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REVIEWS OF Argentina Bakery IN Texas

Jaygee Shrestha

Always amazing cafe. Really enjoy the empanadas, the brisket are my favorite.

Adrienne King Lewis

My friend just brought me a coffee from here. It's the best coffee I've had in years. Absolutely fantastic. No cream or sugar or anything needed, drank the whole thing black. Smooth, strong, but not bitter at all. I'm in love with this coffee.

Karla Hester

I prefer this coffee shop/bakery over Starbucks any day! Great selection of coffee drinks. Very clear, nice atmosphere. I often go work on projects online while sitting in their shop enjoying coffee and a pastry. They also make custom cakes. Location is great for a coffee shop in South Irving area, where it is most needed.

Juan Parroni Parroni

Empanadas are average, pastries and sweets good. Not very happy with the service, ordered lattes and took "forever" and made the wrong ones.

Adnan Khalil

Great place with delicious cakes.

Emily Escobar

Cute little spot. Food is always great! From the pastries to the breakfast empanadas. The place is cozy enough to get work done, or even have a casual meet up with friends. As of now, have never encountered an issue!

Stephanie Diaz

The milhojas no is good i need ceeam but maybe the alfajor is good

Sophie Mcjimson

Cozy,cozy,cozy! This is the idea of a coffee shop. Simple treats and the coffee was good. I will be visiting again.

Dusty Evans

Good coffee and great food

Jonathan Carey

Awesome shop. Take your girl here for a quick date.

Dan Puig

Best empanadas in town, coffee is pretty good too


Only place in Irving serving legitimate empanadas, love this bakery.

Candra Thompson

I had the dulce de leche cake and the tres leches cake. The tres leches was really good and not too sweet. The dulce de leche was super sweet and left a weird after taste in my mouth. I also tried something called a besito. It was really hard and not very sweet. Almost like a cracker, with filling.

Maria Olvera

Lovely place , and the cupcakes amazing all the flavor., u can go for a cup a coffee and sweet treats .


Try the empanadas, facturas, and the sandwiches! So yummy

durga karpagam

Disappointed today evening buying a Latte in this place.they gave me a normal watered coffee as latte here with no foam and no vanilla flavor which i ordered.better provide quality customer service by serving authentic lattes.i prefer starbucks instead of this place

E. Toney

Great little gym nestled in Irving shopping center. The coffee and pastries were great.

Erica G

Great pastries

Tony Trueba

Delicious variety and well crafted beverages. Staff is nice and knowledgeable...

Pedro Jacobo

Great place to hang out and amazing pastries and even better coffee. Emily and Evelyn were very welcoming and offered great service! Definitely reccomend this place.

Roshan Shrestha

I got Tres leches cake. It was delicious and everyone liked it. The time I went there, they had fewer cakes. May be you need to order on the phone before pick up. But the cake I got was great.

John Shrestha

Great place to find a tasty Birthday cake and you can spend good time inside with chiya.

Kate S

Always a must when I come to town (about 6 times a year). Authentic pastries/desserts!!

Sarah Martinez

This is the cutest little pastry shop and coffee place! They make fresh empanadas fill with different meats and eggs, so good! This is worth the stop.

Allan Rivas

I don't know how important are reviews for you but here's the deal. When you only have 7 tables and it's a rainy day and half of the tables are with empty cups you got two people and stuff they don't see much to care about keeping the tables clean so more people can be able to use it without moving plates or cups Away by them self making piles and other tables I'm just saying. I was sitting there for 40 minutes it wasn't that busy in 40 minutes no one from behind the desk came out to remove any plates or cups out of the way that's just ridiculous.

CoffeeM Videos

not up to the hype i heard. But their three leche cake was awesome when ordered. They have less options cake wise at that their counters but the taste is unique and apt for the name . overall recommendable onetime and staff response is ok. small to ok space for seating - at times you dont have seating options at busy times.

Grace Sanchez

I have been ordering cakes from here for soo long! My family loves going there because of the amazing staff they have! They are always so polite and fast working girls! Evelyn makes the best green tea fraps and Emily gives the best service ever! Always with a smile! 10/10 recommend this place!

Mildred Haslett

Delicious empanadas, and delightful baked desserts! The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff are friendly.

a c

I’d give it 5 stars, but they keep playing reggaeton as ambient music over and over... WTF? By the way, coffee is great and empanadas are just like those granny used to bake.

Jermaine Devon Walker

Love their coffee, if only they had at least a few vegan pastries to go with it.

Lina Hatcher

Great food. Tasty empanadas. Beautiful pastry. Cute place to chat for a bit

Adam Collard

Nice small business. WiFi, dozens of pastries, drinks etc.

Ikram Farooqui

Very disappointed with the service. Awful! I went in to buy a birthday cake on the 24th of December for my daughter’s 9th birthday and asked to get the name written on. First of all they did not have any coordinated color ribbon to write on, neither did they have any other option. The service was pathetic. Not at all apologetic any way. In fact to the point of being rude... it was as if take it or leave it. To top it all, it was a fruit tres leches cake and it tasted awful. As if it had been lying in the fridge for days. We had to bin it ultimately. My daughter’s birthday completely ruined! I had to give it one star because there was no other option. 0 stars would have been more appropriate.

Fede Lombardi

I'm argentinian and I was a little desapointed to see that people that work there are not argentinian. The facturas were...let's say I've seeing them better. Not the best argentinian bakery I've visited in the US!

Andrew Williams

The chai frappe I had was awesome as were their pastries. While there i watched 4 or 5 people leave with cakes that looked amazing. Cozy atmosphere and it was continuously busy for the couple of hours I was there... a great place with an apparently devoted clientele.

Florence Dontoh

I have been there quite a few times but this last time the cashier/server went above and beyond with making sure I was properly satisfied with my drink (I ordered a Yerba iced tea and came out sweet but didnt order it sweet). At first once I tasted it I got up to the register and she told me it came that way and I just went and sat back down. She came back with another tea with a smile on her face and asked if this is what I wanted.... It was! She was happy to serve regardless how busy the place was getting. Now that is great customer service!

Google HELP

Check your receipt for extra charges, they are great at charging for extras :( i got ☠ sick when I ate last time there

Edgar Vargas

Everything is so good here. We drive to Irving just to come here!

Abdelouahid Morini

I wont go ther for a coffee again but the Cakes its the best i had in tx

Ari Elle

Their pastries are so delicious!! Service has gotten somewhat better. But those pastries are worth the battle. ;)

Dana Willis

I love all the fancy pastries!! The coffee is so good!!

Lori Putnam

I've only ever tried the empanadas, but oh my...they are the best I've ever had!

Matias G

Food is okay. The prices are outrageous, and the staff is very disrespectful, and they trash talk the non Spanish speaking customers. Definitely do not recommend this place to anyone.

Jesus Morales

Best empanadas ever. Try the brisket and bacon one

anne churchwell

Good selections of empanadas and pastries.

Barak Stolfi

High quality delicious pastries, good service

Zakia Ahmed

Loved the cake and the place has great service! My sister and asked I for a small cup of water and the server gave us two full cups with ice, lids, and straws, really sweet! Love the decor too.

Frank V

By far the worst service. The food is good though.

Hunter Parks

Picture perfect pastries and great coffee. Can't beat it. And they seem to have worked out the kinks from when they first opened.

Rebekah Bennett

Amazing! I would highly recommend their pastries and fresh brewed coffee. A great price and fantastic quality.

Kevin Rodriguez

Everything is really good here and the cashier Evelyn was very helpful and nice

Erica Brillaud

Great food but I don't like customer services

p u

I have been here several times and it has been a Delight everytime. Recently enjoyed the Empanadas. Very Tasty!!! 2 of these for breaky and your good to go. That is if they can even keep them stocked up. Tjey go so quickly!!! All good but th Brisket ones may require your patience because they just cant keep them stocked!!! The coffee here is equally as good and if you dont mind me saying I would prefer their coffees & lattes over St**b**ks!!! There also is an aray of delicious bakery goods and some beautiful cakes covered in chocolate or fruitts or both. I cant see how you could go wrong here. Big comfy chairs to lounge in if you have time and wi-fi! A great place to spend an hour or two on lazy day!!!! Enjoy!!!

Dennis Niswonger

Awesome place to hang out. Food is delicious.

Melita Lee

Wonderful pastries, friendly service, and a comfortable warm space to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

Jacqulyn Dudasko

Delicious Argentinian treats and good coffee. A fantastic combo!


I always love a different tasting latte compared to the normal Starbucks. Their expresso tastes stronger but I like it.


Delicious everything! From the big selection of sweets to the empanadas to the coffee to the tea, etc. Friendly customer service.

Terrell Montez

I love that it is outdoor seating and omg the coffee was really good I’d go back!! Although I didn’t eat a pastry they looked very yummy to my eyes.

Mukesh Patel

Good cakes but very sweet.

max glisenti

I used to love this place but lately this have old pastries and the service its very bad. Its sad to see how even after u pay a high price because nothing its cheap there they give u old bread. Not recommended anymore sorry

TaWanna Baker

My grandparents are from Argentina. This little tiny hole in the wall is the closest place I can go to to get my grandmother's style desserts. Their food and coffee is phenomenal. Oh and the best part is you can buy jars of real dolce de leche on the Shelf! :-) so you can go home and make your own desserts.

Preetha Thomas

I ordered a cake from here, it was delicious.

Heather Forbes

Good coffee and good service, but no food options for anyone with a dietary restriction on dairy. They do have almond milk and coconut milk for espresso drinks.

Israel Meza

Very good

Ilya Matos

I loved this place the pastry and coffee was really good and the service and environment was great.

Briana Rossiter

Absolutely love this place. Great for groups or for doing work. Great coffee and drinks, great place to buy Argentine Mate. Empanadas are authentic and delicious. Great selection of pastries and cakes.


I love this place! I go there every chance I get. Their Mayan Mocha is wonderful, and I like trying different pastries each time. The staff is always friendly and the setting is comfortable and interesting.

Jisenia C

First time going and it was great. There was so many pastries!!! Everything looked amazing and they actually bake everything there. I orders the chai latte, a chicken empanada, and a fig pastry and I fell in love. The price is fairly cheap too so I will definitely be going back.

Chucky Mafia

I like their empanadas and pastries. This place is good when you are there only one in line. Gets a little crowded from time to time and you will be waiting at least 10 mins before being attended. My only complaint so far. I've been going there for years. 4 to be exact.

World according to Abdul

Its a nice bakery to grab a little snack like a piece of cake or a coffee i frankly like their coffee more than the cake.

Stephen Butterworth

Excellent selection of savory and sweet pastries. The cakes look amazing. They also have great coffee drinks and sell an assortment of Argentine good.

Liz D Andújar

Such a great experience, all the pastries seem so tasty I couldn't decided and the coffee!! Is strong and pure Latin. Great prices too. Love it, I would definitely come back.


The ambiance here is excellent. Been coming to this place for over five years now. The staff working here are amiable. The cakes and others food items here are little pricey but tastes excellent. The taste of coffee is inconsistent though, generally during busy hours. Their $38 cakes seem to be dry sometimes. Give them a try; you should be a happy customer.

Sweta Tamrakar

The coffee is better than any star bucks.. a good coffee with cozy environment

Caroline Bandy

Wished this bakery was closer to my home, I'd be going there daily. Excellent pastries and outstanding cappuccinos! It's a must try!!!!

Matt Nafa

Good coffee and good confectioneries

Dinorah J Reyes

Good place....

Dena Sims

Great tasting pastries. This was my first time visiting. Definitely will visit again

Donnie White

Cozy coffee cafe, nice atmosphere and wonderful service. Lots of yummy snacks

Mauricio Santana

Nice place

The Definitions Beauty

Beautiful display but the cupcakes and pastries I purchased we're dry and tasteless.. the icing was nasty and had a taste of freezer burnt.. the cookie my daughter picked out she enjoyed ..

prasad c.

A great cafe and bakery. Try fresh bread and Mexican style hot chocolate.

Julisa Crespo

The empanadas are delicious! Haven't had their cakes but they look amazing!

Sarah Baker

Best empanadas in Dallas! Also you can get any dulce de leche dessert imaginable!

Riverside Riverside Education

Not enough seats, but okay cheesecake. Caremal cheesecake!!!

Kathy D

The white chocolate mocha frappe here is delicious.

Latasha Payton

This place is amazing you have to try there pastries

sean silvas

Coffee was good and strong. The tart that I had was great had some fruit on it.

Ralph Quinones

Great Empanadas, sandwiches, alfajores, and a wide selection of pastries. A dozen Empanadas are $19, best price in town! Highly recommended!

Norma Lopez

Good enpanadas

Yuliet De Leon

Very bad customer service.. not sanitary precautions serving food and touching money before serving and preparing coffe. They took forever to give me my sandwich...

Lamoyne Hines

Coffee is good. The epanadas and sweet treats are really tasty. If only it could be a sidewalk cafe` that would completely do it!

Rina S

I've been wanting to go to this place for 5 years and never got a chance until last week. Wonderfully cozy, this bakery offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate, empanadas and other snacks. I had the Mexican hot chocolate and an empanada and both were fabulous. Definitely recommend.

Sophia Herrera

Good stuff

Aaron Figg

Delicious baked goods and a nice place to grab a small lunch.

Shawn Obrien

Love this place. A bit pricey but worth it!

Christina Crouch

I posted about this little place on Yelp years ago! Still great, smell of this bakery when you enter is awesome and authentic, cozy cute, local bakery w coffee, tea and hot chocolate. I had the green tea frappe and a hot tea. Not too sweet but there is some sugar.

Elsa Meraz


Kaylee Jaramillo

Best empanadas in dfw❤❤

Dessenie Trejo

I love this bakery so much, my family and I have been ordering cakes from here for years. I enjoy studying there or being with my friends, the cozy environment is always welcoming. Overall, I love everything about this bakery OH and they'll make you the best bachelorette cake ever! The bakers are so creative. Btw major thanks to Evelyn and Emily, they're always so sweet and make my day.

Marita W.

Excellent food and a great place to relax and have coffee, empanadas and delicious cakes.

Tracy Rhinehart

Carrot cake my favorite

Marla Hansen

Lovely spot for a coffee and a sweet treat!

Gloria SoLloyd, Ph.D.

Little gem Google search brought us to this Argentina bakery. We enjoyed the chai tea frappuccino. The chicken empanada and beef jalepenos empanada were tasty. Looked like an awesome place for the locals and visitors.

Ana Laura M

I always wanted to try their cakes since I always see their posts pics on facebook. The cakes all look delicious. But when I finally got one for my birthday this pass Sat. It was the tres leche with strawberry frosting in the middle not worth the $38.00. I wasn't to pleased with it nor were my guest at my party. Cake taste just like any regular cake I wasn't too crazy about it. This place is overrated. I figured it was taste different since it was with flavor of Argentina. Cake had too much white chocolate around it. Now what I really did love was their slice of cheese cake now that was delicious. Just wish they would sell a whole one pie size.

Argentino Aguero

I'm Argentinean and the empanadas of this place are not like they do in Argentina and they taste badly from past days. All the time they only play Salsa, Bachata Caribbean Music, They should also play another type of music and not just what the employees like it. This place looks and feels more like a Mexican or Salvadorian bakery and not an Argentinean Bakery including the decoration and atmosphere of the place.

Gloria Escobar

Just a few minutes away from Dallas airport. First time in dallas...wanted to try something different...Amazing empanadas and selection of desserts! The brisket bacon empanada delicious!!!

Claudia Lewis

Very cute homie cafe feeling.

Ash no

I love coming here and have personally turned every holiday party into a reason to buy one of there cakes. The coffee is so-so, but that's OK because the desserts are the main draw. As someone who usually doesn't like fruit tarts, I now usually pick one up when I come here. Of course they have the best tiramisu cake I've had (please don't tell my grandma that) not only is it delicious, and gorgeous - it's always a hit at parties. I wish I could bake half as well as the people working here, I know that I'll be a regular for a long time.

Jr Y Alex

Omg...Great Deserts and food

Fabian LeDonne

The best Argentinian bakery . Thanks Lully !

James Payne

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet! Argentina bakery is my number one recommendation for anyone that is visiting, and it is a great place to go for a quick cup of coffee, or to sit and relax for a few hours. For a real treat, try the empanadas.

Carolina Corbin

There is a lot of variety. When I went to eat here, I simply came for the empanadas. I would recommend the brisket ones. Not too sold on the spinach/egg ones as it was too much spinach for my tasting. I will be coming back to get more for a quick snack!

Scott Porter

We usually come here for coffee but can't resist getting a couple of their amazing pastries as well.

brett Engelhardt

This place was amazing. I got 2 pastries that were amazing and only paid $2. Perfect place to visit.

Brad Blackledge

Great coffee and sweets, favorite cafe in Irving.

Aman Nepid

Good ambience, good bakery items and the best coffee. Far better than Starbucks.

Claudia Peralta

Cute little cafe! Really good coffee and best empanadas! Love that I can enjoy breakfast on outside seating with my dog. Their pastries look good too although i havent tasted them yet!

Unkn0un Dud3

Coffee is not the best but whatever I get is always good, pastries are amazing and the empanadas are second to none... we go there every weekend for breakfast. Keep in mind is Hispanic so if reggaetón, bachata, or the fact that they have no dietary options bother you then this is not the place to go. There are more options and is always nice to find an old style shop without this vegan, gluten free, fat free stuff

Van Patel

Amazing bakery with coffee, cakes and empanadas! Super cozy comfy chairs and sofas. Delicious pastries, custom cakes and cookies! Hidden gem!

Lisi Curley

The empanadas were really good. Also it was difficult to decide what to have from the bakery, they have so many cakes and pastries that makes your decision very hard. It is a small cozy place.. ohh be aware, they serve everything way too hot, I burned my tongue with the hot chocolate and had to wait quite a few minutes to let the empanadas cool down. It was totally worth it though.

Tamara Bartlett

Very good! Inside decor is cute and comfy. The empanadas and amazing! We stopped for coffee, which was good but nothing special. However, you definitely need to try the food

Debbie Fox

Great pastries

Amrit Suhag

One of my Favourite bakery

Valeria G.

Where to start, It took forever to get my order, then It came the time to pay, I am not sure if they make this pastries and food out of gold or what, because the prices are outrageously high, I could of have a nice meal with what I paid for a couple of pastries. Then It was the moment of truth, eating it, taste was not as good as it looked, the “cañoncitos” barely had caramel inside, some of the other ones were burnt. A complete disappointment.

B Maxon

Small cozy spot with good coffee and baked goods. Try the dark chocolate alfajor.

S Lainez

Delicious freshly made empanadas. I always stop by when in the area.

Bea Campos

Best in DFW for authentic taste) Being from Uruguay


It is the best!

Eric Love

Slow people 30 minutes on the line to attend Saturday, check the receipt for extra charges when you pay!!

Malika Turner

I wish I could give this place a 0 star, they are unprofessional and not even capable or replicating a cake, they lie, they don’t respect their words. It’s just unbelievable, every time I ordered from there it was a total disaster. Please don’t go there if you need a custom made cake it is horrible. No customer service, it’s irritating.

suhit adhikari

I Always order Birthday Cakes from here. They have so much to offer in that tiny cute place. Great customer service! They should start opening new franchises

sean Mik

Just ok. Drinks were too sweet


Love coming to this place.

sevuga chellaiah

Worst latte ever had in my life yesterday ... Poor customer service..

Joe Thacker

My favorite place for coffee and delicious pastries! Also my go to for custom birthday or any event cakes!

Vandana G.

Hidden gem! Very unique and beautiful desserts. Taste and texture of their bakes are also superior to regular cakes/cookies everywhere else. Their strawberry/vanilla tres leches is a hit every time for birthdays in our family/friend circle! I really appreciate their effort in decoration with nuts, berries etc. They write 'happy birthday' etc on a ribbon. How neat! Also love their fruit tarts and honey/caramel cookies.

Andrew A

Incredible food, really nice staff.

Christina Barnett

Great atmosphere for socialization. Reasonable prices and a big selection.

Prakash G

My favorite stop for a large hot cup of Chai Tea Latte or a Dirty Chai Tea Latte and Argentinian cookies. Overall, a great experience - except the one time when i got an upset stomach after eating their tres leches cake.

Rick Cermak

Best Empanadas meat egg spinach jalapeno brisket too. Bakery is Off the Hook

robert nelson

Best bakery in Irving

Stephen Lopke

Hiding in plain sight. Everything about this place is good.

Aaron Tekleab

One of the best cake house in DFW.

Shiva Prasad

This place has a pathetic customer service. I placed an order for a birthday cake and I was made to wait in the line along with regular customers to collect the cake. How ridiculous is that.

Elizabeth B. Morales

Friendly establishment with lots of tasty treats! You can buy whole cakes too!

Leo C

I moved away from Irving about ten years ago. I drive an hour south just to come here and have some delicious pastries. My favorite are the Alfajores that taste almost the same as my mom makes at home. This little cafe is home away from home.

Cedric Hatcher

Extacy in exery bite! The pastries not onloy look good but taste better. ! Must get the empanadas! #fire! #Great atmosphere #2good2btrue! They dont do shortcuts on chocolate. Some paistry stores get the pre made cake chocolate. anyway check it out you wont be disappointed.

Aus10 K

Their food is superb, wide variety to choose from. Whatever your palate, sweet or salty they have it. This is the most authentic Argentinian food I've had in Texas bar none! I highly recommend experience this place as I am a frequent shopper.

Catherine Sanfellipo Williams

Awesome treats. Kinda pricey, but worth it.

Elvira Aubakirova

My cake was moist which I usually like but not as much as this. Way too wet. The icing and the filling were not tasting fresh. Overall, I wouldn’t come there again.

G Walker

Not able to taste bakery items because of lactose and other dietary issues. However Mate cocido latte was amazing. They steamed coconut milk and added it for me. Also espresso was very good too.

Jyodie Shrestha

I love this place, they have extensive list of pastries and my South American favorite alfazores, I have got cakes from here quite few times and they are delicious, my absolute fav is the cheesecake, I love it, great place for coffee and sweet treat, I only wish they had more choices on coffee selection

Wesley Price

Decent place.

Marcia Lopez

Great empanadas!

Alvarez Avarez

Love that Chai te late

pratigya basnet

Love their cakes.

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