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REVIEWS OF Tiffany's Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place IN South Carolina

Raygan France

I called on a Saturday (while I was out of town) to order a photography cake for Tuesday. I was told that the cake could not be ordered over the phone, I had to physically come in with the photo to place my order. I understood and agreed to compile, but I wanted to get confirmation that if I came in at 7:00 Monday morning to place the order the cake will be ready for pick up at 7:00 Tuesday morning. Hannah, (the person I spoke with) confirmed that it will be ready on Tuesday morning. I was at Tiffany's Monday morning with the picture and placed and payed for my order. Later that morning, I received a call that the photo machine was down and the cake could not be decorated as I wished. I was disappointed and upset for a couple of reasons. (1) the machine was inoperable on Saturday when I called. (2) the machine was inoperable on Monday when I placed and paid for my order. (3) I'm told the decorator who I spoke with on Saturday knew the machine was inoperable and didn't think to tell me. (4) Management seemed unbothered that this lack of information flow happened and tried to get me to accept a cake that would have been substandard in comparison to the one I order. I left disappointed, frustrated and very annoyed with the whole encounter. That was my first visit toTiffany's and I was excited to try their cake and was looking forward to lunch and more items from the bakery in the future. While the restaurant and bakery items look wonderful, I think I would have a hard coming back after the lack of concern that was shown during my interaction with the staff. My hope is that management see this review and make the appropriate changes so it doesn't happen to another guest. The end result was I received a refund.

Shane Umbarger

Easily the best bakery in the Columbia area! My family has been doing business with them since they were in Five Points. It's good to see them doing so well!

Barbara Dickert

I ordered the Chicken, rice and mushroom soup and it was very nice. The staff was very pleasant and cheerful.This was my first visit and Ms Miranda was very helpful in pointing out the specials of the day to me. She was very courteous and introduced me to the owner who was also very nice. I will recommend this business to my friends.

Kelsey Smeltz

JoAnna DiGiampaolo

Terrible quality baked goods. Been going to Tiffany's for YEARS and someone must have made senseless changes. The french macarons are not baked fresh, after I purchased them (6) they put them in a box that says "imported from canada"... REALLY PEOPLE OMG!!! The coconut macaroons, equally terrible. Chocolate chewies not the same, thin, stale, taste like a blob of chocolate confection sugar. The pink lemonade was yellow and thick and the coffee was old. $30.00 later and my hour ride each way to check out the new location was an epic FAIL. My little ones were more disappointed then I was and we have zero reason to return.You ruined your brand trying to turn it into an adult hotspot.

Danyell Barr

Tosha Whitaker

We had our gender reveal cake done. When my husband went to pick it up, there was a hole in the cake. No one checked the cake, my husband opened the box and immediately saw the color inside the cake. It was extremely upsetting and ruined our entire gender reveal! We had to call several times and got No resolution. Pathetic that they didn’t prepare the cake appropriately for the occasion they used a butter cream frosting instead of fondant and never checked it before giving to us!!! They did nothing to resolve the issue. They were rude and it was a horrible day experience

Michelle Miller

Best breakfast ever! Great pastries.

Lee Harris

I truly enjoy the nice lady that owns Tiffany’s. The other day I ate at the new location. Not pleased at all. The menu has changes. The sandwich I ordered was, not tasty at all. Bad taste. Before leaving, I bought a cookie to erase the bad taste from my mouth. The cookie was partially burnt on the bottom. What happen! Why all the changes? Why change things. Respectfully speaking, friends are starting to say the same thing. Wish you the best.

Rand Romaine

One of the last local bakeries around. Everything is SO GOOD!

WaKisha S. Cook

First time going there. The food was great!!! the the desserts were awesome. The employees had great customer service, also very nice.

Natalie Cobbs

The food was great, as always. Even the new location is very nice. However, I was sadly disappointed today as I sat and had lunch with a coworker. I watched the owner walk to several tables with white patrons to stop and speak but blatantly ignored the tables with black patrons, our table included. I won't be returning.

Amber Goff

This is such a cute bakery with a ton of sweet treat options! They also serve breakfast and lunch. Today I had the Greek chicken wrap with fries. The fries are nice and crunchy on the outside. The wrap is not super flavorful overall. Maybe getting some extra Greek dressing on the side would do the trick. Tiffany's is worth checking out for sure.

Camille B

First time eating here yesterday and I️ do t think I’ll be returning. It took a little over 30 minutes for us to get our food and we ordered chicken strips and a sandwich. I️ had to sit and watch as people who came in after me got their food before me. Absolutely ridiculous. In the time that I️ was there, I️ did not see one table wiped down. In fact the table my guest and I️ were sitting at was dirty!!! As I️ looked around while waiting for our food, and I️ had amble time to do that, I️ noticed none of the tables were ever wiped down. Then I️ noticed that none of the staff wore gloves!! None!!!! The girls behind the bakery counter touched my pasteries with bare hands. The gentleman that was cooking yesterday touched my food with his bare hands. In fact he was moving my chicken tenders from the fryer to the plate and one slipped out of the tongs and he caught it, which kudos for the reflexes but WITH HIS BARE HAND HE CAUGHT IT!!!! Where are the gloves in this establishment? I️ didn’t even want to say anything because it took so long to get my food I️ didn’t want to wait for it to be recooked. I️ just ate it hoping and praying his hands were clean. The girl at the register was super nice. The girls behind the bakery counter were super nice! I just didn’t appreciate the lack of cleanliness here. I️ also got a Napoleon to go and it was NOTHING but whipped cream. There was WAY to much whipped cream used! The layers were not flaky in between, at all. I️ will honestly never return here.

Fred Hernandez

No Military / Veteran discount available.

Naman Rawal

I've been to Tiffany's 3 or 4 times and have never had a "good" experience. It's usually a "meh" experience. Their lunch is overpriced and unappetizing, their pastries/sweets are subpar, and their service is typical Columbia service, which means no one really cares about being there. They just want to take your order and go home as soon as they can. I wouldn't recommend going to Tiffany's; there are plenty of other dessert and cafe places to visit other than this one.

Derek Jones

Love this place great food and the people are friendly


Best bakery ever! You can't go wrong with their Napoleons.

Devin Burns

They messed up my wife's B-day cake... two years in a row. That is topped off by rude service from Jay (who answered the phone when I asked for a manager). Last year they misspelled her name, this year they didn't fill it with Raspberry filling (my wife's favorite part). The cake was ordered 5 days in advance. Jay was quite rude, unsympathetic and when forced only offered to let me bring the cake back for a refund, not even an "I'm sorry" made it out of his mouth. He insisted they tried to call me this morning, but I had no missed calls and no voicemails. He was accusatory and between his attitude and Tiffany's inability to get something right have made good day be marked by a very negative event. With no time to find another cake, I am stuck with something my wife didn't want on her special day. Thanks to Jay and Tiffany's, I am left feeling that I have disappointed my wife on her special day. In the past we involved Tiffany's in our important events thinking the quality and service were better than elsewhere... We won't go back... we can get bad service and messed up product cheaper elsewhere... we are now on the lookout for a (good) bakery in the NE Columbia area. ---- Update... hair found IN cake... oh, not so appetizing.

Sidney Gault

Awesome place!

Linda Treadway

Great food, great staff

Sithy Bouphasvanh

New spot looks amazing and the cupcakes are still just as good. Can't wait to come back to try a milkshake with some liquor in it!

Eddy Barham

You cant go wrong with anything here!

Abby Gheen

Friendly staff and yummy Apple strudel.

terrell bryant

Can't believe I waited so long to get back in here! My family used to get trinkets from here when I was younger. I recently discovered them again when a family picked up some goodies for us and some guests of ours. The chocolate chewers should be a must when you visit! It is a cookie meets brownie hybrid! Delicious! Today I stopped by for breakfast and and the bacon egg and cheese croissant with fresh fruit and AMAZING GRITS! Everyone was really nice from the females at bakery display to the male cook who recommended the grits. If you are near I beckon you to stop by as you will be extremely happy that you did.

Aimee Jones

I’ve been in Tiffany’s several times and I called yesterday to get the black lady and guy’s name so I could address them by name. Calvin and Becky are their names. Calvin is always super friendly and nice whenever I come in there to eat lunch. The lady Becky is truly a pleasure and I love her voice but the owner with all the tattoos and beard is racist and I was in there listening to him talk trash about Becky and Calvin! This man hates blacks and I don’t know why they work for him. They have almost all whites and this is why. You don’t see blacks in there as managers and this is disturbing in 2018. I’m a white person and I hate injustice.

Kira Havird

This once used to be one of my favorite places to eat and get desserts. It's far away from my home so I only come for special occasions. I went today and everything that could have gone wrong....did. The girl who took my order- super nice. She was very professional and worked well with my child I had with me. But then came the time for me to get my food.....the woman who put my order together threw a pickle at my tray so the soup I ordered went everywhere. they also got my order wrong so when I asked for it to be corrected, I got an attitude from this same woman. The staff that prepared our food and that served it were the rudest people I've ever had to encounter, but that wasn't the only issue, the soup was so hot it burned the roof of my mouth, I had to put several ice cubes in it just to make it edible. I also had a sandwich and the bread was falling apart so much, I just ate it the middle with a fork. My child also wanted a salad with fried chicken, the chicken was so salty she couldn't even eat it. If it were just one thing, I wouldn't be so upset, but it all went wrong today. Needless to say, this used to be a favorite of mine and a special treat but it no longer will be. Tiffany's will no longer have my business.

Margaret Brunson

Always a great experience. They made us a gender reveal cake in just a few hours. It was absolutely beautiful AND delicious!

Jon Ward

Oh so good! The petite fores are delish.

Scott Litchfield

Great new location, great food awesome environment with new bar. Definitely worth a trip to come see them and a fresh new place to eat in northeast Columbia. Will be coming back and reccomend to anyone in the area. Great people, great food, great drinks.


Same great food, just a different location.

Brad Powell

Heather Fairfax

Amazing selection of baked treats. Delicious! Service was great, but was super crowded with long lines at lunch time. I ordered cupcakes and they were amazing. The cakes looked awesome as well. Would definitely revisit if I was on the area.

Saviela Edwards Thorne

Friendly staff wonderful selection of sweets! Great atmosphere and place to hang out. I highly recommend!

Lya Vasquez

Nice place, very good pastry, awful service

Phileria Frans

I love Tiffany Baker everytime I go I tried a different thing on the menu keep up the good work

Charlie Chapman

This is a really nice bakery and eatery. Everything is made in-house. Definitely worth a visit.

Thom Letchworth

Beautiful cake for my Dad's 75th birthday.

J Smith

Beautiful new building, very friendly and helpful staff. Oh, and let's not forget the decadent baked goodies. Tiffany's is always a winner.

Sarah Haile

Amelia Cotty

Despite being crowded , staff could not have been nicer and food was delicious ! We were greeted by the owner who was very informative and helpful ! So glad they are nearer my house now ! Keep up the good work !

Thomas Wright

Love to eat here!! Best spot to shop for your goodies...

Sandy Myers

We called to take our Power UP! Financial Camp to lunch. They we excellent in accommodating with seating and the food and customer service was wonderful. #TeamJavis

Echo Morris

Lunch was FANTASTIC and looking forward to having the dessert when we get home!!!


Nice selection of treats:)

I'm a best Jen

Sandra C

Really, it's ok, but just ok, bare minimum of the quality that I think a bakery should be able to get by with. They were easy to work with and had my cakes ready when I got there. I ordered two Mardi Gras king cakes. Since sugar and bread of any kind always tastes good, of course they weren't bad. But, relative to all other king cakes I've ever had they were the worst/most bland. There was hardly any icing, no cinnamon, just like they tried to use the minimal amount of resources possible to charge a fee for something. I understand this is not New Orleans, but still. On the upside, it was probably way healthier than a king cake would normally be. I also got a petit four there, and another time, a cupcake. Neither was anything to write home about, I wish I had saved the calories (and really, how often do you say that after eating a cupcake!).

Lakisha Seibles

This was my first time eating here. The service was amazing fast and friendly. Prices were reasonable. The food was delicious.

Lu Armstrong

Wow!!!! The new location was certainly worth the wait! Wonderful atmosphere and welcoming staff. We were there during the weekday lunch rush and while the line was a little long, it moved fast and our food came out very quickly and was delicious as always!!! New addition of bar side will be a nice happy hour stop. The shared eats menu looks yummy!!! In an area that is flooded with “chain” restaurants this “new” local joint is a welcome site!!!

Ashley Wright

I loved the mixed berry danish it was probably the best danish I have ever had. I am glad I stopped here.


Great location. Great hours. Cupcakes do not taste homemade and they were frozen i purchased a birthday cake and strawberry shortcake. I could've got the same taste for cheaper at publix bakery. Sorry Its a No for me.

Ruthie Purvis

They are the #1 in bakery in Columbia.

Ayanna Henson

I love Tiffany's..I buy like 2 lemon pound cakes a week...However i am a little upset they closed the whole week of the 4th...I need my CAKE!!!


Great food, great service!

Carol Pearsall

Great place we have enjoyed for years! They are moving down the street somewhere so we will be looking for them next trip through Columbia. Best tomato basil bread ever!!! Wonderful for the fried BLT which is fried green tomatoes so I guess it should be called a BLFGT instead. Delicious food!!!

angela hamlin

Horrible experience nothing what I asked for do not go there you could Make a cake better at home with no experience than go to Tiffanys bakery horrible

Alston Lippert

Great place! Delicious food and good service!!

Tamiko Campbell

I had a wonderful experience at Tiffany's Bakery. Lisa the Cake Design Extraordinaire did a wonderful job designing my cake for my promotion. I had went to 7 different bakeries and no one could do what I ask for. The cake taste wonderful and it went off without a hitch. It was a little pricy but you pay for a good product. Needless to say, in the next few months, Tiffany's will have additional orders for cakes similar to mine. They help me set a standard and the next person will have to try hard to beat.

Chang Clifton

I choose Tiffany's over my local Publix because I know from previous experience,the cakes and pastries are outstanding! Today's experience at the new location proves my point! A birthday cake called in and ready in 19 minutes! UNBELIEVABLE! LOVE THIS PLACE!

sandi jones

1st visit, looking forward to going back! We tried a Cubano Sandwich, and a Grilled chicken Greek salad. Excellent!

Peyton Rost

My sister requested a simple cake to be made and the lady at the counter just said "no" and did not offer anything else. It was completely rude, and super unprofessional.

Cat Jackson

Reginald Redd Reed

Sold me a stale birthday cake....Sent an email informing them of this, no response....Contacted via Social media no response and blocked from commenting on page. If you want a FRESH cake, this is not place to go.

sheryl deloach

Absolutely awesome Bakery and Deli. Cakes are really more than you would expect.Beautifully decorated and taste great.

Leanne Snelgrove

While I still believe in my 5 star rating for the almost $45 bakery purchase of miscellaneous items I bought yesterday, it aggravated me that I had requested for my 3 pecan bars to be in a seperate container than my piece of snickers log cake because those were going to my mother's house. So after a 35 minute ride back to almost Lexington, my snickers log cake icing had melted onto the pecan bars. Along with that, I was excited for the snickers log cake thing and it was very dry cake. IMO not worth almost $4/slice. I also bought a Minnie Mouse cookie which I guess are shortbread - most kids don't like shortbread- mine doesn't. The rainbow spinkle cupcake was good, and the m&m cookies and red velvet cookies were awesome. Of course the petit fours are out of this world delicious. Guess I should've spent less and just bought these items. I'll know for the future visits.

Katie Allen

I ordered my husband's 30th birthday cake from here I got him a custom made beer mug and it is absolutely amazing it has amazing detail and exceeded my expectation

Francesca Henry

Tammy Lambert

I've been going to tiffanys for years!! I love the homemade cakes! I have went in randomly just to get one for no reason always asking for one that was made today, they always say they all were made today,,, but when I get it home I can tell it's not fresh!! I CAN TELL! I KNOW MY FOOD! So I just want to say if you want one fresh you better order it day before because their answer most all the time is it was made today! Also got a cream puff today but the bread part was stale so I assume they scraped the old cream off and added new cream, just an assumption guys but the cream was fresh the bread was not!! I love Tiffanys but they need to be honest! Well just had a slice of the cake I bought today that I was told was freshly made today but no it is not fresh again! Smh! So today I took the cake back today and they were suppose to have made me a fresh one today,,, I guess they think I am so stupid! They gave me one from out of the case that I could tell was previously made and kept in the back so needless to say I want be getting my deserts from there anymore! I specifically for one made TODAY!

Cherie Lewis

We ordered food and a wedding cake for a little get together after our marriage ceremony. Everyone absolutely loved everything. The cake was GORGEOUS and so delicious (thank you Tina!). Will definitely use them again for any party or get together I have. The prices were extremely reasonable as well.

Beth Tanner

One of my favorite local sandwich shops!

Mike Fields

Great for lunch. I've not had their breakfast, but their pastries are also excellent.

Jerry Wiggs

We eat here alot. Today my wife ordered her usual sandwich and we were told that they didn't have that today. When I asked what specifically did they not have (it is a regular menu item) the young lady to the right of the cashier looked down laughingly saying "the sandwich". We were trying to find out if it just a particular ingredient but apparently she was too amused to even entertain the question. This the second time in @ a 2 week period having experienced rude and unprofessional service from this same young lady (African-American with corn rows wearing glasses). The owner really needs to take a look at tbe behavior of some of her employees before her business starts to suffer. As for today, we simply decided to go elsewhere.

Henry Nocella

Great selection of cakes, pies and pastries...varies and interesting lunch menu...foid looked great, but we had other plans for lunch (we will go back to trt lunch there).

John Tanner

The baked goods are some of the best tasting in town because everything is made on site from the fresh hard rolls every morning to the croissant dough they make from scratch

James G

Great bakery.


Have been here three times, ordered something new each time. Tried a variety of sweets. Food is delicious and fresh. Wait can be a bit long (when they are very busy) but it is worth it.

Richard Johnson

Very good food and very clean.

Akshitha Muthireddy

Darren Jones

We try to stop here whenever we are in the area . The have a fantastic assortment of baked goods, breads, patries, pies, etc

Kathy Hrivnak

I came yesterday to eat lunch at the new location. Loved the decor, so open and inviting. I had the Tiffany's chicken salad. It was awesome. Then I bought 2 cupcakes and 2 brownies to take home. Best bakery in Columbia area.

Amelia Sjodin

We LOVE Tiffany’s. We drive across town just for the atmosphere and feeling of being “home”. We have three children, one of which is an EXTREMELY picky eater. She had the chicken strips and she said it’s the best chicken she’s ever had, even better than Chick-fil-A. They have live music in Saturday’s that we enjoy. An awesome bar for adults and a sweets bar for the kids! Who could ask for anything more!)


If I could give no stars I would. As a business owner I understand it is 9:23pm and you close at 10pm. But to not give me the same service as you would if it was is 1pm is very unprofessional. I was not greeted, I had to speak to the workers. As I was looking at the desserts, the baker was putting them back.. I was very confused so I asked her if they were closed, again it was 9:23pm and she told me 10pm.. but again, did not speak or greet me at the door. I have been going to Tiffany’s since I was a child I was very excited to see the new location but at this I could care less about Tiffany’s. I will never come to this location or Tiffany’s ever again. However, I will be spending my money at LITAS TREATS!

Marilyn Scharnhorst

Apparently these folks are doing so well they don't need any new business. Tried to order a specialty cake for my daughter's first birthday, they won't quote you via email or over the phone. Then when you come in there is never a cake decorator to talk to about the order and the other employees just shrug when you ask when someone who can actually help you will be there. The cake can't be good enough to warrant the aggravation and apathy.

James Smith

I've never posted a negative review before so this is a first for me. Normally I'll try a place and give them three tries. We all are humans, make mistakes, and can improve. Tiffanys lost me after the second visit and drove me to share this review. I walked in for my second visit and noticed that they were moving to a new location. I moved to the counter and a very sweet girl took my order with a smile. I quickly got my sweets, a brownie and a cookie. I would have gotten food and a drink, but based on the signs, they had no drinks to offer. Who wants to eat with no drinks? I didn't mind that though and looked forward to eating my treats. I found a booth and sat down. The brownie was horrible and very obviously old. I could have used to cut some of the famous South Carolina Blue Granite. I saved it and brought it to a friend who bakes. Her best guess is that the sweets are pre-cooked, frozen, and heated up later for the day. I can't confirm that, but I trust her. The cookie was ok and what I expected. Not to die for, but ok. What happened next was what made me write this review. A group of three employees, who I later learned from their conversations, are the owner, manager, and an employee whos title I don't know, showed up. They sat in the dinning area and started to bad mouth every employee. They were talking so loud that I could hear them a few booths away. The things they should shouldn't be repeated and I had half a mind to say something. Totally unprofessional. They weren't talking about me but I still felt uncomfortable for the employees. Then, one of them got up and started to yell, yes yell, at another employee. I honestly felt like I was watching a trash tv show on MTV. I immediately got up and left. In conclusion, Tiffanys Bakery doesn't live up to the name. It should be more like Breakfast with Jerry Springer. The bakery is moving and their only priority is that and it shows. The management would rather blame than train employees and would rather call them names than do whats right. I for one, will NOT be revisiting this place, even in the new bakery. I can make frozen brownies at home and watch Jerry Springer if I want. At least the curse words would bleeped out.

Brit Cook

Shana White

Great service and food!

ashley ??????

Coworker took me to this place today and I have to say my food was fabulous and I will be back. Never knew this place existed until now.

M Johnson

We moved to Columbia a little over a year ago and were introduced to Tiffany's Bakery right away by some locals. We have LOVED stopping in to get all of their wonderful bakery items. Their Gingerbread men/children/turkey's and cupcakes are my "go to" for Thank you gifts for friends. This year, we got petit fours to celebrate Thanksgiving in our family. They were perfect with a little pumpkin on top. Thanks Tiffany's for being such a wonderful bakery!!!

Roger Catarino

Amazing experience all around when I go in. Great customer service and welcoming atmosphere. Delicious food and treats with a home town feel.

Brandon Matthews

I have been three times to Tiffany's and every time they are out out something smoothies,coffee,and this morning at 9 :05 the girl with dark hair and always up front who never has any emotion or reaction to the customer .I mean it's like she stairs into your soul and she never has anything good to say.She tells me with all these breakfast signs up and everything they have no breakfast the cook doesent feel well this morning . I was very disappointed and suggested she take the signs down for breakfast if this is the case .I hope one day Tiffany 's will do better.

Andrew Alberg

Rolanda Wallace

I called Tiffany's a month ago to order a unicorn cake for my daughters 8 year birthday party. I explained that I was coming from out of town (California) and by recommendation I wanted to get my cake from them. I was told that they could make the cake but they would need to call me back once the manager came back in to get me a price. That was a month ago. My daughters party has come and went. It was extremely unprofessional to take down a message from me to give to the manager and never call me back. I was extremely disappointed because I heard a lot of great things from my family and friends who live in Columbia about this bakery however, first impressions are everything.

Reuven Sugarman

This place is amazing!!! I eat here almost every day! I have had many Custom Cakes for all different events over the years and never had any issue. They always contacted me promplty if they had any questions concerning the cakes or pastries. They are very professional in what they execute on a daily basis and provide Ultimate Service and Guest Satisfaction. MIstakes can happen and be forgiven, but Mistakes cant be fixed if the Clients dont answe there Phones or respond to messages. If I had a Cake that was for a Special occasion, I would make sure I would answer my phone and respond to messages. Never would I expect them to come to my house for a question regarding a cake because the Client doesnt want to answer the Phone. So I rate Tiffany's 5 Stars for exceptional effort in delivering the best experience anyone can ask for!

Teresa Turner

I have been a customer of Tiffany's since they opened but will not ever grace their doors again. I ordered two breakfast to go and did not receive all the items for each breakfast or have them cooked as ordered. I called back to verify I was correct in assuming the items were not in my order and was given the cook, Jake, to talk with. He was very haughty, argumentative and rude and advised me the items would not fit in the box, and my had been cooked long enough, eventhough it was still limp and I was microwaving it to get it crispy. I wanted to advise the owners how rude he was, so I called to speak with them and left a message. It took a couple of messages before they called me back. The wife of the owner called me back. She was as rude as the cook. When I was speaking with her she was arguing with me and telling me things the cook had said and done that were not true. I explained to her in all the years I had been a customer I had never complained before and did not want anything from them. I only wanted to advise them how rude he had been, because it may be happening to other customers. I was also surprised that a cook would come to the phone to deal with a customer and not a manager. She said he cooked the food so he was responsible so he would handle it. She didn't care that he was rude, and she was rude herself. She offered to give me two more breakfast. I didn't want them. I don't ever want to go back their again. My children are grown, and I have grandchildren. They made all the Birthday cakes for my children, grandchildren, my whole family prior to this. I just bought petit fors last Friday for my daughter to take to work at Blue Cross...won't ever buy from them again! They aren't the only bakery in Columbia, they apparently think they are from the way they treat people.

Rebecca Wallace

Excellent....lunch choice great, soup, sandwiches, etc. Tops in the Bakery area.

Dana Williams

Good food, had the lunch special (pulled pork sandwich) over priced for lunch @ $10.00, you get sandwich, chips or in my case a small cup of fruit.

Sagan Sanders

I have eaten at the new location of Tiffany's Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place three times since it opened. The customers I talked with have been wonderful and understanding, and patient that Tiffany's will have some growing pains. The décor is clean and refreshing. The sweets (I got petit fours) were delicious and always meet my expectations. Now, the new items on the menu are absolutely delicious. Granted, I've gotten only three meals, but they were soooooo good!!! And yes, of course, many of their favorite items are still offered. Tiffany's staff are working really hard to make coming to Tiffany's a MOST enjoyable experience. I can't wait to try the Meeting Place and get the shareables. Love, love, love the NEW Tiffany's. Keep up the great work!!!!! Tiffany's is still my happy place, and a great place to meet friends for food... and now, to sample the beer and wine!

Tricia Profilet

There food and service is great! ! ! ! !

Trey M

Fantastic, can't wait till they get to their new location


Very overrated! Bought 24 cupcakes for party @ $75 and very disappointing. Publix bakery is much better. Tried lunch items, chicken salad was dry and fruit was old.

cindy miller

yummy treats and gourmet lunch

selannie vallin

Food is delicious but the service was not very well .

Ann-Lynn Caughman

Always delicious as well as beautifully decorated, cakes, pastries, and breads from Tiffany's are a delight. Their restaurant menu is varied, and the food is very tasty.

Mark Jeffcoat

Great bakery!

Randi Conniffe

Great place for lunch

Sam Disharoon

I work just down the street so I eat here somewhat frequently. The turkey basil pesto sandwich is AMAZING and the rest of the lunch menu is very good as well. The bakery is quite good as well, with quite an array of choices. Tables are comfortable and it’s never so loud as to be annoying to dine inside. Parking has never been a problem. Love this place!!

K Car

Bigger location yet still very crowded during lunch time, expect a wait. My real complaint is I ordered 25 petit fours and when I picked them up they were in a box that was too big. When we got to our destination we discovered some had turned over and smudged the balloon designs but they were still delicious. The bakery area could use a better system during rush hours; maybe an actual line bc I’ve had people walk up to the counter at the opposite end and get helped before me. The treats and food are always delicious though, only reason I deal with the crowd and keep going back.

Mark Maurer

One server had to request my girlfriend's order 3 times.

MJ Zoom

I absolutely hate their new location. I went two miles out of the way from the interstate just to get there at 1:30 p.m. and they're completely out of Petit fours even though they had two trays of them on display, which were not for sale but caused me to wait in a long awkwardly positioned line just for there not to be anything for me to buy. I will not return.

Deborah Dawson

William Austin

Nice place and great food.

Delilah Coakley

Really nice staff. I literally arrived 8 minutes before closing time on a Saturday. The young lady that helped me didn't rush me and also let me sample a dessert I was undecided on. Of course it was delicious so I brought it. Definitely will be back.

Nick Gosey

Delicious food and amazing cakes and pastries! I had the turkey and brie panini and tomato parmesan soup on this visit. Had petit fours for dessert. Wonderful day!

rosalynn reese

Always a delight. petite fours are the best

Tom Herron

This morning my wife and I went to Tiffany's to see the new location and have breakfast. I ordered 2 eggs, grits and dry wheat toast. My wife had the same but ordered 2 strips of bacon. 2 coffees were also ordered. The cashier informed me that I owed $26.56.... WOW, I almost fell out... That's 4 of the same at the Lizard's Thicket just up the street. 20 minutes later when the food arrived for some reason all my food items were on separate plates. 1 plate for each egg, two TINY pieces of bread on another, cold grits in a bowl. I only got a 1/2 cup of coffee as my wife went first and the coffee dispenser never got refilled. When Tiffany's was on Devine street we ate there weekly. When Tiffany's moved to the next Two Notch location about 12 years ago we ate there once as they changed the menu. This morning will be the first and final time we will Ever darken their doors!!!! God bless the poor server working by himself in their dining area this morning. I left him a $5.00 tip.

l anderaon

The cupcake alone was great but I could not eat the icing. It is definitely not butter cream or soft. Great staff!

Stuart Park

You cannot go wrong with any item at Tiffany's! Excited about the relocation to a new establishment! I've been eating items from Tiffany's since I was a toddler, I have not intentions of ever stopping!

Sue Lever

We ordered 95 cupcakes for our Pack 200 Blue and Gold. They were beautiful and delicious!

Scott Wilson

I hate that I didn't know this place was here !! I've missed out all these years. Not anymore !!! This place is FANTASTIC !!! So much today and more desserts then you could ever hope for !!

Tom Tanner

Randy Seay


Kelvin Smith

Hilda Davis

I've been to this bakery twice. First time was last year. I had asked for a Cuban sandwich. It's hard to find good Cuban sandwiches in SC. My first experience was great. When I came back a year later, it looked like a lot of changes were made. Happy to see the Cuban was still on the menu so I ordered it again. I was so disappointed! Who puts honey mustard on a Cuban? The sandwich was not a Cuban. I decided then, not to ever come back again.

Brittany Fuller

The new location is absolutely beautiful but the old owner should stick to baking or have the least human contact as possible. She was very rude to customers and even more rude to staff. I felt so bad for the young ladies who did their best to be helpful and accommodating. But that lady is a tyrant. Reminds me of Meryl Streep from Devil Wears Prada. Please let your son run things because you are very snarky and off-putting.

Ken Lavender

I've been coming here for years, usually about 1 once week for lunch. In all of those years, I've only had 1 instance where it wasn't outstanding. In that 1 instance the food was remade promptly without complaint. That's an outstanding track record! I can't wait to see the new location!

Ani mal

I have been going to Tiffany's at their old location since i arrived from New York city almost 22 years ago. They were in strip mall and proudly displayed all their desserts in display cases reminiscent of the best bakeries in New York city. So YES, they moved to a bigger location. There ARE going to be growing pains. They have expanded their dining and bakery areas, plus added a bar area. People complain of long lines but the most popular places will always have lines. In New York you could tell the best places to eat from the bad ones based on the presence of lines of customers waiting to get inside the better eateries and the best bakeries were ALWAYS crowded with customers. If you want to find a cake or fresh baked goods, this is the place to go. I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because they are suffering from growing pains, like new employees who aren't as helpful as the employees at their former location but I suspect that will change. The food and baked goods deserve 5 stars but Google doesn't let me review food separate from service and Bad service will sour anyone's palate!

Vera Bennett

My daughter ordered a minecraft cake and not only was it the driest cake ive ever ate , they also decided to put glitter all over a boys cake , and my grandson was upset bc he isnt a girl. Firstly I feel like after spending over $100 on this cake I should have a refund

Thomas McGill

Pro: The cupcakes were delicious and the everyone at my job loved them. Now here lies my problems: Cons: Customer service was inexcusably poor and unacceptable. I purchased a dozen cupcakes plus three for a colleague of mine who's birthday was today. The young lady behind the counter packed my order in a box with a cupcake holder that wasn't properly set up.( See Photo) All the cupcakes shifted and when I got to work I had quite a mess. Next, I called Tiffany's to tell them what happened and was told to bring them back up to the Bakery. I drove 30 minutes from work back to bakery and another woman with short hair who seemed to be a manager examined the contents. She told me emphatically, I dropped the cupcakes and could tell from the box (Really, Cupcake CSI?). Also, she was not going to argue because when I walk out I assume full responsibility. She would give me 20 % and that was all. At this point alot of things are running through my mind but I took the 20% and my reinforced cupcake holders and left. Played, insult on top of injury. I will not return here that's for sure but the women from my job were even more livid about the situation. $60.00 bucks for 15 Cupcakes after it was all said and done. (See Photo)

Joseph Harrigan

Michael Mazurek

Great Reuben!!!

Anna Wright

Fabulous lunch!

Maya Slade

Haleigh Christmus

I recently ate lunch here and the food was really good. However it took forever to get our lunch and it was not that busy. They charge 25 cents for water (which should be free) and if you want honey mustard....its an extra 75 cents, lame. On a positive note, some of the best frys I've had in a long time. Kinda pricey for what you get.

lighten up

Guess I picked a bad time to pay an initial visit. You know ... that whole "first impression" thing. There were other customers there. Wanted to see what kind of breads they offered. The only person I could get to talk to me was inaudible & disinterested. Otherwise, the place "looked" very nice. Funny think though ... staff seemed to outnumber the customers. Oh well.

Susan Dove

I have used Tiffany's for many, many years for special occasions. My family really loves the petit fours. Both of my daughters had petit fours for their weddings. That was a big hit with the guests. We even took them to Chicago for our granddaughter's first birthday. And I love the molasses bars. Stop by often when out shopping just to get one. Their pound cakes are great. Lemon is my favorite but they are all good.

Nancy Waite

Latitia Trezevant

Thanks to Tiffany's Bakery for making that wonderful Elmo cake for my grandbaby. She loved it!

Rokas Beresniovas

Michael Olson

Ordered 2 prices of pecan pie bars, an iced coffee, and a frappe. My pie was not quite 2 bites, my wife's was so big she could not finish it. Why such a huge disparity in portions? They were $2.49 each, a good value if you got the other piece, for me, not so much. They said they were out of iced coffee. Really? A bakery/cafe that doesn't have coffee? My wife's frappe was undrinkable, I tried a sip and almost turned the car around to return it. The coffee, that they didnt have for iced coffee, was very old and tasted burnt.The girl at the counter had to ask 2 other girls how to make the frappe. A truly disappointing experience, expensive (

Charlotte Small

The Tiffanys salad is out of this world.. The employees are so nice also.

Sydney Smythe

Just left Tiffany's after having another fantastic lunch! Today I had the Greek Chicken Salad (I got the chicken fried). What an absolutely delicious salad! Kevin is amazing in proportioning all of the things that go into the salad(s) and sandwiches. It was chock full of raw veggies, chicken, feta, and olives, not just lettuce....with a wonderful Balsamic dressing. I've never, EVER gotten a meal that I didn't enjoy, and I usually get my "regular" choice of the French Dip (cold), with the horseradish sauce on the side that I use for dipping my chips. I'm looking forward to the move to the new building down the street, but cherish the "sweet" memories of the old Tiffany's. Service has always been great, and staff always go out of their way to make sure everything is right. Boy, that salad was mouth-watering...…. Thank you!

Tom Ashburn

The Best Green Tomato BLT. A Southern Tradition to introduce to Friends & Family. Then have one of their Freshly Made Confections. Also take something home when you leave. The Best Birthday Cakes in the South.

Keith Daniel

So, so good!!!

Becky Spence

Tiffany's is the premier bakery in Columbia!! Every shower I host there is no question that we will have petit fours from Tiffanys. I secretly believe its everyone's favorite part of the shower! As well, my lovely mother had started to get petit fours for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They have darling designs on top and the grandchildren are asking about them as soon as we get in the door. This year an uncle and Opa were tasked to pick them up and came home with several more boxes of goodies that didn't last long!! You will not be dissapointed with anything from Tiffanys.

Michael Kellner


Andrew Adams

Annette Youngblood

Love , love..their cinnamon rolls and pettit fours. But i didnt like that would give me the corner cinnamon bun. They me what they wanted. I'm the customer, we are always right!!!

Kecr888 R

Bakery with a small lunch menu. Love that they offer a variety of decorated cookies, cupcakes, pastries, etc-everyrthing always looks amazing! However there are a number of options in town for similar items now(and at lower prices), and the service, which used to set Tiffany's apart, has been less than stellar the past couple of times I was there. Maybe I hit some bad days, but it was disappointing.

Kristin Gibbons

My daughters 16th birthday was in December. We ordered a quarter sheet cake from this bakery. We picked up the cake and realized once we had lit the candles they had misspelled the word "birthday". They contacted us over the phone and told us that they would send us a voucher for a replacement cake, which was fine with me. I believe in second chances. So, in January I went into Tiffany's with pictures, and filled out another request for a cake with a very nice girl behind the counter. I told her that they could contact me with any questions. They had my husband's info from the last cake order, my phone number from the email I sent regarding the last incident, and my physical address from sending me the voucher. I arrive today to pick up my husband's birthday cake. Upon my arrival I'm told there is no cake! They said that they had a question and couldn't reach me all month. Excuse me?!?! You have all of my contact info minus my social security number, and you couldn't get in touch with me? Meanwhile, there was absolutely no one there to help me. No bakers....nothing. So, Tiffany's bakery has successfully ruined 2 birthdays for my family in less than two months. Update: I emailed the manager last night and have yet to even receive any response. I plan on keeping this updated. Update: I received a response at 10pm the day after my email from the general manager, and after we exchanged emails I decided that a refund would be appropriate, and the general manager agreed to the refund. My husband went in to receive the refund only to have the general manager try to give us yet another gift card. Absolutely not! My husband reminded the general manager ,after showing him the email stating he would refund our money, that we agreed to a refund. At that point the manager gave my husband the refund. Let me kindly respond to you...we NEVER said the cake was inedible...we said your bakery cannot spell "birthday" caused embarrassment for my daughter on one of a young girls most important birthday, the flavor of the cake is not what was in question at all...the incompetence of your bakery husband asked you to produce the order sheet for the replacement cake, which was filled out incorrectly by your associate. You did not have the proper phone number on the order form. As a matter of fact my husband called the number you had written on the form and the lovely gentleman who answered the phone said he received a strange message once, but that was it. So, your called me multiple times story doesn't add up. I truly find it difficult to believe your bakery doesn't track issued gift certificates. If that's the case you need to review that policy, because it could lead to theft. Also, perhaps in the future you should at least consider tracking unhappy customer's gift certificates so "misunderstandings" such as this never occur with another family.

James Coleman

The best place for your sweet tooth. I just want to say, One of everything please. Love ya Tiffany's.

greg davis

Stopped in to get some baked goods. Chocolate chewy cookie is great the day they are made. Not as good the next day. Looks like they have expanded for lunch items, large dining rooms.

Victoria Coleman

Great place, great environment, great staff!!

Miguel Martinez

Breakfast was really good. I had the Greek omelette and was tasty, but somewhat on the greasy side. All is forgiven. The pastries as dessert were great, and had to have several of them since they all looked delicious, which they were.

Gabrielle Ross

GREAT food and such sweet staff. Owner is a sweetheart and hands on.


Over priced small cupcakes that I could have made better at home. I guess they trying to get us to pay for there new space but there are no prices posted so you don't know unless you ask someone how much items cost and who knows they can make up anything. So not worth it... Betty Crocker got a better cake.

Sydney Collins

Love eating here! Always super friendly with customers and the food is delicious.

Jeffery Rimmer

Great food, service-oriented staff, and well kept environment.

Benjamin Harley

Extremely disappointed. I went in there the other day to ask questions about placing a large order for an event I am hosting, and the women behind the counter were either unable or unwilling to help me. Not to be too discouraged, I decided to pick up a little treat for a lactose intolerant friend of mine. I asked the staff if they had any recommendations, what was in different pastries, and how different things were made, and they couldn't answer any of my questions. I don't know if they are completely ignorant about their own products or just didn't want to deal with me; either way, this is not the kind of place I want to eat at.

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