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1108 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, United States

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REVIEWS OF Novas Bakery & Coffee Shop IN South Carolina

Adrienne Wilson

Love this place. I go back occasionally and never regret it! In fact my first trip had been during my first term of college and I was ill during my finals: the staff recommended a lovely type of tea that could help me feel better. They also are always kind and friendly- even helping me figure out what lactose free options there were for my friend.

Maxie Saboley

The truck was late, we were informed. ..only had a few selections and they weren't fresh! Plan on trying it again though, just to see of that was just a bad day.

Kellen Matthiae

Sunday 11am, everything was stale and old. Coffee was okay. Won’t return. Other bakery in the area much better with a wider variety and better food.

Stephen Knight

Love it!!

Denise Kizer

I like this quiet local place. It can be a little slow at times to get your stuff because i normally see only one person working but coffee and desserts are good. I check out the day old bread and its always yummy. Sliced bread is reasonable and worth it..any type i have tried.

Suzanne H

I like the ambiance and great chai drinks!

Jason and Briana Budgin

Michael Shahin

I think their eclairs are really good. It is a nice place to lounge with some friends or get some work done on a laptop.

Robert Simpson

Friendly, clean service

john bruton

Never been here

Scott DesRosiers

Comfy and quiet. The Brazil dark roast is amazing.

Holden LeCroy

Very quite and cozy little place. The staff are friendly and it has great coffee and pastry selection. Go check it out!

Miglena Stanley


Veronica Perez

Great service, good environment, reasonably priced stuff.

Linda Lewis

Fave coffee spot

Edward Needham

Awesome food and great Frappe

Shiva The Destroya

Good coffee, feels like Antarctica in there, aint gonna fool me into buying more coffee by giving me hypothermia.

Shelby Champion

Oh gosh, the best lattes in town! And you MUST try their almond croissant!

Carrol Ostendorf

The food is pretty good, but the service can be frustrating and slow.

Jakob Vicars

My favorite place to get my favorite coffee. Always great quality. Always great service

Terrasse Berry

Novas bakery always has fresh food and good customer service

Rea L

Best lemon bars

Sue Spencer

Nice satellite store of the Nova Bakery and Coffee shop in Charlotte. The ambiance is nice, but not anything out of the ordinary. The selection of baked goods isn't as large as the Charlotte store, but the coffee is good. Since just had coffee on my first visit I decided to try a blueberry muffin the second time I went. Sadly, it was dry and not very good. This Nova isn't at all bad, but doesn't rise above average in my view.

Gaston Dmitrio

They have a parmesan bread that's a tad spicy for the lightmouthhearted, fair warning. I definitely recommending trying out their hazelnut latte. I got a stale bagel today but it's okay because I fart on their couches.

Mike G

Walked in on Saturday afternoon. I heard people laughing in the back. After looking around a few minutes I left. Nobody ever came to the counter.

Angie Rhodes

Great treats

Madden Fan

Best strawberry shortcake on earth

Shannon Foley

This coffee house is in an odd place :) . The surrounding area doesn't seem.vwry welcoming - but what a great use for an old bank! My son and I took our drinks and pastries and ate in the vault! They had cards to enjoy as well. My drink was very good, the staff was WXCELLENT and there is quite the swlwcrion of hand made paatries.

Brian Jenkins

Marlon Virginia

I'm a regular customer of this store.

S & B Asbill

Went to the drive through this time. Great as always. Fast and friendly service. Great coffee

Christian Campbell

Great atmosphere and even better coffee and pastries.

William Nicks

Very awesome experience! I’ll definitely be back!

Norma Coffel

Best coffee place in Rock Hill. Tastes wonderful and they know what we want right when we pull up.

Lacie Holden

excellent desserts

Mike Hopf

Great locally baked goods, fun location (a former bank, you can relax in the vault) and friendly staff. We make a regular run weekly for bread for the family.

Joanne Mora

The staff is very friendly and the pastries and bread are delicious.


Latte was good coffee but the bottled syrups are "eh".

Ali Al khalass

Great service, free Wi-Fi, fresh, and good prices.

Michelle C

Hit or miss depending on the time of day and how busy they are. Sometimes the coffee tastes burnt and sometimes it's great. Baked goods, to me, are nothing special.

Samantha Yarborough

The staff is friendly and the coffee is great...

Scott Barton

Excellent coffee and very freindly

Laura Barker

Live it

Tristan Eldreth

Everything is consistently wonderful.

Emil Mercado

Friendly staff. Good coffee

daniel hasegawa

A lil slow sometimes but great attitude and coffee

Laura Hart

Love this place. Amazing coffee and pastries

Irene Primeaux

Friendly staff. Nice place to read or do school work but the pastry I had was not very good. In fact, neither I nor my daughter could eat it.

Frank Thompson

Bryan Brothers

Really good coffee and dessert place. In an old bank location (complete with vault seating!)

Julian Secondino

Coffee is really good but the bakery food is dry. For the price muffins need more fruit in them. The flavor of the muffins are good but lacking fruit.

Guillermo Bernal

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Ricardo Hernandez Rivera

This place used to be a bank. I say this not because of the room with the massive titanium door, but because every pastry is a treasure unto itself.

mandy flowers

Nice little place for coffee, pastry, and bread.

Pam Hutchinson

Great iced coffee. Enjoyed listening to Steve Simpson and a friend playing music.

Bob Breakfield

Very good coffee and pastries at a below reasonable cost. Nice place to read the NY Times each morning

Kristen Haberkorn

Nova is great for a nice rainy day hangout, date, or breakfast. Highly recommend. Friendly staff.

Olivia Jackson

I really love the cozy atmosphere here and the couches and armchairs available. Coffee is decent, haven't tried the bakery. But I'd love to come back.

Mary Beth Eden

Cute little bake shop. I got a lemon bar and some gingerbread men. All of it was very tasty and very reasonably priced. I will definitely come back here when I visit Rock Hill again.

-Happy boy.-

Great place!

Agnes Lanza

Love it

Jimmy Warren

Great staff great coffee great bread

Arlene Mathews

Very quaint local bakery. Their baked goods are good. The staff seems to be rather slow. I didn't stay but it looks like a very comfortable local place to stay & relax while doing work on your computer or just enjoying some coffee, tea or one of their baked goods while reading. Their prices are competive for a bakery. Also they have some unique baked goods (like baklava & macaroons.



Suhaylah xx

I went there for a meeting send head this delicious latte. I don't drink coffee so when I tasted it, that place became my Starbucks! The desserts taste amazing and fresh! I would love to go again!

Melissa Sturgis

Phil Stull

Henry Nocella

Great breads...interesting pastries and cakes..comfortable environment...great coffee

Ashlee Sackett

I love the coffee and staff a latte!

Anthony Knudson

Good stuff nice staff, layout could be a little better. guess it used to be a bank, so having coffee in a vault is good if aliens are attacking.

adam keath

The coffee was good but the muffin was stale.

Cody Smith

I love it here. The pastries are big and a great deal for the price, and the worker's are always friendly!

Farin Wafaee

Clean and cozy place with friendly people , great service.


Absolutely LOVE this place. The coffee is great, the bread and pastries are fresh, and the customer service is always inviting. Whenever I get a chance out of my class (or mom) schedule to relax, I come here to read or study (if it's not already full, my favorite place is in the "vault room")They also offer some of my favorite sodas that remind me of my childhood growing up in Italy.

Gabrielle Elizabeth Lee

Great drinks and pasteries! Customer service is great as well. It may take a moment for a drink, but the Baristas are very friendly and work very quickly. The space is also very nice and a great place to study or meet with friends.

Kimmy Stardust

Wonderfully coffee in a variety of flavors. They also make fresh pastries and bread. Skip starsucks and support local small business

Darren Rawlins

There for bible study. It was awesome

Mike Sayler

Good place for a coffee and pastry. Friendly service.

Anthony Coker


Daniel Fieldstone

This place used to be a bank. There is even a room in here that used to be a bank vault. This place is a great place to get some work done at. The workers here can some times be a little on the quirky side but all in all I have never had a horrible experience.

Dries Debecker

Yes. As a European we finally found a bakery with good quality, crispy bread at a decent price. We will definitely back to try more different kinds. A suggestion would be to try and find those really darker flowers and play with more different compositions of bread rather than just the plain ‘whole-wheat’

Larry Meadows

I like Nova's bakery pretty well I think their muffins and everything they have is good I think their coffee is overpriced. But the bakery items are good


Nice little local coffee shop with good coffee and nice bakery. Great place to spend a Saturday afternoon listening to live folk music. Would recommend!

Michael S

Great coffee ,,,,good pastries,,, awesome employees

Claudia Penaloza

I treat myself to their delicious coffee about once a week... today I had their Tiramisu. It was outstanding!

KW Blan

We LOVE Nova bakery. Coffee is much better than competitor. Muffins are super too!


OK COFFEE OK PASTRIES. I rarely come here. But I do when I want something different than Amelie's in rock hill. They have a cool seating area in an old safe. The coffee is ok but cheap and some of the pastries fast like they are premade in a factory.

Olivia Wright

Love the lemon bars

Tiffany Danielle

Great experience & amazing coffee ☕

Ben Pitts

Awesomeness in baked form

William Scott Miller

Good coffee from Dillworth Coffee and pastries and breads made fresh each morning

Timothy Hull

Delicious scones

James Hill

Best coffee I've ever had! Great food and awesome service!! Made my day=)

Denice Blanco-perez

Nice place to sit and do computer work

Robin Alion

The most wonderful muffin, Glorious Morning. Exceptional Sticky Buns. Scrumptious croissants. The staff is wonderful, sweet, helpful and always cheerful. I look forward to my morning drive-thrus. Highly recommend A+!!

Christopher Catoe

Great little local place.

Denise Steilberger

Could be cleaner! Not too much fresh pastry anymore.

Kit Lawson

This place is okay a really cool atmosphere but their products are mediocre and generic. I won't go out of my way to go here again, I went once it was okay I went again and it was still nothing special.

Rightway Master Tech Plumbing,LLC

Always spectacular

Mr. Random

Awesome, coffee and pastries are great, the atmosphere is good. And the place is often rocked, as in painted rocks.

Jeanette Helyes-Guertin

Always tasty desserts and great lattes

Craig Phelps

Coffee is solid and the food compliments it well, I always prefer to grab my morning pick-me-up here than at the Starbucks down the street.

Javier Ortiz

Great place. Great coffee and pastries. Awesome service!


Good coffee

Scott Smith

Carey Haselden

Always nice and friendly services! Love the french Carmella!

Kaitlin Mei

Byron McNeil

Excellent service

Rachel T

Love their scones and coffee! Great seating and atmosphere - a good place to hang for a while.

Sabrina Morris

Great coffe and great service

E Jordan

Good coffee and pastries. Staff was friendly and helpful.

katrina thornton

Peaceful friendly coffee joint

Joshua Earl Knight

Billy who works here is always bright and cheery and great to talk to.

Julia Laible

Love this Nova's. The Chai Tea is amazing and the baked items are so delicious....every time!

Thom Sullivan

Great coffee and baked goods!

Danya Peachy

I love this place. I love the prices and the taste of the coffee plus food...

Fredericka Smalls

jeff houser

Terrible they only except debit and credit cards

Khary Chronicles

Chai Tea Latte

Max Dorsey

Sandra Partin

The macarons aren't made there but the other bakery items are. Croissants were good. Professional service. The atmosphere is better for working more than chatting.

Elle B.

Sydney Sloan

I come here all the time, the staff are always friendly and talkative, atmosphere is welcoming, and food is delicious!!!

Glenda Mcneal

I'm not a coffee drinker but I had coffee this morning from Nova's. It was the daily grind with toasted coconut flavor. It was so good. The coffee was perfect.

Chasity James

Very well priced and delicious

sheila sulak

The coffee is great, the service is always great, but the sticky buns are to die for! This place is always a must when in Rock Hill.

Nikki Rusch

I always get excellent service here, a wide variety of coffee syrups and pastries to choose from. Its my go to meeting place with friends!


Nova was terrific as usual. The best

Norberto Martinez

The coffee has an amazing flavor, the service was great and friendly.

Kira Turek

The pastries I had were on the dry side. Not horrible, but not overly impressive either.

Tim Klukow

Excellent staff and great products. Cheaper than many other competitors in town and they deliver on an exceptional level. Not always the fastest, but by far my favorite coffee shop in Rock Hill.

Mel Lat

Great atmosphere, coffee hot and delicious and the the lemon bars are to die for.

P funk Jones

Great place

Terri Welsh

Loved everything I've tried.

Taylor Foxx

Great coffee

Arisdelci Marquez

Love the coffee

Chief Keef

Great coffee and baked goods.the staff is always awesome!

Barbara Suarez

Love the pastries and bread!!! Service too slow. Need more people to serve!!!!

Latonya Garces

I had a good time with friends.

Doug Robinson

Best bran muffin in Rock Hill

Robin Bennett

Great coffee

Amy Wilkes

My son loves the ginger bread men. Delicious coffee. Great customer service.

Marshall McFadden

First off, their coffee is really good and besides the occasional dry muffin, their pastries are pretty good too. I write this review from the drive thru line where I have been sitting for almost 10 minutes and have yet to be greeted. The employee sees me sitting here but just keeps chatting with the girl at the counter. The parking lot is empty so I know they aren’t busy. This isn’t the first time I’ve had poor service here. Definitely don’t go here if you are in a hurry, and the drive thru lane is a complete joke. They just need to get rid of it. I just left. Guess I’ll go to Starbucks since they at least have it together and greet their customers.

Edwin Eaves

Very nice selection of delicious baked goods plus great live music 1st Saturday of each month

Tehan Redman

1st time...great service and Coffee,Bagels were great

Sydney Harrison

Great baked yummies for wonderful prices! They also have some delicious coffee.

Dusty Britton

What a surprise! I was looking for great coffee, a flat white or latte, and a sweet treat, heading to Union, SC! I didn't want to stop at a Starbucks, and WOW, found this coffee shop!!! Very friendly, great coffee and enjoyed some baklava, twice, stopped on the way south and on the return. I'll stop again when I'm in the area, nice place to relax and enjoy some coffee, and very clean! Many thanks for being there!

Sarah Hughey

Perfect place to study with plenty of outlets, couches, and tables where you can sit to do your work. Great coffee!

Nathan Barnes

My lady and I have coffee and pastry dates here all the time. Great service and delicious treats. I'm not a big coffee drinker but she loves their brews. I go for the pastries! Their muffins are literally the best and they also have an appealing specialty bread selection! also a fan of their discounted day old pastry bags. btw, there is also a drive through ordering option. The inside is cozy and they even have a interesting vault sitting room. Their wares are also reasonably priced which speaks for itself. All in all, a great addition Rock Hill.

Katie Taylor

Amazing!! ❤️❤️

Natalie Foster

The staff is amazing and considerate, the baked goods are delicious, and the coffee is excellent. Seating is very cozy, including couches in an old bank vault and in the main seating area. Great fit for meetings or a quick hangout.

Travis Callahan

They make a great DirtyChai. Good service.

Manal Esmail

The service and attitude are very bad. Very rude. The coffee didn’t taste good and it wasn’t fresh. They don’t have much variety as a bakery would have. The bagel was dry and hard.

Sherry Noel

They have real French bread, Italian bread and many others that you can't find in Rock Hill...

Rebecca Ayers

Excellent service, food, and atmosphere.

Emma Elliott

Having a love affair with their delicious scones.

Sandra Nilsen

Everything is always good!!

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