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812 Cottage Ave, Vermillion, SD 57069, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mr. Smith's IN South Dakota


Great sandwiches. A recent visit has me questioning their cleanliness. At a recent visit I noticed the person who puts the toppings on the sandwiches handle cash and change with his gloves on. Another staff member was training him on how to make purchases and was present at the moment. After this he did not remove the gloves and continued to make sandwiches; it was also observed that he would pick at his nose and scratch himself. We orders $40 worth of sandwiches and threw it out in the trash.

Brian Watts

Jill Smolczyk

Nick Hanson

Very good! Highly recommend!

Gina Hemmer

Travis Neal

Amazing food in Vermillion

Sei Foster

Delicious sandwiches. I noticed they also sell different types of bread, like peasant and barley.

Nathaniel Tonner

Christina Stoker

Benjamin Blindert

Best place in the Midwest. Please open more stores!



B. P.

Awesome sandwiches breakfast and lunch

Danie R.

Ryan Eichelberg

I love their sandwiches! The only thing i don't like is how you have to fill out and place an order. In this regard, it should be more like a traditional sub shop.

Laurie Amundson

Mike Dahlin

Outstanding sandwiches and bread

Elizabeth Karge

I love the variety you can get at Smith's. From sandwiches to soups to chicken dinners to salads to pizza, they have it all. The food is so good and the quality of the ingredients they use elevates the experience. I've eaten here many many times and it's my first choice out of any sandwich shop. It's not always the fastest, but with how many customers they have and how small they are, I think it's well worth the wait. I also want to give a shout out to their breakfast menu too. Best breakfast in Vermillion, hands down!

Joseph Antico

jessica wishmeyer

Kay Hoesing

Todd Creed

Excellent Sandwich Shop.

Santiago Hiriarte

John Knutson

Mike Keitges

fabian max

amit chowdhury

leyla C

Nathan Paulhus

Mr. Smiths has a fantastic selection of sandwichs, I promise you will love it.


Breakfast burrito!

James Handy

Sandwich was good. Price was $6.00 for 6". Three of us and other two were not as happy as I was. Hidden in back of Ace Hardware. $8.68 for sandwich and drink was a little high, but they were busy so locals must like it.

Tyler Custis

Shauna Wilde

daneil fuller

It's dank Yah

Frank Fitzgibbons

Skyler Mickelson

Rebecca Moehn

The food was good but the ordering process isn't straight forward and the staff, although polite, are not outwardly helpful.

Ken Longman

Joey Peters


Great sandwiches, a large sandwich is just two small sandwiches so get a large and share with a friend

Joseph Bekedam

Grant Giedd

Sam Zümwalt

brady wiseth

The best French dip I've had in a long time.

Liz Clancy

So underrated. For the price you get huge amounts of food. And it's delicious!

Jim Chasse

This place is great! When my wife and I figured out how to make an order, we took it to the counter where we were warmly welcomed. The clerk looked at our orders and said the chicken is a little old, but if we could wait 20 minutes, he would make fresh chicken. Yum! And fresh it was! We also ordered a side of !as and cheese, which was the bomb dot com! If you can make it during lunch, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended!

t loof

Some of the best sandwiches you can find, expect a wait.

Matthew Wilmes

Mb 72617 Bm

Mike Weisbecker

Mr MuRRy

Lathasha Braden

They have by far the best sandwiches in town and just about anywhere else we've ever been. The salads are also fantastic. The beads and produce are all fresh. We go every time we are in town.

Michael Schaub

Marissa Diede

Kyle Ballew

Blessed .Vargas

Gary Halbur

Great breads which make great sandwiches!

Peter B.

Rick Hamm


Aaron Ewoldt

Justin Achua

I've eaten here for 8 years and have never had a bad meal. Best sandwiches in eastern South Dakota!

Jacob Slaathaug

Nick Weydert

The best salad I have ever had.

Clare Bucklin

Highly recommended all the way around, but - as a proud customer for over a decade - the two best sandwiches on their menu are the chicken portabella melt on peasant bread and the french dip on fatty baguette. They also sell their regular ("skinny") baguette loafs which make a terrific accompaniment to any Italian meal. Easily the best sandwich shop in the tri-state area, especially for being located inside a hardware store!

Antheria Watson

Delicious food! Love everything I've ever had from there. Customer service is A+!

TDevil Spawn

Connie Lovett

Great food

Ben Nankee

Made to order sandwiches. Great service and delicious sandwiches.

Belinda Nelson

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone how awesome their sandwiches are! Best kept secret in town!

Kathy Allen

Excellent deli. Great sandwiches very reasonable prices.

Joshua Etherington

Sandwiches are good along with the service

Ellie Swanson

Best sandwich place in town! Not something you would expect to find in a hardware shop, but it is worth the trip.

Jen Cunningham

Josh Callahan

Jordon Haefs

Dev Hiri

Great tasting sandwiches. The staff is super friendly and polite.

Briggs denton

Angellya Anthony

Eileen W.

If it's good enough for Oprah it's just right for me. AMAZING sandwiches!

Wm. Craig Cameron

Nice friendly deli, good sandwiches and bread. A little hard to find - you have to go into Ace Hardware. You fill out a sheet to pick your sandwich/salad and toppings and turn it in. They call you when it's ready. There is a small seating area or you take it to go. Everything I've tried has been really good.

Riley Peters

Cole does an amazing job keeping the lunch service rolling. Carl does a great job with breakfast! Very competitive pricing compared to the chain sub shops in town!

Gina Nienow

Our first and last time. Rude costumer service by the young adult male behind the counter. Not just to us but we noticed to others as well. We tried to ask questions about how the ordering worked. He would not even tell us. Just wrote down what sandwiches we wanted. So we ended up with plain meat sandwiches. The Philly steak sandwich did not even have peppers in it. We were very disappointed.

Smellvin Mincks

Jim Novak

Allen Tierney

katherine hanson


My roommate and I tried to order sandwiches and soup from this place today. Let me tell you that this was one of the slowest and worst customer service experiences we have had. First of all, they took 1.5 hours to deliver the food. Second of all, they did not bring a sandwich that my roommate ordered. Third, most of the dressings I ordered were not on my sandwich. We then called the location to ask the order of the status and the person on the line basically never confirmed or checked whether the food was out for delivery. Another hour passes and still no sandwich. When the store was contacted, there was no manager that my roommate could talk to and the person on the line obviously needs a lesson in how to talk to customers. They claimed that they knocked on the door multiple times and called after the second time the call was placed, but clearly that was incorrect. God knows who they called and whose door they knocked. It certainly was not ours. It's one thing to say that they got lost or that they could not find the place but to outright lie and say they called the number listed on the order is ridiculous. At this point, it's close to 4 hours and when my roommate tried to remedy the situation, the person working had NO clue how to handle the situation. The least they could have done is apologize, tell the customer the food will be out as quickly as possible, and offer a refund for causing so much trouble. Imagine being extremely hungry and sick and just wanting a hot meal but instead not only having to wait hours for the food but also to hear the nonchalant and blase attitudes about customer service? That's unacceptable, and I fully expect that this situation will be remedied over the phone because this is not how to run a business. I've had better customer care experiences from multi-million dollar corporations. I blame the incompetency of the clearly young workers and most of all, the poor management. Pathetic waste of time and money for what can only be described as extravagantly mediocre food. Definitely not going back to this place again.

Daniel Hogan

Lilliana Foster

Cameron Reniewicki

Great sandwiches, some of the best I've had in long time.

Ana Sariol

Margaret Svitak

Never disappointed with my food from Mr Smith's

Jay Gobes

Great food. Breakfast prices are good. We have to get the breakfast burritos everytime we come home. Too often an under rated and overlooked place in Verm.

Charlie Clark

Brian Kirby

Deena K Hansen

Wonderful food at a GREAT PRICE!!!!!! Had the 2 pce chicken breast dinner w/coleslaw and potato salad...the chicken is second to none!

Remington Wood

Jeff Covington

Morgan Deis

Kary Gregoire

Excellent sandwiches every time.

Chicken Charlie

This is my go to place for breakfast since I've lived in Verm (5 years now). Breakfast is legit and not over priced. Shout out to Carl for always doing breakfast the right way and making Smith's an inviting place to go. The sandwichs are also good but I'm not really a sandwich person but they also normally have a good selection of soups. Verm is not Verm without Smith's.

Alexander Sieg

Turned away 5 customers because we had beverages from another place. We wanted to place an order to go, but wouldn't let us until we threw out the coffee. Lost five customers for life.

Katelyn Lubbers

James Myers

Best sandwiches in Vermillion!

Kyler Kooi

The best sandwiches I've ever had and hearty breakfast burritos.

Dirk B

Great sandwiches, made to order.

Tim Gale

Jeff Beringer

Great food, great prices, great staff!

Emily Lundberg

Shani Hanson

I waited an hour for me my food. A little ridiculous if you ask me.

Drake Stewart

very good, get your sandwich on peasant bread!

Andrew Russell

Strange location in an ace hardware store, but the sandwiches wee good and the service was on top of things during the noon rush.

Andrea Reisner

Gage Smith

Rackthor Let's Play!

dale clark

Always the best...

Mark Westergaard

Great food

Kristi Baron

Excellent sandwiches- no skimping!! Very courteous staff, bread is wonderfully flavorful. Treat yourself!

Tony Donnelly

Best place for chicken. You can't beat the price either.

brent hays

Chris Kraimer

Colby Boecker

Ty F

Jonathan Knapp

Gabrielle Metzger

Robert Ortiz

David Green

Great sandwiches

Marc Morency

Frank Koester

Will Griffco Recover

I have been all over the world and have eaten a lot of different types of foods. This is by far my favorite place to eat. I am very fortunate as its just an hour away. I learned about this little place in the fall of 2006. When I was still a Vermillion resident I had this stuff delivered daily!!! The prices haven't gone up all that much since then either. I would always make a point to go through Vermillion just so I could get Smiths. No joke. Word of advice it is much easier and convenient if you just simply call them and order by phone for pickup. I have filled out a bag (2) times. I have bought hundreds of sandwiches from this place and its always consistent. Some days there sandwiches are great and other times they are incredible. I always get the Large Italian seasoned chicken sandwich with spring lettuce american cheese, sliced tomato and a dash of ranch. I typically call it in from the road and time it out so its ready by the time I roll in. Over the years they have restricted the american cheese where you can only get it white instead of yellow, and got rid of the sprouts which really is not that big of a deal. The college students and residents of Vermillion really have something special. I know some may think its a sandwich shop in the middle of an Ace hardware. It used to be a sandwich shop in a small grocery store called Jones food Center. The old question when they ask you if you could eat anything for the rest of your life what would it be? This is it. Yes over steak, lobster etc! If I ever had the money I would buy this place.

DS Woods

Best sandwich shop in America! Ask Oprah. And when I say America...I mean South Dakota.

jay pettersen

Tucker Lutter

Awesome breakfast burritos! They are big and I've never left hungry.

Savanah Rock

Bryce Pape

A rather excellent stop in Vermillion. Custom sandwiches, soup, pizza, breakfast, and some other snack makes for a one stop of most cravings. Definitely worth taking a look at

Natasha Tillman

Delicious food for a hidden little shop

Chris Kline

Lisa McClellan

Best sandwiches in the world

Emily Campbell

Ashmita Ghosh

Lisa Hays

Sam Zweber

Smith melt on peasant bread is amazing...everytime in in vermillion I get on to go and also buy a loaf..have them slice it and make my own...soooooo good

Logan Willhite

Highly suggest the breakfast burrito

Candie Lee

Amazing corn nuggets, pretty good Reuben! Nice little diner tucked away and they deliver.

Nicholas Mettler

Most amazing sandwich shop I. South Dakota

Luke Byers

Best little secret in town!

Avery Franzen

Absolutely the best breakfast in town. Staff are always very friendly. Took maybe five minutes to get our food this morning.

GT Stepp

Great sandwiches

Joshua Andrews

Ashley Pinkelman

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