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Betty Rogers

OMG I love this place and anything you get I promise you will love it. The butter cookies and pecan sandies are the bomb. I gain wait just thinking about this place. What is intriguing about this place is it use to be a church. The staff is wonderful and there is lots of room for seating if you want to eat there as well. This place is so good I will go out of my way to go there.

Ajaz Syed

Used to be a church Good service Big and mini pies Tasty treats

James DelBuono

Don't know what the food taste like. Could not get past the ordering process because they had an issue putting a band logo on a cake for a 9 year old. Decide to order else where.


Bought a cake for my son's birthday. Looked great in the box. Upon taking it our it was not level! Cake was also mediocre .

Carol McFarland

My go to bakery, I love all the holiday cookies!! And I go there weekly. They always have a wide variety of all sorts of baked goods! The staff that waits on me are always very helpful, and friendly. Don't forget to to drop your tip in the bucket. These ladies get up super early to bake all these sweet treats.

Angelica Velez

I am very disappointed.. I have gone to this bakery about two to three times and have always loved the food .. Today I had meeting to look and order my wedding cake .. I had an appointment also to do cake tasting .. Let me just say from the being they dropped the ball..I had set this appointment up 2 weeks prior and I told them that it was me and 2 other people coming they said us at the single table that barely had room for us the young lady that was helping us was extremely unprofessional the whole entire time kept convincing us to try and go into somewhere else to get cake done at one point even had the nerve to say that we can do my bride and groom's cake a cupcakes for each other.. after all was said and done I was still trying to give the store benefit of the doubt and we went on to the cake tasting we tried over 13 different flavors and each and every one of them was worse than the other I have gone to several cake taste over the last few weeks to determine my wedding cake and by far this is the only one that I have tried every single one of their flavors that they offer and they were all disgusting the chocolate was old on the cake some of the cake tasted old it was just very disappointing...I felt that for my whole time there we was not treated the best way we should have been especially since I was trying to do a total 3 cakes from my wedding . I would it give a neg star if I could .. Very disappointing ...

Jeff Shores

I can't speak to any of the desserts, but the sandwiches are terrible. Over-priced, very small amount of meat, and just not good overall. You wouldn't think someone can screw up a sandwich but the two times I've had one there they sure did.

Taylor P

I love this place. I’ve been getting my cakes here for birthdays for the past 6 years I love it!

John Hine

Set up a appointment for last Saturday for wedding cake tasting. The bakery called and reschedule the day of for this week So when we show we are told that we are not scheduled and would be able to talk about it and not anything else. They brought out there appointment book saying we weren't schedule for either week even though all were written in pencil with eraser marks we still had they voicemail of the reschedule. They are ill prepared and irresponsible. I had to miss 2days of work to be there. Even if they had the best cake in the world I still would not ever us them.

Terri Karaffa

Everything looked amazing but selection was light for a Saturday!

Marylou Oropeza

Their donuts are so delicious!! The service there is amazing and very friendly too!! Thank you so much!

Rema Rhone

Good stuff. Friendly service

Ashley Gray

This place has great cheap cookies! please take care bogus now hiring sign down though you guys are never hiring yet that sign has never been taken down...

Fred Brandon

Good quality but limited menu selection.

Tom C

Excellent bakery

HelloX Jaide

Everything I've had from this bakery has been absolutely delicious. Blue Bonnet made my grandaughters 13th birthday cake and it was exquisite. Definitely try this place. You wont be disappointed.

Juan Perez

It is amazing if you have not tried it you should make some time to go try it.

Robert Trammel

Some of my favorite donuts.. best treats.. awesome building

John Bacon

Great cakes and desserts. I bought my Pi Day pie here :)

Preston Franks

Great service and food.

Dana Ellis

I had their chicken salad salad it had to be the worst chicken salad I ever ate in my whole entire life I took one bite of it and flipped it off my salad. My chicken salad put theirs to shame and it is way overpriced. I will never go there again I only gave them three stars because it's Christmas

Dan Holsapple

Great selection of bread and pastries

Jay Gee

Best place ever

Andy Hockenbrock

Perfect spot for king cake. Multiple flavors as well.

deborah Parada

Such a cute bakery! It's a great place for a girl get together!

Ben Robinson

Love the cookies. They donate leftovers.

William Houser

A great and unique place. A beautifully original location, both inside and out. Great sandwiches and baked goods. If you're ever in the area and looking for a good bakery, look no further.

Mauro Gutierrez

Favorite bakery 10 years +


Such a great place! We love it. They did our wedding cake and we loved everything about it. Esp. Dorothy with walking us through the process. Each time we had to visit, we got something and it was always good.

Misty Martel

The cupcakes are quite tasty. I didn't try the other pastries there at the location just based on their presentation. The pastries and cookies there look like something you make in your own kitchen nothing too special about them. We were disappointed that we couldn't get sweet tea even though that's what we ordered. The location is in an old church and I think that the owners could do much more with a space than what they have done it's just a little dull and it doesn't make you want to stay to enjoy the scenery.

Ashlee F

Helpful staff. Efficient line. Adorable cookies made to order. I ordered cookies and the team met a quick turn around. The cookies were adorable and tasty and added to the decor for my event. Best of all, they were affordable! I will be using Blue Bonnet again!

Sandra Magers

Bluebonnet was recommended to us by a local shopkeeper. Housed in a beautiful former church building, it is a cozy and comfortable oasis in a busy city! I had the cinnamon coffee and the best pastry ever! Staff are friendly, helpful and gracious and prices are good, as well. We will definitely return! This is a lovely restaurant in Fort Worth that you don't want to miss!

G Mews

First time there since they moved to the current location. Met a friend there and really looked forward to it. Neither order was correct and they gave my friend's food to the wrong person at first. The chicken salad was not at all as presented in the menu description, no pecans or celery, just plain boring unseasoned chicken salad, tasted like it came from a can. We both ordered pie, pecan and cherry, because that was all that was available. (We were there about 11:30 and there was very little except cookies and a few cakes and the mini pies in the display case). The cherry was tart and very good, the pecan was fair (very little filling). Hopefully they were just having a bad day. We'll try it sometime later, but unless it's improved we won't go back.

Katrina Warren-Lake

Cozy atmosphere, pleasant employees, yummy pastry

Kimberly Urquhart

I ordered the Award winning chicken salad. I'm not sure how it got that title, there wasn't anything amazing about it. Service is chaotic, not sure where to order, whether to seat yourself, what's going on. I tried a cookie, it was horrible. I also purchased some petit fours, they just tasted like pure sugar. Overall not impressed at all.

Paul C

A cute and tasty bakery with awesome prices!

Amy Cllwy

I love this bakery. It's been around for a very long time, and it is so nostalgic for me when I go back to Fort Worth. The baked goods are delicious and always fresh. I LOVE this bakery!

Dee Perez

Best buttercream icing in the world, petitfors or cake squares are always fresh & delicious. If taste is your priority then you should order here. They won't disappoint.

Leah Ashraf

I got married in 1983, my parents purchased my wedding cake from Bluebonnet Bakery. Now my daughter just got married 06.23.2018, I purchased her cake at Bluebonnet Bakery also. 35 years later her cake taste exactly like mine did. AWSOME!!!! Highly recommend.

Sarah Barnes

Amazing Italian cream cake!

Donnetta Roach

Oh my goodness, their cookies are heavenly!

chantia reeves

Was okay kind of had hopes of fancy looking cupcakes for my baby birthday like on the website but they were plain. Taste was okay


Were out of iced sugar cookies, big let down, what they did have was awesome

Don Barrington

Ben there several times & always found what I was looking for, good cookies.

Glorygee Gonzales

My only bakery for chocolate glaze donuts...mmm!

Kari Welker

I called at 6:45 a.m. and was told they could deliver and to call back when they opened at 7:00 a.m. I returned the call as asked at 7:01 a.m. and was told by a very rude representative that the truck was full for the day and they could not deliver. In turn, my order did not get placed and I had to go somewhere else.

Amanda Anderson

I have to say, I've been pretty disappointed with the customer service, especially from Naomi there. She is rude, snappy, and very disrespectful. We have ordered our wedding cake, many baby shower cakes, and we just ordered another custom cake from them, and this will be the last time we do this. There are far too many bakeries around to have to be treated this way.

Barbara Thomason

Great place to eat lunch or buy pastries.

Jan Henckell

Worst sandwich I’ve ever had. Took 2 bites and then looked to see the bacon on the BLT I ordered “to go” was almost raw, the lettuce looked very old and it was not toasted like I ordered. Chips were stale. Really? And you charge for food like that?

Kristen Dickens

I love the building being an lill old church and the baked goods have always been good. The customer service has room for improvement. Every time my mom and I go there the ladies always come across a lill snooty and like they could care less if you are there or not. Without your customers, you are nothing.

Mitch Wayte

My Dad gets a Birthday cake from BB every year!

Paul Dulaney

Love Blue Bonnet! I'm crazy for petit fours, and theirs are delicious! It's a very popular place, and first-come/first-serve, but that's not a strike against it...everything is delicious! I love the chicken salad sandwich with house chips for lunch, followed by a cookie or petit four. It's so fun since they moved into that old church building, too!

Rosicler Noble

Just went there for my grandmother's birthday because she wanted a cake and was craving a sandwich in the morning. I found this place online with a high rating, but now I'm guessing most of them are either fake (very popular these days) or very old reviews. I asked to the attendant if they had sandwiches and he said it was part of the lunch menu, which starts after 10 am. I replied that it was 10:07 am and he said it was ok. When we sat down, this lady called me and told me that lunch wasn't supposed to be served until 10:30, but I guess somebody else authorized it and we proceeded to order. I apologized because it was my first time there and I didn't know about the timings. Subsequently, I received what I call the "condescending customer service attitude" which is basically the "I'm annoyed with you but I still have to be nice" kind of treatment. In addition the food wasn't great. My gradmother's sandwich was cold with little meat on it and the chips were awfully hard. Chicken salad sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich and donuts were better but nothing exceptional. We left without buying the cake and we're definitively not coming back.

Jennifer Turney

I ordered a cake a week ago. I came to pick it up, they don't have it made, and as I am standing here they do not have he right order to the lady next to me either. Drove 20 miles out of my way to get it. Won't be doing it again.

Tex Nolan

Wasn't able to have exactly what we wanted on our cake. But they were great on taking the info and working with in their guidelines. Things we couldn't have is just icing on top, not the sides. Would not cut fresh fruit for the top either. Sliced strawberries and kiwi. We settled for their way, will post how it comes out.

Miranda Balduf

I love this bakery! Due to distance, I only use them for occasions when I need a cake. They never disappoint! I place a cake order 2-3 times a year, and they are always delicious, fresh and adorable! They are a great value to top it off. They could charge more, but I won't complain about that!

Laura Prater

Best cupcakes & pettifores around

Robert Foy

I consider myself a regular at Bluebonnet. Since moving to Fort Worth at the beginning of 2016 I've been getting my lunch there 2 or 3 times a week. On two occasions in the last few weeks I've arrived back to my office to discover that what was in my bag was not at all what I ordered. The first time I complained privately and I was reimbursed, but the second time it was simply annoying. I can only image that this happens quite often if it happened to me twice in two weeks. I like the concept of Bluebonnet, the food is good (when they get the order right), but the service has always been on the lackadaisical side, and just seems to be getting downright sloppy lately. If you get something to take away - from a sandwich to a wedding cake(!), you'll do yourself a big favor checking everything before you drive away. I know the folks at Bluebonnet want to do a good job - I hope this review concentrates their focus a bit more and other customers won't have to experience the same frustration and inconvenience.

Gina Di Veroli

Not bad but not amazing. Good cakes. Cookies are mediocre at best. But prices are really really reasonable.

Naomi Sifuentes

I LOVED BBB. First and foremost it's BEAUTIFUL. It was formerly a church and they redesigned it and it's so beautiful!! And the food is fantastic.

Tonya Mercer

We've been getting our daughter's birthday cakes from this place since she was 1 and they taste amazing...

Laila Wilcher

We had them make and deliver our wedding cake in late October. It was not only beautiful, but delicious and very affordable as well! We did a butter cream icing with almond cake on the bottom tier and Italian cream for the second tier. The cake tasting was also super fun!

Juan Reyes

Ok, try the jalapeño kolaches! I guarantee you will go back and get more. This place is a neighborhood classic, it used to be a church which gives it a cool old time vibe. Love to go in Saturday mornings and have coffee there (yes the coffee is surprisingly good).

Joe Marler

A true Fort Worth orginal. Awesome baked sweets!!!

Joey B

Food is normally good but the staff doesn't always do what you request. I've ordered items we specifically requested to be baked on the day of an event for maximum freshness and find out they baked the items a day or more prior to the event. That's okay if they informed you up front that they are unable to meet your request and that the items must be baked in advance, but that's not the case. When ordering they indicate it's not a problem and that the items will be baked that morning. If requesting to have an item baked the day of an event is important to you, make sure to get something in writing from the manager the day you make the order with some lingo about being refunded if they do not follow your request otherwise you're stuck. They are other bakeries in town so definitely check out your options based on your needs before selecting one. Thanks

Mary Vandecar

..the grill cheese was greasy..we could not get anyone to talk to us about our wedding cake while we were there..disappointing experience.

Vanessa Cervantez

I love everything I've tried!

Keri Lee

LOVE the folks at Blue Bonnet. You simply cannot go wrong with that chicken salad sandwich. Get it on the 7 grain bread, trust me!

Tom Mitzner

Best Old-Fashioned donut in town *It seems that was a one time event. Donuts not that good (thick and over cooked), customer service is minimal. ** Last time coming. Received 9/12 donut holes I paid for. Cant count to 12! Amazing stuff!

Eric Brown

The food is great...amazing chicken salad sandwich ! But as many other reviews state, the service is sub standard. In most cases, there are 3+ staff members at the counter but none of them are attentive.

Sarah Dennison

The employees were so sweet and kind when I picked up my order the other day. The cookies were delicious as well. I will definitely be back!

William Louthan

Great food and friendly service!!

Donna Pitt

The bread was dry. Otherwise everything was very good.

D'Arcy Stansberry

Placed order with over 36 hrs notice. Arrived to no cake; no record of the order, at all. Drove all the way from Southwest Dallas for nothing. 2 stars, because staff was very nice and offered a steep discount for a different cake.

Jeff Wilson

i had a chocolate frosting cake thing. it was just ok.

Cassandra Raley

Dorothy was so helpful and accommodating during our wedding cake tasting. We are so happy to have chosen them for our wedding cake! A post wedding review will be coming, but so far everything is amazing!


Terrible customer service. They will not work with you on designing a cake you want. Go somewhere that wants your business. They act like they don’t need your business here. They are an established bakery in Fort Worth that has let rude people work there. It’s a shame.


Friendly staff and great foof

Kevin McCallister

Fantastic! I told everyone about this place and still do!

Genie Mack

Still got it!! Good kolaches, blueberry donuts and easy get it yourself cinnamon coffee. I love getting up early to enjoy the morning here with friends and enjoying the rafters and stained glass windows. It’s a FW must!

Frank Bernal

My parents got many compliments on this beautiful 50th Anniversary cake, it was delicious too. (4 different flavors )

Paul Cozby

Best cookies, pastries and desserts in dfw. Everything is always delicious and the staff is always friendly. I don't get into Fort Worth much but I make sure to swing by here every time I do.


I placed an order for soup of the day and half sandwich. I said turkey the cashier heard tuna. When I seen the sandwich was wrong I said this is tuna but I asked my turkey. The cashier got immediately upset. Ready for an agreement. But I wasn't even made about the mistake! But she said no you asked for tuna I said no, Turkey. Again not mad. So she huffed off saying I know you said tuna, I know what I heard! It took me back, because, the sandwiches costed the same and she wasn't the one making the basic turkey, bread, lettuce tomato and no dressing sandwich. It was real weird. Besides that the chicken noodle soup had no noodles but the chicken was real good. I also had two cookies. They were ok. Anyway, for the record I work at the University down the street. And I so happen to order breakfasts/lunches/snacks and etc for our many, many events. I won't be using them.

PJT Productions

I love to have lunch here but their cookies and desserts that I have taken home aren't wonderful they're just okay

Jeff N

Cute place (former church). Custom cake. Delivered on time and decorated as requested.

Sandra Hart

First time I had been there. I bought sugar cookies and I was do disappointed they were not soft.

Melissa Thompson

Went the 2nd time in 2 week period thinking they were just having a bad day. The cheese and broccoli soup was like water and they forgot to bring it, so it was cold. The sandwiches came again on the wrong bread and the credit card machine was still not working. I will NOT BE BACK.

Walker Gore

I Freaking love this place it is the best place in town

Sam Carlile

The cookies are absolutely amazing but they were behind when I came to pick up my order and I ended up sitting for 25 minutes before they finally had everything boxed. I told them I was coming to pick up at 8 and that's what I did.

J. R.

Small and cute but very busy and loud. Food pretty good too. Its in an old church and the noise just echos all over the place. Staff is nice though.

Leah Hamrick

Great service and great food!

Linda Feldman

Good food, good people, great prices...have never been here before...will come again

Sherri Teeler

I love the bakery

Sarahy Rodriguez

Quaint and historic bakery. Tasty treats for all. We order all of our cakes from them and have always been very happy with the taste and texture of our cakes. People always rave about the cake flavor at our parties. Recently ordered a baby shower cake from them and have already placed an order for my brother/sister-in-law's wedding cake for June 2018.

Bryan Reese

Went into day to order two bday cakes for my college aged daughters. Had a budget of $500 - $1000, a seated lady looked at me and never said hello or smiled. After about one minute she finally stood up and went to the back room where the cakes are made I proceeded to wait until another very nice lady came out and asked to assist me when I told her I wanted to order two birthday cakes but she politely stated that I would have to make an appointment with the lady that was sitting in front of me earlier that never greeted me. Why would I make an appointment to see a completely rude and unprofessional employee who obviously had no interest in taking my money today. It is a shame that supposedly their cakes are so good yet their customer service is horrible. I proceeded to take my business to Susie’s cakes also in Fort Worth later today, had an absolutely incredible experience and actually saved some money in my budget. I would not recommend this establishment.

Kimberly Doofenhiemer

I only go to see that cute red head boy

Lmchic nonya

Upon arrival the treats on display appeared to be dry. I pre ordered a few treats for my daughter's high school graduation and they were delicious. Well the cupcakes were good which was German chocolate and red velvet. The petit fours were ok. But the customer service of my female server, maybe of Indian or Hispanic descent, I wish I would have gotten her name is what made me rate this place a 4. I asked about a military discount and she said yes then her taller white co-worker chimed in to disagree although military discounts were given to previous customers... I would suggest that the company initiates a standard military policy so that situations and confusion like this can be avoided. Either way, I will be recommending this company based off of the delicious cupcakes and great customer service skills of some to my Lockheed counter parts for future business such as Christmas parties. Etc.

Amanda Shearman

Such a great atmosphere! The employees are super sweet!! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Marcie Sanchez

I love the sandwiches!

Truman Fenton

This bakery is a gem that brings past and present together with charm. Petit fours are the perfect sweet. Chicken salad is great for lunch. Danish pulls parts (heated slightly) are great with breakfast. Cakes are just right: not artificial like a grocery store and not bland like a high-end hotel.

Jill Keith

Was ok

Charlotte Moore

Strawberry cake is delicious

Carl Pack

Great little bakery! Awesome breakfast and lunch options!

HLH Graphics

A birthday carrot cake was gifted to me by delivery & was wonderful with a friendly delivery person.

Regina Hathcock

The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The cookies are awesome and the prices are great. I highly recommend them

alisa walker

Great place and wonderful staff

Anita Lloyd

It's hard to get a better lunch in town at this price point. Also, they have tiny individual sized pecan pies that make you see Jesus after the 3rd bite. Pie subject to availability, of course.

Amanda Mize

So honestly makes me sad to give this bakery two stars. The past year i tried to give you guys benefit of doubt with customer service but it has been HORRIBLE. I had been a loyal customer since 2012. I had bought all my kids cakes from here but its now time to part ways with this bakery. The last two cakes i bought were either forgotten or i would never get a response back and also was charged the wrong amount. ( which,yes... was fixed) Someone behind the scenes is being very disorganized and or you as in the owner just need a completely new different staff in this bakery.

Randy Hilton

Eager to help me create a wonderful cookie tray for a reasonable price. Thanks!

Ron S

Best doughnuts in Fort Worth, maybe the metroplex. Nice building too (old church). Better if you get there earlier than later though as they can sell out of certain items.

Sheila M

Broccoli soup was grainy/gritty and sandwich wasn't that great

Rachel Rivera

OMG their turkey sandwich is the bomb & their homeade chips r so good. A peacefull place to sit & relax to have your Lunch. & Their deserts r to die for..all the workers are all wonderful people.very polite.would recommend this place to everyone..will keep going back!!!

Jana Boardman

Very friendly. Great baked goods. Cookies are awesome. Plenty to pick from and will take special orders. Beautifully iced cakes. Long history in the area.

Anita Thomure

I try to go there as much as I can. I ordered my wedding cake from them, it was beautiful, they were helpful in placing it in the car. It's my go to place for any special baked goods. The staff works hard and are very good.

Cameka Clark

Completely disgusted with this business. Completely a cake tasting and ordered my wedding cake from this company. Was extremely pleased and excited. Two weeks before my wedding I was called and informed they were unable to do my wedding cake. They made mistake and booked the event during a period were they would be closed. I am completely frantic and devastated. They offered me a apology and a refund and now I am stuck looking for a bakery 2 weeks before my wedding. Horrible business practice, worst experience.

John Holt

Had the tuna salad sandwich which in the past was always very good. This time no avocado and very little tuna. Customer service was not that great either. Homemade chips were hard as a rock. Will not be going back.

Andrew Weatherford

A Fort Worth mainstay. I can remember peering through the glass case in the early 80s. Absolutely nothing has changed in taste, quality, and service. The Italian Cream cake is pure deliciousness!

jose martinez

Really charming atmosphere inside this converted church. The pastries are delicious. The sandwiches with home made chips are an absolute get on your lunch.

Mona H

Very nice bakery. Sampled wedding cakes that were good. Petit fours too sweet!

David F

Great baked goods including cakes, cookies and breads. Lunch sandwiches are served with their homemade breads. Homemade potato chips are crispy and a nice addition to lunch. Staff is always friendly and plentiful.

Tomi Huff

I love the building, and the donuts, cakes and cookies, as well as the coffee are all delicious. This is a unique and wonderful bakery!

Erin Smith

Bluebonnet Bakery is the best bakery in Fort Worth. It's my absolute favorite !

zac carey

Good cakes

Carol Moran

Historic and always great

Dee Godbout

Really neat..Bldg. previously a church...Awesome pastry...

Brooke Wilson

I've created a Blue Bonnet monster! She loves it!!

Alan Smith

Best Ever. Really Good!

Jan Magnuson

Very friendly staff, delightful lunch & bakery treats.

Laura Grubb

Greet meeting spot for lunch. Great selection of cookies.

Dayna Paul

If it weren't for the prices, I would rate this Bakery of 5. It's a little expensive but worth the money. If it were a little cheaper I could treat myself there more often. I am typically not a chocolate eater but they had samples at these little chocolate cupcakes. They were so fabulous but I just wanted more. That's impressive if somebody can make something out of chocolate that I love.

Ashley Gordon

Went their for my 37th birthday dessert

Dianne Dungann

Better since they moved. Cupcakes are awesome, service sucks

norma garcia

Truly melt in your mouth sand tarts. Petit fours are delicious.

Sherry Moore

Reasonably priced cookies.

Sarah Wright

Pecan pie is delish

Dana k

Great customer service.

Randal Woods

Beautiful building, delicious "homemade" desserts, and amazing prices!

Cheryl Lemme

Wonderful sandwich.

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