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1625 N Central St, Knoxville, TN 37917, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wild Love Bakehouse IN Tennessee

Paul Rosas

The best of the best!! A little pricey but u get the quality and flavor that only could be found a the best of the best!!

Peter R.

Amazing and authentic French pastries, as well as New World twists. Have tried a half-dozen and loved them all. Someone in the bakehouse definitely knows how to bake. Also find them at the farmers market in downtown Knox. Worth the wait in line.

Emily Parker

Awesome pastries that are so pretty. And you can see the kitchen where they make them. My favorite is the Almond Croissant!

Aaron Sachs

Come, mortals. Feast upon manna and nectar made by gods! Meg's croissants have been the stuff of legend since Old City Java and have even been known to make a Frenchman or two cry, for not even France herself has managed to create croissants of such perfection. Sean's coffee (ambrosia, really) will bring about godlike energy, lending you clarity and focus. But in all seriousness, Sean, Meg and their crew should be sainted. The food is delicious, the coffee tasty, and the service divine.

april white

I love supporting local places, especially ones that do their job so well. But it's problematic to charge $2.73 for a refill on coffee (a .50 discount off the regular cup price)-this feels like gouging. Having moved from Asheville, which is full of quaint bakeries and coffee shops, I'm used to higher quality and prices but even there, the first refill is usually free with subsequent refills offered for $.50-1.00. Please consider looking into this, Wild Love.

Sean Geronimo Anderson

Friendly staff, delicious savory pastries, and café miél is my new favorite drink!

Sarah Kouma

Hand tarts are incredible. I've never had a subpar meal here.

Xin Huang

Cute place. Good food although on the pricey side. Friendly service. Great coffee

Jesus Godson

Such a pleasant coffee shop! Great outdoor seating

Shanna Roberts

Coming from Chattanooga on a Saturday I saw this on maps and was excited. The guy was friendly but I was disappointed that their selection didn't look anything like the pictures. They only had a few pizzas and croissant sandwiches.

Jack Huntoon

I know that Wild Love is a trendy choice and a hip place to go, but the bottom line is that pretty much everything that I have ever eaten there has been delicious... biscuits, cookies, croissants... everything... The service is excellent and they make a solid effort to source local products. There is, on occasion, a bit of a line and sometimes seating can be a challenge, but is always worth the effort. I have never been disappointed and they have never failed to beat my expectations. Who could possibly want more?

Joshua Ray

Good bakery for studying and meeting friends

Matt Galyon

The pastries are great and they serve counter culture coffee. Has been a little bit of a wait in line each time I've been and they have no food menu, so you can see what they have until you get up to the pastry counter to order. Again...the pastries and breakfast sandwiches are so good that this is one of our default breakfast stops when in Knoxville.

J K Kirby

Good made from scratch food.

Hal Flynt

There's a reason this place was named the best bakery in the Country.

Aliceann Talley

Love the counter culture coffee and pastries, especially iced coffee and hand tarts.

Martin Ritter

Place has personality, service is good rendered by very pleasant people, pastries are between good and outstanding. Try it out!

K. Thompson

35 bucks for a turkey sandwich, stale pizza slices & 1 piece of cake (didn't even get a drink). The cake was good, but the wife only gave me 1 bite, to make things worse I was still very hungry after eating (no I'm not fat). I try to support local businesses & am glad we tried it, but I felt ripped off after leaving their (I don't mind paying up for good food either).

Sindy Power

Too yuppie for me and not much of variety for a bakehouse.

Bill Lynn

Fresh baked pastries. Excellent service. Easy access from street.

Brenda Conn

Not as awesome as I expected. Not genuinely friendly. Took a while just to heat up a biscuit that was already made.

Dorothy Crawford

The food is delicious and staff is very friendly. I especially like the salted chocolate sables.


I love baking and I love baked goods. Wild Love is the best bakery in Knoxville, hands-down. They don't have classic cakes or pies, but the pastries are AMAZING. One of my favorite places to splurge if I need a pick-me-up.

Jeff Kiyama

The pastries are very delicious but pricy, and coffee was good.

Jordan Mason (Delegated)

I went here for the first time today and it was AMAZING! I got the iced chai and it was just the right amount of spice and the sausage biscuit was delicious. The biscuit is so soft and tasteful. Will definitely be back!

Wayne Christensen

LOVE THE CROISSANTS! On my first trip to this ultra hip and cozy coffee shop in a booming part of Knoxville between Old North Knoxville and Fountain City with fab pastries baked on premise, I flipped out over the croissants. And my luscious espresso macchiato. After one bite, my wife was hooked on the plain croissants too!

Adam Nunley

Great environment. Coffee is good and Pop Tart is amazing! You can also watch them make all of their bakery items. All items are made there!

Bobbie Cichy

Nope. Coffee was good, wasn't given the option for sizing and they made it after I paid so didn't even know i was getting a childs mouthwash cup until I paid. $15 for 2 extra tiny small coffees and a croissant. I'm just not hip enough for this place I guess. Never again.

Jenna Hermle

Wild Love is a fun spot for superb coffee and delectable pastries. Plenty of indoor seating and a great patio as well. A favorite stop whenever I am in Knoxville!

Marion Miller

Fantastic up and coming coffee and bakery shop. Who needs Starbucks with a cool place like this as an option. WOW

Riley Bronaugh

Really nice place! The atmosphere is great, there baked goods are delicious. We went there around 12, and they have a lot of outdoor seating but no umbrellas, which I wish they had. But other than that it's a really nice coffee shop, would go back again.

Chris Jacobs

This is great little Knoxville gem! For the 4 years that I've lived in Knoxville a few of the things that I've missed most are good coffee, a nice loaf of bread and delicious croissants. After my introduction to Wild Love Bakehouse, I'm now only lacking some solid bread on my Knoxville diet. Several coffee shops and roasteries have popped up over the past two years, but wild love stands as a strong coffee contender, regardless of whether you just want a quick cup to go, or are willing to wait for a full flavor pour over, or a delicious espresso drink. And while they don't offer a crusty flavorful loaf, they make up for it with their supple buttery & flakey croissants, that are the most authentic I've had since moving to the south (and although the Almond croissant isn't filled with a traditional almond cream, their version is still quite tasty!) I would highly recommend a visit to anyone up for a nice pastry and cup of coffee!

Carol Linn Cox

The only reason I give 4 out of 5 stars is because of the pricing. The croissants with toppings are $9. I wish the price point was just a bit lower.

Michael Rudler

Great baked goods, coffee, and service.

manda bennett

First time visiting- clean, good bakery items, decent coffee.

Vi Tran

A little pricey, but once you try this place, it'll be worth it. Their croissant is the best I've ever had. Lunch is always good, super-power food.

christina byman

Stopped by as our "must do" on a weekend visiting family. The atmosphere was welcoming yet trendy. The staff were all helpful and polite. Food was fantastic. The pastries were fluffy with a bit of crisp and the flatbread toppings were amazing and flavorful. I'm not a huge fan of tea but I gave it a shot and the Iron Goddess of Mercy blend was slightly sweet with great flavor without any sweeteners added. We will definitely stop in on our next trip to the Knoxville area.

Leah Baker

Everyone who works at this shop or at their other coffee shop in the old city are top notch. Their coffees and teas are stellar. Their baked goods are well worth stocking up on and giving to the friends you like. :) Amazing.

AE Burnell

Excellent food! Coffee was brewed fresh and delicious. Service is hit or miss depending on who is behind the counter. Despite this I would recommend this place as a hidden treasure.

Mickey Flowers

Every baked good here is inappropriately delicious.

Rachel Norman

Great pastries. I appreciate when they have a gluten free option. Love the peanut butter oatmeal bars and the blood orange corn cake. I, however, am a tea drinker and there are decent loose leaf options. I wish they would bring back Iron Goddess of Mercy. Location is always very clean, service courteous and friendly.

Emma Centurion

Amazing selection of baked goods. I face a personal existential crisis every single time I go in there choosing what to get. The almond croissants will change your life; or the lemon olive oil cake; or the hand tarts. It's all SO GOOD!

joela aaron

Super cute with ample parking and great pastries.

cobren rochat

Some of the best coffee and pastries in Knoxville.

Victoria Duerr

Get there early for the best selection. The croissants are a religious experience. Helpful, passionate staff. Good coffee to boot!

Charles Catura

Love, love, love their coffee. Pastries are amazing as well. Hate the cafeteria style seating on the inside. Can be awkward. Seating outside is nice.

Samwise Corbin

Another amazing spot to visit on Central. Food is reasonably priced, and atmosphere is great. On top of the the freshly cooked food is incredible.

Caroline Begley

This is a perfect place for a light but quality breakfast! Good coffee and average espresso. Highly recommended!!

Colin Boggess

Vibrant community space with awesome food and coffee! Also, the open kitchen window concept is very cool. Allows customers to see their food creations being prepared.

Brenda Theodore

What a great place to chill, hang out with friends and family and/or study. I just moved to the area and Wild Love Bakehouse has become a quick favorite!

rene pinto

I love everything abaut wild love,the environment, people, the owners, the staffs..

Fuad Hamdan

Will give it a second chance

Roberto Velez

Super friendly staff, great coffee and baking goods.

MJ Juang

The food was good but very terrible service. I wanted to add turkey to one of their vegetarian sandwiches but they refused. I even asked if they would sell me the sandwich and some turkey separately but they still refused. Made it seem like one of those obnoxious places that wants you to eat their food exactly how they want you to eat it. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Jessica Wunder

Great coffee and baked goods. It's a great place to meet up with someone and hang out. However, the music is usually kind of loud so I wouldn't recommend it for a place to sit and do homework or something for a long period of time.

Jenny Headlee

Just a wonderful place. The food was delicious, the service fast and friendly, the atmosphere was clean and inviting.

Chelsea Johnson

Best cappuccino in town!

roberto ragozzino

There is no denying that the quality of the baked goods produced is high. When I say high I mean in comparison to the vast majority of the local alternatives, which is not a very high bar to clear. In this sense, there is no contest. My beef is with the prices. How is it possible that they charge two-three times more than what you would pay for the same thing in the finest pastry shops of Paris, Rome and Vienna? Where is the love in that??? In sum, if you want to treat yourself to something delicious, Wild Love is the place to go. Bravo for quality and craftmanship. For me, each time I am asked to pay $9 dollars or more for a croissant, the pleasure of eating the pastry is overshadowed by the idea that at I am wildly overpaying for it. I find myself going less and less.

Carey Walker

Wish there were more baked good options. And most items are always way over baked, and so hard they're difficult to chew. However, the Pistachio cake is amazing. Olive oil cake was soaked with syrup, and barely had any lemon flavor.

Natalie Landry

Simply delicious! The case is full of perfection. The coffee is amazing, too.


Best coffee in town (counter culture) with the best baked goods too. No need to even think about anywhere else. The staff (also the best baristas in town) is really friendly and welcoming too.

Marsha Bunting

Went late in the afternoon first time, not a lot left at that time, encouraged to come back earlier so we did for breakfast...LOVED the selection, coffee BEAT STARBUCKS BY MILES, WILL DEFINITELY RETURN when in town!

Aaron Welch

All the food and coffee offerings here are out of this world!

Misty Cherraj

Good food coffee and service

Liz Veazey

Delicious pastries, food from local farms and a great patio

Dominick Aiello

Very good but expensive

Jesse Hixson

First off. The croissant was pretty good. Love it so much

David Peterson

Enjoyed eating breakfast there while going through town. The coffee and pastries were tasty.

Lori Trentham

I really love this place. Great atmosphere and super friendly staff. Food is great and so is the coffee!

Amanda Mims

Food was very good. Reasonably priced. Kids loved watching the bakers work.

Jerry Caldwell

Good quality baked goods, but not the quality that accompanied the enthusiastic opening days. And prices are now inflated for the products sold. Free WiFi, a nice place to hang out, but not good value. Fallen from Grace.

Kevin Fowkes

Finally managed to make it out here and I wish I would've come sooner! I purchased a latte, a ham, egg, and cheese biscuit, and a chocolate croissant. The latte was so smooth and velvety with a great flavor. The biscuit was delicious and quite filling; furthermore, I loved the herb flavor of the egg. The croissant was light and flaky, and it had plenty of chocolate in it. I certainly will be back to try more pastries and have another latte!

andrea haury

Great atmosphere and tasty treats! Pricy so not an everyday thing for me. Nice folks who seem happy to serve.

Su Fertall

Great coffee and hot chocolate. Amazing croissants.

Josh Schoberg

Dropped by on a random adventure. I was very pleased with the food, coffee was great as well. I am a massive fan of the atmosphere and the window into the bakery. I will say the downside is the price, it stops me from coming regularly, but It wouldn't stop me from making it a fun place to take a date. I read a few reviews before I posted this, and a few reviews are people complaining that they ran out of food, near close. To that I would say this. After working in a kitchen and baking for a good few years I know a tip for you... .....A proper bakery is a fresh bakery. If you want fresh bakery goods you come when they are cooking and passing them out. If they were to be fully stocked each night, near close, they would have left overs. Leftovers become spill over, and spill over is not fresh. This also would create a wasted profit pool of food going unsold. Thus a less productive business, and a less quality driven mindset..... The place is great! Show up during regular baking hours (earlier, not later) and you will be very happy. You'll even get to see them bake! It's logic people

Lauren Ruff

The food is amazing! A couple of suggestions: spoons are available without asking, but we had to ask for forks. It would be more convenient if they were out with the spoons. It would be great if there was a real roof over the deck, that could greatly expand seating on hot or rainy days.

Victoria Mass

Great coffee and desserts, they have a blueberry croissant that was amazing and hit the spot. I give it four stars because my husband and I went in to drink and talk but there was no comfortable seating at all or for two. They are all long tables with hard chairs and then tall stools by the windows. If you’re going to study or work I guess it’s ok but it echos if you’re talking and it’s not really comfortable for a social setting.

Ernesto Ruiz

Super hipster, in a good way. Just had an Americano but it was great. Chill environment. Probably a good place to sit down and work on your laptop.

edward carter

Great pastries! Coffee could be better.

Jordan Shurmer

Awesome place. One of my favorite breakfast spots. Excellent pastries of all kinds. Great coffee and espresso drinks as well.

Sammi Hensley

Very few choices of baked goods. Tea was not flavorful and the young man behind counter was condescending and rude. High price and fluff. Would have loved to see what the hype is all about. Must have missed it

Jaewoo Do

The best place for enjoying bread and coffee together!

Cheryl Stouffer

I ordered a ham and egg biscuit. The egg was fluffy and creamy, yum. I chose the Guatemalan coffee. I am so glad I did, delicious!

Joy Bauman

The pastries were all amazing and the staff super friendly. This place is worth getting to, even if you have to drive from Texas.

Lara King

This is a beautiful place. The pastries, the coffee, the atmosphere are all infused with love. Aptly named.

William Hotz

Delightful patio coffee house with indoor seating too. Selective appetizers and beautiful delicious Bakery items

Julie Jordan

This place is delight! Had the Croque Monsieur and coffee. Took a brownie for the road. Yum!


Best scones ever. Great coffee selection. Delicious, fresh food. Awesome space. A++

Elisa Carmichael

Great selection of incredible baked goods, great coffee

Carlton Jennings

Absolutely Loved My Experience ! Food & Beverage We're Excellent ! Service. Was Excellent ! Environment & Staff Superb ...

Erika Alfaro

Cutest little bakery and delicious food! Glad we stopped in!

Dennis Perkins

The frangipane croissants are wicked.

Pete Eby

Excellent pastries and sandwiches, some of the best coffee in town, and staff are always friendly. Wonderful addition to Knoxville. Make sure to check out mid mod collective next door.

Debbie Thomas

Oh my gosh, don't miss this place. The Mr. potatohead casserole is the bomb. your taste buds will thank you.

Ryan-Ashley Anderson

My favorite coffee shop! Great espresso, killer baked goods, indoor/outdoor.

Brandon Bagley

Everything is delicious and when the baskets are working in the morning it's an awesome door to hang out and watch. Also patio

Dalton Teel

The atmosphere is ideal for a coffee shop. Open environment with large windows and various seating options. The white chicken chili was the soup of the day and it was fantastic; the cilantro made it even better! They also had multiple coffee roasts to choose from.

Stefanie Chandler

This Bakery is by far my new obsession. I went in the day before Easter and got a large box for friends and family. Scones and chocolate croissants and some of their specialty croissants with prosciutto and gruyere cheese. Everyone loved what they had. Fluffy butter filled puffs of happiness. Also the staff is friendly and the coffee was strong! Wild love is a must have!


Wild Love is my favorite coffeeshop to visit for both great coffee and good vibes. There is ample seating, especially on warm days because the outdoor tables are lovely to sit at with friends. Some of the inside tables are long meeting type tables which allow for lots of seats and also on occasion can lead to meeting new people while you are there. The baristas are spot on with their craft, and the wide variety of non-dairy options are one of my favorite things about Wild Love. Also they use Valrhona for their mochas, which really sets them apart from other coffeeshops in town. All of their fresh baked goods are spectacular, especially the galettes, brownies, and croissants. Thanks to all the hard workers in the bakery and behind the coffee counter! Y'all never cease to make my day better!!!

Dean Deter

Wild love is a great place to grab a coffee and pastry and hang out. Unfortunately I Had to give 4 stars because only a FEW time the croissants were way over done. Most of the time everything is great though.

Joseph Zanola

Best bakery and breakfast sandwiches around! Good folks here.

Robert McGrath

Great place in a fun location. Coffee is well made (personally not a huge fan of Counter Culture roasting) and tray. Definitely go for the baked goods though. Highly recommend the almond croissant. Seating is group style and somewhat austere - not an issue for me personally, but I can see why it would bother others.

Ainsley Jorgensen

Amazing coffee, food, and service. If I lived closer, I would be a regular!

Sam Slayden

Exceptional croissants and lattes. Fun trendy decor and excellent service by Mr Ben Poland

Whitney White

Normally very packed, especially on Sunday mornings. They have seating both indoors and outdoors. One of the few coffee shops in Knoxville that has great tea/coffee AND great food as well. If you go, get the soup of the day. The soups change through the week, but every one is just as good as the next.

Alexander Smith

Wonderful treats and vibes

Mike Cyrana

Fantastic coffee, cool space, delicious food, great staff.

Jimmy Wright

Wonderful local bakery and coffee house. The croissants are incredible. Nice to sit on the deck.

Nathan Rajnovich

Their food was mediocre. I've had better food from a Starbucks.

Brian Ader

Great coffee. Nice atmosphere. Croissant

Juliette Kesterson

Classy coffee house. Excellent drinks. Fancy fresh made food items. Patio and comfortable seating.

Bryan Hill

Amazing! Their baked goods or drinks are consistently some of the best I've had. The space is comfortable, and the location in the North Knox neighborhood is convenient

Megan Noble

The iced vanilla latte, hand tarts, and sunshine streaming through the windows keep me coming back. The lack of basic kindness from some of the employees makes me question my decision every time.

Brandon Murry

Awesome folks slinging incredible pastries!

Christine Dano Johnson

Coffee and food are excellent. The only reason I don't give the place five stars is that I'm not personally a fan of the community seating or shared table and bench concept. In a coffee/bakehouse, I think comfier seating is more appropriate. As a tall woman, the small individual tables and bench seating didn't make for a very relaxing or convenient half hour of eating and working. But otherwise, seriously wonderful coffee, and the mock tuna croissant was delicious.

Joshua Johnson

Great coffee and pastries in a hip setting.

Douglas Graves

I go here because my fiancee loves it. I don't not like it, their baked goods are definitely the best part. The coffee is good, but I'd rather go to Old City Java, get the same coffee (owned by the same people) in a much cooler place. I don't particularly like the way the shop is set up, hard to work on a computer there. If you plan to go and work make sure your computer is charged, seats by power outlets are few and hard to get.

Jessica Shipp

The go to place for amazing pastries, coffee, and more.

Shannon Arnett

The coffee was great the baked goods were great. The bad thing was the customers were stuck up stared down on us because I'm a guy with really long hair. They act like there better then you, it sucked wont go back there again.

Kay Campbell

Perfect latte (with swirled heart in foam), clean spaciousness inside. Hip, insider's vibe-- but one that makes first-timer feel like part of the family. PLUS right next door to legendary used book store, Book Eddy (inside cooperative retail space).

Merve C.

amazing pastries and espresso drinks its 20 minutes from my house but well worth the drive its a little hard to find a place to sit because it gets crowded sometimes i do wish they had matcha drinks though overall A+

William Bitterman

Every baked good here is inappropriately delicious. Personally don’t like the coffee but I’m probably wrong so don’t trust me on that. But for real just get every baked good. The prosciutto gruyere croissant is un-effing-real.

Allie K

Staff is always extremely friendly, pastries and food stuffs are always tasty, and coffee is always delicious.

Jaxx Fox

Always so yummy and novel. Great service, awesome place to catch up over coffee or work alone.

Austin Tallent

One of the best coffee shops in Knoxville. The croissants are great, and an iced honey latte is the way to go. Cool outdoor seating is a great place to work or play.

Susan Lester

Ummm...yum! What a great find! Nestled in a revived industrial space is this wonderful bakery and coffee shop that easily rivals any in Seattle. From handmade pastries to brewed to order iced tea, it was just great. It's good to see so many locally sourced foods as well.

William Delgadillo

This charming place has a modern wood feel with a minimalist decor. My favorite part of the look and feel is the open glass kitchen and open feel of the community seating area. I personally love being able watch the many baked goods being prepared and of course it's a reminder of how fresh everything is for the day. Their price points are comparable to let's say Starbucks but I personally I'm a fan of supporting locally owned businesses.

Howell Evans

Beautiful build out. Wonderful coffee and food.

Brian E

A friend and I heard they had good pastries here. We traveled to the store around 2 or so on a Monday afternoon from Maryville. There was a piece of some type of cake in the display case. A guy in front of us said he would take that last piece of cake that was almost $5. I laughed when she cut that in half and sold it to him. When it was my turn, I asked if they were secretly hiding stuff elsewhere. She said no just what is left in the case..which was at this point 1/2 of a 1/2 a piece of cake. This was a joke for us to have drove up there for this experience. Who runs a business and does not keep product stocked? Ridiculous!

Renee Hay

The best bakery I've ever experienced.

Marlon Johnson

Love this place. Always brings joy to my heart.

Noah Cook

Here's why it's good: Best pastries and cookies in the Knoxville area (Get the pain au chocolat or the almond croissant) Staff has always been nice and efficient The inside of this place is just cool, if you like coffee shops this is the place. Here's what's okay: Nothing! Here's what's bad: One time I ordered a cookie and it had hair strands in it, emailed them but never got a response. So far I've been back numerous times and haven't encountered the same problem. Knoxville needed a bakery like this, glad to see them doing well.

Dante Kedis

Overall, the place is rad; the vast selection of food is overwhelming in a happy way for foodies.

Frederica Reich

This Wild Love Bakehouse is one of our favorite place to stop by. I loved the food.

Carolyn Drahuse

Great place to hole up for an afternoon. Not a ton if seating, but I really enjoy it there.

Ryan Lee

Fantastic food, expert coffee (serving Counter Culture, which I love.) A simple croissant and an Americano make for a phenomenal morning. My only knock is that my girlfriend's coffee order was wrong, but it was likely just a simple miscommunication. Other than that, a fantastic experience; we'll be back in anytime we're in the neighborhood.

Lucas Santana Souza

Free WiFi + sometimes noise + great food

Matt Moore

One of the gems of Knoxville. Delicious baked goods, tasty limted lunch options, great coffee, and friendly staff. Plus it's just a beautiful setup.

Shawn Brown

First off. The croissant was pretty good. The diversity here warmed my heart. The presentation and design of everything was amazing. The place was really alive, and that was great. I ordered a hot chocolate, and sadly, I think it may have been one of the worst tasting ones I ever had. I didn't taste the chocolate at all. I think maybe something was missing. I would be leery to try it again. Sad, because I was excited to try the place after the news story.

Katie Baker

After hearing this was voted best bakery in America (what?!?!), I had high expectations. Wild Love did not disappoint. All my kids loved their choice of treat, and I sampled each of them. They were amazing. And their coffee is sublime. They earned their rank as #1 in my opinion.

Stuart Simmons

Very nice atmosphere, great coffee, friendly staff

Darci Simmers

Not much food selection at 4pm but neat vibe and chic setting.

Grant Brown

I was so impressed with this patisserie. I had the egg biscuit, chocolate croissant, cappuccino for breakfast. We also picked up some locks croissants for lunch. Everything was outstanding quality. Beware it is priced as such. But, It's probably Fair. It was neat to see the 8 or 10 Baker's working hard in the Glass Wall Kitchen.

Arthur Isakov

Good coffee and pastrys

Ashley Fish

Cute and quaint coffee shop. Was very busy when I went.

RMartin Choate

Great coffees and freshly baked pastries. Try the ricotta cheese with tomatoes...excellent!

The Snacks

Not only is the food excellent, the toilet paper is amazing. So if they care enough to put in quilted toilet paper in their bathrooms, just think about the ingredients they put in their food. #topnotchingredients

A i

Overall, the place is rad; the vast selection of food is overwhelming in a happy way for foodies. Tip: decide if you want to order both savory and sweet while waiting in line because there will be a line all the way to the door (this is a good indication that what they offer is worth the wait). I made a mistake not ordering my sweets with my savory thinking that I can just get it as soon as I am done. That’s alright because I plan to come back:). Finding a seat inside can be challenging since it gets busy but they do have an extra seating outside assuming if the weather is cooperative, or you can stand and wait for someone to leave, and another option is to order the food to go (no, they do not have a drive-thru service. This is a good thing! The joy of experiencing bakeries is to visit inside). Some patrons can be selfish by placing their backpacks/purses on the chair next or in front of them even when they don’t have any other company (this is not the bakery’s fault), so you can ask if they can move their belongings since chairs are designed to seat people not materials. There is a water canteen on the back shelf along with the napkins, cup lids and straws. I would love to give a 5-star rating or even more than that—because their food deserves a 10-star rating. However, I had to asked the nice lady for a fork because there was none on the back. I was hesitant because she was busy but I needed a fork. They do have another lady that supplies the water cup and other items on the shelf. She was busy talking to a customer that day and I think they are just busy, but they should also take some to stack necessities that way, customers won’t be hesitant to ask for utensils and the staff won’t be disrupted by the customers. They should also stack to go boxes because one lady asked the cashier for one (which is another disruption on busy days). Also, the restroom is nice but there are no paper towels. This can be good for the environment however, most people doesn’t like opening the door after they wash their hands especially before they eat. It just squashed the idea of cleanliness. The Dyson hand dryer is awesome but it created a pool of water on the floor and if the staff doesn’t check it often enough, it might be a cause for accidents especially for children. I am happy to find a gem like Wild Love Bakery especially around Central. The development around that areas is heartwarming. I hope that more businesses will rise and make Knoxville a more enjoyable city to visit.

Sara H

The best pastries ever! Make sure to come early because they do sell out. The tarts are so amazing. They are flaky with the right amount of fruit filling. The onion scones are great for a savory craving. Overall it is a great place for brunch but there might be a line but worth the wait.

Sydney Osborne

Superb coffee. Friendly service. Always clean. I hear the pastries are good. I wish they offered grain free ones.

Clara Johnson

Bakery is excellent, and, always has a good assortment. Fresh and local ingredients when possible.

Eric Nafziger

Great quality food. Too expensive to bring a large family here, but it's a good place to eat every now and then. Love that the food is locally sourced and is real. For that reason alone I don't mind paying a little more occasionally.

Derek Moessinger

Great food and coffee. Nice decor and plenty of outdoor seating. A little pricey in my opinion. A reduced refill price would be nice since dine in cups are normal household size.

Stephanie Kirk

Love Wild Love! The coffee cannot be beat for flavor and mouth feel, and the pastries are out of this world! The cookies are fantastic, but while you are there, grab a brownie for later. Support local!

Laquan Dubose

Some of the best patries ive had. Cool vibe aswell

Bailey Kemper

I’ve never had a bad experience here — the baristas are the coolest and the coffee is fantastic. Also, their chocolate croissant is the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire stupid life.

Jessica Slep

Sadly we came too late to get some of the pastries we had heard were amazing, but everything we got was delicious and we even took a couple extra things for the road.

Edna Gibson

It was minimalistic, in a good way. Not pretentious or covered in swag to sell. They had several delicious options for baked goods and a modest list of coffee and tea options. Really good food, really good coffee, really good service!

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