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2001 Midway Rd #132, Carrollton, TX 75006, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cindi’s NY Deli & Restaurant IN Texas

Merrel Grierson

This place was PACKED! Even though they're were very busy, our order was taken quickly. The sandwiches came out fast and were so fresh. I was super excited to try it out after reading the reviews. It definitely delivered. The pastries are phenomenal. I wish this place was closer so I could go. However, I'd probably go broke going multiple times a day. Not that they're expensive... but I love sweets, lol.

Scott Rosing

Have been stopping in for their bagels since working in the area and they are amazing. Today I got the matzo ball soup and it was as good as my mother's! Thank you Cindi's made me feel at home. The homemade pickles are epic. Challah was also perfect. I cannot wait to have some time to come by for a full breakfast and perhaps the Ruben.

Sasha Bela

Great food, service is decent. The location and venue are nice, but could use a slight improvement in service. The food however, is great

Devon Tiffen

Favorite breakfast spot

Nicolas Lacerenza

As New York as it gets! Amazing pastries, amazing sandwiches. So glad I found this gem.

R. Santiago

A+, try the chicken fried steak, brown gravy.


You get nice tasty bagels and good food in restaurant.

Heidi Coretz

Great to eat in or take out. Gets crowded at breakfast and lunch. Love the breakfasts, daily specials, bagels, rye bread, desserts.

Tim Shane

My new gluten free keto Fav... The Tex Mex Omlette! Just got back from up North and this as the feel to true New York Kosher deli for breakfast lunch or dinner. Will be around much more often.

Charles Hegemeyer

The place is great! I loved the food and dessert! Kind of high but the food is high quality!

Antonio Gonzalez

Good service, good food!!!!

Aasil P

Good food decent prices!

al ciauri

Great food as always in the service is just wonderful


I'm wavering whether to give Cindi's 4 or 5 stars. Only tried their bagels. I really enjoyed the deli, the counter service was great, and there's nothing wrong with their bagels at all, they just don't seem to my personal perfection, of REALLY chewy inside with a bit of a crunchy outside. Definitely chewy, just not quite enough for my taste. I am looking forward to going back and trying their menu.

David Noble

Cindi's is the best. Huge menu and everything is excellent.

Alison Berger

This was a tasty surprise. Wanted to get breakfast with relatives when we dropped in town and they suggested here because it is a local favorite for them. Lots of options for breakfast or lunch. They are NY styled restaurant and so also offered some northern items. The bakery offered breads, to meats, to pastries, and of course bagels. I will definitely be back.

Guillermo Williamson

Great food. Bigger menu optios I have seen in Dallas. Orde coffe and get a full size thermo in your table. Waffles, bacon, hasbrowns and eggs perfect. Good sides like peanut butter fir your waffles for free. They have wifi but was not working fine. Definitely I will return.

Megan Ray

I can't get enough of Cindi's! I love this place. I've been eating at Cindi's (various locations) for years now and it's never disappointed me. If you love comfort food and deli-type cuisine you have to check out Cindi's. They have the best whitefish spread i've ever had!! My fiance had never even heard of whitefish and was a little worried about trying it but he LOVED it. It's like a smoked fish that you easily spread over bagels, bagel chips or have as a sandwich. Pair it with tomato and onion and it's amazing! Some of my other favorites from Cindi's: all her soups, cheese blintzes, sandwiches, pancakes, and of course her bagels! Best breakfast & lunch spot in DFW!

Adam Chesler

Food is always delicious. Portions aren't like your normal deli but the prices are lower than a typical new York deli as well. You can always add more.

Richard Marcotte

Great N.Y. Deli style sandwiches, and spring for the strudel, it is enough for two, you will be glad you did!

Jennifer Michael

american food and service here is excellent. Service is always super even when they have a full house. There was quick, helpful, and friendly service. This place has a cool feel to it.

Gibron Williams

Courteous but no wifi I. 2019 was a bit unusual. Coffee was hot and priced well but I couldn't stay to work a little bit... I get the unplugged and all but not wat I expected from a NY themed eatery in Big D. Food has always been good and I will be back, just to eat though.

Bridget Thomas

It's Easter Sunday and no one wanted to cook breakfast so we decided today would be a good day to try this place out. We arrived were greeted and seated immediately which should have been the first sign considering it's holiday. The place is very outdated nothing to brag about at all. Our waitress came by took our drink order and brings our drinks back. I ordered the Denver omelette my daughter ordered a cheese burger with sweet potato fries and my grandson ordered the chicken strips kids meal. I love love love a Denver omelette but this has to be the absolute worst I think I've ever had. It was nothing but bell pepper and onions barely any cheese or ham it was dry, folded just nothing to brag about at all. The potatoes which our waitress recommended tasted like day old bagged potatoes sauteed in old grease. My daughters cheese burger appeared to be a frozen patty burger and the sweet potato fries were greasy and lifeless. My grandson usually eats his chicken strips no matter where we get them but even he didn't eat his food. Truly the only thing on the table worth eating were my pancakes and the coffee was great even though I waited 10 minutes for splenda and creamer. Our waitress was no longer attentive once we ordered and received our food so the $2 tip shoukd have let her know we weren't satisfied with her service. Definitely a waste of $39 can say we will not return.

Benjamin Haynes

Plus has a nice aesthetic atmosphere which is welcoming. We ordered an everything bagel and split it and ordered two sandwiches. Everything was delicious, very satisfying meal, my only complaint is the excessive long wait. 15 minutes for table, 20 plus minutes to order, and another 20 plus minutes to bring out food. Instead of bringing out the bagel before hand the brought out everything all at once. Will be back again still not gonna enjoy the waiting.

Victor Fishman

Breakfast is great and just the way I like it! Be sure and ask for Victoria or Josh. They Rock!

Alexandra Scarpetta

The cheese danish is amazing!

John Pearson

I love this place. It's one of the closest things you'll get to eating at a NYC Time Square Deli in the dfw area.

Kyria Moore

Great food as well as large portion sizes!

Jason Braddy

Not the place for those on a diet, that's what makes it so delicious. How many places serve grits and smoked salmon?

Jacqueline Lindloff

Delicious whitefish salad and bagels. The coffee is gross though.

Hiring Library

Good Restaurant , I had lunch there,pictures attached :)

Carol Pitmon

Great food

John Bennett

I love cindi's . Great food and amazing service.

Ben Grisham

Best breakfast in dallas!!

Ariel Patrice

The atmosphere is nice and the food came out extremely fast, especially for Memorial Day. We would come back.

Grace Owens

Their veggie sandwich is to die for! Amazing bagels and pastries too!

Austin Hixson

Not exactly my favorite place, but if you are looking for a Jewish Deli and some matzo ball soup it can be had here. I only end up here when others want to go.

Brian Whitehead

Food is always good and they are always busy. Trying to park at this location is terrible though. They really should buy the lot next door and expand the parking.

Jeff Lavigne

I've never had anything I don't like. My service was always very good.

Sterling Northum

You want a place where the food, the service, and the waiting staff are a cut above a regular chain? This is the place. I can't say enough to do them justice. Just try them before everyone else discovers how great they are. They are genuine.

Travis Poulson

Good food decor could use some work.

Darlene Smith

Had a tex mex omlette with harvest grain pancakes. Good.

LaZima Hinton

I was introduced to Cindi's by a couple of co-workers who were eating an all day breakfast from there. 2/3 of the coworkers loved the food. I've been there twice and have been highly satisfied with the food and customer service. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and potato salad the first time... very delicious! I learned yesterday that they have daily meal deals. I ordered the brisket and gravy with two sides and two breads for $8. VERY GOOD! The meat was tender and the meal was the envy of the office! Portion sizes are perfect and i truly feel that i got my money's worth. Parking can be difficult to find during the lunch hour, so i recommend ordering their food to go. The total experience is worth about parking hassles. They will continue to get Cookie's lunch time to go orders when I'm in the area.

Israel Galicia

Great chicken fried steak

NaTasha Carter

My favorite place to eat breakfast any time of the day! Love Cindi's

David Braverman

Sorry I'm so critical, but after having NY and Chicago deli food, this just doesn't live up to true deli food!


Do not miss the NY Reuben sandwich! One of the best I've experienced!

Kimberly Saba

The food was fresh. Service was fine. I would go back.

Twodragonflies M

Awesome food and service always! Huge portions!

calvin d

Awesome service, and great choices on breakfast food. The food came quickly, and tasted great I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good pastrami sandwich in the DFW area.

Get Up Radio Media

Nice dinner with variety of choices for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Vegetarian choices located here as well. Good for families, friends, dates, meetings, etc. Choloate milk lovers must try the "Egg Cream" drink! Free parking and cleaned restrooms. Nice prices that are very affordable..7.75 to 9.99. Well known by locals. ENJOY!!!

Charles Smith

A lot of hype. Breakfast was excellent. Dinner was a lot to be desired.

dannye van

Every time we visit, it's such a great experience. Wonderful staff, amazing food and sooo fast. Love this place!

gabriel lopez

Menu has lots of variety. I tired the German pig in the blankets and couldn't finish (total 4 only had 2).

Ronald Reynolds

Great food and service, been going here for years.

Lemuel Moore

Brunch was amazing. love the pancakes and sausages.

Justin Hurst


Jordan Judy

Great hearty breakfast spot

Melody Butcher

It's very rare that I give anyone five stars. Cindi's New York Deli has a great selection of breakfast lunch and dinner. I had a club sandwich it was outstanding.

Caden Nash

My favorite spot for American food. Visited on a Wednesday I think. Service is consistently good. Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Patrick Travers

Ate here yesterday morning for the first time and it won't be the last; I've found a new FAVORITE breakfast place in Dallas. I rate all restaurants on a scale of 1-10; 7 being the lowest to indicate "I'd like to come here again". In my opinion, Cindi's is a 9.8 out of 10. Scrambled eggs were indeed scrambled... not fried on a flat griddle then chopped up to look like scrambled like you get at Denny's and IHOP. Ordered my favorite *very* crispy bacon and it came out exactly as I wanted, which is rare... I often have to send my bacon back). Home fried potatoes were cut in small chunks, mixed with a good amount of very finely chopped onion and cooked perfectly. The pancakes had good flavor and texture; I wouldn't refer to them as "light", but they were not heavy either. Service was surprisingly fast on a Sunday morning at 9am. In my opinion, the deli/bakery area on the South end of the room needs to be reworked slightly to make the customer flow more friendly; while I was trying to examine the available baked goods for sale, customers kept walking in front of me. I was actually a tiny bit disappointed with the selection (I pick up kolaches at the Czech Stop in West frequently), but I finally chose the peach danish (which was very tasty). The only other minor disappointment was that they do not have French Vanilla Creamer for the coffee. My wife wants to try dinner here on Thursday... they have daily specials, and Thursday happens to be one of her favorites - Beef Tips in gravy over noodles (I think that's what it was anyway). All-in-all, this was THE best breakfast experience in a long time.

Rick Barr

The food is amazing at Cindis. Get there early for lunch if you can because everybody else seems to love it as well.

Jake Womack

No longer a New York deli, new ownership. But not too bad.

Cody Godden

Really good food. Love this place

Robert Haile

Great place for breakfast and lunch. Prices are good. Service is great. Good for family and friends!

Bill Gilliam

Fat cops to love it good donuts

Kelly Hightower

Awesome food, always great staff.

Jody Lang

Awesome service and food.

Stuart Kaufman

Excellent food and service!!

Zach Lorenzini

Classic style diner atmosphere. Food is excellent. Great for breakfast.

Kiisha Arnold

Very good. All the food is very fresh. The deli just looks awesome. Haven't tried anything but it looks really good. Barely chicken soup is good for a cold day. The sandwhiches are good with fresh ingredients and fresh bread. The pancakes aren't the best but worth the money. Plenty to choose from on their menu. Might wanna peak at the menu online before going to save some time.

Toni Rejcek

My husband and I stopped in for lunch. I ordered the beef and cheddar melt and my husband ordered the chicken melt. We both got the sweet potato fries as a side. Really delicious food! Fries were crispy, sandwiches toasted to perfection and fresh. Highly recommend. Their menu has a wide variety of options.

dominador llamas

The bagels were good, with a wide range to choose from as well as many flavours of cream cheese. Staff are very helpful.

Joslin Doan

Not in New York?? Don't worry this is a great delicatessen and has multiple locations! Our group came in to meet for a meeting around 7 PM and service was prompt. Our server came out right away and was ready to serve us. She was very pleasant. Restuarant was very clean, quiet and parking was easy. Not sure if I can say the same for lunches and breakfasts or weekends. Menu is fairly large with lots to choose from and breakfast is served all day! We will keep coming back!

Tim Anderson

I ordered orange juice, the pancake platter, and a pecan strudel. Everything tasted excellent. The sausage links and eggs were great, and the pancakes were filling. The warmed pecan strudel was delicious, and I wish I had had a larger appetite when I ate here, so I could have finished the pancakes and dessert. I received excellent table service; my waitress checked on me often. The breakfast menu and dessert options took time to consider. I would recommend this restaurant for breakfast and will return for breakfast and perhaps lunch in the future.

viki holmquist

EXCELLENT, will ALWAYS go back when I am in Dallas! Best matzoh ball soup, latkes and chopped liver! YUMMY


Our group met up today, at the Midway location for Cindi's excellent brunch! I have never been disappointed with my food selections or portions. Great Omelettes! The gentleman that was waiting on us is exceptional, and may I add it was BUSY! We were sitting in the back so were giving a HIGH FIVE shout out to you! You were so dilligent in making sure all details were taken care of! Very quick and personable! Thank you!

David Crandell

Love this place! German pancakes are amazing!

Sean Moore

If you're used to a real NY deli, you'll feel only slightly disappointed. Service was great, although sandwiches did not meet par.

Juana Makarenko

Great place for comfort food - reminds me of a NY diner. Pancakes always taste light and airy. Good matzo ball soup!

Chris Price

Great food and great service!

silvio darley

Reasonable price, great location, the only downside was the waiting, i took 15 minutes until i got seat it.

Kim Bunting

Our favorite breakfast place! Hard to choose between the awesome bagels, delicious biscuits & gravy or spectacular pancakes (so, you have to keep going back!) Staff is friendly and service is quick.

Jaclyn m

Love this place, very affordable NEVER ever crowded. Good food, good staff, and tons of pastries to choose from too. They have lunch items ive tried but we mostly go for breakfast foods


Love Cindy s

Claire Haney

They have a large assortment of various flavors of bagels. They're normally quite crowded during brunch, which can lead to a very loud atmosphere. They also have pies and various pastries. Are lemon crepes are to die for!

Martyi Kelly

This place is close to work and I was short on time so I tried it out. Great Ruben! Sandwich was a good size and flavorful. I opted for fries, but next time would choose a different side. Nice friendly atmosphere and service.

Achashverosh T

Another great place. Had breakfast and pancakes the size of dinner plate.

Caitlan McQuay

Amazing food. Great variety. Heads up though, long wait. Probably because it's so amazing.

Derek Boonchaisri

Good diner food, cleaner than most dinners we have been to.

Marcy Henderson

Great food it just took way too long!

Debbie W

Prices seem high to me. Avocado stuffed with chicken or tuna salad is $12. Granted its served in a huge bowl with lots of lettuce, so presentation is big. I dont know anyone who would eat all thay lettuce, give us smaller portion at better price, especially for lunch. .

Mike Avery

Good service, good food, nice place. We got food to go, next time we'll stay and saute the ambiance

Cyrus Bavarian

People... PEOPLE! LOX AND BAGELS!! Open faced, not sandwich style... on those delicious bagels with lots of capers and cream cheese, onions, fresh pickles. If I was rich I'd eat here every day

Nichelle Rodriguez

My meal was fantastic today. My Turkey burger and sweet potato fries were delish :)

Teresa Pimpsorn

Don't remember Cindi's NY Deli from 10 months ago. Looks like a great deserts place. I wonder if they have a gluten free option

Curtis Mays

1st timer. Great place.

Alejandro Torres

The quality of the food and the experience that is being added by Alex's service make this restaurant-deli one of my favorite local breakfast spots

Ryan Bricarell

A great little family dinner/deli. It was very dated inside, but the food was great. We tried the Ruben and Tuna Club, they will not disappoint. We will be back to try out the breakfast, which seems to be what the hype was all about.

Mark Drucker

There are many items on the menu I like. If you want one thing that is better than anywhere else you must try their Corned Beef Hash.

Kelsey Fryman

Matzah ball soup & latkes are to die for, best anywhere with great service

Norin Radd

Born and raised in New York and there is nothing New York about this place or their food. Everything is Texas style.

Dane Lee

Lunch was great! Service was prompt and thorough. Can't wait to come back and try breakfast!

Emily C

We went here for breakfast on a Sunday and only had to wait about 20 minutes which I don't think is long at all for a Sunday morning! I had an egg breakfast that included hash browns, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. So delicious! We waited barely any time for our food to come out. I also got a huge cinnamon roll to go, and it was amazing! So fresh. I took a look through their bakery and deli, and I will definitely be back to try more of their pastries!

Charles Astor

Really tasty breakfast. The waitress was extremely polite and made sure to check on our table multiple times.

Damien Tourville

Got the #4 which is almost like a Ruben sandwich and it was so delicious even the potatoes salad was off the chain!!

mark abel

Excellent food big portion sizes. Well worth the 40 min wait. Will be back., if your new to Dallas a bucket list favorite

Lucky Whitmer

I'm in love with Cindi, and can't wait to meet her! Don't pass this up.

Glenda Edmonds

Uuuuuuuugh stop making me work to eat healthy. I dont want to toss my own salad at the table and worry about if its evenly coated with the dressing. It's a huge mess and did not leave very happy.

Peter Botos

Excellent service and food!

Jim Ming

The wait here is a bit longer but the food seems just a little more flavorful here than at the Forest location. Cindi's remains one of the only places around that makes a decent New York bagel. Service was slower than I'd expect at 1:30pm. Try the delicious cheese, tomato and avocado omelette!

Spencer Dawkins

The pecan waffle and sausage patties were great, and my wife's Build Your Own omlette was huge - it would have fed two ... also, very good service.

Brian Dudley

The Taco omelette is amazing. My favorite thing.

Lance Fish

Nice cozy place with some offerings you dont find many places.

Sheila Achieng'

Grilled chicken and brown gravy are always a plan


Had to have a Corned Beef Reuben. One of the true old school Deli Shop sandwiches. Meat was stacked high, swiss cheese was melted, and the 1000 Island dressing was off the hook. Not to mention a nice amount of fresh, crispy, seasoned fries. OMG... All I can say, my belly was happy. :-)

uack 7

Have been meaning to come to this place since moving to Dallas almost 3 years. I'd say it lived up to the expectation. just a solid diner. The pigs in a blanket breakfast were very guilt inducing but good

Roy Davis

Second time was just a confirmation of how bad it was. We would not go back even for a free lunch.

Flavourine Fay

They have a wide range menu which is nice. The service is great. The food is amazing. I love the breakfast menu.

David Rivera

Amazing place to eat breakfast lunch or dinner

james williams

Good food and service!

Dfw Roof

The food is excellent and the service is always great I have searched in the entire DFW area for a diner like this I am there three times a week

Manuel Rodriguez

authentic nyc food. pastrami is the best outside of ny

Melissa D

A great NY deli!

Jason Hinds

In my opinion the place is over priced and not that great... At one point it was great, now it just seems over crowded, over priced, smaller portions, and just not the "institution" it used to be before it was sold . I would go back, but it won't be my suggestion.

Andrew Vinzant

Amazing food and Very friendly staff. Dont forget their fresh bagles on the way out.

M. Collin Zreet

A north Dallas staple with a wide variety of breakfast options!

Laura Lamb

Great kosher meats, their deli items are the best part by far. The original Cindi's on Central Expressway in Dallas is still my fav

Darcy Doll

Love this place. Amazing bagels and the service has always been good. Once in a blue moon a few food items have been hit or miss, but usually the quality is great. Recommend for sure!

Hollie Varden

I LOVE Cindi's! I eat here for lunch at least once a week, and I am never disappointed. Every sandwich I've tried has been packed with delicious meats and ingredients. The staff goes out of their way to be as friendly and accommodating as possible, and my food is always ready very quickly, I never have to wait. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough!

Ashley Ann

I love this place. Their matzah ball soup is to die for, and their pastries are excellent!

rene rodriguez

Great food, Great Service, Great environment, Will definitely be back again

David Bennett

To date my favorite restaurant. I come in every week and the service is friendly and the food is always great.

Madison Gerber

My favorite diner in Dallas! Awesome New York style diner/deli food and reasonable prices. This location is really busy on weekends so plan accordingly. Why not walk down to the aquarium store in the same building and look at the fish while you wait?

Mary Nicosia

We eat here everytime we're in Dallas! Potato knishes are delish

Lamount Hughes Jr

Real New York City dining.

Kenny Hall

Awesome place to eat at

Cliff Sheldon

Closest thing to a New Jersey diner you're going to find in the area. The menu is huge, the food is fantastic and the friendly staff brings it all together!

Rosanna Gonzales

We love Cindi's! The best food and the best service!

Joshua E. Manning

Bagels are really good. Breakfast sandwiches are just okay.

Dennis Hudson

Excellent deli. Food and service were great!

Billy Chaillot

I love breakfast here

Kristin Halteman

Usually, I love Cindi's NY deli, especially the one at Coit. Think all Cindi's are the same? Not so much. Just went to the location on Midway in Addison for the 1st time and was very disappointed. The matzo ball soup, which we live off of when a family member is sick, was awful. It tasted like water with a few specks of carrots, for color I assume become it definitely didn't add any flavor. Even the matzo balls lacked flavor!! So disappointed, we will just keep going to the one at Coit, where the food is consistently great.

Glynn Wilson

cut above standard a real ny deli feel

David Escamilla

Our breakfast experience was awesome. The blueberry pancakes, French toast, waffles and especially the eggs Benedict were excellent. Service was impeccable.

Free Floors

Omelettes are good and nice size, comes with hashbrowns and 2 pancakes. Lot of food for the price, very filling!

Vin P

I had the most amazing visit. Went in with a sweet tooth and came out with awesome pastries. The young lady behind the counter was fun and fluent. She loves everything in the deli ;)

Kathy Lanham

It was a great experience. Wait staff was friendly and service was quick. The item I wanted was not available at this location so have a backup.

Amy Greene

Food was fast and tasty. I ordered breakfast and the pancakes were good (would prefer chocolate chips IN the cakes vs ON the cakes though). He ordered a beef sandwich on rye and matzah ball soup (very flavorful).

Dennise Osborne

Our go-to breakfast spot anytime we're in town. Never disappoints.

Trevor Ash

Great place for brunch. Always quickly seated with attentive waitstaff (although they tend to disappear once they've decided you're ready for the ticket). Great food and good atmosphere

Lee Cline

A perpetual weekend morning staple. Food is delicious staff is uber friendly

Joseph Osborne

My favorite spot for American food. Food was so appetizing. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. It has a nice atmosphere.

Ashley Markgraf

Just walked into Cindi’s New York Deli on Northhaven/75. Asked for a Bagel toasted with lox spread. The man behind the counter says okay that will be $4.85. I look at him in surprise saying sir , the bagel is only $1.10 how did you come up with $4.85. He says well it’s $1.10 for the bagel, $1.50 for the Lox cream cheese and $2.00 to toast it and cut it for me. I say excuse me , your charging me $2.00 to toast my bagel and cut it??? He says yes sir, this is policy. I say no thank you and walk out the door. I just don’t support it .... Greedy I wish others knew of how greedy some companies/ people are so they can just not support them as well. Remember when you pay for something with your hard earned money, you don’t want that money to go to the wrong hands.

Jacob Evans

Good food, pretty fast service, had a short wait to be seated but was worth it.

Bruce Davis

Nice lunch spot just north of Addison. Breakfasts are just so-so, but the sandwiches and lunch specials are great!


Delicious food and great service. Waiter we see is Josh and he's very attentive.

Richard Garbus

Great place for NYC FARE!

Matthew Noble

Like my buddy says, " Sometimes you just need a good sandwich." And if you want that go to Cindi's.

Scot Duke

This is my new *Go To Breakfast All Day* Deli...and the pastries are off the chart awesome!!! I recommend the Breakfast Special.

Erica Peterson

Everything we've ever had here has been delicious.

Scott Allen

Good food, good people. Nothing against them just the chicken and waffles are overhyped. Get the Italian sausage

Gwendolyn Stewart

Just went there today and the turkey blt I had was great. They serve breakfast all day so I'll definitely be going back! They also have sweet potato fries yum

marisella cantu

This place is amazing. Our server was great and on point, the staff was nice and the food was delicious. This was my first time here and definitely wont be my last.

Michael Heider

Great service and food. Our food was delivered in a reasonable time frame. The servers were friendly and liked to serve you. Great take out from the bakery section, especially the fruit danish. Go and enjoy. A second location is off How at 75 more towards downtown Dallas. Go and enjoy.

Evan Weir

Classic NY-style breakfast spot that's perfect for catching up with an old friend, or meeting with investors, or a quiet solo breakfast with the morning paper. Food is hot, fast, and affordable. The vibe is cool--carpet floors and big leather booths give you as much privacy as you need. Feels like a little slice of NYC. The staff is so accommodating--the manager even paid for my newspaper out of her own wallet when I discovered I had no quarters for the machine. Have always loved the one up on Forest. I'll be coming to this location again soon.

Stephanie Calabrese

Excellent sandwiches. Great wait staff. Food is really outstanding. A New York deli.

Leighann Hurley

Simple, but delicious food! Was in town for a work conference and had lunch here on the recommendation of some colleagues who were more local. I had the Turkey Melt with sweet potato fries. Very, very good! Would definitely return with family/friends and would love to sample the pastries.

Hope Ford

Service was outstanding. I didn't enjoy my meal much. Picked up two desserts to go and they were excellent. Plan to return and try a breakfast item.

Bretagne Townsend

Had a BLT from this place and it was delicious! Great service even when busy. Waitress acknowledged us and vave good service. Food came quickly as well!

Danny Hightower

I've been a few timesfor breakfast and its been better than expected. Good food and fast service.

Patricia Davis

Good food. Economical. Friendly service. Comfortable booths.

Wendell Montague

This is as close to a NY deli as you can possibly get! Amazing food great atmosphere and good wait staff

Emily H

The best breakfast in town. I had the cheese blintzes with blueberries and they were incredible. Not to mention, HUGE. Everything they have is so fresh and the service was way faster than I expected. They looked full but we were seated almost immediately.

Charles White

Been going here for years. Matzah Ball Soup is delish as is their sandwiches, bagels etc. Definitely worth a visit.

Rick Piz

They redeemed themselves from our first visit...the omelette I ordered was just right and the pancakes were on point...

Jermaine Gibson

good place to hang and eat some good food. the place has a cool feel to it.

Mary Buenrostro

Good food, extensive menu, good service. We did not visit the Bakery this trip.

Carlos Chinchilla

Amazing food with a super long selection! Quick service too

Kristen Flores

Just having moved from Fort Worth and a frequent visitor of Carshons Deli.. I was skeptical of Cindi's. Finding a good Rueben sandwich in Texas is a rare occurrence. This is a clean place, with friendly service. Their menu is extensive, I like having so many choices. I got the Rueben with fries, it comes with cole slaw too. My boyfriend got the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. The food was great!! My sandwich was perfect. I'm definitely trying breakfast next time!

iv south

Too pricey for the amount of food u get. Hish brown no taste

john m

Nice place. Fast service.

L Washburn

Wow! Plenty of food. One of my favorites is the home fries with onions. My hubby got the open pastrami sandwich and said the pastrami was very tasty, likely because it's a N. Y. restaurant and bakery and deli.


Always a great experience!! In town for the New Year. First time back in Dallas in 3 years. Food and quality of staff are still the same. Thanks!!

Sharon Rankin

Good food but parking can be a challenge

Thomas Brosseau

Great menu, service and food.


Me and a co-worker head here for lunch at least once a week. Awesome food, prices, and service.

Steven Keller

Pretty good

Israel Rozemberg

They got the food! They got the price. Go!

Kimberly Stowe

I am usually generous with my stars, but I have a general rule about's REALLY difficult to mess it up. So, I ordered eggs, bacon, hash browns and I figured, this is Cindi NY deli, lets get a bagel. The eggs were ok. Over medium/hard was translated as over easy. The bacon was well done, but limp. Which confused me. The hashbrowns were nice and brown, but when I cut them they were not crisp but they had been crisp once, but were kept warm or microwaved to be hot again. The bagel...was not a proper bagel. It was thick toasted bread. Not wonderful and chewy like a bagel should be. So, needless to say, I was disappointed in the quality of the food. It was a Friday morning, regular breakfast time....nothing should have been sitting in a warmer. I ate my breakfast and ate half of my bagel. I would eat here if someone took me here, but it won't really be a place that I select to eat, recommend to others, or take someone to.

Lonnada Green

The best kept secret on this side of town. Soooo good. Breakfast is the best. House made bagels. Colossal sandwiches and many other home style favorites line chicken and dumplings, meatloaf and beef stew.

Cynthia Mitchell

really good food and very fast service

Spencer Bernard

Awesome New York style deli and diner. The food and baked goods are delicious. The staff is attentive and very pleasant. A+

David Sink

The environment was nice. Very clean. Food was fabulous had a 3 egg omelet I created lots of veggies. Very fresh. Tomatoes weren't more than 2 days out of field. Mushrooms nice n crisp. Was very impressed. Will return for more!

R Shani

Place has gone downhill, I used to like the place... recently ordered one simple breakfast to go they messed up the order. Next day I ordered five egg special breakfasts and called back to add a sixth... The manager tells me "By the way there are no specials on Saturday." hmmm wouldn't that be important to tell me when I ordered the first five?? Thing is I have been coming here for years and ordered on Saturdays in the past as well and this never came up. I am done, will never order here again.

Dan T

The first time I ate at this place the food was "ok." We decide to give it another try so I wouldnt rate it, based on a single visit. Food was cold, and bland. I sent the food back, and it was brought out again. Food was cold again. Asked for a pecan waffle and pecans where thrown on top of a very dry and bland waffle. Plates are served in the messiest way, and it just made the food look unappetizing and unappealing. Food looked and was bland. Do not recommend. Blown away by the horrible food.

Christina Dehn

Great place for a quick bite. Huge menu of options. Breakfast all day is always nice for something light, and they are flexible for restricted diets.

Angie Leffingwell

Great place to grab a quick bite.

Gareth McManus

Diner food freshly cooked. Staff were very pleasant.

Gary James

Great food and service

Randy Pennington

Great basic breakfast place. It is like that local place that is always consistent.

Tania Bolton

Great food. The server we had seemed somewhat annoyed to be working and didn't smile ever but we got what we needed.

Kenneth N

Food was ok not the best. Cake slices are very small in size and overly priced.

Colleen Flaherty

Great diner, reminds me of the diners back east.

Diane Maupin

Excellent food and service

Cameron Franklin

Loved the omelette!

Tom Mastrogiovanni

Friends and I meet every Saturday morning for breakfast. Josh usually waits on us, he is fantastic! Everyone is helpful and the food is always great!

Cindy Benson

Had the grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries. The fries were great, but the sandwich was kind of disappointing. Only the center of the bread was toasted and the cheese want melted.

Gavin Sims

Food was delicious and service was great.

Cosmic Ancestry

Awesome food. In some respects I felt like I was back in NY. Had the roast beef sandwich, which was great. Everything bagel with cream cheese was tasty AF. Blueberry strudel yum.

Lianne Batiste

Absolutely exceptional!

Manuel Benitez

Good food and great service


best pickles I’ve ever had in my life, i’m not even a fan of pickles. I went for the first time yesterday and it was great, I had the pastrami and corn beef sandwich with Swiss and it was awesome.

Jessi Miller

Love their menu options. I had their banana nut pancakes this last time and they were awesome. Spaghetti is another option I have frequently. Great service and reasonable prices.


Beautiful! My usual is the three eggs breakfast over easy, with the chicken fried steak, hash brown's and buttermilk pancakes! So darn good! Every time. I've also had their sandwiches!

george petrentzev

Very good. Wish the bagel exterior was a little harder and chewier

Dustin McClure

Went in for breakfast on a random trip. We ordered pancakes and French toast. Overall, the food was good but not amazing. I did overestimate my stomach and ordered a stack of pancakes- the half stack would have definitely been plenty. The prices were very reasonable.

Phyllis Wiuff

I had an everything bagel with chive cream cheese. The chives were real chives! So delicious. My husband had the senior breakfast. Everything cooked perfectly. Service was excellent.

David Dugas

Had a great sandwich with my co-workers and the employees were very friendly and welcoming.

James Vandervoort

Great food, better service and a fantastic lunch and breakfast

How To Hustle

Great food good service. Pricing is ok. Sandehiches were a little smaller than I liked but have a lot of meet on them. The quality of the food is great. It's a diner style set up. Waitresses are very friendly. Over all a great place. Huge senior discount menu and a large breakfast menu as well.

Brooke Kalman

Awesome authentic NY food, even sells some good jew bread. Love it

John Wesner

Closest thing to a real NY deli west of the Mississippi! Sandwiches are overstuffed with meat (think 2" of pastrami) and the breakfast options are great, even for lunch.

Jim L

The pancakes are large and fluffy, couldn't make 'em any better. Pastrami is also best in the metroplex.

Brian Estabrook

Cozy little spot! Great food!

Mia X

Decent restaurant with huge servings and good food. They have a variety of food choices and styles for both breakfast and lunch. The staff is nice and friendly, and the place is pretty clean.


Good place for a delin hole in a wall place.

Travis Lowrey

Cindi's is a low-key place with a "good ol' diner" kind of feel. Four of us went for brunch and received good portions of delicious breakfast food with some pretty good coffee, and the service wasn't bad, either. We went based on a recommendation, and we'll likely recommend it to others.

victor rivera

Comfort food at its finest

Jennifer Frier

Recommend by local nurses. Excellent. Will go back!!


Love this place. If you haven't been GO! The food portions are huge and everything always taste great.


Really like this place! Went there looking for a Reuben sandwhich. They call it the #1 at Cindi's. Tasted great and the service was excellent. The server who waited on me, Julianne, is pretty too :-) -Steve

Derek Little

Very friendly staff

Robyn Delahunt

Best variety of breakfast and lunch choices in the metroplex. Huge portions of yummy food and the absolute best biscuits in town! Cindi's has multiple locations but trust me, don't leave one Cindi's due to the wait time to go to another Cindi's thinking the wait will be shorter, because it won't! Find out why Cindi's is worth the wait!

Shawn Cohen

I'm a big fan of the Cindi's on North Central bit when I got food at this location, the quality was quote different, especially the pickles, which are a personal favorite. If you can visit another Cindi's by all means do so.

Rhonda Godwin

I had never had Matza Ball soup. It was delish!!!! I will definitely be back. Reminds me of a New York Deli with Jewish influence. Great place.

John Bandy

Prices are too high. Cornbeef no flavor ! Sad! Used to be a nice spot Cornbeef Sandwich

ray simpson

Very good spot for a sit down breakfast.

April Schedule

Good food! Quaint and quiet.

Brittany Holmes


Jonah Wise

American food here - super good. This place has an awesome atmosphere. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Michelle Jones

Gabriella was so sweet and courteous, great food and fast service! Check out the bakery!!!!

Gage Romero

Best Reuben I’ve had!

Evelyn Walker

American food... awesome. Great ambiance & decor. I'll return with my friends. The bill was average for the menu. My apartment is far from here, so I can't visit often.

Burt Wilson

Great NY feel and tasty meals.

CR Rodriguez

This use to be the best "New York Style" Ruben. Pastrami on Rye. But this last time, it seemed the meat was way to fatty and the kraut seemed off. But as far as I know the breakfast is still great??

Brendan Glascock

They need better bread. All of their choices (especially sourdough, which is usually my favorite) just taste like store-bought loaves. Servers also have a tendency to give you the wrong bread. Everything else is great, though.

Anne Zuniga

This place was amazing....Great food, great service.

Terence Wood

Great place in Dallas for breakfast. So many choices to house from. I had the eggs and hashbrowns plus great sausage patties. I took the blue berry strudel to go and that desert is just awesome later I the day when your hungry. Stop in when your near or bring a party they have pmebty of space.

Scott Gregor

Great breakfast Sun and planning the day!

Cameras Video Lenses & More

The food was ok, we had a great time there with family and friends, server was great! But I bought bagels to go, and they asked me TWICE, what type I wanted, I said 4 blueberry, 2 egg, and 2 cinnamon, then they said 4 egg and two blueberry? I said no 4 blueberry and 2 egg. Well I get home, and only 2 BLUEBERRY 4 egg!! Grrrr the universe is cruel sometimes!

Brian Lewis

GREAT place for a NY Deli style meal. We shared a Hot Pastrami sandwich with potato salad... which was DELICIOUS!!!


Great sandwich. The meat was moist. For my taste, the meat, potato salad and pickles could use a tad more salt. But I would return for the quality of the meat and the great service.

Linda Roberts

Great food, great service! A real New York style deli.

Ken Wing

Love coming here for breakfast !!!!

M att

Great breakfast spot and the specials they have (should you arrive that early) are just that good.

Salah Bakharji

Great Reuben I found in Dallas

Yesenia Navarro

I came here for the breakfast and everything tasted so home made and delicious. I did have to wait 45 minutes to be seated but it was understandable for a Saturday morning. Was definitely worth the wait.

Larry Ross

Don't often find a decent NY style deli outside NYC. This place definitely fit the description. Good food, decent quantity. Decent service. I grew up in NYC so I know what I'm talking about.

Emma Jenkinson

Had the veggie melt and sweet potato fries. Very tasty, would definitely recommend. Service was also very good and they have lots of great lunch/brunch menu options. Good hearty food.

Jenny Broadway

Was great as always! It is our go to when everyone wants a different type of food.

David Wiese

Very good food, always reminds me of NY!

Danai Rinacke

Great food, reasonable prices, quick service. All your NY deli favorites.

Armando Valdez

Excellent deli sandwiches kosher and non kosher and outstand breakfast..special attention to the pastries

Shequita S.

This place was clean and service was fast. Food was good as well.

Roxana Molina

Love their danishes ❤️

Karl Boss

Great place good is good staff is good. Get a slice of cheese cake. Oh it's good same with the carrot cake. Great big bagels too.

donna denson

Wonderful place Wonderful place. Great food. Love it!

Justin Campbell

Cindi´s is such an awesome place! The atmosphere is very awesome here. The waiters and waitresses are extremely professional and welcoming. Their food is super good, my favorite is the Beef stew with cornbread. Everything is good that i have tried, especially their desserts (banana pidding is my favorite). Definitely give it a try!

Jenny Finch

This deli impressed me in the past but has had poor food and service lately. Today I got room temperature bacon that had been sitting around for an unknown amount of time. Even the simple waffle was bad. I used to like this place for the variety and service.



Ken Arceneaux

Very friendly staff! The food is excellent breakfast or lunch but I'm partial to the corn beef hash.

Jim Frisby

What a great example of authentic NY style deli. Great food, baked goods, bagels, beverages and service.

Laura Talavera

Omg!! Delicious... the Reuben sandwich is my favorite. Our server Juanita was excellent, thank you!

Leah Hoben

Great food. Chicken and dumplings are "like my mom used to make." The clam chowder is also perfect on a cloudy day.

Don Pridemore Jr

Great fast service, reliable kitchen! Consistent quality. Cindi's speaks for itself, but you have to have dessert! And this is probably the only reliable kitchen in the neighborhood to find a delicious Tuna Melt! #LifeIsDelicious

Jan Marcus

Great Jewish deli. Has all the food I grew up with including a great stuffed cabbage. Also love their chopped liver

Brandon Preston

I love this place! Transports me back to the east coast. Great food and amazing pastries.

Marco Alvarado

Food was very tasty, can be a bit pricey if you just want to buy pastries. Still the pastries are pretty good and service is friendly.

Patty Vardilos

Delicious breakfast any time day or night.

Natalie F

One of my favorite places to eat! Great food

David Margulies

Dependable, good food, excellent service. Reminds me of New York without the horrible accent.

Kyle Rainey

Good all day breakfast place in Dallas. Food is consistent and priced well. Weekends can be a bit of a wait and parking can be difficult.

David Dumler

Meat knish, potato pancake, stuffed cabbage combo was fantastic, authentic NY Deli, soup to nuts, do not miss it.

Kathleen Witt

It was my first time eating here and well worth it! My son and I both had the eggs Benedict which was awesome. We also each got a bagel with cream cheese and then ended up buying extra bagels from the deli to take home. They make their own salmon cream cheeses which had huge chunks of salmon that just the best I've ever had. Will DEFINITELY being back many times in the future!!

terri cline

Great food !! Large portions and reasonably priced !! Friendly sevice and hot food!!

Mike B

Always a great breakfast! The meal comes out hot. The service is right on point. Waiter kept our coffee refreshed. The rabbit wasn't bad, about 15 minutes, but if you get the late in the morning it can be much longer. There's a reason the pace is packed >>> GREAT FOOD.

Michael Peters

Good sandwiches and breakfast. A smidge on the pricey side but very tasty.

James Grusendorf

I got their Migas and Eggs Benedict delivered and the food was amazing. The eggs Benedict was "perfect" and the Migas had the perfect blend to create a dish I'll definitely be ordering again!

Andrea Macho

Great authentic NY Deli, all the kosher foods done well! Breakfast was awesome, looking forward to trying lunch and dinner.

LauraMay Sorkin George

This is my favorite location! It's only open for breakfast and lunch (others serve dinner), but I find the staff more attentive, and the food comes out as ordered, every time. I love the bagels, the matzoh ball soup, the patty melt, and they leave a coffee carafe on the table. It's casual and inexpensive.

Jesse Welch

Great food great service great strudel

sarah hester

Amazing atmosphere and wonderful menu. Good black coffee. Had a great time meeting a friend for breakfast.

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