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REVIEWS OF Target IN South Dakota

Jonathan Hansen

Loved it. So good. I honestly don’t know why I don’t come here more often.

Neina Benjamin

I was able to pick up my item with ease. Easy shopping

Tom Gray

Visited the store with my wife on 1/16/18. Store was clean and tidy. Some items were out of stock. The bathrooms were 'closed for cleaning' when we arrived. My wife used the pharmacy bathroom and she said it was gross. She even picked it up a bit so the next person had a better experience. 15 minutes later when I used the mens room, the trash was full, there was toilet paper in 3 stalls. There was a sign in the restroom stating they monitored the bathrooms. It was 11 days old. Obviously not. We also noted that pet dogs were allowed in the store and at the Starbucks. Normally we love Target. This one not so much. :(

Jj Avila

Called them to ask a question and they hung up on me. Very maddening and unprofessional not happy.

Stephanie Mapp

I love target. I feel like they get me.


I loved the color it fit my daughter she said that snow doesn’t get in the snow pants and the boots that we got will fit on her for a year.

Sherra Wilson

Target is a clean store and well organized.

Kayley Dewees

Amazing Customer service and timely checkout

Scot Madsen

Target superstore. Convenient, clean, with high quality store - brand items. Despite standard turnover, staff tends to be pleasant, helpful, intelligent, and expedient. Never had a bad experience here.

Justin Breems

Classic clean Target.

Brittany R

Love the new look it looks cleaner sleeker and more modern

Cynthia Ambrosia

Chanelle Anderson

Please change it back!! New layout is terrible, carts don’t fit down the isles and everything is hard to find. I’ve been avoiding the American Fork Target since they remodeled, now I have to avoid Orem too


The Truth

This store is low on stock in every category-- walk through the grocery aisles and you will hear the wind whistling through half-empty shelves. The employees are all bored out of their minds and cannot be bothered in the slightest, and if you manage to catch one and ask them to check the stock of an item they will roll their eyes at you, disappear for five minutes, and tell you there is nothing in the back and no chance of a new shipment of it ever again. Either they are stealing stock or just totally incompetent, and either way it's not a place I will visit again.

Hanna McDonald

I consider myself to be an avid Target-shopper. I love this place. This location, however, leaves much to be desired. The shoe section is always a mess, granted the general public is basically the worst and they never clean up after themselves, but every time I've been here, it's been a complete disaster. I've rarely been able to find an employee if I have a question, and I'd rather not walk the 5 miles to the other end of the store to find one, just to be told that they don't work in the department I have a question about. Still an overall clean store and definitely better than Wal-Mart ;)

Jenny Williamson

The pick up process was very fast and the employee was really nice.

Bhawana Pradhan

Scott Mcall

Today i was at target I consider myself a very avid shopper at target I’m always there and most of the time I can have a very pleasant experience but today was a different story. I was checking out and had a great experience with the cashier but i needed help from a manager for a question I had I knew they would only be able to answer! Here comes the “manager” Dallas the whole time i was taking to her about my concern she was very rude and kept rolling her eyes like i was waisting her time I didn’t mind it at first but it got to the point where i asked to speak with another manager and she would not allow it then she continued to be rude to the point where if that is the type of manager i had to deal with to resolve my concern I would rather not have anyone help me at all how can she be a manager at a place like target? I will not be returning to this place and make sure i spread the word around of the poor quality of customer service given here by the manager Dallas

Meghan Lenz

Very helpful

Trish Rogers

Easy great customer service

Marissa Gjerde

Darin Vander Well

It's Target -- for the most part, you know what you're gonna get. The store is much cleaner and less busy than the location on Louise, which is nice. However, the average floor staff is not much help if you can't find an item. On multiple occasions recently I've asked staff for help and got a "sorry, I don't know where that is" before they awkwardly walked away.

Nathan Taylor

I went at 9:00 am and it was amazing! Very organized and the customer service was amazing. We had Gloria an older lady at the cashier and she was very helpful when we couldn't find the right thing. Overall come here if you want to be treated right.

Roberto Pesantes

At this location We prefer to get things We dont need assistance because most employees arent very helpful or friendly, We love Target but we get treated better at the Sandy one, I gave it 2 stars only because its nice having one in Orem

Casey Fetzer


I'm usually really impressed with Target's service but occasionally I have a bad experience. They really need to train their cashiers better.

Brian Broekemeier

Clean and not as busy as the other Target in town. It also has a slightly better selection of just about everything but men's clothes.

Dawn Wojciechowski

Friendly and fast

Nate Papa


Inventory is awful. Employees are unhelpful. I can never find the games that I would like to buy. A few months ago, I tried to buy Diablo 3 for the PS4 but they did not have any in stock. Today, I tried to buy Ni No Kuni 2 but there was none in stock. Whenever I want to buy a game, they do not have the game in stock. I checked their website and there seems to be plenty of Ni No Kuni 2 games at the American Fork store. Every time I cannot find a game, I ask a store clerk. The store clerk will just check the inventory and say, "Sorry! It's not in stock." Other game stores will help me find the game I want. Do not waste your time by going to this store. Just buy stuff from Amazon instead. Amazon has the games I want in their inventory. Target Orem does not.

Alice M

Logan Arendt

I enjoy shopping here

Jason Toering

Pai Smith

A young male employee with blonde hair likes to give me dirty looks and would keep walking back and forth when I was checking out staring at me....never even had a conversation with this person but he feels the need to try and make me feel uncomfortable every time I go there. Usually something I’d ignore but he goes out of his way to be in my space.

Kaitlin Welker Booth

It well organized, there is a wide variety of items available, and the staff is always helpful!

Maryann Walker

Mostly overpriced, and very odd patterned/ designed clothing. Used to be a great place, but trends have changed it and it all looks cheap to me now. Also didn't carry dresses as it was a "seasonal item" yet was fully stocked on bikinis before Christmas. So strange.

Evan Whitaker

Nice store. Clean and well stocked. Above average prices but good one-stop place for most needs.

Alexandra Collett

This store is clean and comfortable. They have enough employees that one is usually on hand for questions. Their return service is so streamline it takes only seconds, so you can be in and out before the kids in the cart start screaming! (True story, is happened a lot :) Plus the selection of items is plentiful and adorable. My only problem is the store is so far away from my house! And don't miss their after Christmas sale-wow.

irelyn yo

Worst target ever! They changed their layout and now Starbucks doesn't have any frappuccinos. They didn't have to convert Starbucks into two little boxes just to put more empty space in.Their logic is really off.


Liked the merchandise but kind of unorganized...

Brandon Curtis

My favorite Target location. I usually go out of my way to come here. Staff is always helpful. Store is always clean and merchandise is in stock. I love the Cartwheel app and having a Red Card!

Zach Farrenkopf

Ciera Neilson

This Target is another great Target! It's got everything you need and you can be in and out of the store as quick as you need. The associates are helpful and it's always easy to find what I'm looking for as the signage is clear and concise.

Larkin Palmer

This Target is fairly nice, most of the items are well organized. That being said, the clothing section, particularly the women's, could use some help and organization. They have a very helpful customer service desk and have always been friendly and polite when I've returned things or have gone back to an item that the cashier forgot to scan. The little food court is ok- the employees seemed a little rude and condescending when we were there getting dinner after a big shopping trip. That was unfortunate but the food was still good.

Kristine Story

They have good quality swimming suits with reasonable prices.

Amylin Robins

Pretty good clean. I love getting the popcorn combo when I first get there free refills on the drinks it's great!

Elaine Rogge

My favorite of the 2 target locations in Sioux Falls. Always clean and well stocked.

Isabel Juno

Busy but associate went out of her way to help me find what i needed and in the right size. She even dug around in the stockroom to find the right size boot.

Kristina Bonsteel

They price matched with their online store for the mascara I wanted. Making it half the cost of every other grocery store! Also the cashier was very pleasant.

Laura Schenk

Kira Godinez

I called to see if they had an item in stock, and they told me they checked and they said they did so I came in the store and they told me they had it. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied in this target, as I had to drive 20 minutes to get here only to find out they didnt have what I needed after telling me they had it.

Erica-Jacqueline Longhurst-Kendall

Just like every other target I’ve been to. Something was in the wrong place and I couldn’t find a correct price had to walk around the whole store to find someone to help me. But I do love the fact that they price match including amazon.

Michael Balfe

Amber Washington

Customer service employees are awful. No greeting and always seemed annoyed to be "helping". Management at this store is always apologetic but since nothing ever changes the apologies don't mean a thing.

Sean Burns

The 2 negative reviews that I have read have been related to targets busiest sales time of the year. From black Friday to new years they are beyond busy. And people expect their hand to be held because they can't understand very polite and detailed directions. I have been shopping here for about 7 months now, I bike the extra mile to target because of the cleanliness offered by the store. The help is great, items are ALWAYS easy to find, and they regularly have what I need. Thank you Target for being awesome!

Trevor Hicken

Got items on the cheap and service was superb!

Natalie Pray

Tessa Reiter

Always long lines at the checkouts

Sheila Lunstra

Tiffany Baldwin

The extra help from rhe man at check out

Josh Stukel

Great shopping.

Jayce Van Haren

It’s pretty average as far as Targets go but compared to the retail that is in the Orem/Provo area, I am giving it a 5 star rating. I have found myself frequenting this place quite often with my wife. They have a large selection are helpful staff. The atmosphere is just better and brighter than the Walmart in town and I have found the prices to be similar or lower than Walmart’s at times. If it’s closer to you, don’t waste your time by traveling to Walmart more marginally lower prices, Target beats it every time.

Pinky D

Noah Witt

Clean, and the normal target experience.

Jared Houtsma

Kevin Rothlisberger

I went in today needing raspberries. Only raspberries. The lines at check out were ridiculously long and once I got to the front we found out that Target's registers were not scanning items. I waited in line for over and hour. Not pleased. I hope they got this sorted out.

Jordan Campbell

Not enough 4T or 5T winter clothing.

Benjamin Perkins

Target has a great selection of products, and it's clean. The store has a nice design and layout and good prices for the quality of items. They have most anything you might need including clothing, home decor, a pharmacy, cleaning supplies, toys, and basic toiletries.

Savannah Brunelli

So friendly here!!!!

Lyndsay Gang

What a mess! Clothes all over the floor. Clothes on the wrong racks. What a nightmare. At least the staff was friendly.

Abigail Chapdelaine

Caitlin Clarke

Has everything I need and more all at a reasonable price. Has amazing quality for clothes, shoes, and home decor. A good variety of grocery items, to electronics, and more. Good customer service.

frank dean

Went to Target looking for men's boots and sneakers they didn't have any just me dress shoes pretty sad operation no wonder why I never shop there probably will never go back

Alejandra Sisneros

They always provide great customer service when I get my order pickups, and paying at the register. I also love the cleanliness of the store as well as how beautifully the remodel was done to the store.

Jason Perrenoud

I normally love shopping at target, but tonight My family had one of the worst customer experience I can recall. Maybe the young lady was dealing with something that was effecting her attitude. I might as well just go back to shopping at Walmart if the management doesn’t care to train their employees to be helpful and courteous!

Zane Harker

Made my day! Couldn’t find diapers in the size I needed on the shelf, so I flagged down an employee from a completely different department who was transporting shoe boxes and clearly in the middle of something. But she kindly listened to me and offered to go look in the back. She found the exact box I needed from memory, brought it to me, and made sure I was okay to carry it myself since I didn’t have a cart with me. Fabulous service!

Launa Heinemeyer

Easy and convenient avoiding lines

DeAnn Gardner

I've always enjoyed my shopping experience at Target.

Robin Anderson

Who doesn't love Target! This is a newer store. The bathroom are clean. There is a Starbucks and Pizza Hut food inside. The staff is courteous.

Joe Hildebrand

Friendly, clean place to shop.

David Coatney

Unethical business practices. I went to Target and as I'm trying to leave, the cashier is trying to force me to take a gift card. I said I didn't want it, but she was insistent that I have to take it. She said we're "giving you a $5 gift card because your purchase was over $50". She made it sound like some kind of reward or something. When I got home and looked at the receipt I saw they charged my credit card an extra $5 for the gift card I didn't order, didn't want, and tried to refuse. So I guess I'm being forced to "purchase" a gift card whether I want it or not...

Annalysia Volk

Higher end items yet still affordable. Great deals and specials. I love target!

Rick Camarillo

Easy store lay out and cleanliness

Daniel French

First of all everything is overpriced, and there is not enough carts for the customers. The employees grab most of them, fill them with merchandise, and hide them in the back of the store. The restrooms are always filthy because they have no janitor, and expect the lone cart attendant to somehow collect carts on both sides of the huge building, and clean the restrooms at the same time. I guess they expect a cart attendant to be Super Man. Also this place is so overcrowded that it's hard to drive through the parking lot and not get in a car accident. Don't shop here...

Howard Pae

Call about a sale on baby beds. checked to see if in was! Great help getting it ou of the back but when they pulled it out it was to big for our car, so they held it until we could come back the next day. Excellent customer service ....on the ,phone, on the floor, check out and even help loading it in to the car. Thanks everybody at the Orem Target!

Heidi Fisher

Lissa Hendricks

Target offers trendy and affordable clothing and even some furniture. They have a wide variety of things for the home and the store is always nice and clean.

Candace Haag

Geek Shriek

Paul Martin

Stationary and paper supplies area is very bare and small. Very limited selection and the shelves are bare.


A great store and great quality. Unfortunately every time I shop at Target I can't spend too much because of the 2013 credit card security incident, so my bank gets suspicious and declines my card if I spend too much there. Would love to give them all of my money though. I am always satisfied with what I buy there.


We love this Target! Employees are great when you need help. It’s such a better shopping experience than Wal-Mart. Their bakery goods are really excellent as well at the Market Pantry store brand!

Mitchell Steever

Trevor Zonnefeld

Very clean and has lots of options. We prefer this one over the other Target in Sioux Falls.

david Nelson

great location

Cassie Neuroth

Store is always clean and easy to find items.

Hannah Shields

I love Target! It's just so busy though. And for a million cash registers they should have more people available to help check out customers.

Laura Behle

In store pick up is open for all freaking hours that the store is open Woooot!!!

Dylan Cannon

I went in to buy tape and ended up spending over 800 dollars. I never knew i needed a juicer "as seen on tv". Dreams come true at target.

josh mulder

Jeremy Rees

My wife and I love going to Target. They always have household decorations we love. Never disappointed.

Joe G

Largest Target in the area

Parker Matheson

Target has great style, quality products, at a price I can afford. Their stores have a great layout, and it's enjoyable to just browse. I recently tried their online pickup option and was very satisfied with that experience. I will gladly return to Target over and over.

Goobs MOm

Store is nice, fairly good selection although they don’t carry a lot of toys. I am leaving review because not once but twice now the customer service woman has been very unpleasant and I no longer will be shopping at this location. I went in after work 30mins before close. I live 45 minutes from town so try to do all my shopping, returns, errands etc. in one shot. I had quite a few items I was going and ready to purchase. I also had 4 items to return that were on 3 different receipts. I also wanted to price match LEGO sets that were $10 higher than other stores. The woman said she would only price match 1 and didn’t match Walmart’s price which was lowest. She wouldn’t even look at what I had pulled up which I decided to not make a fuss over it. My return was worse, two items I thought were on same receipt but weren’t. She said she would take them. I ended up finding the other receipt for both digging through my purse. Then my next 2 items she said were not on my 3rd (separate) receipt. I looked at it and they were. Same numbers, description, and price. She said no. I asked if I could just get store credit as I didn’t want to make another trip. She said no not with out receipt. Asked if I could pay for my items there and she said area was closing. At that point another employee came over to put stuff away and decided to say something. I asked for my items back, took my cash, receipts and stated: “Honey I’m extremely tired and I normally I never say anything but you have made this the most unpleasant experience as possible. I work in customer service as well and you should not treat people this way”. She simply said “okay” in a completely even/emotional-less tone and face. The other employee stopped what she was doing and turned to face us. I grabbed my bag with 2 items not returned and grabbed cart again. I was so upset that I pushed cart and put everything on counter in front of her. She didn’t say anything just kept starting at me blankly. The other worker asked if she could help me. Told her no thank you, really did appreciate her offering but I was no longer wanting to purchase anything. Which is what I did. I looked back after I went out doors and she still was standing in same spot staring forward.

Rebecca Vanden Brink

Chris Rogers

I love how this store looks. It’s so modern. The employees are always willing to help as well.

Devin Styles

Great place to pick up a little bit of everything

Angelee Glammeier

Fast check out if needed.

David Renes

Friendly, helpful staff! But, not enough cashiers, causing wait time to check out.

Gryffin Mutzenberger

Paula Nelson-Hart

We were able to check out quickly, even though the store was packed. And the selection of products is the best!!

Nate Penn

Tiffany Deutz

Workers are always helpful and friendly

Noji Ratzlaff

After getting in line, a young lady with a scanner came up and serviced my need right then and there. She went and fetched the box, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way. What fantastic service!

April Lehmann

Denise Birdsong

Great products

Mary Lenzmeier

Not happy with this store. I placed two orders on line over 4 hours ago. I cannot get a hold of staff to see when the orders are ready for pick-up. No one answered the Orem store phone or the 800#. I chatted CSR but she was no help.

Andreas Moreno

Let me return my makeup with a problem! Will be back

Medici Media

Clean building, everything is stocked well. Checkout lines could use some help.

Pet Free

Target is known for letting non-service animals into the store even though they have a sign that says, “Only service animals permitted”. Utah law and the FDA Food Code prohibit non-service animals from grocery stores and restaurants, but Target doesn’t seem to care about this law. A service animal according to the ADA has to be a trained dog that provides a specific task. Comfort animals aren’t considered service animals by the ADA.

Krystyn Tronson

Stephanie Argyle

I love Target! Great prices! Great staff!

Ajayi Olushola

Pretty much expensive. Not for people who don't work or earn low income. I really don't like it for that.

Kimball Leavitt

Went to target because we still had a bunch of gift card money there. We grabbed some groceries and their fried chicken over in the deli section was excellent. They also have a bunch of good free sauces that come with it.

Burke McComb

Richard is the absolute GREATEST! My wife and I purposefully shop here when he is on shift just because he’s so fun to run into.

Lincoln Stanley

Great store! Has a great selection cheap technology.

Matt Zerfas

Brynnlee Kimball

I like this Target. For the most part they are pretty clean. They are more expensive then say Walmart but they also have better quality for the most part. Some things are exactly the same product but more expensive at Target

Brenda Christensen

The order pickup option made my buying experience SO efficient!! I was looking for 8 christmas plates and chargers and Target did the work of searching for them at other stores in the area. When I got the email confirming that everything I needed was at my local store, all I had to do was stop at customer service and pick them up. The whole process only took 2 hours! Its even better than the free 2-day delivery Target offers!!

Jacob Lundquist

This target location has been great for both our wedding and baby registries over the years. I have never had a bad experience here. The staff here are great!

Erica Tanner

Orem Pick Up is seriously so easy. I didn't have to go search for what I needed in the store or pay for shipping. Win!

Jen Kantrowitz

Prices are decent and store is maintained well.

Donna Moeller

Love that Target is on the east side of town. Had everything I was looking for. thanks Target

William Dulitz

Friendly staff, well laid out.

loool sar

Great customer services!!

Chris Trefz

We use the Red card and cartwheel. We enjoy going to Target generally.

Job Less

Grumpy service members can't be bothered to help you find stuff. Good product selection for kids under 5 but not for older kids. "Its not tennis shoe season, and our boots aren't in yet.".. (in mid October)... isn't it always tennis shoe season????

doge rainbow 31____ cool rage

Kacey Taylor

Love Target. So happy they have a great selection of modern home decor at reasonable prices.

Chandler Whipple

I used to love this target until their recent remodel. The location of some items is especially out of place and no longer intuitive. The rearranged the store to create two open display spaces for home goods. Storage goods are in two separate places in the store now. It took way too long to find items. Shampoo is now with beauty products and a long walk from the body wash.

Sarah Sargent

Guest services manager is fantastic!! Took the time to listen to me and help me with an issue when other stores didnt.

Angela Anderson

This Target in Orem is terrible for having certain items in stock- they never have the Protect humidifier wicking filters in stock anymore like they used to and they never have the ointment in stock of Cortizone 10 like they used to,they have run out before too of a certain Aveeno product i needed one time- so they are out of stock on certain items a lot. I also don't like their new layout- it seems scattered to me.

Dede Kauvaka

Target always has what I need and what I didn’t know I need, haha! But they just know what their customers want and aim to please.

Samuel Harmon

You are saving a lot but when I want to buy stuff to fish there is only rod packs

Danny B Stewart

It's an oasis amongst a Downtown of sludge! Classy, clean, and NOT WAL-MART!!!!! I only wish it has a full size produce section.

Mr. Skippy

Great prices! Everything is easy to find. Same quality as Walmart just not as expensive.

Melissa Pierson

the store is clean and bright and the prices are fair

Linda Winter

Convient good customer sevice

Jessica Peterson

The store was clean and while we were looking at fitness watches, we had an employee approach us right away. He was very knowledgeable about the products.

Christopher Veiga

Is your name Rebecca? Rachel? Ashley? Suzie? Are you a recent college graduate who is currently pregnant or just had a kid? Do you prefer this place rather than walmart? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER. Tar-jay will save your soul. Also their fitting rooms are a hot mess like 8/10 times.

Kyrie Chapman

Extremely rude staff. Anytime I have come to get anything in store pick up, or anything something goes wrong. At this point after every horror story I have had while shopping at Target I think it's safe to say I will not shop here or advise others to steer clear.

Steve Van Zee

Close to living, good quality products

Jim Novak

Great place to shop! Good selection, and fair prices.

Chad Barker

I was purchasing the new game Red Dead Redeption 2 and I had an awesome experience with an employee named Ian who was very polite and informative. I appreciated his kindness.

Troy Kump

They've been doing a facelift of this location for awhile and it looks amazing!


As Target Supercenters go, this is a nice one. It is large, well organized, and a lot of selection. Waiting to check out can be daunting, especially when notice 9 out of 10 if the lanes are closed. Nice location, if not congested from traffic .

Harold Gordon

My son saved for a RC car and found one at Target (east side). After he had it for a week, one wheel stopped working. I of course could not find the receipt and was concerned I would be stuck with it. I was treated so nicely by the employee working the evening of 2/23/17 in customer service. The original car was out of stock. My son found a similar model. The employee just let us swap it out without issue. She took great care of us. Thank you Target Customer Service!!!

Ryan Tellberg

Clean store, slightly higher prices, plenty of parking good variety of items.

Daniel Howse

I spent $50 on groceries and got a $10 gift card. That was awesome. Not all their prices are the cheapest but milk was only $2 a gallon

Noelia Cole

I love this store. The workers are great! They are helpful. They have great boy clothes. The only thing is that they run out of a lot of things pretty quickly.

Jon Sundvold

Close location, clean, friendly employees, easy, awesome selection

Austin Birrell

The only thing this newly remodeled target is missing are the warm towels they give you as you walk on a cruise ship.

Aaron Kraayenhof

John Thornton

Usually nice and clean. Not a lot of clerks to ask questions. Prices tend to be much higher than other places. Especially in produce. Target sells apples by the apple, NOT by the pound which to me seems deceptive as the signs are tiny. The price for apples is about double other stores. Nice shopping carts. Plenty of convenient parking

Robert Jenson

It's target. You go here for a false sense of self worth and to relish in the pitiful sadness of middle aged mothers trying to regain their youth.

Julian Nieves

Great furniture with attention to detail! Friendly staff.

Mary Akkerman

Mark Hayes

Just a nice clean open atmosphere.

Jessica Franklin

Used to be my fav place to shop for my kids clothes. Went today and the boy section had Nothing I'd buy for school. I'm used to them having a lot of cute style tops for about 10-12 dollars each. Looks like they replaced all those with basketball shorts and tops. Where'd all the cute clothes go.!!!?

M Ward

Love having this super target so close by! It’s a great one stop shop, always has plenty of selections, and good prices. The buy online pick up in store option is convenient and makes it so that I can be in and out with my needed items and not worry about the items not being in stock.

Anne Shelton

A.J. B

Nice clean Target.

Piryjob Jobocop

Brian Stormo

What's not to like about a Target? Always plenty of stock of the most needed items on hand.

Garrett Vance

Online it said grey or pink for some storage bins. In the store they never asked what color I wanted and assumed pink. When they came back I asked if we could have grey the answer was no, you have to come back tomorrow to return these and then you can try an order online again and see if you get gray. How dumb is this system.

Olivia Morales

Jenny from the Starbucks in Target is so sweet. She wrote my name on my cup and everything :) best customer service!

Bethany Lass

My favorite target

Tahirah Crawford

Usually pretty clean and the cashiers work fast. I had an AWESOME cashier today!

Stacie Monson

I was given a bunch of gift cards to target by a friend of mine. I used those gift cards and turned them into a bunch of gifts for the little ones, they got much more enjoyment out of it then I ever could have!

Jacob Tilstra

It's the better of the Targets in Sioux Falls

Autumn Baldwin

I love this target, and have always had a great experience here! I bought something last week that didn’t end up working for me. I lost my receipt, and came and returned it today in under 3 min. Talk about a win!

The Brandon Weiss

Great grocery section. Not as helpful and nice as west side store in my opinion though.

Kennedy Booth

I'm eating this store a 10 mainly for Richard who was very outgoing, laughing, helpful and simply made my day today. More places should have a Richard

Jose Dominguez

(Translated by Google) I liked the service (Original) Me gusto el servicio

Jessica Fields

Alazar Birhanu

The restrooms are horrible

P Miller

This super center has a bit of everything. I am always delighted with their baby supplies. I often find odd but very necessary items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Brittany Jones

Their new Opal House line is AMAZING!!! They have the cutest stuff ever!!! I can't go to any other Target. This one is my favorite. It's always clean and well stocked.

Yuliya Strizheus

I am putting up one star, just so this review gets noticed. Please check the expiration dates before you buy any baby products. I've seen expired formula way too many times. The first time I was buying formula, the first box I picked up was expired, I took it and gave it to the cashier thinking maybe they will check to make sure other ones aren't expired. I was wrong. I went another time and overheard some customers say that a box of formula is expired. I went over to get some myself and was checking around at expiration dates of different kinds of formula then the one I normally get. There were a lot more boxes expired. This is not ok, because I'm sure a lot of customers don't check the expiration dates. And come on, we are dealing with infant food here.

Logan Mondragon

This Target is updating all the time and is a huge store with food and clothes. I can always find what I'm looking for. Only downside is that sometimes there is a huge flood of people and you have to wait in line to checkout a little longer than usual. But you can tell that the cashiers are working as fast as they can!

Tracilyn Ortega

I know I can always count on target to have what I need when other stores don't!! was looking for some black boots for my daughter went to 5 stores and then went to target knowing they'd have them!! Yup they sure and even picked up a cute bonus pair

Brad Ringgaard

Becky Wells

Clean. Well stocked. Good service. Adequate parking. Enjoyable experience.

Frances Abbott Thompson

Like any other Target. Easy to navigate, fun-to-shop clearance sections, full of soccer moms.

Sally Wible

Today - January 21, 2019 - I shopped for groceries at the Orem Target. However, I am shopping less and less at that store. The checker - a nice looking young man - never greeted me, never said one word to me, never put one grocery bag in the cart, which is just as easy to put in the cart as on the counter. I was treated like a non-person.!!! Shopping at Trader Joe's, Macey's and Harmons is a delight! Shoppers are treated like real people. You are treated politely, like you would treat a guest in your home. I am glad that I have other choices in the Orem area. Target is at the bottom of my list of places to shop!

Sarah Seely

Barely stocked shelves anymore, super frustrating to try and find basic necessities that are always out if stock. This used to be one of my favorite places to shop for beauty and cosmetics but they never have anything in stock.

Les Hollenbeck

It's a chain Dept store.

Tammi Leah Rose Reynard

Ease and quickness of the whole experience.

Aunika Pierce

Kind employees, efficient service!

Susan Allen

Target is clean and well supplied. Bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Nancy Copes

Love to order online and pick it up! It is so easy and no hassle at all! Try it.

Sam G

Better than Wal-Mart

Jennifer Nuncio

Customer service is outstanding. The employees helped me resolve my issues quickly and professionally. Check out was also very speedy and friendly.

K Metzger

Enjoyed my recent visit. The Cartwheel app doesn't always work and can be frustrating.

Steve B

Good experience all around. Annie, my service dog, was loved by all we met. We have done training her many times with great results. Checkout was easy. One of my favorite places to shop in Orem.

Ignacio Sanchez

I’ve never paid $2.72/lb for apples. These must have some sort magical properties. 8 apples for 10 bucks! Will never buy produce at Target again.

Chantel Olson

Simple easy process

Christina Deaver

I love Target and this is a great Target. It can get pretty busy in the evenings though, so you will end up waiting in a longish line to checkout if you go then. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Zach D

This Target store is Awesome! They have everything I need and more. I recommend this store to everyone.

aaron torney


I love target!!

Chad Knutson

Nikcole Goff

I called this super target to see if they had a game I needed to buy for a Christmas present. I felt as if I was a nuisance to the female employee who answered my call. I usually love target for their game selection, but it is the holiday season and they usually sell out of their popular games. I am glad I called and didn't drive 30 minutes to pick up this game because they were sold out. Please don't hang out on me after saying, "we don't have anymore!" I was super polite to the lady on the phone. I would like to be treated with the same respect. Costumer service does exist. The least she could have said was "goodbye." I mean I was trying to give the store business.

Ayne Delgado

Very nice staff and well organized store

Tana Jordan

Great app

Michele DeVriend

John Davis

Clean store in a newer development. I loved that it's not crowded at all.

Tonya Moya

There is a male employee with has blonde/ yellow hair and usually has on white rimed translucent glasses, he acts very childish and unprofessional. He will stare at me and my family and give dirty looks while we check out by another employee. No reason for the looks never talked to the boy he just feels the need to be disrespectful.

Scotty Winter

A good store with friendly service

Mary Reyes

Who doesn't love target! But this one especially is good. Always clean and shelves look organized for the most part.

Jess N

Lacked customer service on my last visit. Multiple errors with cartwheel and rep and manager couldnt explain, returned hundred in merchandise because they couldnt assist and seemed like they didnt even care. Wasted about 20 min of my time at customer serive. very frustrating and then went to Walmart and prices were even cheaper!

Shanyn Claycomb

The store is constantly's so hard to shop in.

Jake Jones

It's a typical Target store. I'm usually pretty annoyed being asked if I want their Red Card, but this last visit the cashier wss super passionate about it and did a great job covering the benefits. If I hadn't been a victim of their data breach and could trust them, I probably would have signed up.

Brian Hansen

Laura Perkins

Elise Hill

The store has nice stuff but it’s so messy and disorganized so I can’t find anything. There’s always things in the wrong place and stuff all over the floor. So sad to see such a good store fall so much that the upper management has a left it to fail. So sad to see so much wasted potential

James Knight

Claudia Brianzoli

Rebekah Terrazas

I love the products that are sold, the atmosphere, and the deals.

Traci Ausland

I love Target, this is where I do majority of my shopping. Lots of cute stuff. Things I need and don't!

rebekah mrykalo

Nice clean store and there's always nice people here shopping and helpful workers.

Anna Harmon

Customer service, and employees are great! A little disappointed with the selection at times in the food department. Would love to have a super target.

Jim Schillerstrom

m willobee

Very friendly service, quick food delivery, and delicious!

Austin Donley

It's a little out of the way for me, but when I'm on this side of town I prefer to stop here. The prices aren't great, but the atmosphere is better than Walmart!

Justin Smoak

This store is awesome. Staff is always helpful and personable towards customers. Layout is fantastic and it’s always stocked so well!

Elizabeth Fraction

Love this store everything is their

Laurie Nelson

It was easy ordering online and then I just had to run to the store to pick item up. No walking through the store which is challenging for me right now as I recently had both knees replaced.

Jason Norgaard

Floyd Shinn

shopped there 4/27/15 $6

Kristin Frank

I enjoy shopping at this location vs. the one on the west side. Usually much more quite and convenient for my family.

Jared Hartman

This Target is great, especially after the remodel. It looks great! The staff are all very kind and the store is very clean.

Emma Jackson

It is a nice store. The selection has grown, the layout has evolved. I am pleased to find new deals and items each time I shop. It has well maintained bathrooms. The environment is inviting and the staff are competent. I look forward to this following year, to see what new things they have in store.

Benzy Box

There is a plethora of products for me to browse through of good quality and pricing.

Chelsea Marie

Never fails to have everything I need in one stop and great customer service on top of that

Tammy Wright

I love Target... they always have my items I need.

William Wester

Best target!

Ashley Pavek

Jared Sorensen

Has a good variety of things you can buy for a decent price. The grocery is limited and often we can’t find the brands we like. So it is better for non grocery shopping.


Clean and friendly

Levi Thate

Chloe Loveland

I come here all the time to shop. It's usually really clean and things are where they should be. Staff is helpful, and there are few things they don't have. I especially love their clothes, beauty, and home sections. They also have an attached cafeteria and Starbucks.

Steven Fogamomi

Employees are nice and helpful. Really big. Have a lot of selection in products. Not too overpriced. I'd rather go here for quality stuff.

Brittney W

Team members aren’t too friendly. I do like the ease of returns. Prefer online shopping.

Crystal Lowe

Starbucks and cafe inside, the best donuts in town in the bakery, a great selection of produce and cheeses. It's a clean super store with an updated design from most other Target stores. The only problem I've ever had is that the employees aren't very friendly. They aren't necessarily mean, they just don't seem to care about the shopper like I've experienced at other Target stores.

Darlene Pierce

We recently ordered a new Craft Table from Target. We were pleased with the product, but happier with the personel. The employee that helped us, was so pleasant and friendly, making even a busy night, enjoyable.

Kristina Bills

I love Target so much!!! <3 <3

Jerome Schaar

Lindsay H.

Went to pick up an online order and it was super quick and easy! Cashier was friendly, even the day after Black Friday.

Anthony Boddicker

Classy products towards the mid to high price range.

Banana Gram

Sara Heiner

Andrew your store manager goes above and beyond for his customers. I had a small mistake happen to me where I was overcharged for gift cards. When I called Andrew reassured me that he would look into it and take care of it for me. I went in today and he made it right with me and then some. He was super nice about it and apologized one hundred times over. Can't say enough good things about him.. he definitely cares about the reputation of the store and wants the customers to return there. Can definitely say I will make it a point to return to this location over others because the customers matter to the manager! Thanks Andrew!

Kim Snow

Convenient and fast friendly service


The store is in a great location, is usually very clean, and has a good selection of items. However, the check out lanes are always congested.


Like the new setup. Easy to get in and out


I come here quite often, it’s a lot nicer now since the remodel. My only complaint is that grocery items are frequently out of stock.

Jen Stoebner

Paul Anderson

The self check out machine gave me $80.00 change in $5.00 bills. The nice female associate said just go to the service desk and they'll get you bigger bills. Then another associate (Austin) rudely interrupted her and said. "We don't do that here." My wife said "the machine just gave him $80.00 in $5.00 bills." He then again abruptly rude said "well we don't do that, we don't change out small bill for bigger." Refusing to help us. I then went to the service desk associate who was very helpful and gave 4 $20.00 bills instead of the of the 16 $5.00 bills. It's frustrating dealing with associates like (Austin)... It makes me want to spend my money elsewhere.

Jon Bayless

It's a large Target store. They've got a great selection of all kinds of things with ok prices. The place is mostly clean and friendly. It's certainly better than many other big stores.

Sal Sanchez


Ordered a coffee maker online for in-store pickup. Received a coffee maker that had clearly been used and returned but they still passed it off as being new. Store manager just sent a standard form email in response and probably couldn't have cared less.

Andrey V

Very clean Target and has mostly everything I need.

Brady Laue

Very clean and organized well.

Linda Wessels

Prices and customer service.

Erika Pixton

This is one of the better Target stores in Utah County. They have a much bigger selection and usually items are in stock. It's clean, and the dollar/deal section at the beginning usually actually has items available and it's clean. The only downside is I feel like regular woman's clothing options are limited in this store. They have a GREAT maternity section though. I prefer to drive here over another one that's closer to me.


Brandy Brinkerhoff

I can get everything I need in one stop!

Michaellyn Downey-Stringer-Ragan

Javier Morales

Cassidy Randall

I’m indifferent about this location. I feel like target is an expensive place to purchase groceries but I still find myself wandering around finding items to buy. I overall enjoy this location but I don’t see anything special about it.

Krystal Werito

This store is always so dirty. The employees seem like they don't want to work and when there's an issue they make sure that they humiliate you instead of recognizing when they did something wrong. Now I LOVE target but this particular store sucks big donkey balls!

lyn jenkins

Love our Target store! It is clean, bright and carry a great selection of most anything you need. Employees are always friendly and helpful. Always enjoy my Target runs.

Zoey Goetzinger

Dangerous place to shop if you enjoy keeping your money. You can find tons of great things at usually great prices. The employees are generally helpful and friendly. The checkout lanes are usually backed up though.

Alan Carter

Friendly staff, eager to help, great quality. They price match so even if someone else has it cheeper why bother!

Lisa Jackson

Derek Sinner

Alex Giesey

The renovation is nice but they're still always ransacked. Probably the worst Target I've been to in regards to having things in stock

Jessica Binkerd

Umm who doesn’t love Target?

John Devlin

Target is awesome. What can I say. Sometimes the bathrooms need a little fluffing. Target FTW!!!

chris ahmann

Melissa Franklin

They've recently updated and rearranged things in the store. It's looking really nice now. The first little section with all the cheap stuff is always a mess, but otherwise ours kept pretty today. They always have great options for items I'm looking for.

Sunnie Hockersmith

Get rid the terrible music

Jared VanderVeen

Blended Hope

I do enjoy my Target runs! This store has some great displays and is usually kept pretty clean. However, the shoe dept is a mess. Ransacked shelves, can’t find your size, it’s just a disaster. Make up aisle at times is the same way, a mess and not stocked. Out of every color or stuff is scattered. The grocery department is wonderful and they also have a special cooler for specially made organic dog food. I love the home furnishings, bedding, and I really love the holiday section. I’ve always had helpful service and I feel the prices are pretty good.

Brian Gochal

Clean, well laided out, excellent stafd

Charity Leber

I would but everything here if I could, I love coming to Target! They've always been good about my returns if I'm not happy with something, and we had a wedding registry here that was absolutely awesome.

Kristie Nord

Big, easily traversed shopping center.

Morgan Clark

The deals are amazing, it's organized, has a wide selection, and is clean!

Heidi Elmer

I love the ambiance of target and all the products they offer. I feel I am shopping at a luxury store with affordable prices. Although this store has a huge lack in organization and the store layout is a bit strange.

Brandy Bunkers

Fast and Easy

karsa wardaya

I think this store has much better products than the Walmart. The store also much tidy and convenient


Great location with a good selection and the staff have always been wonderful.

Dustin Hansen

It's Target. What's not to love about Target? It's got the convenience of Walmart without all the shame.

Nancy Gonzalez

Great customer service

Grant Evans

The self-checkout cashier and Customer Service Representative at the returns line were clueless on how to explain my online purchases through the Target app. They could explain why there was a difference of $1.60 on the app price and the in store price for the exact 2 items, a Stanley 12 ft. tape measure and a Black & Decker 4v screw driver drill. So I just asked for a refund and left. This happened approximately 4 pm on September 13th at the Orem store. All I wanted was the $1.60 difference in price. The guy in returns seemed to be in hurry and impatient with my inquiry. Train your workers to be more curteous. 0 stars.

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