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REVIEWS OF Bird Bakery IN Texas

Shelli Anderson

I was excited to finally try Bird Bakery and especially the cupcakes! We went for an early lunch and the atmosphere is cute and the service was great. Food was just ok. Had a sandwich. Nothing special about it. I ordered a half dozen different cupcakes to take home. My family and I were really disappointed. The cupcakes were very dense and dry with little flavor. Sorry Bird Bakery... I won't be going back.

Mike Alpert

Great little Bakery off of Broadway. Lots of good selection when it comes to Bakery Goods. I also have a section for wedding cakes that looks very exceptional. I had the pecan pie and the apple pie along with a few other cupcakes. All we're good and I really liked the pecan pie the crust was very flaky and buttery. I also like how they used a toaster oven instead of a microwave to heat things up. Worth checking out

Fernanda Barajas

Bird bakery was the best, the service was awesome.We ordered a California sandwich it was so so delicious. The best thing was the cupcakes, The best one was the award winning carrot cake. The peach cobbler was warm and so good

ian plunkett

Beautiful and fresh. I can't wait to bring my friends!

M. Rigsby

Gorgeous decor and very helpful and kind workers made this an amazing place. The menu was unique and delicious. I would recommend this over the other places i’ve tried in SA any day.

Antonio Ruiz

Best sandwiches and cookies in town! My girlfriend and I are here all the time. She and I love the california turky sandwich. I will also usually have one of their monster cookies.

Joshua Schrieber

Bird Bakery is the best bakery in town. I go there for lunch with my girlfriend and we both order the California turkey sandwich. It's absolutely to die for. The homemade lemonade adds a nice touch. We always end up walking out of there with sweets too. Try the cupcakes. We think they're the best.

Erin Bailey

I haven't been here in person but I was given an oatmeal cranberry pecan cookie from here and was really good! This was a much more flavorful and pleasant experience than a bird bakery I experienced in Dallas.


Gorgeous place!! Its a little place tucked away off Broadway but it's worth the drive. They have savory delights and a bakery of sweet goodies. I tried the chocolate chip cookie with walnuts, the molasses cookie, and the Mexican hot chocolate brownie, all delicious. But my favorite was the luscious lemon bar!

Tracy Curtis

This is nice friendly and cozy bakery. The cupcakes are delicious. Must warn you they are heavy but very good. I tried to eat two in one setting but couldn't. Highly recommended.

Brightone Nik

Affordable food, friendly staff & relaxing quirky venue. Great for a date or business meeting. Large #latte ($3.5) bran #muffin ($3.5) +tax. Healthy muffins, pop-overs are an interesting concept and delicious. Bus from CBD passes near on #Broadway. Clean restaurant with free Wi-Fi. Clean toilets. Definitely worth a try.

Rebecca Swegle

Bird bakery is such a cute small cafe. We have been there several times and it usually feels a little clausterphobic because getting into the line to order means going across the tables where you eat. So, people don't really want to eat at those tables by the line. A few of the cupcake flavors are truly amazing and unique. The salted caramel is one where you usually can't go wrong. However, more often than not lately the cupcakes are dryer than at other times and because of the unique crumb style they achieve in baking, they seem quite coarse, much like eating cornbread, but at other times they seem extra moist. So, there may be some luck involved in getting the right batch. Most people probably wouldn't notice, but for those of us who are truly obsessed with certain cupcakes, there can be disappointments in quality. For breakfast, the quiche is absolutely delicious in the center, but it doesn't have a good crust at all-- in place of a real crust it uses a really seedy bread that is just weird crunching with the creamy filling. For lunch the nutella sandwich is identical to grilled cheese, but with nutella inside instead. The difference is, the grilled cheese tastes great with the salt and pepper chips they serve, but all the pepper on them really ruins the nutella sandwich flavor. Even though it is a cupcake shop, which is kid friendly by nature, there isn't really a kid-friendly meal menu for the little ones.

Keiska KNB

The best. Quality food and drinks. The cupcakes are the best ive ever had. My little sis got her birthday cake from here and it was so good.

Michele Jimenez

Delicious as always. The spinach asparagus grilled cheese was heaven.

Dorothy Srembo

Love their sandwiches and pastries. Wish their chairs were a little more comfortable for my aging bones. Nice selection of soups also. Definitely recommend this eatery. Staff are all very helpful too. A nice Alamo Heights business!

Kate Wegerson

Was only going here for the treats (sea salt PB bars and monster cookies) which are amazing, but then decided to try the sandwiches... Definitely a great idea. Everything they serve is delicious.


Delicious brunch/lunch. The soup was nice and flavourful and the sandwiches were very hearty. I had the tarragon chicken sandwich and it was very good. If you don’t want too much mayo, make sure you specify it. Nice decor, as well.

Karla Rivera

The place is cute but super cold!!! The banana pudding was okay not to die for .. I can't believe that they run out of sodas!!!! So I have to leave to get a soda for someplace else and for almost $40 for late lunch I think is ridiculous so disappointed.


My husband ordered some cupcakes here for my birthday and they were so lovely. He told them I like chickens and to make them cute, and wow did they deliver!! I almost didn't want to eat them because they're just so precious. But eat them I did, and they were just as tasty as they were cute. I got strawberry vanilla and carrot cake flavors. Both were absolutely excellent. Moist, flavorful batter and frosting that was sweet, but not overbearing. The carrot cake batter had actual bits of carrot in it and the strawberry frosting had bits of fresh strawberry (like you might see when you press fruit through a sieve), so it was all very clearly made fresh. Awesome experience, awesome cupcakes. Thanks for making my birthday sweet. :)

Tamara Shannon

Cute place. Food was ok, but pricey. We had a muffin and breakfast sandwich, both good but nothing I couldn’t find cheaper at another bakery. The mix they sell, prepackaged, is really good. I’ll prob go back to try some other options.

JJ Coop

California Turkey Sandwich is a most

Angela M. Mora

The atmosphere is chic, the staff is very attentive, and I love this place has gluten-free selection for cupcakes and lunch options.

Laura Osorio Feregrino

My favorite place. Love the red velvet cupcake and coffee !!!

Briana Martinez

The best bakery in town for all your baked needs. I would highly recommend this place! Its a great place to take your family for lunch, and it is an amazing choicenfor your custom baked needs!

Eve Smith

Bird bakery has a nice variety of cupcakes, they also have a cupcake of the month that is usually really good. I think my favorite was the Lavender cupcake...really good. They make a molasses cookie that melts in your mouth, I really think I like it better than the cupcakes. They serve lunch as well, and I will say that I am a sandwich lover, I will seek out a good sandwich from far far away, I love the California club and even the tuna salad is really good. Any cake that I have ever ordered has been very good. The decorations are so awesome! The one negative thing that I will say is that the service is kinda and notoriously slow.

Cat Ness

Parking lot does get full around the lunch hour. Very cute inside. The cupcakes are so delicious. They offer gluten free as well.

Rose Mata

I have been visiting Bird Bakery periodically for the last 4 years. It seems as though the product was much better when they first opened. I was in the area and decided to stop by yesterday. I purchased 2 peanut butter chocolate cupcakes $7.00, and 2 seasonal St. Germain cupcakes $6.50, frosting on the latter is too sweet. All four cupcakes were very dry and dense. I do not believe management samples their product because if they did they would have better quality control. It does not seem as though they were baked that day. I asked the staff member and she assured me they were but anyone who loves cake knows when it was baked. If it was baked that day the baker is over mixing the batter and that is why the cake is too dense. It is such ashame because if Bird Bakery is going to be charging those prices everything should be fresh that day, and the day old product should be at a reduced price. The oatmeal cranberry cookies are still so good the only downside is $6.50 for 2 cookies. They are good but trust me not that good. For that price there should be 3 cookies included. After all these years of going to this establishment I believe there are better quality cupcakes elsewhere and will not be going back to Bird Bakery anytime soon. Unless product improves. **In the years past I have had a few of the sandwiches and they are good, but not consistent with amount of product in sandwich. Seems like they tend to give regular customers more than the customer just stopping by for a bite. I really hope management improves at delegating better food preparation and quality.

Drew B.

Everything is totally overpriced ,cupcakes are small and pie is even smaller .U have either 1 got too be trying too impress someone in some strange way are into throwing money away because this place has no value what so ever.


Finally got a chance to pop in here!! So cute!!! And the lattes are a tad pricy, but what place isn’t.


First time here! Food was outstanding! Fresh and delicious comfort food! Will definitely be back to try new items!

Nancy Ortiz

Great bakery for families. We waited too long to get our lattes, but it was worth the wait because the latte was really good.

madeleine masterson

Food was good and service also.

Patsy Saenz

Very good pastries

J Madison

I was on the hunt for fresh peach cobbler & found Bird's on Google. It has probably been one of the best Google suggestions I've ever gotten. Bird's had a large assortment of pastries. Everything was fresh, made from scratch & reasonably priced. They also have food. We were here after we had lunch, but intend to go back for the food. The customer service was amazing. The staff was friendly, courteous & helpful. It has that Chick-fil-a customer service vibe, with better ambiance. The mini cupcakes were delicious. The honey cheesecake boggled the mind with its sheer decadence, big flavors & plain appearance. The cobbler had fresh peaches; that still had some crunch to them. The cobbler too looked unassuming, but was fantastic. There is no picture of cobbler, because we took these waiting for my cobbler to be heated. Bird's was a great finish to our soul food Sunday, because their desserts definitely make your soul happy!

Christie Leal-Sanchez

This place is AMAZING!! It has it's own special feel. The staff is extremely kind & everything taste great & looks splendid! I highly recommend you stop by and see for yourself. I recommend the coffee ☕.

Brittani Chaffin

The bakery itself is so cute and has a great atmosphere! I tried the fresh strawberry and fresh coconut cupcakes and they were both delicious! It was also more affordable than I thought it would be considering the owner’s fame. I can’t wait to go back!

Stephanie Cisneros Hofstetter

I went in today and grabbed a variety of cupcakes and monster cookies. Super cute shop! Everything was so delicious! It tasted so fresh so you know it was freshly made. Staff was super kind and not a long wait at all. I am looking forward to going back.

Bill Flaugher

Planning to go there soon, first time.

Yoon Hwang

Nice cafe

Jessica Keating

If you have ever thought an apple pie is so simple there isn't really anything you could do to set it apart from any other apple pie, think again. In appearance alone, this mini apple pie is perfectly unique. The flavor is out of this world. Combine this with the rustic chic decor and a small town ambiance and you have the quintessential example of a quaint little bakery. Love, love, LOVE!

Robert VanBurg

OMG this place was amazing! Food is on point! 10/10 I'll come back

Debby Rektorik

Wonderful bakery with excellent food and service. Setting is casual charming. Yes, they have lots of good cupcakes but the cookies and lemon bread are exceptionally good. It's fun to find all the bird themed dishes and accessories inside.

David and Ruthie Wu

I had long heard about Bird Bakery and its famous owners but didn't have a chance to visit until the other day. My husband and I had dinner close by and I was wanting something sweet. In searching online, I saw that Bird Bakery was close by. It was close to the end of the day so I called to make sure they hadn't run out of sweets to sell. It definitely looked like they were still well-stocked. I was initially looking at the jams that they were selling and had asked if they were locally made. Unfortunately the gals behind the counter didn't know for sure so I decided against them. I saw their menu of their cupcake flavors - so so many of them! From other reviewers, I had remembered reading about the Elvis one. Definitely ecstatic to see that they had mini cupcakes and in most of the flavors as the large ones. I bought a half a dozen variety - chocolate peanut butter, Elvis, Seasonal (strawberry lemonade), strawberry, chocolate strawberry and red velvet. The Corrigan coffee cookie looked very tempting so I got that too. The mini cupcakes were divinely delicious. The reason for the 4 stars is that I felt the mini cupcakes were on the pricey side. Loved the glitter sprinkles though! Surely an occasional treat! I saw that they serve salads and sandwiches so may have to go back and try that some time.

Rene Vasquez Jr

First visit. Great atmosphere. Excellent pastry selection and good coffee. We had the apple pie. Highly recommend this establishment. Eat local! Eat it often!

Loretta Lott

This place is amazing

carla zamiska

This place is amazing!! My sis and I were having a treat yoself day and stopped in here before heading home. We grabbed a ton of desserts and split a tuna sandwich real quick. The sandwich was AWESOME! The cupcakes weren’t anything too special but everything else was above and beyond- especially the mini cheesecake!! We can’t wait to come back!!

Bethany C. Smith

So yummy and cute!! Went here with a friend for the first time and had the tarragon chicken salad protein plate. It was so filling! My Americano was delicious, too! Can't wait to come back.

Elvia KaChenChai

I did not eat anything here however the place looked quaint & lovely :0)

Scott Baylor

Pricey, but quite good

thatJESTERjustin R

The wonderful aroma made me hungry...

Geoff Peitz

Outstanding apple pie.

Stacey Rigsby

We loved the atmosphere here. We were happy before we even got our food, but it surpassed our expectations too. Everything we had was good. Definitely check it out if you're in the area.

Fallon Blouin

Really cute and vintage. It is small, so if it's busy it will be hard to find a seat. Besides that, it tastes good. Definitely recommend the Mexican brownie and California turkey sandwich! The cupcakes are a bit dry, but the buttercream is really good. Overall, it's alright.

Lisa Valdez

We bought a two tier cake for my granddaughter first daughter spent 100 and something on this cake.the taste was awful!! It seemed if it had sat in the fridge for a week the texture was gross and it had no flavor. And it was badly decorated. No where near what my daughter wanted.thank god we bought her a nice topper. And when we pick it up they gave ot to us in a regular cake box it was all open the just stapled the sides. I was super disappointed!!! Never again will we order a cake from here! Sams club has better cake!

Jessica Sepulveda

In this whimsical place, it feels like you’re having dessert in the middle of magic. The staff are friendly and help you make it through their many scrumptious choices, from simple vanilla and chocolate to salted caramel and carrot. The Bird blue vanilla is a must try! They’ve also got breakfast, lunch, cakes and pies! Come visit this enchanting place in the Alamo Heights area!

Christian Menier

Tarragon chicken salad sandwich was awesome plus as everybody told me it apparently is Army Hammer's wife restaurant

Crys Murphy

I deliver for Favor. It is clean, efficient, friendly and accurate. I tried a cookie and it was delicious. Everyone in the place seemed to enjoy both the food and the atmosphere. The sandwiches look great.


I love everything about this cute little place except for the sandwiches. I have given different sandwiches a try every time I come or order through favor and I’m always disappointed. I just scraped off all the artichoke dip that was on the grilled cheese artichoke sandwich. It tasted like artichoke dip between 2 slices of bread :( I didn’t like it at all. Love the coffee and desserts though. Please improve your sandwiches, I’ve tried nearly all of them and sandwiches are a go-to lunch item.

Neil Lewis

It's okay. Nice sandwich shop ambience but busy and a little pricey for what it is. No kids sandwiches or smaller size stuff was a bummer too. Lemon cupcake tasted like lemon to be found.

Raymond Milbank

From scratch, awesome.

Dakota Payne

The best Quiche in San Antonio

Samantha S

Derive is always good and their cookies are so delicious. Food is good too but price wise can add up quick! Love the atmosphere.

Geoff Oliver

Quick, friendly service and mouthwatering bites that make me keep coming back!

Gilbert Vadillo

Good variety of cupcakes and small desserts, but no slices of pie. If you want a whole pie, you have to order ahead. Very disappointing.

Hope Harrell

Fun place to hang out and good coffee!

adri rovi

Great service and gluten free cupcakes too

Dionne Fields

Bird Bakery is the only bakery, where cupcake comes in an adorable bird egg carton on Easter Holidays. They have specialty cupcakes like Sweet potato cupcake, with brown sugar butter cream handmade frosting. I’m looking forward to trying Bird Bakery Salted Caramel cupcakes and their gourmet made Banana Pudding. My two sons and I are planning a family road trip to San Antonio Texas and we are looking forward to eating dessert at Bird Bakery!

Tricia Smith

Everything about the bakery is special and thought out. The baked goods are beautifully displayed and made with high quality ingredients. The space (San Antonio is only one I've been to) is thought out with a community table as well as quaint little tables. It definitely feels like you are treating yourself to something special when you come in here.

Tanja Whited

Service was great! Talked with another customer who highly recommended the cappuccino. Said it was better than anything he had in Italy!

Tyler Hawkins

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Tasty snacks with a good variety. My wife had a small baby shower here, about 15 people. The staff was very friendly in assisting us with the planning and execution of it. All of the preparations were made as agreed and she had a very memorable experience. The cost to reserve their room was very reasonable, considering it included the food and service. Highly recommended!

RoslynJeanne Nathanson

Very disappointing, had heard so much about this bakery. Firstly, their steamer was not working therefore my granddaughter could not have a hot chocolate, neither could I have hot milk in my tea. The muffin I ordered was STALE. I asked for the muffin to warmed up.. it arrived warm on the outside & cold inside. This was most definitely microwaved. Very POOR & SHODDY standards.

Yvonne Castro

Sweets and Eats.....So good. For lunch black coffee, sandwich whole grain, turkey, cheese, lettuce, fomatoes purple onions served with chips. Staff very helpful if you needed anything. Plenty of seating, tables are always kept cleaned. Parking Plenty of spaces.

Parker Fernandez

Cute place but all the workers are rude and stare. The food is pretty good but it’s super expensive and I’ve never been without them forgetting about my order.

Ceri McCandless

I could sit and gawk at the decor in Bird Bakery all day. It's absolutely beautiful and so are the cupcakes and pastries. However, menu is pricey and the taste is not *quite* as good as the aesthetic. Coffee is very good, but my cupcake was very dry. My husband and I each had different fruit pies and found both to be good, but not exceptional. We enjoyed our visit, I just everything tasted as good as it looked. We have found other bakeries in the area we enjoyed more.

Carolina Esparza

Not a fan, tried 3 separate times and just too dense for me. The batter is dry and I have not been able to sample anything even though they advertise samples. I like the Lavender cupcakes and banana pudding, both have a great taste. Ambience is great though and the simple design is tasteful. I love the minis in the egg carton but not always a good variety. Coffee is fair. 6i<*

David Blalock

Tuna melt was so good. Restaurant, and bathroom were clean. Staff was friendly. Definitely worth the detour! I wish I had tried the pastries!

Amber Hovanec-Carey

So cute! Tasty food. Nice experience. Would love to go back and try more! Just a bit pricey.

Ted E Raab

Ridiculously precious. Grilled cheese sandwich was too salty, especially served with salty potato chips. Pickle was crisp and tasty. Place seemed captured in an (inadvertently) hilarious sign in the bathroom advising customers that the hand towel placed in the wall-mounted ring is for decoration only. Avoid.

Mark Niestroj

Great coffee and mexican brownie, people are very nice and helpful

Jorge Hernandez

Went for wife's birthday sweet tooth and it was delicious! Can't wait to go back

richard rivera

Great lunch spot and perfect to catch up on emails.

Cynthia Graham

Randomly drove past and turned around to a pleasant surprise. We lived the food, the treats, the ambiance, and the kind service. We had a yummy turkey sandwich and the grilled cheese with tomato soup. It was one of the best soups I’ve ever had. For dessert we couldn’t make up our minds because they have so many delicious options. So we got 3 cupcakes and a cookie. All were fantastic. They even provided us with a candle to give one of the cupcakes away for a birthday treat!!


Very nice place for coffee and light meal. Love the cupcakes and the decor.

Dolores M

I had the California Turkey sandwich. Very fresh, baked with delicious homemade bread. It came with chips. I would have preferred a potato or pasta salad instead. Oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie was excellent. Mexican hot chocolate brownie was excellent. No prices are listed for most items.

Trudy Barnum

Good coffee. And that's saying a lot cause I'm picky. Delicious cupcakes. They have tiny cupcakes if you don't have room for a regular sized one. Great looking sandwiches. Popular place.

Jamie Montelongo

Not sure what all the hype is about.. I heard they had a wonderful grilled cheese so that's what I ordered. Might have been an off day but it came over cooked over grilled, dry and without a whole lot of taste. Really a pretty little ladies lunching place. I'll try it again one day. Nice cakes and cupcakes

Roland Andrew

This bakery is really interesting. It's a bakery but also a lunch spot/meeting spot/really nice space to just hang out in and enjoy a book. They have amazing cupcakes and pastries. They also have some really good coffee. They have a small area off to the side where you can have a little get together with some friends for a private event. Try their Elvis cupcake. It's my favorite.

Vera Hernandez

This was our first time at the bird bakery. My daughter was in from out of town and had heard about. The food was very good but the wait time was awful. They were having a problem at the register and the orders got mixed up. We waited over an hour and a half for a sandwich and a cup of soup. Other people were also upset.

Myrna Avalos

Bird Bakery is my current #1 in San Antonio for Cupcakes! They have a wide variety of cupcakes which you can choose from. The atmosphere is very relaxed and has a modern rustic feel to it. The only down side is that they have a very limited selection of coffee and drinks available. However I have not been disappointed by their cupcake game!

nari myeong

They have very yummy pastries

Patti Johnston

Quaint little bakery, loved IT! Will visit them again!!!

Marilyn Juarez

Love the cupcakes! A great place for a casual luncheon with a variety of fresh made sandwiches. We stopped for a sweet attack one evening and enjoyed the lavender and red velvet cupcakes. The only thing really missing was an expresso to compliment the sweetness of the cupcakes. The coffee wasn't anything special...

Aubrey Mouser

Best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life!

Elizabeth Pardue

My husband and i got our wedding cake here 2 years ago and we are moving out of state at the start of next week. So of course, we had to return one last time! Quick and kind service. Plus, the cupcakes are to die for!

Karlis Arste

Oh man! That California Turkey Sammich! My boo loves the monster cookies! I will eat all the rest of the cupcakes, cookies and whoopie pies!!!!

Jim Foster

Love the food and lemon pound cake but plan on lots of time.. it’s the slowest service on earth. It’s like watching paint dry.


I loved their banana pudding. Overall pleasent vibe. I will be back to try their cookies.

H Hinson

Really good baked items. We tried a muffin which was amazing. Cant wait to try a cake from them in the future as well. Free parking out front.

Drew Power

Food is always fresh and tastey. Their teams are sublime.

Fernando Balleza

Love this "sweet shop". Nice place to enjoy delicious sandwiches, pastries and family discussions. Great service. We visit often.


Awesome bakery that also features great soups and sandwiches. There are regular cupcakes and small, mini-sized versions. They are adorable. Think cupcake vitamins that are good for your soul. Edit: I attended a small event at the bakery today, and it was really impressive. Truly 5 stars. Sandwiches, small cupcakes, cookies, a cake, and teas/lemonades were provided. The service was outstanding.

Meredith W

Erika Ortiz

The food is very good but avoid ordering to go. They obviously prioritize diners eating in over those carrying out regardless of when you order. I just ordered two sandwiches and two bowls of soup to go and waited close to an hour for it, all while watching no less than 4 groups that ordered behind me get served and almost finish eating. That’s incredibly frustrating. I’m fine waiting when they’re busy but don’t expect to get prioritized so far behind others arriving so long after me.

raquel parramore

If you have a sweet tooth you have to try this place!!!! I absolutely love their key lime pie ❤

Mariam K

My favorite bakery in San Antonio. Their cupcakes are so fresh. You will love this place if you hate artificial tasting food. Strawberry vanilla cupcakes are to die for.

Jeremy Scudder

My daughter and I discovered this place by looking for "best key lime pie in San Antonio". Bird Bakery did NOT disappoint. We came back with my wife and two sons and tried the lemon bars (wow! That's tart), grasshopper bar and blueberry peach cobbler. Everything was delectable! Great stop if you're passing through San Antonio and happen to be anywhere near the Zoo or Botanical Gardens (just 5-10mins away). Love this place! We'll be back.

Sara Chapman

Bird bakery is a fun breakfast and lunch spot! The decorations are so cute and the food is great! I love meeting my girlfriends here. It’s a perfect place to catch up over lunch!


Look i love bird on occasion, very tasty cupcakes, good sandwiches, tasty baked goods generally. Today was very dissaponting only in terms of service, but woh. Sandwiches were good, especially the thanksgiving seasonal. However, waiting 50+ minutes kind of ruined the experience. A heads up in advance would have been nice. Bringing out both sandwiches at the same time would have also been nice. It didnt help that the place emptied out shortly after we ordered. Apparently the delay was due to the stuffing not being prepared. But we were there right at lunch time on sat, so not sure why they were unprepared. Again, just telling me that it might be an hour wait would have helped. Would have ordered something else.

Tianna Hass

Bird Bakery was an absolute treat! I had the spinach and artichoke grilled cheese with the vegan tomato soup. Both were delicious! Pair that with a perfectly made chai tea latte, and I was in heaven!

Jennifer Mendez

This place is so cute and chic. I had only been here once for a baby shower and yesterday I went with my mom and my mother-in-law to have lunch and talk about the future events for my baby shower. The atmosphere is very chill and the staff is very friendly. The food was delicious and well the cupcakes are in a world of their own. Definitely worth stopping in having some lunch or just a sweet cupcake or two.

Mariel Sturm

This is a perfect place for a bridal shower, baby shower or similar event. I just had my bridal shower here and the venue was perfect and the experience was totally stress free. Ninon, the event coordinator, did a phenomenal job of having everything ready and made to order, and she even added a few items we did not plan for the vegetarians and picky young folks. No additional decorations were needed with the existing lighting, farm table, and beautiful cakes along the walls. The desserts were delicious and I woke up craving more. The take home cookies were loaded with chocolate that melted in your mouth with a cup of coffee. The hot tea was hand made, high quality, and beautifully presented. The cupcakes and cake were just the right amount of sweetness and variety to allow people to snack without getting overly full. I cannot say enough great things about the Bird Bakery in Alamo Heights. I loved my bridal shower here. Oh yes, and it did not break the bank - very affordable!

Eryn Hernandez

Expensive- I spent almost $8 on 1 muffin and 1 tiny quiche. Also they sold me the quiche that had been on display all morning and had a big dent in it (no discount) and took forever to heat it up. But both things tasted pretty good.

Omar Martinez

Excellent customer service, quality food and drink, plus a relaxing environment. Can be very busy during the day, though.

Jay Tkachuk

This one of the best bakeries in town. Pastries are great, sandwiches too. A very cute little place.

Victoria Harbour

My husband and I got four different flavored cupcakes and a gluten free brownie. The texture was on point and the flavoring was even better. The young lady who took our order was very kind and helpful. We will definitely be returning.

Andrea Anders

Cupcakes are great but they have a lot of great options for breakfast, lunch and desserts. The granola is filled with nuts,raisins and crunchy oats. It has a slightly salty taste.

Mercedes Guerrero

The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

eric ellsworth

The California turkey is absolutely amazing. Great customer service. Great environment. Highly recommend and will be coming back.

Chelsea Winters

Stopped in on a Monday I think. Really nothing but good experiences here. It has a cool atmosphere.


Cupcakes are delicious, service is awful. Extremely slow and the girls behind the counter tend to ignore you because they don't realize you haven't yet been helped. They need to rethink how the ordering layout and tables are done as it's confusing to customers where exactly the line starts.

Jason Gubler

Great sandwiches and deserts

Wendy Baca-Wickham

Love this place - always delicious!

Mauricio De la Orta

Delicious coffee.


Not a fan of the brownies, but the California turkey is great.

Christy Cannon

We had our wedding cake and groom’s cake done by Bird, and both turned out beautifully! We had guests telling us at the reception that the vanilla cake in particular was the best wedding cake that they had ever had! Everyone at Bird was lovely to work with, our wedding cake tasting experience was so thoughtfully prepared, and we would certainly use Bird again for professional and delicious cakes in the future!

Susan Griffin

Blazing HOT out today and the staff plastic wrapped my box of cupcakes, then placed it on a bag of ice so the buttercream icing wouldn't melt since I had a distance to go before getting home. So VERY caring on my first visit there!!! Will DEFINITELY be going back!!!

Ki Ra

Delicious AND affordable. Great selection for breakfast both sweet and savory. Have even had a takeaway lunch sandwich that was divine! The shop itself is beautifully done with cozy tables, some cafe style with benches and chairs. Outdoor seating as well. Coffee selection is good and offered both hot and cold. Let’s talk about price... we got a coffee, latte, cupcake and scone for $2 more than 2 iced coffees from the local coffee shop across the street. Way better deal! Plus is was less crowded and they didn’t blow your eardrums out with loud music early in the morning like that other place. Maybe that is why the hipsters weren’t there. We will be back for sure!!


Everything I have tried at this boutique bakery has been amazing! If you're searching for the best Key Lime pie in San Antonio you need to come here. I have tried numerous bakeries, restaurants, deli,etc. I don't practice hyperbolic, false advertising. This place is legit. From the sandwiches to cookies to cupcakes to pudding, etc. You need to check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed and if you are, you must one of those people that doesn't have taste for great treats!

Alex Mathieu

My church went on a mission trip in San Antanio and just for fun during some free time, we all stopped here, don't remember what drinks they had but I got the chocolate croissant... and it was... amazing... 10x better than the ones you get at Starbucks! Next time I'm in town, I'm define try stopping here!

Shada Ramahi

Didnt like apple pie, too sugary, and the coffee was just ok

Felicia Bacon

I introduced my mom and sisters to this bakery by bringing home a few cupcakes for them to try some time ago. We all agree that this place has the very best cupcakes in town! Whenever I go out of town to visit them, they always ask me to stop in to Bird to pick up a few of their favorites and it's always great selections and service. The ladies at the counter are always super sweet and there's plenty of seating for socializing or studying. Their menu also includes various sandwiches, brownies, cookies, pies and drinks. I definitely recommend Bird Bakery!

elizabeth martinez

I've gone to bird bakery a few times and the cupcakes were usually moist but today August 15th 2019 they were no good! I bought 7 cupcakes and not one of them was moist and the cake itself was lacking flavor. I'm Disappointed and they are not cheap either.

Rosalie Lopez

Excellent taste! Nice place with a friendly staff. It's small, however there was l plenty of seats. Most people are in and out and take thier stuff to go. We ordered to go and it was quick. I will definitely be back. The sugar conjures and Mexican Hot Chocolate brownies looked great.

Eddie Cardenas

Great place for custom homemade orders. Pricing is quite high in my opinion. I only go here for special orders that I need done right.

Gracie Carrillo

Drove in from out of town to celebrate mom’s birthday! Called to see if could order a simple vanilla cake nothing special. Was told NO and need to call 3 days before arrival. We didn’t know. If you make cupcakes on a daily basis and have batter why if I pay in advance couldn’t you make a small vanilla cake? Unfortunately, for a pastry chef. I would have made the exception considering you drove from out of town to celebrate your mother’s 83 birthday. Horrible customer service

Michele Lyn

I’ve been trying to get a hold of this bakery to request a wedding cake for a client and no one seems to answer the phone. The one time somebody did respond, I was left on hold for 10 minutes and decided to hang up.

Clara Perez

Love! Best cupcakes in town and I just love there sandwiches! The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is bc at times we’ve been there for lunch out sandwiches they take up to 30min (even if it’s not full) I love them but sometimes you don’t want to wait that long for a sandwich

Tony Pantoja

They have a pretty nice selection of food and treats to choose from. We tried multiple cupcakes and a cookie, all of which were really good. I still think about that cookie from time to time... Will definitely stop by again when I'm the area.

Sydney Stephan

My favorite bakery of all time! Amazing lunch items with even better sweets. Chicken salad sandwich with double chocolate cupcake is my go to. Beautiful decor ties everything together!! Love love love!!

c c

Service with a smile! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the products, and the food is always delicious. My husband and I make sure to stop by every time we're in town from Houston.

Jennifer Rough

Visited San Antonio for the first time a few months ago and had Bird Bakery on my list of places I needed to go too. Everything was so good! From the sandwiches to the cupcakes and lemon bar. The service was quick and friendly and the decor in the bakery is so cute. Will definitely be back when I am in SA in a few months!

Samantha Weldon

I was really looking forward to trying the place, but I was pretty disappointed with the cupcakes. I got a lemon which was very dense and zero lemon taste, tasted more like a cornbread. My daughter got the nostalgic yellow and agreed with it tasting like cornbread. I got my son a Mexican hot chocolate brownie and he loved it. The sandwich however was very tasty, I ordered the spinach artichoke grilled cheese.

K. Judson

Loved the cupcakes! We also ordered sandwiches, coffee, and cookies. Flavors are great but the cupcakes are what's best here

Susan Mcclain

the place has an awesome atmosphere.

Katie Mandel

Cutest little bakery! Yummy food and treats.

Jonamae Takai

Love this place! Moreso the peach cobbler. And I'm not a cobbler typa gal but this place is the bomb when it comes to cobbler. Nice that they offer military discount as well. Not much bakeries do.

Joann Salazar

Cute place with a small cute bakery. Great for lunch and bridal showers.

Olivia Brooks

I actually found this just searching on google for a lunch spot and it did not disappoint. Amazing turkey sandwich, California Turkey, I think and the bread was to die for! I am not into sweets but the cupcakes are amazing. I can't wait until someone's birthday so I can order a truck load of them!

John Toohey

Protein plate was very fresh, tasty and substantial. Rustic Apple Pie worth a trip for that only.

Elliott Wiley

Awesome place! Very clean! Everything looked delightful. First time here and workers were friendly and helpful. I ordered a hibiscus lemonade tea. Very light and refreshing! Definitely a stop I will make in my day.

Jamie Jordan

To cramped to enjoy. The tables are to close together and the place only has one bathroom for men and women, so it's always in use. Look forward to a wait if you need to use it. Also the restroom only had a towel to dry your hands on, no paper towels, so everyone is using it no matter how well they washed their hands. By the time I got to it, it was super wet and nasty. I couldn't use it. They had a Dyson blower, but it didn't work. Also, pretty pricey, my medium lemonade was $3. My friends ordered the chicken salad sandwich, which neither of them liked because of a lot of nasty Dijon mustard they put on it. Why ruin chicken salad with mustard? I won't be returning.

C Mauldin87

If you like people in your personal space (other customers), during busy times, then this is the place for you! This bakery has a very intimate seating design/scheme. Food is excellent, though! Minus one star for this place allowing strangers to look over right beside you while you dine. Only in San Antonio. We’ll be back for sure, just not when it’s so busy.

Sonia Maciel

Wasn't worth the trip.

Cassie Garza

Delicious cookies and cupcakes!

keisha waldron

So this place is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I walked in the door it was clean and the ambience was so inviting. It smelled of delicious, baked good and I was instantly happy. There were a number of items on the menu but I was there solely for the cupcakes after watching a popular baking showing and realizing one of the judges on the panel owned this place. My expectation for what I was about to indulge in was high and I do mean high. I loved that I can get regular size cupcakes or little petite ones so I can try as many as my stomach will let me have. The cupcakes were good, not as amazing as I was expecting from someone that judges other bakers. The frosting was way too sweet and the texture of the cupcakes were too dense for me. I like my cupcakes to be light and moist with a flavorful (not overly sweet) buttercream frosting. It was a nice place but I do not HAVE to HAVE cupcakes from there.


I love that they also do cakes and don't use yucky fondant!! I bought a cake for my hubby's 30 in January and came back to buy a cake for my 30th. I couldn't have been happier! My art deco/Gatsby inspired cake came out beyond perfection! I got the strawberry cake with lemon frosting. It was fresh and fruity. The perfect combo for a summer birthday!! Thank you so much for everything!!

Susan F. Reeves

I've never had anything at Bird Bakery that wasn't delicious. Soups and sandwiches, my favorite is the California Turkey, are freshly prepared on delicious breads. The desserts, from giant cookies like the oatmeal/cranberry walnut to the mini and full size cupcakes come I a wide variety of flavors, including seasonal specials. The bakery also does custom cakes. If you're in Alamo Heights, don't miss this delicious spot!

Willow Swan

I haven't ever eaten here just picked up deliveries for others. It is always busy but the food is Really expensive. $10 for 1/2 the Reuben you get at Jason's deli?

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