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Debbie Collins

We had a wonderful breakfast experience. We had a group of ten and everyone ordered something different. The food took a little while getting out but as there were ten of us we expected to wait. Our order came out with no mistakes. Several of us ordered the mammoth muffins which were delicious. The place was clean with a family-friendly atmosphere. Our waitress was very sweet.

Aida Papazian

Food was good, service was good but the place is not kept up nice. The floors are extremely sticky. It’s more of a college student place to eat, hang out with friends and watch sports on the big screen TVs. They have a wide variety of beers. A fast in and out.

Amy Risseeyw

Waiting 53 minutes to get our food, pancakes were raw, forgot half the food, most of it was cold, and service wasn’t the greatest.

Kathrina Wurz

Good good service

Renata VanDriel

It took over 1 1/2 hours to get our order. When one of the orders came it was prepared the wrong way.

Ken Williams

Very slow service

Aaron Jones

Went here with my 2 kids and 3 nieces. First time and last time ill go to Perkins.. Burnt my pick 3 appetizer to a crisp, forgot my neices appetizer. Gave my daughter my sons food. Forgot to bring my daughters food. Didnt bring silverware, napkins, or syrup without asking. Tried to short us 1 appetizer 2 times. Only discount I got was a free appetizer.

Debra Mitchell

Loved the Strawberry Waffles. Friendly, fast service. Clean.

A Naughny Mouse

Wish they had them in CA. Associated with Marie Calendars, same quality style of food.

Nancy Lentz

Took a long time to get the food and it was cold when we did get it. Was missing some ingredients. The waitress was very nice and understanding

Lynn Chamb

Family orientated clean and nice.

Delores Rollon

Very good homestyle food. My potato wasn't hot just warm so had waitress to heat in microwave. Great service & friendly staff.

Dennis Selfridge

Great meal and tasty and warm

Belinda Songer

Service could be way better. Food is ok.

Trevin Miller

Dry and terrible chicken, rough leathery roast beef, and unfilled mozzarella sticks. They didn't have Dr Pepper and there was flies surrounding us, bugging us. The waitresses literally ignored us once we ordered and we had to wait 40 minutes for our food. They tried to half the price for us and offer us free muffins for the terrible experience, talk about bribing us!

Brian De Goes

Absolutely great food, selection, and service. Waitresses are friendly, food prepared fairly promptly, and living up to my past experiences at Perkin's restaurants. For families, small groups or if going out solo for a dining experience, I would always recommend Perkins.

Thanael Certa-Werner

The building feels old and tired. The service was okay but slow. The food was good tasting but they were out of the items we really wanted to have.

Kristi Humpal

It was just okay. Not the best perkins I've been to. My food was not hot at all, took a long time to get it and it was very expensive for what we got.

Kay Pomerenke

It was good. Faster service then they are infamous for, good food.

Karen Seale

Really good food and service! Great milkshakes too!!

Otto Revoir

Though it's the typical family, the menu is deceitfuly alluring. The food is very bland. They did give my kids an activity sheet with crayons, which kept them entertained.

Gail Richer

nice peeple

Shirley Hall

The older lady that was not our waitress was extremely rude. Waitress was sweet. Older lady practically pushed us out the door at 10pm. It closed at 10. Asked us if we were taking our pie to go so we would leave quicker. We left at 10:10pm and glad of it. Food was good! Bad experience because of 4-5 comments to get us out quicker! Ugh

Haeven Kelley

Love this place, good food, good prices, great customer service!

cella vw

The chicken strip melt is amazing

Jeff Fouberg

Generally always like Perkins. But food and service were poor on Friday the 5th of October. A plate had a hair on it. My sandwich was dried out and the sAlad I had was not fresh.

Kandie Dracar

Best food and portions for the price I have seen in a long time. Absolutely delicious and so filling. I highly recommend this perkins

Bryan Hiller

Serve was slow..Food was cold and management could have cared less..

Brittany Decker

Love the food and staff. Service is a little slow, due to the lack of employees. Overall, great place.

John Doornenbal

We had a great breakfast there. Emma, our waitress, was very helpful and extremely friendly. A very good value for the money.

Julie Bebout

Took over 45 min to get simple breakfast...every waitress apologized to every table...after waiting 45 min, the food was cold & the cheese was not even melted..hash browns would not melt butter..we sent 1 meal back & they offered to remake it or "warm" it up...we did not have time to wait for another meal & chose to pass on it...the manager then came to our table with the meal warmed up as the kitchen did not hear our waitress tell them to throw it. The manager then told us there would be no charge for that me s l & they cannot get good help in the kitchen. Poor food..poor manager...very good waitress..i would expect she will not be there long as her tips are probably not good. We will not be back. Last time we were there, we waited 15 minutes to be seated and finally left. The manager ran after us that time offering a discount if we would come back in. I suggest you work on customer service & basic restaurant skills if you would like my business. Very unhappy

Arthur Cartes

Service was slow, understaffed, food was cold, and the woman I assumed was manager wasn't helping but could be heard yelling from the kitchen

Rodney Veldhuizen

Good as always.

Grayson Avery

The food was just okay but the service was extremely slow.

Veronica Ann

Very nice place to eat breakfast. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious

Brandi Morales

Never saw my waitress after she took our food order which was 20 mins after we got our drinks. Overall terrible service the food was acceptable.

Darlene Colvin

Service was good. My tilapia was overcooked and very dry, even crispy in parts. Cashier discounted the meal, was very gracious. My grandson loved the meatloaf. All of the meals were served a bit above lukewarm.

Haboob AZ

Fast and friendly service. Good food. We haven't been to a Perkins in years. Still have pies and muffins for on the go.

Jorge Budd

Over cooked my eggs and forgot my bacon

John Richards

Coffee was terrible, but they took it off my bill

Sharon Herrmann

The restaurant was very busy the day of my visit. We had a 25 minute wait which was not bad. Our waitress was very polite and was doing her very best to take of us. The whole staff was a as busy as they could be. They were a little bit behind in certain things but for the most part our service and visit was very good. I work in retail so i know that some times things happen and you do your very best to take of the customers and they did their part efficiently. I would give them a 8 out of 10.

Bobbi Baxter

Great service! We had a big group and they accomdated us well. Fast and friendly!

Noah Betz

They were out of biscuits and screwed up my order. The food took forever for just 2 people.

Rick Kenealy

Service was great, food was ok

sheba undang

Its good to eat with family price ok

Salina Wetsit

Saturday morning we had breakfast there it took awhile to get our food. Then I had asked for no bitter on the pancakes but when the plate was brought to the table it looked like someone just scooped the butter off. And my husband does not like any butter at all so I had them take it back. When they brought it back, 2 pancakes we're done, the 3rd wasn't cooked all the way. Sunday morning when we went back, we ordered at 1110 and received our food at 1146 so it's not to bad, they did have to come out and inform us that they didn't have broccoli for a dish that was ordered. But everything tasted great, was fresh and hot. So delicious. Wait staff was amazing. We had Tristan as a waitress and she did such a great job. Never had to ask for a refill. We would set the empty cup down and not long after a fresh soda or tea would be on its way. She was fabulous! Thank you all!

Bruce Bruns

No issue except the cook unable to cook a hamburger beef patty to a well done status. Management did what they could within their policies. Our college student waitress was excellent.

Joe Johnson

Ckicken biscuit breakfast is very good.

Colleen Stadlman

food took at least 45 min at 2 pm.

April Steckel

Good place to eat

Deni Breitenbach

Not our best breakfast. Medium eggs cooked hard, biscuits so tough could not cut through with a steak knife. Mentioned to manager, she was going to check about it.

Daren Theis


Walter Moore

They were not busy maybe twenty percent of the lobby was full. We were seated right away. within 22 minutes we received a glass of water, at 25 minutes they took our order and at 45 minutes we walked out.

terry richardson

Great, fast service. Good food.

Lisa Roberts

The server and the food were awesome

Jay T

The place was very hot, flies all over, we waited 35mins for breakfast with maybe 1/4 of restaurant filled. NEVER AGAIN will I go there.

Maga 2020

The food was good. The service was good. The flies were AWFUL! FLIES, FLIES EVERYWHERE! We were with a large group and all of us spent the entire meal swatting away flies. They were pitching on our food, the tables, our heads...any and every surface! I am also planning to complain to Corporate about this issue. The manager/owner HAS to know it’s a problem.

Henry Espinosa

Great food and service.

Robin Meyerink

We were there for 2 hours and then received cold food.

kimberly mosley

I escorted 32 Seniors to Perkins, while they served regular patrons and another bus group, they were efficient and quick, all of my Group enjoyed the choices and the portion size. We'll return next year with another Bus load!!

Jeremy Kohler

On par for a Perkins or Denny's decent food decent price

Eric Hanks

Excellent food. Our server, Katelin, was super! She was efficient, friendly, humorous and very attentive.

jeremy gordon

Great food and friendly staff

Ward Odom

Always a good place for breakfast. Crowded but the staff handled it very well.

Juanita Larson

Good food, excellent service, server was excellent.

Elaine Adkins

Very clean, pleasant staff

Shane Warren

Slow service cold food. Avoid this place.

Victoria Capper

Worst experience ever. Did not bring what hubby order. Said that was the only way we could get it. Waitress never brought stuffed asked for after she brought our meal. She dissappered. Never checked on us to see if we needed anything. Asked if we wanted water when we were all done and we said no thank you we are done and she said "well at least I tried" she was so rude. Perkins in Mitchell I gave you one star because I couldn't do anything less.

Jannette Montgomery

The worst food worst service. Pumpkin pancakes were burnt.and cold. Ordered sausage and got bacon The coffee was warm and bitter.

Linda Kay Glazier Henning

I stop there often on my way back and forth from the Hills and it is always good food.

Doug Schacht

# Love the fresh muffins and bake goods

Alan Kinstler

Throw back to childhood.

Sean Lazzari

Slow service. Food adequate

Deb Baker

great place to eat

Alberta Moore

Nice selection. Friendly wait staff. Timely service.

Ethan Schueler

Good food, somewhat busy at times. Nice waiters, hosts and people in general.

Paul Cate

My wife love this place I on the other hand not impressed, food is okay but didn't make my taste buds do back flips , I guess it was the food i ordered grilled Pork chops mine was kinda thin compared to my friends, other then that good place to satisfy your hunger pains.

Melted_storm 09

Staff was very nice and food was wonderful.

Joshua Baker

Very consistent food and service. The staff will take great care of you and the breakfast omelets are wonderful

Lynnette Muhich

The food wasn't great the day we went. It was really busy, so maybe they were just behind. Bacon was barely cooked and the pancakes had grill debris on them.

Leinani Watson

Customer service was absolutely horrible . There was egg shells in the eggs my sister got .

Mary Henderson

Good food , slow service!

yvonne mendoza

Wow. That was not good at all. We walked in on Easter morning for breakfast. Asked for coffee and was horrible! Seemed to have been run through multiple times. Super light. No flavor. We decided to go. I give them two stars because when we got up to pay for our coffee, we told them it was bad and they didn't charge us for it. The bill was almost $5.00.

Kathy Vandeberg

Food was not even warm. Disappointing to be served a cold omelette and potatoes

Ladine Dolezal

Very good food. Friendly service.

Luci Harris

Absolutely delicious breakfast here. Amazing selection, everything cooked to perfection. Warmed syrup and assorted large fresh baked muffins and other fresh baked goods. Pleasant and professional staff. Can't say enough good about our breakfast experience here this morning.

Jenny Matthews Chapman

My kids and I had a long 8 hour day in the car. I was excited to see Perkins right next to the hotel. I grew up with one and loved whenever we went to eat there. I called to put in a pick up order since my youngest is 3 years old and asking him to sit still anymore would be a disaster. I was told that our food would be ready in 20 minutes. I arrived 5 minutes early and was told our food still had "quite a bit longer" before it was done. I decided to go for a walk. I came back 20 minutes later and it still was not done. There were just 4 meals to be prepared. The restaurant was almost empty and it was not busy. After 40 minutes, from the time I called, our food was ready. I should have checked it before I left. When I opened my lemon slices for my fish, some had already been used and there were pieces of food from a previous meal on them. The food was not good. Fries were soggy and cold. It was a disappointment. The one star rating is because the server eventually warmed up her attitude towards the end. I do not recommend this Perkins to anyone.

Josephine Rodriguez

The restaurant closes at 10:30 and we arrived at 9:40. Our waitress was a wench for a lack of a better words. She came over and greeted us with "what to drink?"... no hello or anything. Then she brings our drinks back and literally slams each cup onto the table. Then another table was seated after us. She came back to us and asked if we were ready to order... of course there was no soups other than tomato and no pot pies. We ordered light meals like salad, soup and half sandwiches and mac n cheese for the kids and they came quickly. Our waitress was giving other employees attitude. One girl came to help her clean a table and she just shot her a look and set stuff back down and walked away, leaving the other girl to clean the whole table.. you could tell the other girl wasn't sure what the problem was but just kept cleaning the table anyways. Our waitress asked us if we wanted dessert and we did. We got pies, apple, coconut and wild berry pie. They were all good. Maybe our waitress was having a bad day but in the end, if you work in the customer service industry, you need to learn to put on a smile until your shift ends. My husband has been in the food/ customer service industry for over 20 years and he knows that customers are the last people you turn a sour face towards... especially if they're NOT the reason you're having a bad day.


My kids and my mother and I went to Perkins to get lunch the other day. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. We had to flag down a waitress to get our drink orders. We then had the flag down a waitress 15 minutes later to take our orders. Mind you we had not been even greeted by the waitress was supposed to be serving our table. We then sat and waited for almost 45 minutes with no one coming to refill our drinks, no one checking on our table, no one telling us that there was maybe a delay in the kitchen. We watched other tables who walked in after us receive their food. It was not busy at all. There were maybe four waitresses on the floor, and only six tables between them. Eventually we just left because my children were antsy and very hungry. I have never received such horrible service in my life. It's one thing if it's busy, and I understand that. But they were actively ignoring our table. I'm extremely disappointed, as we used to go to Perkins at least once a month as a family. That will not be happening anymore. We will give our business to a restaurant that actually wants our business.

R Marshall

Cook pulled a "mom" and tried to hide the fact he overcooked my pancakes. The lightest pancake on top and all the overdone sides facing down. I do this to my kids when I overcook one side of their grilled cheese sandwiches. The difference? My kids aren't paying for their grilled cheeses. Over medium eggs were overcooked, too. The theme...overcooked food. Maybe the cook was distracted? I don't know. Just not good food.

Daniel Mac

Literally ordered the minute I sat down and didn't receive my food for at least 35 minutes. I'm still waiting. Absolute garbage service. Total incompetence.

Bradley Vaughan

Good food, very slow service.

Virginia Taft

Good food. Reasonable price.

Andy R

Food was okay, service wasn't.

Tim Mitchell

fast service cood was good

Karen Shear

It all wrong, no warmth over priced, wait staff not all that wonderful

Bobby Greenlee

Like there muffins food but kind of spendy

John Pettet

The restaurant was short staffed and while I don't hold any of the workers accountable. The waitress my table received was only on her second day of the job and there was only one other person working the floor. It took a very long time for my food to arrive but it was very good food. I hope more people start to work here because if it were not for the lack of staff this would of easily been a 4 star review

Ondrea M.

None of the staff, from the front counter to the serving staff even offered a smile. It was like the whole place was run by zombies. The food was decent, and the muffins were a step above that. The place is clean, just really lacking personality, much like the staff. Good enough, nothing extraordinary.

Amber Brennan

The food was good but service wasn’t that great. I had to ask for more creamer 3 times before the waiter acknowledged me. Other than that everything was great.

Cary Bauman

Good food decent price

Massage and Wellness Center

We always have a great experience when Amy is working.

paul tomaso

Always great service and the staff support each other.

Doug Janzing

Hadn't been here in a while, glad we stopped by for a bite!!!! Updated menu! Friendly staff & very good food!!!!

Kathy Lueth

Ver nice, clean and excellent service.

Bob Daniel

Always good food, & outstanding waitresses!

Carmen Jurgensen

Food was not very good. Service was terrible. Needs new management.


Loved the great food and free fresh baked cookies

Drew Pam Lopez

This was our first time here at Perkins and it was very good.

John Mueller

Eaten there 3 times. This 3rd being the last. Service and food has been inconsistent in quality. This last time they forgot my wife's salad, my drink, got half my order wrong (2nd time this has happened), and when I got my order a good portion of it was inedible. Eggs were rubber and the biscuits were so hard they bent my fork! Not to mention the place smelled like dirty dish rags when we walked in...wont be going back.

Jean Carstens

Great food. Fast service. Very clean doing area. Very clean restroom.

Elizabeth Blake

Good food and excellent service.

Shane Gibbens

Awesome service, awesome food. Place was packed but we got seated, drinks ordered in 2 minutes, and got our food in 20 minutes with a packed house. Service was amazing! Wish Perkins in MN like this.

Anne Tyler

Took over an hour for food. Waitress cleaned her section so she could leave, leaving our drinks empty. Food was luke warm when it finally came out. Out of 3 different items we tried to order.

I'ma Nana

If you want good food, good service, and a friendly atmosphere, you will not get it here.

Terri Templar

First time here. Great selection. Great food. Great service.

Cindy Boh

Service was good meal arrived quickly.

Jacob Lane

Wonderful service, extremely friendly, great affordable food!

Holly Wells

Hadn't been to Perkins in a very long time. Wonderful menu choices, food cooked to perfection, great service, well-kept building with nice decor. Tempting bakery goodies that I'll be coming back to try.

Donna Minnick

Worst food I ever ate. It took an extremely long time to get food and it was burnt!! TERRIBLE!!! the only reason I gave it 1 star was because our waitress was very sweet.

Janel Anderson

Not the best service could be a lot better work harder perkins

Terry Hines

Very good eats and pie

Doug Meidinger

Nice people, good food

Lori Nelson

We got there are 915 pm, and they close at 10. You could tell the staff was in a rush to get people out of there. The pancakes were terrible! Flat and tasted like cardboard. We had to pay full price for everything despite telling the management on duty how bad the pancakes were. She proceeded to tell us she knew the batter wasn't correct. Our waitress did ask if we wanted something else, but we said no. My mom got the chicken salad on croissant roll and it wasn't the freshest. We will not be stopping at that Perkins again.

Natalie Westberry

Good family atmosphere and great food. I love their skillets and pancakes.

Jerry D Howell II

Great food

Joy Hornaman

Good food, GREAT service by Morgan!!

Kathy Wire

As always, a delicious and enjoyable breakfast at Perkins. Good menu selection; I like the senior menu. Good service, too.

hip hop hop

Very good service. Food was nice an fresh.

David Miller

Good amount of subscribe to PewDiePie

Heather Odens

Emma and Kaitlyn are amazing waitresses. The general manager is also amazing here. Good food and amazing people.

Wendy Wiseman

If u like cold burnt pancakes this is the place

Robo Sutherland

Helluva Perkins. Friendly staff and beer Cabelas.

Peggy Juergens

I sometimes criticize Perkins as they can be slow. Today we we're a group of 20. I did call and let them know we we're coming. The food and service was great. Thanks

Kathy Summers

Good food good service.

The G&S Trickshots

We ordered drinks and we had to wait 25 minutes before we got our drinks that included orange juice chocolate milk and lemonade

Sue Crans

Poor service and the order was wrong.

Phill Goedken

Good food, good value, good service!

Mark Sieler

Our waitress was great(Amber). But food was subpar.

Jay Kavanaugh

As always, excellent food. Service was very slow, while I realize there was a bus there, the server should have told us the wait would be longer than normal.

Peter Shank

All good.

Carl Miles

Good food, Good service

James Jessen

The potatoes were overcooked and the gravy was too saltly, otherwise good meal for the money

The one

Servers aren't the greatest and the portions seemed smaller than usual

Lori Cleary

We waited almost an hour for our food. The eggs were not cooked the way I had asked for them to be. They seemed very short staffed

Dennes Barrett

This restaurant was not busy at the time I was there. 20 minutes for me to get 2 eggs bacon hashbrowns and toast. When it arrived there was a 5” hair on the eggs. My hair is 1” long. I got a small discount. It’s not the money. It’s more about bad service and cleanliness. I highly recommend not to eat here

Nick Bakhtiari

Good food and service

Sheila Driver

This restaurant is lacking in more ways than one. We were passing through Mitchell on our way to Rapid City and with limited choices, we chose Perkins. My daughter and I both ordered the chicken with mushrooms and asparagus after asking the server if it was good. She stated that yes, it was and that it was her most popular meal. After receiving our food, we both took a bite and the meal was not good at all...drenched in balsamic vinegar along with some unrecognizable flavor. A few minutes later the server came back and asked if we were done and gave us our ticket. She told us the woman at the front would check us out. Upon going to the counter to pay for what I thought should have been only 1 drink (my daughter had a water) the manager said she would discount half of our ticket. We had literally only eaten 3 bites and still got charged for 1 meal. Very poor way to handle things and we will never be back. No apologies at all from either manager or server!

Louise Simm

Great breakfast choices.

Stacy Hanson

Love there chicken tenders

Thomas Ashlock

Not very happy with quality of the food of service

Krista Kerns

Service was okay, but it took 30 minutes for food and it was not busy. When the food finally came out, the toast was burnt, the soup was cold, and the French dip was cold. Not going back again.


Will NEVER return to any Perkins restaurant. Food definitely not worth the cost!!!

David Hohn

Good food

Richard Cowan

Love perkins good food Good price

Robert Schoenfelder

Food was great but only like warm. Waited 40 mins be for our food. Was not very busy.

Ryan Keller

Nice staff! Go to Vegas, lady - have fun.

Donald Hoffman

We eat here quite often and never had any problems with the meals. However, service and cleanliness could be better. Tables always seem to be sticky from syrup.

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