty in pecan sweets.

clay griffin

Great place cant be beat

Katherine Collier

Tried the famous chicken salad sandwich. It was very good. Next time I will order the large one. LOL Staff is professional and nice.


In its day it was unique. It hasn’t evolved. Much better options.

Carol Gonzales

Very good bakery. A little pricey. Picked a few things from the bakery line and they got my order wrong but was already a way down the highway before we noticed. It was good just not what I had asked for. Two items right and two items wrong.

robert gonzales

It's fantastic the sandwiches are great also we always stop and get a sandwich and some treats

Matt M

Convenient for Tesla drivers, but can be expensive for some simple items.

Russell Mason

First time to be here for breakfast. Wow! Baker's Breakfast was so good. Freshly baked Croissant with egg, 2 slices of Cheddar cheese, and Sausage patty. If I lived close I would be there ever day for breakfast.

Mike Ritchey

Always good treats and breakfast items...a must for the on-the-trips...

Perry Rodriguez

Except for the fruitcake, the prices were quite reasonable.

Mike Alani

Nice service and free Coffee for Tesla owners. What a great Idea, will always stop by

Amm Kelly

Great place to stop between Houston and Dallas. Food is good quality, specialty baked goods, and snacks. They are famous for fruit cake, and they source their fruit from a farm they own in Costa Rica. Sandwiches are such a perfect size. And if you have a Tesla, it's a charging station and you'll get a free coffee, tea, or soda while you wait. They even have a coffee lounge closed off from the main section of the dining room to relax. Kids loved the kid sized sandwiches and cookie that comes with their meal.

Mark Anderson

Food was great, an excellent place to take a rest when driving between Dallas and Houston.

Tamla King

Love the banana bread. Always so fresh. I stop here everytime I go to Dallas.

Camilo Bolanos

Their original fruit cake is amazing as well as the praline lace cookies. Don't miss out.

Munni Alexander

Great pastry and a very friendly staff. Came here on Friday on our way to Dallas because they have SuperChargers here and everyone enjoyed the desserts we bought. Decided to go again on Sunday on our way back to Dallas but they open at 11 am on Sundays which really was disappointing. We just sat in the car while the car was charging. We saw so many people come and go because the place was closed. I think you guys might consider opening around 9 am since lots of people are on the road around that time. Thank you for the great service on Friday though. I will definitely be back soon.

Mona Giles

The best cookies, cakes and fruit cake

Jesus Contreras

Cookies are the way to go! I was charging my car here and decided to go inside. Everybody was nice. They have a Tesla supercharging station and they give you a free tea or coffee if you show them your Tesla key. Definitely will stop by if I’m in the area in the future.

Meagan Bender

The food was great, and I loved the pastries! The woman who brought our food was very kind and helpful, but you could tell the kid at the register did not enjoy his job.

Wynette Withers

Fruit cake worth eating!

Konrad Von Hochstaden

Excellent restrooms. Innovative drip drain below urinals ensure a puddle-free stance.

Terri McCulloch

Great stop between Houston and Dallas. I had a good salad this time. And the bakery items smell wonderful. The bathrooms are always clean. Love bringing their breads home! Staff tends to be a bit slow in processing though.

jacoby farris

I ordered a side salad and sandwich. The salad had many pieces of lettuce that were brown and starting to get soggy. I wasn’t impressed with that at all. The sandwich was decent, nothing special, except the cheese bread was great. The deserts were excellent. The restaurant itself was filthy, which was shocking because there were several workers and only my family were guests. The floors, tables and bathrooms were quite gross.

Jonathan Sampey

Great sandwhiches and other food. Awesome fruitcake.

Chuck R

Food is fantastic. Service is lacking. Don't show up at 7:59 PM. The door will be locked and they won't even look at you. Not to happy since I live 200 miles away.

Nina Jones-Hennessy

Everything here is good. I had fruitcake from here in the 1960's. My mom's group, National Hemophilia Society sold them as a fund raiser.

Che Diggidy harper

Extremely busy but the staff was very attentive and got people out quickly. We got bakery items and the brownies are amazing. Tastes fresh and not dry.

Steph g

This bakery reminded me of grandma's kitchen upgraded. They are well know for their fruit cakes. I enjoyed a scruptous peach turnover! This was a true peachy pastry delight!

Elke Haderlein

Always a stop on my way to visit family. Love the variety of food and dessert options. Fruitcake is their passion and many more goodies like cookies and cakes.

Jarod Bell

Always a great stop on the way to Houston or Palestine

Ana A.

Anyone who doesn't like fruitcake has never tried Collin Street Bakery fruitcake. It is THE BEST. The only reason this isn't a five star review is because the young lady at the register wasn't very friendly, and she was a touch rude. Don't let her keep you from checking it out, you won't regret it... Hopefully she isn't there if you decide to stop by.

John Shenkir

Stopped in for a quick lunch. The sandwich tasted very fresh. Ended up getting a bunch of sweets to take home. Everything I've tried is excellent. Very convenient place to stop between Dallas and Houston.

chester southworth

I felt pushed to buy more than taste what I wanted to taste. I like the products here but the customer service is lacking since 2016. pre 2016 this place was great and offered help instead pushed outside.

Hoyt Neal, Jr

Excellent bakery. Who else can make fruit cake taste so good. Love the cookies. There are a lot of Tesla Charge Stations there as well.

Alvin Bailey

I stopped here to buy some breakfast pastries and cookies. I should have checked the order before I left. About half the items I ordered and was charged for were missing despite their order forms which should have been easy enough to follow and check.

Chloe Pack

My pie was great I highly recommend the chocolate cream pie omg it was so good, the place was clean family friendly and smelled fantastic although I must say dont try to go there if you are vegan or keto or more of that such there's nothing besides that fantastic

Stephen Martinez

Excellent food & service. Got plenty of recommendations for food and pastries. We'll definitely be back- a must for our future road trips along I-45. Big plus that they have free WiFi & Tesla superchargers!

Fred Man

The store is OK looks nice it’s crowded I still prefer the original bakery display room like they had just like years ago before they open up the freeway location for a location that’s just not my kind of scene that’s a little bit too hipster is for me I would rather just go back to the old-school bakery

Ken Hagerstrom

We had sandwiches which were great. Their bakery was fantastic. They had samples of their peanut brittle and fruitcakes. When I think of fruitcakes, I think of my great grandmother. But this fruitcake was delicious. Peanut brittle was excellent too.

Susan Harron

Incredible selection of baked goodies!!


Beautiful establishment and some good cherry cookies at least.

Daniel Harrington

Friendly staff, free cookie for kids. Good food, small sandwich portions though.

Ja'Coure Jackson

I've been there forever thats my fav cookie place

Felicia Alamu

Lovely bakery. The items are quite cheap considering and the staff are so friendly. Clean restrooms too

Angela Thompson

Hey my sister is addicted to the Pecan praline cookies and Cinnamon rolls, Everytime I pass through I have get her a dozen... P.S. now my best friend is addicted too...

Mark Hickey

Great cookies. Try the cherry icebox if you haven't yet.

Connie Basham

Loved their tuna salad. We stopped by the bakery on our way to Houston to see THE ROLLING STONES CONCERT and on our way home from the concert. Nice staff.

Julie verret

Just stopped for a cookie for the little ones, they even were so kind to give an extra cookie to the kids! Good people.

Joan Marsh

Love this place. They make the best fruitcake, period. Terrific cookies and good selection. Love their chicken salad sandwich on pecan bread.

Jason Harris

Nice baked goods. Nice Tesla charging spot.

Susan Rogers

Friendly staff, an super delicious goodies!

Allan Poindexter

Net pralines are the best I have ever had.

Annie Cathcart

Good got some cookies and brownies and a couple pieces of chocolate cake.

Michael Pigg

Busy place, but some of the best coffee I've had. There is a large selection of cookies and of course their world famous fruitcakes. This is the first time I tried the place and the fruitcake and icebox cherry cookies were delicious.

Deborah Hamilton

Cinnamon bread and pecan pralines, are the best!

Jean Gardner

Great place to grab your favorite cookies. Pecan bread is great.

Linda Eakers

Pineapple Pecan Cake was delish!

Veronica Martinez

Usually a wonderful experience but was so disappointed when I got several miles down the road and realized that the brownie I ordered and paid for was NOT in my bag!

Michael Weaver

The cookies are awesome. Their sandwiches with fresh bread are some of the best I've ever had. I really enjoy their iced tea. Most of all they have tesla super chargers which is so helpful on long trips. On my way down 45 this is always my chosen stop.

Sheldon H Henderson

Good pit stop on the way. Only hiccup was that we were served chicken in our tuna sandwich. Didn't like that, but they were quick to fix the issue. Also, the line to pay was setup weird, but whatever.

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