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Drove from Spartanburg just to try these delicious pastries. It was definitely worth the drive. Great customer service, David (an employee there) explained to my family and I about the breads. We will definitely call ahead of time next time to order the flavors we missed.

Adicia Owens

Our new go to for brunch on weekends. The food and service is amazing.

Tasha Henderson

The outer bread was nice and soft with a hint of sweetness. The reason why I gave them 3 stars because I think everything has to be reheated in the microwave which throws the taste off... I shall try them again but maybe when they first open.

Dale Bishop

This was my first time it was delicious, loved the bread and the filling inside and the pastries were also great and it will not be my last time!!

George Wyatt

Best secret in the Upstate! Wonderful kolaches! To those who are new think Kristy Kreme stuffed with delicious breakfast items! The bread is amazing!

Brandon Prince

It was my first time visiting. The food is great, and they have a lot of different options to choose from. You will not be disappointed.

Hari Hara Subramanian M

We drove all the way from Atlanta and we were so happy we did. Jalapeno popper is my favorite in the menu. Enjoyed good kolaches after a long time.

Luis Moncada

Traveled all the way from Atlanta for kolaches. Great customer service.

Tracy Trapka

What's a Kolache, pure tastebud heaven. We didn't know anything about them, warm them up a little and enjoy. My wife really loved the sweets.

Monta Smith

Absolutley delicious, with extremely helpful staff.

Mnm Castelli

This place is soooooo goooood!

jeffrey pace

Great food great staff!!!!! Only place to get a specialty pimping ham! Ask for it pelmento cheese and ham.

Heather Howze

Great place to eat breakfast or lunch. Fast service and friendly staff.

Katie Bridges

Ive literally ate here 3 times this week. Its so good and the guy at the window is awesome!! Ill be coming back!! Please we need longer hours!

Aspen Ballard

Omg! This is my new favorite food! These kolaches are absolutely amazing. Sweet delicious dough filled with yummy philly steak, sausage and gravy, fajitas, etc. It's like a pocket full of yummy!

Josh Grimm

Service needs much improvement, specially the cashier in drive thru. Food taste good a little cold but I would definately go back. The other lady was much more comfortable to deal with.

Kris Hoffman

Wow! Food is awesome! Definitely different from the traditional breakfast. It is made fresh daily and it's so hard to decide which one to choose! So many options! The service is phenomenal and the coffee is outstanding! Thank you for opening in Powdersville!!

Matt Ryan

Awesome food

Buddy Tweed

I never knew what it kalotcha was. But now that I've tried them I really enjoyed them. I try to stop by at least twice a month.

Amber Ware

I love this place. Dean, David, Kacie big and erika are awesome to work with. The food is amazing, I have tried them all and I can't say anything bad about any of them!!!

Riley Hope

Great food!!

Ed Shiffler

Tried this for the first time today. Food is excellent and at a good price point. Highly recommended this place.

Brittney Banks

Have been here several times since they opened. Always very clean and very pleasant employees. The kolaches are always great. Highly recommend trying this place!

William Wraight

A unique type of on the go breakfast food

Tim Cockrell

Great tasting food! Really nice staff! Good prices!

Pattimarie Janssen

OMG!! The Kolache Factory is fabulous! The kolaches are stuffed pieces of heaven... they have a wide assortment of fillings to select from, both sweet and savory. John had the sausage and gravy and I had the ham and cheese... lovely. We will definitely be back to sample the other flavors... my next flavor will be the spinach!! And don't forget to sample one of the sweet Kolaches... amazing. And one of co-owners, Dean, was a wealth of information and very friendly. Highly recommend.

Bobby Wasser

Good. Being from bryan/college station I know kolaches and these are tasty

Terry Davis

Great staff!

George Black

Tried several savory kolaches -- polish sausage, bacon & cheese, chicken ranchero, and a spinach. All tasty. They were sold out of the sweet ones. Next time. Freshly made with a nice yeasty sweet dough.

Alexandra Tarvin

The customer service is stellar! You are immediately greeted when you walk in everytime. The food is delicious and unique to South Carolina. They are a great option for food on the go and as a treat to bring to a gathering. They also offer catering which has been helpful. I enjoy Kolache Factory quite a bit!

Rachel Mason

My husband loved this place! It's set up similar to a Dunkin Donuts, with the Kolache rolls all behind the counter in trays. The Kolache bread dough is made in house and takes three days. The Kolache is a filled yeast bread and baked fresh daily as they stay busy. We met the owner, who was extremely kind, and look forward to returning.

Lindsay Spindler

This place is amazing! The food here is amazing. Love the bacon egg and cheese and the July Chili dog was stellar. It’s always fresh and the drive thru is quick. I’m always greeted with a smile.

Blake Mayer

Unique way to eat your breakfast/lunch. One handed dining is now possible with no mess.

Beth Breininger

I love ordering online and just going to pick up my order. They write on the inside of the box lid what is in the box. Very tasty.

Alanna Harper

Love this place!!!! Went by on a whim to get a cinnamon roll after searching near my work for a bakery that offered them...walked out with a whole BOX of delicious sweet and savory bread goods that my family loved! Will be back soon.

Suzy Hawkins

Love this place & staff is very friendly and helpful. I fell hard for the Chorizo and Egg Kolache of the month so I really hope you will bring it back!!!

Lisa Bate

Great chek donut type pastries filled with meats!

Pete Grandinetti

As I think of what to write about my experience I don't believe words can describe it. The staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Furthermore, the food was so different and tasteful that I couldnt hold a conversation due to never wanting to stop eating. Kolache factory will now have to be a weekly visit to satisfy my new cravings. Thank you Kolache factory for being so kind and delicious.

Patrick Bryant

Wow, just wow! This place was awesome! This was our first visit and the staff were both helpful and patient with us and gladly answered all our questions. They had a large variety of breakfast, lunch and sweat treats available and everything we had was delicious. I even went back to get another brisket kolache because it was so yummy. I will be back and if you haven’t, I would recommend you give it a try.

Aubrie Bedell

Very tasty and fulfilling meals.


Food was pretty great. I tried the Pizza Kolache along with the Lemon and Blueberry separately. The Pizza was pretty good, could've used maybe just a bit more cheese. Both the Lemon and Blueberry were sweet and bitter-sweet respectively, which I liked. My main complaints: 1. The sweet tea was kind of bitter. It wasn't at all what I had hoped for for sweet tea. 2. The store hours aren't open any later than 2pm :(. I'd love to drop by after work around 6pm and grab some food for dinner from here actually. I also just wanted to add that the service in particular was very friendly and helpful. Talking about you Dean!

Will Waldenmaier

If you like worm stuffed buns than this is the place for you. I ate the most delicious buns here. Going to be the new trend of 2018

Stephania Talley- Priester

The inside was full, so I jumped back in my car and went thru the drive thru. Was out of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon twists and stinuk crunch? But it was suggested I try another.. ...Pumpkin one and I did.......Yummy. It was so good, I came back for a 2nd trip before leaving the area and was out of the pumpkin the 2nd time. Bummer!! But delicious. I will return next time in the area.

Gretchen Craig

First time, great food. Something for everyone.

Brittany Owens

Always great customer service and addictive food

Doug Wintermute

Very good, 1st time having then was in Dallas Tx and I enjoy them just as much here, just wish they were open later and build one in Greenville

Laura Henderson

Nicest people! Best muffin I've ever had! I've already been twice and can't imagine anyone being rude, they've all been extremely pleasant

Clem Watson

A nice break from the burger and chicken joints. I will definitely be going back.

Donnie Martin

If you haven't been you gotta go asap nothing in the upstate Guaranteed

MnM Castelli

Good food.. we enjoyed

Stephen Hollis

Great place. Nice folks. Their Kolaches are fresh and delicious. Go every week.

Anna Abney

Yummy and cheap! And they have outdoor seating and water bowls for your dogs.

Ada Medina

Delicious kolaches

Tonia Hill

Yum-O!! These little balls of goodness are absolutely amazing!!! We had the limited edition Kolache Kristo, the philly cheese, ham & cheese, & cinnamon rolls. They were all great! We were sooooo pleasantly surprised at how delicious the Katz Coffee was at Kolache Factory. The single origins are so smooth! They are all brewed fresh in small batches.

Jefferson Davis

Superb food and customer service. Their kolache's are always excellent!

Juanita Williams

First time visitors this morning. I will kick myself for not coming sooner. Wonderful food and experience! Will definitely be back!

Jade Gibbs

Very nice place! Very clean and organised! Stuff was very nice and professional,food was great and I would recommended this place to anyone!

Justin Keating

Wow! Love love love this place! Food is awesome! Never thought breakfast could taste so good!

Wiretalker M

Sausage and gravy comfort food! And so much more just see what this place hides in a kolache! Really you need to try but come early because it’s fresh and disappears quickly!

Corrine Chaffee

This place is our go to breakfast spot! The staff and owners are so friendly! We have tried several different flavors here and they’ve all been amazing. If you haven’t tried this place ... make it next on your list!!!

Monique Nesbitt

Delicious! I recommend the Italian chicken croissant or the spinach or cheese danish!

Kris Turner

Amazing! A taste of home! Amazing food. Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Awesome management.

Rocca Bachandouris

Delicious! Service was outstanding also.

Brett Bowman

Very friendly employees. The food is great. If you are unsure of what you want they are willing to go over the choice they have.

Joey Carrano

I dont know if I can say enough about this place. Amazing food, amazing service, awesome selection!! One of the best ways to start your morning!!!


Love this place. Just wish they were open later. Employees are always nice and helpful.

Kevin Smith

Nice and helpful staff. Facility was clean and food was good. top notch!

Timothy Wilkinson

This place is out of the world. The food is hot and fresh. The employees are nice and friendly The owner comes out and greet you and tells you how glad he is to see you there, To me there's nothing better. Their coffee is hot and fresh they have 6 or 7 flavors to choose from. I give this place 5 stars because they have earned it.

Maggie N

Excellent food. Very unique. Great staff.

mary Alexander

Pulled pork is the best

Dustin Bridges

A coworker brought some of these in. The chicken enchilada are amazing! Everyone has been talking about them all week since we got to try one. I can’t wait to try everything else!


The owners and staff are absolutely wonderful. They talk to you as if you are family. So sweet! The food is VERY delicious too. Hard to believe their is only one shop open in SC! Definitely need more shops throughout the upstate. I highly recommend!!!

Hurricane Dorian

If you're a hot dog lover, you need to come here in July. But that's not the only reason I recommend coming here. The bread is so sweet, that It would feel like eating three dinners in one (Though I think this would only be for breakfast/lunch). And the stuff inside them...oh, let me tell y'all; It sent me wanting more and more until my stomach exploded. And the desserts; The cinnamon roll tasted like the one at Cinnabon (though I no longer remember how it even tasted because the one in Asheville closed back in October 2013 or February 2014; any time frame between those). About this bakery, I went here last in April, and now it's July. I usually go here in a time frame of 3 months. And because of how phenomenal those Kolaches tasted, I'm definitely coming back in October, or January 2020, if I come in October.

Tim Sams

The food is good, service is good, the price is high for what you get.

Mari Rays

Just moved to this side of town & decided to stop in. Wow am I glad I did. The kolaches are amazing

Susan Fortner

Great food. My first time there. Will definitely be back

Derrick Phillips

Great food & service. Definitely recommend on trying it if you haven't already!!!


I adore these little bread covered things they make here. Wait, that's all they serve!! It's so yummy. You won't find anything that isn't super good. I especially like the ones with eggs.

Juan Moncada

Dean has excellent customer service and these Kolaches are amazing!

Laurel Ebert

Fun and different. The food was great and the staff enthusiastic.

Jennifer G.

The kolaches were delicious! Only complaint is that the Sausage Egg & Cheese didn't have much sausage in it. If you're really hungry, definitely order more than one. Cashier was very friendly and even made a few recommendations based on what I was craving. Overall, good stuff!

arturo almora

I really like this place, the folks in there are very friendly and it's a new concept on breakfast with a wide variety of flavors

Ray Devall

Great place

J Martin

Very good food and friendly staff

Steven Adrienne Cole

Awesome place with great selections! All made fresh daily! If you get the strawberry fruit kolache, have them add some of the chocolate cream cheese icing....tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry! Yum!

Jonathan Brown

Absolutely incredible! Some of the best and softest baked goods we've ever had. Fantastic place to go for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Very reasonably priced as well. We noticed it while driving by and didn't know what Kolaches were. So we Googled it and found it was a Czech bakery/pastry shop. We had the Jalapeño Popper, Cream Cheese, Cream Spinach, and Ham and Cheese kolaches. All were incredible, but especially the Popper and Cream Cheese. Coffee was very decent as well. We love good food, and this is going to be a recurring favorite. Everything is made fresh each morning, and the process for making the dough (which is incredible and so soft!) takes three days. There are about 50 Kolache Factories across the country and only two on the east coast: one in Virginia Beach and one in Powdersville. So we are lucky!! The only thing we noted (and in no way should this affect your decision to try them) was that they reheated the kolaches in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds before serving. I imagine this is the best way to reheat quickly, but I think as customers we are pre-conditioned to view microwaving negatively. This did not affect the quality of the food at all, but it probably will make a lot of people scratch their heads, especially after hearing how making the dough takes 3 days and is such a craft. Microwaving seems like a sin in this case. But when you taste your kolaches, you'll quickly forget about the microwave. All that to say, 5 outstanding stars!!

Terry Bearden

Love this place. They need it in Pickens,SC

Pat Crenshaw

Kolache is sensational! Many choices! Everything I've tried has been exceptional & made fresh that day. If you prefer you can bring it home & heat in the microwave & it's delish. The folks that are working here go out of their way to be helpful, courteous & especially friendly. Oh....did I mention prices are definitely reasonable!!! Grab a friend & go by for lunch. You will not be disappointed!!

Matthew Meadows

OMG..just try the little bread love balls of joy.

Joy Gilbert

Love this place. Friendly staff, amazing food and it's right next door to my workplace so I can run over on my lunch break and get great food. Good job you guys!

JeriLe Jensen

We absolutely love the staff, environment and Kolache's. I recommend the bacon and cheese, ham and cheese and the pizza.

Simone Micciche

Dean , Casey, and Heather ARE GREAT ! Always accommodating WITH A SMILE !! If I could give them 10 stars I would !!

martin kraft

It was one of a kind very good you have to try it

David Stover

Great place great service and the food is out of this world.

Theresa Cook

Tasty and reasonably priced. Staff was very friendly and helpful to explain the menu and specially sourced coffees to these newbies.

Caleb Mason

I went here and not knowing what was served or what the atmosphere was like. I really enjoyed how unique the foods were and the owner was in store to keep us company! When a very slight problem was brought to his attention, he immediately fixed it and made the visit 10 times better! I really enjoyed my time.

Stephen mason

Awesome place! Highly recommend this! The owner was super friendly and the staff great! Unique food. A must try! I felt I had to update my last visit. On Monday at 1:45pm I brought my family to the restaurant. This visit was totally different. Food, as always was great. Service was rude. Lights flicking on and off to get us to leave, loud music. I met the owner my first visit. He was awesome! Obviously the Monday team needs some work! As a side note dumping the sweet tea at 1:30........30 minutes before close......really! The young lady stated the owner said we had to dump at that time. I hope the owner can fix this. This can be an awesome place! Update: Owner reached out to me to let me know they would be fixing the issues mentioned! I try to make it my practice when the company attempts to resolve the issue I give them the complete 5 stars! Looking forward to eating at Kolache Factory again!

Ron Rawhoof

These people are the nicest people on the planet. Yeah, a little unorganized it seems at times, but they get it right every time!

richard a

Very good top to bottom!!!!!!

Jeremy Rathje

Delicious. Super friendly staff. Clean. Quiet. Will definitely be back!

James Womack

What a wonderful treat! Freshly made buns filled with an assortment of meats, cheeses, etc. It's a Czech favorite, but now I love it too!

christine Shirley

First time trying, and the food was great. Will be back.

Jeff Headrick

If your ever in Easly for breakfast Kolache Factory is were it's at

jessica tajman

It was okay. They have a bunch of different flavors- however in trying to decide what to get the girl at the counter gave no suggestions or recommendations. The guy working drive through interacted with us more than she did. Also- the pastries had no color to them- and then cashier put them in the microwave with out even asking so then they were soggy. The creamed spinach filling was delicious though.

Maranda Taylor

Amazing amazing amazing. I'm so addicted to this place

Anthony Beigay

Interesting dining option. It's a little pricey for what you get, but it's good with a friendly staff.

Cortney Taylor

Love going here... Jeff is a very nice guy!!!

Debbie Carnes

The best around. Highly recommended vv

Monica Vite

The food was amazing, I would highly recommend!!!

Greg T

This is a great place for a quick & filling bite! Also, the sweet pastries are phenomenal!

Tim K

The rolls are sweet with lots of options.

Brenda Wyatt

Love this place! The employees are all super nice and the kolaches are wonderful! Of course I have my favorites, which are, the spinach, pulled pork, cheeseburger, italian chicken, and the chocolate muffin will send you out of this world!

Sean Loret de Mola

Delicious and varied assortment of savory or sweet stuffed buns. Hot and fresh. Excellent and quick service. I recommend the jalapeño popper!

Sherrie Thompson

They were real nice and i got a free Kolache and a fountain drink for my Birthday...

Sandi Keizer

Friendly and good!

The Chordsmen Quartet

Awesome food and great friendly service. This is our second time but will not be our last.

Laine Lemon

Amazing. The sweet potato crunch was out of this world.

Deltha Lewis

Very good for a light snack. Had the pizza kolache it was good however, I feel it had way too much pepperoni and very little cheese. Was surprised that they are sold cold and if you want them heated they will, but it's lightly heated using a microwave. Limited seating with 4 tables and 2 booths.

Arturo Almora

It's a very good time, every time we go there

Brenda Lopez Perez

This place has become my go to. They have really good flavor coffee such as hazelnut and many others. You can also purchase the beans to make some coffee at home. I recommend the ranchero, cinnamon twist, and the ham and cheese. The people that work there are very nice and friendly. The place is small although so seating is limited. I've gone several different times and never had a bad experience.

Hailey Schulman

Great food and very friendly people! This is a great place to grab food and coffee. The food is unique and so good. I highly recommend it!

Debra Jennings

Our new favorite place. This place is awesome. Love it.

Michelle Morgan

When driving to Greenville, SC coming from Easley I almost always go through Powdersville, SC on the way to I 85. I have driven past the Kolache Factory every time, not knowing what the place is. My sister was talking and she asked if I had ever had a Kolache. I said no, and she began to tell me what a Kolache is, and that I need to try them. I decided to do just that this morning. The Kolache Factory is open from 6am to 2pm Monday thru Saturday, 7am to 2pm on Sunday. Drive-thru hours are Monday thru Saturday 5am and at Sunday 6am. They do offer catering and online ordering. I made my order online, glad that I did, because this was much faster, and I didn't have to wait like ALL of the other customers did. There are several different varieties of kolaches, savory, sweet and breakfast kolaches, they even have savory croissants, cinnamon rolls, strudel niks, cinnamon twists and muffins. I decided on three savory kolaches, two barbecue brisket and one cream spinach, and a peach, strawberry, and cinnamon roll. The Kolache of the month is a cream cheese kolaches with an Apple slice with a little cinnamon. I noticed some time after I got home that the Kolache of the month wasn't in the box. I called back to the business and the manager answered the phone, I told him what happened. He was so nice, he told me he would put my name up and to just come through the drive thru, and tell them my name and that I would get two kolaches of the month, just for having to come back! How nice is that???!! So I did eat the barbecue brisket, it was delicious, tender beef brisket in a sweet barbecue sauce, inside a slightly sweet(just like they said) dough. Next was the strawberry kolaches...y'all it was so good, I am in love!! My sister stopped by the Kolache Factory this morning on the way home from work, and brought me a philly cheese steak kolaches and yes I ate that too, greedy I know.. Kolaches can be eaten cold, but are better reheated and they will ask if you need anything heated at the factory. I was so impressed with this place. Such a friendly and nice group of people. When you taste one you will be hooked just like I am. If you haven't tried the Kolache Factory make sure to stop by for a visit, you will be so glad that you did. It's such a happy place!!

Michael Valentine

Yummy Pizza Kolache

Timothy Clardy

Great food great service

Jeff Howard

Came here with family on a Saturday morning. Was blown away with their soft, edible, stuffed rolls! Very good, can’t go wrong with any choice!

Ashley Anderson

My great grandparents came here from Czechoslovakia so I grew up eating Kolaches. I was so excited when I moved here and saw this restaurant. They definitely do not disappoint and they have fantastic coffee ta boot.

will crume

Fun tasty treats

jean surber

Oh sweet mother of goodness!!! So so good. So good I may pass out after I post this review. Do yourself a favor... try it. Service was great!

Jessica Gast

Everything! Everything! Everything! If you can't tell I love everything here. The staff is pleasant and informative when you have questions. The prices are unbeatable, and the food is delicious. I have yet to try anything from there that hasn't been delicious. The best thing is even my picky eater of a son loves them and reminds me if it's been too long between when he has had them.

Eric Allen

Such a great place to eat!

Casie Smith

Everyone was nice and answered our questions. Food was perfect temperature and the taste was amazing. Will definitely go back soon.

Gaurav Gulati

One of the best muffin I have ever had - cranberry with nuts. Jalapeño and cheese roll tasted good but had very less stuffing. Staff was friendly, although he accidentally forgot to warm my roll.

John Henline

This is a great place to stop and enjoy breakfast or lunch with your family or without, great coffee, great choice of food and great people to have conversation with they all treat you like family.

Melissa Young

We have always experienced good service and every one of the many different kolaches and pastries we’ve tried have always been really tasty. It’s nice to have something different from what everywhere else offers and it’s exciting to see what the new kolache of the month is. Highly recommend!

Bonnie Davenport

We actually walked in at 2:03 on a Sunday afternoon. Amber was great and gave us info on the products as we haven't been there before. We will be back again soon.Thanks for making us want to cone back soon.

Scott Whelchel

Great place for a quick bite or to get breakfast for a group meeting. LOTS of variety, something for every taste.

William McDonald

Dean and David are great and the kolaches are awesome .This is a must try place. You won't stop coming back.

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