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2601 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034, United States Located in: Stonebriar Centre

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REVIEWS OF Carlo's Bakery Frisco IN Texas

King Wah

Very good service. I go there to get treats for my employees every other week. The only reason i keep going back is because the workers know what they are doing. I run a business myself and I know good customer service when I see it. Keep up the good work

Jimi Mills

Bland flavors, things taste refrigerated for days. Best to go to another place.

Samar Aslam

Everything was really good, I'll be back!!

Instagram - foodieqt

Rainbow cake...

Larry Cassady

Great treat's

Brian McClure

Overpriced and Not very good at all. Even if it was less expensive it's not worth it. Just simply not very tasty

Denise Lujan

I only tried the regular cannoli because I was curious what the fuss was about and it was the only item in the Dallas location that received decent reviews. Apparently, people in the Northeast wait hours for this item. I must say it was pretty sorry. Nothing impressive at all and it cost me $4! So sad as I love the show. But I guess they are just famous for making awesome LOOKING cakes but not for making tasty treats. I still love Buddy as a person.

Rhino Standburg

So I went over there for just a cannoli but then the staffed Showed me their cannoli box. I got that instead they also referred to me their pumpkin donuts which I greatly appreciate because both the cannoli and the donut were very delicious 10 out of 10 would eat there again

María González

Carol Braxton

Luz Carazut

cami rep

Kevin Madden

Wish it was one of the actual bakeries but they have a lot to choose from

BigHoss 9700

Eric Moyer

Best canolies and lobster tails ever!!!

Angelica Carlisle

Great service, delicious food, always a must when I visit this mall :)!

Brenda Janell Skipworth

Quoc Viet

Alexandra Acord

My husband and I were craving a late night treat. We arrived at 8pm, an hour before close. There weren’t very many options available, which I completely understand with it being late and it being Labor Day. I struggled to order because everything available looked good. I picked out a slice of salted caramel cake. The cake was way too dense and the cream and caramel filling was too sweet. The frosting didn’t taste like much; almost waxy. I’m assuming the cake is dense to accommodate the thick lays of caramel and cream. This piece of cake was a three layer cake. The cake by itself was a nice angel style cake. Unfortunately there was no contrast in any of it. The whole thing was sweet and dense. I would have liked either light fluffy filings/and saltier filings or a light fluffy cake to go with the filings. Also the frosting really was just awful. No words to describe it other then it tasted like a sweet crayon. If that even makes any sense at all. Sorry Carlo’s! Maybe I’ll go back to try the cannoli. Can’t go wrong with that right?

jesus mena

Brian Tracy

How good was it really going to be?...It's inside a mall. It's average mall pastries. Canoli was good but not mind blowing. Definately not worth the extra money you pay for the brand name. Maybe it's a hit in NJ but it's run of the mill here in Texas. Once the fan fare wears off it will be interesting to see how long it lasts...Nothing that has been in that location at Stonebriar has managed to last very long.


People are actually complaining about pastries? What's wrong with you people? Actually angry about a cannoli and cupcakes? This is hilarious. Okay so it's great. Just eat there. I work in the mall and their service has always been great. If people are getting mad about pastries you need to get your priorities in line. LOL

David Shea

I love all of the sweets at Carlos bakery, especially the cannolis and the cream horns! Aranza was so helpful and courteous to me! She definitely gets a five star rating as well!! :)

Armando Rossi

Yummy pastries

Michelle Austin

The chocolate cannoli was what I expected from the northeast. So yummy!

Keira Mendoza

Lost One

Edward Moreno

Jill I Archer

I bought various flavors of cupcakes, almond cookies and several cakes three times since they opened. The tiramisu cake tastes of cream and nothing else (no espresso taste). The mousse cake was great the first time, serving two. Three weeks later the cakes are half the size, barely serving one.The cookies and cupcakes are good, but very overpriced. Everything is fresh and the staff is okay. I think I'll stick with La Madeleine.

Jack Cox

Their cannoli rivals that which I bought in Napoli, Italy! Their cookies are amazing too.

Libby Buie

Terrible, terrible customer service, 17 minutes in line, 5 customers deep and did not purchase do to terrible team. They did not have any since of urgency.

Mike Brad

Be prepared to gain weight and enjoy some awesome cake and pastry items. Coffee cake is amazing.

Nadia C

Four of us shared a cannoli. It was rich and sweet for three of us and the fourth person found it incredibly delicious. The guy at the counter was nice and patient. I'll go again but I'll skip the cannoli.

Andrea Wheeler

Kricket Staley

Matilda Krope

Sanjeev Sivakumar


Everything was small and expensive but it did taste good

Jose Vivas

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) Delicioso

Wayne Beninger

Carlos penichefrancodesign

(Translated by Google) Very delicious !!!!!!! (Original) Riquísimo!!!!!!!

Omarious Fann

Freaking AWESOME. ARANZA is the best manager every. The way her team operated to quick get everyone through the line was incredible. The Cream Horn was fantastic.

Jesse S

First let me say that I'm not some kind of pastry connoisseur. I eat cupcakes from Walmart and Kroger. The food I got here was inedible. It was so bad I threw it away after tasting it. I got a cannoli and cupcake. The filling in the cannoli tasted like week-old pancake batter (the kind you make from a mix in a box and add water). It was gritty and mealy as if made by someone who's never made food before. I tasted it and threw it away. Then I had a cupcake with cookie frosting. It tasted like someone took low-fat whipped cream and added crushed oreo cookie too it. It had both a bad taste and bad texture. Threw it straight into the trash.

Shamaila Ayub

Unfortunately their products at this location do not live up to their reputation. Every time I have bought something from here, the cakes are tasteless and the products just seem dry. It’s a huge shame, because I don’t think this location will survive here in the mall if they do not improve and raise standards. The cakes tasted out of this world in their New York locations. A huge difference in quality!

Queen Maree

Read the reviews. ALL of them. Cakes are NOT fresh. They are refrigerated and dry. They taste stale and have too much frosting that ruins the taste on top of the staleness and dry taste. I paid $7 for one cake that was horrible. I threw the rest away. I wish I could get a refund. Rating this place 1 Star is being generous. It doesn’t deserve that. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money. The display cakes will make you want to order but remember those are just display. Cheddars has great cake. Go there instead.

Zachary Wheeler

Disappointing. We tried a lobster claw and a cheese danish and both were underwhelming. The cheese on the danish had no flavor and was the consistency of pliable wax. The lobster claw was SO stuffed with sickeningly sweet filling that you could barely taste the pastry...which was more like the consistency of a cracker that puff pastry.

Sergio Mendez

I'm not a coffee drinker but my girlfriend love coffee. But I'll tell you what. The little cake's are super delicious! You have to try the Dark chocolate little cake as well as the white chocolate cake. Trust me you'll love it.

Peter Brokish

Went on a Friday night around 8pm. Line wasn't too bad. Tried the cheesecake, vanilla cupcake, red velvet cupcake, and M&M with chocolate chip cookie (there wasn't much left in terms of choices). Cheesecake was dry, not that flavorful and overall not impressed for the $7+ cost. Red velvet cupcake was dry but did have good flavor. The vanilla cupcake was dry and had ZERO flavor. The icing didn't taste like anything. The only "good" thing there was the M&M cookie. But for $3 not worth the price or wait in my mind. Checked the box. Not going to be a return customer, that is for sure I'm sorry to say.

Betsey Edmondson

Yris Moreno

I don’t like

Stephanie Hernandez

Lindsay Molepske

We went around lunch time and there was no wait. The cannoli was the worst I have ever had. The ricotta tasted sour like it had gone bad. I'm not sure if their refrigerated case isn't working properly or they if used expired products. I definitely will not be going back and cannot recommend this place to anyone...especially those who know their Italian pastries.

April Jones

Service was great, cupcakes were dry and didn’t have much flavor. Too hyped.

Chris Cerdio

Andrew Del Principe

Al Stelly

It was a great first experience! The lines can get long, but I lucked out with timing! I was able to walk up and receive service right away. The treats were fantastic and my daughter loved it! Is she approves, I'm a happy dad! Check this place out!

Raul Hernandez

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Bridget Leonard

Amanpreet Dua

worst customer service!! waited for 45 minutes in line with only 6 people waiting ahead of me. The employees were just busy in talking and laughing with themselves. Carlos's bakery franchisee owners really need to train their staff.

Eric Jang

Overpriced and lacked flavor. Also very expensive for low quality desserts.

omi iya

Ishaq Aslam

I stop by whenever I have the chance just to get a Pecan Wedge and sometimes I get the Oreo Lobster Tail. There’s nothing better than eating a crunchy pastry stuffed with Oreo Cream

Raul Valenzuela

(Translated by Google) Good product (Original) Buen producto

Frank Junio

I like waiting in long lines...I enjoy lousy customer service and dirty looks from the employees. In fact, I enjoy stale cake and even cannoli and cookies too !!! Now, if you were a real Jersey bakery you would sell Jersey hard rolls.....Sesame, poppy seed or plain !!!! I'll get the butter. In Linden, N.J. we would wake up early and go to the bakery and bring them home hot. I'm sure you sell some good stuff, but not Jersey hard rolls...GOOGLE : Jersey hard rolls.

Ravi Kunapareddy

I ordered birthday at the time of valentines special cake, it is delicious and the best cake I ever had. Thank you to the owner who accepted my request and made it special

Madeline Brychta

The lobstsr tails are getting smaller.

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